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Name: Pamela Russell
Location: Vista, California
No words can even come close to how much you have meant to me. Your innocence, sweetness and brilliance…may it rain on us all who survive you. Never could imagine my life with out you in it. There are so many levels of colors you gave the world. Bless your beautiful heart, may you go with the angels
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Name: isabelle
Location: Canada
I will miss you so much ! Thank you for all the fond memories. I grew up watching your movies and you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. May you rest in peace.
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Name: Dawn Dunbar
Location: Olympia, Washington
Shirley inspired me to be a better person and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I grew up watching her movies and viewing her as a mentor. My prayers and blessings to you, her family, that you go forward knowing she positively impacted so many people all her life. She was quite a role model.
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Name: Cliff c VOGAN
Location: KANSAS
Shirley Temple we will Be Miss so Much" i Was a Kid visiting Grandpa Grandma Templemeyer we Watch Your Movie,s it Was so Much Fun Watch it" Just Now You are Flying High With the ANGELS Watch Over Your Family Close friends
From Cliff c VOGAN
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Name: Rachel Scott
Location: La Quinta, Caifornia
My first memory of Shirley is "The Good Ship Lollipop", my next is "The Bluebird of Happiness", then "Heidi". In my adult years, I saw every movie, read her book and continued my love for her! She was a precious American Treasure! GOD BLESS YOU, Little Princess!
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Name: Branka Schärli
Location: Switzerland
Thank you Shirley Temple Black
Thank you for all you've given. Rest in peace. In our hearts you live forever!
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Name: Christine Beck
Location: Hamilton, MT
Thank you for your joy and brilliant talent as a child star. May your family find solace in the love you shared with them over the years & the joy that you gave to so many people in a time of trouble so many years ago. You brightened our lives & I know God will brighten yours in the forever after
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Name: Lisa Washington
Location: Burbank, CA
Rest in peace, Shirley! A fantastic life to be proud of in reflection. You have filled the world with memories to cherish forever and ever. My deepest sympathy to your family and friends for their loss. Love one of your earnest fans, Lisa
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Name: Carla
Location: Green Bay Wi
I have always loved Shirley Temple movies and own several, to me she was very talented and obviously had a wonderful fulfilling life , her family has my deepest sympathy for her loss
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Name: Jeffery Mason
Location: Midvale, UT
Thank you Curley Top, may you always be smiling and dancing, while making our days brighter.

You will be sorely missed, until we meet again
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Name: Dennis
Location: San Francisco, CA
As I recall in my younger age so many years ago watching your films with my bother and sister, it was such a wonderful time. Sadly, now a little part of that life as left us. Rest now Shirley, and thank you so much.
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Name: Donna Coulson
Location: Wilmington, NC
THANK YOU. For all the joy, smiles and laughter you brought to people as a child star during the Great Depression. We appreciate your Ambassadorship to Ghana and what is now the Czech Republic. You were awesome in your dignified way. RIP. Sing with the Angels!
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Name: Family Cabezas Araya
Location: Costa Rica
We grew up viewing the Shirley Temple's movies. Please receive our condolences. She will be missed. Thanks God for the great legacy she left. God bless all your family.
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Name: Kara Moore
Location: Marion, Indiana
Thank you Miss Shirley Temple Black not only for your entertaining us in the darkest days, but representing America at its best. You will be missed.
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Name: Lora Devlon Eckler
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Shirley gave me such wonderful times and memories growing up watching her movies on Tv. I didn't care for the curls that my mother did up on me each night to look like Shirley.
She was such a lovely lady
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Name: Marylynne leoncavallo
Location: Bethlehem Georgia
My condolences to Shirley Temple Black's family your mother impacted many people.To her great grand children your parents will share the memory of their mother and grandmother with you. The world will share the curly topped child we all loved. She will be missed by many and adored for years.
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Name: sue plumpton &bob plumpton
Location: florida
i grew up with Shirley Temple..she was a wonderful role model for girls my age. She will be missed. I have followed her life and will always remember her fondly my prayers go out to her family i know she is in heaven entertaining the angels.
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Name: Jen Bareis
Location: Northern California
My deepest sympathies to the family. I loved her movies! She will always be a favorite! Thanks for the great memories.
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Name: Tess
Location: Sacramento
What an extraordinary creature she was! So much talent in a tiny package as a child, so much grace and dignity as a woman. My condolences on your loss.
I will never forget her.
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Name: Carl M. Pratt
Location: Cumberland, MD
Thank you Shirley for you Generosity and Mortality. You left a legacy in your films that are national treasures. You'll always be missed but never forgotten. R.I.P. I am sure you earned your wings.
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Name: R.W.(Bob) Davies
Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Condolences to the family. She brought happiness to generations of her fans & served her country well.
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Name: James M. Carpenter
Location: California
My childhood was brightened by the movies I found on my tv, I made up my own words to sing & dance along side. silly me,they were just old movies.Rest In Peace, the light of my life
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Name: Bobbie Rosenstrauch
Location: Santa Ynez, CA
God Bless You Shirley Temple for bringing joy to all of our lives! As a young girl, I always looked forward to watching you on TV every Sunday morning. Even until recently, always searching the channels for one of my favorite Shirley Temple movies-- ALL were my favorites!! You will be missed!
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Name: Andrew Robinson
Location: Australia
Thankyou and RIP
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Name: Jasmine
Location: Sydney Australia
Shirley temple was and still is my idol, I'm 16 & I remember (I still do till this day) coming home from school & watching all her movies, I wish I could've met her! She really was an amazing & inspiring woman, if I have a girl il be naming her Shirley for sure!
My condolences to her family </3 xxx
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Name: Martha Frye
Location: Malvern, Arkansas
I loved your movies and grew up with them my children loved them too. You were a Very Lovely Woman and will be truly missed by your family and your Fan's May the Lord take care of your Family and give them comfort in your passing.
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Name: Christine
Location: CA
I loved her movies, and have great respect for what she accomplished in her life. My condolences to the Black family.
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Name: Patrice
Location: Condon
\"Have you seen my new shoes?They are made out of wood.I can dance all around,don\'t you think they look good?!\"Heidi,they sure did.I invested in wooden shoes at age 4 after that movie! I\'m 27yrs old now & Im in absolute mourning!You made such an impact on my life as a child.#a
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Name: Sandra Henderson
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
I am so sad. I can never remember not loving you. When your movies were released, I bought two of every one so I could watch one and save a copy for my children and I to watch together. My daughter passed away before I could watch them with her but I watched them with my two boys. See you in Heaven.
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Name: W. Martin
Location: TN, USA
May her family and loved ones find strength to get through this pain
filled loss. I will never forget her.
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Name: Jennifer
Location: Gardner, KS
Thank you Shirley Temple for the goodness & happiness you brought to the world, there will never be another like you, may The Lord comfort your loved ones during their time of grieving.
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Name: Stan Teeten
Location: California
Thank you for the joy and heart you've brought to the world. You will be missed. You have always been my mother's favorite actress. My heartfelt sympathy for the family.
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Name: Christopher B Tatum
Location: houston tx
iwas already in the proccess of getting all her movies i will re double my efforts
i wood have loved to have her as a grandmother this lady has class she is unmatched no one can come close i will forever have animal crackers in my soup
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Name: Kerrie Rochford
Location: Central Coast, NSW, Australia
The girl we all aspired to be like, to tap and sing like and just smile like. Shirley Temple will forever live in our hearts and through the DVD collections we've all got. Worth every watch!! Thankyou for cherished childhood memories.
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Name: CCl Proctor
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Heartfelt condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. A true icon, a woman of character, & talented and delightful actress. Shirley, you will be missed by many generations of Americans and fans worldwide. You were a pioneer in many areas, as entertainer, health advocate, & ambassador. RIP
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Name: Debbie Bechtol
Location: Alexandria Ky
I remember growing up watching re-runs of Shirley Temple movies with my mom. They were classic then and still are today. On Feb 10th God gained an angel. Mrs. Black may you rest in peace. You were loved by millions and will be missed.
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Name: Libby Marder Green
Location: Los Angeles, CA
You were my favorite child movie star. My 1st child was going to be named "Heidi" but turned out to be a boy. You lived a wonderful life, set good examples and your memory will be treasured.
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Name: Maureen Argon
Location: Minden, Nevada
I grew up watching her movies with my family. She brought so much joy to us and so many others. Both my mom and mother in law were her age and loved and admired her so much. She lived her life with such dignity, our country was so fortunate to have such a wonderful ambassador to represent us all.
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Name: Brian
Location: Mill Valley,CA
Thank you for again for the wonderful visit in your Prague office....you offered me M&Ms and we had a charming chat
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Name: Sheila Winston
Location: Seattle,WA
Rest in peace
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Name: Andrea Howard
Location: Fairview hgt Illinois
I send my deepest sympathy to her family she was a great lady and I am sorry for your loss
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Name: Kadeem Stewart
Location: Suisun, CA
I have grown up watching every Shirley Temple movie on TV and I'm so proud that she had a wonderful career. I was 2 years old watching Heidi and A Little Princess on Video. If any actress has the true charisma of sharing some sheer emotional moments, it's gotta be Shirley. God bless you. R.I.P.
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Name: Ann Arnold
Location: California
She brought such joy to my life...to my family's life. She helped bring confidence to little girls because she was so wonderful. I loved all her movies! God bless your family at this sad loss. thank you for sharing her with us.
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Name: Ricky A Piechocki
Location: New London,Wisconsin
As a wonderful actor and ambassador she made it a wonderful world. Her spirit will always enlighten everyone. Sincerely to her family.
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Name: Jennifer
Location: Gardner, KS
Thank you Shirley Temple for the goodness & happiness you brought to the world, there will never be another like you, may The Lord comfort your loved ones during their time of grieving.
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Name: Kim Hoggan
Location: El Paso , TX
You truly are the definition of a STAR. Now you are shining bright above us....Rest in peace and for sure you have a place singing and dancing with the Angels Smiley
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Name: Laurie Lahr
Location: Spokane, Washinton
I am so sorry for your loss. Shirley brightened many of my days. I loved her movies, I am sorry to say I don't know much about her work as an adult. But I still watch her movies whenever they are on TV, and they still make me happy. I am 55 and I will always love her movies.
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Name: Lisa Rizzo Houston
Location: Prior Lake, Minnesota
I have and always will have a place in my heart for an amazing woman, leader and mentor. It is an honor to share Shirley's life with my two beautiful daughters. My condolences to the family.
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Name: carol jean
Location: palatine il
My mom, sisters and i are great fans. Im oneperson away from you,shirley, as my sister has your autograph on her shirley temple doll she received when she was ill. Thank god for giving you to us!!!
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Name: Shirley White
Location: Baton Rouge, LA 70811
See Ms. Shirley we share the same name. I've always loved my name sake...
Thank you for keeping sane with all the joy and love you put into your movies. In a rough childhood you gave me hope...
God Bless your family in this hour of need.
smw51456@gmail.com Thank YOU!
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Name: Maureen
Location: Seattle
\"As long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right.\" -FDR
I think he said it best. And now We shall all carry her spirit and legacy with us and we will be alright. Goodnight Shirley and God Bless.
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Name: Heather Aranda
Location: silver spring, MD
Shirley you will be missed. Because of you I have the most wonderful memories with my grandfather as we enjoyed all your films. My grampa was born the same year as you and I called him when I heard the news. I cried. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us all. We wish the family our best
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Name: Damarcus
Location: New Jersey
Rest in Peace, Miss Temple. You will definitely be missed. God bless you.
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Name: Arnaldo Rodriguez
Location: Beverly Hills, FL
I was born in 1953, but I have loved watching all of her movies even in my "old" age. She has always been a joy for me to watch. I have been trying to collect all of her movies for many years now, and only have a few missing. She will be sorely missed. RIP Dimples.
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Name: Dan
Location: Michigan
You will be sorely missed. Somehow I always thought you would be there. God Bless you and keep you forever in His arms.
Will always love you.
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Name: Michael Bowlin
Location: San Antonio, Texas
There will never be anyone like her. She truly was America's darling and she and her films will be remembered and viewed by generations to come.
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Name: Beverly Wilkins
Location: Newport News, VA
With heartfelt sympathy to your entire family. Your life was one well lived and will be remembered fondly by all, none more than your children, grand children, and great grand children. I still have my own mother's original Shirley Temple doll, a treasure. You brought so much joy. Rest in peace.
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Name: Frank, Rhodes
Location: California
Shirley Temple Black, An American Legend....
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Name: Dee Ryan
Location: Australia
What a beautiful little girl and an equally sensational woman. How I loved her movies when I was a young girl. May she rest in peace and thanks for the joy you brought to many.
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Name: Sarah-Jane Brownie
Location: Levin, New Zealand
I was sad to hear the passing of Shirley Temple. She was a great actress who I watched regularly on television in the 1980's I was about six years. She will be truly missed.
Regards to her family. x0x
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Name: Phyllis H/Line
Location: Louisville,Ky
Rest In Peace Shirley Temple I always loved you and will always still love you, will miss you a whole whole lot. I cried when I heard that you passed away you left too early too bad you couldn't had visit my state while you was still alive. Again RIP. MISS YOU.
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Name: The Pelletier family
Location: Quebec Canada
I grew up watching Shirley on TV it was in Black & white back then. My first movie was Heidi. I was hooked I own a good collection of her movies. I loved her as a child and as an adult, what class she had! We will miss her always. Condolences to the family.

Love from Canada
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Name: John Reid
Location: France
Such sad news. I remember her fondly from watching her movies. May She Rest in Peace.
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Name: karen
Location: rsm ca
I have loved Shirley temple movies since I was a very young girl and to this very day I never miss a chance to watch a Shirley temple movie when aired.

these movies have brought me much joy.

I was very sad to hear of Shirley temple's passing.

good bless curly top.
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Name: Diana Cooper
Location: Muncie indiana
Also,was in awe of everything she accomplished in her adult life.She helped so many people in that regard,as she did in the movies by helping to escape real life for awhile,.had I not been at work when given the news,I would've cried.my heart goes out to all who loved her
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Name: The Russo Family
Location: Johnson City,TN.
I Thank you for giving me your sweet self I have loved you always Little Princess my favorite!!!!I'm 48 and my daughter who is 18 love u and will live in our lives always we hope with my childrens children and so on....Thank u she must have been the best mommy and grandma ever!!!!!Best child dancer!
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Name: Robyn Markow
Location: Nortridge,CA
I loved Shirley Tenple when.I.was a kid. I wanted to be like her & wear poufy dresses & tap dance. I didn't own any poufy frocks or could dance but I did play her(along w/ a dozen other girls).in.a talent show. I have a pic of my best friend & I dressed alike complete w/ the curls.RIP.& Thanks:-)
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Name: mike h.
Location: baltimore md.
SHIRLEY,thank you for helping me to raise my daughter to be the beautiful person she is. you are the best role model a parent can have.
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Name: Viviam Whittle
I was born at the end of 1971, and grew up watching Shirley Temple films. I was in awe of her. She always made me feel happy. I have great memories of my beloved grandfather watching her movies with me. I will cherish them always! Cannot wait to meet you in Heaven Shirley! Until then!!
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Name: Velda
Location: California
My little sister and I arrived from a foreign land, and learned to be American in language and culture by watching TV, and Shirley Temple was our favorite. We watch all her movies every time they came on. She eased our fears. She was one of our first friends. Thanks for your friendship. Bless you.
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Name: Diane Dye
Location: Carmel, Indiana
So sorry to hear of your loss. I have been a fan of your mother's my entire life. She had an amazing life as a little girl and as a woman. She will be missed by many, but most of all Susan, Jack Jr., and Lori, her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. My warmest sympathies go with you all.
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Name: Danica
I heard the sad news over the radio this morning on my drive to work. My heart broke. God bless you Shirley Temple black. You will be much missed. My condolences to all those most closely affected by her passing. REV 21:4
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Name: Stormee Elstrod Mihoky
Location: Tucson,Az
Women, from so many generations, mourning inside but smiling at the memories they have of watching Shirley Temple movies. I do as a child, a mother, and a grandmother. Such a blessing. As a child, she inspired me to look for the happy and not give up! What an example. My heartfelt sympathy.
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Name: Bettyo Andrews
Location: Wichita, KS
Dear family, Deeply sorry for your loss. We share your pain. Loved her always. Took tap dance lessons,got many perms, and drank my fair share of Shirley Temples!
Forever in our hearts! Thanks for the memories!
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Name: tracey hutchins
Location: adeliade south australia
my deepest heartfelt condolences I have lots of fond childhood memories of watching your movies with my grannies and did the same when my children were born I still watch them today. much love to the family a wonderful lady gone xxxx
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Name: María Victoria Gil
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
I am Venezuelan and I love Shirley Temple and her movies. She was a great, delightful star. god bless you and your family. Rest in peace.
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Name: Dean
Location: eva.measor@domtex.com. au
The WORLD is missing you already. A true legend and a kind and beautiful human being. Deep sympathy to the Temple Black family. God bless you Shirley, may you rest in ever lasting peace. You will never leave our hearts. We loveLOVE you.

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Name: Debra
Location: Australia
Was so sad to hear of Shirley Temples passing , thank you lovely lady for your wonderful movies dancing and singing ! You are truly a gem you will be missed but in our hearts forever thank you for the memories !
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Name: Dean
Location: eva.measor@domtex.com. au
The WORLD is missing you already. A true legend and a kind and beautiful human being. Deep sympathy to the Temple Black family. God bless you Shirley, may you rest in ever lasting peace. You will never leave our hearts. We loveLOVE you.

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Name: Sharon Coats
Location: Louisiana
A precious child and a lovely lady, Mrs. Black touched so many of our lives. May God bless and comfort her loved ones.
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Name: Sandy
Location: Southern California
My heartfelt condolences to Shirley ' Family. I grew up with her and enjoyed all her movies. Thank you for having later served and having a servants heart. I pray for peace for the family at this difficult tine. May we see her again in heaven with our Lord and Savior. Amen
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Name: Meredith R
Location: Missouri
I still can't believe you're gone. What joy you've brought to the world. I remember watching some of your films when I was younger and I just watched 2 of them within the last couple of weeks. I hadn't seen you onscreen in years. You lived one heck of a life, onscreen and off. RIP, beautiful. <3
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Name: Tamara McMullen
Location: ont, canada
my Grandmother was the one who introduced me to Shirley Temple,we watched and still watch her movies together, but now not only do we get to watch them together we are now sharing them with my son, her great grandson.i was so sad to hear of Shirley passing.my condolences to her family and loved ones
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Name: Victoria Frazier
Location: Paso Robles, California
I couldn't wait to watch your movies (1960s) then I was young. I laughed, cried, sang along and still do. Have a Shirley Temple doll now too. You were so cute and grew into a beautiful lady. My heartfelt condolances to your family. Perhaps now you are tap dancing once again. You will be missed.
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Name: diane perry bragadin
Location: monroe michigan
you shall never be forgotton never we all love you our sweetheart god bless you and america love prayers diana
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Name: Walt
You will be missed
rating rating rating rating rating
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Name: david parson
Location: rockwall, tx
She touched the world and still lives in our hearts.
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Name: David & Linda
Location: Rochester, NY
She was one of the greatest childhood actors of all times. and grew up to be an ambassador of life. She will be greatly missed and brought joy to all that saw her movies. During the depression she was the icon of hope. God bless you Shirley and thank you for the fond memories.
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Name: Megan
i remember that as a child my mom often took me to the local library where I would check out old Shirley Temple films.. My favorite ones being "The little Colonel" and "Heidi". Thanks for the memories Shirley! I died a little inside when I heard she had passed.
My heartfelt sympathy to her family.
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Name: Darryl F. Zanuck
Location: Hollywood, California
You were the greatest
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Name: Trinity
Location: Palmdale
My daughter is 3 and adores you! We luv u
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Name: Anne Wilson
Location: Australia
Shirley was a most remarkable child that grew into a wonderful woman. I grew up with her movies and her wonderful Story Book series. She will be sorely missed as she was a truly great actor and a very caring individual.
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Name: Diana Cooper
Location: Muncie,Indiana
So sad.The little princess remains to be my most favorite movie of all time. I own every movie and short film ever made,most on both vhs and DVD. Though I am fairly young to be a fan and lead a party lifestyle,these movies have always spoken to me.not generally a sentimental person,I almost cried.
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Name: John
Im 31 and grew up watching her movies. She will always be remembered. God bless you Shirley temple black and rest in peace.
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Name: Laura Van Duyn
Location: Houston TXT
My grandchildren are 4 to 10 years old in and they love their Shirley Temple DVDs. This tells me that Shirley's memory will never die. No other child actor accomplished what she did and also lived an outstanding adult life continuing to give to people.
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Name: Groucho Marx
Location: Beverly Hills
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Name: Debbie Carroll
Location: Lindenhurst, NY
Dear Shirley,

I will always remember you as someone I admired. As a young child actress to being an Ambassador. As a breast cancer survivor myself, you showed all women that we could get through it. God Bless you, and may you always fly with the Angels...R.I.P..
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Name: Laura Robichek
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Thank you for sharing your sunshine, sweetness, warmth, wholesomeness, and adorableness in your movies! You brought some much-needed lightness to my early years.
Your family, and the world, was very blessed with your presence.
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Name: Janette Flannery
Location: MI
I remember in my young teens every Sunday at 11am a local station would show a Shirley Temple movie. My friend and I never missed it. We watched those movies over and over. My heart is heavy for the world's loss.
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