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Name: Marylynn Cipponeri
Location: Michigan
I watched every show of hers when I was a little girl.The talent that she had was beyond remarkable.The tears she could bring to you is unreal.Now Many many years later my youngest son who is 37years old with three daughters watches her shows.I bought him many dvd's.God Bless Shirley Temple.
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Name: Nikki Allegretti
I'm 22 years old and I have grown up watching Shirley Temple movies and loving her! She always made me happy when I was down. I love everything about her voice and her smile. I couldn't handle the day she passed. <3 her
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Name: Paulette
Location: Sacramento, CA
Here I am at 64, and having loved you so much as a child, I have just made a Shirley Temple Wall in my home. Twenty two dolls, plates, photos, memorabilia, and I just love walking thru that room many times a day. Her personality, smile,humor,cuteness, all made her such a special child star. Always!
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Name: Charlene B
Location: British Columbia, Canada
I grew up with your movies and you made it so my childhood was not so lonely. Thank you for all that you did for your people (fans).
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Name: David Maxwell
Location: Crawfordsville,Indiana
She was soo darling, Great Actress
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Name: Char
Location: Michigan
So many wonderful performances; what a blessing to so many people!! Watching "Heidi" is still one of my Christmas traditions. Thank you to those who still show her films and make them available to those of us who cherish them and her.
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Name: Shirley Morgan
Location: League City, Texas
Shirley Temple will always have a special place in my heart because I was named after her. She was an awesome movie star as a child and remained a wonderful role model for her fans all her life. She was and always will be a shining example for everyone. Rest in peace.
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Name: marian
Location: buffalo
there are very few people who spanned a life from childhood as a talented and vivacious child actress to first a teen ager still beautiful and talented and then an adult who was a role model for us all.
rip shirley your greatness lives on
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Name: Wendy Sells
Location: Fortuna California
with me(WENDY SELLS)have been watching the Shirle Temple Black and I thought that she was a great singer as well as a great dancer as well. from Wendy Sells
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Name: Holly R. Brulia
Location: Enola, Pennslyvania
I always loved her movies and still do
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Location: NJ
I loved growing up with Shirley Temple movies.. She was an adorable child with so much talent. When I was around 5 yrs. old, people use to tell me I resembled her, that compliment I have lived with forever.. There will never be another like her. Could watch her movies over and over!
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Name: Pam
Location: Illinois
My Dad loved Shirley Temple movies growing up and he got me to watching them when I was little.I still love here movies.
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Name: Angelina Lancelloti
Location: Whitestone NY
She was awesome I watch her movies and laugh, she was so pretty
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Name: Ruth Merriner
Location: Akron ,Ohio
Shirley had long full life and helped for many to cheer people past her childhood and Thier.
I had a bother who thought she was his little girl friend and took a lot of teasing.
I've had a grandson who sadly for him was her
double and the same for his daughter.
She alway be part of America
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Name: Teresa
Location: Dallas,Texas
I am going to miss Mrs. Black,I know I am
not family,but I really enjoy watching her movies.She was a wonderful actress and I
and a great person in life.
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Name: Debbie
Location: Pennsylvania
Like many I watched and enjoyed her movies through out my childhood, I'm in my 50's and continue to enjoy them on TMC. Shirley was so delightful and incredibly talented at such a young age I wished she had continued to make movies throughout her adult hood.i'm glad that her second marriage was happy
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
What a wholesome delight who brought great character and sheer cuteness to the big screen! What a disappointment that TCM did not air her pictures until very recently. There will NEVER be another Shirley Temple!
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Name: pam
Location: saint louis, mo
You made my childhood so much better you and books would take me to other places, you were a savior in my dysfunctional household. Thanking you for all the fond memories and may you rest in peace
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Name: Brian James Rutherford
Location: Wimberley, Texas
I sit enjoying her last films, and grew up watching her films. She had a heavy calling on her life and successfully carried it with such grace and energy that shone through her smile. Lifting heavy hearts as a small child during dark times, to her important work as an adult her example to follow
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Name: Catherine McIntyre
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
I grew up watching Shirley ! Adored her as a youngster and admired her work in later years ! Priceless memories not forgot ! And assured will not be forgotten !
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Name: Lynda Premorel
Location: Lakeland Fl
I spend my days disabled now, and I watch Shirley Temple movies to lift my sprits.. There is not one movies out there that doesn't make me smile.. RIP Shirley...
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Name: Catherine Skinner
Location: Kentucky
I grew up watching Shirley Temple, I nearly watched almost all of her shows, when she would sing and dance I would sing and dance, and when Shirley cried I cried. She was such a inspiration in my life that I had quoted many times to parents when I grow up I want to be just like Shirley Temple :-)
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Name: julia Williams
Location: Ontario Canada..
I love Shirley as a child growing up her acting roles were awesome. So lucky to have seen her, she was wonderful....
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Name: Justina
Location: Wisconsin
I Just Love Shirley Temple Movies I have almost all of her movie's when im down I watch a Shirley Temple Movie it picks me right up She was One of the Best Actresses in Her Time both young and Older, There is no one Like her nor will there be I was sadden when I heard she passed God Bless to The Fam
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Name: linda
Location: hemet, ca
I grew up watching this amazing child actor! I loved every movie she made, but my all time favorite was "Heidi". I am now 66 yrs old and still love watching her! Her movies helped shape my life ~ things like facing adversity, being kind, and not running away from problems!
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Name: Lyndell Gordon
Location: Witt , IL
I remember watching movie's of Shirley Temple black and injoyed the singing and foot tapping dances and music , Condolences to the family
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Name: Yolanda Lee
Location: Grand Haven, Michigan
Love ur movies u will be greatly missed
no one can ever take ur place
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Name: Jami Conroy
Location: Prescott, Az
I'm just so very sad again,I watched the auction all day today,tried my best to get something of Ms. Shirley's,I tried with all the money I have. My heart is broken, the smile and charm of her saved my life many times, pulled me out of the darkest places. I wish auctions were for poor people too Sad
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Name: molly
I loved all of her movies she was one great actor
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Name: Elisa Breitenbach
I just wanted Shirley's family to know about the auction just in case they did not. Oh how we all loved their Mother!!! xox

816 358-0840
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Name: Elisa Breitenbach
Location: 1110 West Walnut Street Independence Mo 64050
I tried to go to the Auction today. I have a donut shop in Raytown. It's a place many of us love Shirley Temple. They told me we could not go in. I was told we could not look at or buy the $75.00 book that was made for the show. That is a strange rule for people who came with money to buy.
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Name: Charles jablonski
Location: Pascagoula, MS
She made my wife and feel good about the every day events that bring you down. She brought light to very dark days. She will be sorely missed. May God keep her and Bless her.
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Name: Anita Rose
Location: San Rafael
Everything I learned in life about how to treat people in kind, I learned from Shirley Temple. If only more people would take to heart the lessons taught (do unto others...), the world would be a better place. Many thanks to a fantastic role model who never apologized for being one.
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Name: å.ñy.a
Location: diamond crater
I love you.
I miss you. Hi Guaiya Hao nanan Biha.
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Name: Anna Todd
Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
I own several of Shirley's movies. I enjoy them a lot. remember growing up watching her shows. She was a great actress and I will miss her.
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Name: judi tracy
Location: golden valley, az
When I was a child, Shirley Temple's movies were my favorites. I was in awe of such talent in a lil girl. When I became a parent, 2 daughters, I showed them all the films she made as a wee girl. Now, as a gma of 10, I have 6 girls enjoying her work. We have all the movies on dvd, so all can enjoy!!!
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Name: Cathy loveall
Location: Simpsonville ky
Just yesterday I viewed Shirley's collection in Louisville ky.i enjoyed it so so much.i feel such sadness that it's going to be auctioned off.why doesn't someone put it in a permanent location for all to enjoy!love you Shirley!
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Name: Sherrie Burgess
Location: United States
I always enjoyed Shirley's movies when I was a child. I just recently had the opportunity to view her collection of costumes at a museum in Louisville, KY. I would have never dreamed that I would once see the clothing that she wore in her films! She truly left a legacy.
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Name: Gloria Estrada
Location: Los Angeles
I have loved all your movies, and so wish that this younger generation would get a chance to know and watch your movies too.
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Name: Priscilla Douglas
Location: Glastonbury, CT
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and she is an outstanding performer. She process qualities and natural ability that no child star had been able to accomplish. She was not just an actress but displayed self respect and mannerisms that is seriously needed today
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Name: Judith Howell
Location: USA (North Carolina)
Such a blessing to watch Shirley, she brought and still does bring, smiles to so many hearts.
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Name: Jana Fish
Location: Kansas
I have always said my female idol is Shirley Temple, She has always been a very real person and never tried to pretend she was better because she was a star. My only regret in my 62 years of life is that I never got a chance to meet her. I have all her movies and watch them frequently.
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Name: kathleen j richard
Location: United States
I loved watching all shirley temple movies with my mother, it was quality time with great entertainment.
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Name: John
Shirley could do it all. Dance, sing and act. Me and my brother and sisters enjoyed her movies when were little. She grew up to be an extraordinary woman.
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Name: Diane Louise Cochis Smythia
Location: Madison, Mississippi
Loved you as a child, raised my 3 girls watching your movies. I hope they share you with my grand children someday.
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Name: naomi
Location: maryland
adorable songs
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Name: Tammy
Location: Missouri
i really love shirley temple i grew up with her movies
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Name: Tracy Ellenburg
Location: La Vergne, TN
I love Shirley Temple. I still have all her movies. I also have a porcelain doll of her. I love her
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Name: Katrine Elise
Location: Norway
I've always loved Shirley and her movies! God's greatest gift, given back to God! Love you so much Shirley! You'll be remembered forever!
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Name: Alexis and Mary Ann
Location: Georgia
My grandmother and I are HUGE Shirley Temple fans. My grandma, Mary Ann, introduced me to Shirley Temple. Being 13 I have come to love her. I was 10 when I first saw one of her movies. Heidi. In 5th grade I dressed up as Shirley Temple for our living museum.We are both very sad to see Shirley go.
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Name: emory mccullough
Location: south carolina
the only woman I would have voted for as president of the united states
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Im French and a big old movie fan include Mrs Temple movies
here i want just to say THANK YOU
with my best regards
A Sad French Fan
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Name: Diane McKillip
Location: Anaheim, California
When I was little my next door neighbor gave me a Shirley Temple blue glass breakfast set that came inside a cereal box and I still have them with a few other collectables, I loved her movies and Shirley, I think it was her pure heart and kindness that stayed with me the most a gift to all of us.
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Name: Daniel White
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
(May, 2015) As a 56 year old, I have a place in my heart for the little girl Shirley, who brought happiness to so many. But I also have a juvenile crush for the eye catching Shirley in 1947's 'The Bachelor And The Bobbysoxer'. Missed meeting you on your auto bio book tour. Lucky you - my mom & dad.
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Name: Kenny Smith
Location: Walterboro,S.C. 29488
I am a man that will be 50 years old on my next birthday in august ,and I can say with all honesty, I love to watch any Shirley Temple movie, she was such a talent with acting and singing ,their has been no one like her and never will be,alot of people will miss her including me.
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Name: Lou
Location: PA
How did I miss this? What a wonderful person Shirley was. My mother spoke of how important she was in keeping a country in upheaval during WWII happy. Another of the great legends gone.
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Name: Emma Noelle
I am doing a report on Shirley right now and I'm learning so much about her that I never knew before! I thought she was just a actor and little girl who was very famous. But I have learned how she has contributed to our lives now and what it was like being a girl with fame in The Great Depression.<3
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Name: Cindy Kim
I'm doing a research project. It's a very good source.
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Name: janice taylor
Location: caro mich
always loved your movies todays movies are junk. your movies are not they are so cool.I could watch them with my grandkids and not worry about them being a bad thing on them. RIP SHIRLEY.
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Name: Debbie Morris
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
From the time I was little, I have loved you and your movies. I was so sad that you had passed away. The world has lost a wonderful woman. But now, you are up there with God watching countless generations love you as we keep you alive in our hearts. You are sadly missed but never forgotten!
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Name: Karen Lynn Hall
Location: Los Angeles AFB SMO HOL LOS MBS MON
Rest well dear girl.

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Name: GIOELE e famiglia
Renewing your birthday is an immense honor. Your memory accompanies us every day watching your wonderful movies. STARS are many, but for us your will shine forever. We love you darling...will never forget you...
April 23th 2015
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia
Rinnovare il tuo compleanno è un onore immenso. Il tuo ricordo ci accompagna ogni giorno guardando i tuo film meravigliosi. Di STELLE c'è ne sono tante ma per noi la tua brillerà per sempre. Ti abbracciamo affettuosamente Shirley... BUON COMPLEANNO 23 Aprile 2015
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Name: Melody Elmore
Location: Yelm, WA
I love Shirley temple and her movies. I don't have all of her movies yet but I am still trying to get all of her movies. I always had one wish. my wish was to meet Shirley temple before I die. I was saving up money to so I can try to go see her. I will always remember her. she is my hero. I MISS HER
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Name: S. F. (Shirley Fan)
My Mother would sit down with me to giggle and laugh watching Heidi.
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Name: Vicky D
Location: West Palm Beach, Flroida
There still is no one like Ms. Shirley Temple Black, both child or adult.
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Name: Donna Rohrich
Location: Philadelphia
RIP Shirley.
I loved watching your movies. You will be missed.
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Name: Dot Walsh
Location: newfoundland
she was a great actress loved all her movies
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Name: Sabrina Kay
Location: Florence, SC
Many happy memories I have of Shirley Temple movies. What a wonderful lady he was. I want her family to know that I am praying for continued comfort & peace in the coming days as they adjust to this loss.
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Name: E. Trombley
Location: Phoenix Az
Some of the first movies I can recall watching in my youth were those of Shirley .
I can still remember how all her movies made me feel , and to this day , to see one of her movies takes me back to that special time when life and movies were such a simpler time...God Bless You Shirley !
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Name: Anne Olsen
Location: Lousiana
She was great actress to watch on TV. She all ways make me Smile.
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Name: LaVelle L.
Location: Channelview, Texas USA
Shirley Temple was my favorite actress of all time. All of her movies were uplifting, and delightful. She was a beautiful girl/woman, with a sophisticated yet down home grace. Shirley made you feel good about yourself, regardless of how bad things may have seemed. She was one in a million. Miss you!
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Name: Maryann
Location: Chicago, IL
I loved all your movies when I was a little girl. In fact, I still do. For Christmas one year I received a Shirley Temple doll, which I still have today. It's about 50 years old. Thanks for all the memories!!!
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Name: stewart parks
Location: united states
It is the year 2015 and to date there has never been a more gifted child star than Shirley Temple. I love her movies. I watch a lot of them on TCM. The movies are totally refreshing and bursting with her many talents.
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Name: Silfredo Seda Jr.
Location: 450 Buckeye Drive Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054
My mom and I loved Shirley Temple. <3 Wink.
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Name: Stephenie Harcleroad
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Shirley Temple was everything to me as a kid and I've passed my films through my family and now my daughter gets to love her as much as I do! I also find it fascinating get great great grandparents are from my town so awesome!! You'll always live on in my heart Shirley...!
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Name: Gayle Greenbrook
Location: San Jose, CA
Shirley will forever be in my heart. Thank you Shirley.
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Name: Liz Stephens
Location: Utah
My grandma ADORED Shirley Temple and I will always have memories of watching the movies. I'm still collecting all the movies, because it's a way I remember my Grandma. You're both missed by many people, I'm sure.
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Name: mona farmer
Location: hillsville Virginia
I\'ve loved her since I was a child all her movies enjoyed them all really going to be missed she was a great lady. Beautiful lady very special one love you dearly. Heaven will enjoy you.Thank you very much beautiful lady.I wish I had the chance to have meant you but I loved you just the same thank
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Name: Robin Wright
Location: Nevada
Shirley Temple was a staple in my young TV viewing. She was a great actress and person. RIP Shirley.
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Name: janet
Location: Connecticut
I grew up on Shirley Temple movies. I loved them then and still love them to this day. Shirley brought me to a wonderful place. She will always be remembered.
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Name: Dorilea Phillips
Location: McCamey, TX
I, like so many my age, was raised watching Shirley Temple. My mother wanted to make sure my sister and I had a good example to follow. She was that and more. Rest in peace.
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Name: Audrey
Location: Utah
Shirley was my favorite actress when I was a little girl. She still is.
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Name: Robert Elder
Location: Los Angeles
You cannot see a picture or film of Shirley Temple without smiling. She continues to bring joy to people around the world through the legacy her films.
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Name: alexia
Location: louisiana
I have always loved shirley temple films since a kid just the other day i watched my favorite " Heidi" she was truely a great actress.!
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Name: Kathryn Empey
Location: Hawaii
At age 84, I have never given up loving Shirley.Most recently, purchased a beautiful doll from Bradford Exchange. It is lovely, and dressed in the iconic red polkadot dress and white tap shoes. It is so real looking, you would expect it to move. Having all of her movies on DVD, to watch anytime.
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Name: Roseanna McCoy
Location: Davison,michigan
I have loved to watch shirley temple movies. I use to be dressed like her because of my curly hair. i will always love you and you will be missed. i am a very big fan and i own her book and almost all of her movies.
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Name: Tommy osborn
Location: florida
I have been watching Shirley Temple since I was a little kid even today when I see here movies it bri a calm over me she will be missed and admired rest in peace Mrs Temple my condolences to her family
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Name: Linda Ferris, Elementary Educator
Location: Tehuacana, Texas
I have been doing a unit on Music in the Depression especially including the songs of Woody Guthrie and Shirley Temple.
I am 60 and reliving the joy through watching Shirley's movies, my 1st and 2nd graders are in love and are looking forward to the next showing of one of her classics!
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Name: Ivy
her singing and dancing was amazing she was such a talented woman
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Name: Gale Clark
Location: Philadelphia, PA.19149
I enjoyed watching Shirley temple movies when I was little and now I am a senior there are few decent movies shown that a family can watch together thank you Shirley Temple
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Name: Sydney M.
Location: Maryland
Shirley Temple Is A Legend . I Will Never Forget You .
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Name: Rich Kozlowski
Location: Boulder CO
Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. May God reward you for all the joy and happiness you brought to us
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Name: Sandy
Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Sherley Temple Black was truely an icon and will be missed greatly.
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia
Grazie Shirley, i tuoi film e le tue canzoni saranno per sempre i migliori di tutti i tempi del cinema mondiale.Non smetterò mai di guardare tutti i tuoi film, fortunato di averli tutti.Grazie a Selznick e Zanuck che hanno visto in te la stella del cinema. Dio ti benedica e prego per la tua famiglia
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia
Thanks Shirley, your movies and your songs will always be the best of all time in world cinema. I will never stop to watch all your movies, lucky to have them all. Thanks to Selznick and Zanuck who saw in you the movie star. God bless you and pray for all your family. I love you Shirley. Feb15th2015
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Name: Kris C.
Location: Massachusetts
My greatest memory as a child was watching video's of Shirley Temple with my father. Today I watch the movies with my 9 year old daughter. Shirley Temple movies and songs will live on in our house and family. God bless you and her family.
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Name: jerry mcallister
Location: United States
sorry to hear Shirley Temple died she will be missed i have seen several of her movies and i have always like them but at least we can still enjoy seeing her movies on tv She is leaving behind a legacy for us to enjoy rest in peace Shirley
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Name: Cindy M.
Location: Kansas
Thank you for letting us all share in your life through your career, etc. I enjoy your movies, and I have some of your dolls. You are missed by many.
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Name: Donna Herzfeld
Location: Stillwater MN
Thank you so much for the memories of Shirley Temple.. My daughter Jen age 37 now would sing the song Tomorrow all the time when she was little.. So every Birthday for 37 years I would call and sing her the song Tomorrow. On Feb 11th jen's Birthday I called and sang Tomorrow Thank you for the gift
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