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Name: Carol Pind
Location: Cape Girardeau,Mo
I always did and still do enjoy watching all of Shirley's films. Such a remarkable and talented person. Rest in Peace, Shirley
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Name: Grace Barrios
Location: Los Angeles, California
Thank you Shirley for the beautiful songs, dances and movies you made that have given me so much joy and laughter! Your legacy goes on....
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Name: Debra Parr
Location: Ontario, Canada
We grew up watching Shirley Temple and we shared with our children and grandchildren. She was one of a kind and there will never be anyone who would come close to being like her. Thanking her family for giving her wonderful memories because that is what she gave her fans. God Bless you.
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Name: Beth
Location: Massachusetts
Shirley Temple brought me joy as a child when my Grandmother shared her movies with me. As I learned how she influenced the world later in life I was truly inspired by her. She was an amazing woman who I've always admired.
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Name: Verna M
Location: Smyrna TN
Grew up watching Shirley Temple. One of the best ways to chase the blues away. Your will be remembered in our hearts. I have and will keep showing your movies to my grand children, they are always fascinated at watching you. You will be missed.
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Name: Sharon
Location: U.S.A.
Shirley's Legacy Will Live On Forever.
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Name: Dana
One of the few times I can remember my mother relaxing and being happy is while watching Shirley's movies that were so full of joy and optimism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those cherished memories. Wishing you love and comfort.
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Name: P. Michael Watson
Location: South Carolina
Ms. Black was my first love. Growing up, I used to see her movies not knowing when they were made. I fell in love with her. She will always be a source of happiness for me. Shirley, you will be missed!
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Name: Mike C.
Location: Rhode Island
I wish all us fans of Shirley could all get together in a big movie theatre and have them show many of her movies, what a joy it would be to enjoy together, don't you agree? I really love Little Shirley and always have and found her the same as most all of you did, from her movies on TV.
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Name: Marcia Thuesday
Location: New Jersey
I adored Shirley Temple all of my life. I loved those moments when she danced with Bojangles. My favorite movie will always be The Little Princess. Thank you Shirley for all of your talents and dedication throughout the years. You will be greatly missed by all of us. RIP sweet angel.
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Name: Karen Hughes
Location: Michigan
Shirley, you will forever be in my memory. You were the most talented, adorable, and sweetest little actress ever born. Thank you for bringing so much joy to millions of people!! My condolences to the family.
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Name: Linda M
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Thank you for your wonderful movies. I used to love watching them as a child. Still do. You brought a happy, positive vibe to the world in the many different roles you undertook throughout your life, not just your acting. RIP.
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Name: alyssa
Location: pa
I will always remember the long happy hours watching boxed VHS collections of her classic works. Ger legacy as an actress and an ambasador will not be soon forgotten. My deepest condolences to her family and close friends.
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Name: Maarit Laukkanen
Location: Finland
Thank you for your wonderful movies!
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Name: Donna Baldwin
Location: Sydney,Australia
It is with great sadness that I write these words.Thank you so much for the joy you gave me with your movies.You talent,your grace through out your life has been immeasurably .God Bless you Shirley Temple Black....... xxxxxx
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Name: Marta Pennisi
Location: Sydney, Australia
Loved watching all the beautiful movies.... I still do. Another angel is now watching us from heaven. Condolences to the Shirley Temple Black family
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Name: Susan
Location: Griffin, Ga
Sunday afternoons after church were shirley temple movie days.... many many happy memories... so very sorry for your loss... thoughts and prayers are with you and your family... Heaven has a new angel in their choir....
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Name: Susan
Location: Griffin, Ga
Sunday afternoons after church were shirley temple movie days.... many many happy memories... so very sorry for your loss... thoughts and prayers are with you and your family... Heaven has a new angel in their choir....
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Name: Helen Fortune
Location: Ireland
Wonderful memories of childhood came floodong back when I heard of Shirleys passing....kids huddled around the black and white tv on a frosty christmas holiday completely engrossed in Shirley Temple movies....young
and innocent...those were the days!
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Name: Sharon
Location: Australia
I watched Shirley Temple movies as a child. Now my children watches Shirley too...We have lost a heroine and heaven has gained one.
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Name: Veronica
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I spent many a Sunday afternoon watching Shirley Temple dance, sing, cry, stomp, and flash her dimpled smile on my television. Thank you, Shirley, for the precious memories. My deepest condolences Black family for your loss.
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Name: Rachel
Location: Texas
Thank you so much for making my childhood a little brighter. You were one of a kind
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Name: Monica Sullivan
Location: San Francisco
Deepest sympathy to your family! Are you planning to publish Ambassador Black's memoirs of her government service? I greatly look forward to reading it. Shirley Temple brought much joy to the world. Mrs. Black was an inspiration to admirers who wish their early favorites a "happily ever after."
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Name: VC Henley
Location: Arkansas: USA
This great lady's music and movies have had a huge impact on the lives of myself and my children. Because we had access to Shirley's child star movies,my girls and I were able to learn and sing the songs and bond closer together. I still watch the movies and sing the sweet songs and will always.
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Name: Stephanie Robinson
Location: Melbourne Australia
Thank you Shirley. The films you made with Bill Robinson brought me a deeper understanding of love and respect. You are light and love always.
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Name: Stephen Middlebrook
Location: Canada
I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I loved her movies and am very sad to hear of her passing. Thank you for the memories.
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Name: hilda
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Name: Chris Montgomery
Location: Harker Heights, TX
My late mother was named Shirley in honor of Shirley Temple, and she was a lifelong fan. She passed this on to me and to my daughter; we have loved watching her movies. It was so inspiring to see that she moved on to a life of family and service to her country. God bless her and your family.
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Name: Laurie
Location: Illinois
Shirley Temple Black meant & means so much to me, I feel like we were related somehow. My deepest condolences to. Her family.
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Name: Sarah
Shirley Temple Black is why I learned to dance at 4 yrs old.She has been my idol my entire life.She inspired me in many aspects in my life through her acting and political careers. Thank you Shirley Temple Black!
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Name: Carina Diane Eva
Location: San Diego
Baby take a bow""" you will live on in our memories
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Name: Shirley Ann Dawson Stewart
Location: Tekoa, WA
I really loved you as a child star and as my name sake and ambassador from out great USA. May God bless and keep you. May God be with your family also. Love you and thank you, Miss Shirley, may you rest in peace.
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Name: Margie V.
Location: Monterey Park, CA
I will never tire of watching Shirley Temple movies. I am 56 and still watch them. I loved Shirley as a teen in The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer. What a great lady she became. Truly a life well-lived; she made a huge contribution to the world in so many ways. Condolences to her family.
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Name: Anthony
Location: Portland Org
She Was One Of A Kind A Spical Lady R.I.P.
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Name: Elisabeth Aydee Munoz
Location: Washington DC
Shirley Temple was a true legend who will be greatly missed. The Good Ship Lollipop will remain one of my favorite songs of all time. Thank you Mrs. Temple Black for all the films and songs you left behind. Condolences to your family.
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Name: Cassandra Grant
Location: Oxon Hill MD
I enjoyed everyone of Shirley's movies, I even enjoy watching the re-runs over and over again! Shirley may you rest and peace and your family have great memory's of you!
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Name: Paul
Location: New York
Her movies brought such joy to me as a young boy growing up in Ireland. I spent all my savings on my very first cassette tape of one of her movies - and she's likely responsible for my lifelong attraction to Blonds only! Such a bright ray of Sunshine!

With Sympathy for her family. RIP Shirley...
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Name: A fan
Location: San Jose, CA
She will be missed. I'm so happy that I still have all of those wonderful movies to remember her.

A prayer to all of her family.

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Name: Cari Brazie
Location: Paul Smith's New York
I grew up watching all of her movies. She has been and always was my favorite actress. So many fond childhood memories of watching the films with my family. She will be greatly missed!
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Name: Cathy
Location: Australia
My late mother was the same age and loved Shirley. I was introduced to her at a early age and loved her movies. Was sad to hear of her passing. Rest in peace.
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Name: Sonya Del Rio-Cerezo
Location: Oaklawn,Rhode Island
I was born in 1977,so I never got to see many of Mrs.Temple's films,cable tv was not available where we lived & we had no VCR.
Now with my younger daughter,I found many Shirley Temple films on DVD,&she loves them,I also got the opportunity to enjoy them.My daughter is sad but knows she is with God.
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Name: suzanne cherniawski
May the angels bring you into paradise,may you enter into the heavenly kingdom, where there will be no mourning, or crying, or pain or death anymore. Hallelujah! You gave us a special gift of your many talents. May your soul rest in peace.
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Name: Christie Garcia
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
I was so sad to hear she had passed away. I was and am a big fan of hers. I read child star and her follow up about her years in politics . I will miss her dearly. Prayers for all her family as I know grief is not something to be taken lightly . Pease just know others loved her a lot
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Name: Brian Barbour
Location: Kenosha, WI
My thoughts and prayers go out to Shirley Temple Black family. God made beautiful and wonderfully Shirley Temple. She was gift as actress, mother and diplomat who know difference and made the world better place. She'll be missed and always remember. God bless her.
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Name: sheila mathews
Location: salem,nh
she was my favorite,loved her and all her movies,she will be very misses. rest in peace.
sheila mathews.
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Name: Tina K.
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
What will happen to America now? Everyone who watched Shirley, knew what a true gem and lovely lady she was. She will live on in film and in the world's hearts forever. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Temple Black family. Thank you for sharing her with everyone and God bless.
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Name: Jackie
Location: New York
God bless you Shirley!
You are dancing in the heavens.

You were the best and absolutely

My heart goes out to the family..

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Name: Patsy
Location: Ms
Love to watch your movies when I was a child Shared them with my daughter. Looking forward to be able to share with my granddaughter. Comfort and Grace to your family. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Linda H. Edwards
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Shirley Temple was my favorite star. I loved her talent as child actress, dancer, and singer, and I thought she was wonderful in "The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer." I wish I had met her. I admired the public service work she accomplished as an adult. She was my heroine. I now am 66.
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Name: Roberta C
Location: Antioch, CA
I spent the last week, prior to Ms. Black passing, watching all her great movies. I'm not sure why, but I'm so glad I did.
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Name: Joanne
Location: NV
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Temple Black family at this truly sad time. God made only one Shirley Temple and she was a true blessing to us all. Shirley was more than a golden curled cutie. She made this world a better place! She will be missed but will live on in many happy memories.
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Name: Kristen Smith
Location: Georgia
You were a childhood hero of mine and someone I looked up to as a child. I always wanted to grow up and be just like you and have curly hair like yours. I loved you so dearly as a child and I still do very much. You brought smiles to my home many times. Praying for your family in this difficult time
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Name: Sue Rojas
Location: Crestline, CA
I am so sorry for your loss. I remember as a child always watching Shirley's movies. They always made me cry. She was a wonderful actress and woman. She will forever be missed.
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Name: Michael T. Beachem, IV
Location: Monroe Township, New Jersey
She was a favorite of many in my family, particularly my grandmothers. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to the Temple-Black family. Thank you for sharing your loved one with the world.
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Name: zakiyyah nelson
Location: florida
RIP oh sweet angel...loved her movies..always enjoyed her...one of my favorites..I am only 36..but I would watch Marathons of her...just few weeks ago. We watched "War Babies" with our kids ..too cute..and Miss Shirley did her adorable performance. PRAYERS TO HER FAMILY♥
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Name: Fabio
Location: Sydney
Our thoughts go to the family of such a talented person not only in acting but all aspects of life. Rest in Peace little darling, you will never be forgotten.
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Name: Colin Vella
Location: England
I didn't know much bout Shirley apart from her childhood stardom. I am sorry to hear bout her passin. I have now jus found out how great n successful a woman she had become on the BBC World service. May her family remain strong x
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Name: Shepard
Location: Tx
Because of my grandmother, Temple will always have a special place in my heart.
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Name: Sherry
Location: Indiana
Shirley, you will live forever in the hearts of your fans. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories!
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Name: Chewie
Location: California
To this day, I could sing almost every word of every song I listened to from the albums my mother gifted us with when we were little girls...Many an hour I would sing/dance along with this talented little girl--who, grew into a beautiful woman who so loved her family. A life well lived! Bravo!
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Name: Ashley
Shirley was my childhood. When everyone else my age had MTV, I had Shirley. Her films inspired me, made me laugh & cry. As an adult, they still do. She grew up before our eyes through countless generations & will continue to do so for generations to come. Her magic will be missed. Thank you Shirley!
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Name: Chris
Location: Salmon, Idaho
What a precious gem. Her movies were wonderful, so talented. I also LOVED her Storybook series on TV. I have passed on the love of storybooks to my children and grandchildren. That is my tribute to her.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her loved ones. The world has lost its gem.
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Name: Shari Guffey
Location: Baxter, TX
A little piece of my heart broke off when I read of this lovely lady's passing. She brought such enjoyment with her movies. I kept meaning to purchase her movie collection, and did so immediately after learning she had left us. I had to make sure my family's future generations would know her too.
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Name: Sophia Rose
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Shirley Temple was such an inspiration to children all over the world. Her star shone brightly during a dark period in our country's history. She gave us a reason to smile. Rest in peace.
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Name: Teri Boynton
Location: Oregon
Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness to us all. Your movies were ones that we passed on from generation to generation. You were a star who was an example to young stars today! You will be missed.
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Name: Margaret gurney
Location: Blind bay, bc Canada
Grew up on Shirley Temple movies which brought such joy. So talented. I will never forget her sweet smile. Condolences to her family.
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Name: Susan Miller
Location: Deerfield,Mass.
I had the chance to meet Mrs.Black some years back. What a gracious and beautiful woman.My thoughts & prayers are with her family during this most sad time.
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Name: Mallory Biggs
Location: Covington, Tennessee
I grew up with Shirley Temple and it was probably the reason I started dancing as a kid, including tap. Her movies gave me laughter and smiles. The little darling will sure be missed but never forgotten. I know I will show my future kids and cousins the magic that is Shirley Temple Black. RIP!♥
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Name: Amber
Location: Foothill Ranch, CA
Shirley Temple was God's gift to the world. From the joy she brought to so many as a pint-sized film star, to her caring & concern for others, to going public as a cancer survivor. They broke the mold when they made her. May this special woman rest in Heavenly peace. Prayers to the family.
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Name: SanDee Sparkles
Location: Oakton, Virginia USA
My entire life has been filled with entertainment, and of the hope she brought to so many. I feel as if I've lost a family member. Her love of Country & Service, inspire me greatly. Her passion to share cancers threats, timeless. Her love of Family & Commitment are endless. Sparkle Shirley, Sparkle
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Name: Nicole Simpson
Location: Narrandera , NSW Australia
Am Heartbroken,The World has lost a Amazing woman an Inspiration to children and adults all over the world,What little girl didnt want to be Shirley Temple even in the 70,s when I was growing up, She will be forever Remembered , sail away peacefully Shirley Temple on your Good Ship Lollypop
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Name: Jeanette McDonald
Location: Gold Coast Australia
Rest in peace beautiful lady. Thankyou for all the wonderful memories, the world will never forget you.
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Name: David Packer
Location: Pasadena, Ca.
My heartfelt prayers to Shirley\'s family...the world shares in your grief. Incomparable and irreplaceable legend. My heart is heavy that Shirley is no longer with us. May she rest in eternal peace. Shirley touched countless lives and her legacy lives on forever.
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Name: Karen Carlson
Location: Toronto,Canada
I was saddened to learn of Shirley's passing.She brought such joy to the world.I enjoyed her films as a child and shared them with my daughter who looks forward to enjoying them with her daughter.May you find comfort in your memories and each other.God bless Shirley Temple
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Name: Rebecca Smith
Shirley Temple was such an amazing lady in every way. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Shirley
Location: Wisconsin
Like a lot of babies during your stardom, I was named after you by my dear father. I am so proud to be named after a real "lady" and a person of child stardom that succeed in life beyond the Hollywood scene! You will always be in my heart!
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Name: Beverly
Location: Lansing, MI
There has not been another Shirley Temple. My granddaughter enjoyed the shows as much as I did. Thanks for the memories. All my prayers and thoughts for her family in this time of sorrow. God Bless.
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Name: mimipalitaf
Location: besançon
SHIRLEY, je T'Aime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Karry A Sisson
Location: Rochester ny
The worlds cutest kid and most talented even grown up I always said she was my favorite and will always be my favorite little girl so glad I have dolls to remember you cause there will never be another Shirley temple you will be so missed and never forgotten in my life your in my heart forever,R.I.P
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Name: Lori Covington
Location: Kearneysville, WV.
You will and always have been in my heart lil princess. You helped me grow up thanks to my mom introducing you to me in your movies. I will treasure the memories of growing up with you.
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Name: Deborah Swiman
Location: San Diego Ca
She was a great woman one of the few child stars that stayed humble. She will be missed
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Name: Deborah
Location: Redwood City, CA
My deepest condolences on the loss of such a beautiful woman. I remember singing along with her as I watched her on our tiny black and white TV. I am so glad she had a wonderful life after Hollywood.
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Name: Karen Lousie Cross
Location: Phoenix Arizona
I own every movie she made and watch them regularly. What a joy for me and my grandchildren...Bless you all
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Name: mary a stevens
Location: batavia, Oh
There are really no words to adequately do justice to this amazing lady. She was the most adorable, talented and captivating child actress that has ever been or will ever be again. Continued to serve her country as Ambassador for many years. Shirley was the gift that kept on giving. God Bless you
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Name: Sylvia
Location: Lindenhurst, NY
I remember watching Shirley Temple movies on TV and she was adorable. May the Temple-Black family know that Shirley was beloved by so many and is now together with her husband of 55 years in heaven. R.I.P. Shirley Temple Black and thank you for your contribution.
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Name: Gilles Crepeau
Location: Montreal,Canada
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Name: steve
Location: montrose california
a child can open the door to anyone's soul..and in that moment we can feel,our emotions open. Music,art,all beauty.The soul is pure love,our connection to God to the Universe to each other.Her gift was love by the beauty of her art.Think of how she joined us all by her art.Wow!
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Name: Priscilla McShaffry
Location: Cape May, New Jersey
I was very sad to hear of Shirley's passing. Shirley gave so much joy and will forever remain in our hearts. I can hear Our Heavenly Father saying, "Well done my child". I pray for the Temple-Black family for their peace, comfort and hope.
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Name: Deborah
Location: Iuka, MS
Your bright smile and your movies brought such joy to me as a child and as an adult. I am deeply saddened by your passing and you will always be remembered in my heart.
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Name: Shilo
Location: Victoria, Australia
So so sadden by the passing of the beautiful Shirley Temple Sad
I grew up watching her movies and love them
she is one of a kind

I send my condolences to Shirley's family

She is now the little girl she once was xxx
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Name: kim
Location: New Mexico
On valentine's day, I would like to say that over the years you have touched my heart in many ways. RIP.
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Name: brenda boyd
Location: riverhead,ny
She brought joy to the country when it needed it most,she lifted the spirits of millions and her legacy will endure for generations to come.A truly great gift.to us all. Rest in Peace Shirley Temple Black our Angel on earth and now in heaven.
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Name: Jennifer
Location: California
Shirley Temple was my grandmother's favorite actress. She always talked about her with such love. She had all of her movies, which i was given when my grandma passed away. My condolences to her family. She was a beautiful sole.
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Name: Linda Idsinga
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
On February 10th, two 10 year old girls were standing in a High School in Walker,Michigan and said I am Shirley Temple Black. It was an assignment about a famous American. My grandaughter Livie was one. Today she said that her teacher told her Shirley will always live in you.
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Name: Brenda Woods
Location: Roxbury Ma
My deepest sympathy to the Black and Temple Family. I loved watching Shirley Temple movies she made me smile . I have a collection my favorite was "Heidi" I will treasure them always she will be missed by many.
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Name: Barbara J Smith
Location: New Jersey
I grew up watching her movies from the younger years through her older roles. She was a role model, and I have tried to give her joy to my daughter and granddaughter. She will be missed by all!
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Name: Anne Breslin
Location: Boston, MA
I was so sorry to learn of Shirley's passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy to her family and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Shirley Temple Black for sharing your talents with a nation! Rest well.
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Name: Kristin
Location: New Jersey
Such a tremendous spirit and light. Decades of positive influence for our great nation and around the globe. Heaven lent us an angel and she has gone home. She will forever be missed.
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Name: Lynette Lewis
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Prayers for the family of Shirley Temple Black. She was given a gift & shared it with the world. Then she shared again helping serve our country. Never will there be another talent like her.God Bless! My favorite movies were Captain January & Heidi. My sons watched her movies too.
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Name: Judy Metante
Location: Vero Beach, FL
As a child I watched her movies over and over and am so glad I now have them on DVD. They are so very precious to me and take me back to a simpler time. As an adult, I continued to follow her and was proud to have her represent our country in so many ways. My deepest condolences to the family.
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