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Name: Miriam Stein
Location: California
My sincerest condolences to the Black Family. I grew up adoring Shirley's films and her magnetic charisma. My whole family had fond memories, too. Thanks for everything you've done in your life!
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Name: NSW Shirley Club
Location: Sydney, Australia
Our condolences to Shirleys family. Her name will live on as she is remembered for the joy she brought to us all.
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Name: adrian hinojosa
Location: san antonio, texas
2/13/2014 you have fought and won the race and on to a better place, thanks for being shirley and never letting hollywood change you now go tap dance with our heavenly father Smiley
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Name: Angela Cleveland
Location: Roberta, Georgia
My mother loved Shirley, and I grew up watching all the movies and thought she was the greatest. I am very saddened, and prayers for the family. Will miss you Shirley.
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Name: Bill Watkins
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I was a fan of the 1940's Shirley, loved her in Bobby-Soxer with Cary Grant, so cute and bubbly and funny. Great '40's big hair, she was adorable!!!
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Name: Haleh
Location: Santa Monica, California
Dear Shirley, As a child and later as a grown woman, I have always cherished you. You dazzled us with your life. I don't wish you to be just resting in peace, I hope you are dancing and singing and having a ball wherever you are. Thank you for all that you gave us. Thank you Ms. Shirley Temple ♥
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Name: Sharon Mc Causey
Location: Santa Maria, CA.
You will continue to sparkle.
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Name: Jody Larabee
Location: Lenoir City, TN
You danced and sung your way in many people' hearts during the great depression. I grew up watching some of your movies and they are certainly great classics to watch. You are now dancing your way into heaven floating on the Good Ship Lollipop
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Name: Tammy Burton
Location: Justice, IL
I will always continue to watch Shirley Temple movies, Now and Forever. Rest in Peace, God Bless! and THANK YOU!!!!
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Name: Catherine Benjamin
Location: San Diego California
Brings back great moments as a child watching Shirley Temple on film. I had a doll made in her image and that was my fav doll. Blessings go with her until we meet again!
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Name: Felice
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
You made the world a better place in ways too many to count. Rest in peace.
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Name: jennifer kurto
Location: New Hampshire 03858
Dear Shirley, Thank you for all the wonderful movies. I have seen them all many times and yet every time feels like the first. You were not only an incredible actress, but an amazing woman. Our loss is Heaven's gain. Rest In Peace.
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Name: Sharon Ward
Location: Dallas, Texas USA
My condolences to the family and close friends of Shirley Temple Black. You were fortunate to have her as an integral part of your life. So were all of us who grew up watching her movies and observing her high quality of life as an adult. She is still a fine example for us all. RIP.
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Name: Debra, Caroll, Jessica & Bella
Location: CT/MA
How can I thank you...where do I start? The words are somewhere, around my heart.....
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Name: Francine Jaroszewski
Location: Middletown New York
My fondest childhood memories with my mom were snuggling in bed with her to watch Shirley Temple movies. Thanks for those memories.
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Name: Maria
Location: California

I watched most of Shirley Temple's films growing up.
For a child star and talented person, Shirley Temple Black maintained her priorities throughout her life. As an American, I feel she contributed a lot to our country and was ahead of her time as a woman. My condolences and prayers to her family
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Name: Debbie
Location: San Diego
Still get a kick out of your movies. How can anyone be so precious and adorable? And thank you for adding to the goodness of our world in more ways than just your curls, dimples and films. Thank you for your diplomatic service, and pictures of both your handsome husbands! Woowee! Bless you Shirley <
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Name: pamela grimsley
Location: memphis tn 38127
I was so very sad to hear about Shirley Temple Black. I was a fan of hers just like so many others. She gave us great joy, and wonderful memories. She will be greatly missed, and she was greatly loved. God bless you Shirley Temple Black. from a fan Pam Grimsley
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Name: Susie Brown
Location: Minnesota
Some of the first movies I was ever allowed to watch, were the Shirley Temple movies. Child Star and the S.T. Storybook are on my bookshelf, and her birthday, 4/23, is on my calendar. She was totally lovely, and Americans should be proud she was who she was. Thank you, Shirley.
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Name: Wilson r Tibbo jr
Location: Nahant mass
i'm sad to here you passed away you brought me into this world i watch your every morning, i couldn't without you god bless you may you RIP love you Shirley.
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Name: Emie Munzel
Yours were some of my favorite films when I was a little girl, and as I grew up your films continued to be my cinematic "comfort food" - what I wanted to watch when I was down. Your life, on-screen and off, was, and is, an inspiration. Thank you, and God bless.
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Name: david b
Location: North Carolina, USA
loved her movies my whole life. just watched the littlest rebel with my 9 yr old girl. She loved it. Our condolences to her family and friends. We will miss you but will see you in the next life. May your example of good wholesome movies live on forever.
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Name: Marina & Paige
Shirley Temple was adorable. She was a classic example of a movie star, and we adore her movies.
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Name: Deborah Burley
Location: ST Paul OR
I am sorry to hear about the death of Mrs. Black. I loved Shirley Temple movies as a child. They would make me very happy when I watched them. Peace to you and your family.
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Name: Kathey Minder
Location: Marengo Il
As a child shirley was my favorite star loved her movies and most of all loved her smile she always made me feel happy watching her i well miss her god bless shirley
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Name: Dale LeFebvre
Location: Windsor Locks, Ct
The pleasure she brought to so many with her wonderful acting, dancing and beauty. We all loved her movies and she filled us with such joy and happiness. I had not one but two Shirley Temple dolls as a child!! Successful in all she attempted and wonderful Mom and Gramma, the best in life!!!Bless you
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Name: Roseanne G
Location: New Jersey
I was so sad when I heard Shirley had passed she was and still is the greatest child star I will always remember watching her movies with my mother and then my daughter. my grandmother used to curl my hair like hers with rags.
R I P dear Shirley
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Name: Linda Chechile
Location: Coram NY
I grew up watching her movies; my mom adored her, they're the same age. She actually named me after her first child, Linda Susan. I will remember her with loving memories...RIP Shirley Temple Black..the world has lost a shinning star on this earth.
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Name: Sharon
Location: Victoria, Newfoundland, Canada
I watched most all of Shirley's movies. To me she will always be that little girl with the dimples in her checks who made us all so happy. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Gina Stallone
Location: Bethpage, NY
Shirley Temple will always & forever be a favorite part of my childhood. My grandma gave me my first Shirley Temple movie & I was hooked ever since. As an adult, I still adore her & watch her movies all the time. I hope to someday have a daughter so that I can share my love for Shirley with her <3
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Name: Missy
Location: Altoona,Pennsylvania
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Name: Raquel Vasquez
Location: Melvindale, Michigan
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Name: Brenda Ewig
Location: Bonaire, Georgia
Dear sweet Shirley,
You will be so missed. Thank you for your movies and for your service to our country. They don't make actors like you anymore. Our loss in Heavens gain and I know you are blissfully reunited with your husband and family. I hope to meet you one day in the city of gold.
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Name: Debbie McCormack
Location: Cleveland Ohio
To your family my deepest sympathy. Shirley you will never be forgotten as a young girl my mother and I watched your movies and it put smiles on our faces everyone and ever time we watched. I have a collection of your movies and will continue to watch them. RIP. You were the best in my childhood!
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Name: Rhonda Nottingham
Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Me and my sister loved you dearly growing up as kids. Thank you for the laughs, inspirations, and dedication you gave us. OH MY GOODNESS..you were adorable as a kid. God has a beautiful angel. R.I.P
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Name: Gerwin Haug
Location: Germany
Dear my lovely Shirley,

you left us, we are so sad, but we have your films and you live in your films and in our hearts forever.
Now you are in heaven and the angels are by your side.
you are the wonderfulst of them all.
i love you so

Your sincerely Gerwin
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Name: Judi Glenn
Location: North Carolina
Thank you Shirley, for making my childhood a happy time. I will always keep your songs in my heart.
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Name: Martena Clark
Location: Tenter den England
I watched your mothers films as a young girl and I still do my deepest condolences to you all she will missed by all but not forgotten . God bless
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Name: Chrissie
Location: UK
God bless you Shirley... You were a shining star from a Golden Age!
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Name: shannon stott
Location: cumberland, md
Shirley Temple was an inspiration to me as a child in a very depressing home. I had the original doll, but it was removed during my parents separation. That doll brought life to me. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
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Name: The Elmo's
Location: Menlo Park, CA
What a wonderful legacy your mother left for her family and all of us who enjoyed her movies and accomplishments. I would put your mother with Bob Hope as 2 people who helped the nation get thru wars a depression and a young girl from being grounded
Our thoughts are with you.
Marc, Cherin and Debbi
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Name: Asia Adkins
Location: Durant OK
We love you Shirley
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Name: Helen Ivie
Location: Tampa, FL
They don't make 'em like her any more. What a wonderful time I had with my mother watching her movies all through my life.

And a wonderful lady all through her life.
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Name: Julia Wilton
Location: Woodstock, Ontario Canada
I grew up in England loving all your movies and felt like you were part of my life. You made me sing, cry and laugh all in one film... You were my idol.. RIP Shirley you were a true inspiration to everyone xx
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Name: Sandra Constantine
Location: Phoenix, AZ
May you be singing with your heart and soul in Heaven, Shirley Temple Black. You gave us many fond memories, movies and songs to look forward to. I have loved you and your movies since I was a child. My thoughts and Prayers to your family.
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Name: Sandra Constantine
Location: Phoenix, AZ
May you be singing with your heart and soul in Heaven, Shirley Temple Black. You gave us many fond memories, movies and songs to look forward to. I have loved you and your movies since I was a child. My thoughts and Prayers to your family.
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Name: richard akers
Location: asheboro nc
the world has truly lost a star she was amazing god needed a special angel may you rest in peace my heartfelt prayers to the family
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Name: Donna
Location: Dawsonville, GA
I am certain there is a great celebration in Heaven to welcome you home, I pray the Good Lord keep your family in His tender and comforting embrace. You were joy personified, and this world lost a great light. May people everywhere continue to pass that light to their children through your movies.
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Name: Jeri
Location: Stuart, Florida
My Aunt Agnes introduced me to Shirley Temple movies and I still watch them today!! Miss Shirley Temple will be sadly missed! My prayers to her family and friends, what a great person she was and still is as far I am concerned.
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Name: Paula
Location: West Virginia
I remember watching her movies as a child. When my daughter was about 4 she watched a marathon at my parents house one weekend and for the next 2 weeks I had to curl her hair on those pink sponge rollers EVER night. Great memories. Rest in peace....you brought us so much joy and laughter <3
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Name: Toni
Location: Michigan
My dad and I would watch Shirley Temple movies on Sunday afternoons when I was a little girl. He died when I was only 7 and my favorite memories with him are those Sunday afternoons. we shared together.
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Name: Margaret Vandenbree
Location: Culver City, CA
My mother introduced me to Shirley as she was a big fan of hers when she grew up and I became a big fan. I've always enjoyed her movies. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. She is at home with the Lord.
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Name: Patricia Paulson
Location: Hercules, CA
My late father knew Ms. Black back in the day when she was an interior decorator before she went into politics. He enjoyed dealing with her and her husband Charlie and she was one class act!! Condolences to all of her family, esp. Charlie Jr.
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Name: Paulette Bridges
Location: Dallas N C
I have very fond memories of Shirley.The world has lost a wonderful soul. My condoleneces to her family.
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Name: Marianne Cameron
Location: Aurora Colorado
Obediance to GOD garnishes rewards , Shirley will be well compensated she was a wonderful spirit.
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Name: Heidi
Location: Denver, Colorado
I was named after her movie, Heidi. Shirley Temple was 1 of a kind, and she was my hero. I got to meet her at a book signing in Denver and it was one of the highlights of my life. Farewell my Little Darling, you will always have a place in my heart.
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Name: Rebecca Gardner
Location: Lockport, New York
My Sincere condolences to all. My mother grew up on her movies. She shared them with me. I've shared them with my nieces and nephews. I am now sharing them with my great nieces. May Shirley rest in peace. She was a great lady. Her legacy will live on forever. God Bless Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Cynthia VanDenBurg
Location: Oakdale, Ca.
My condolences to her entire family and to the world for such a loss. She will be missed but never forgotten. My mom was a little bit younger then Shirley and there was a picture of her that always reminded me of Shirley. I grew up watching all her films and admired her very much. My blessings,CV
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Name: Jeananne Minks
Location: lancaster ky
My condolences to her family. You lost a dearly loved family member and we lost a great icon. She will always be in our hearts and prayers. I know what she meant to me growing up and how she shaped my life. My daughter shares the same birthday as she did and I always let her know that. God bless her
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Name: Amelia
Truly a beloved person. She brought SO MANY SMILES to so many of us growing up. You have our condolences. She was truly a very special person.
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Name: Stephanie Krebs
Location: Mentor, Ohio
There will never be another child talent that will even come close to Shirley Temple. She was one of a kind as a child star and a grown woman. Thank you for all the wonderful family movies you gave us. You will be missed. The planet lost one of its stars.Rest in peace.
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Name: sandra hoffman
Location: myerstown pa
shirley temple will greatly missed in my family she was introduced to me by my father we use to her every sunday after church in the 70`s while my mom cook sunday dinner i will be buying her complete dvd collection soon sorry for your loss she was my favorite child actress. she use to make me laugh
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Name: Denise Post
Location: Erie, PA
Mrs. Black was an amazing woman. She did not fall victim to self pity like many other child stars. Instead, she left a legacy of honor and goodwill. I love watching all of her films. My favorites are the Little Colonel & The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. She made me smile! She will be missed!
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Name: janice mc namee
Location: Ayr Scotland
I was very sad to here of the passing of the great Shirley Temple I went often to see her and always came away feeling uplifted and feeling so good a enormous talent great actress and wonderful singer and dancer rest in peace Shirley and shine so bright in heaven love always from Janice xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Name: Colleen Goergen
Location: Toledo Ohio
I grew up in the 50's watching her movies on TV. I still watch them today. There is something about Shirley Temple that takes you to a place where you would like the world to be. She will be immortal on film and generations to come will know her. A life beautifully lived in every way. Farewell.
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Location: Montreal , Quebec , Canada
I hope it comforts your family to know how many people loved you . The number of people who loved you , will miss you, and who's life you have touched , are in the millions, from all over the world. You had a huge impact on my life To Shirley's family, you are in my thoughts & prayers. God bless you
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Name: Pamela Russell
Location: Vista, California
Shirley, Much loved and adored, exemplified the innocence and sweetness that resides in all our hearts. Thank you for touching our lives and enlightening this world with your presence. Bless you and may you fly with angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Rev. Mardi Lee Snyder
Location: Charleston, SC
Thank you, Shirley for the wonderful childhood memories and the joy you've given so many. You will always stay a positive part of my childhood. I will treasure my little princess doll in your memory. May God grant your family peace and comfort in their loss.
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Name: Sylvia Marrero-Jones
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
During a time when being a girl was not popular and many girls were not allowed to voice their thoughts or opinions, Shirley Temple gave us the inspiration needed to be counted and respected. She is a true example of living life to its fullest. We young girls sang and danced right along side of her.
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Name: Linda
Location: Wisconsin
A true lady of grace and beauty...strength of character. I have loved her movies and have admired and been thankful for her living example to others in the entertainment industry. May God Bless her family with great peace and strength in your time of sorrow and grateful memories.
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Name: Kristy
Location: Wisconsin
My grandma adored you, my mother adored you I adore you. My mom and grandma had your dollsand plates. Everyone I know that ahs a movie ofyours several.I love you Shirley temple!1 You'll always be that dimples smile gorgeous girl!! in our hearts we have been thankfullto haveyouaroundas longas wehav
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Name: tracey washington
Location: 200 k st nw, washington, dc
Thank you,thank you, for being in my life. I will never forget you, again thank you
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Name: Nancy Lishefski
Location: Crestview, FL
Shirley will always have a special place in my heart as I remember all the times that my precious Mother and I bonded and enjoyed watching her movies together (she was close in age with Shirley). Her smile and heartwarming personality gave us much joy and special times shared. I miss you both so.
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Name: Robert
Location: Texas
Although, you had retired from show business years before I was born,you will always hold a place in my heart. My parents said that you were a ray of sunshine for many moviegoers during the Great Depression. Curiously, the other iconic star of this era was Mae West.
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Name: Brenda Miller
Location: Warren, Ohio
I will truly miss all you have done to touch our lives, a true Thank you for all you have given. Will share your talents with my grandchildren. Truely Missed, and loved.
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Name: shirley
Location: illinois
I admired Shirley Temple Black as an actress and as a caring human being. We will all miss her.
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Name: Wayne Guzak
Location: Oak Forest, Illinois
Thank you for making my childhood happier,watching you.Rest in Peace and Happiness
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Name: Lynette Corona
Location: California
My family and I are much saddened by the passing of a beautiful lady. We honor her memories and know she will forever live in everyone's hearts. She's an icon to little girls all over the world. To the family we wish you all love and happiness during this time and to say "WE LOVE YOU SHIRLEY" XO
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Name: Sharyn
Location: Florida USA
Shirley will always be a big part of me and my family. She was and will always be an inspiration to all women who face breast cancer. Rest in Peace Shirley!
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Name: sheila bryans
Location: London, England
Dear Temple Black family
My mother was a contemporary and a huge fan of the wonderful Shirley, that infection was handed down to me I have so enjoyed watching her films. On behalf of us both all our love and condolences.
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Name: Maria Valerio de Lara Castilla
Location: Veracruz, Mexico
My first toy was a Shirley Temple doll and i still remenber. I will turn 80 and remenber that my childhood.
Descanse en Paz. Maria Valerio Fontan de Lara Castilla
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: ohio 43081
I was always happy when Miss Temple move came on me and my sister and nice love her we have all her move's
She will always be in are hearts god blessed to all her love one's
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Name: mark cooke
Location: ottawa canada
she touched us all with her never ending smileand curly locks R.I.P
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Name: The Batchelors'
Loved her as a child star. Tell she is met again.
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Name: John Bleakly
Location: Milwaukee, WI
RIP. I thoroughly enjoyed your autobiography and hope that your family will allow its sequel to eventually be released. My favorite film: Since You Went Away. (1944)
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Name: Carman Ross
Location: Toronto, ON
I was fortunate to meet Shirley Temple and have my photo taken with her at the Rehabilitation Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario in the summer of 1944. My condolences to her family.
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Name: Diana Semler
Location: Riverside, California
As a child, I could not wait for one of Shirley's movies to play on TV. As an adult, I own several of her movies and enjoy watching one of them instead of something else. She will be greatly missed and always remembered. How blessed all of you are to have had her for so long.
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Name: SFC James Reed
Location: Camp Atterbury, In
I was stationed in Hawaii knew of the wolfhounds. Had no idear she was apart of that unit. I don't think they even know. I grew up watching her and am very sad she is gone. A true lady and film star.
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Location: BERKELEY,IL.60163

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Name: Libby Henry
Location: Lafayette, California
Dear Temple Family,

I was very saddened by the loss of Shirley Temple.She was a great talent & ambassador in many ways.I used to have hair like hers-the ringlets, that is-and my mother just adored that! And I did not know she lived in the Bay Area.Please accept my condolences. She will be missed.
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Name: Mary
Location: Ridge, New York
Her great talent on the stage in the many movies that I enjoyed as a "kid" will always be a favorite of mine. I will miss seeing her sweet smile and her cute face and her many talents! Rest in peace, dear friend! I loved you and will miss you.
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Name: Susan Householder
Location: Ohio
I am deeply sadden by the loss of Shirley. Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories! Even now I get to make new ones with my granddaughters by watching your movies! Many thank you's to her family for sharing Shirley with the world all of your lives! I for 1 am very grateful! Now RIP Shirley!
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Name: Sharon H
Location: Florida
My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who have lost your wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother. No words can describe how much Shirley was loved by all of us everywhere. No one will ever be able to take her place. She will always be our sweetheart. Love to you all.
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Name: Darlene Dupree
Location: Georgia
Thank you for all the childhood memories that I had from , watching your movies ! RIP Shirley Temple, you will be missed !
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Name: Ruth
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Over the years I enjoyed receiving phone calls from Shirley. We always had something to talk about. Rest in peace, dear friend.
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Name: Alessia
Location: Italy
I loved you, Shirley. Thank you for all the memories. You gave me the best childood ever. A little part of my heart is irreparably broken. It's gone with you. I'll be missing you, Curly Top.
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Name: Lesa
Location: Ohio
I absolutely adored Miss Temple-Black. I am a huge fan of hers even though I am many generations away from her era. What an outstanding accomplishment to not only bring soooooooo much joy to others through her movies but also to continue her life in such an admirable and gracious style. God Bless!
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Name: Reverend Bandy
Location: Granbury, Texas
Mrs. Black was such a beautiful and gracious lady. Though I never personally met nor new her, it seems she was always apart of my life. May God's comfort and peace be to you her family and friends.
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Name: Donna
Location: Calif
My condolence's to the Black family. I grew up on and loved all Shirley's movies. I am happy to hear she had a wonderful life. She will be remember forever for all that she was able to do. God Bless.
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Name: Allen Davis
Location: Enfield, NC
My mother showed me her Shirley Temple doll years ago....and i have loved Shirley Temple on film ever since. My mother is now 89.

I am sorry to hear that Shirley passed away.....but he we always be with us.

A real class act.
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