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Name: kimberly harris and children
Location: canada
She will always remain apart of our family.Her movies are treasured in our home. She brought joy,peace,love,happiness and life to all of us.May God Bless her family through these times.

Love Kimberly and Children
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Name: Dr. Nancy Kovach
Location: New Jersey
Shirley Temple was an angel on Earth and now she has her heavenly wings. She was one of a kind, blessed with unlimited talents who made the world a better place. What an honor it was to share the 1988 Republican Convention floor with her. God bless you and your family. You will be loved forever!
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Name: Natalie
Location: Michigan, USA
Mrs. Black was a pivotal part of our collective childhood; a beacon of light in the darkest of days. Through triumph and adversity, I found I could relate with, sing along to, and pretend to be Shirley Temple. I'm sure there is some glorious tapping on the stairway to Heaven. Rest in peace, ma'am.
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Name: Suzette Cledera Harper
Location: Texas
My mom loves Shirley Temple. I gave her a set of SHirley's movie one Christmas and both enjoyed watching them. Shirley was a talented, smart kid.
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Name: Karolyn Pataky
Location: Sydney, Australia
Thank you for my childhood memories of you, you were one of a kind.
God Bless you lovely lady, rest in peace. love you xxx
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Name: Diane Grover
Location: gig harbor wa
i am praying for the family rip shirley
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Name: Janet Tatro
Location: San Antonio, Texas
My condolences to the family of Mrs. Shirley Temple Black. It is with great sadness that I send this message as I was a great fan of such a beautiful and talented Lady. I have watched just about all of your Mother's movies and thoroughly enjoyed them again and again. God bless the family always!
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Name: Marja Jokinen
Location: Espoo, Finland
Many Finnish people us included have enjoyed her performances in our youth. She was a remarkble girl and later a wonderful adult, whom will be missed. Shirley Temple is only one of a kind.
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Name: Heather Kaudy
Location: Earp, CA
Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to so many people, and for your service to our country and to the world. You will forever live on, singing and dancing in our hearts. To your family and friends, much love and sincere sympathy. Rest in Peace, America's Darling....
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Name: Nicolle
Location: Australia
Thank you Shirley...for your contribution to the world as both a child actress during the difficult years of the Depression and later as a diplomat in the service of your nation.

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Name: Phil Castigiano
The sadness in my heart is great for the loss of a dear friend. Miss you Shirl.

Rest in eternal peace.
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Name: Mackie Saba
Location: Anaheim, CA,
Thank you, Shirley, for giving me a lifetime of happiness, watching your films and singing along to the soundtrack collection album. I gave my students a brief lesson today on what an icon and patriot you were. I know that you and Bill Robinson are tapping away in heaven right now. Rest in peace.
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Name: H.J
Location: Rochester mi
you inspired many and were a good person. r.i.p. Shirley
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Name: BillieJo Milano
My deepest sympathy goes out to the family of our dearest Shirley Temple. So many movies have touched our families heart. Hugs and prayers. God Bless.
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Name: Jonnie G
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An astonishing, unique and one-off lady, and a wonderful career as Ambassador later. Awesome.

Thank you Shirley for all the joy and laughter you brought to people. Hope you had a happy and fulfilling life. Rest in Peace dear Shirley ....

Singing all the way to the pearly gates Smiley
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Name: andrew zoeller
Location: Jacksonville,FL
R.I.P. Shirley Temple..u will be greatly missed..i will always remember"on the good ship lollipop"!"Bright Eyes"and"Curly Top"were 2 of your biggest successes..we'll have your movies to treasure
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Name: Meg Krebs
Location: Denver, Colorado
My thoughts and prayers goes out to Shirley's Family and Friends. She will live on forever through the many films she had done during her Acting Career. God bless her and her family.
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Name: Milady Hearing
Location: Deltona, FL
I am so sad for your passing dear Shirley...But I am very glad to have enjoy all your movies, I have most of your collections that I will preserve and pass on to my daughters. Thank you for all your smiles and the happiness you brought to all of us. My love to your family, and may you rest in peace
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Name: M. C. Lane
Location: San Diego, CA
To "bright eyes" who made the whole world smile. Thank-you for sharing yourself and touching so many lives.
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Name: Raymond
Location: Deltona, Florida
I will miss you so much. I always enjoyed watching your movies. You had more talent in your little finger then all of the actor's of today. May the Lord smile upon you when you enter the gates.
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Name: Debra Mesiti
Location: Melbourne Victoria Australia
God bless you Shirley. Many memories of pretending I was you when while watching your movies. Such a talent I believe not seen since. Your achievements both as a child movie star and then later as an ambassador for your country are just astounding. Condolences to your family. RIP lovely lady.
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Name: Sharon Woods
Location: Pikeville, KY
Dear Family, I have loved Shirley Temple since I was a small child. My life was enriched thru her wonderful movies but later I came to admire and respect the woman she became. My heart is saddened for your loss. I will pray for you. Our family will continue to remember Shirley thru her movies.
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Name: Kymberly Ewing
Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I have been your biggest fan alll my life, admire you so as a person, you wil be dearly missed by al..RWG
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Name: Carolyn S. Church
Location: Toledo, Ohio
My sincere condolences to Shirley\\\'s family & friends. Like so many others I loved watching all of her many movies both as a child & adult.
Rest in peace Shirley Temple Black.
Thanks for both the laughter & tears!
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Name: Anne Hill
Location: Prairie Grove, Arkansas
I grew up watching her on TV. I wanted to be her. I thought she was the greatest little girl in the world.
Long after I grew up came Ebay where I discovered I could get a real Shirley Temple Doll I never knew existed.
Tears were shed and my heart is heavy. R,I.P. you will never be forgotten. Love
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Name: nancy cason
Location: virginia
I am so sorry for the lost of your mother,grandmother,great grandmother..I remember as a child and now as an adult of 50 yrs her movies I just loved watching her with aww.My prayers are with you and your family..Bless you Shirley temple
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Name: Shirley White
Location: Baton Rouge, LA 70811
As you see, Ms Shirley Temple Black, We just share our first names.Shirley
I just want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for all of your movies.
I was in a horrible childhood you kept me going. God Bless to Your whole family. You were well loved. Especially by ME.
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Name: Holly Whitman
Location: Arizona, USA
My childhood was filled with Shirley Temple movies and songs. We would sing along with a record of her music and we adored her! It is wonderful that she lived a long life of service and was so loved, adored, and cherished. She made the world a better place and we will never forget her.
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Name: Margo Parker
Location: Hayward ,Calif.
I WATCH ALL HER MOVIES ON TV. AND NOW WISH I HAD THE MONEY TO BUY THEM. She help me grow up Happy and understanding about life.
She will be miss so much by all .
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Name: Linda Gaw
Location: Galveston, Texas
Shirley Temple you are America's
most admired finest inspirational
sweetheart of all time.
Forever in our hearts love you always !
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Name: Shirley White
Location: Baton Rouge, LA 70811
As you see, Ms Shirley Temple Black, We just share our first names.Shirley
I just want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for all of your movies.
I was in a horrible childhood you kept me going. God Bless to Your whole family. You were well loved. Especially by ME.
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Name: Myra Zutia
Location: South Florida
Shirley Temple was an amazing gift to all of us. Born in 1954, I was such a fan. I followed Shirley as an adult and was so proud and delighted for her and by her. She was a class act - one 'singular sensation'. May your family have no more sorrow and may your Mother be a light for all who loved her.
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Name: Rose Edwards
Location: Cherry Valley, CA
I grew up with Shirley Temple. In my heart she will always reflect the sweet innocence of childhood that I wish children knew today. My six grand-daughers, ages 10 to 16, knew Shirley Temple\\\'s movies. She\\\'ll always live in our hearts.
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Name: Kimberly Angel
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Shirley Temple was the most talented child star of all time!!! I love & own almost all of her childhood movies. Something that I was more than happy to share with my daughter, Kalie, who was also charmed by America's Little Darling!!! You leave with us your childhood & we love & thank you for that!
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Name: Jane C. Garcia
Location: Detroit, MI
She help our Nation during the worst time ! the great depression.. She let people forget for a time.. Now she with her love one in the Lord house. My Prayers for her & her Family!!
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Name: Marie Kandler
Location: Hayward, CA
My grandmother was a huge fan, she always talked about how your movies changed her life. We would watch your movies together. You are a role-model that's never let us down! Wherever you are I'm sure my gram is waiting to say HI to you!
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Name: Sharon Pool
Location: Shenandoah, IA
When I was about 4 my parents had me watch a Shirley Temple movie. I was awed. I didn't understand that she was in her 20's and hosting the Shirley Temple Theater I soon became addicted too. I only know I tried to emulate her and idolized her. I'm glad her movies will live forever.
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Name: Donnie Pace
Location: Sanford,NorthCarolina
I am sorry for your passing it is so sad to see someone that has grown up over the years and done so much awesome work leave this earth but you have left such a great impact on this Earth that I am sure your impact in Heaven will be more.
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Name: Susan E. Smith
Location: Wheeling, WV
I saw her in "Heidi" when I was a young girl and adored her. When Heidi was visiting the wheelchair-bound Clara in London and her lovely little snow globe was smashed, I sobbed my heart out right there in the theater. What a sweet little thing she was! Her family has my deepest sympathy. God bless!
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Name: Annetta Osborn
Location: Warrenton Oregon
Thank you for all you have done, my heart is heavy for the family I'm sure their pain is great. Rest in peace your job here on earth is done.
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Name: Julianne Simpson
Location: Adelaide, Australia
I don't remember which movie I saw first but I have loved them all for a very long time. It still amazes me that at such a young age she could 'sparkle' on the screen and make you feel so much joy. Shirley Temple was remarkable and I'm saddened by her death. She will live on in our hearts.
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Name: Leticia Leon
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Thank you for the smiles. I have enjoyed sharing your movies with my fifteen year old daughter every since she was three. Your joyful spirit is heartwarming.
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Name: Jimmy Banks
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Shirley served this country in so many varied ways. She brought joy to many generations and dignity flow from her with diplomatic work. I personally enjoyed her works after she left the childhood roles. Thank you for being a good role model.
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Name: Charlene
Location: Florida
Another piece of our innocence died today! I adored her films as a child and I continue to cherish them as an adult. When you watched Shirley you didn't have a care in the world! There will never be another Shirley Temple, she defined true escapism entertainment.
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Name: Bryant
She was a gift to the world....God bless you
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Name: E. Williams
Location: Atlanta, Ga
I was saddened to hear about the loss of a great legend. I remember watching her movies and thinking, "Wow what a talented child and she's adorable too!". She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Stephenie Paulson
Location: Tacoma WA
You will be greatly missed & forever loved by all a lot. I remember my grandma playing your movies for me & my brother which we both instantly fell in love with when we were little kids. you truly were a wonderful caring person & beautiful. Sing & dance away in heaven americas forever little darling
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Name: Elisa Juarez
Location: california
The passing of this wonderful woman saddens me greatly. It is because of Shirley Temple that I was able to spend many beautiful moments with my granddaughter watching her movies. Our Shirley doll will mean even more to us now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Name: Allan Mace
Location: Washington DC
Thank you for all that you have given us. We will always have your movies to make us laugh, and yes, even cry. You've touched the hearts of countless people, and your passing is quite personal for all of us. You will be deeply missed.
God Bless You and your Family.
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Name: Anonymous
Location: Pebble Beach, CA
Having gone to grammar school with Charlie and Lori I recall what a loving mother Shirley was. She gave freely of her time volunteering her efforts generously on behalf of all the students as well as her own children. She was humble and always full of kind words for everyone she met. Missed she is!
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Name: Rosemary Shull Alvarez
Location: Shingle Springs California
My father loved Shirley Temple.He grew up in Manhattan Kansas and saw her being photographed in a wheat field in about 1936.My daughter was inspired at age 2 by watching her movies and is a dance teacher today!
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Name: Shari
Location: Michigan
My childhood Sunday mornings were spent with my friend Shirley Temple. Today I still watch her movies and I bought my daughter her movies when she was a child. Great Memories of a Great Lady. She will be missed. Prayers to the family.
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Name: Norm
Location: Alameda
Growing up in San Francisco & not having many of life's indulgences, I remember gathering around our black & white TV (when it was working) and watching Shirley Temple movies. I was too young to understand but still got joy watching mom & dad smile and laugh. What a wonderful classy lady. Thank you
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Name: Janice Klemme
Location: Las Vegas, Nev
I am so heart broken over the passing of this legend. The most loved child star of all time. And a courageous and influential woman. Shirley, you are loved by millions and will never be forgotten. Thank you for being a part of all our lives.
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Name: Julie and Jean Russell
Location: Ladera Ranch, Ca
My Mom Jean is 87 and she has always loved Shirley Temple. The 6 children and 14 grandchildren in our family have all grown up watching "Shirley Temple" movies. We thank her for her wonderful contributions to the world both as a child star and as a goodwill ambassador.
Much Love and Blessing
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Name: Sonny Southworth
Location: Southern California
She was a gift to the world...bless her heart for leaving her mark in so many ways.
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Name: A, H
Location: bc, Canada
When I was a littler girl my parent's introduced me to Shirley Temple. She always felt like a caring, bright-eyed girl. I loved her songs and would dance and sing to them as a child and she will be forever remembered as a part of my childhood. She was a true joy to this world and will be remembered.
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Name: Claudette Hazard
Location: Birch Bay WA
When our 21 year old granddaughter Shannon was little she reminded us so much of Shirley, and she loved watching her movies. Shirley was a byword of entertainment in our home for many years. She was a precious little girl!
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Name: Kathy
Location: California
Grew up watching her shows, she gave me comfort when I was sad, and good times. My child also grew up with her. Love and peace goes out to her family. She left a mark in this world
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Name: Nancy Hatcher
Location: Selma, Alabama

When I think of my childhood, the name of Shirley Temple comes to my mind just as natural as the carefree days of playing hide and seek. May God allow you to sing and dance with his angels. Thank you.

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Name: sami
Location: MA
Rest in peace Shirley . You will be greatly missed
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Location: ILLINOIS
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Name: Debbie Lewis-Taylor
Location: North Chesterfield, VA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. When I became a mom, I passed on the tradition to my daughter. Needless to say, Shirley has played a great role in my family and she will be greatly missed. God bless her soul. May her family find comfort in the arms of God!
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Name: Gretchen Floto
Very few entertainment personalities become an intrinsic part of the heart and home of generations of viewers; Shirley Temple Black is one of the few. Her talent and charm filled my life with wonder as a child. As an adult, this graceful, intelligent, and dedicated woman filled me with admiration.
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Name: joanne scott
Location: culpeper, va
hi, i have such saddness to hear of shirley temple! i grew up with her, and still now i love to watch her movies! she was the greatest, and had touched my heart deeply! THANK YOU SHIRLEY! I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!
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Name: Jacqueline Conley
Location: Hodgdon, Maine
What a blessing she was to so many. Her movies would cheer you up, even on the worst day. Even in adulthood she made a difference to others. May she rest with the Lord and have eternal peace and joy with her creator.
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Name: Sylvia
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
I remember seeing Shirley Temple when I was a child. I never knew her personally but I think she must have been a fine individual. I wish the best for her and her family and that is to see the wonderful hope that the Almighty (Psalms 83:18) promises at Rev.21:3,4.
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Name: Sharon Hunt
Location: Fairmont NC
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Name: Stewart A. Hoss
Location: Salina, KS
I enjoyed her movies with my favorite being Fort Apache and I greatly appreciated her service to her country.
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Name: Misty
Location: Anderson in
Shirley temple was the best show i have ever see
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Name: Su Bianco
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
When I was a little girl I had very curly hair.The kids in school made fun of me. Then I saw my first Shirley Temple movie and knew that I had someone to look up to who looked like me. I have loved and admired her since then. My condolences to her family. She was a lovely person and will be missed.
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Name: Angel Huerta
Location: California
Shirley you will be missed you brought joy to all at tough times and i loved your films for such a long time we love you and won't ever forget you. You were are great actor, ambassador and most importantly mother. You will forever live on in not only my hear but all those you deeply touched.
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Name: Brian
Location: Florida
My grandparents growing up kept bugging me to watch a Shirley temple movie and I was stubborn I wouldn't I grew up in the 80 s so in 1998 my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer Iknowing he liked Shirley temple movies I rented all of them we watched them together I loved them R.I.P Shirley
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Name: Anonymous fan
My 7 year old and I hugged and cried as we read the news today. We had long been meaning to send her a card to tell her how much we loved her. I know it's odd but I always took comfort in knowing she was still alive, hopefully being a happy grandma. She was my lifelong hero. Love you always...
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Name: Joyce Evelyn
Location: Memphis Tennessee
Thanks for the memories. Rest in Peace
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Name: Brian
Location: Florida
My grandparents growing up kept bugging me to watch a Shirley temple movie and I was stubborn I wouldn't I grew up in the 80 s so in 1998 my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer Iknowing he liked Shirley temple movies I rented all of them we watched them together I loved them R.I.P Shirley
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Name: Emmie
Location: Washington
I grew up watching Shirley Temple's films on TV every week. Along with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, her characters left an indelible impression on me, as well as inspired me to start tap class at 4 yrs old. Thank you Shirley, for countless childhood memories; I'm so glad we'll always have your work.
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Name: Diane Kimzey
Location: Sugar Land, Texas
Our Earth Angel has become a Heavenly Angel. She was one of a kind, a beautiful person and will always be remembered. May the love of family, friends and cherished memories bring moments of comfort to all.
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Name: Marlo Sabrina Sanchez
Location: Anaheim, CA
She always made me happy watching her when I was a little girl. She was a talent I will never for get.
She still make me happy when I play her movies for my grandson he love to dance when he see her dance.
Rest In peace and God Bless Your Family.

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Name: Patrica Greer
Location: Henry, Tennessee
Prayers for her family for comfort.Shirley gave laughter and enjoyment to many people all around the world. I watched her every movie and my daughter enjoy watching her. rest in peace we have another Angel in heaven.
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Name: Susan Van Blaricom
Location: San Antonio, TX
We will really miss you Shirley. I recently read your autobiography and purchased of your movies, and I've enjoyed everything about you. There is now another angel in heaven. May you R.I.P. We love you. You've really boosted up the nations morale
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Name: Vivian Draper
Location: Whiteman Air Force Base, MO
My childhood favorite & role model. "Heidi", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", "The Good Ship Lollipop" my favorite books. Rest in Peace, Shirley Temple, forever remembered in the age of innocence for great movies.
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Name: prescilla ferris
Location: australia
rest in peace sweet lady you are one of the best god bless you and your family my sincere sympathy
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Name: Nicholas and Meredith Smith
Location: La Grande, OR
She lived for Duty, Honor, Country. She was one of the greatest Americans we have ever had, gracious, moral, and exemplary. We wish only the best for her family. Our Aunt, Shirley Connelly worked for Mr. Black, and always praised the whole family for their excellency. Thank you for your service.
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Name: Susan
Location: Grand Junction, CO
I remember growing up and watching Shirley Temple movies. I would always ask my mom to put rollers in my hair so I can have "Shirley Temple" curls. She was a wonderful child actress and a wonderful woman. May she rest in peace. May the Lord comfort her family at this terrible time.
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Name: AWitherspoon
Location: FLORIDA
Shirley Temple left an indelible impression on me as a child ... As an adult I continued to admire her multiplicity of talents, as a result of what she managed to exude as a woman, entrepreneur philanthropist and great Humanitarian. Prayers are being rendered. God Bless those whose lives she touched
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Name: Lizzie
Location: San Jose, CA
Just the sweetest and most beautiful of memories our precious Shirley <3 Thank you for making our lives so much better! I loved watching your movies with my mother, then my children. You touched so many lives in so many ways! Praying the Lord surround your family and bring them comfort and love <3
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Name: Col Murphy
Location: Toorak Melbourne
A world icon and treasure who touched all.Adored and loved by all. She was the true example of SERVICE to the world. A big bella heart. Ms Temple gave us happy times that we will love and remember always. Thanks for the wonderful memories! R.I.P.
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Name: Brian Dennis
Location: Ohio
I watched most of her movies growing up as a child, I enjoyed her energy and loved her awesome and wonderful gifts that she would do at her many movies. She's a icon for Hollywood as well as our hearts. As a Christian, I hope she's in Heaven and I'll meet her there
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Name: Annette McD
Location: Tacoma,WA
Shirley, You tap-danced your way into our hearts and there you forever will be. May God bless you and give you peace.
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Name: Karen
Location: Cincinnati
My father actually watched "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" with me... He, who would not watch a movie if a commercial was available, actually watched it...
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Name: Philippe Laurin
Location: Montreal, Qc, Canada
i am 25 Wink and my heart is as broken as a 5 year old. Mrs. Temple what you have shared with the world is just amazing and i will never be able to say thank you for that .
I will Miss you
The world will Miss You
and obviously your loves will
Merci and Thank you for everything.
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Name: The Franks
Location: Bloomington, IL
Sorry for your loss. She will be remembered for generations to come in our family. We still continue to enjoy watching her movies, they never grow old.
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Name: Clara Dean Clark
Location: Starke Florida 32091
My favorite sunday afternoon thing to do growing up was watch Shirley Temple movies. She was the geatest. My heart goes out to the family. May God bless.
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Name: Deborah
Location: Colorado
Deepest condolences to the family,my prayers go out to them,i grew up watching Shirley Temples movies,they always gave me a warm feeling,watching her bright eyes and smile,as well as her dancing.Rest in Peace
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Name: Patty
Location: Cypress Texas
I grew up watching her magical movies . I wanted to be her in the movies, I wanted her to be my best friend, or my sister. I had my mom roll my hair and I slept in uncomfortable rollers to have corkscrew curls. I sang Animal crackers and took tap lessons.You will be so missed-but never forgotten!!!
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Name: David Bonhote
Location: Milford, NY
Likewise I too am sure to cry in bed for Shirley's passing later tonight after learning of her expiration. And my utmost sincere sympathy to her family in grievance! She will never be replaced in our hearts for the cutest most adorable child! Goodbye Shirley as we'll all miss you soooooooo much! XO
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Name: Donna Cales
Location: Ohio
I remember watching Shirley with my parents and enjoyed every movie I seen of hers. She was very talented. Even though her stardom didn't last very long, she brought more joy to us than anyone who has been in acting for years. She will be missed. I pray that God will comfort you in this sad time.
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