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Name: Cheryl Collins
Location: Reading, Massachusetts
I grew up watching her movies. And am now watching them with my children. Very sad.
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Name: Barbara Hill
Location: Spotsylvania Viginia
Shirley Temple has brought joy to generations with her endearing sweetness and her talent as a singer and dancer. She will be greatly missed. Her movies will continue to bring joy to many future generations.
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Name: Kristen
Location: Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Shirley Temple was a wonderful role model for adults and children for past, present, and future generations. She taught me to become a better tap dancer and gain more self confidence on the stage and in life. Shirley, you will be greatly missed.
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Name: Carol A Vaughn
Location: Fontana,Ca
I grew up watching Shirley and she was one of my favorite actress
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Name: Stephanie Smith
Location: Minerva, Ohio
Shirley you will always be alive to me and my family. We will cherish your movies and songs you sang. We will keep your family in our prayers.
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Name: Bill Walker
Location: Missouri
I delivered the Palo Alto Times newspaper in the Atherton, CA area. Your home was on my route in 1958.
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Name: Donna D
Location: Elmont,NY
Shirley Temple will always live!!!!! She is and will always be America's Sweetheart!!!!! R.I.P. Shirley you will be missed a lot.
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Name: Susan D.
Location: Methuen, MA
She danced and sang her way into the hearts of the young and old alike. Her adorable, forgiving and affectionate ways inspired us to want to do good. We learned from her that being kind to others goes a long, long way. May the Lord bless you, Shirley, for the happiness you brought to us all.
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Name: Lynda Peroni
Location: Hamilton Twp, NJ
You were part of my happy childhood memories growing up in the 1970\'s in a small Italian neighborhood. I have many of your films including the \"early years\" & Storybook Collection videos. You will always be my favorite actress. Thank you for touching my life in such a special and mem
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Name: Kathy
Location: Johnsonville
To continue from above: One of my sons researched and wrote about Shirley\'s life and danced from age 6-20. On a family trip to California we searched for her address in hopes of getting to meet her, a possible autograph on his shoes and some dance advice. It\'s a privilege to feel connected
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Name: Evangelist Myrtis L. Hyman
Location: Chicago, Illinois
I grew up watching this beautiful, intelligent young girl. She stole the hearts of those who watched her. I loved Heidi, and the "Little Princess above all. Here years later I have received strength from scenes where she had to be brave. I've quoted some of her words to help me when I need to stand!
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Name: joe
Location: Detroit
condolences to the family of one of americas best loved child star,teen star and ambassador. I enjoyed every movie shirley made, and was proud that she represented the U.S.A. Truly a good american life
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Name: Kathy Keyes
Location: Johnsonville Ny
I grew up watching and loving all Shirley's movies. I was also a tap dancer as a child. As an adult I thought it was more than coincidence that four members of my family share her birthday: my niece, my brother and my two sons. My niece even has a picture taken at age 3 that looks a lot like Shirley
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Name: dita
Location: jakarta, indonesia
i love you... i love your movie... your voice... your cutiest face... your curly hair... you really inspire me... rest in peace
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Name: Jessica Simms
Location: Alabama
Some of my first and most adored memories involve sitting in my grandmother's living room watching Shirley Temple movies. I am saddened to hear of her passing, and pray for her family's peace in this hard time. She was amazing from afar, and I imagine she was only greater in person. My condolences.
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Name: Jade Lorelli
Location: Sunrise. FL
I love you. I love your movies. JADE Age 6
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Name: bob mercier
Location: huntington new york
even though I\'ve been very sad since I found out that Shirley temple died Monday. I\'m still always going to love her and I won\'t ever forget about her as long as I live. because no one can replace Shirley temple. i plan on watching her movies still as much as i can. your legacy will
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Name: Roberta Shaw
Location: Davenport, FL
I will always remember her movies and her dancing. But I best remembering her saying "Oh my" She was so sweet and I will share those films with my grandchildren. She will live on in our hearts and movies.
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Name: Annemarie Boyle
Location: Lincoln, CA
Always loved watching Shirley's movies as a kid. My grandfather had laid the hardwood floors in her house in Woodside/Atherton in the 1950's. He had said how nice she was. Sympathies to the family - and thank you for the memories.
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Name: Rose Rosenthal
Location: Lawton Ok
You gave so much of yourself as a child and through out your life. You will always be remembered and your star will always shine. Life well lived. God be with you and your loved ones.
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Name: thomas howell
Location: canton,ohio
My family and I have always enjoyed watching her movies,we have everyone of her movies,will never get rid of them,she will always be in my & my familys hearts forever,"GOD BLESS!!! The Howell family.
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: El Cerrito, California
It is sad to hear about her death. I have watched her movies since I was a little girl. My favorite one is Little Princess. I know she had a good life. I wish her children the best wishes. God bless you!
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Name: Kimberly Beck
Location: Albuquerque, NM
I'm deeply sadden to hear the loss of Shirley Temple. She was a legend of kid stars and I remember watching her movies when I was a kid. R.I.P. Shirley Temple. You will be greatly missed.
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Name: Barbra
Location: Seattle, Wa
When I was about 4 my Mum, who was 1 month younger (5/23/28), introduced me to Shirley Temple. They showed her movies every week when I was little & I tried never to miss it. Then I introduced my daughter to her as well. She brought 3 generations of my family great joy. She will be missed very much!
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Name: Jay
Location: Iowa
My condolences to her Family during this sad time! I remember feeling like such an adult when my cousin would make me Shirley Temples at Christmas.Her movies where good clean fun! no out doing herself or being rude or crude.The bright light of Mrs. Shirley Temple-Black will never fade away.
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Name: Ellen Myers
Location: Bridgehampton, NY
Shirley Temple helped me dream dreams as a child of fun, delight, beauty, and charm. As an adult she did so much with great honesty and humility and power. It was never about her…. I can't think of another female star in American entertainment who has endured for so many people in their hearts.
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Name: Sandy
Location: Las Vegas
so, many responses, it's hard to think of anything different to say. My prayers go out to her family. Shirley was an inspiration when I was growing up. Amazing person, who will be missed. RIP. and God Bless
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Name: EVB
Location: Brattleboro,Vermont
Thank You for being so dignified after your Hollywood career I think that's what I love the best The talent goes without question!!! I would also like to thank your MOM for getting you started
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Name: Chari Fish
Location: Wausau, WI
My heart goes out to the family of Shirley Temple Black. I began watching her films as a child in the 1960's, and they still captivate me today. She lived a rich life and gave so much happiness to generations all over the world. I know she's adding her special gifts to Heaven right now.
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Name: jojo7
Location: Indianapolis, IN
I remember watching shirley temple movies as a kid. So talented & entertaining.
May God bless you & your family. RIP
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Name: Shannon P.
Location: Sacramento, CA
I grew up watching her movies and my great grandma used to finger curl my blonde hair just like Shirley's. No regrets Shirley! A life well lived and a true American icon. You even have a drink named after you like Roy Rogers! Thank you got making our childhood a little happier & great role model
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Name: Magyn
Location: Waterville
I may be only twenty one years old, but I grew up watching Shirley Temple with my memere. My memere loved Shirley Temple and her movies were always so close to her heart. Because of Shirley Temple and her movies, I will always have wonderful memories with my memere that are now so close to my heart!
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Name: stephan kendall
Location: lehigh acres florida,USA
My prayers are with her family in this sad time, A lady of class and a true American, A great talent that helped Americans in hard times, Then as an ambassador again helped her nation.RIP
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Name: Tony Westbrook
Location: Jersey City, NJ
I knew the day would come and dreaded it. It came and I cried for a friend who made my childhood happier. A young girl who inspired me to sing. A woman who inspired me to care. I love that when she received the SAG Award she stopped at the stairs and did a little tap step. She's forever loved!
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Name: Victoria Louise McAuliffe
Location: Cheyenne
I am so sorry for your loss. I will love Shirley Temple untill I die and I hope my grandchildren will love her as much as I did.
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Name: the sanders
Location: orange ca
We are so saddened and sorry for your loss.

Ms. Black will be missed by our whole family including our now 20 year old daughter who grew up loving and still watching Shirley's movies.

The Sanders
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Name: Pamela A
Location: Michigan
Deepest sympathy to the entire family of Shirley Temple. She made not only our country smile & cry at times, but also the world! I loved Heidi since I was a very little girl and the song "Animal Crackers" and thank her for the joy she brought to me & our world! Thank you Shirley & God Bless!!
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Name: Jackie B
A truly endearing person, she inspires so many. God bless. We will miss you, but surely have so many things to remember you by...
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Name: Theresa Meagher
Location: Reno, Nevada
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies.. sometimes I watched repeats.. Prayers and Thoughts goes to Shirley Temple Black's Family.. R.I.P. Shirley..
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Name: Patty Wright
Location: Angola, Indiana 46703
I loved all her movies, she was truly a blessing at a time it was so needed. She always had such a wholesome persona about her. She was so fascinating. Never since her has there been anyone like her nor will be. God Bless Her and and her family.
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Name: Steve
Location: Benbrook, Tx
We have lost a treasure, a unique one.
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Name: Loretta Maguire
Location: Ireland
With deepest sympathy to the family of Shirley Temple Black on the loss of their beautiful mother. My mother loved her films and when she grew up and married and had me she introduced me to them as I have to my own family. The world is a better place for having known her as she has given much joy.
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia.
Location: Ferrara - ITALIA
From Heaven with God and our Lord Jesus and all the Angels,you have received with great applause because you were and will be forever the great actress from the golden curls. We will never forget. Thank you Shirley .... you will always be in our hearts.
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia.
Location: Ferrara - ITALIA
Dal Paradiso con Dio e il nostro Signore Gesù e tutti gli Angeli, ti hanno accolta con un grande applauso perché eri e sarai per sempre la grande attrice dai riccioli d'oro. Non ti dimenticheremo mai. Grazie Shirley....rimarrai sempre nei nostri cuori.
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Name: Pete Beadling
Location: Dallas, TX
Shirley Temple Black, thanks for a lifetime of entertainment and especially for your service to our country. You certainly set the standard for child actors and entertainers which was never quite equalled by anyone since.
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Name: kathleen green
Location: Shrewsbury Massachusetts
I was sorry to hear of Shirley's passing. I loved her in all her movies and my children did also. She was a true class act..With the angles now..God Bless her family.
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Name: DK
Location: Washington, DC
She was one of the nicest classiest people I have ever had the honor to meet. A true lady and diplomat. The world has lost an angel.
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Name: Hope King
Location: Tippecanoe,In
As A child and to this day I have loved to watch Shirley Temple. I was a foster kid and her movies always made me happy and not scared. Whenever I watch it I long to dance like she did. Thank you Shirley Temple for all the happy hours. God Bess and rest in peace!
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Name: Richard fabroski
Location: Playa del Rey ca.
I watched Shirley temple as a young boy in Brockton Ma. On Sunday mornings. What a great life she lived. I send my love to her family, thanks for sharing your mother with us.thanks for the memories Shirley temple black.
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Name: Gislaine Surface
Location: Greenfield, IN
My fondest memories of my great aunt my great were watching Shirley's movie's & are forever in my heart. My aunt passed her videos down to me & I've begun watching them with my niece and nephew. Whenever I'm sad I put on a Shirley Temple movie & can't help but smile. She will never be forgotten.
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Name: Gary Jines
Location: Stockton, CA.
Always the perennial optimist in every film you were in. Nothing but good in everything you did. Your human spirit, grace and kindness I, as millions of others, will be sorely missed. We all love you.
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Name: Robert Wesolowski
Location: Covington, Kentucky
Shirley will be forever missed. I have watched so many of her movies over and over and I always come away feeling good. I also have the greatest respect for her service to our country. Rest in Peace and remember we will always love you.
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Name: Jeff Freeman
Location: San Diego, CA
I have admired Shirley Temple since I was about 5 or 6. I watched her movies countless times each Sunday morning. In addition to being a tremendous talent, she will always be remembered for her devotion, empathy, dedication, and service to her fans and her country. Shirley brought joys to millions.
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Name: Connie Beal
Location: Mountain View Ca
I can proudly say I owned a Shirley Temple doll and cherished it for at least 30 years. I introduced her movies to my grandson and we enjoy watching them together. She will be missed. I thank you for this opportunity to write in this guest book.
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Name: Shirley Sax
Location: Crescent City Calif
I love Shirley Temple and her movies wish they would show them more often. May God Bless you her family and give you comfort in your loss.
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Location: Culver City, CA
As a little black girl,for Easter Sunday my hair in ST Curls, a new outfit for my Easter speech. Just recently I started watching ST movies on Youtube. At a new job; I broke the ice w/one lady stating her resemblance to ST. ST loved every body sincerely. A true blessing. I Love You Shirley Temple.
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Name: Cathy Briggs
Location: Leamington Ont. Canada
Shirley Temple was and only will be the best actress in my life
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Name: Heather Ccowles
Location: Pasadena CA
So Long Shirley Temple you will be missed . I have watch most of the movies and i own the book.
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Name: Janine
Location: B.C. / Canada
My condolences to the family. Loved her movies. Always brought a smile to me.
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Name: JoAnna Negron
Location: NYC
Deepest sympathy to the Black family. Take comfort in knowing all the love and happiness she brought to millions. Not only as a child star but as an Ambassador!
I watched her films, my children watched them too & yesterday my 17 yr old son asked if we could watch a movie. He chose "Heidi" Bless all.
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Name: dale sdnoddy
Location: jacksonville, florida
My condolences to Shirley's family. You had a rare opportunity to enjoy her for as long as you did. The world was a better place for having been in it. Though I had not heard much about her in recent years I realized how much I will miss her presence. She was so special! God Bless her and hers.
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Name: Mit Gilmore
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
I encouraged my daughters to watch the videos of her dancing and singing. They watched her career in later movies and followed her time in politics. I thank you Shirley for the good and enduring influence you have had on my kids, Grandkids and Great Grandkids. A good example of a fine human being.
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Name: Dianne Buckhout, MSG, US Army Res, retired
Location: Graeagle California
We 3 sisters grew up on the films of Shirley Temple in the 60's. To me she will always be the quintessential little girl whose talent remains unsurpassed. I had always hoped to meet her. Watched her DVD s in Afghanistan to escape. We will always revere you for your pose, grace and courage.
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Name: Delia Lara
Location: Victorville, Ca 92395
My sisters and I love watching shirley! Our prayers are with all her family.God Bless!
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Name: E and C Renaud
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Loved Shirley's movies. She was so cute and adorable. Our condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Jeni Aden
Location: Sedgewickville, MO
God Bless your family! I watched just about every Shirley Temple movie she made and I have made it a point to introduce my children to her movies as well when they were little. They are now 15, 14 and 12 and they still watch them! Prayers going up for your family. She was an amazing lady!
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Name: Linda
Location: CT
I am so deeply sorry about the loss of Shirley Temple Black. She was a wonderful child star but more importantly, from what I have read, a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. My condolences to her entire family; she will be missed, she was loved by so many.
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Name: Inez Arriaga
Location: San Diego, CA
I love you! My precious Shirley dolls and I will miss you! Have a happy journey with God! Blessings to you and your family.
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Name: Steven Kendall
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
You were certainly an inspiration to me as a child, to keep faith and hope, that good things are always possible, even when despair and tragic events seem abundant in our lives. Thank you for helping us accept and live our lives. You will be missed!
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Name: Paula Pronovost
Location: Waterbury , CT
Our thoughts and prayers are with your family today and the days ahead. I am so sorry to hear about your moms passing. She brought smiles to so many of us.I could watch her movies everyday over and over again.One of the great actresses that have gone from generation to gen.. R.I.P. Shirley Love you
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Name: Kara Dorrell
Location: Wichita ks
What ! an awesome person !! She was so cute and such an inspiration !! I love her to this day !! Still have movies of hers that I still love to watch, I can watch her all day long bc she was such a ham with a beautiful heart and smile. Shirley I too shall miss you may jesus b with you xoxo
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Name: Sherryn Keefer
Location: Connellsville, PA
My deceased mother and I always enjoyed watching the Shirley Temple movies. We loved every one of them. Shirley was truly beautiful inside and out. I'd like to think that Mom and Shirley are now together, dancing down the streets of heaven!
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Name: Alison Adler
Location: Washington, DC
With Shirley's passing, millions of us have lost someone who was a deep part of our lives since childhood & who we loved, respected and admired immensely. Not only did she bring joy to America during the dark days of the Depression, but she forged a brilliant diplomatic career in later years.
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Name: P.L. Brodsky
Location: Yonkers NY
May you always dance in heaven with that young spirit.
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Name: Jeannette Morgan
Location: Livermore, CA
What an inspiration to all of America. Shirley Temple Black is truly an American Treasure.
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Name: sonia novello thomas
Location: carmarthenshire south wales u.k
what sad news . I loved all her films , and admired her so much ,
not only for her talent but as a great person .i send my deepest sympathy to her family .
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Name: Mary McCarthy
Location: Maple Valley, Wa
To remember Shirley I only have to watch some of the many movies and the young woman who endured. I know she had been called home and she will be missed. To all her family we have you in our prayers! Her star will always shine bright. God Bless and thank you Shirley for the light!!! We love you;-)
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Name: Cheryl
Location: Dundas, Ontario
My sincere condolences on the loss of an amazing person. Shirley touched my life in a profound way and was an inspiration and a role model to many. She will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Shirley.
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Name: Stacey L.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
I love musicals because of Shirley Temple and I know she is singing and dancing in heaven.
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Name: Carolyn Foti Hughes Henderson
Location: Hudson, Ohio
Shirley Temple was my first "friend". Watching her sweet movies has brought me joy for over 60 years! I admire her not only for her talent as a young child and woman but also for her later devotion and service to our country, to humanity. She is an inspiration, living her life with the grace of God.
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Name: Karen Shepard
Location: Arlington, MA
Indeed, I am deeply saddened by the passing of Shirley Temple Black, a superb icon. In a TV interview, Ms. Temple spoke fondly of Bojangles Robinson, whom my great grandfather knew, & she even demonstrated some dance steps Mr. Robinson taught her. In essence, I shall truly miss Shirley Temple Black!
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Name: Eleanor Reyes
Location: La MIrada Ca
Thank you for your wonderful life and career you lifted the spirits and hopes of countless people all around the world Rest in peace and peace to your family God Bless
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Name: Lynda Lasseter
Location: Lakeland, Florida

I don't think there was ever a celebrity that has passed away who has broken my heart so much this past week in sadness. She made such an impact in my childhood as well as my adulthood. Such a good example of what people should be like in this world. The good die so soon anymore.
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Name: Georgina O'Brien
Location: Sligo, Ireland
You were such a inspiration in my life, may you rest in peace <3
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Name: Ron Ramirez
Location: Mira Loma, CA
Shirley, I will always love you. Thank you for the memories, the smiles, and for helping our nation through tough times. You truly were a gift from God, and this world doesn't feel complete without you. RIP little princess.
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Name: Brandi Bowman
Location: Raleigh, NC
We grew up on her movies. We laughed with her and sometimes as kids would try to pretend to be like her. She was and inspiration to us all. My heart is broken and i wish the family closer. I pray for the Temple-Black family and all of america that lost such a beautiful person. She was our princess.
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Name: Lucy Eccles Weber
Location: Summerville, SC
I loved all her movies and still watch them today when they are on. Shirley, Thank you for making America smile and giving so much of yourself to others. God has a special place in Heaven for you!
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Name: Catherine Ann
Location: New Jersey
I loved watching her movies. She always made me smile. Shirley, you will be greatly missed! She will be remembered in our hearts forever!My deepest sympathies to her family...
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Name: Ty :)
I watched most of her movies, and they all managed to make my day, all day. When I heard of her passing, I nearly burst out in tears. But even though she is no longer on this land with us, she is still alive in America's mind, and in her movies. She will forever be America's little princess.
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Name: Linda Bond
Location: Peoria, IL
Thank you, Shirley, for blessing my life, the lives of my children, and the lives of my parents. We have watched and rewatched your films. Prayers for your family~
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Name: Nancy Barnes
Location: Long Beach, CA
I just wish to express my deepest sympathies to the family. I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and always loved the songs and the "Oh my goodness!". Shirley, you will be greatly missed!
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Name: Shorley McCracken
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
My Brother named me Shirley as he was a big fan!
She was so talented love watching her movies.
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Name: Marie
I wanted to skip church to watch the Shirley Temple movies-and I'm sure I learned many valuable lessons from them! Shirley was one of a kind! We all lost a star-you something much more dear. My deepest sympathies.
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Name: Samuel Family
Location: New Jersey
Shirley Temple may be gone, but whenever we need some happiness, just put on any one of her films!
Rest in peace,Shirley.
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Name: Evelyn
Location: Ohio
I grew up as a less fortunate child so the first time I saw "The Little Princess" I could see the beauty in every scene. Today at 61 I still see that same beauty. RIP Shirley. I will never forget you.
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Name: Lorraine Lucero
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Shirley Temple fulfilled her purpose here on earth. She brought meaning to everyone around the world. God blessed her with gifts and talent that only she could share. Thank you Lord for sharing this precious soul. Shirley, You Are God's Best. Welcome Home. Prayers of peace to your family.
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Name: bridget radzik
Location: Harrison Township, Michigan
I was blessed by Shirley Temple's great gift - may God be with her family at this most difficult time.
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Name: Erica Thompson
Location: Florida
Mrs. Temple-Black brought a lot of joy not only to children, but to families. My grandmother and I bonded over her movies and she became a part of our family. We were saddened to hear of her passing. She lived with grace and she passed with grace. God Bless to the family!
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Name: Veronica Cash
Location: Chicago
I was 5 when I first saw one of your movies and to most children of the 1980s, a black and white movie would be boring. I feel in love with Shirley that day. Shirley had such a sparkle on screen. So today I want to say thank you for bringing a little girl joy and allowing her to share your sparkle .
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Name: Penny Thompson
Location: Harrisburg, North Carolina
Even though I grew up in the 70's and 80's my parents and I would watch Shirley Temple when it would come on t.v. She was a true example of how to do things right after being a child star. So sad at her passing. Thoughts and prayers to her family at this difficult time.
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