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Name: Robert A. Ocean
Location: Burbank, California
Shirley will be sorely missed by all,
I only knew her from pictures at Westlake school with June Lockhart.
She was a Wonderful Entertainer.
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Name: Mary Elizabeth Curry
Location: Ferndale, Michigan
I fondly remember watching Shirley Temple movies as a child. Looking upon her sweet little face always brings joy to my heart and a smile on my face. Thank you for the happiness and thank you for your acts of diplomacy. A true lady!
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Name: Candy Clark
Location: Los Angeles
It is with great sadness that I realize one of the most unique people of the 20th cnetury is now gone. Shirley you were truely a genius and you brought so much happiness to the world. You are much loved and will live in our hearts forever. I love you Shirley Temple. Wish I could have met you.
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Name: Thierry Dufourneaud
Location: Paris, France
Au revoir et Adieu Miss Temple. From Paris, France. We think of you!
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Name: Margaret Gullett
Location: Sierra Vista, Arizona
I have always loved Shirley Temple and her movies. She has been an inspiration to all in her lifetime. She will be greatly missed. God bless her family at this time and be encouraged. She was a gem to this world.
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Name: Carrol Cortez
Location: Georgia
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and so did my daughters. I have bought her movies. She was a great actress and a great lady. RIP Shirley. There is no other like you.
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Name: Cindy Sams
Location: Arizona
When I was a little girl, I started watching you on TV, and as a grandmother, I still watch your movies as often as they are on. I just saw the Littlest Rebel and Heidi this past week. You left an imprint in my life, with all that you have accomplished, and you will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.
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Name: Vickye D. Wong
Location: LosGatos
Mrs. Black will be missed. Her dignity and grace. She was a shining example of what a caring individual should be, so sorry for the loss.
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Name: Donna Colton
Location: Portola Valley, CA
Never was and never will be so great a talent. What indescribable joy she gave to so, so many. Her service to our country after her film career had ended was very much appreciated.
My condolences to her family and loved ones. The rest of us will always have her movies to enjoy. Blessings.
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Name: Patricia Tilton
Location: Dayton, OH
What a remarkable life of love and service. I am so sorry for your loss and am holding the family in prayer and healing grace.
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Name: Gary Parson
Location: Iowa
A true American treasure...then and now...the best part of us (US). May God bless her soul and her family.
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Location: FRANCE
I have loved and enjoyed Shirley Temple movies and the example she set. What loss in this world. I give my condolences to her family.
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Name: Ms. Brenda L. Bell
Location: Calumet City, Illinois
Thank you Temple na d Black Families for sharing this beautiful gift from GOD with us! I have always loved Mrs. Shirley Temple-Black and I am going to miss her! May GOD keep His loving arms around all of your family, each and every second of your lives!
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Name: Alicia Schaefer
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Rest in peace my dearest friend. You have been my role model,my number one favorite & a woman who touched my heart very young in my life. Shirley even though I haven't ever met you, I still looked at you as family bc of how much I admired you.I love you so much Shirley and will miss you deeply. Xoxo
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Name: Maidee Taylor
Location: Taylorsville Utah
5 Generations of my family have loved and enjoyed Shirley Temple movies and the example she set. What loss in this world. What a beautiful woman and model for us all.
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Name: Wayne Frick
Location: Easton, PA
I give my condolences to the family of this wonderful woman who deserves such high honor.
She has inspired me all through life. Thank you Shirley Temple Black!
My prayers are with the whole family at this time.
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Name: Sharon Lively
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
I am sorry about hearing about Shirleys passing. May peace be with you.
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Name: jennifer cirino
Location: waterbury ct
so sorry for your loss.her movies
always warmed my heart.
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Name: Ruth Panigo
Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
In living memory of Shirley Temple, who cross the borders and glad the hearts of many generations all over the world, from Honduras we send our condolences to his family.
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Name: Mary Ellen McGraw
Location: Milford Delaware
The world will miss your smile and compassion. You touched the lives of so many young and old. Oh, that today's young stars would learn grace and beauty from you. Rest in peace among the angels. God will be there to enjoy that smile and voice.
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Name: Bobbie
Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
My deepest sympathies to Shirley's family. She will be deeply missed but fondly remembered. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Luisa Fonseca
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
R.I.Paradise. Beautiful human being. She shall be missed by all. My condolences to the family.
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Name: dale
Location: vancouver bc
my deepest condolences I have all her shows RIP!
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Name: Laurie Woolworth
Location: Scotts Valley, CA
My deepest condolences to the Black family. Your mother was such a shining light in this world. Her movies gave me hope that I could find a way to overcome as she did in each role she played. Till today, I enjoy her movies. Shirley Temple will always have a fond place in my heart. Memory Eternal!
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Name: Mariclare McCoy
Location: Glendora, CA
I grew up enjoying and loving Shirley Temple. I loved ALL of her movies, favorite Heidi, and so happy to have a doll and her book to always remember her. God bless you, Shirley, and your family. Heaven will be enriched with your presence there.
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Name: sharon bruno
Location: lancaster,pa
i ahve watch shirley as a kid and still continue to watch them now shes a the best childhood actress and will never be forgotten i even have to this day the shirley temple album its priceless
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Name: Louise Pitre
Location: Ottawa Canada
My condolences to the family and friends of Shirley Temple Black. I'm thankful to have known her if only through film, photos and her wonderful autobiography. Her beautiful smile will be missed.
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Name: Bonnie Farkas
Location: Montreal,Quebec.
I loved watching Shirley Temple movies as a child in the 1960's.She was a beautiful, intelligent and humble woman. Rest in peace, Shirley.
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Name: Francesco
Location: Italy
I am an Italian and I love Shirley Temple. You are my preferite actress, now and forever. I'm very young, but I love your films, your family and your life, and I wanted to meet and get an autograph, but I've never succeeded.
Rest in peace,
my darling.

Francesco from Naples, Italy.
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Name: Isadora Greenberg
Location: New York City
I am only 15 but I remember watching Captain January, Curly top and so many more. I will miss her dearly and she will never be forgotten.
Shirley Temple will be remembered. I know I will share her movies with my kids like my mother did with me.

RIP Shirley Temple

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Name: Lynda ans Susie Crawford
Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Shirley was truly America's sweetheart. She was our #1 childhood actress. We have watched all of her movies have dvd's on all of them too. Our condolences to her family She will be sadly missed
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Name: Sharon Redmond
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
My family and I watched Shirley Temple movies , The good ship lollipop, the tap dancing ones just all of them we trully enjoyed . She will be missed. God bless !!!
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Name: Carolyn
Location: Idaho
Like a lot of others I grew up watching your movies and loved every one. I also was so inspired by the things you accomplished after your movie years. What inspiration for young people and young actors. I know you are at peace and you will always be missed.
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Name: John Burkitt
Location: Nashville, TN
You made such a difference in our lives. God bless you, and all who were touched by you.
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Name: Denise
Location: Tennessee
Shirley had many gifts, and she shared them with us for generations. When I was a child, Shirley Temple was like a childhood friend to me. I think that everything in her life was meant to be. We shall all miss her, and we are all thankful for the movies that make us smile still.
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Name: Corinne Morton
Location: Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada
I remember growing up and watching your films although they were in reruns by then. You were an inspiration because I thought if Shirley can get through a tough problem then I can. I will miss you. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Amy Robinson DeBlasi
Location: Conway, South Carolina
To the Temple and Black families, I offer my heartfelt condolences at your loss of this exquisite, excellent lady, a star in every sense of the word!
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Name: Carrie
Location: Colorado
As a child, I watched in adoration as you sang and danced your way into my heart. It never mattered that the films were before my time. When I learned of the woman you had become, my admiration for you grew. Thank you for being a positive role model for girls everywhere for all generations!
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Name: Arlene & Craig Pohlman
Location: Sycamore, IL
She was amazing. I grew up watching her and I have many of her dolls. Hoping to see her movies on tv sooon. She will not be forgotten.
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Name: elizibeth
rating rating rating rating rating
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Name: ginger
Location: floresville tx.
I am deeply sorry for your loss. I lost my own mother at age 92 a couple of months ago. I know how wonderful Moms are. Shirley Temple Black always left us feeling so good after watching one of her movies. She was wonderful !
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Name: Haydn Kwan
Location: Australia, Melbourne
When I was a kid my sister and I rarely agreed on what we should watch but your lovely films were the exception and they made us very happy. So even as a child star you were working as a diplomat creating peace between siblings in far away living rooms.
I'll miss that smile, a sad day.
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Name: Caroline Chauvin-Doré
Location: Paris, France
I was introduced to Shirley's movies when I was 12. Taking tap-dancing lessons at the time, it was a revelation for me, and I have watched all her films thereafter. During all those years, Shirley was part of my life. My thoughts go to her family. Rest in peace, dear Shirley. I will remember you.
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Name: Tanya Vavitsas
Location: Brooklyn, NY
I used to really love her movies a lot when I was growing up. It was mine and my family's favorites. My condolences to her folks and fans of Shirley Temple. May her memories be eternal. Rest in Paradise, Shirley Temple. You're gone, but never forgotten. You will always be in our hearts forever.
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Name: Sylvia Poole
Location: North Carolina
I know that Shirley has always been a big inspiration to me for a long time...You are Loved and will always be remembered as one of the greatest women I have ever know...May you R.I.P. Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Shirley Club USA
Location: Founded in Missouri
RIP Shirley Temple Black... so many of our parents loved you so much that they named us after you. We grew up watching your movies. You touched so many lives as a child and as an adult. Just saying your name "Shirley Temple" brings a smile. You will live on in all of us. May you rest in peace.
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Name: Don & Jeanette Copenhagen
Location: Rochester, NY
We grew up watching her movies in theaters. Our children grew up watching them on TV. Our older grandchildren watched them VHS. Now our younger grandchildren watch them on DVD. A Shirley Temple doll sits on our bookcase. Thank you Shirley for all the joy you gave us. You are America's sweetheart
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Name: john nand daniel lenwear
Location: batoun rouge louisiana
we loved all her movies daniel and i have watched all her movies daniel and i and the faminly and i are sending our love and payers out to u all
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Name: Robert and Misty Stackhouse
Location: Buffalo, NY
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Name: Betty Schultz
Location: Katy Texas
Received the news from my great nephew about Shirley. Iam 84 and just seemed to grow up with Shirley and loved her. her family and friends are in my prayers and all that have felt thsloss. Gods Blessings.
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Name: Tina Huber
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
I am sorry for your loss. Shirley, as you know, was a very special person with a beautiful soul. She has brought joy and happiness to me and my family and will continue to do so for everyone through the end of time. She has left the world is a better place. Thank you for sharing her with us.
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Name: Debbie
Location: Illinois
You will truly be missed but we know you'll be watching us from heaven. Bless all your family & friends throughout the years. Rest in Peace in the arms of our Heavenly Father. AMEN
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Name: S. May
Location: San Antonio, TX
I grew up with her movies and loved her and her talent. She brought a smile to my face every time. May God bless the Little Princess's soul.
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Name: Phyllis
Location: Nova Scotia Canada
Shirley Temple as a girl was the love of my television viewing. Shirley Temple Black as a grown woman held my utmost respect. My deep heartfelt condolences to her family. She will be greatly missed the world over.
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Name: Jacob Webb
Location: Falmouth , Maine
My deepest sympathies to your family. Thank you Shirley for great memories . May you rest in peace.
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Name: Japa Khalsa
Location: Espanola New Mexico
Shirley is a testament of the power and grace of a kind and spirited woman. What a special person and she raised the bar for Hollywood that a child star can do incredible things with their life! Thank you for your public service Shirley.
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Name: marion phillips
Location: michigan
To a true inspiration and a Women of achievement and a true patriot you will always be in our hearts and with your wholesome motion pictures continue to teach us all to walk on the sunny side .
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Name: Carolyn Davis
Location: Memphis,Tennessee
I called my brother to tell him Shirley Temple died. He replied Aww No what happened to her. I think he thought she was still that pretty little girl dancing with that beautiful black man Bogangles.
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Name: Abigail Brown
Location: British Columbia, Canada
I was introduced to Shirley's films only in the past few years. I was very ill, and I didn't know where to turn for comfort. I discovered Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm. My spirits were lifted and I went on to watch every movie of Shirley's that I could. Thank you and bless you Shirley. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Cindy McGee
Location: Woodland Hills
Dear Shirley Temple Black,
Your optimism and kind spirit are unforgettable. Thank you for living a wonderful life that helped so many. I so appreciate you for being a shinning light of love in this world. We will miss you, but never forget you. May your family be surrounded with love and light.
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Name: Helena Graves
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
As a child, my favorite hair style was to get "shirley temple curls", my love of dancing started with watching you dance in your movies, as you became a "bobby soxer" you still had that twinkle in your eye, as an adult, i was proud that you served our country, thank you for the great memories
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Name: Cindy McGee
Location: Woodland Hills
Dear Shirley Temple Black,
Your optimism and kind spirit are unforgettable. Thank you for living a wonderful life that helped so many. I so appreciate you for being a shinning light of love in this world. We will miss you, but never forget you. May your family be surrounded with love and light.
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Name: james havens
Location: greene ri
we will miss her ,i watched her movies as far back as i can remember,i am 65 and still watching her movies ,she was great love her jimmy
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Name: Karen Borrelli
Location: Franktown, CO
My deepest sympathies to your family. Thank you for all the wonderful memories as a child & an adult, watching your movies. Your movies always cheer me up. You were such a beautiful person inside & out. God Bless you.
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Name: Lydia Crow-Taylor
Location: Lafayette, Colorado
God Bless You! You were one talented woman, I thank you for all you gave to our Country. I was lucky enough to have gone to school with Millie, and heard great stories. May you travel peacefully to sit with our Lord.
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Name: Julie Ostendorf
Location: Big Lake, MN
Thank you to Shirley for the wonderful memories...as a girl I watched with my mother and grandmother, as a mother I watched with my three daughters, as a grandmother, I now watch with me grandaughter. She even was Shirley Temple for Halloween. We will always love you. You are a national treasure!
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Name: Lydia Crow-Taylor
Location: Lafayette, Colorado
God Bless You! You were one talented woman, I thank you for all you gave to our Country. I was lucky enough to have gone to school with Millie, and heard great stories. May you travel peacefully to sit with our Lord.
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Name: Karen
Location: Earleville md
I grew up watching you on the tv what an amazing little beautiful actress you were. You may be gone now but you will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the greatest memories that you gave to me. May you rest in peace and I know you will soar high with the beautiful angles in heaven. Love forever!
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Name: Carmen Guevara
Location: Panamà
Una tierna y dulce niña, nos hizo vivir una infancia feliz y soñar en cada aventura que pudimos disfrutar de las obras cinematográfica que participo. Paz a su alma, que Dios le tenga preparado un paraíso maravilloso, ha esta talentosa mujer. I Love You.
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Name: Penelope Parry
Location: New York
What a young talent. You were inspiring as a Child Actress and a "Class Act" your entire life. Thanks for the memories and God Bless.
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Name: David Hull
Location: Ballwin, MO
Shirley Temple was a inspiration to us all to help us face the bad things in Life and endure ..... She has and always will have a special place in all the hearts that she touched....Thank You for lifting our spirits with you Life , your smile and your singing.....
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Name: Sioux Gromala
Location: London, United Kingdom
Thank You for the memories, the smiles, the tears and most of all your wonderful talent. You will live on in the hearts and minds of millions around the world. May you rest in peace. Love & Condolences to all who grieve. XxX
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Name: Andrea Lyn Ybanez-Bisson
Location: La Belle, Missouri
Having watched her movies as a child and sharing memories of her with some of Shirley's nephew's family, MIMs, deepens the sadness in my heart to lose such a gifted Gem of a person. We will forever remember Shirley Temple.
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Name: Kirsty Dobson
Location: Warrington, United Kingdom
I've ever been more upset over a celebrity passing. Shirley's movies will love on forever. So many happy times watching your movies.

I love you and you will live on forever in the hearts of your fans.

Rest in Peace you amazing lady! xoxoxox
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Name: Georgette Todd
Location: San Diego
I have suffered a lot of tragedies in my young life, but Shirley Temple always lifted me up. She was an example of what is best in life. Thank you Shirley for uplifting our lives in your youth and working for others in adulthood. I wish I could have met you to thank you for giving me warm memories.
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Name: John Emerson
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Dear Shirley Temple left a lasting legacy for other children to aspire to and emulate. My young niece, Grace, recently wrote a letter to Shirley Temple, who responded, through her family, that she enjoyed it very much. From one dear soul to another, Shirley Temple will bring perpetual joy forever.
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Name: Richard Prueter
Location: Michigan - USA
The Angels have a new member, our little bright eyes. Thank you for always brightening our days when we were down, for helping people around the world, for being what all stars should be...a class act and inspiration. God bless you and your family and thanks for the memories! A light has left us.
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Name: Carole
Location: Indiana
I think every Mother has wished their daughter to be an example of little Shirley. What a great artist. I own her movies & as a doll collector have a Shirley Temple porcelain doll that very much looks like her. My sympathy to her family & I applaud them for wanting private services.
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Name: Abigail Tabbert
Location: St. Croix U.S Virgrin Islands
I fell in love with her movies at the age of 11 my grandpa got me her movies. She was amazing person and very talented she was loved by many and people are going to miss her dearly. I am also speaking for my grandpa who also loved her. She got people spirits up during WW11.Rest In Peace Shirley.Sad
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Name: Susan Ratcliff
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
I believe with fame & wealth comes responsibility to society & Shirley took this seriously. The message in her timeless movies will live on for eternity. I only wish we saw more of her as an adult. She is loved & admired by all. Thank You Shirley for giving back to society. Your legacy will live on.
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Name: Michael Jones
Location: Biloxi MS
I remember Shirley from when I was growing up and she always brightened my day when things were bleak and dreary. I would find myself singing "On The Good Ship Lollipop" whenever I was down in the dumps to cheer me up. Shirley Temple truly stole the hearts of millions.
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Name: Karen
Location: St. Marys, OH
Thank you for all the joy and smiles. You were such a part of my childhood and now, a part of my adulthood. Never too old to fall in love with that little curly headed girl!
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Name: Gerty Lahens
Location: Brooklyn NY
What a sad day, cute little Shirley. May god bless your family and hold their hands in this difficult time. Shirley you are a true Star.
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Name: Denise List
Location: Greensburg Pennsylvania
My sympathies to her family. Shirley was a remarkable woman that I followed throughout my childhood and watched the movies over and over again several times. They never get old! She will be missed dearly.
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Name: Tom and Bettyo Andrews
Location: Wichita, KS
I will miss America's most darling little girl. God's speed Miss Black and may God comfort your family. Till we meet again,
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Name: Susan Ratcliff
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
On our granddaughter's 2d birthday our gift to her was all of Shirley Temple's movies. Shirley's movies bring out everything that is good in humans. She makes you feel good & want to be good & caring. We need show our children good & kind movies instead of violence & hatred. It's an important choice
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Name: Cynthia
Location: West Virginia
I am sadden to hear of Shirley Temple Black's death, my thoughts and prayers to her family. I grew up watching her movies. What a remarkable person she was.
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Name: Kellie Adamaitis
Location: Glendale, AZ
My prayers are with the family. She is a beautiful, talented person and heaven is surely better to have her there.
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Name: Millie Richard
Location: NYC
Thank you, Shirley for making this little girls life a joy, the sunshine you brought us, the laughter and talent, will never be forgotten , love you for ever.
A True Fan.
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Name: Ann-Marie Kelly
Location: Alpha, New Jersey
So sorry for your lost. Shirley Temple Black. You will be missed. I grew up watching all your movies. And still watching over and over again. Now you have a new Job. Working for God in heaven. God's Blessings to your Family.
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Name: Lady Ann Wells - Baillie
Location: Glasgow Scotland UK
RIP I remember watching your movies with my mother the duchess of Dunbartonshire and then with my own children you where a remarkable woman who will forever live on as the little blonde girl who made us laugh and cry now may your soul rest in peace forever more x
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Name: Kim McKay
Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
My sympathy and prayers go out to Shirley Temple Black's family.
She was truly an amazing woman. I watched all her movies when I was younger (64 yrs old now) and so did my daughter...cried through a lot of them....she was so cute and loveable !!!
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Name: Mark J. Ojeda-Vasquez
Location: Mt. Pleasant Michigan
You will be greatly missedSad I enjoyed watching you grow up through all your movies, no one will ever be as great!
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Name: Terry Cunningham
Location: Culloden, WV USA
I am saddened at the death of our beloved Shirley Temple. The enjoyment of her films goes back four generations in my family. I still love to watch her movies. They are timeless classics. Go with God dear Shirley and rest in peace!
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Name: Tracy Cagliero
Location: El Segundo, Ca
Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories! Love and support to your family. RIP Shirley, you
are in Gods memory-Smiley
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Name: Joan Anderson
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
I'm so sad! What a wholesome role-model for woman of all ages. I'm sure she will make all the fellow angels smile! She never compromised her high standards, truly genuine in thoughts and action, productive and always with compassion! Wishing the family peace & comfort for this great loss!
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Name: Sharon Woods
Location: Queensland, Australia
I am so sad at the passing of Shirley Temple.
Sincere sympathies to Shirley Temple Black's family. I loved to watch Shirley's movies and passed on my passion for the movies to my daughters and granddaughter.
Shirley will be remembered with fondness around the globe. Rest in peace with Charles.
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Name: Dee
Location: Tucson,AZ
I grew up at the time Shirley Temple did. I followed her thru
the movies and her political life. She made a big impression
on all of us her age. She will be missed.

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Name: Jack Pearson
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Shirley Temple was greatest entertainer of the 20th century. 100 years from now her movies will still be loved. Humility and kindness were her trademarks. No great person lacks these qualities and she was great from the inside out both as a child star and as an adult serving her country nobly.
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Name: Mary Lanford
Location: Denton, Texas
I'm still in shock. My prayers for all her family in this sad time so sorry for your loss. Shirley is a loss for millions of people who grew up with her watching her movies.I will always remember her movies lifting my spirits during some rough times as a child. God has taken one of his angels home.!
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