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Name: Richard Prueter
Location: Michigan - USA
The Angels have a new member, our little bright eyes. Thank you for always brightening our days when we were down, for helping people around the world, for being what all stars should be...a class act and inspiration. God bless you and your family and thanks for the memories! A light has left us.
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Name: Carole
Location: Indiana
I think every Mother has wished their daughter to be an example of little Shirley. What a great artist. I own her movies & as a doll collector have a Shirley Temple porcelain doll that very much looks like her. My sympathy to her family & I applaud them for wanting private services.
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Name: Abigail Tabbert
Location: St. Croix U.S Virgrin Islands
I fell in love with her movies at the age of 11 my grandpa got me her movies. She was amazing person and very talented she was loved by many and people are going to miss her dearly. I am also speaking for my grandpa who also loved her. She got people spirits up during WW11.Rest In Peace Shirley.Sad
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Name: Susan Ratcliff
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
I believe with fame & wealth comes responsibility to society & Shirley took this seriously. The message in her timeless movies will live on for eternity. I only wish we saw more of her as an adult. She is loved & admired by all. Thank You Shirley for giving back to society. Your legacy will live on.
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Name: Michael Jones
Location: Biloxi MS
I remember Shirley from when I was growing up and she always brightened my day when things were bleak and dreary. I would find myself singing "On The Good Ship Lollipop" whenever I was down in the dumps to cheer me up. Shirley Temple truly stole the hearts of millions.
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Name: Karen
Location: St. Marys, OH
Thank you for all the joy and smiles. You were such a part of my childhood and now, a part of my adulthood. Never too old to fall in love with that little curly headed girl!
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Name: Gerty Lahens
Location: Brooklyn NY
What a sad day, cute little Shirley. May god bless your family and hold their hands in this difficult time. Shirley you are a true Star.
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Name: Denise List
Location: Greensburg Pennsylvania
My sympathies to her family. Shirley was a remarkable woman that I followed throughout my childhood and watched the movies over and over again several times. They never get old! She will be missed dearly.
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Name: Tom and Bettyo Andrews
Location: Wichita, KS
I will miss America's most darling little girl. God's speed Miss Black and may God comfort your family. Till we meet again,
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Name: Susan Ratcliff
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
On our granddaughter's 2d birthday our gift to her was all of Shirley Temple's movies. Shirley's movies bring out everything that is good in humans. She makes you feel good & want to be good & caring. We need show our children good & kind movies instead of violence & hatred. It's an important choice
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Name: Cynthia
Location: West Virginia
I am sadden to hear of Shirley Temple Black's death, my thoughts and prayers to her family. I grew up watching her movies. What a remarkable person she was.
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Name: Kellie Adamaitis
Location: Glendale, AZ
My prayers are with the family. She is a beautiful, talented person and heaven is surely better to have her there.
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Name: Millie Richard
Location: NYC
Thank you, Shirley for making this little girls life a joy, the sunshine you brought us, the laughter and talent, will never be forgotten , love you for ever.
A True Fan.
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Name: Ann-Marie Kelly
Location: Alpha, New Jersey
So sorry for your lost. Shirley Temple Black. You will be missed. I grew up watching all your movies. And still watching over and over again. Now you have a new Job. Working for God in heaven. God's Blessings to your Family.
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Name: Lady Ann Wells - Baillie
Location: Glasgow Scotland UK
RIP I remember watching your movies with my mother the duchess of Dunbartonshire and then with my own children you where a remarkable woman who will forever live on as the little blonde girl who made us laugh and cry now may your soul rest in peace forever more x
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Name: Kim McKay
Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
My sympathy and prayers go out to Shirley Temple Black's family.
She was truly an amazing woman. I watched all her movies when I was younger (64 yrs old now) and so did my daughter...cried through a lot of them....she was so cute and loveable !!!
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Name: Mark J. Ojeda-Vasquez
Location: Mt. Pleasant Michigan
You will be greatly missedSad I enjoyed watching you grow up through all your movies, no one will ever be as great!
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Name: Terry Cunningham
Location: Culloden, WV USA
I am saddened at the death of our beloved Shirley Temple. The enjoyment of her films goes back four generations in my family. I still love to watch her movies. They are timeless classics. Go with God dear Shirley and rest in peace!
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Name: Tracy Cagliero
Location: El Segundo, Ca
Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories! Love and support to your family. RIP Shirley, you
are in Gods memory-Smiley
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Name: Joan Anderson
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
I'm so sad! What a wholesome role-model for woman of all ages. I'm sure she will make all the fellow angels smile! She never compromised her high standards, truly genuine in thoughts and action, productive and always with compassion! Wishing the family peace & comfort for this great loss!
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Name: Sharon Woods
Location: Queensland, Australia
I am so sad at the passing of Shirley Temple.
Sincere sympathies to Shirley Temple Black's family. I loved to watch Shirley's movies and passed on my passion for the movies to my daughters and granddaughter.
Shirley will be remembered with fondness around the globe. Rest in peace with Charles.
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Name: Dee
Location: Tucson,AZ
I grew up at the time Shirley Temple did. I followed her thru
the movies and her political life. She made a big impression
on all of us her age. She will be missed.

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Name: Jack Pearson
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Shirley Temple was greatest entertainer of the 20th century. 100 years from now her movies will still be loved. Humility and kindness were her trademarks. No great person lacks these qualities and she was great from the inside out both as a child star and as an adult serving her country nobly.
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Name: Mary Lanford
Location: Denton, Texas
I'm still in shock. My prayers for all her family in this sad time so sorry for your loss. Shirley is a loss for millions of people who grew up with her watching her movies.I will always remember her movies lifting my spirits during some rough times as a child. God has taken one of his angels home.!
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Name: Conrad W. Paul
Location: Membertou, Nova Scotia, Canada
Her films, her diplomacy and her personality & character provide a template for the young to strive to achieve and admire. God bless Shirley Temple-Black and her family & friends!
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Name: Anna Lynette Shultz-Hall
Location: Eldorado, IL
My deepest sympathies go out to your family for your loss of someone so dear & precious not only as a child but throughout her entire life she's done remarkable things. the world has truly lost a legend Shirley Temple.but the heavens have gained a wonderful&beautiful star my prayers&thoughts to all
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Name: lisa
Location: pa
I remeber I little about Shirley Temple, I've seen the infomericals about her videos. I also remember "Good Ship Lollipop". I imagine we will be seeing commericals about her. She will be missed.
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Name: susan friedmann
Location: ontario canada
people all over the world truly saddened by the loss of this very special lady.
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Name: charles
Location: florida
Love shown through your eyes, filled our harts with joy. You will live on foever in our heart's and minds. Love to all of your family members.
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Name: Jeana West
Location: Glen Burnie Maryland
My heart goes out to her family in this time of sadness. She will be greatly missed by the world and by me. I loved watching her movies as a child and still enjoy the videos I have today. She was a beautiful person inside and out. May she rest in peace with God. Praying for peace and comfort. <3
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Name: Andrea deCento
Location: Houston, TX
I've loved shirley Temple since I was a little girl. My children love her and my grandchildren love her. In a few months, I will have a great-granddaughter. She will love her, too. I loved knowing she was a woman of integrity and not someone whose actions I ever had to 'explain' to my children. RIP
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Name: Sandra
Location: Roscoe
I grew up watching Shirly Temple movies. I still love to see them, even at the age of 64. Shirley, you brought smiles to little girls' faces as well as older ladies' faces. We'll have her memories with us always. A beautiful 'angel' has her wings. Go rest high on your mountain & be with God.
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Name: Edward Viera
Location: Fremont
Im sorry for your loss. I never forget about you. I remember I was kid and I loved to watch you on TV you were really good talents with singer and dancer. Made people smile and happy.
Rest in Peace Shirley Temple.
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Name: chantel
Location: ontario canada
As a little girl i grew up with Shirley temple. On rain days my mother and i would cuddle up and have a marathon. i have begun this tradition with my daughters. It's very sad that she is now gone. But her memory and acccomplishments will live on for ever
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Name: David Malin
Location: Warrenton, Virginia
I grew up watching her movies (my favorites are HEIDI and THE LITTLE PRINCESS)and enjoyed them very much. As an adult, I had a great deal of respect for her honorable service to our nation. Rest in Peace, Shirley, you are deeply missed.
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Name: Robert B
Location: Florda
I spent from birth to age 4 in many foster homes. I watched Shirley in Movies and her honest smile gave me hope that one day I could find that kind of happiness. As I grew up I watched as she became a woman who became a ambassador to a couple of countries. I remember thinking what a perfect, goodbye
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Name: Brenda Casey
Location: Rochester NY
What a wonderful person, from her childhood and through her adult life. I have always admired Shirley. She will be missed but always remembered by all of the baby-boomers. RIP Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Lauretta
What I love about Shirley is that she was so positive and never looked back. She went forward from Hollywood to motherhood to public service and seems to have thrived and grown in all of these different roles. We could all learn from her wonderful example. My condolences to all of her family.
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Name: Vicky
Location: Florida
I just wrote my very first Fan Letter to Shirley two weeks ago. I don't know what made me do it. She may not have had a chance to read it but I am so glad I did it. Shirly, ou are the best, you gave so much to the world as a child and as an adult. A life well lived! Bravo!
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Name: Nat Tullo
Location: Sayville NY
She will be missed dearly. An inspiration to all. Her movie's her talent will never be matched. All who new her through her movie's have a heavy heart today.
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Name: Joseph Sinisi
Location: New Jersey
A TRUE ICON; someone to emulate. A great role model for women. She made a difference in this world & just didn't take up space. Missed & so very loved. JJQ114.
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Name: Stacey lawson
Location: Fort Worth, Tx.
My mother was named after Shirley. I grew up watching her movies with my family. I even had my hair curled like her I love and admired her so. She will always be the little girl I grew up loving. She will be missed. God bless her and her family. She was always an angel. Now she has wings. Curly top!
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What a passing of a beautiful soul. Im from Australia and I had a friend from the USA who knew Shirley Temple Black through their husbands working together as colleagues. I think I am fortunate to at least know someone who had close contact with Shirley Temple and to hear about wonderful stories.
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Name: Tasha Piontek
Location: Pewaukee, WI
She was flawless and fearless and still make me smile every time I see or hear her. May her family feel blessed that she now returns home and is at peace. We will all remember her.
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Name: Cecilia Gonzalvez
Location: Negros Island, Philippines
Shirley Temple gave us all such a precious time watching her dance and sing into our hearts. I now have a 5 year old grand niece who loves the funny antics of Shirley and her gang in her early movies and can't get enough of Shirley! I have ordered dvds of several movies. Rest in peace, Princess
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Name: Linda woods
Location: Cape Coral, FL
i can not tell you how many times I have watched the Shirley Temple movies. Starting myself then introducing young children to Shirley as I grew up. Shirley will live forever in all of our hearts!!!!
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Name: Anita Imig
Location: Freiburg, Germany
My Condolences to the Family of a great Lady. RiP Shirley.
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Name: Charlene
Location: Northern, Ontario, Canada
R.I.P Shirley..You will be missed dearly, I remember watching you growing up with my parents those were the best times as a child so thanks for making my childhood fun and your memory will live on.
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Name: Michael Brand
Location: Laurel, MD, USA
My mom is the same age as Shirley; so, of course, she was/is a big fan, and I have continued the family tradition. Shirley had an interesting life that enhanced the lives of people the world over. I was so sad to learn of her passing -- she will truly be missed!!
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Name: Chelsea Elston
Location: Maryland
I used to watch my two favorite Shirley Temple movies, Just Around the Corner and Blue Bird, when visiting my grandparents. I am fond of those memories since I spent a lot of that time with my grandfather, who recently passed away. Thank you Ms. Temple, for allowing those memories to stand out.
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Name: Wendy
Location: Redondo Beach
I have spent many years of my life enjoying Shirley in her wonderful movies. Her sweet face brought so much joy to this world. A world without Shirley will not be the same, but I know many people will always remember her sweet little face and enjoy the wonderful person she was as a child and adult
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Name: Steve Mantle
Location: Port Macquarie, Australia
So sorry for your loss. The world is a little poorer for her passing and richer for her contribution.
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Name: Kathryn King
Location: Australia
Vale Shirley...thank you for the wonderful,everlasting memories. The world has lost a piece of it's heart.
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Name: Denise Qualls
Location: Almont, MI
Growing up I always looked forward to early morning on the weekends to watch Shirley Temple movies. Thank you for all the wonderful years of entertainment. You are a pure treasure that will truly be missed. R.I.P Shirley
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Name: Stacy Cox
Location: Iowa
I'm so sorry for the loss her family is feeling now. I hope you find peace in knowing she was a Beautiful person inside and out and she will never be forgotten! We were so lucky to have shared her with you. Her impact on the world will still be felt forever! RIP dear lady!!
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Name: misty taylor
Location: mcbain, mi
My mom age 60, her favorite movie is heidi. I am 36 and was raised on all of shirleys movies. Now my daughter, 16 even knows her through her films. Proof that Shirley has affected the hearts of every generation. She will live on forever. The waves of time will never erase her from our memories.
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Name: William Post
Location: Milton, Delaware
My mother who passed away last year grew up with and was a life long fan of Shirley Temple. To this day I view "Heidi" with my grandchildren at Christmas. The legacy of Shirley Temple is timeless and her spirit will remain forever.
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Name: Tamara
Location: USA
You make me smile Shirley...and you always will. You're wonderful will miss you.
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Name: Susan Wilson
Location: Oak Grove, Alabama
A true American princess. I am 54 and my mom shared her movies with me and now I share them with my little girl, who is 10. She was one of a kind. Precious memories!
I wish to express my deepest sympathies to her family.
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Name: Brian Keith Rhodes
Location: Blairstown, New Jersey 07825
God bless you Shirley.
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Name: Terri
Location: Vista, CA
Rest in Peace. You will be missed by all.
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Name: Elizabeth Barnes Velosa
Location: Pahrump, Nv.
My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. You made a difference in my life and my mothers life. Thank you for all
you have done for our country.
God Bless your family you will be missed....
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Name: becky
Location: Manila, Philippines
Thank you Ms. Shirley Temple for the years of happiness via your movies and performances. We will miss you and Rest in Peace.
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Name: Elizabeth Morris
Location: Rhode Island
I grew up with Shirley temple evening I am only 30years old now but I was little I love her movies my favorite is heighi well rip Shirley temple all of your fans love you!
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Name: Margaret Leonardi
Location: North Babylon, NY
I was so upset when I heard the news. Every Sat. afternoon at my grandparents house, we would watch her movies with my cousin, it was called the Shirley Temple Theater. I did see her in person on a morning show I went to in NY, hoped to meet her personally. RIP Shirley, you are loved & missed.
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Name: Danielle Heaston
Location: Red Banks, MS
I'm 34 yrs old and I use to collect ur movies. I.sure loved watching u. What an amazing actress. you will truly be missed by many. Rip
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Name: SC Norman
Location: New York
Thank You Mrs. Black for your life service to the globe - we are all better because you lived here. I met you as Ambassador but knew you my whole life from your movies. Rest now - job well done - you will be missed. Condolences to the family and all of us.
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Name: Deborah
Location: Florida
Shirley Temple has always been one of my
favorite people. I grew up watching her movies.
I have a Shirley Temple doll, I truly loved as a child.
Rest peacefully and know you wil be missed. Many blessings to your family in their time of sorrow.
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Name: Nancy
Location: USA
Shirley Temple was my childhood and the wonderful memories of sitting with my grandfather watching her movies. Your are a role model for any aspiring child actor. Thank you for your many years as a diplomat as well. Your now have eternal peace and the glory of Heaven.
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Name: Bob Wilgus
Location: Thomasville, NC
I feel like a member of my own family has gone. I watched her movies every time they available. Shirley was truly AWESOME. My prayers go out to her family. RIP Shirley!
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Name: Jessica Rivers
Location: South Burlington, Vt
I remember watching Shirley Temple movies with my Grandma when I was little. I loved the "good ship lollipop" song and still do. On my Grandmothers 87th Birthday we celebrated with a Shirley Temple themed party and I made t-shirts. Will forever treasure the memories. RIP Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Danamy
Location: Sydney, Australia
She had been an icon not only as a child superstar that transcended generations but also as a person with genuine desire and honest efforts to help the disadvantaged.
As we pray for the eternal repose of her kind soul, we hope that the legacy she has left behind will make a difference in many lives.
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Name: Kristine Leto
Location: Sydney, Australia
My prayers and thoughts go to all the family & friends of Shirley Temple Black. I am very saddened to learn of her passing. She brought so much happiness & joy to so many & was such a remarkable child and adult. Shirley has a very special place in my heart. With my deepest sympathy. God Bless her.
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Name: Allan Thorstad
Location: Volcano,Hi.USA
May you rest in peace.Thank you for your entertaining all of us.For me your movies & infectious smile warmed my heart as a young child.It made my bad days seem insufficient.May gods smile light your way.
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Name: Sue
Location: Ohio
There will never be another person such as Shirley Temple. Rest In Peace. You have earned it.
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Name: Ian Knowles
Location: England
Just sad to hear the news of the families lost. My Mum introduced Shirley to me as part of my childhood, sad another part of that is now gone.
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Name: Ivan Visioli
Location: Trieste, Italy
Shirley Temple was truly a great artist; her movies brought joy into many hearts.
I will never forget her.
Farewell Shirley!
Whit sincere sympathy to the family.
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Name: Priscilla Norfolk
Location: Dothan Alabama
My deepest sympathy to the family of Shirley Temple Black.God gave us the gift of her presence, talents and sweetness and I thank HIM for that.I can't imagine the great loss you feel with her passing.Truly you were blessed and will miss her so. She was an angel to us, now God took HIS angel back.
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Name: Mr..Mrs Israel Jean Medina
Location: Alice, Texas
We as American's and all throughout the world were blessed by Shirley Temple Black.A true blessing in a time when life was so hard and brought so much happiness and laughter to the whole world and through out her career,she will always be cherish by all God bless we will always remember your smile
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Name: Ann
Location: NC, USA
Shirley Temple was the best at whatever she did! My nephew's family gave me several of her movies as a Christmas gift as I am the genealogist in the family. My mother was a Temple from the Temples of Raleigh, NC. Have always wondered if there is a connection.
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Name: Kate B
Location: Sydney
What a wonderful life. May God bless Shirley and her family at this time. She gave the world such happiness with her movies, support when she was an ambassador and much love to her husband and family. God Bless you all.
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Name: May Elsey
Location: Kent uk
A sad loss but we have the memories of you forever. . I am 86 & loved all your films you was so adorable, I always wanted a little sister like you, (had 3 older brothers)RIP SHIRLEY X
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I grew up with Shirleys movies. And they are some of my sweetest childhood memories that I will forever cherrish.
RIP Shirley and THANKYOU!
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Name: Lynn M. Smith
Location: Kentucky
May God comfort you and your family on your loss of a great lady. I loved watching her when she was a child and teenager in many movies. God has blessed you with her for many years as well as my family. Sincerely, Lynn
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Name: elni gunawati
Location: indonesia
Turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya Shirley Temple,Semoga keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberi ketabahan, Baru beberapa hari yang lalu saya teringat kembali dengan Shirley waktu melihat di yahoo tentang aktor jaman dahulu.dan kemarin sudah berpulang. We Love You Shirley...
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Name: Karen
Location: USA
I loved watching her movies as a child, and my niece and I have fond memories of watching her movies together. We still do. wonderful, awesome lady. Condolences to her family.
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Name: Leanne
Location: Queensland
I am saddened by the loss of your mother/grandmother Ms Temple Black. Only recently have I rediscovered the delight of her movies. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Ronald
Location: El Paso, TX
...So loved and adored as I grew up as a child watching your movies. You will always be remembered. Rest in peace and keep that beautiful smile (SPARKLING)...
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Name: Enna Di Stasi
Location: Melbourne Australia
How so very saddened l feel today on hearing on the passing of such a unique and extraodinary human being, she has bought to the world so much love and happiness that l would be very proud if my little 3 year old grandaughters grow up to love her as much as l have.Rest in Peace gorgeous Shirley xx
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Name: Debra Skripkunis
Location: Pennsylvania
I was saddened to hear of Shirley Temple's death! She was one of a kind and those of us who grew up watching her movies will forever miss her. My condolences to her family who is certainly grieving! RIP, Shirley. If we were all like you, the world would indeed be a better place!
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Name: Rosalind Russell
Location: Espanola, Ontario, Canada
My father used to set up a white sheet on the living room wall and magically, there you would be, sharing your wonderful talent and brilliant smile with the world. You were my first idol; you inspired me to dance, to live my dreams, to smile. Thank you and Rest In Peace Miss Curly Tops, we love you!
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Name: Sami
Location: Australia
RIP precious Shirley! My love of classic cinema reached new heights, when at age 12, I discovered your film legacy. Over 20 years later, you are still one of my all-time favourites from the "Golden Years" of Hollywood.

Continue to "sparkle" Shirley, wherever you are! :-)
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Name: Rosemary Lorz
Location: Sydney, Australia
So very sorry to hear that Shirley Temple passed away. I loved watching her on TV years ago at my grandma's place, she had such a special, entertaining, loving, adorable approach to her singing, acting & dancing at such a young age ! Such a beautiful person she was and a remarkable child actress <3.
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Name: Mom in Canada
Location: Ontario, Canada
My sincere condolences to the family, I watched her movies on Sunday morning growing up, she brought laughter and joy to my life as a child. God Bless....
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Name: Pauline & bill
Location: Hobart Tasmania Australia
Well where can we begin fantastic actress both my wife and I can remember most of the movies but we have a few .
God speed Shirley hope there is more acting where you are now because we on earth have thoroughly enjoyed
Your entertainment here . Condolences to her family
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Name: Kahler Hunter
Location: Lilburn, GA
My sincere condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. Such an incredible lady at any age, all her life. She touched my heart.
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Name: Starla Ryer
Location: Prescott, AZ
She brought much happiness to my young life,I would dance& sing, laugh&cry with her while watching her movies,Heidi was my very favorite but there was not one of her works that I did not see a dozen or more times each. My heart goes out to her family who will feel the deepest void with her passing.
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Name: Sharon Martin
Location: West Palm Beach Fla.
My condolences on your loss. Shirley Temple Movies were are favorites and I have some of her movies to enjoy with my grandchildren. She was one of the greats and will be missed. God Bless you.
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Name: Felis Jackson
Location: California
She was my beloved Princess, she will 4 ever live in my heart. "RIP my little Princess" ♡♡♡
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