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Name: Adrienne McGee
Location: Bryans Road MD
God Bless your Family at this sad time, and give you peace, you will be miss and thank you for all the happy songs and movies that put a smile on my face.
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Name: Terry Dalla Valle
Location: Mauston, WI
It is with heavy heart I write this. I will miss Shirley Temple. Is was the most talented child actress that very lived. I am 66 years old and still think she is the greatest person that ever lived.
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Name: Martha Alexander
Location: O'Fallon, MO
Shirley Temple Black was a wonderful role model for everyone. She will be missed by anyone who ever saw her movies.
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Name: Jessica
It's with a great sadness to hear about the loss of the forever beloved star. She's always held with the highest standard for herself and the contributions she had served for this country. R.I.P Shirley. You are the best that will live in our heart forever.
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Name: Nina Leigh and family
Location: Columbus, ms
To the Temple family,
You are in my prayers. I grow up watching Shirley Temple movies the fact that she did not discriminate against the African American community, truly made a difference and impact in her movies. She was a strong woman who had and made a great legacy for herself. I will miss her.
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Name: Ann M. Wilson
Location: Williamsville New York State
To the Shirley temple Black family Sorry for your loss. May your loved one RIP. What can I say about the child star Shirley Temple. She will always be remembered but not forgotten. Her wonderful movies will last forever and ever She was truly a child star and the memories of her will last forever
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Name: Joyce Kimble
Location: Winchester, VA
It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to Shirley, When I was a little girl, my mom introduced me to her and I loved her movies!! I have now shared them with my daughter and my granddaughters. The joy she gave to our family over four generations, has been immeasurable! You were very loved!
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Name: Teresa Mary Gallagher
Location: Gortahork, Letterkenny Co Donegal Ireland
So sorry to hear of Shirley Temple's death, I watched everyone of her films in my early years here in Ireland, on our Irish television station RTE1. A wonderful actress. May she R.I.P.
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Name: lynn Whittaker
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R.I.P Shirley
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Name: Shirley H.
Location: Pennsylvania
I was actually named after Shirley Temple, and I'm very proud of it. I loved her in every single movie she ever made. The world suffered a great loss with Shirley's passing.
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Name: Marcie
Location: San Francisco, CA
I've loved Shirley my entire life. I know every movie by heart and all the lyrics to the songs. She inspired me to learn to tap dance.

Shirley epitomized an era of charm, innocence and beauty that is long gone. The news of her passing feels profoundly personal. My deepest condolences to her family
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Name: Cathrine Papadopoulos
Location: London, Ontario Canada
I'm very sorry for the loss of your beloved Shirley. She was a wonderful woman & I truly admire & respect her. I send my deepest sympathy & love for your family."...the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear His voice & come out...to a resurrection of life..."John5: 28,29
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Name: Linda Garabedian
Location: Niagara Falls, NY
Thank you for being such a wonderful entertainer and so many years of wonderful movies. I grew up watching you and was amazed and awed by your talent.
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Name: Sue
Location: Washington state
She must have been heaven sent, in tandem with FDR, to lift the spirits of a nation. A buoyant, first class temperament. As a children in the fifties, my elder brother and I laughed and cried watching her movies. She was a national treasure and she had this lovely family life, too, Bravo little gal!
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Name: Charlene Pye
Location: Australia
RIP Shirley Temple. I grew up watching your movies and singing your songs and dancing also.
If ever I was feeling down I used to pull out one of your movies and watch till my hearts content.
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Name: Sylvia Romo
Location: La Mirada, CA
Your mom brought so many smiles and laughter to so many people in this world including my family, we looked forward to watching Shirley Temple on television from a child to an adult she will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in Peace Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Jordan K.
Location: Gaffney, SC
We mourn the loss of this iconic legend!! I remember watching re-runs of her show when I was little and I was amazed by it. She will be missed!!
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Name: Jessica Townsend
Location: Chickasha, OK
I have no poignant words right now. I am deeply saddened to hear of your passing. My thoughts are with your family and friends. You were an amazing human being and you touched the lives of so many. Float on, Shirley. You will be missed.
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Name: Kathy Collins Yorl
Location: Ripley ,Tn
Heaven has a new beautiful star today.You will truly be missed but always in our hearts.
Much love to your family & friends. You seemed a part of ours. My mantel displays your beautiful face & memories to honor you. God bless!
We cry because we miss you but we smile because you were! Love.
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Name: Rebecca McKinney
Location: Michigan
I grew up watching Shirley Temple on television and I also have her DVD collection. She brought so much talent into this world. My deepest condolences to your family.
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Name: K.L. Parry
Location: Burbank
The on-screen presence of a young actress, I will remember best. The characters and circumstances she brought to life impressed upon me ideas of devotion and love of family that have followed me through my journeys. I shall forever be grateful for the role model she provided me. Thank you Mrs Black.
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Name: Chris Mortenson
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
We have all lost a national treasure in this peerless role model! Thank goodness she will live forever in her films, and she will always be with us. I plan to honor this remarkable lady by reading her autobiography. Shirley, thank you "ever so much"!
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Name: Nancy Winans
Location: Ohio
I grew up watching Shirley and I own most of her movies. Whenever I need a reminder of what is good about people, I watch her movies and come away with a smile and a warm feeling. They inspire me to be more loving, kind and joyful. Thank you, Shirley, for wholesome entertainment! and for your smile!
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Name: Wanda McGlamery
Location: Greensbor, NC
Oh Shirley - thank you for sharing your life with us all in your movies as a child actress - they all were so uplifting. Praying for Shirley's family and thanking the Lord for reaching down, taking her hand, and welcoming her home with him. Love from all of us Shirley.
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Name: Patti
Location: Nutley, NJ
We (the Public) were honored to enjoy your Mom for so long. A True Lady from Beginning to Heaven's End. As we mourn, Hollywood's previous Angels are embracing "little Shirley" once again.
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Name: Frances Bates
Location: Wallingford Pa.
I have all but three of her movies on DVD. My all time favorite was "Bright Eyes". I always wished I could fly on the "Good Ship Lollipop" with her! Rest in peace curly top!
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Name: Beverley Lunsford
Location: Covington,Ga
My condolences to the family.I have loved Shirley Temple since I was old enough to watch TV.Today my grandaughters,ages 8 and 18, love her as well.Your smile will forever shine.I love you Rest In Peace Shirley Temple.
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Name: Carmen A Lovato
Location: Albuquerque,New Mexico
Thank you Shirley Temple Black for all the precious memories of your childhood in movies. Prayers to the family,may God Bless you all.RIP Shirley you will be missed so much.
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Name: Mae
Location: Tallahassee, Fl
I grew up watch your movies. Today I still has the movie "Heidi." You will truly be miss,but not forgotten.RIP Mrs. Shirley Temple-Black.
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Name: Slim and Teresa Channey
Location: Arvada, Colorado
We are not ordinarily impressed by 'stars' out of Hollywood. But Shirley is an exception. She had the gift to reach out, even long after she left acting. We can only say that she was a truly remarkable human being. We just wish that she truly knows how much she is loved. Shirley you still live!
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Name: DeLain
Location: Pearl Missisippi
I have ALL of Shirley's films. I watch them all the time. I grew up watching her. Her films are pure and exciting without any of todays nonsense. Rest In Peace Smiley Smiley
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Name: Brooke Montgomery
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Two of my favorite movies are The Little Princess and Heidi. Watched those over and over when I was little. You will be missed, Shirley!
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Name: Tracy Chapman
Location: Australia
Thanks for the memories, and the smiles you brought to my face as I watched you, you achived so much and was so very much more than just a child star. My condolences to the family for their great loss.
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Name: Carolyn Crislip
Location: Louisa,Kentucky
My mother was born in 1927 she would tell me about her having a paper tablet with Shirley's picture on it. We love her movies. Deepest sympathy and prayers to her family.
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Name: Michael Masumoto
Location: Guerneville, CA
My sincere condolences to Mrs. Black's family. As she does for so many, Shirley Temple represents, to me, optimism and hope in a troubled world, and she left behind a timeless legacy of joy which will enchant and entertain for generations to come. She did so much for so many, bless her. We love her!
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Name: Mary Robertson
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, will always cherish those times. Thank-You for making movies wonderful, RIP "Curly Top"
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Name: Vicki Williams
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
I have always loved Shirley Temple. She was a great lady and someone that I looked up to as a child and then as a teenager. She will be sorely missed. My prayers are with her family at their time of sorrow. RIP Ms Temple-Black
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Name: David Slocum
Location: Geneva, New York
Long time fan of Ms. Shirley Temple Black and was sadden by her passing. She will long be remembered for her acting and her work in politics.
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Name: Frank Dileonardo
Location: Chicago, Illinois
We were blessed to have Shirley among us. She will be greatly missed here and is one of God’s great gifts to us. My prayer is that her family and friends will have comfort in knowing that she is alive before God and in His promise of a reunion with our loved ones.
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Name: elba matos
Location: albany, ny
Shirley's friendship with uncle Billy i feel is a powerful inspirational force that helped to heal in me some of the nasty residues of racial conflict and strife and lifted my heat and soul, and for that i am real grateful. Plus all her book and movies are the best. the greatest actor to ever exist.
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Name: Connie Holmes Bush
Location: Carthage, TN
I have always loved Shirley 7 still watch her movies today with my grandchildren. She was a wonderful star & person. God Speed to all her family.
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Name: Catherine Victoria Lane Grossi
Location: Waynesburg, Ohio USA
She was the all time greatest childhood star! Now she's shining in Heaven too! This isn't the end for her, it's the beginning! Her first Birthday in Heaven was on February 10, 2014. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Shirley!
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Name: Eileen Laudani
Location: Eugene, Oregon
She was very much a part of my childhood. Mom used to copy her dresses and sew them for me and she curled my hair and placed a bow in it like Shirley had. My husband and I still watch her movies. She was adorable and so talented. RIP
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Name: Tanya Kellogg
Location: Braceville, IL
Rest in peace Ms Shirley Temple Black. You have a special wall in my home with all my Shirley things on it.. I admire her so much and everything she stood for. The world has lost a wonder lady... I WILL MISS YOU!!!!
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Name: Doris Dybowski
Location: Shelby Township, Michigan
I grew up watching her, she was my favorite childhood girl. I still have one of her dolls I got for Christmas when I was 9, mom could not really afford it but surprised me anyway.And also some of the dvd movie collection.I am 63 and sending her off with a kiss to my doll today. May she rest in peace
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Name: Srini Perera
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
A star so different. We will never find in this day and age in Hollywood. You were a person with a large heart, worked hard and touched many hearts round the world. Your memories will be every cherished! Let's hope and pray Hollywood will bring more stars of your caliber!

Rest in Peace!
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Name: Theresa Mullins
Location: Fort Worth Texas
I personally cherished your movies and my daughters as well have favored watching you. You have and will hold a special place in our hearts. Blessed and a blessing. I am thankful for your Mother's faith and your Dad to agree for one more!Smiley
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Name: Kathy
Location: Tallapoosa, GA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and wanted to be just like her. She was a sweetheart and a great role model for children. She grew up to be a beautiful lady inside and out and is truly an inspiration to others. Sympathy to her family and friends. RIP
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Name: Fr. John McKenna
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all. They will continue to be celebrated. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Edelza Camacaro
Location: Venezuela
when I was a litlle girl, I used to wath your movies. RIP Shirley Temple Black. My condolences to your family
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Name: Alyce Callahan
Location: Stephens City, VA
Like so many others, grew up watching Shirley captivated by her smile, dimples and true love of those around.Even though I am now an adult,I will stop to watch one of her movies just for the sheer joy of her singing and dancing.She was a true hero in my eyes,for who she became. Miss you Bright Eyes
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Name: Sherri
Location: San Jose, CA
My sister and I used to watch your movies every Sunday morning before we went to church. I will always cherish those wonderful Sunday mornings. RIP Shirley Temple Black and my condolences to your family.
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Name: Jeff
Location: Georgia - USA
I loved her so much and still do. I am so sad now. She was such a wonderful person. The entire world was blessed by her presence. I miss her already.
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Name: Sandra Jones
Location: Gallatin, Tn
So sorry to hear of your passing. Loved you so much, I would get up on Sunday morning before church and watch your movies. Even had my Mom pin curl my hair like yours! You were very talented and you will be very sadly missed. Prayers go out to your family.
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Name: Joni Snowden
Location: Inglewood, CA
As many will say in the upcoming days, watching Shirley Temple movies as a kid was always something to look forward too. I never missed one and have a good collection on DVD. Thank you Shirley for all the great memories. Prayers to your family.
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Name: Natalia Holda
Location: Florida, United States
Shirely will be greatly missed for not only her movies but for her amazing character. She was a wonderful human being and Im sorry to see her go. Best wishes to her family and friends.
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Name: Ollie
Location: Christchurch New Zealand
To the family of Shirley Temple Black, may you find comfort and peace. You have been blessed with a wonderful person, on stage and off stage, and the joy those films have brought many around the world, still make you smile. In the arms of the Lord Rest in Peace
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Name: Alice Edel Hernandez
Location: Tujunga, CA
I have never felt so much sadness until I heard the news of your passing. You brought so much happiness to so many little girls. RIP curly top no one will ever replace you!!!! I was honored when people would say my daughter looked so much like you
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Name: Donna Cyr
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
R.I.P Shirley, you were always an inspiration in my life and u will be truly missed as Americas Sweetheart. You will be in all our hearts forever. You truly were an amazing woman!!!!
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Name: Christine Kelly
Location: Campbell, CA
Thank you for all the great memories of watching your movies and knowing all the songs. A true Legend!
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Name: lisa jarouche
Location: toledo, ohio
your movies are awesome and i hope someday to share them with my granddaughter
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Name: Ann
What can I say about the child star Shirley Temple. Rip you will always be remembered and not forgotten. The Smiling face the curls and your wonderful movies will last forever and ever. I have collected Shirley Temple Dolls for a long time now. You where truly a child star and the memories of you wi
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Name: Tomcatt
Girl, You Know I Miss You
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Name: Joy Clark
Location: Clark CO
Good night my friends,
Sleep tight my friends,
God bless you pleasant dreams,
Nightie night.

Fare thee well Dear Shirley
Thanks for being in my heart my entire life!
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Name: Robyn Dempsey
Location: Tehachapi, CA
We have lost a true American treasure. Thank you for the lovely and lasting memories of my childhood.
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Name: Anna Anderson
Location: Palo Alto
My most treasured childhood memories are watching all the movies and playing the record of songs with beloved Shirley Temple! My generation was blessed. This loss is felt on a deep level.
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Name: Patrick King
Location: Exeter, NH
Good night, my first and only love.
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Name: Bud Bearde
Location: Royersford, Pa
Thanks for the memories, you have been a part of many lives and will continue to be part of many yet to come. Rest in peace.
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Name: Renee Rump
Location: Evansville Ind.
It is a sad day. This wonderful child brought more joy to people than any other celebrity has ever done. I still love watching her movies. Shirley will always be in our hearts!
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Name: Donna Brown
Location: Thomaston Ga
Miss Shirley, you brought such happiness to people everywhere. Thank you for that and for your service to America.You will be truly missed.God has another angel. May peace be with your family at this very hard time.
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Name: Annette Underwood
Location: Conifer, CO
Your films brought me great joy as a young child and later as an adult. Your upbeat and positive outlook in your movies helped shape my positive and optimistic character. You will be missed!
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Name: Sherry
Location: Calhoun, GA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. I just loved her and her movies. Her life will be remembered for generations to come. I would like to offer my condolences to her family.
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Name: Patricia
Location: Woodside, CA
My children wouldn't of been complete if it wasn't for Shirley Temple. Every Sunday afternoon was my time to watch as many episodes as I could. Each one made be smile and walk away happy.
A part of me is crushed with sadness but the memories of your sweet character will live forwever with me.
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Name: Donna Bianco
Location: Yonkers, NY
I learned ALL the words to the songs you sang. You were smart, so intelligent and talented. You stayed true to yourself as you grew up too. I will miss you and was so sad to learn of your passing. Prayers to your family who must be so terribly sad but so joyful to have had you in their lives
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Name: Vickie
Location: Rancho Mirage, CA
Shirley touched the lives of so many people. Born with a glimmer in her eye, a smile and laughter that could fill a room. It was truly an honor watching all of her films while growing up and I am so thankful that I was able to pass them on to my children and grandchildren. God bless you Shirley
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Name: Melinda Karson
Location: Northbrook, Illinois
The joy you brought to generations of children around the the world will never be forgotten. Your infectious smile, contagious laugh have entertained and inspired many. Talented beyond words. You are a treasure to America and will be greatly missed. Love to you always
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Name: Jacqueline Mullinax
Location: Carrollton, TX
You brought great joy to my life watching you in the movies, There was a smile on my face,if I had a little girl what an inspiration you would have been to her, I am going to miss you so much. Prayers go out to your family and friends through this sad time. God Bless LOL Jacqueline Texas
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Name: Olga Kammona & Sakis Giantsios
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
We recently discovered Shirley and her movies and we instantly fell in love with her. We don't have a child but if we had we would like it to be just like her!! She helped us move on at a difficult time of our life and we want to thank her for that! Have a nice trip curly top...You are in our hearts
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Name: Cynthia Eden
Location: California
Shirley will live on and on as present and future generations smile, laugh and cry watching her on their screens. I am happy she left peacefully.

Bless you, Shirley. You brought hope to so many children and and women. Thank you for serving our country and helping spread peace.
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Name: Jo-Ellen Andreula-O7
Location: 07087
Dear Shirley's Family,
Please know how blessed you all are to come from and be connected to.As such unselfishness from Shirley's parents down to ya'll!
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Name: Tammy
Location: Humphrey
I loved you an will forever .sympathy for your family.they had a great mom loved every movie you were in. You were cute an sweet made me happy to see your movies you are beautiful till the end I miss you it was a shock I cryedz
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Name: Kevin Cromar
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
My mother was named Shirley after Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple is one of the very good people who lived and blessed this earth with her life. Her career was at its peak as the country was suffering the effects of the Great Depression, and her films offered uplifting moments. God bless her.
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Name: ann orando
Location: ludlow mass
When I was a child everyone said that I looked like Shirley with the curly hair. Rest in peace dear Shirley you will be sadly missed
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Name: Yvonne Schlame
Location: France
When I first saw her on the screen in the 70ies I was hooked into a special world, apart from anyone else but with her, on a marvelous journey into a world where little girls like me and her sang and danced, and lived amazing adventures. Rest in Peace, beautiful soul! You are a wonderful example
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Name: Thomas Scott
Location: Phoenix Arizona
I watched as a child growing up and loved it when she made guest appearences on programs. just watching her grow up was a blessinig of itself. Pesce be with Shirley. You will be missed by all.
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Name: Madalena Merke
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Shirley was my favourite child star while growing up. At times, when my childhood was very difficult & painful to deal with, I would watch one of her movies & take great comfort in that she would bring joy, peace & happiness into my life once again whenever I watched them. Will miss her always! X0
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Name: Kathy Pankow
Location: Knoxville, Tn
Such wonderful warm memories of curling up and watching Shirley's movies as a child....thinking of her reminds me of my happy childhood....she will truly be missed....love and God's blessings to Shirley's family during their time of grieving.
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Name: cindy
just her name brings a smile. what a joy it was watching her movies growing up and now playing them for my grandkids. forever special
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Name: Glenn Barrett
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
In Shirley's honor I watched 'Pardon My Pups', 'Merrily Yours' and 'What To Do?', the Frolics of Youth series with Junior Coghlan. I own a number of movies and have read two books on her life. My favorite is 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm'. Oh my goodness RIP
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Name: Janice
Location: Southern Maryland
I am very thankful for the joy that Shirley Temple brought to my life. She was the most adorable little girl ever and I believe she had a mission here on earth to uplift and encourage those people struggling during the depression. It's comforting to know she is reunited with here beloved husband.
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Name: pat miles
Location: tenn
grew up watching her and til this day still do.she will truly be missed.prayers for the family.may the wings of the Angels protect you
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Name: Michael Rafael Adams-Reyes
Location: Anaheim
We have truly lost an American Patriot! Rest peacefully Shirley you will live on through your films, songs and diplomatic services. The true impact of your extraordinary life will forever be remembered for century's to come. We remember the lyrics to your song "You got to S-M-I-L-E to be H-A-P-P-Y"
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Loved your movies, will miss you.
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Name: Mary
Location: Texas
She was the only celebrity that I ever wanted to meet, and I was lucky enough to spend an hour with her during her political years. My heart breaks for the family. I wish they would give us a recent picture and an update on her children. I'm mourning almost as much as if she had been a friend.
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Name: Joan Black (no relation)
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
To Shirley's family, I can't feel the depth of your loss, but I've lost a childhood friend. I grew up with Shirley Temple theatre & still adore her movies at 53. I shared Shirley's talents w/my daughter & will do so with my future grandchildren. Her diplomacy work spoke volumes. She will be missed.
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Name: Pamela Bowlin
I have always loved anything Shirley Temple!!!! I am so sorry for the loss to the family.8
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Name: Chris
Location: Richmond, VA
Thank you for sharing such a compelling life with the rest of us!
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Name: Robert Newland
Location: ENGLAND UK
Shirley, You were the Blue Bird singing to us to Come and Get Your Happiness and you made us SMILE. But I feel so sad Since You Went Away. You will Now and Forever be Our Little Girl with the Bright Eyes, Dimples and Curly Top who made us Stand Up and Cheer. So Baby Take a Bow! Oh My Goodness! RIP
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Name: Mrs. Arlene Machado Banos
Location: Houston, Texas 77077-5229
I have always loved Shirley Temple Black. My parents always saw that I saw her movies and they enjoyed them also. She was a great person and continued to be all through her adult life.
God Bless her family.
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