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Name: christina mcdermott
Location: Kansas
You were the greatest lady! The last of the real ladies! Rest in peace and i hope your soul visits someday. Condolences to family and friends. I am glad you can carry her torch as i have with my grandparents.

With Love ~ Christina
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Name: M. Reaume
Location: Windsor ON. Canada
I was so saddened to hear of Her passing. I grew up watching her movies as with so many, and have shared them with my nieces. She has brought such joy and laughter to so many. They are timeless. She was a pioneer in breast cancer awareness. She was a role model for so many. My sympathy to the family
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Name: David Kirby
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Shirley Temple has been the source of much joy, tears, and laughter for me over the years. I am still wacthing her movies over and over and never tire of them. She has been the source of gladness for many an American family. May she rest peacefully in God's arms.
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Name: Lori F.
Location: Hazlet, NJ
I was very sorry to hear of Ms. Black's passing. She was my mother's favorite actress from her childhood and a sort of link for me to the members of her generation. She will be greatly missed and my condolences to her family
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Name: Susan
Location: Hayward
RIP S.T.B. I was not too much a fan of the movies, but have always recognized your enormous talent. Thank you for your efforts to support the Republican cause and the service you gave to your country.
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Name: Caecilia H.
Location: Minnesota U.S.
Dear Shirley,
I have enjoyed your movies so much,and I love to listen to your songs. My Grandfather met you in Ghana and my mother lived there after you left. So thank you so much for everything you did, and you changed the lives of the people who lived during the great depression.
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Name: Maria Costa
Location: Portugal/Luxembourg
Dear Shirley,you will be always alive,because a star such as you, will shine forever.
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Name: Sandra Gavioli
Location: Conegliano (Italy)
Dear Shirley
I have always loved you. I videotaped in Italian all your movies I saw on TV.In May 1988 while I was watching you in Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm,I took a picture of you with my old camera. I enlarged it and I hang it in my bedroom. I will always remember you with love
Sandra Gavioli
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Name: S. D.
Location: North Carolina
I adored Shirley Temple and she will be missed; but she lives on in her family and friends and the great movies she left behind.
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Name: Sharon Adamson
Location: Hull, Yorkshire, England
Shirley Temple, absolutely unique, there has never been and never will be another like her. Watching her films or even looking at a photograph of her as a child makes me smile, I adored her.
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Name: Beatrex Rocky
Location: Cheras, Malaysia
You have inspired many young people. Thank you - your name will live forever - Shirley Temple. Rest in peace.
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Name: Nicolò
Location: Italy
You were loved and adored also here in Italy.
Thank for your splendid movies and your kind personality.
We will all miss you.
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Name: Lisa Alonso
Location: Hopkinsville Kentucky
I've loved Shirley all my life! We share the same birthday, April 23rd! She was so much more than an actress! She was an amazing selfless woman who did so much and meant so much to so many! I know that she will "sparkle" brightly in heaven, more so than on earth! Sparkle Shirley! Love you very much
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Name: Gladys Lopes
Location: Igarassu, Pernambuco- Brasil
Sempre gostei de filmes antigos, mas, ao assistir a Pequena Rebelde, vi que não houve atriz mirim como Shirley Temple. Ela era completa, cantava, dançava, linda eu me apaixonei e passei a recomendar seus filmes para que outras pessoas também vissem.
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Name: Judith White
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
The US owes so much to the people of Mrs. Blacks' time. They made such a difference in all our lives. We who were born after she retired from movies are truly blessed to be able to enjoy her talent. She was truly a joy to watch. Our hearts go out to you her family. May God bless you with His comfort
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Name: Susan Carraway
Location: Suffolk, VA
I loved Shirley Temple and her movies. I have a book with about 5 stories in it from her films. She lived a long and fulfilling life and she will be missed.
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Name: Jennie
Location: Pittsburgh Pa
How sad to hear of your passing. When I was a little girl people would call me Shirley Temple. I had curly hair and I was always dancing. I loved that and fell in love with you as I watched all of your movies growing up. Now that you are gone a part of me is too.Hope you are still here in spirit.
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Name: Boyd Wright
Location: Cynthiana Kentucky
There will never be another Shirley Temple. Miss Temple helped pick up this country's spirits when it was at its lowest and it sure needs someone of her caliber now. I grew up watching her movies and still do . I have laughed ,cried ,and had my hopes restored because of her talents. RIP Bright Eyes.
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Name: Jill M
Location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
The world has lost a special treasure but how fortunate we are that Shirley lived and gave so generously of herself. Rest in peace dearest little Curly Top.
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Name: marie streit
Location: Canton, South Dakota
the words I leave behind will probably be repeated many time in the course of time , but for me they are as certain as my relationship with God , as an outsider looking in on a great store house of untold riches, so was your mother to the world .may God's peace and comfort be with you all.
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Name: Sandra Watts
Location: Northern Tablelands NSW Australia
I grew up watching you in the 50s 60s &70s, I loved all you movies, laughed, cried & enjoyed all of them.
Thankyou for all the memories
May you Rest in peace.
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Name: Amanda Lee Johnson
Location: NSW, Australai
A remarkable lady both as Actor and Diplomat.
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Name: Louann Angeline
Location: Hamilton Ohio
Rest is Peace Shirley, you made people smile with your wonderful movies. I loved watching you dance with Buddy Ebsen and Bill Bo Jangles Robinson. I admire you for your life you lived my condolences to your family I know you will be missed
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Name: Carmel Scarcella
Location: Sydney Australia
Rest in peace Shirley. You were an inspiration to many people during the Great Depression etc., and put a smile on millions of people throughout the troubled world. Your beautiful smile was your legacy to those left behind.
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Name: Davina French
Location: Edinburgh Scotland
I grew up watching Shirley Temple.What a remarkable lady,actress and Ambassador. loved you Shirley,rest in peace.Condolences to all her family. R.I.P Shirley
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Name: Tammy
Location: Michigan
Shirley Temple Black will be greatly missed. I grew up watching her movies with my mother, then with my daughter who will surely pass the traditions of her wonderful movies with her own daughter. My deepest condolences to her family for their very sad loss. My thoughts and prayers to them God Bless
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Name: Lauren Mallets
Location: MI
What a role model you have been! A class act! You were such a bright light in my dark and sad childhood. From deep within my heart, I thank you. Thoughts and prayers to your family
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Name: Inge
Location: Ohio
my condolences She was the best ever My girls loved that movie, I loved everyone of them My grandchildren now been buying for my GG Grandchildren I cried that day her birthday is on the same day as my Daugther Love you Shirley Temple
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Name: Wendy
Location: Manitoba Canada
Each year for the past 60 years, I watch Heidi on Christmas Day and I have passed that tradition down to my children as well. Shirley exudes something special in all of her movie roles and other life work. We love Shirley Temple and are deeply saddened by her passing. Our condolences to her family.
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Name: Debbie Brittin
Location: Illinois
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and have long and admired her dedication to her family and service to her country and all humanity. My condolences to her family on the loss of such a beautiful lady. She will be missed and remembered fondly.
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Name: Marie
Location: Nebraska
I wrote a fan email to Shirley about a year ago; one I typed out with great care. I forgot to mention a story I think she would've been great in- Pollyanna,It would have been like the perfect character, as she was getting bigger. Not too long ago I saw Miss Annie Rooney, which wasn't all that bad.
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Name: Lisa
Location: Bonney Lake, WA
I grew up watching all the movies Shirley made. The song from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm was my favorite when she sings about singing for the first time and her medley of songs. Wow she was so beloved and we will forever miss her. May her family be comforted knowing how loved she will always be.
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Name: Karen
Location: Australia
My mother introduced me to Shirley Temple when I was a child. The sweet portrayal of innocence exuded a model that young people sadly lack today. Her musical and acting talent and her achievements in the political field will be remembered for generations to come. May God bless her remaining family.
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Name: pamela nichols
Location: montgomery county,pennsylvania
Little Shirley Temple taught me laugh,sing,and seek the light in the world when many days were dark and cold. When she grew up and became an ambassador I felt pride as if I had grown and became important just like her. I can hear her songs in my heart even now when I feel sad,I know she's singing
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Name: Abram Matthew
Location: Isla de Margarita, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
To all whom; have cherished the movie and dignitary memories of Mrs. Shirley Temple-Black bid her family the sweetest sympathies as we all hold America's Darling in the embrace of our deepest regards.
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Name: Dan Knoll Jr.
Location: Santa Cruz,CA
A wonderful person, role model and great actress! My sympathies to her family...she will be missed by many.
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Name: Francisco Delgado B.
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Mis mas sentidas condolencias a toda su estimada y gran familia. Mi familia y yo lamentamos profundamente tan triste noticia. El Señor Dios la ha llamado a su presencia y la a resibido en sus celestiales y amorosas manos.MUCHAS GRACIAS SHIRLEY VIVIRAS ETERNAMENTE EN LOS CORAZONES DE LA GENTE !!!
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Name: Lesley
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
I became a devotee of Shirley Temple's huge talent, gift for joy, and courage from the moment I first saw her sitting on the piano singing "Laugh, You Son of a Gun." She's seen me through many dark times. The world seems sadder now, but what a fabulous life and what a splendid legacy.
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Name: Esther Boyd
Location: Sacramento, CA
I grew up loving your movies and wanting to be you, you were the best role model any girl could have. You will truly be missed by your family as well as your fans all over the world.
Thank you for all the joy you gave to so many people.
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Name: Elizabeth Davis
Location: Fresno CA
My deepest sympathy to the family.I met her once in the 1980's.We both had jury duty together. I was so honored to meet her I couldn't think of anything to say except to ask what her favorite role was. She said Ambassador to Ghana. She was so kind and gracious. How blessed we were to have her.
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Name: Gayle Torrens
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia
You were, and always will be a very special person who bought a smile to every face.
RIP Beautiful Shirley.
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Name: Shirley S
Location: New York
Your the most adorable child actress ever. You was like an angel from heaven. Your Mother's love for you was unmeasureable, and now you two are together. No matter how many times i see your sweet little face, it brings me joy. I'm glad we share the same name.
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Name: Sharon
Location: Port Arthur, TX
Thank you for the memories Little Princess. You were a national treasure and you will always have a place in my heart.
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Name: Nancy
Location: Westbank, BC
I got to watch you and love you while I grew up. My little boy will be doing the same. Thank you so much for all you contributed in your lifetime. You touched so many lives and will be missed but, your memory will endure.
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Name: Rhob Joseph C. Espiritu
Location: Philippines
I'm a 90's kid who never cared for movies that were too old for me. Until I read Shirley's autobiography, all of a sudden I couldn't care for anything else. I'm very thankful that a twist in destiny allowed me to know about her, she taught me so much even when our generations were decades apart.
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Name: Dee Dee
Location: Tempe, Arizona
My one link to Miss Shirley Temple was that my grandfather owned the gas station across the street from the dance studio she went to when she was first discovered. That was my love to always share that piece of history handed down to me. I will miss her, but will always enjoy her timeless movies.
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Name: Maryann
I always loved watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom. Even today, in my 50s, seeing her photos brings a smile to my face. Have wanted to share her DVDs with my great-nieces and will do so in her memory now. My deepest sympathies to her family. Eternal rest grant unto her.
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Name: Tawny Bye
Location: Puyallup Washington
I will never forget her, I loved her movie as a child and will remember the and those memories with great fondness. I'm sorry she's gone.
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Name: Brigitte W.
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
My condolences to the family. As a little girl my favorite hairstyle for special occasions and Sunday School was the "Shirley Temple" curls. I love watching her work. Rest In Peace.
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Name: Debbie McMillion
Location: Estes Park, CO
My condolences to Shirley Temple's family. Shirley was a great actress, diplomat and saved women's lives by going public with her cancer. Thanks Shirley for giving me joy with your movies when I was a child and adult. You were a class act. You will live on for future generations of children.
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Name: Joyce Fortner
Location: Huntington, WV
Thank you for all the enjoyable and memorable movies. My mother introduced your movies to her daughters.
I still enjoy watching them and have passed the love of your movies on to my daughter as well as my god-child.
Rest in peace.
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Name: Kathi
Location: Riverside, ca
Kids today can learn a lot from Shirley Temple. She will be missed. Losing her is a dark day for the world.
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Name: Linda Moore-Short
Location: Orlando, Fl.
I miss this beautiful soul that kept me company as a child while watching her movies. She is one of the reasons I studied theater while in college. Peace and Love.
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Name: Heath and Monkey
Location: Nevada
Shirley Temple was a great person in both film and life. we wish to say thank you for your years of great entertainment. we will always remember her and honor her memory.
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Name: Scott
Location: San Jose Ca
Dear Family Members

My prayers and thoughts go out to the Temple/Black family during your time in mourning RIP Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete
Location: Oakland, CA
Your movies helped me love America as a young Peruvian immigrant child. Your happy feet urged me to learn how to tap! Thank you for the inspiration. May you rest in peace, and thank you.
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Name: Pabbboo G Redfeather
Location: Los Angeles Califonia
I have fond Memories of watching Shirley,s Movie,s with my mom! The first Collector doll I got was Shirley Temple doll! And I was happy to have met her at her book signing in Hollywood blvd! I collect Shirley dolls and I hope they continue to make them! I send all my Love to the family and prayers!
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Name: Donna Trolliet
Location: Iowa City, Iowa
This lovely human being illuminated life for the rest of us. May God bless her loved ones as they learn to walk in the world without her.
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Name: alexandra kitarogers
Location: Davie, Florida
Of the maybe thousands of stars, she is the only one I really wanted to meet. I grew up watching her and feel that my own family member has passed. I hope to see her in heaven when I die. My sympathy to her family. God bless you all.
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Name: Natalie Mann
Location: Russellville,Arkansas
Thank you Shirley for all the great memories I shared with my mom watching your films and the new memories I am making with my own children. You will be greatly missed.
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Name: Maureen Gunton
Location: Sydney Australia
you gave the world such a reason to smile when there was not many reasons to smile for some people -
I loved your movies - thank you
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Name: Jeff
Location: Michigan
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Name: Nicole Bolentini
Location: San Francisco Ca
As a child i watched all of your movies and will never forget id ask my nana and papa please papa and nana play it again. I could watch your movies over and over again. Ive saved my collection of vhs tapes and will pass them on to my daughter when i have my own one day.Truly talented rip
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Name: MaryAnn
Location: Mission Hills Ca
You are a precious sparkle in my life. Enjoyed your movies and will always enjoy. Thank you for always bringing a smile while watching your movies, there will never be another Shirley Temple!
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Name: ann broussard
Location: Sulphur Ok
My heart goes out to your family. I grew up in the late fifties & sixties watching Shirley Temple movies. She has always been my favorite child star. I know your in heaven with all the other Angels.
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Name: Chuck Stein
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Mrs. Black was truly an inspirational person. Please accept our sincere condolences from my family to your family and our prayers for Mrs. Black and your family.
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Name: patty Ammons
Location: illinois
i really enjoyed all her movies in my younger years and even in my junior high school my nickname was shirely temple cos i had the natural curly hair and some banana curls i love her and will miss her
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Name: Jeanette Ryder
Location: Hobbs, NM
I have watched all of her movies more through the 37 years of my life and have loved them all. My favorites are Little Miss Broadway, Just Around the Corner, and Curly Top. She will be remembered.
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Name: John Robertson
Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
In loving memory of my favorite movie star of all time.
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Name: Barbara Newman
Location: Midvale, UT
She was an angel on earth now she's an angel in heaven. I loved her and her movies so much. They were a great influence for good in my life. May God bless you all and I know she will Rest in Peace. Love you 'Bright Eyes'
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Name: Anne Mobley
Location: Pleasant Hill, CA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and I adored her. Even as an adult, I still cry at the movies I have seen hundreds of times. Shirley was a wonderful actress and a wonderful patriot. Condolences to her family. There will never be another Shirley Temple role model to young movie goers.
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Name: Sheila P.
Location: New Mexico, USA
My condolences to Shirley Temple Black's family. She was such a cute little girl and grew into a lovely, accomplished woman. The world doesn't seem the same without Shirley Temple in it. The stars are shining alittle brighter in heaven. We miss you already down here. Thank you for bringing us joy
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Name: Dana Gibbens
Location: Des Moines Iowa
I grew up watching her movies and loving her. When my youngest granddaughter was born her head was covered in curls and looked just like Shirley, and I call her my little Shirley Temple and have introduced her to her movies. Heaven gained an angel with her passing and she will be greatly missed.
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Name: Debie Bennett
Location: Colorado Springs
My mom was a contemporary of Shirley Temple & loved her. We grew up watching her smile & sing, loving every minute. Now my granddaughters watch her and are inspired to behave much differently than when they watch other kids' TV shows. They are more fun and loving, taking her spirit into them. Thanks
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Name: Lewis Darne
Location: Olympia, Wa.
Rest in peace. Will always cherish your movies and great Americanism.
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Name: cj
Location: sullivan
To the family of Shirley you are all in my thoughts she was a joy to watch I grew up with her movies gone but never forgotten♥
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Name: Theresa Eimerman
Location: Wisconsin
Thank you for all the movies I watched growing up. So glad to have seen them. You were so good at what you did. Both on screen & in real life. Will be missed by family & fans alike.
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Name: Cathy
Location: New York
Goodbye, Curly Top. You will live forever in our hearts and in the wonderful movies you've left us to cherish.
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Name: Brooke Wade-Vaughan
Location: Licking, Missouri
My family's hearts go out to the family and close friends of hers. She was such an inspiration to me growing up...I wanted to be just like her, and my mother wholeheartedly let me. I still have pictures of me in curlers and springy curls Smiley
She was a great person and will be greatly missed by many.
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Name: P Malin
Location: Palo Alto CA
I have never seen a Shirley Temple movie or a doll. On occasion, however, while riding my bicycle in Woodside, I would see her, and we would nod to one another. The first time it happened I did a double take and thought it could not be but it was. Her face and smile, with the dimples,was evrything.
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Name: The Kuehl Family
Location: Baldwinville, Massachusetts
To the Family of Shirley Temple Black. Please know that you are and always will be in our Thoughts and Prayers. Your Mom made such and impact on my life and Family. We like so many other Families, were truly Blessed.
God Bless,
Denise and Joey
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Name: Aleta Goyne
Location: Austin, Texas
I sincerely loved Shirley Temple Black. Her early movies mesmerized me & made me believe miracles happen, love can guide your soul to great heights. Shirley Temple Black was an amazing talent from the time she could walk & talk & went on to dance & simg & act her way into the heart of America!
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Name: Carol
Location: Los Angeles, CA
What a joy Shirley was; such an amazing talent. My condolences to her Family.
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Name: Christina
Location: Texas
I will never stop loving the glorious moment Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple clasp hands, turn their backs to the camera and dance up those stairs! With love, honor and thanks to America's "Little Princess" for all that you gave to this country and to the world!
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Name: Amanda Ezell
Location: Ellisville, MS
Something precious has left the world. No other light will ever shine quite the same. My condolences to her family and loved ones and may she rest in sweet peace.
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Name: J Margaret
Location: Austin, TX
My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Black's family. You will be in my prayers in the days to come.

God bless you.
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Name: Eugenio Guardado
Location: Lathrop, CA
Shirley Temple was without a doubt a true star from the beginning and will shine forever in the hearts of many. God blessed her with an amazing talent, but blessed the world with her existence and legacy. Rest in peace.
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Name: L.E.
Location: Alabama
God speed Shirley Temple Black,God speed.
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Name: Joan
Location: Springfield, MA
RIP Shirley Temple Black. You had an amazing life!
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Name: Addyson Miller
Location: Springfield, IL
I am very sorry to hear her pass. She was a role model to so many actors. I want to thank her for that
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Name: Cheryl
Location: New Hampshire
RIP Bright Eyes You will be missed. Condolences to your family and friends. You are an Angel.
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Name: Bramindo
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
So sad to hear The Brightest Star in Hollywood, The Greatest Shirley Temple has passed away.
My deepest condolences for family.
Here, in Indonesia, Shirley Temple was truly remarkable and will always be remembered for her generous and since role whether in movies and life.
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Location: Annandale, Va.
Shirley Temple was Heaven's 'Little Bluebird of
Happiness' sent with God's Love into the world at
a time when it needed to see the 'BEAUTY of the INNOCENCE of CHILDHOOD' and its COURAGE to
BELIEVE that GOODNESS and HOPE will always OVER
COME in the END. Shirely acted that out for us in
her m
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Name: Toni
Location: New Mexico
My parents (my mother was also Shirley) loved Shirley Temple movies in the 1930's. During the 1950's, we loved the movies also, and her TV show. My Shirley Temple doll was a favorite for many years. A wonderful role model she was throughout her long life. Condolences and blessings to her family.
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Name: Ralph O Virene
Location: Spokane Valley, WA
When I was ayoung kid I saw a full page picture of Shirley, Americas sweetheart in the Chicago Trbune and I cut it out and mounted it on cardboard and I took it to bed with me every night. I was a year older at the time and I often thoughtI would like to send this story to Shirley,but I never did
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Name: paul
Location: Detroit
Bon voyage, Bright Eyes
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Name: Dianne
Location: Washington,DC
What and amazing spirit God gave us .Thank you. May you rest in peace .
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Name: Ruby Yates
Location: Abilene, Texas
Today, when asked for favorite actress, I still fill in "Shirley Temple". I am two years younger than Shirley and was one of her adoring fans. May God send America another "Shirley Temple."
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Name: Megan
Location: Minnesota
It is so sad when someone so good and special leaves this life.
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Name: Denise
Location: New Jersey
Saddened to hear of her passing. I have many great childhood memories from watching her films. RIP
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