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Name: Shirley Alarcon
Location: Phoenix Arizona
I've spoken your name for years when saying my name over the phone. "Shirley like Shirley Temple". VERY special people impact the world and we were all blessed to have had you in our lives. May your legacy continue shine bright as you journey off on the good ship lollipop.
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Name: Donna J Flanagan
Location: Sunrise, Florida
I will never ever forget those adorable dimples and golden curls. What little girl didn't want to look just like Shirley Temple, but none of us possessed a speck of her talent. Thank God all of her performances are preserved on film for all generations of little girls to see her and admire her.
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Name: Norene
Location: Butler, Pennsylvania
I was born in 1950 and grew up watching Shirley's movies. I had her doll with the sailor outfit. I am very sad to learn of her passing. She gave the world so much. She came from a time that will never be again.
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Name: Cathy Connally
Location: Odessa, Texas
You made us laugh and cry and will never forget how cute you were as a little girl with your cute curls and smile and laugh, But now all we have left is your movies and memento and am so glad to have had
you all these years, I treasure you dearly, Now you are in heaven with my little girl,thank you.
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Name: Lakesha Gordon
Location: Alabama
Thank you for the movies you left. Now my children and one day their children will enjoy them like I do. May God bless your family.
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Name: Jean Myers
Location: Ohio
My Mother was born in 1934, She loved Shirley Temple, she had a doll as a child, and when she retired she bought and was given Shirley Temple dolls and always followed her career, I lost Mom May 23,2013 and when I heard of Shirley's Death I cried like I just lost Mom. I Pray Mom meets her in Heaven
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Name: Diane Haggart
Location: Magna Utah
. To thank you for all your wonderful. Movies. Over the years. It gave our family hope. At a very bleak time growing up.After our father had passed.
Also wanted. To thank you for all your service to our country. Condolences. To your dear Family I believe we will see her again
Dr and Mrs Haggart
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Name: Connie S. Marshall
Location: Denver, Colorado
Thank you for everything, Shirley. You made my world wonderful. You may have left us physically, but in our hearts you will live on forever and ever, and be loved eternally. Blessings for wherever your heavenly journey takes you dearest lady. My love and blessings go to all your darling family too.
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Name: sharon
Location: san antonio
Remarkable person. God bless her loved ones. She was a real blessing to many.
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Name: Rj Ryen
Location: Washington state
I have never been more sad about a person passing away since my dad. I love Shirley, and the difference she made during WWII, and to countless people everywhere. Her loss is deeply felt, and will always be remembered with utmost fondness.
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Name: Therese
Location: Florida
God blessed her with many gifts and talents and she showcased them for the world to see. She did not hide them under a bushel. Well done! well done good and faithful servant, enter into your rest. These must be the words of her heavenly father as he welcomed her home. I am heart broken. Love u 4ever
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Name: Mary
Location: USA
May you rest in peace Shirley, thank you for the giving life you led.
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Name: Gina
Location: London, Ontario
Thank you for all the joy you brought to myself and so many throughout your entire life. What an amazing,special person in childhood, and well into adulthood. Great model, who approached life with grace. You will be greatly missed. God Bless you!
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Name: Joan Flowers
Location: Chicago
I Forgot to say Shirley was a STAR holding her own against grown adults who struggled to get their lines across half as good as shirley as Cole Porter said She was tops
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Name: Janice Slattery
Location: Melbourne Victoria
I was born in 1957 and I grew up watching Shirley Temple child star,
I loved all her moves that's why I was sad to hear about
Her passing, my heart goes out to her family'
I am all grown up but Shirley Temple is away's whith me because I have all her DVD's and I enjoy watching her DVD's,
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Name: Mrs Leslie banks
Location: Easley South Carolina
A favorite life to have been prividged to view. Thank you for the sacrifices and grace .
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Name: Karlotta Reynolds
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Shirley Temple played such a big roll in my childhood memories. I looked forward to sunday afternoons because more likely than not, there would be a Shirley Temple marathon on t.v.
and I watched everyone...such a beautiful child. So talented-So adorable. Thank you Shirley -R.I.P.
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Name: Joan Flowers
Location: Chicago
I too have a heavy heart over the loss of your mom & everybody's little girl!
I never missed a Shirley Temple movie I grew up watching her and to me she will live on always as Little Shirley Temple who could make you smile at the drop of a hat & cry when she cried so real & so loved by all....
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Name: Debby
Location: McLeansboro IL
I was so sorry to hear of her passing. Shirley Temple movies were my favorites growing up. I admired her greatly for her work as an adult and for her openness about her breast cancer. My sympathy and prayers are with her family. We were lucky to have had her in our lives.
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Name: shalayah
Location: los Angeles California
She will be missed by all. I loved all of her films I can watch them over and over again rest in peace beautiful.
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Name: Carol Pierce
Location: Taylorsville, Utah
Thanks, Shirley, for the joy you brought me as a child. I'm only five years younger than you, so I was privileged to bask in your happy spirit as I watched you on the screen. May you find joy in reuniting with your husband, and in the sweet life ahead of you. Always know how much you are loved.
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Name: carol mercier
Location: huntington,ny
Shirley will be missed by so many, but will live on in her wonderful movies and dolls
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Name: Taylor Downing
Location: Baltimore, MD
Wow.... I don't know what to say. You will truly be missed and I feel as though part of my childhood has died. You were truly a blessing to many. GOD bless you and RIP bright and shining star
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Name: Gloria A Smith
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Loved her movies and still do. Good bye to America's sweetheart.
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Name: Anne
Location: Oregon
Thank you for encouraging us, as a nation, in so many ways. For the little girl who gave great joy and the accomplished woman who inspired many, you will be greatly missed.
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Name: Pete Gantt
Location: White House, Tennessee
I would like to say to Shirley's family that I'm so sorry for your loss.Thank you for share her with us. She will be missed and remember by all.She was one of a kind and no one can redo what she has done.I hope she knew how much we, the ones that grew up watching her,loved her. May she RIP.Thank you
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Name: Katie Xena
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
I grew up watching Shirley Temple, and I adored her. I am heartbroken over her passing. RIP little darling.
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Name: c larana lee clark
Location: ocala florida
I partissapated in a Shirley temple contest when I was 5 yrs. old at collins theater in Covington va. I sang the song my little girl I came in 2ond pl. I have always loved her
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Name: Jay Kendrick
Location: Detroit, MI
Mrs. Shirley Temple Black, for years I watched you as a child. Granted, the same movies over and over, I was enthralled. Honored, I had your name as a nickname in high school. Talented and amazing, I do hope you rest in peace. God Bless
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Name: Louie Floresca
Location: Seattle, WA
Born in '65, I too grew up & fell in love w/all that is Shirley Temple. Even at my age, I'm not able to part w/a partially damaged Shirley Temple doll from when I was little. I love that I've turned my 9 year old niece into a big fan. Much love & prayer to Shirley's family! A legend is now an angel!
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Name: Kikid
Location: Woodland Hills, California
I hope life was good to you. I enjoy watching your movies. I thank you for your service to our country. May God bless you and your family. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Mira
Location: Rome italy
Rip shirley temple black, you are still this sweet, cute and huggable little girl, I am so sad that you are gone! May you rest in peace and all your love to your family!!! You became such a remarkable woman through the years! You are truly missed! May you rest in peace in heaven
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Name: Doris Golibersuch
Location: 197 Traverse Blvd. Kenmore, NY
Saddened to hear the news of Shirley Tenple Black's passing.
Have watched and loved all her films. A class act!! Sorry I never sent her a note telling her how great she was!!! Sincere sympathy to her family.
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Name: Maryann
Location: NJ
I have watched Shirley Temple\'s movies over and over since childhood. Her infectious smile and laughter uplifted my spirits many times. Her movie carrer and her importance as a diplomat will never never be forgotten.
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Name: Vicki B.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
A teen in the 70's, I viewed many Shirley Temple films; I recall my mother commenting, "Not Shirley Temple again!" In fact, just a week before Mrs. Black passed away, while recovering from illness, I watched Heidi and Little Princess. There's nothing like Shirley Temple to brighten a day. Blessings!
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Name: Susan
Location: california
So sad to hear about her passing. I used to watch her movies with my grandparents.Bright Eyes is still my favorite movie.
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Name: Lynn Jordan
Location: Charlotte,NC
I watched her movies over and over. I have a Shirley Temple collection that was given to me for a birthday present. I wore my hair in Shirley Temple curls for years. I will truly miss her smile and grace.
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Name: Cynthia Dianne
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Thank you God for having Shirley Temple in our lives. Coming from an underprivileged and abusive childhood Shirley Temple was the escape and a soothing balm for so much pain. Her memory will be in our hearts forever and the legend we all strive to leave behind accomplished through her good will.
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Name: Jennifer elder
Location: Tucson
I watched her movies in the 1970s when I was a child I loved the movies
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Name: Meghan taylor
Location: Alfred, maine
Forever a staple in my childhood thanks to my mother. I have passed on the love for your movies to my step-daughter and look forward to doing the same with my own. Rest in peace .
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Name: Linda Johnson
Location: Long Beach, CA
Shirley brought joy to so many of us and I'm happy for her that she got her great joy from her lovely family. My condolences to her loved ones.
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Name: Sarah Crockett
Location: Canada
Rest in peace, Shirley. You will forever "sparkle" in our hearts.
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Name: Pam Jones
Location: Front Royal,Va
So sorry to see her go,but thanks to her she made growing up better. We all love watching her movies. God bless her and prays to her family.
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Name: Mary Nimtz
Location: Globe, Arizona
Forever a little darling. May you rest in peace, heaven just got a whole lot brighter!
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Name: Marjorie Poole Dodson
Location: Loganville, GA
I loved Shirley Temple because she always made everyone feel good. She spread happiness wherever she went. I enjoyed all of her movies, and was saddened to hear of her passing. She was truly a talented child star, a great lady, and a true American. I will miss you.
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Name: Kathy Tatar
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Nothing but fond memories for Shirley Temple. She was a staple of my childhood and will always be a fond memory. Prayers and well wishes to her family during this hard time.
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Name: Franceen Jones
I have watched Shirley Temple movies as a child and I never tire of them....she was truly an icon and will be missed dearly. I wish she had made more movies but I will enjoy the ones that she did make...R.I.P Shirley Temple Black....gone but never forgotten.
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Name: Joyce Lee
Location: Rose Bud, AR
Even though Shirley was nineteen years older than I, I remember watching her films and so loved her from the start. She was a natural and could capture anyone's heart. She will be sorely missed by young and old alike.
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Name: Katie Basey & Betty Riordan
Location: Beech Grove, IN
My mother loved Shirley Temple. It is the one passion we could share. We always looked forward to watching Shirley Temple movies. My mom would always say how she wanted a Shirley Temple doll as a child and couldn't afford one. I was so happy when I could buy her one. I will miss you both. Love you..
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Name: Mickey Walter
Location: San Diego, CA
My childhood was bad,but watching Shirley's movies helped me survive that, she was my life line. I was so sad to hear of her death, but glad she had so much family. She lived,a wonderful and fullfilling life. I don't think she would have changed any of it. Enjoy her life, because I did & still do.
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Name: Anne-Marie
Location: ireland
Thank you for the memories. Godspeed. So sorry for her children, who must be devastated.She will be remembered forever.
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Name: Evon
Location: Ventura, CA
My mother & Shirley were virtually twins. They were born 1 week apart & looked exactly alike throughout the years. Same height & body type. Shirley was a surrogate mother to me & still comforts me at age 63, whenever I am sick only her movies soothe me. My own mother is as sweet. We will miss her.
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Name: Erin
Thanks for the many years you graced, not only the silver screen, but the world. You were a great lady and will be missed by one and all. Rest in Peace, Shirley Temple Black - you've truly earned your rest. =) xo
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Name: Adolis Jimenez
Location: miami, florida
despite that im fairly young, currently 16, i remember watching shirley temple movies all day since i was born. "heidi" never failed to bring tears to my eyes no matter how many times i watched it. I just wish i could have had a chance to meet the woman who starred my favorite movies.
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Name: loopie
your legacy will forever live on in the movies and memories you leave us with...may your soul continue to shine we love you shirley temple
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Name: Richard Quirk
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Winston Churchill suffered bouts of severe depression and called it 'The Black Dog". Whenever the 'black dog' followed me; he'd disappear the moment I saw Shirley in a dance routine with James Dunn or Bojangles. She was a 'natural' and the world's a better place because she was once alive in it.
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Name: Betty Rye
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of our Little Miss Sunshine! She will be missed by millions of fans who adored her. I have just about all her movies. My prize possession is the Shirley Temple doll my Mom and Dad bought me for my 12th birthday. I will treasure it forever.
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Name: Christina Lindsay
Location: Canberra, Australia
Thank heaven for little girls - particularly this one. xx
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Name: Susan Prosser-Owens
Location: Richmond, Virginia
I am 48 years old but have loved Shirley Temple since I was 5 or 6. I was devastated to hear of her passing. She was a great idol to me and I had always dreamed of meeting her. America truly lost a great humanitarian when Shirley passed. There will never be another Shirley Temple. God bless her.
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Name: Richard
Location: St. Louis Missouri
Shirley is one I will always admire and respect, she lived a life that few live, but aught to live. May her memory forever be enshrined here.
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Name: Arun Jassi
Location: London, UK
My sincere condolences to her family & loved ones during this difficult time.
Thank you for all the happiness you brought thru your wonderful movies & for making the world a much better place.I met you once when you was signing your book,"Child Star" at Harrods,in London.You will be greatly missed.
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Name: Nick Nicholson Family
Location: Maryville, IL
I have very fond memories of watching the Shirley Temple movies that touched the hearts of so many and brought joy.
My condolences to the family and I pray that God will give you peace and comfort today and in the days ahead.
Shirley Temple will be remembered for many generations to come.
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Name: Belinda Love
Location: Lennox Head, Australia
I too grew up with Shirley movies. My mother and I would sit down at midday for the movie in TV, fold the washing, eat our meal and sing along. Wonderful memories of someone who brought joy to my life. A star she remains, still bringing joy, burning brightly still.
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Name: robin clarke
Location: San Mateo, Calif.
my sincere condolence to Shirley's family.
Oh! shirley did so much for me, when I was a child. I hope she knows what a huge positive difference she made for my life. Heaven is a sweeter and brighter place now, with Shirley there. I have a "Hero Wall" 4 photo's hang there, Shirley's photo
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Name: St├ęphane Fourniols
Location: France
Condolences to the family.
Rest in peace Shirley. You will stay the cutest and best little child star of all times. For ever in our hearts. Never forget you. I love you Shirley.
Kisses from France.
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Name: Pam
Location: Minnesota
May you rest in peace. Thank you for all the memories you left us in your movies with your singing & dancing & the innocence of childhood. You will be remembered
always as someone who made a difference in this world!
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Name: Mike Fuell
Location: Little Rock, AR
I grew up watching Shirly Temple movies on tv in the 50's and 60's. I never missed one. I introduced my children to these movies and they enjoyed them as well. We all are sorry for your loss and pray for God's comfort to you. She left a legacy that will be enjoyed for many generations to come.
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Name: John Tracy
Location: Vernon, BC Canada
I have very fond memories of watching the Shirley Temple movies that touched the hearts of so many and brought joy.
My condolences to the family and I pray that God will give you peace and comfort today and in the days ahead.
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Name: Starr-Ann L Niswander
Location: Indiana
I'll cherish Shirley forever. She provided me many hours of memorable & poignant entertainment. If she was in it, I preferred to watch it...Shirley was/is a rare treasure, beautiful, delightfully talented child & woman. Thank you for being an inspiring, bright light in our far too often odd world.
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Name: lisa menino
Location: hampden, massachusetts
I will always remember her in the littlest blue bird. Her sweet smile and happy heart along with her darling curls will remain in my thoughts forever along with her sweet spirit. God bless you where you are Miss Shirley.
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Name: Greg Driss
Location: Wisconsin
She was an icon that come along so very rarely, that will always be remembered. Her talents were beyond description, beyond any words; only to be felt by a place in our hearts. There will never be anyone like her.
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Name: Linda K
Location: Barrington IL
My condolences to the family of Ms. Shirley Temple Black. I hope you will be comforted and Blessed by the wonderful life and Memories you had with your mother. I hope you are touched by all these wonderful comments from all these people. Watching your mothers movies make me smile. God Bless You!!!
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Name: Meg Boesch
Location: Harvest, Alabama
The world just got a little dimmer, and Heaven just got a little brighter. Shirley was, and will always be, a treasure.
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Name: Pamela Byrd Berard
Location: Chesapeake region
Shirley Temple was one of my favorite actresses. What a talent. She will be deeply missed. Thank you Shirley for what you have given to the world!
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Name: Jennifer Aho
Location: Fargo, ND.
I remember visiting my grandmother as a child as all of my brothers and other sisters would sit on the floor in front of our grandmothers 25" console And watch Shirley Temple I have grown to love her as a child and still love her just the same as an adult. I am sad that she has passed.
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Name: Beverly Carr
Location: San Jose, CA
As a child, you came to us when the country was so broken. You brought goodness, beauty, and sweetness.
You came to us again in your adult life with goodness, beauty and sweetness.
Now you've left us but your goodness, beauty and sweetness will always remain in our Hearts. Thank YouShirley-WeLoveU
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Name: Jerry Ignat Y.
Location: Jamestown Calif. (By way of Los Angeles)
You meant more to us as a nation then you ever knew. Thank you for being here.
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Name: Mrs Leslee Williams
Location: Sydney Australia
When I watched Shirleys movies , I felt the happiest , you just made me smile, laugh, and cry at times, but overall I loved you for being a beautiful child and also as an adult, you were an inspiring person, I will miss your smile, but will always watch your movies to see you again, God Bless.
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Name: Dona Wijtman
Location: Northern California
it was my privilege to know Mrs Black, her family and those who cared about her!
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Name: Christopher C. Gagliardi
Location: Englewood, New Jersey, USA
I join the vocal chorus of sorrow in expression of sorrow and in paying my tributes to one of history\'s greatest heroes of justice and courage, Shirley temple black will never ever be forgotten for her spirit to bring light to a world in times of darkness and uncertainty and her spirit will shine.
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Name: Tara Kadium
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA.
Oh, sweet Shirley! I wish I could tell you how you brightened my childhood. Every Sunday p.m at 1:00 I watched the Shirley Temple hour. I had your doll, albums and memorized all your movie songs which I still sing today. Thank you, for all you gave as a child and later on! God Bless you deeply.
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Name: Ana Maria Cubilla
Location: Boca raton, florida
She was a great women and will forever be remembered for what she contributed to entertainment and more. Very sadden by the news
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Name: Edward Thome
Location: Pennsylvania
Love you so much Shirley!! You will be greatly missed.
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Name: Bill Blanck
Location: Spokane, WA
My heart sinks with every movie - a wonderment of talent, cuteness, and human kindness. Such an absolute positive influence all her life - Thank you Shirley!
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Name: Sharee Patterson
Location: Airlie beach australia
Love all your movies and will alway remember you Shirley rip you will be missed
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Name: richard martinez
Location: tucson arizona
Shirley temple was a great part of my life growing up my parents would only let us watch shirley temple cute lvely child blessed w acting a true hollywood gem may she rest in peace ! She will be greatly missed and god bless her entire family
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Name: Monica
Location: Gilroy, CA
I was born and raised in Costa Rica in the early 70's and I was in love with all Shirley temple movies, specially the little princess. I still love Shirley's movies and admire her very much as a great woman. Thank you Shirley. May God receive you in Heaven my dear darling.
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Name: Laura Mengel
Location: Aracaju/SE, Brazil
When I saw for the first time her films I got enchanted with her kindness. As always I can I watch Curl Top, The littlest Rebel. I miss her. Soon I hope see the prophecy of John 5:28,29 coming true. God bless all the family
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Name: Christina J.
Location: Valencia, CA
Oh what a sad loss for us, Shirley Temple is Iconic and never, ever will anyone come close to her mark she left on all of us. I grew up watching her with my Mother and we loved all her movies and could watch them over and over. I'm so sorry she passed but so happy she was who she was.
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Name: Carol Lipton
Location: New York City
I named my daughter Rebecca because as a little girl I loved Shirley Temple in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Tears came to my eyes upon hearing of her passing. She made my childhood more beautiful because of her presences in my childhood films.
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Name: Carol Lipton
Location: New York City
I named my daughter Rebecca because as a little gilr I loved Shirley Temple in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Tears came to my eyes upon hearing of her passing. She made my childhood more beautiful because of her presences in my childhood films.
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Name: Chris
Location: New Mexico
I've been a member of Shirley Clubs for a long time, and have a big Shirley collection including a doll from her birthday party all of her movies, etc.Every night,I go to sleep watching a Shirley movie.My favorite is Poor Little Rich Girl.It's sad that she's gone, but she'll always be in our hearts!
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Name: Lorli P
Location: Texas
I have been a great fan of Shirley Temple movies ever since I was a little girl. When I got older and found the movies made when she was older, I lover her even more. Her wholesome entertainment and vivacious charm were very endearing and I am sure she will be missed very much. Blessings to all. Lil
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Name: Paula
Location: Louisiana
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. I love them all. May God bless her and her family.
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Name: Marnie Baker-Winnick
Location: West Hollywood, CA
My mother was so excited when I was about 2 years old because my hair had natural "Shirley Temple Ringlet Curls" and would show me off to her all her friends and family and call me her "Little Shirley Temple Doll". I remember watching her shows when they would rerun on TV. Absolutely idolized her!!!
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Name: billnoir
Location: Emerald Hills
I love you Shirley -- forever & always! May you rest in peace...
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Name: Charity Wagner
Location: Columbus, GA
My 7 year old daughter was sad to hear of Mrs. Temple Black's passing. I don't know if the family realizes that children even today are touched by her magic. Her gift will live on.
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Name: Tierra
Location: Wisconsin
I'm only 15 and very sad about Shirley Temple's recent death. She was my idol. I remember being a little girl and watching her movies in black and white with my grandma and trying so hard not to fall asleep. I love her movies and never will get bored of them.
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Name: Susan Pruess
Location: Arizona
I have now lost two people recently in my like who I loved deeply. My husband passed away November19,2013 and now the world's beloved Shirley Temple-Black. What joy she brought us all in our childhoods and our children's. Many hours of enjoyment in watching her movies. She will live in our hearts!
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Name: Lois Marshall
Location: Washington, DC
I'm at a lost for words to express my grief at passing of Mrs. Shirley Temple Black. I grew up watching her movies and have always enjoyed them. I also watched her TV show with the fairy tales acted out. When she began her political life I was so proud of her. God bless her and may she rest in peace
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