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Name: Someone Somewhere
Just learned my mom was named Linda Sue after Shirley Temple's daughter Linda Susan! Must've been my grandmothers idol. Thanks for giving mom a cool name, Shirley Temple!! RIP
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Name: mary
Location: texas
always enjoyed watching her movies as a child and wanted to be her as every child did she was the number one actress of all times a little late but thank you for all you have done REST IN PEACE LOVE MARY
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Name: Bonnie D.
Location: Florida
the little lady , that made me laugh and cry. I was told I look like Shirley temple. when I was a kid before age of 8. I did try to be just her doing dancing lesson and acting lesson. But when I got older. I got into sports and lost that thought of being Shirley temple. God bless in all service.
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Name: Melody Tyler
Location: Florida
I maybe 5 years late for this. But Rest in peace Mrs. Temple. You were before my time, but I remember watching you with my folks back when I was 5 in 99. Still have the box set when it was advertising on tv back in 2003.

RIP, you will be missed.
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Name: Lydia Van Matre
Location: Missouri
Love, love, love Shirley! America’s sweetheart. I love the dolls and really hope to have one day! So glad this site exists to remember Shirley! ❤️❤️❤️
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Name: maury
Location: United States
So many memories brought back by watching these movies all these years. Thank you.
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Name: John T Lawton
Location: St Petersburg, Florida
Your movies made me laugh and cry, but always left me with a positive note. There will be only one Shirley Temple, and the world is all the better for the movies and diplomatic work.
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Name: Rose
Location: Rockville
Shirley temple made my life better when I was down. Always and forever!!!
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Name: Colette
Location: Vacaville, CA
I have always loved Shirley Temple. I grew up watching her movies every Sunday. Recently I saw a picture of her and it looks like she was a member of the Native Daughters of the Golden West but don't know which parlor. Found it interesting. Wondering if it is true?
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Name: Nicholas Russo
Location: Maryland
To whom this may concern, I feel so for Shirley Temple because she was a good actress and a good singer as well I like all her movies that she did and that they were great movies to watch all the time even though she was a good actress its a shame that Shirley passed away and that her family is ok
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Name: Linda Schaff
Location: The Ozarks.....Missouri
Oh how I adored Shirley Temple! I watched her as a child my self and as an adult. Even now when I hear her name or see one of her movies, I smile with delight. She was a blessing to so many.
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Name: Peter Hay
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Remembering her birthday of 2019, loved always no matter how far away. Beautiful Shirley forever. ❤️❤️
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Name: Dr. Elaine Pavelka
Location: Westchester, Ilinois
Thank you Shirley for all the wonderful and happy moments that you gave to me as a child.
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Name: Philip H.
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
So glad to see Movies! and TCM airing some of Shirley's wonderful films on her birthday.
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Name: Tom leeds
Location: Antigo Wis
R.I.P Shirley
I thought u we're wonderful
Enjoyed watching you since I was a small boy even now I am watching a marathon on TV due to celebrating your birthday.
I remember the day in 1989 I met you in Dallas Texas on one of your book signing. It was so great to meet you.
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Name: Erik
Happy birthday Shirley!
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Name: lauretta adams
Location: rollinsford,nh.
Thank you Shirley for all those days you made me smile ,and laugh,and sometimes cry.I enjoy still today watching your movies.You are remarkable Lady,and will be missed by so many that loved you through your movies. thank you again for being in my life.
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Name: Rachel Clements
Location: Sylva, NC
From watching your beloved Shirley Temple as a child to studying her life as an adult, I have grown to feel that if I had known her in person, we would have gotten along splendidly. I have passed my love for her to my daughters, and know that we will never tire of her. She is truly missed. <3
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Name: Rev. Debbie Spivey
Location: Dothan Alabama
Have always loved Shirley Temple and her movies, she became a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart. Great memories, when I watch her work...thanks for the memories..
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Name: Jocelene Laurindo Bocchi Matos
Location: Brasil
Extraordinária. Doce. Única.
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Name: Sonya Prado
Very Beautiful as a child and a grown woman. I use to watch her movies when I was little ... I loved her way of being acting talking caring herself she was so lady like ... No one could ever be as good as she was there will never be another (Shirley Temple) .. She was one of a kind. A legend.
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Name: peg
Location: nc
she was a great actor
i loved her movies
she was so cute

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Name: Gracie Hammerman
Location: Laguna Niguel
I like Shirley Temple
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Name: The Clarences
Location: Oakland, California
Long live the memory of the late, great Shirley Temple Black!
xoxo The Clarences
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Name: Paula Stone
Location: Ct. USA
I watch for her movies on TCM. Wish someone would run her show! I'd watch every episode!!
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Name: Janet Vaid Olwell
Location: las vegas nv 89134
I'm a year younger than Shirley and grew up loving her. My mother too and entered my photo in a look alike contest. I won! Complete with the long curls!
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I have just seen \"The little princess\".
She was a big star.

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Name: christine martinez
thank you for giving us joy! Your films made the world giggle, smile and laugh. thank you!!! <3
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Name: Grey Javier
Location: Haverstraw, New York
Shirley I love for ever. Good bless you wherever you are. Thousands of years will pass and nobody will be like you. I love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤
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Name: Uzoma Okirike
Location: 38 Chatham Street, Savannah, Georgia
I will remember her forever!!!!!
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Name: angelo tsotsos
Location: Michigan
god bless her and she will live in are hearts forever
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Name: jackie park
Location: Contact PM Office email form uk
i have just started looking at shirly temple movies,she truly is the lovliest little girl thats why u all fell in love with her,she is one of gods little angels,bless
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Name: Phoebe
Location: New York
God bless this beautiful soul who brought everyone so much joy through her wonderful gifts & talents. Rest In Heaven Shirley Temple. We love you.
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Name: Joyce M Milburn
Location: Greensburg Indiana
I watched Shirley Temple as a child and grown up. I loved watching them over and over. Now I have a great grand daughter that looks a lot like her. We are going to dress her up like her today. Shirley was so good at what she did.
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Name: Lorrie Williams
Location: Tarpon Springs FL
I go by Shirley Temple's home she lived in many years ago on Grand Ave in New Port Richey FL. I often wonder if they would make the home a museum in remeberance of Shirley.. I donate a lot of items that i've collected over the last 60 years..
She was a lovely talented Star & now a wonderful memory..
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Name: April Hamner
Location: Springfield, Ohio
As a young child, I watched her movies with my parents and simply adored her. She was an amazing entertainer!
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Name: Derek Heckelsmiller
Location: Madison Wi
I was born in 1958 and started watching her movies when I was 8. She was so darn cute and her talent at such a young age was incredible
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Name: 虎牙
Location: 无锡 China
Grew up watching her movies along with "growing pains".
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Name: Joanna James
Location: Indiana
Boy do i remember your shows. You were cute as a button. I grew up watch all your repeats. I was born in 59 so what we watched was still in black and white an on the weekends we would see your shows. Animal crackers in my soup has stuck with me for years, every time we had soup. R.I.P. Shirley. ❤❤
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Name: Sandy Gardinier
Location: Fayetteville Ny 13066
I like you alot and I have some of your movies and I really really would like to met you if you were alive!!
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Name: Amy
Location: Ohio
She was the light in my very dark childhood. I will be forever grateful to her.
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Name: A 12 Year Old Fan
Location: Massachusetts
I've watched almost all of Shirley Temple's movies. I know almost all of her songs, and a few years ago I dressed up as her. Everyone always says I look like her. Shirley Temple was an amazing actress, my favorite, and an amazing woman, too. May she always be loved, remembered and celebrated.
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Location: FLORIDA
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Name: Vernon Bolin
Location: Scappoose, Oregon
Shirley was one of the greatest young stars and was a great influence on decades of people all over the world, most especially in the USA and Canada.
We loved her
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Name: Sherry Beth Dobbins
Some of my sweetest memories are of my Grandmother making popcorn or another treat and us watching Shirley Temple movies on Sunday's afternoons. child.BlessingI adored Shirley as a child and as a 60 year old still brings a smile to me to remember her movies.good clean movies.
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Name: chris
Location: fort bragg, california
This is for the adult children of one the greatest talents in the movie industry. She was incredible. I would watch every movie that would come on and still do. She was so very special.
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Name: Linda Ferris
Location: Tehuacana, Texas
I do so much enjoy the Facebook posts you and other fans have sent my way lately. Looking forward to the spring when I show the classics "Captain January" and "Heidi" to my students during film unit in my music class. Those and the dance videos are huge inspirations for little performers!
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Name: Bevelyn Blair
Location: Columbus, Georgia
I watched Shirley Temple grow up in the movies when I was a child. She was only two years older than me. I bought my 4 year old daughter a Shirley Temple doll. We visited Silver Spring, MD in 1958, Shirley's hometown. I will never forget her. She made everyone happy with her beautiful smile!
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Name: Abigail Thomas
Location: Maine (United States)
I loved Shirley Temple and I am so glad that she lived a long and happy life. Nobody can ever replace her and we all know that there will always be a special place for her in our hearts forever and always we love you Shirley Tempe.
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Name: Migdalia Nagle
Location: Bronx New York
Thanks to Shirley Temple for making so many people happy. This has been an amazing couple of years being able to see her Dolls and Custumes at the Morris Museum. Also meeting so many friends from Shirley's Army. Attending the auctions meeting Shirley's wonderful family!
Thanks love my party dress!
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Name: anastacia mcpherson
Location: Los Angeles
I am so thankful that as a child of the 80's I was introduced to your films on video tape. Your infectious smile, beautiful face and demeanor left an incredible impression upon me throughout my life. I love you, I love your movies and I love the message of happiness you left on this earth XO
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Name: Lori Young-Clay
Location: United States(California)
I am very thankful for the opportunity to say thank you for all you have done. I grew up watching all your movies. even though your not here on earth I still watch your movies and I just wanted to say thanks you for all you have done for mankind you are a special person and I will never forget you.
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Name: James c iezzi
Location: Auburn maine
Thank u for all the great films and books your fans james and tessa iezzi
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Name: Pat E Keleher
Shirley meant the world to me when I was little and she still does. When I'm feeling low I just watch a Shirley movie and I'm better. Thank you Shirley for all the joy and happiness you have given me and to the world. No one can take your place. You are one of a kind
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Name: Suzanne Reed ( Rochowiak )
Location: Michigan
Every weekend I would help my mum clean our house, so as a treat we watched Shirley Temple movies together!
I will, always, remember my trip to Dallas for Shirley's estate auction & her daughter Susan coming over to my chair & congratulating me with a big hug!
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Name: Jacquelyn Gray
Location: United States
Thank you for all the joy you brought me throughout the years!
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Name: Mary Hallihan
Location: Spring Lake, MI
I discovered who Shirley was when I was 12 years old in 1991.After that, I was hooked! I collected everything Shirley and still do to this day.In 1997, I was in a pageant, and I did a skit about her for my talent portion.I was so excited when I got to see her costumes in person in Louisville, KY!
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Name: Jackie Musgrave
Location: Anchorage, AK
Shirley was such a beautiful gift to the world. Her equally beautiful spirit lives on and she remains an inspiration to us all!
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Name: Cynthia Heil
Location: Kentucky
It has been a truly amazing last couple of years, getting to meet Shirley's family, and seeing in person and owning a few of her treasured possessions! It is a dream come true! And because of our love of Shirley, I have met the most wonderful friends! They mean so much to me, the best treasure ever
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Name: Annmarie Orlowski
Location: Hershey, PA
Shirley meant so much to me & so many others.She will never be forgotten. Thru her unfortunate passing we were able to meet her children & great grandchildren & form forever lasting friendships. Even luckier still to be able to purchase many things from her own personal collection. I feel honored
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Name: Charles w. Lively
Location: Cleveland,ohio
My mother was named after Shirley and I named my daughter Shirley
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Name: Gayle Share-Raab
Location: Pennsylvania
Thank you for speaking at her birthday party. <3 On the evening of 11/8 I turned off the TV and turned on "Curly Top." Even as an adult, watching a Shirley Temple movie makes me feel like the world is a kind and safe place in which everyone can get along, as long as we love and care for one another
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Name: Melissa Tonnessen
Location: Chester, NJ
What a legacy you've left. Honored to be part of continuing it. You're still making people happy, every day.
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Name: Tracey Anderson
Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15132
I started watching Shirley Temple's movies at a young age. She's always been my favorite actress in the world. Loved watching her sing and dance. I just need one more movie to add to my collection and that's Little Miss Anne Rooney. Shirley you will forever be loved and missed.
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Location: Fullerton, California
Shirley kept me company when I was a shy little girl and watched the weekend ST Film Festival with my grandmother. She became my best friend when I was 4-5 yrs old. Many years later I became pregnant with my daughter. Her due date: April 23! I knew she was meant to be. Yes, she was born on that day!
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Name: Lorin
Thank you for being a wonderful part of my childhood. I loved anything Shirley Temple. I have a daughter and she's about the age I started watching your movies. I hope she will love them as much as I do!
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Name: Woolsey Ackerman
Location: Hollywood
Happy Birthday Shirley. Thanks to your family for including me in your most recent birthday celebration events. Woolsey
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Name: Jaqueline
Location: Healy, Kansas
You're literally my favorite actress ever!
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Name: sarah watson
Location: graham
i loved watching Shirley temple movies and when i heard of her passing in 2014 i cried because she was my favorite actor and i loved all of her movies. i have some of her movies and i let my kids watch them and i tell them i grew up watching shirley temple. i am sure going to miss hearing about her.
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Name: Gayle Bullington
Location: Tucson, Arizona
As I sit here listening to your son speak on this your 89th birthday, I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful memories and influence you had on my life. You are truly missed.
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Name: Donna Phillips
Location: Ventura, California
Happy 89th Birthday Shirley!
We are celebrating you today with your son Charlie at the Collectirs by the Sea luncheon. You changed the World ... Thank-you
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Name: Meghan Joy Gapa
Location: Lyndonville, New York
Dear Shirley,
Thank you for always being a constant inspiration in my life. From the time I was a little girl up to even now, I have always admired your mad dancing skills and happy feet. I know you must be having a blast up in Heaven. I'm sure you're tap dancing and singing on the streets of gold.
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Name: KaroleeBatycki
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I have been watching some of Shirley's old movies, and I am so amazed at her ability to dance, tap with adults for long periods of time and never miss a beat. Such a unbelievable actor. Thanks for giving us such wonderful entertainment.ROAD
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Name: Deborah Howard
Location: Naperville, Ill.
I love me some Shirley Temple am 67 and I have all her DVD's, I got my granddaughter loving Shirley Temple. Her smiles just lite up a room I will truly miss her
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Name: elizabeth nicole
Location: Albury Australia
I saw my first Shirley Temple picture, 'Poor Little Rich Girl' when I was eleven and from then on she was my idol. I have an original picture of Shirley given to me from a family member who used to live next door to the Temple's which I cherish. Thank you Shirley for giving us so much joy.i love you
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Name: Jan
Location: Albury Australia.
I saw my first Shirley Temple picture, 'Poor Little Rich Girl' when I was eight and from then on she was my idol. I have an original picture of Shirley given to me from a family member who used to live next door to the Temple's which I cherish. Thank you Shirley for giving us so much joy.

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Name: Esther Boyd
Location: Sacramento, Ca
I grew up watching all of Shirley's movies, as a child I wanted so meet her in person and I knew we would be best of friends. She will always be the most talented child star to grace Hollywood films.
Rest in Peace Shirley, you will will be forever in my heart.
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Name: Elizabeth LaPointe
Location: Originally NYC
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom in late 60'& throughout the 70's. She gave me great joy & I wish movies in 2017 where like hers. I also wish that her movies could be dubbed in other languages for others to enjoy. She's in a restfull sleep now but we will someday see her again.❤
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Name: Connie Roberts Bodine
Location: Austin, TX
It's been nearly 3 yrs since Shirley's passing,yet she is still alive in my thoughts and memories of my youth.I feel like I grew up with her.She was a number of years older than me but I saw all of her movies,memorized all the songs and watched her 'Storybook'.I
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Name: Ben Hall
Location: Louisiana
Shirley was way before my time but my relatives could show me and they did thanks so much Shirley for being so awesome for my child hood
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Name: Joel Simpson
Location: Union, NJ
Shirley was a legend by the time I was old enough to watch her movies as a child. She was 18 years older than me, so she was an active and civic-minded adult as I was growing up. She will always represent the gift she gave her country: optimism in a bleak era, and we owe her a lot. We miss her.
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Name: Evalyne
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Shirley Temple Black! She really was a LEGEND. Never heard of her before considering am from the '90's but i happened to come across her films on Youtube and i must say she was a real bunch of talents. Almost watched them all and i cant get enough of her. She lives on!!!
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Name: J_Rosa
Location: New York, USA
Goodbye to a LEGEND! I'm a new fan of Shirley's. I always knew of her but had never seen her films. I just about got through all of them and had no idea what an immense talent she was. She was special. I am now a devoted fan. Shirley lives on!
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Name: Wendy McComb
Location: Livonia, Michigan
Always loved watching her movies on Sunday's with my mom, and love sharing them now with my granddaughters. Rest in peace Shirley, you were truly loved.
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Name: Jon lechich
Location: Atherton California
Truly one of the most talented, beautiful and civic minded women of the 20 century! May she Rest In Peace with our lord above. Jon
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Name: Melissa Emery
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
I'm only 18 years old, so her films were before my generation. I grew up watching her because I was always told I had curls like hers. Kids my age don't really know who she is and how much she accomplished in her life. She was my role model growing up. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Jean Denton
Location: Muncie, Indiana
I've been an avid admirer of Mrs. Black and her filmworks and I still am. To me, she was unscathed by the glitz of being famous, but she did exude that je ne sais quoi in everything she did. I miss her and will be a fan always. She was elegance. Thank you Mrs. Black for your contribution to films.
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: San Diego
Shirley temple Love ❤️ you movies
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Name: shari
Location: chico calif
she was a good actress.
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Name: Shawn Henning
Location: Salinas, Calif.
I have always been a very big fan of hers and have gotten my two youngest daughters to also be big fans also..I have a few of her films and now the girls are arguing on who they belong to...
Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to leave this message..
Thank you so much
Shawn Henning
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Name: Jo Krasch
Location: Pensacola, Florida
I have always been a big fan of Shirley Temple. Always a happy and bright young lady during her time. I just wish kids today knew and loved her movies as I did. Boys and Girls alike.

Rest in Easement and thank you for the joy you brought to us all.
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Name: Barbara Gale
Location: Missouri
I've watched Shirley Temple all my life growing up I have seen every movie she ever made Shirley's movies made me cry and smile and laugh and have inspired me so many ways I am 52 & still watch her with my grandkids we enjoy and love every one of them She will be missed and in our hearts foever
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Name: Vasilisa Seneko
Location: Princeton, NJ USA
Dear Friends; Our daughter Vasilisa has a program "Lovely Memory of Shirley Temple". We hope you enjoy.
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Name: Jeb
Location: livermore
hi shirley is great i meet her once
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Name: George Michael Will
Location: Stone Mountain Georgia
Shirley Temple Black was my mother Marion Nicholas Will's favorite actress of all times. My mother passed away December 16 , 2010. She left behind all kinds of memorabilia of Shirley's. My mother was proud to say that she was in Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland having me her oldest child
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Name: Michael Kelley
Location: Austin
Hey! Were gonna miss ya! May God and his angels do you right up in heaven and may love and peace conquer all from the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of the Mindanau Trench.
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Name: Patricia Ann Heiman
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin home of the GB Packers..
I am 76 now and all my life have enjoyed and loved Shirley...her movies made you cry and smile and laugh and have inspired me and so many others...she will always be missed....and she is probably dancing in heaven yet.
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Location: FAIRPORT, NY
In my book, best child actress.....ever!!
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Location: MICHIGAN
I am almost 63 years old and have always loved that little girl.I have three sons who are grown with children of their own and my youngest loves her so much that I bought him a lot of her dvd\'s.There was only one little girl with her talent,beauty and personality.I will never forget her.
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Name: Hilary Fitzsimmons
I love Shirley Temple!
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