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Name: Erin
Location: Los Angeles
Thank you for everything.
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Name: Robin Brown
Location: Oregon
A delightful child, a beautiful girl, a unique woman. Who is like her? What a wonderful legacy. She will not be forgotten.
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Name: Anne
Location: Melbourne Australia
Thank you for my memories watching your movies on Television in Australia.
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Name: jeff
Location: illinois
a great send off for a wonderful american citizen who brightened one of the darkest times in american history. May her legacy live on forever. She brought much joy and happiness to a country in need, and hopefully she felt as much joy and love from her countless fans.
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Name: Julie Meerbach
Location: Washington
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and my mom and I loved her. Every year at Christmas we would watch "Heidi". Rest in peace little one. You may have been 85 at death you will always be little Shirley to those of us that loved you.
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Name: Carin
Location: Los Angeles
Thank you, Shirley, for bringing music, magic and joy into my childhood. You were my idol when I was little, and are the reason I wanted to sing and bring joy to others, myself. Thank you for your beautiful influence and imprint on the world. I feel like I've lost an old friend.
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Name: Jackie
Location: Pasadena, CA
I remember wanting a Shirley Temple doll for Christmas but my little sister got one instead of me. That was the only time I ever cried on Christmas day. As I got older I remember wondering why I never saw more of her movies on television. She was one of my favorites. My condolences to her family.
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Name: Gaynor Prescott Tillston
Location: England
Rest in Peace you Beautiful Star , may God greet you with the same Smile and Joy you gave many people and may you shine in the Heavens like the True Star you are, God Bless XXX
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Name: IML
Location: Austin, TX
Truly an icon that I grew up with that left beautiful memories of joy and laughter in your heart filled with entertainment back in the days! She was the most beautiful actress inside and out and will be truly missed! May she RIP and her memories will go on forever. Blessings to her family!
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Name: nita adkins
Location: chipley,florida
She is still my favorite star I will so miss her,she always made me smile.
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Name: Eunice
Location: Australia
What a beautiful soul she was. Such innocence, such talent, the likes of which I don't believe I'll see again in my lifetime. You were an inspiration to many.
R.I.P Shirley.
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Name: Rhonda Houchens
Location: Virginia
I feel so blessed to have had her in my life growing up! It was the first record I ever owned as a child... I hope to see her on the other side....

Love you Shirley
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Name: John
Location: Scotland
A new star in heaven tonight
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Name: Cathy Drinkwater Better
Location: Hanover, PA
We've lost a national treasure. My deepest condolences to her family and friends; my thoughts and prayers are with you. Somewhere those dimples will live forever. I love you, Shirley.
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Name: Robert "Bobby"
Location: Illinois
Shirley was, and still is, as much a part of my family as my own brothers and sister, she will be sorely missed. My heart and prayers go out to the immediate family for their great loss.

"Fair winds and following seas" may you enjoy your eternal rest in the warm everlasting embrace of our Lord.
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Name: Maria D Bon
Location: Simi Valley, Ca
You will be greatly missed Shirley Temple Black. I grew up watching your movies. It cheered me up watching you sing and dance. God Bless. We love you.
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Name: Carole H. Field
Location: Los Angeles
I used to rush home from Sunday school to catch her movies. She was one of the inspirations to my becoming an actress. Despite her cute persona, young Shirley was an enormously gifted child actress. I only regret not having hugged her in vivo. So, I shall do so forever, now. XOXOXOXOX
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Name: Rev C Guzzi
Location: Crand River Ohio,
My heart is at a loss. Forever will her movies that left such an imprint on the world be there for all of us to enjoy.I am sure she danced up the steps to the pearly gates. May God receive her soul with all the joy she has brought to us. Aho, Amen Be Blessed.
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Name: Elaine Clabeaux
Location: Saratoga, CA
Wonderful memories from my childhood......oh how I wanted those curls! Mrs. Temple Black lived a full live both privately and with wonderful public service.
Bless her love of life whether by entertaining us with her movies or serving our country.
Rest in peace, a job well done, I life well lived.
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Name: John Cardegna
Location: West Palm Beach,Fla
Shirley was an inspiration to all.She was a great child actor.When I was growing up remember watching the TV with my mother and how she made us both cry and laugh . I will miss her RIP Shirley.
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Name: Nikita
Location: Pacific North West
Dearest Mrs. Shirley Temple Black, I just wanted to say Thank You for giving a young girl like me hope to make my dreams comes true, no matter what my situation was in life (the good and bad)I have always been able to look at your movies and smile! May your family be blessed and Rest In Peace..
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Name: yvonne brunet
Location: oceanside, ca
My deepest condolences to her family! I will always remember the joy of watching her movies and to this day still enjoy them! What little girl didn't want to be her! I did!... she inspired me! her smile and talent will never be matched..I thank God for the joy & innocence she modeled to us!
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Name: Stephanie Griffin
Location: Atlanta,Ga
Shirley Temple was truly an icon that shared much joy and smiles in the hearts of millions. May your rest be peaceful because your work here is done. R.I.P YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED
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Name: Dennis Reno
Location: San Francisco, CA
A truly remarkable person with the style, elegance and devotion that will be truly missed. Shirley Temple Black was an icon and a legend that will live on in our hearts as a role model and symbol of hope.
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Name: Ronda S.
Location: Dallas, Texas
May you find as much joy in heaven as you graced us with here on earth. Sunday afternoons spent around the black and white laughing, crying and learning valuable life lessons from your performances. RIP loyal Servant and American Patriot. And to your Family, thank you for sharing her with us.
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Name: RoseMarie
Location: Hamilton, Ontario Canada
No other like Shirley! Such natural talent, good looks, and such a wonderful person. You will always be loved. You made an entire Nation smile and feel good about life and living. God Bless you Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Vicky Pierce
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Since I have gotten older and am home more than I have been in the past I have wondered why I haven't written to people I have loved all my life. I am sorry to your family that I did not write to your Mother to tell her what joy she brought to my own dear Mama and to me throughout our lives.
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Name: Peter Stallone
Location: University Place, WA
I remember watching her movies when I was a child in the 1960s. I am saddened by her passing which is a great loss to the world. She was truly a great star.
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Name: Irene
Location: Missouri
My most heartfelt and sincerest sympathies on the passing of such an amazing woman!

I really can't put into words what Shirley has meant to me but this world is a little dimmer without her but Heaven sure has gained an angel :-)

Thank you Shirley for sharing your life with the world :-)
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Name: Misti Barclay
Location: Orange County California
I am grateful for the legacy Shirley left behind and for the many films I can continue to look back on and remember her by. I grew up watching her movies, as did my mother, and now my two year old son watches them with us and dances, sings along. Sending many warm thoughts to your family. <3
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Name: Amy
I am very saddened to hear of your passing. Although I'm only 14 I still enjoyed your acting as a young child. You were a beautiful woman and you will be missed dearly by fans, friends, and family alike. We love you, and you will always be America's Little Darling. Rest In Peace.
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Name: Coralie Davies
Location: Australia
I look back on my childhood filled with watching Shirley Temple movies as well as her TV show with such fondness. Thank you Shirley. Such talent and grace will sorely be missed in today's sordid world. We shall never see her kind again. God Bless you, Darling Shirley.
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Name: howard feinberg
Location: bethlehem,pa.
she made me smile my whole 60 years of my life and beyond she was the epitome of what happiness was about god rest her soul
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Name: Michael Lloyd Hudson
Location: Gun Barrel City, Texas
A center of attraction, loved by multiple generations of children, whether crowded together in front rows of movie theaters or around the warm glow of TV sets in the family room of homes in every corner of America, many, many millions of us (young and old alike) will miss you so much. We already do.
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Name: Laura
Location: Washington
I have grown up loving shirley Temple. Anytime I felt down I would turn on one of her movies and instantly start smiling. She was truly great and accomplished so much. My condolences to her family. RIP Shirley
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Name: Amber Clark
Location: Odessa Missouri
You will always be in my thoughts an memories it was such a beautiful honor watching you grow up on Tv, I felt so close to you as a child myself you was always my favorite actress. May you rest in peace and Thank you for such beautiful memories.May your family find peace knowing you touched so many
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Name: Reg Claybrook
Location: Perth,Australia
Shirley was a wonderful human being first and foremost and the world is the poorer without her.
To Shirley's family who have suffered this loss can take pride in Shirley's achievements and for being who she was to you.
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Name: Linda F.
Location: Issaquah, Wa
Shirley Temple has been my heroine all of my life. She brought me happiness when I was sad, laughter when I needed to smile and helped me appreciate the innocent child in everyone. I cannot shed any tears because I know she is so happy now being reunited with her husband. Thank you Shirley Smiley
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Name: Rosie
Location: Salem,Oregon
What a wonderful person she was! No one could even guess how many lives she touched.
Just watching one of her movies brings a little light into your life. She gave us all a gift….herself.
Thank you, Little Miss Sunshine!!!
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Name: Terry Rains
Location: Dallas, Texas
Mrs.Temple Black was a huge part of my years as a child. Being the youngest of four children for over eight years, my Mother and I would together enjoy Shirley Temple's movies, each being as wonderful as the one before or the one after. She filled our home with laughter. Thank you, Mrs. Black R.I.P.
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Name: Angela Drew
Location: The United Kingdom
Dear Shirley, no words could ever adequately express the sadness I feel at your passing. Thank you so much for the joy you brought to me and millions of people around the world. Your talent was truly amazing. You will always be remembered and your like I doubt will ever be seen again. R.I.P xxxxxx
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Name: Dan McGee
Location: Reno, Nevada
I was saddened to hear of Shirley Temple Black's passing. She lived a full life and spread joy to our fellow citizens during a dark time of our history. My condolences to her family and friends. As for me, I have her singing, "The Good Ship Lollipop," in my memory. RIP and thanks for the memories.
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Name: karen farmer
Location: chester sc
shirley will always have a place in my heart i grew up watching her movies and collectedthem all i had a doll but was burnt in a house fire when i was young my only grandaughte shares her birthday she will be one april 23 she will be forever loved and missed rip
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Name: roche
Location: san bruno
you are missed love you
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Name: Marilyn Klasson
Location: Lakewood, Ca.
Rest In Peace Shirley. You brought a light to all our lives. I loved every movie you ever made and to this day still enjoy them all.
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Name: Karen
Location: Hawaii
RIP Shirley, thank you for your great movies. You will be missed but we have your great movies and that forever smile of yours.
Aloha, Karen
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Name: Suzanne Hilton
Location: New Zealand
As a little girl, I just adored watching Shirley Temple movies - and still do when possible. My dancing teacher used to give me dances and dress me like Shirley Temple, and I had slept with metal curlers in my black hair to make ringlets like hers. What a wonderful example shE continued to be. RIP
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Name: Beverly Cash Randolph
Location: Odenville, AL
I grew up watching all the films that Shirley Temple produced even into her teens. I love and admired her for all she accomplished in her lifetime. To her family I wish to say that you had the BEST!!!! I know she is reunited with her beloved husband. We will miss her very much!!!!
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Name: Patricia Lopez-Ruiz
Location: Milpitas, ca
I'm sorry your family loss your mother. I know had your family feel because I loss my mother 26 year on Thanksgiving day. I joy her movies.
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Name: Colleen O\\\'Neil
Location: Spring Valley, AZ
Shirley Temple Black will always have a special place in my heart. I loved her movies as a child and still love them. She had an extraordinary quality that brought so much joy to so many. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends. She will be missed very much.
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Name: Joanie
Location: Montgomeryville, Pa
Thank you for all of your movies which kept me company as a child. Rest in peace
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Location: BYHALIA MS.
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Name: Carol McGovern
Location: Deptford, NJ 08096
I put my Shirley Temple doll under the Christmas tree in the living room in remembrance of her.
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Name: Terri
Location: Phoenix Arizona
Prayers and thoughts are with family and friends. I am so grateful for videos and DVDs that we may continue to watch Shirley's movies and listen to her singing. Now she is singing with the angels.
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Name: Marsha Hurt
Location: Shiloh, Illinois(near St. Louis, Mo.)
You are my favorite and always will be my favorite childhood star and your classics are my favorite comfort, sit down movies that make you go back down memory lane.......May God bless your family and give them strength!!! Rest in peace!! Love ya always....my favorite childhood (make believe)friend
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Name: Terri
Location: Phoenix Arizona
Prayers and thoughts are with family and friends. I am so grateful for videos and DVDs that we may continue to watch Shirley's movies and listen to her singing. Now she is singing with the angels.
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Name: Tim Belcher
Location: Pennington Gap, Virginia
God Bless you Mrs. Black. You are finally receiving your much needed rest, and are rejoicing in heaven with your loved ones. Hopefully, I will sit and chat with you one day.
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Name: Michael Cadiz
Location: California
There are not enough words to describe Miss Temple's remarkable life.
And I, including people all over the world, will always be grateful for the smiles, the joy and the harmony we felt with each performance she gave.
God can't wait to welcome her and we will always remember her. Thank You SHIRLEY!
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Name: Linda Settlemire
Location: Friendswood, TX
Not only did I grow up watching Shirley Temple, But so did my kids. She's my youngest daughter's favorite actress and mine too. She danced her way into the hearts of America and will always be remembered. Rest in peace, Shirley. Your star will always shine bright.
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Name: Dolores Villanueva
Location: Alhambra, CA
Thank you Shirley for all your beautiful movies. You will always be in our hearts.
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Name: norma miles
Location: holland missouri
as a child i remember when we got our first black and white tv in our home and one of the treasures of television was Shirley being in our home on black and white. i grew up loving Shirley and her movies. i have them all and she will remain forever in our home. i feel like i lost a family member.
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Name: Monique
Location: Melbourne Australia
Thank you for the hours of joy you brought into my life. Sadly missed.
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Name: Marsha Hurt
Location: Shiloh, Il(near St. Louis)
I bought the Shirley Temple collection for myself a while ago and decided that on my vacation I will clean house and look at Shirley Temple episodes. I was too reluctant to let my nieces borrow it,so I went and bought new ones for them, because it is a classic!All girls and boys should watch her!
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Name: Lucille
Location: Vallejo
Countless memories of watching and enjoying your films. U will be missed. Thank you so very much for being part of my life . My deapest condolences to all your love ones, friends.
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Name: Barbara W.
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you for allowing us to share. May God comfort Shirley's family in this time of grief. She has been a happy part of my growing up years. I look forward to meeting her in heaven.
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Name: Patti Needham
Location: Cincinnati, OH
You are an American treasure! No one will ever take your place in our hearts. Thank you for making so many millions of people smile when this country needed it the most. God bless you.
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Name: Colleen K.
Location: Kansas
Thank you Shirley for all the happy memories growing up watching you on TV. You made my Sundays magical and so warm and sentimental! I even took tap lessons for many years because of you. Smiley May you rest in peace.
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Name: Jimmy and Rebecca Brizzee
Location: Idaho
We are saddened at Shirley's death. We have enjoyed most of her movies and she will always be remembered for her outstanding talent, optimism, and enthusiasm to serve her nation. How blessed you are children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to have Shirley as your mother, grand/greatmother.
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Name: Vanessa Vicente
Location: California
Thank you for the joy you brought us through the years in all your movies. You will certainly be missed. Heaven has gained another angel. Rest in peace, Shirley.
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Name: Julia
Location: California
SO sad to hear the news this morning about her passing. I felt as if anyone could live forever, it would be Shirley. My little sister and I grew up with her movies and loved her. She will be missed by so many. God bless you Shirley, thanks for the smiles.
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Name: Marieyi DeAraujo
Location: San Francisco
When I first saw her on television I didn't understand a word of English. Her smile, sparkling eyes and amazing dimples mesmerized me. She became a woman to be admired by all. How lucky we are to have her movies for eternity. Thank you Shirley for all you gave to the world.
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Name: Marie Youssefirad
Location: USA

Her true character always prevailed. Goodness strength and joy. May all the generations to come discover the charm of this truly amazing accomplished woman. Thank you for your philanthropy. Thank you for the happy songs. Your tapping encouraged many to dance; all joy! Well done.

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Name: Robert Costa
Location: New Holland, PA
There is such a feeling of emptiness as we say goodbye to Shirley Temple, throughout the years, a childhood friend to millions. She brought happiness to our lives, and served as a remarkable example of grace and dignity in her service to our country. Mrs. Black, how better off we are because of you.
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Name: Carol A DuFoe
Location: Rockford Illinois 61109
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Name: Janet
Location: Puerto de Luna, NM
A beautiful angel for heaven. May she rest in peace... God Bless her family. She was so much a part of so many lives and will be remembered forever.
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Name: Deborah Turek
Location: St. Louis, Mo
God bless, she will be greatly missed. Love her movies, watched them as a child and still watch them.
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Name: Vicki McEwen
Location: Albury, Australia
Shirley, I watched all your movies as a child and I hope my grandchildren get to see them. You have left a legacy for many gerations. R.I.P.
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Name: Jack Jimenez
Location: Houston, TX
Shirley Temple Black Was A Great Actress And Person.Thank You Shirley For The Great Memories.The World Will Never Be The Same Without You.
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Name: Pamela Russell
Location: Vista, California
No words can even come close to how much you have meant to me. Your innocence, sweetness and brilliance…may it rain on us all who survive you. Never could imagine my life with out you in it. There are so many levels of colors you gave the world. Bless your beautiful heart, may you go with the angels
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Name: isabelle
Location: Canada
I will miss you so much ! Thank you for all the fond memories. I grew up watching your movies and you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. May you rest in peace.
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Name: Dawn Dunbar
Location: Olympia, Washington
Shirley inspired me to be a better person and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I grew up watching her movies and viewing her as a mentor. My prayers and blessings to you, her family, that you go forward knowing she positively impacted so many people all her life. She was quite a role model.
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Name: Cliff c VOGAN
Location: KANSAS
Shirley Temple we will Be Miss so Much" i Was a Kid visiting Grandpa Grandma Templemeyer we Watch Your Movie,s it Was so Much Fun Watch it" Just Now You are Flying High With the ANGELS Watch Over Your Family Close friends
From Cliff c VOGAN
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Name: Rachel Scott
Location: La Quinta, Caifornia
My first memory of Shirley is "The Good Ship Lollipop", my next is "The Bluebird of Happiness", then "Heidi". In my adult years, I saw every movie, read her book and continued my love for her! She was a precious American Treasure! GOD BLESS YOU, Little Princess!
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Name: Branka Schärli
Location: Switzerland
Thank you Shirley Temple Black
Thank you for all you've given. Rest in peace. In our hearts you live forever!
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Name: Christine Beck
Location: Hamilton, MT
Thank you for your joy and brilliant talent as a child star. May your family find solace in the love you shared with them over the years & the joy that you gave to so many people in a time of trouble so many years ago. You brightened our lives & I know God will brighten yours in the forever after
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Name: Lisa Washington
Location: Burbank, CA
Rest in peace, Shirley! A fantastic life to be proud of in reflection. You have filled the world with memories to cherish forever and ever. My deepest sympathy to your family and friends for their loss. Love one of your earnest fans, Lisa
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Name: Carla
Location: Green Bay Wi
I have always loved Shirley Temple movies and own several, to me she was very talented and obviously had a wonderful fulfilling life , her family has my deepest sympathy for her loss
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Name: Jeffery Mason
Location: Midvale, UT
Thank you Curley Top, may you always be smiling and dancing, while making our days brighter.

You will be sorely missed, until we meet again
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Name: Dennis
Location: San Francisco, CA
As I recall in my younger age so many years ago watching your films with my bother and sister, it was such a wonderful time. Sadly, now a little part of that life as left us. Rest now Shirley, and thank you so much.
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Name: Donna Coulson
Location: Wilmington, NC
THANK YOU. For all the joy, smiles and laughter you brought to people as a child star during the Great Depression. We appreciate your Ambassadorship to Ghana and what is now the Czech Republic. You were awesome in your dignified way. RIP. Sing with the Angels!
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Name: Family Cabezas Araya
Location: Costa Rica
We grew up viewing the Shirley Temple's movies. Please receive our condolences. She will be missed. Thanks God for the great legacy she left. God bless all your family.
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Name: Kara Moore
Location: Marion, Indiana
Thank you Miss Shirley Temple Black not only for your entertaining us in the darkest days, but representing America at its best. You will be missed.
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Name: Lora Devlon Eckler
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Shirley gave me such wonderful times and memories growing up watching her movies on Tv. I didn't care for the curls that my mother did up on me each night to look like Shirley.
She was such a lovely lady
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Name: Marylynne leoncavallo
Location: Bethlehem Georgia
My condolences to Shirley Temple Black's family your mother impacted many people.To her great grand children your parents will share the memory of their mother and grandmother with you. The world will share the curly topped child we all loved. She will be missed by many and adored for years.
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Name: sue plumpton &bob plumpton
Location: florida
i grew up with Shirley Temple..she was a wonderful role model for girls my age. She will be missed. I have followed her life and will always remember her fondly my prayers go out to her family i know she is in heaven entertaining the angels.
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Name: Jen Bareis
Location: Northern California
My deepest sympathies to the family. I loved her movies! She will always be a favorite! Thanks for the great memories.
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Name: Tess
Location: Sacramento
What an extraordinary creature she was! So much talent in a tiny package as a child, so much grace and dignity as a woman. My condolences on your loss.
I will never forget her.
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Name: Carl M. Pratt
Location: Cumberland, MD
Thank you Shirley for you Generosity and Mortality. You left a legacy in your films that are national treasures. You'll always be missed but never forgotten. R.I.P. I am sure you earned your wings.
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Name: R.W.(Bob) Davies
Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Condolences to the family. She brought happiness to generations of her fans & served her country well.
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