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Name: Lynette Corona
Location: California
My family and I are much saddened by the passing of a beautiful lady. We honor her memories and know she will forever live in everyone's hearts. She's an icon to little girls all over the world. To the family we wish you all love and happiness during this time and to say "WE LOVE YOU SHIRLEY" XO
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Name: Sharyn
Location: Florida USA
Shirley will always be a big part of me and my family. She was and will always be an inspiration to all women who face breast cancer. Rest in Peace Shirley!
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Name: sheila bryans
Location: London, England
Dear Temple Black family
My mother was a contemporary and a huge fan of the wonderful Shirley, that infection was handed down to me I have so enjoyed watching her films. On behalf of us both all our love and condolences.
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Name: Maria Valerio de Lara Castilla
Location: Veracruz, Mexico
My first toy was a Shirley Temple doll and i still remenber. I will turn 80 and remenber that my childhood.
Descanse en Paz. Maria Valerio Fontan de Lara Castilla
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: ohio 43081
I was always happy when Miss Temple move came on me and my sister and nice love her we have all her move's
She will always be in are hearts god blessed to all her love one's
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Name: mark cooke
Location: ottawa canada
she touched us all with her never ending smileand curly locks R.I.P
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Name: The Batchelors'
Loved her as a child star. Tell she is met again.
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Name: John Bleakly
Location: Milwaukee, WI
RIP. I thoroughly enjoyed your autobiography and hope that your family will allow its sequel to eventually be released. My favorite film: Since You Went Away. (1944)
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Name: Carman Ross
Location: Toronto, ON
I was fortunate to meet Shirley Temple and have my photo taken with her at the Rehabilitation Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario in the summer of 1944. My condolences to her family.
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Name: Diana Semler
Location: Riverside, California
As a child, I could not wait for one of Shirley's movies to play on TV. As an adult, I own several of her movies and enjoy watching one of them instead of something else. She will be greatly missed and always remembered. How blessed all of you are to have had her for so long.
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Name: SFC James Reed
Location: Camp Atterbury, In
I was stationed in Hawaii knew of the wolfhounds. Had no idear she was apart of that unit. I don't think they even know. I grew up watching her and am very sad she is gone. A true lady and film star.
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Location: BERKELEY,IL.60163

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Name: Libby Henry
Location: Lafayette, California
Dear Temple Family,

I was very saddened by the loss of Shirley Temple.She was a great talent & ambassador in many ways.I used to have hair like hers-the ringlets, that is-and my mother just adored that! And I did not know she lived in the Bay Area.Please accept my condolences. She will be missed.
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Name: Mary
Location: Ridge, New York
Her great talent on the stage in the many movies that I enjoyed as a "kid" will always be a favorite of mine. I will miss seeing her sweet smile and her cute face and her many talents! Rest in peace, dear friend! I loved you and will miss you.
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Name: Susan Householder
Location: Ohio
I am deeply sadden by the loss of Shirley. Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories! Even now I get to make new ones with my granddaughters by watching your movies! Many thank you's to her family for sharing Shirley with the world all of your lives! I for 1 am very grateful! Now RIP Shirley!
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Name: Sharon H
Location: Florida
My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who have lost your wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother. No words can describe how much Shirley was loved by all of us everywhere. No one will ever be able to take her place. She will always be our sweetheart. Love to you all.
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Name: Darlene Dupree
Location: Georgia
Thank you for all the childhood memories that I had from , watching your movies ! RIP Shirley Temple, you will be missed !
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Name: Ruth
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Over the years I enjoyed receiving phone calls from Shirley. We always had something to talk about. Rest in peace, dear friend.
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Name: Alessia
Location: Italy
I loved you, Shirley. Thank you for all the memories. You gave me the best childood ever. A little part of my heart is irreparably broken. It's gone with you. I'll be missing you, Curly Top.
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Name: Lesa
Location: Ohio
I absolutely adored Miss Temple-Black. I am a huge fan of hers even though I am many generations away from her era. What an outstanding accomplishment to not only bring soooooooo much joy to others through her movies but also to continue her life in such an admirable and gracious style. God Bless!
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Name: Reverend Bandy
Location: Granbury, Texas
Mrs. Black was such a beautiful and gracious lady. Though I never personally met nor new her, it seems she was always apart of my life. May God's comfort and peace be to you her family and friends.
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Name: Donna
Location: Calif
My condolence's to the Black family. I grew up on and loved all Shirley's movies. I am happy to hear she had a wonderful life. She will be remember forever for all that she was able to do. God Bless.
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Name: Allen Davis
Location: Enfield, NC
My mother showed me her Shirley Temple doll years ago....and i have loved Shirley Temple on film ever since. My mother is now 89.

I am sorry to hear that Shirley passed away.....but he we always be with us.

A real class act.
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Name: amy lynn
Location: kentucky
my grandmother loved Shirley temple she says shes the only child star that grew up with sense. she will be missed!
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Name: clarice
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Remembering all the movies with Shirley. Never missed them on tv. I loved them all. She is truly going to be missed. It's her time to rest now. May she

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Name: Effie Vasiliadis
Location: Melbourne Australia
My Sincere condolences, to all Shirley's Family.
May her memory live on, through her films for the next generation of young children, as we Adults have been blessed to have grown up with them. Her smile, dimples and tap dancing will be cherished forever. Thank you for the Memories!
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Name: Theresa Bennett
Location: Bristol, England
I am 50 & have been a fan as long as I remember. A very sad day for us all.
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Name: Sylvia
Location: Florida
Shirley Temple was a presence in the lives of many of us who grew up in those devastating Depression days. We tapped our feet with Shirley, we laughed with Shirley, we cried with Shirley and we drew courage and hope from Shirley's determined will to improve our lives.
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Name: J. Goike Graf von Modestorf
Location: Lueneburg, Germany
Als Kind war ich ein großer Fan, da war Shirley Temple längst erwachsen. Doch ihre Filme haben sie unsterblich gemacht. - Meine Gedanken sind bei ihrer Familie, die eine großen Verlust erlitten hat. Ich wünsche den Angehörigen viel Kraft!
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Name: Don Powell
Location: Tenn.
Hope your next life brings you as much joy and happiness as you had in this one. (RIP) My condolences to a fine family.
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Name: James Ward
Location: Marietta, Georgia, USA. 30068
Condolences to the Family and Friend of Ambassador Shirley Temple Black. Hope her next life is as prospourous as her next life.
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Name: Fidah Mousa
Location: Palestine
I grew up on your movies and never hesitated to watch you over and over again. You made your films into real stories!You helped me dream! RIP
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Name: The Rattenberry Family
Location: London, England.
We were so sad to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple. She was the greatest child actor. We all grew up watching her films and even now I often put one of her films on from my treasured collection. My condolences go to her family; there will never be another person like her. She achieved
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Name: Karen
Location: Woodstock, Illinois
You brought life and laughter to those who were able to get to know you through the characters you portrayed and through your tireless efforts as ambassador. May you now enjoy a peaceful, much-deserved rest.
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Name: Annette
Location: Victoria BC
Shirley: With heartfelt sadness and deep love. No words express the joy you brought to my life.
Family: May you be consoled at the adult Shirley being reunited with her beloved husband.
May the child in Shirley reside "where Bon-Bons play on the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay".
God love her...x
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Name: Kristina Beaton
Location: Sydney, Australia
Condolences from Australia to the Family on the sad Loss of legendary Shirley Temple Black. Thank You for giving us your Brilliant Career and inspiring millions of children around the world to follow in your footsteps singing and dancing.For Your tireless work during your adult years:Thank You
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Name: kaye smith
Location: dayton ohio
i thought shirly temple was great in her movies i have all her movies she was so cute in allher movies i know sheis n peace now and will be deaply misses rest in peace its been a pleaure watching your movies and good luck to the family
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Name: Ange R
Location: Oregon
we love u shirley temple and we will miss u but in our hearts u will forever b.
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Name: Janie W.
Location: Washington State
My condolences to the family. She well be miss but never forgotten. The way she show us as kids and the rest of the world with a great smile and a little laught,we can make a differtences in the world .I was one of this child that love her movies and her beautiful songs she sing. may you R.I.P.
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Name: Javed
You were truly an inspirational and amazing human being. With that I just want to say it was a pleasure to see all your movies while growing up. God Bless Shirley Temple!
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Name: Bill
Location: Wellington Kansas
Thank you for giving us many memories. As a child we would gather around the T. V. when one of Shirley's movies would come on. Then we bought several sets of the classics for our two daughters. You have blessed our home,and made us laugh and cry. G-d bless. You will be truly missed.
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Name: Rosie, Sydney, Hannah, Jamar
Location: Montgomery al
How we wish entertainment was as innocent as when this beautiful lady was on the big screen. Our grandmother gave us a set of her movies several years ago. We never tire of watching \\\"Shirley\ \\". Thank You Shirley you are still a blessing.
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Name: Andrea Tunstall-Dooley
Location: Maryland
I have been a fan since the age of three, now 48 I still love Shirley very much. Today my heart is saddened to learn of her passing. RIP Shirley Temple My condolences to the family. You will always be loved and never forgotten!! <3
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Name: Sashi Pancholi
Location: London uk
My condolences to the family & friends, So sad to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple , she brought Fun Laughter and Joy into this World ,May here Memory of this Last Forever
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Name: Becca M.
Location: Granite City IL
I was really sad to hear about the passing of Shirley Temple. My nickname as a child was Rebecca of Sunnybrook farms after her movie because my name is Rebecca. She is legend who will be greatly missed.
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Name: JMAlsobanos
Location: Manila
My condolences to you. She will always be remembered not only as America's beloved child actress but a diplomat, a loving mother and a doting grandmother to all who admired her greatly.

Rest in Peace in the bosom of the Lord.
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Name: Julia M Myles
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I was watching the news and the reporter came on talking about breaking news, I got to wondering what has happened now, then I heard of Shirley Temple- Black's passing. I was saddened to hear about her, I grew up watching her movies my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Rest in peace Ms. Temple
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Name: Scarlett
Location: Malaysia
I remember watching Shirley dancing and singing on my TV many years ago. I was so amazed how a small girl can danced so well. From that moment, I knew she was different. I picked up her autobigraphy when travelling down to Australia. I have also seen most of her movies if not all. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Isabel
Location: California
I began to pray for Shirley a couple of weeks before she passed on. The Lord had put it upon my heart. She was loved and blessed by the Lord and He gave her a loving husband, family and millions of fans through out the world. May God richly bless you, always! You brought so much joy into the world.
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Name: Kimberly Eaton
Location: Costa Mesa
Loved her in all her films, and continue to love her. I enjoyed all her films as a child, she always made me smile. Inspired me into dancing, and acting. Loved her then and still love her now. Thank you Shirley for all the wonderful moments you continue to gave all of us. XO
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Name: chris paulson
Location: Michigan
growing up in an abusive home as a child. this was my escape .to watch her movies and just to be amazed by her acting and her whole being of an innocent child. who brought laughter to all R.I.P you will be sadly missed
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Name: Mike Black
Location: California
I love you! You inspirated me in more ways than you will ever know.Until the next cutain calls, sweet and dearest angel.
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Name: Nikki Jones
Location: L.A California
Forever in our thoughts and minds.All My Love!
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Name: Barbara R.
Location: San Francisco
RIP Shirley Temple, you will be missed.
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Name: Angel Nicholson
Location: london
Shirley Temple will be sadly missed she is now an angel in heaven
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Name: les kay
Location: sydney australia
Shirley was the 1st girl I feel in love with. you will be sadly missed. will always be remembered as the little girl with curls that made everyone smile r.i.p. Shirley you will be remembered always
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Name: shirley Forrester
Location: New South Wales Australia (shirley club)
A sad day for all shirley clubs and Shirley's around the world. She was an amazing child what brought so much happiness into everyone's lives in a time which was a different era in which we live today and she carried this into her adult life
Sincere condolences to her family
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Name: Marjean
Location: Whittier, CA
Thank you Shirley Temple, for being my idol as I was growing up. Although, you had retired from show business, I watched all your movies growing up. Thank you for all the joy you brought to this world from your movies to politics. You will be forever loved in so many hearts.
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Name: Suzanne Rosenorn
Location: Lockport, Illinois
The world is mourning losing such a wonderful icon. Everyone knew who Shirley Temple was and loved her. My mom would have been 88 and collected a blue glass collection of Shirley when she was a little girl. She will be sorely missed. xoxo
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Name: Charlotte Kemp
Location: Troy, MO
I was raised watching Shirley Temple movies. They where heart filled and had life lessons. Shirley Temple was a very extraordinary woman. I have all of her movies she very made. May God Bless you for all that you have done for us. God Bless You Shirley Temple. Rest in peace. You will be missed.
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Name: Beth Zarfes
Location: Fairport, NY
I'm grateful to have had the joy of watching her movies on t.v., growing up in the sixties, learning to see the good in people, even though it was make believe. My sincere condolences to the family.
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Name: Dan
Location: Minnesota
I have great memories of my childhood watching Shirley's movies with my siblings & was saddened to hear of her passing. She made such an impact on my childhood & I will always enjoy watching her movies & showing my children & grandchildren her movies. She may be gone, but her legacy never will be.
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Name: barbara sterling
Location: gulfport ms
what a wonderful human being-so refreshing to have someone from "Hollywood"-that has earned and deserves our respect.i have seen everything she has done in films(some over and over)-especially Heidi.you were loved by all-and will be sorely missed by many.
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Name: Jon
Location: Glendale, CA
Shirley was a true American icon. I can't imagine anyone ever replacing her as America's Sweetheart. She was a class act that I could hold up as a role model to my daughters. My heart broke when I heard the news and my daughters cried. Thanks for the great legacy you left us on and off the screen.
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Name: Gloria Beth
Location: Racine,WI
I loved everyone of her movies. She gave the world hour and hours of pure joy.
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Name: Tony
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
I heard it said that she was the same person off screen as she was on screen. I can't think of a better complement than that. She will always be America's sweetheart.
RIP, Shirley, and condolences to your family.
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Name: Shawn Clinger
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Thank you for your contributions to all of our lives and especially mine. May you bask in the eternal spotlight of love and truth in the Divine Spirit of our Creator. If you do get wings, know that you certainly do deserve them.
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Name: Lorraine Huot
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
What a beautiful child, young woman and woman Shirley was. My children and I watched her movies over and over. They deeply touched our hearts and her bright,
uplifting spirit and smile brightened our hearts. I believe she is rejoicing now with Jesus in heaven. Smile on Shirley! We will miss you.
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Name: Sheila
Location: New Mexico
Somehow the world doesn't seem the same without Shirley Temple. What a wonderful little and lovely, elegant woman she grew up to be. Everyone around world has a heavy heart because of her loss. The stars are burning brighter in heaven. We already miss you down here.
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Name: Gabrielle Weddle
Location: Aloha,Or
We will miss our sweet Shirley. She was the heart of this country for so very many years and so many people.Rest in Peace.
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Name: Alicia
Location: Las Vegas, NV
I thought that Shirley would live forever. My mother took me to see her and her family at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York when I was a child and I have never forgotten.
Rest in Peace Shirley.
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Name: Colleen
Location: Tucson Arizona
I was surprised to hear of Shirley's passing. She had such an aura of youth about her. Her effervescent joyfulness will continue to affect generations. Her wholesomeness and optimism are traits greatly needed today. I am sad she is no longer here with us. She will always be America's sweetheart.
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Name: Manny Silva
Location: Davis, ca
She was a delight to me and my children and grandchildren. My parents spoke no english but your mother's smile and singing was a joy to them. She will be greatly missed, but she has left such a wonderful legacy, actress, ambassador, and humanitarian.
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Name: shirley kitts davis
Location: jacksboro, tennessee
Needless to say I am named after you. My mother did my hair in ringlets like yours as well. I am saddened by your passing as I have felt connected somewhat by the name. RIP lovely lady.
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Name: Quientin Pelayo
Location: Downey, CA
Shirley Temple Black as a whole is a one of a kind. What a great role model in life. Thank you for all the great times I had watching your films.
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Name: Mel Curnutt
Location: Lindale,Texas
The only thing a human being can leave this world with is did there life make difference. Sirley sure did that
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Name: Sonje Desiree Wheeler
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
My mother took me to see her movies and I loved them. Condolences to her family, the world has lost a great star and a wonderful human being.
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Name: Victoria J. Darling-Orth
Location: Golden, Colorado
As children, my sister and I watched Shirley Temple movies on tv. Those are truly some of the most enjoyable memories of my childhood. Thank you Shirley for bringing us joy, love and a happy spirit. You are a true gift.
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Name: Timothy Kulig
Location: Bardstown, KY
I was born in 1965, but like every child, Shirley's movies made us smile. I hate to live in a world without her, and the happiness she brought to so many. Although she stopped acting, she continued to gift to humanity as a Mom, Wife and the time she gave to her country. Thank you, Shirley.
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Name: Diana and Laura
Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time. We enjoyed seeing Shirley Black at the grocery store when we lived in San Francisco. We enjoyed her movies immensely. Our mother dressed my twin sister and me up similarly to what Shirley wore when she was a little girl, ringlets and all! :-)
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Name: Deborah De Ruig
Location: Salem, Oregon
My Mother and I collected all things Shirley and never missed a movie even though we have them all on video. She brought a special sparkle to us just as her mother always told her to and we considered her a friend. My mother is gone now too, but never the memories of love and friendship we shared.
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Name: Jacqueline McNatt
Location: Clayton, Delaware
My mom always wanted to meet you, and I know she will someday on the other side. We know you are well with God. My sisters and I all had curly hair when we were little. I'm a dancer too, but there will never be another you. Your talent was natural. God bless.
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Name: Martha, Jose Antonio, and Gabriel J. Garcia
Location: Winter Springs, FL
We will always remember the smile, heart, and soul of our universal Child Star. We grew up watching her movies and now we keep watching her movies during our family's nights; we converse about the values that we learn through her performance and her persona. Thank you for every with our love.
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Name: Deborah McNatt
Location: Clayton, Delaware
Real talent & good role model. Kids today need more people like you to look up to. Thoughts, prayers, and love to you and yours.
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Name: The Bufford Family
Location: Missouri
Thank you for all the memories, you will live on in our hearts and on our CD's so our grandchildren can know you also.
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Name: Joann lee
Location: Patterson ca
Shirley Temple was truly my love, I will always cherish my memories of watching her on TV, I have all her dolls! RIP my sweet
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Name: Cia Nelson
Location: pleasantville,nj
Im so saddened by the lost of Miss Black.I spent most of my childhood watching,singing and dancing to her movies.These movies brought a special joy,so much so now share the same experience with my granddaughter and she loves it!Thank You Miss Black for the wonder of enjoying your lifes work!!
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Name: Paige McNatt
Location: Clayton, Delaware
Mom gave me her 1st Shirley doll from the 70s. She grew up watching Shirley & so did my sisters & I. R faves: Littlest Rebel, Bright Eyes, Curly Top & Little Princess. Mom especially loves Shirley & Uncle Billy Robinson scenes too. Mom has an everything collection for us. Love to the family.
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Name: Susan Sauls
Location: Baytown, Texas
As a mother of girls, 14 & 12, who always loved Mrs. Black and her gifts to humanity, we cannot imagine a world without her. She was the epitome of the perfect role model, always a lady of dignity. It was my girls dream to be able to meet her. Though we mourn her loss, we also give thanks for her.
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Name: Maritza Alicea
Location: Boston, MA
My deepest condolences to the family. SHIRLEY was an amazing actress! SHIRLEY you may be gone but never forgotten...I will always CHERISH the memories of all your movies and the photos I still hold today. Thank you...for the many years given to all those who loved you. Rest in peace,SHIRLEY.
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Name: Patty Puckett
Location: Oklahoma City
My thanks to a beautiful lady for giving me many smiles through her films. My prayers for her family and friends. God bless you.
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Name: Beverly Perry
Location: Sunnyvale,CA
I grew up weatching Shirley when I was a little girl. I met her many, many years ago at the Stanford Barn in Palo Alto,CA in a card shop, she was so nice and friendly. She truly was a great lady.
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Name: Bonita McNatt
Location: Clayton, Delaware
American icon: U were "bathed in love" by your mother & u bathed us in love through everything u did. You're one of those rare talents God blesses us with from time to time & a great role model. I applaud you for your humility compassion integrity responsibility. There'll never be another u
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Name: Christine Osborn
Location: Indiana
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. She was a truly classy and classic woman and a very bright star in Hollywood. She will be missed. She helped so many during such a dark time in our nations history. Rest In Peace Mrs. Temple-Black...you became a friend to many through your movies.
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Name: Amy
Location: Camp Hill, PA
Shirley was a true blessing to millions including my mother and me!! I have my mother's Shirley Temple doll and all her movies. I had a dream to meet Shirley someday. She was just pure joy and a beautiful person all the way around, inside and out!!! My heartfelt condolences to her dear family!!
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Name: Sandra McGill
Location: Whittier, California
Always remember when I was growing up my mom and I would always look forward to watching her movies. My mom has all her films and dolls and books of Shirley. A wonderful lady. Glad to have known about her, and all the wonderful things she did through her life.
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Name: Charice
Location: Weatherford, Texas
I have loved Shirley since I was a little girl. Her movies will always remain in my heart. She had an amazing life and I was deeply saddened to hear of her passing. What a great lady; she will be missed.
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Name: Stacy Denger
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Shirley gave many people an escape from the depression and she gave me an escape from a difficult childhood in the 70's. I have been watching her movies the past two nights as a tribute to her. An amazing talent and inspiration.
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Name: Joyce Arps
Location: Michigan
I grew up watching her movies on TV in the 1950s. She gave joy to all of us, including my children. She will never be forgotten. She is a treasure.
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