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Name: Sherri
Location: San Jose, CA
My sister and I used to watch your movies every Sunday morning before we went to church. I will always cherish those wonderful Sunday mornings. RIP Shirley Temple Black and my condolences to your family.
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Name: Jeff
Location: Georgia - USA
I loved her so much and still do. I am so sad now. She was such a wonderful person. The entire world was blessed by her presence. I miss her already.
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Name: Sandra Jones
Location: Gallatin, Tn
So sorry to hear of your passing. Loved you so much, I would get up on Sunday morning before church and watch your movies. Even had my Mom pin curl my hair like yours! You were very talented and you will be very sadly missed. Prayers go out to your family.
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Name: Joni Snowden
Location: Inglewood, CA
As many will say in the upcoming days, watching Shirley Temple movies as a kid was always something to look forward too. I never missed one and have a good collection on DVD. Thank you Shirley for all the great memories. Prayers to your family.
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Name: Natalia Holda
Location: Florida, United States
Shirely will be greatly missed for not only her movies but for her amazing character. She was a wonderful human being and Im sorry to see her go. Best wishes to her family and friends.
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Name: Ollie
Location: Christchurch New Zealand
To the family of Shirley Temple Black, may you find comfort and peace. You have been blessed with a wonderful person, on stage and off stage, and the joy those films have brought many around the world, still make you smile. In the arms of the Lord Rest in Peace
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Name: Alice Edel Hernandez
Location: Tujunga, CA
I have never felt so much sadness until I heard the news of your passing. You brought so much happiness to so many little girls. RIP curly top no one will ever replace you!!!! I was honored when people would say my daughter looked so much like you
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Name: Donna Cyr
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
R.I.P Shirley, you were always an inspiration in my life and u will be truly missed as Americas Sweetheart. You will be in all our hearts forever. You truly were an amazing woman!!!!
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Name: Christine Kelly
Location: Campbell, CA
Thank you for all the great memories of watching your movies and knowing all the songs. A true Legend!
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Name: lisa jarouche
Location: toledo, ohio
your movies are awesome and i hope someday to share them with my granddaughter
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Name: Ann
What can I say about the child star Shirley Temple. Rip you will always be remembered and not forgotten. The Smiling face the curls and your wonderful movies will last forever and ever. I have collected Shirley Temple Dolls for a long time now. You where truly a child star and the memories of you wi
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Name: Tomcatt
Girl, You Know I Miss You
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Name: Joy Clark
Location: Clark CO
Good night my friends,
Sleep tight my friends,
God bless you pleasant dreams,
Nightie night.

Fare thee well Dear Shirley
Thanks for being in my heart my entire life!
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Name: Robyn Dempsey
Location: Tehachapi, CA
We have lost a true American treasure. Thank you for the lovely and lasting memories of my childhood.
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Name: Anna Anderson
Location: Palo Alto
My most treasured childhood memories are watching all the movies and playing the record of songs with beloved Shirley Temple! My generation was blessed. This loss is felt on a deep level.
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Name: Patrick King
Location: Exeter, NH
Good night, my first and only love.
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Name: Bud Bearde
Location: Royersford, Pa
Thanks for the memories, you have been a part of many lives and will continue to be part of many yet to come. Rest in peace.
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Name: Renee Rump
Location: Evansville Ind.
It is a sad day. This wonderful child brought more joy to people than any other celebrity has ever done. I still love watching her movies. Shirley will always be in our hearts!
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Name: Donna Brown
Location: Thomaston Ga
Miss Shirley, you brought such happiness to people everywhere. Thank you for that and for your service to America.You will be truly missed.God has another angel. May peace be with your family at this very hard time.
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Name: Annette Underwood
Location: Conifer, CO
Your films brought me great joy as a young child and later as an adult. Your upbeat and positive outlook in your movies helped shape my positive and optimistic character. You will be missed!
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Name: Sherry
Location: Calhoun, GA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. I just loved her and her movies. Her life will be remembered for generations to come. I would like to offer my condolences to her family.
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Name: Patricia
Location: Woodside, CA
My children wouldn't of been complete if it wasn't for Shirley Temple. Every Sunday afternoon was my time to watch as many episodes as I could. Each one made be smile and walk away happy.
A part of me is crushed with sadness but the memories of your sweet character will live forwever with me.
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Name: Donna Bianco
Location: Yonkers, NY
I learned ALL the words to the songs you sang. You were smart, so intelligent and talented. You stayed true to yourself as you grew up too. I will miss you and was so sad to learn of your passing. Prayers to your family who must be so terribly sad but so joyful to have had you in their lives
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Name: Vickie
Location: Rancho Mirage, CA
Shirley touched the lives of so many people. Born with a glimmer in her eye, a smile and laughter that could fill a room. It was truly an honor watching all of her films while growing up and I am so thankful that I was able to pass them on to my children and grandchildren. God bless you Shirley
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Name: Melinda Karson
Location: Northbrook, Illinois
The joy you brought to generations of children around the the world will never be forgotten. Your infectious smile, contagious laugh have entertained and inspired many. Talented beyond words. You are a treasure to America and will be greatly missed. Love to you always
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Name: Jacqueline Mullinax
Location: Carrollton, TX
You brought great joy to my life watching you in the movies, There was a smile on my face,if I had a little girl what an inspiration you would have been to her, I am going to miss you so much. Prayers go out to your family and friends through this sad time. God Bless LOL Jacqueline Texas
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Name: Olga Kammona & Sakis Giantsios
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
We recently discovered Shirley and her movies and we instantly fell in love with her. We don't have a child but if we had we would like it to be just like her!! She helped us move on at a difficult time of our life and we want to thank her for that! Have a nice trip curly top...You are in our hearts
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Name: Cynthia Eden
Location: California
Shirley will live on and on as present and future generations smile, laugh and cry watching her on their screens. I am happy she left peacefully.

Bless you, Shirley. You brought hope to so many children and and women. Thank you for serving our country and helping spread peace.
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Name: Jo-Ellen Andreula-O7
Location: 07087
Dear Shirley's Family,
Please know how blessed you all are to come from and be connected to.As such unselfishness from Shirley's parents down to ya'll!
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Name: Tammy
Location: Humphrey
I loved you an will forever .sympathy for your family.they had a great mom loved every movie you were in. You were cute an sweet made me happy to see your movies you are beautiful till the end I miss you it was a shock I cryedz
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Name: Kevin Cromar
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
My mother was named Shirley after Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple is one of the very good people who lived and blessed this earth with her life. Her career was at its peak as the country was suffering the effects of the Great Depression, and her films offered uplifting moments. God bless her.
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Name: ann orando
Location: ludlow mass
When I was a child everyone said that I looked like Shirley with the curly hair. Rest in peace dear Shirley you will be sadly missed
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Name: Yvonne Schlame
Location: France
When I first saw her on the screen in the 70ies I was hooked into a special world, apart from anyone else but with her, on a marvelous journey into a world where little girls like me and her sang and danced, and lived amazing adventures. Rest in Peace, beautiful soul! You are a wonderful example
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Name: Thomas Scott
Location: Phoenix Arizona
I watched as a child growing up and loved it when she made guest appearences on programs. just watching her grow up was a blessinig of itself. Pesce be with Shirley. You will be missed by all.
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Name: Madalena Merke
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Shirley was my favourite child star while growing up. At times, when my childhood was very difficult & painful to deal with, I would watch one of her movies & take great comfort in that she would bring joy, peace & happiness into my life once again whenever I watched them. Will miss her always! X0
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Name: Kathy Pankow
Location: Knoxville, Tn
Such wonderful warm memories of curling up and watching Shirley's movies as a child....thinking of her reminds me of my happy childhood....she will truly be missed....love and God's blessings to Shirley's family during their time of grieving.
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Name: cindy
just her name brings a smile. what a joy it was watching her movies growing up and now playing them for my grandkids. forever special
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Name: Glenn Barrett
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
In Shirley's honor I watched 'Pardon My Pups', 'Merrily Yours' and 'What To Do?', the Frolics of Youth series with Junior Coghlan. I own a number of movies and have read two books on her life. My favorite is 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm'. Oh my goodness RIP
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Name: Janice
Location: Southern Maryland
I am very thankful for the joy that Shirley Temple brought to my life. She was the most adorable little girl ever and I believe she had a mission here on earth to uplift and encourage those people struggling during the depression. It's comforting to know she is reunited with here beloved husband.
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Name: pat miles
Location: tenn
grew up watching her and til this day still do.she will truly be missed.prayers for the family.may the wings of the Angels protect you
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Name: Michael Rafael Adams-Reyes
Location: Anaheim
We have truly lost an American Patriot! Rest peacefully Shirley you will live on through your films, songs and diplomatic services. The true impact of your extraordinary life will forever be remembered for century's to come. We remember the lyrics to your song "You got to S-M-I-L-E to be H-A-P-P-Y"
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Loved your movies, will miss you.
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Name: Mary
Location: Texas
She was the only celebrity that I ever wanted to meet, and I was lucky enough to spend an hour with her during her political years. My heart breaks for the family. I wish they would give us a recent picture and an update on her children. I'm mourning almost as much as if she had been a friend.
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Name: Joan Black (no relation)
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
To Shirley's family, I can't feel the depth of your loss, but I've lost a childhood friend. I grew up with Shirley Temple theatre & still adore her movies at 53. I shared Shirley's talents w/my daughter & will do so with my future grandchildren. Her diplomacy work spoke volumes. She will be missed.
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Name: Pamela Bowlin
I have always loved anything Shirley Temple!!!! I am so sorry for the loss to the family.8
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Name: Chris
Location: Richmond, VA
Thank you for sharing such a compelling life with the rest of us!
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Name: Robert Newland
Location: ENGLAND UK
Shirley, You were the Blue Bird singing to us to Come and Get Your Happiness and you made us SMILE. But I feel so sad Since You Went Away. You will Now and Forever be Our Little Girl with the Bright Eyes, Dimples and Curly Top who made us Stand Up and Cheer. So Baby Take a Bow! Oh My Goodness! RIP
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Name: Mrs. Arlene Machado Banos
Location: Houston, Texas 77077-5229
I have always loved Shirley Temple Black. My parents always saw that I saw her movies and they enjoyed them also. She was a great person and continued to be all through her adult life.
God Bless her family.
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Name: Marilyn Sinatra Gill
Location: Ferndale, WA
It brought tears to my eyes when my son texted me of Shirley's passing. She left a legacy of classic, good humored, sweetness that will never be forgotten. I even had her signature curls when I was growing up. She will be forever remembered as the childhood "sparkle" of my life and many more. RIP
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Name: Lynn Diano
Location: Lancaster,PA
I love u Shirley Temple. I am a big fan and own most of your movies. May u rest in the arms of our Lord. U will be missed by all u grew up watching u.
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Name: Annie
Location: Pearland, Texas, U.S.A.
My deepest sympathies to Shirley Temple-Black family. I was a fan of Shirley Temple's movies. Thank you Shirley for your contribution to film & for respresenting our great country as an ambassador - now it's time for you to rest in peace. GOD bless
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Name: Jane
Location: New York
To the family - may you be comforted in this difficult time with all your wonderful and loving memories of Shirley Temple Black. She was a very big part of my growing up years.
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Name: Sharyn
Location: London
Rest In Peace Ms Temple.
Through my idol I learnt of your talent and Your eternal, endless, everlasting beauty. You are in heaven with Michael and My dad now.
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Name: Wendy
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
My thoughts and prayers are with all of Shirley's family. She truly was a special woman. I know her memory will live on in generations to cone.
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Name: Robert Bruce Campbell
Location: Montreal, Canada
RIP Shirley. Deepest sympathy and thoughts for the family at this time.
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Name: K Rutherford
Location: Spring Valley, CA
"Oh my goodness!" My sincere condolences to the family of Shirley Temple-Black and as a huge fan, I feel as if I lost a dear friend! Her legacy will continue with future generations as we introduce her movies to our children & grandchildren. As a Diplomat, she represented the USA with class! RIP!
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Name: Vasilios Emmanuel Glimidakis
Location: Craig, Colorado
Dear Black and other families,
I am sorry for your loss. She won hearts of millions and she will be known forever and to the ages as the child actress in Hollywood. May her memory be eternal! God bless her and her family.
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Name: Terri Strauss
Location: Washington State
I'm so sorry for you loss, I watched her from the moment I was born to this day. I showed my kids her movies as well as our grandson. She was a gift to this world and wont ever be forgotten. RIP until we all meet again. xxoo
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Name: Eileen Martin Kocherhans
Location: San Diego, CA
I grew up with Shirley Temple's fabulous movies (as did my mother who went with to the movie theaters as a teen to watch them) Shirley gave me my love of 30's Big Band sound to this day! Thank you, Shirley,and thank you to your family for sharing you with us!Say "Hi", for me to my mom up there
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Name: Luis Quintero
Location: Panamá
Mis mas profundo pesamen q Dios todo poderoso la tenga en la gloria
La recuerdo mucho me gustaban sus peliculas
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Name: larry smith
Location: twin falls idaho
I was deeply saddened when I learned of Shirley's passing. I somehow feel a part of me is also gone. I have numerous autographed photos of her that are even dearer to me now than before and I also have a great granddaughter named "Lilly." R.I.P Miss Shirley
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Name: Michael Graham
Location: Wendover, Ont, Canada
I remember watching her movies with my parents, we welcomed her into our home and into our lives. I will always remember her as that little girl with the curly hair.

We will miss her.
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Name: Gladys Diaz
Location: Orlando florida
I want to tell the family of Ms. Shirley Temple Blacks that I never wrote or care about movie actor or actresses, so at 50 this is the first time I am writing about one. Shirley Temple Black was and will always be my favorite actress. I love all her movies and I admire her as a Diplomat Ambassador.
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Name: Becky Tubbs
Location: Williston South Carolina
She will be deeply missed. She was the best child actress ever.
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Name: Paula Gadigian
Location: New York City
The passing of Shirley Temple
Black feels personal to me and
to so very many across this country and spanning those from several generations. There are even
those raised in Europe and other
continents who knew and loved her
growing up. She was a phenomenal
talent and gave generously of herself.
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Name: Dorothy gallant
Location: saint john nb canada
I love her movies she was a great lady
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Name: Kathy
Location: California
Loved her movies and her great personality she was an amazing lady. We will all miss her.
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Name: Nan Kimmins
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Shirley Temple Black will be missed. We will be keeping the black family in our prayers!!

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Name: Kathy
Location: California
We will miss her.
What an amazing lady.
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Name: Stephanie James
Location: Hampton VA
What an inspiration you have been to women everywhere as movie star, ambassador,wife,mother, grand- mother and great grandmother! You have done it all with great success. I salute you Shirley
Temple Black for being a wonderful role model. God bless you!
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Name: verna
Location: dominica
i grew up watching shirley temple movies she was part of my child hood mu favourite movie of shirlry is curly top there will never be another great performer like her
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Name: Tom Brassard
Location: Canyon Country, CA
Thank you for the beautiful memories you gave me. You are now an ambassador for the Lord. May God bless you in heaven. Love, Tom
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Name: Patricia Tortolano
Location: Montreal, Quebec. Canada
I would like to send my deepest condolences, prayers and love to the Black family. It was very sad to hear our Shirley Temple Black, has passed away. As a child I grew up with her, and loved to watch her movies, she always made you feel so good. She was the sweetest little girl.
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Name: Patricia
Location: El Paso Texas
Thank you for all the wonderful memories and the love you gave to all you will be missed.
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Name: Diane Piazzi
Location: California
I loved growing up with the wonderful and touching movies. That brilliant, sweet and so very talented child gave us to enjoy. She's now in Heaven where she came from. I love and thank you Mrs. Temple Black
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Name: Gregory Forster
Location: San Francisco
Thank you for your many wonderful years of service and dedication to the foreign service.I will always remember your omnipresent duty to our country.
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Name: Michael J
Location: England
You go rest in peace lil blue eyes. Xxx
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Name: Patricia
Location: New York
You touched my life. Thank you.
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Name: Holly Parks
Location: Clarendon Ny
So pure and inspirational! God Bless !!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Doreen Lund
Location: Brampton Ont. Canada
I grew up watching and loving all her movies and have admired her throughout her journey of life. She was a great person from the inside out and will always be remembered for her charming smile and good nature. I made a Shirley Temple Doll years ago and treasure it even more now that she's passed.
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Name: Tina Moyer
Location: Middleburg, Pennsylvania
My Deepest Sympathy to the
Family.I was so heartbroken to hear of Shirley Temple Black's passing. I always watched her every Sunday Morning as I was growing upI even watch her now as an adult.The Bluebird, The Little Princess,Heidi along with many others. She was my Idol,My Inspiration.RIP
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Name: Virginia Jones
Location: Wabash, IN
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. My mom bought me all of her dresses and I still have my Shirley Temple doll and books. I send my love and support to the family, may she rest in peace.
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Name: Vickie Buescher
Location: Bloomsdale, MO
My heart sank when I heard of the great loss the world endured on February 10, 2014. There will never be another Shirley Temple Black. She was a beautiful example of how mankind should be. I only wish she could have lived forever. Rest in peace Shirley. You will always be remembered and loved.
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Name: Antonio
Location: Seattle
As an artist, I continue to be inspired by Shirley's incredible talents..her unbelievable talents at such a young age have never been matched..great memories of her movies growing up..what an inspiration!
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Name: Sara Marie
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for being such a positive influence on my life since my early childhood. You will be missed, Little Princess, but always in our hearts. Rest in Paradise <3
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Name: William Harper
Location: Tulsa Ok.
I will always remember her from my youth. She was such a fine entertainer, watching her was always a very enjoyable time in my life. Her movies always take me back to those carefree days. She will be missed forever by me.
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Name: Elaine Wood
Location: Westbrook, Maine
I was so saddened to hear of Shirley's passing. Like many others who have posted, I grew up watching her movies may favorite being Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm! I recently bought a DVD offered at Wal-Mart for my 6 year old granddaughter who quickly became a fan. Prayers to her family.
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Name: Martine Yeo
Location: Canada
I was so saddened by Shirley's passing. I have many of her films and her autobiography too. She was remarkable, totally unique and irreplaceable.

My deepest sympathies go to her family.
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Name: Gerald K. Dodson
Location: Canton Michigan
All of us at the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network will miss
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Name: Cliff Saxon
Location: Attalla, AL
America Has Lost One Of Greatest Citizens. Not Only Was Shirley A Wonderful Actress, She Was Also An Excellent Diplomat. My Condolences To Her Family And Many, Many Friends. Thank You Shirley Temple Black!!!
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Name: Beth Mallett
Location: Reno, Nv
I grow up watching her movies,records and dolls My mom bought me Shirley Temple dress for me to wear . then a would poise like Shirley .I have a Shirley Temple doll and her book I so hear broken RIP
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Name: Ann Shaw
Location: Greensboro, N.C.
My thoughts and prayers go out to her children, and grandchildren in the passing of this wonderful lady.
God bless
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Name: Shirley Takimoto
Location: Osaka
I am so surprised and feel sad to be informed Shirley Temple’s death.
My English name was taken after her, however, I did not know how she was a brilliant and great lady.
Rest in peace. And send much love to a little child star.
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Name: Jane Rapoza
Location: Plymouth Ma.35
Watched Shirley Temple's films all of my 65 years, and will continue to do so. She leaves such a wonderful legacy. I wish I had known her. Be at Eternal Peace, Shirley. My thoughts and prayers for family at this difficult time. Jane
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Name: Robert
Location: Chicago
Loved watching her growing up.
God be with you.
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Name: Jimmy Grant
Location: Oakwood, GA.
She will never know just how many people she made happy. I loved all her movies. Rest In Peace.
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Name: kathy Roberto
Location: San Jose, CA
we have all lost a piece of our hearts. I feel such sadness. So gratefull we had you in our lives and will continue through your films. RIP Lady
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Name: Jerome JARRY
Location: Limoges, FRANCE
Good Evening I am a very great admirer of Mrs Shirley Temple Black and it is with emotion that I learned death.Hollywood has lost his confidence and his little princess America of 30/40 years. Rest in peace Shirley! God bless you Shirley Temple Black! Your Friend Jerome.
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Name: Dianne Vinson
Location: Olive Branch, MS
Shirley, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. In doing so, you made it a better place and created happy memories in our lives that we will always cherish.
Enjoy Heaven! I'm looking forward to meeting you there.
To your family, I extend my deepest heartfelt condolences.
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Name: Carole Marcaletti
Location: San Mateo, California
Rest in Peace...Bright Eyes.
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