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Name: Francine Susser
I was a little curly top too. She was my idol as a little girl while she was a little girl too.She was so talented and so smart, so blessed,her legacy will live on forever!She will be truly missed. Even as an adult, I still want to thank you , her family for sharing her with us, she was so loved.
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Name: Shirley Wallace
Location: Houston, Texas
As you may have guessed from my name, my mother named me after YOUR mother, and even curled my hair to look like your mother's famous curls. It is wonderful to know that your mother gave so much to the world both in film and diplomatic service and will continue to be an inspiration for many years.
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Name: Lee Festervan
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Shirley Temple made people smile with the joy she passed on to others. What an enormous talent with a God-given gift! Even in her adult life she lived her life for others.
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Name: Pamela Hill
Location: Oakland, California
I was born in 1957 and remember growing up watching Shirley Temple movies. As an Africian-American child of that era, there's wasn't many characters for me to relate. Because of her, I knew there was kindness in the world and humanitarian hearts who were color blind. Thank you Shirley.
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Name: ellie moore anschuetz
Location: santa barbara, ca.
Such a joy watching your Mother when I was young. Years later your family had a house in Brookdale in the Santa Cruz mtns. My family also had one there and our parents knew each other and a few times I terrorized the Brookdale Lodge with you. Your Mom was as charming as could be as an adult. Ellie
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Name: Sheri Goldstein
Location: Marblehead,MA
What joy you brought to so many children and adults alike. I watched your movies every time they were on tv as a child, and later as an adult. Could any child be any sweeter, or more talented? What a gift to the workd you were.
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Name: Tish Small
Location: Livingston, Texas
Thank you Shirley Temple for making us smile. Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for understanding that our most cherished accomplishments as women are those of being a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Thank You
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Name: Joyce Illar
Location: Austin, TX
I grew up watching your movies and had a "Shirley Temple" doll.
You are part of many good memories. May you have eternal peace and rest.
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Name: Marilyn
Location: Seattle, Wa
She was a very special part of my childhood, and for all of us who loved her, a gentle and beautiful soul. We watch her movies to this day, and are always filled with a happy feeling as her movies end. We will always remember and cherish Shirley Temple Black. Thank you.
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Name: Joan Garrett
Location: Lambertville New Jersey
She was simply the best and fondly recall my days at my godmother watching her movies. I had her namesake doll and cherished that period of my life.
I offer my deepest sympathy to her family and friends, RIP dear Shirley
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Name: Mary
Location: Indiana
I am truly sorry for your loss. Shirley had such talent, and made me smile at some difficult times. She lived her life with such grace and dignity. She will be missed.
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Name: Lynette rusk
Location: Veedersburg
ii am so sorry for all of Shriley temple family I love here movies there. Well neither be mother one like her
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Name: Diane
Location: Chicago
She was my childhood friend. Her movies and my doll will forever be great memories.
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Name: Lynette rusk
Location: Veedersburg
ii am so sorry for all of Shriley temple family
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Name: Ruthy
Location: Canada
Shirley Temple holds a very special place in my heart. I absolutely love The Little Princess. My love to Shirley Temple’s family.
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Name: Karen Thomas
Location: Corona, CA
I am sorry for your loss. My mother introduced me to Shirley Temple movies when I was young. I still love to watch them today. She brought so many smiles to everyone. My thoughts and prayers for your family. Karen Thomas
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Name: Raymond Rodrigues
Location: Seattle,Washington
With Great respect I say Thank You Shirley Temple Black for the amazing gift of film and for your years as a dedicated American by serving as both ambassador and Chief of Protocol.
It was with great sadness that I heard of your passing.
Rest now in peace.....
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Name: Angela Launey
I loved Shirley Temple when I was a little girl. As an adult I've shared her movies with my little girls. And I followed Mrs. Temple Black in her adult endeavors as well. She was truly an inspiration & such a class act. God's blessings to her & her family. Her's was a life well lived.
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Name: amy muir
Location: indiana
U will always be loved and remembered dearly. Thank u Shirley for all your wonderful movies. You will never be forgotten.
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Name: Jeanne Madden
Location: Pensacola fl
I grew up loving Shirley Temple. I watched all her movies and read all the books I could get my hands on about her. What a wonderful life and fantastic talented lady she was. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Name: Brenda
Location: IL
LOVED watching your movies!!!! You will be greatly missed by many! May you rest in heavenly peace!!
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Name: Fran DeLorme
Location: Oak Park Mi
Thank you Shirley Temple for being apart of my childhood, every week at 11:30 a.m. I guess all us girls wanted to be just like you.
You were such an inspiration.
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Name: Patricia
Location: Charlotte, NC
I loved watching her movies. I wanted to be just like her! She gave so much to so many. I pray her family will take comfort in how much, and how dearly, she was loved by all.
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Name: Lynette Porter-Tinnel
Location: Northbridge, MA
I loved her movies and am so sad that she has passed. She was a beautiful soul. Thanks for the memories.
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Name: Barbara
Location: Flint, MI
Grew up in the 60's with Sunday afternoon movies of Shirley. Heidi and Bright Eyes were my all-time favorites. She grew up into a woman we could all look up to and be proud of. Bless her memory and you, her beloved family. Find comfort in knowing how much she was loved...
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Name: Ed & Marcia Rouse
Location: Whidbey Island, Wa
So sorry to hear of her passing. She was a truly great person.
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Name: Christine Esinoza Lira
Location: Upland, CA
My family is offering our prayers to the family of
Mrs Shirley Temple Black. Please know we all love her & will keep her beauty in our hearts forever.
We are dedicated 4th generation fans. We can not express enough thanks for the happiness she brought us.

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Name: Calley Rowe
Location: North Vancouver, BC Canada
Thank you Shirley Temple Black for the joy you brought to the world. You were an amazing talent that lit up the screen and so many peoples lives. May you rest in peace you will be in our hearts and remembered forever. We will introduce your films to our little girl this week in honour of you. Love.
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Name: Tacey
Location: Florida
I grew up watching her movies every Sunday morning. I have a Shirley Temple doll that was my Mothers who was born the same year. It is a cherished item to be handed down in my family. lots of happy memories on those mornings and she will never be forgotten.
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Name: Herman Schumm
Location: Ringgold,Ga
Rest in peace Shirley. Have fun entertaining the Marines guarding the Gates. You are and will be missed terribly. Thanks for the memories.
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Name: Sherri Richardson
Location: Georgia
Dear Temple-Black family: I grew up watching and loving all of Shirley's movies. I'm so deeply saddened by her death. My heart is very heavy.

A wonderful child who brought smiles to everyone. A strong woman who bettered our world.

God Speed Shirley, you will be greatly missed!

All my love!
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Name: Zohaira Rizvi
Location: Chicago, Il
Watching Shirley Temple movies was such a joy as a child. She really played characters that always had a positive effect on kids and always managed to cheer the audience! What a national treasure we have lost! God bless her and her family!
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Name: Austyn
Location: Massachusetts
Shirley Temple was the perfect combination of classy and sassy, as well as a shining example of a child star gone right. My thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones.
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Name: Julia Christenberry
Location: Oklahoma
I have been watching Shirley's movies my whole life and they have always brought me so much joy and happiness. My brother and I wore out our VHS tape of The Little Princess. I pray for God's love and comfort to surround her family at this time. Thank you, Shirley, for the memories and smiles!
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Name: Dawn Jones
Location: Mount Juliet, TN
I grew up watching your movies after church on Sundays. My little girl (7 yrs old) loves to watch the movies she loves that as a little girl you had curls just like her. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and serving our country. RIP Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Cynthia Pearl
One of my sweetest childhood memories is watching Shirley Temple's films with my mom. She died when I was 12 so was especially saddened to hear of this loss. God bless your family.
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Name: Sarah K.Clarke
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
She was positively lovely, unbelievably gifted, uplifting & an incredible role model. A child star who grew into a beautiful woman who engaged the world beyond her fame and really contributed. I loved every one of her films. My condolences to her family. We are blessed to have had her in our lives.
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Name: D
Location: Florida
I loved your movies so much. I couldn't wait to watch The Little Princess with my daughter. It is one of her favorite movies. Her teacher and I were talking about you and my daughter over heard and starting singing Animal Crackers in my soup. You are missed.
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Name: Stephanie
Location: SF Bay Area
What an incredibly talented and charismatic star you were! Thank you for letting your light shine bright enough for all of us to see. Rest in peace and entertain the angels. xoxo
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Name: Donna Babi
Location: California
When I heard the news that Shirley was gone I just cried..no little girl has ever touched my heart like you did..thank you for your smile..dancing..singing and laughter..I will miss you..You gave so many such joy..God Bless and I hope that your Charlie is waiting with open arms...xoxo
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Name: Cindy Marino
Location: FL

I'm really from NY. I'm only 55,which means naturally hat she did her wonderful movies before my time, but I have seen all her movies many times. She was the most talented little girl that ever was or ever will be
and made so many people smile and laugh.
My Prays are with you,
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Name: Gen Jones
Location: Medford Massachusetts
Having adored Shirley all my life, I was shocked when I heard of her death. It feels like a member of the family has died. Dear Shirley, I will miss you. Love always.
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Name: Susan
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
I suffered from severe asthma as a child and frequently couldn't sleep at night. I spent many of those nights watching Shirley Temple movies on the T.V. I will always remember the comfort and joy that Shirley Temple and her movies gave me. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Maria Costa
Location: Portugal/Luxembourg
dear Shirley,you will be always alive,because stars as you,will be shinning forever.
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Name: Kristen
Location: Metairie,LA
My great- grandmother introduced me to Shirley Temple movies when I was little and I just loved watching them!! RIP Shirley Temple! God bless your family!
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Name: Nicole
Location: Texas
Please except my deepest sympathy for your loss. I lost my grandmother this past summer, watching Shirley Temple movies is one of my most favorite memories with her. Her movies have brought me so much joy and if I ever have a daughter I will be happy to share them with her.
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Name: Crystle Morris
Location: USA
I loved watching your movies including Heidi as a child . You were one in a million an Angel on earth. Sad
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Name: Wanda Lee Vernon
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and have several of her movie collections that I watch with my grandchildren. Later in her life I watched her with admiration as she conducted herself with grace both in her public and private life. She was truly a national treasure!!
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Name: Denise
Location: Tennessee
I loved her movies as a child and now as an adult. I just purchased a DVD set that my mother requested for her own 81st birthday. We all wanted to be like Shirley Temple!
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Name: Renee
Location: Rhode Island, USA
My mother and I loved Shirley Temple in her films. She was such a delight to watch on screen and it is great to see that she had a fulfilling life as a diplomat, wife, mother,grandmother, and great-grandmother. While her legacy lives on, Shirley will be greatly missed.

Renee, 26
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Name: M. Lindsey
Location: Texas
God bless you!
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Name: Chrisann Kellum
Location: Mesa AZ
My mother was also named Shirley; she even resembled her. Her Shirley Temple doll had a special place on her bed; when she passed in 2012, we included the doll on a table next to her ashes at the funeral. When I heard of Shirley Temple's death, it felt like my mother had passed. God bless; RIP.
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Name: Teresa
Location: Canada
As a child growing up in WV , your movies always made me laugh. What a enduring legacy to leave your family. May we all strive to live our lives as you did and be that change. God bless your family
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Name: Marianne
Location: Centennial, CO
What a great actress who will be missed dearly. I loved her movies as a child and was told many times that I looked just like her! Prayers for her family.
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Name: Elaine W
Location: Austin, Texas
What a true hero to our nation. A role model for our girls to follow. She will be missed but never forgotten. My sympathy to the family and know she is at peace and watching us all. Let's give her something to be proud of and do good for our nation and each other.
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Name: Julie Thompson
Location: Tyler, TX
My grandma idolized Shirley as a child in the 20's and 30's. She received a Shirley doll for Christmas when she was small. Now the doll is mine and I will pass it on to my baby. We as a family loved Shirley's movies and were most impressed by all of her accomplishments. We will never forget her!
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Name: Celia
Location: San Jose, CA
Always wished I was her, what an amazing child and adult!! God bless and rest her beautiful soul.
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Name: Patsy Miller
Location: Tarboro, NC
My Marine husband, Tom Miller, invited you to his promotion to Lt. Col. in DC and you came to the Commandant's office for that in 1976. You praised his work in Ghana and we still have your photo of that occasion on our wall today. What an exceptional lady you were to do this for him.
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Name: Mariel Pérez
Location: Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
My entire family loved Shirley Temple and all of her movies! With great sadness we learned of her death, she will be deeply missed. She was one of a kind! rest in peace...
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Name: Rachel S.
Location: Kentucky
I used to love watching Shirley Temple movies every sunday as a child. Now that I have children of my own, my daughter loves them as well. Shirley may be gone, but she will never be forgotten!
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Name: Col. Thomas Price Miller, USMC (Ret.)
Location: Tarboro, NC
I was a Marine Major in charge of your Security Guards In Accra, Ghana in 1974-76. You opened your hospitality to me on several occasions when I got "stuck" there. You needed bullet-proof glass in front of your office, and I ordered it. Your Marine guards weren't allowed bullets but we requested it
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Name: Janice Blaszczyk
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
I grew up with Shirley Temple in the 50's and my daughter's grew up with her via VCR tapes in the 80's. They knew every movie by heart (we were in the Army and stationed overseas) and we all loved her. My Italian mother-in-law's (she's 94) most prized possession is her "Shirley Temple" doll. LOV
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Name: Diana Prine
Location: Mo.
My mother adored you and all you films, and she passed down to me how beautiful and intelligent, caring, loving person you are and how much joy you gave to others. You will surely be missed Thank you and Many Blessings to you and your family, God Bless
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Name: Jan Darrow
Location: Redding, CA
Both my parents lived through the Great Depression and both had wonderful memories of seeing Shirley at the movies. She was a true American Treasure.I also have wonderful memories of watching all her movies while growing up. My children and grandchildren have also enjoyed her movies. My condolences.
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Name: Bud Skaja
Location: Park ridge Illinos
Thank you!!!! You will never be forgotten!!!!!!
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Name: Shari
Location: Bernhardt
I'm a tap dancer loved watching Shirley and Bill Robinson in her films. I would have loved to have met her. She will always be remembered by me and my students.
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Name: lynda byers
Location: Scotland
I loved watching your movies with my gran. rest in peace x
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Name: Julie Rodriguez
Location: Belgium
I already miss you, Shirley. The world needs Shirley Temple, at least my world does. Thank you for your inspiration, you'll Always be remembered and will never be gone! xxx
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Name: Vincent Matthews
Location: N.Y.
Miss America, you are missed.
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Name: bearclawws
Location: U.S.A.
There is something special about Shirley. God's gift to us. I would have loved to have met her. She had a million in one adorable personality and talent. Sad to hear this news. God called our sweet heart home. I pray for her salvation and for her family. I love you Shirley Temple. Thank you for you!
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Name: Helen Bird
Location: Bristol, England
Heard yesterday about you leaving us> In my early twenties all your films were put on the television each weekend and I watched them all. I then watched you on Wogan a chat show when you were the Ambassador for Guinea. I am now I am 49 years old. I was really upset about you going.
Love you
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Name: Tammy L. Davidson
Location: Florida
I am so sad to hear of Shirley's passing.She was a very intelligent, adorable little sweetheart in her movies! I will never forget this day because my father passed away on the same day and my mother was named after you! You will be missed. Thank you Shirley, for everything.We will always love you!
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Name: June
Location: Massachusetts
I grew up with Shirley Temple movies and always loved the fact that she was still here with us, as a beautiful woman. She will be with us forver, thank goodness. Deep condolences to her family.
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Name: Elizabeth Taflinger
Location: Lake, Mississippi
I grew up watching you! I absolutely am obsessed. I wish I could have met you. My kids will grow up knowing who you are too!
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Name: Nando F.
Location: Italy
Dear Shirley we all, deeply love You here in Italy You ispired us. You will live ,for ever in our hearts. God bless You dear beloved darling,Shirley.
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Name: Darren M.Mcduffie
Location: Birmingham,Alabama
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Name: Brandon Brown
Location: Virginia
I loved watching your movies growing up. Sleep well.
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Name: Brandee Scacco
Location: Illinois
Loved watching Shirley Temple Films. Had the most glorious time playing with my Shirley Temple Doll as a little girl! Will always be grateful for Shirley's contribution both on and off the camera. A true inspiration on many fronts!
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Name: Moira Sullivan
Location: San Francisco
Sweet dreams to you.
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Name: Kimberley
Location: UK
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Name: Shayla Lynn
Location: USA
Shirley you were my hero! I loved watching your videos as a child and I still love them till this day. You hold a very special place in my heart that will always be there. Thank you for entertaining us all! <3
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Name: Tina Jimenez
Location: Muskegon Michigan
I have always loved all of her films I own most of them she will be sorely missed R.I.P. Shirley Temple we love you
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Name: Stephanie Barnes
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
You were my grandmothers favorite actress growing up and soon you became mine. I always looked up to you and you represent my childhood even though you were way ahead of my time. As I sit here today I’m so thankful that I had you as a role model for all these years. I'll keep you in my heart forever
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Name: Chrissy Shaffer
Location: Fullerton, CA
I will always remember with joy the adorable little girl who brought laughter and sunshine through her movies that I recall from my childhood.

Thank you Shirley for sharing your gifts of talent for kids of all ages. May the Good Lord welcome you home and give you rest.
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Name: Melissa Missenda
Location: Pittsburgh PA
Thank you Shirley for all the wonderful films you made...I watched a lot of them with my Mom growing up and still enjoy them today. You were indeed a great talent and will be missed by so many. May you rest in peace.
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Name: Betty
Location: Mira Loma, Ca
Shirley was only a few years older than me. I always wanted to be her but I never had the talent or grace. She was a wonderful example of what a woman should be. May she rest in peace and again be with the love of her life, Charles.
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Name: Christelle
Location: Paris, France
I'm French, 37 and know Shirley Temple like everybody but I really discovered her movies this week after the sad new. What an amazing little girl she was and wonderful woman she became. All my thoughts to her and her family. She seemed to have had a great, great life.
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Name: rachel
Location: missouri
I loved Shirley she meant everything to me she is very inspiring she is my idol
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Name: marjorie
Location: harrison ohio
you always captured my heart. you are part of my Fathers generation. I immediately fell in love with your movies as a young girl and even now at age 51 . you will always be in our hearts and thank you soo much . you are with your parents now , you will always be there little Darling . god bless u
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Name: Alita
Location: São Paulo - Brasil
Dear Shirley Temple

You were always lovely! His mission on earth was to come and cheer on people good feelings and love. Now returns, God will surely receive it and smiling fondly.

with love

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Name: Debbie Taylor
Location: Nicholasville,Ky
Shirley Temple will forever be the world's sweetest Valentine! I have been a fan of hers all my life. I enjoyed watching her movies with my parents and brother, and then with my children.She is my favorite star of all time. The joy and goodness that she gave to others is immeasurable.My heart aches!
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Name: Valerie Kauffman
Location: Dover, Delaware
As a child I always enjoyed watching Shirley Temple films, and when I became a mother, I was thrilled to share these films with my children. My son and I were watching a Temple film 2 days before her death was announced. It gave us a heavy heart. She was unique, a blessing and beloved.
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Name: Loran Farrow
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
I'm sorry for the loss of Shirley Temple Black. I grew up watching her shows, with my mom who was just a year older than her. Every Sunday we'd watch a show and have dinner in the living room, especially in the winter. It was a uniting family time. Thank you for the joy you brought to us.
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Name: Mark Hargis
Location: Camden, Tennessee
Shirley Temple Black was a national treasure. I was so saddned when I heard of her passing. She brightned the lives of many during some very dark times in the 1930's and served our nation with distinction as an adult. I wish I could have met her in person and now Thank God for her and her life
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Name: Sheri
Location: Vermont

You are my inspiration,role model and hero.Your movies helped me through some very difficult times in my life. They made me laugh and smile when all I wanted to do is cry.I cherish you and will always be grateful that you were a part of my life.
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Name: Patricia
Location: Houston, Tx
Thank you Shirley for the wonderful movies and childhood memories. I know God needed you back home now and you served a great purpose in your life. I can't pick a favorite because i loved them all, even the ones when you were older. My prayers are with your family. God Bless you and rest in peace!Smiley
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Name: Pat Irwin
Location: Saint John, New Brunsick, Canada
I watched Shirley's movie when I was growing up but they never meant as much to me then in the months' following my open-heart surgery in 2000. When body and spirit was at its lowest I turned to Shirley's movies and I just knew that "everything was going to be alright!
Thank you Shirley.
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Name: Alice Palkow
Location: Utah
My Mother in law Florence Westwood Palkow had the privilege of dancing with Shirley when they were young. While she has also passed I have beautiful memories of her sharing her stories of that time in her life on the East Coast. Shirley was a great ambassador and wonderful actress. God Bless
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Name: Lauren
Location: Georgia
By the time I was old enough to sit in front of a TV, my Grandmother had me watching your films. I am so thankful for her introducing me to Shirley Temple. You were always such a role model to me growing up. When I think of you I think of grace, integrity and depth of character. Thank you!
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Name: Joanne S
Location: Ontario, Canada
Shirley brought so much joy in my life. Just watched Littlest Rebel, and laughed when she kicked the soldier in the shin!
No other child actor has her super star talent! Beautiful child,thanks for the memories with my sister Dana, hope you see her in heaven.
Bless Shirley and family.
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