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Name: John H.
Location: Bolivar, Tn
Rest now Little Rebel.
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Name: Marjorie Taylor
Location: Hagerstown Md
My heart ache for the lost of one of the most beloved child stars Shirley Temple and her Family She will surly be missed but never forgotten. During this difficult time may God's loving arms carry you through the quiet moments,and bring you peace.
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Name: Ronald Oberle
Location: Loveland.Ohio
I feel like part of my life is now missing. I grew up watching her movies and even followed her career all her life.
Rest in peace Shirly Temple
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Name: Isabelle Bailey
I watched Shirley's movies on TV with my Mom when I was a child. These were part of shaping my life and appreciation for the old classics and gave me good memories of this time in my life as well. Thank you, Shirley, for all you contributed to our lives! Rest in Peace. <3
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Name: Vernon Bailey II
Location: Traverse City, MI
As so many others of the baby boomer generation, I grew up watching ALL of Shirley's films. She was inspiring to each of us and touched our lives in unique and wonderful ways for each individual. She has left her legacy for everyone on this earthly place and now is with her Lord and Savior forever!!
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Name: LTC BJ Evans
Location: Fort Bragg, NC
You embodied the best of our great nation. Our country was blessed to have you. May the grace of God comfort your loved ones.
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Name: Kimberly
Location: Hawaii
Thank you for making movies that really touched my heart. My two children love watching your shows too. You will be missed.
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Name: Maria Lugo
Location: Elizabeth NJ
I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I loved and watched all her movies,I cried and laughed, and danced,and sang along. At school and until these days people have called me Shirley Temple because of my red and curly hair,made me proud.I will forever have You in my heart. RIP princess.
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Name: Lisa, Brittain & Johnathan
Location: California
Our deepest condolences to your family for such a very difficult loss. We just want you to know how much we enjoyed your mother's movies, over and over again throughout the years. She was truly a special little girl who grew up to be an equally remarkable woman. God bless her.
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Name: Eva Aiken
Location: Arizona
I love you Shirley. I grew up watching your movies. Thank you so much for adding a lot of happiness to my life. Rest well sweetie pie and be sure to visit my sweet momma there in heaven. XOXO
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Name: Cindy Findeis
Location: North Platte, Nebraska
I think every Mother dreamed of having there little girls to be just like Shirley.
I know mine did she was always dressing me in short little dresses. She even styled my
hair to look like hers.
Then even myself did the same with my little girl.Shirley will live in all the hearts
she touched forever.
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Name: Molly Bibb
Location: Addison, Tx
I admired Shirley. She lived a great & beautiful life. Thank goodness for her time she shared of herself with us, the public. She will always be loved.
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Name: Dannielle
Location: Arizona
Mrs. Black was a huge part of my childhood bringing warmth and laughter into our home with her twinkling eyes, joyful smile, and energetic enthusiasm. She was my biggest inspiration growing up to go into theatre. She truly lived an exceptional life. My condolences to her children & grandchildren. <3
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Name: Pam Gassler
Location: Mesa, Arizona
My mother wanted me to be Shirley Temple and permed my hair and dressed me like her in the 40's. I loved her movies and am still taken by her remarkable talent and courage. Sad day for America.
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Name: Toni Stephens
Location: Hockley, Texas
I grew up watching her movies and passed that love of her movies on to my 8 children. She will be missed. Prayers go out to her family.
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Name: Carmela Amari
Location: Staten Island
I cried all morning.My Mom grew up watching her movies and shorts and so did I. She was the best and made beautiful movies! We also admired her as a Person and as a Woman! RIP Shirley!
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Name: Elsie Harrison Just-Buddy
Location: Atlanta GA.
Shirley Temple may you rest in peace! You will always be in our hearts and your good ship lollypop! Love you Mrs. Black!
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Name: Cristina Baird
Location: Oregon
Oh Shirley, you are now lighting up the Heavens like you once lit this Earthly world. God Bless you for a job well done!
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Name: P. McCool
Location: Alberta, Canada
Terribly sad to hear the news of Mrs. Black's passing. My daughter and I spent many happy hours watching Shirley Temple movies. She was a remarkable star of the silver screen and an exemply woman. She will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers to her family.
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Name: Nita Wornom
Location: Portland, OR
You changed my life Shirley. You were my inspiration and my happiness. At 5, I watched your movies with my Mom. That was the closest I ever felt to her. Thank you for providing that opportunity. I shared your message of hope, love, and inspiration with my children. I've admired you my entirelife
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Name: Virginia kalila
Location: Revere,MA.
Heartfelt Condolences to the family. An ever shinning star, symbols of Faith, Hope & Love. We needed her, was inspired by her, grew up with her. A true role model all her life. Every generation needs her touch. May The Good Lord receive her to everlasting Light. You all have been truly Blessed.
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Name: Lindsey S.
Location: Iowa
My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Black's family and friends. I have such wonderful memories of watching her movies w/ my grandparents, enjoyed her book, & have a collection of her porcelain dolls. She was truly an icon and an amazing woman! Thank you, Shirley, for the happy memories! Much love!
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Name: Nicole
Location: Nazareth,PA
Always was a great inspiration not only because of her acting singing and dancing but because she put herself in her life work. she proved to everyone that in hard times we will always get through. she proved this through her films and in life. she will be greatly missed but definitly never forgoten
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Name: paul v
Location: Vernon BC
You were a favorite in our family for movies or any shows you were on, gone but not forgotten
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Location: IL.
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Name: Dixie
Location: Dawsonville, Georgia
Sorrow is heart felt in losing the presence of Shirley in this world. The gift of a glorious crown waits Honorable Shirley Temple Black in the next world. Shirley's life honored God by sharing her many talents and gifts with past and future generations. We love you Shirley!
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Name: John T Clark
Location: Bakersville, NC
As a child, I grew up watching the movies she starred in. She was a national treasure. One of the best ever, not to be replaced. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Esmy
Location: Laredo Tx
I remember her when I was little use to watch her movies a lot. May you rest in peace our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Name: Guadalupe Castaneda
Location: San Jose, CA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. I never got tried of watching her movies. They made me cry and laugh at the same time. I have always had great respect for her. May God give the family the peace needed at this difficult time. She will be greatly missed by all.
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Name: george montgomery
Location: vallejo ca/mount vernon wa
My condolences to the family.I'm deeply sadden by Miss Temple blacks passing .Her smily has given me joy for almost 60 years . Shirley I will miss you.
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Name: Terry Biansco
Location: Pennsylvania
To Shirley's family: My deepest sympathy at the loss of your mother and grandmother. May her love live on in your lives.
Shirley is loved and will be remembered for her talent,and exuberance in film and for her ability to make people feel better about themselves.
Thank God for her life and love.
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Name: M. Palladino
Location: Naples, Italy
I can't believe she's passed away. I feel like she was immortal, because she's an icon. She will be never forgotten. My condolences to the family. R.i.p.

A 29 years old from Italy
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Name: Garry Chick
Location: Christchurch New Zealand
I a 47 year old man and this news has made me cry. You will be missed to all the world miss Temple thank you for all your movies
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Location: TUCSON,AZ
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Name: Thomas Sutherland
Location: Houston, TX
America's little darling has been making us smile for eighty years, and will continue making us smile forever more. may she rest in peace.
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Name: Grace Simmonds
Location: Sydney Australia
Thank you for wanderful movie, I love so much. You are royal model.
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Name: Cindy Anderson
Location: New Baltimore, MI
I grew up watching all of her movies and never got tired of watching them. Shirley's movies always made you smile and sing along. Shirley will be missed and always remembered by those who loved her. RIP Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Heidi Buck
Location: Hayward
I grew up watching Shirley with my grandma. Best memories I have. Prayers for the family. She was a great women.
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Name: Barbara Goulding
Location: Mesa,Arizona USA
I loved Shirley as a young child and my favorite movie she was in was The Little Princess. I still have a doll made of her that has a blue dress and white apron on it. its my favorite doll. I will miss her.
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Name: Regina
Location: Louisville, KY
Shirley Temple Black will, thankfully, entertain many generations to come. What a wonderful little girl and honorable woman. A great example of a life well-lived.
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Name: Mark
Location: Pennsylvania
My sympathies go out to her sons duaghters and family as well as her closet friends ....for the world lost one of the few wholesome actresses and great deligate for peace and will surely be missed... however people that had cared and admired cannot match the loss that her family had...may God Bless.
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Name: Sandra Parello
Location: Columbus, OH
My deepest sympathies to her family. Shirley will be missed by all those who loved her, but may never have met her. Whenever I would watch her movies or hear her name, joy and happiness entered my heart, mind, and soul; Shirley will live forever in our hearts as a beautiful Shining Star!
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Name: Noel
Location: Woodisde, California
As a long time Woodside resident, I am very saddened by hearing the news of the passing of Shirley. My favorite memory of her is when I saw her at Roberts I told my daughter Samantha she was Shirley Temple, she said no Mommy, she is om;y 6 years old. Shirley hid her smile and walked away.
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Name: Cheryl
Location: tx
So sorry to here of Mrs.Shirley Temple Black's passing. I'm 50 yrs of age. For the past few years I've been collecting her movies. She's my favorite child star ever. God bless. She will be missed but she's in the arms of the Angles. To the family,how lucky you are to have known her.
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Name: Penny Zimmerman
Location: Easton, Maryland
I grew up watching Shirley Temple TV so of course I had to collect her movies. They always bring a smile to my face. When I went to Ghana as a college exchange student the Ghanians told me that Mrs. Black was their favorite US Ambassador because she would walk amongst the people and talk with them.
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Name: Monica Ferraro
Location: Louisville , Ky
To her family I'm so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful woman. I grew up with all of Shirley's movies! My mom used to bobby pin my hair every night so I would have the curls, I already had the dimples, so of course I would sing and dance! Thank you for being such a great influence in my life!
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Name: Ruth Zabor
Location: Cupertino, CA
Shirley brought a smile. I looked so forward to seeing this precious star light up the screen with her acting, singing, and dancing. She will always be America\\\'s Sweetheart. She will live in my memory.

My sympathy to Shirley\\\'s family.

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Name: Susan Blakeman
Location: Ansonia, ConnecticutR.
Have such fond memories of watching her movies with my mom and continuing to watch her as I got older and had family of my own and continue to watch them now as they always put a smile on my face. My condolences to the family and thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sadly missed R.I.P.
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Name: corina hardy
Location: idaho
Your films cheered me up when I was younger my mom watched them with us I am saddened today
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Name: Marcella Morris
Location: Palmyra NJ
I pass on loving sympathy to the family of Shirley Temple. She enriched us all with her example. I grew up watching her and shared her with my children. I told my kids this is what celebrity should be. Public Service!! God Bless her and the family!
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Name: Cathy Perez
Location: San Antonio, TX
Gods great gift to us was Ms Shirly. You are loved by many. You bring great joy to all. I enjoyed watching your movies with my mother, who is now in haven. And had great joy to share you movies with my daughter. May God watch over your loving family at this sad time. Go in peace my dear lady.
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Name: Amanda R.
Location: Florida
I've been watching Shirley Temple films since I was a little girl. She will forever be a legend!
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Name: Irene O.
Location: Wisconsin
Beautiful person and beautiful life. I write this for my mom who passed away 4 yrs ago. She LOVED Shirley. Those adorable curls, smile, all dolls made of her, her dancing and tailored clothes. She was an inspiration for mom's own dancing career. Thanks for the smiles. In our hearts forever.
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Name: Dan Brown
Location: Bangor, Maine
Thank you for making life more enjoyable for us all!
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Name: Dolores Burns
Location: Rochester,NY & Bradenton, Florida
I have a special place in my heart for her. When I was six (81 now), my mother sent me to the store with $5 to buy cheese for lunch. I walked downtown instead to buy a Shirley Temple Doll. The police brought me home and I received the doll on my next birthday. Rest peacefully dear Shirley.
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Name: Shirley Holt Melvin
Location: Marietta Georgia
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and although I was not named for her my mom always fixed my hair in the same curls like she wore and people called me Shirley Temple she was a great child actress and very loved. RIP You will be missed.
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Name: Candice Semonian
Location: Ventura, CA
My condolences to her family. As a child, I always watched her movies whenever they came on TV. Years later, I shared them with my children. She was a wonderful entertainer and person.
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Name: Janette Smith
Location: Hanover, Pa
I want to offer my deepest condolences to her family and friends. I used to watch all her movies as a child growing up. Her movies were always so enlightening and like a breath of fresh air.
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Name: Deborah A. Goins
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
Much joy she brought to all...and she will most certainly be missed by all whose life she has touched since her childhood. America grew up with her, loved her...her very presence is now treasured memories she has so generously left behind. May the Lord God Almighty send His comfort from above.
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Name: Gerri Paige
Location: Michigan
Watching Bright Eyes with my daughter right now. I grew up watching Shirley and I raised my children to watch her also. We all love a great feel good movie !
Shirley thank you for your years to our country, you have done great work! God bless your loved ones!

Xoxoxo. To the family
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Name: Terri Carter
Location: Troy, MI
Speaking not only for myself, but for my mother, daughters and granddaughters. My youngest granddaughter and I watch Shirleys movies together often. Such a sad day for people everywhere, especially for Shirley's family, we wish them strength in the days to come.
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Name: Nancy Gayle Cobb
Location: Terrell, TX
I wept when my husband told me Shirley Temple died. She was my idol as a child and has remained as such. When I was a child she sent me 2 autographed pictures and one she wrote, To Nancy Gayle, With love, Shirley Temple. I still cherish it. She was the best.
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Name: Craig William Dayton
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Many years ago, my mother, Phyllis, who was born April 12, 1928, won the Shirley Temple tap contest for Oregon. Due to family finances, she could not afford the trip to the national finals. Shirley has remained an important part of our family lore. I will not tell my mother of Shirley's passing.
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Name: Clem
Location: Calumet City, Il
Shirley Temple will be missed by all that knew her thru the wonderful movies she made. We loved her but our God loved her best and called her to rest.
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Name: Sascha L Shamkin
Location: Maryland
A well known and loved actress passed away today. Shirley Temple died earlier today at age 83. Shirley Temple will be missed by not only her family and friends and all whom new her in person but by all her fans me included.

Every summer growing up when I would come to my grandma’s hear in MD we w
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Name: Joyce Burns
Location: Michigan
My mother was a child of the depression and just loved Shirley Temple. So I grew up watching her movies. Will miss your sparkle, Shirley.
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Name: Patricia
Location: Norway, Maine
Shirley Temple had a next-to-impossible image to live up to and yet she did.
I took the album of her songs with me to college in 1967, as an important reminder of "home" and her songs and movies have always felt like home to me. I will continue to enjoy them 'til the end of my days.
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Name: Susan Bell
Location: San Francisco
My mother loved Shirley Temple, and she made sure that I saw all her movies and learned all her songs. I still sing them all these years later. I am sorry to learn of Shirley's passing. She brought so much joy to the world.
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Name: Maureen
Location: Australia
Thanks for the wonderful films. You are a beautiful soul and may God always watch over you. My condolences to the family.
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Name: EMB
Location: WVa
I'm 70 and it seems like yesterday when I was watching her moves.I'm so sorry for the heartache her childred must be feeling.
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Name: Kathy Landry
Location: Glemora, Louisiana
With deepest sympathy to the family! Some of my greatest memories with my children are watching her movies. Now they are the passing the tradition of her movies down to my grandchildren. Thanks for the memories!
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Name: Kathy Daniska
Location: Louisville, Ohio
She made my childhood a happy one. I am deeply saddened and the good old days are truly gone now.My deepest sympathy to the family.
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Name: Sara Rawlins
Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Thank you Shirley for letting all little girls pretend to be you while watching your movies. You gave me some of my best memories of my childhood. Rest in peace dear Shirley.
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Name: Justin Proud
Location: Boise, Idaho
I've grown up watching her movies over and over. She always made things okay. I've shared her with my children and hopefully soon my grandchildren. Truly such an amazing person! We've lost an American icon, our sweetheart and we'll never forget you. My heart aches Sad Thank you Shirley, I love you!
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Name: Jean Denton
Location: Indiana
My deepest condolences to the family of Mrs.Shirley Temple Black. I admired her and the excellent work she has contributed to the film industry. I admired her for her faith. What an encouragement she has been and still is to so many people. SHE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. God give you all GRACE/PEACE.
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Name: Bethany
Location: Philadelphia, PA
As a child of the 80's, I was introduced to Shirley Temple movies by my mother and grandmother via VHS. I loved every one, and look forward to showing them to my daughter. Her movies are like a time capsule, yet timeless, delighting generation after generation. I wish I could have shook her hand
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Name: Lily Nelson
Location: Rialto, CA
All the wonderful comments must truly touch your hearts. Reading how Shirley touch so many people, she truly touch my heart. I loved watching her movies as I grew up as well. She is an angel God shared with us.May your family be comforted knowing how she touched so many lives.God Bless you all.
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Name: Jennifer Wheaton
Location: Phoenix, AZ
I am sorry to hear about the loss of such a lovely person. "Heidi" and "The Little Princess" have always been my two favorite Shirley Temple movies and I re-watch them on a regular basis. Best wishes to her life's greatest accomplishment... her family.
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Name: Elba Matos
Location: Albany, NY.
It was a great pleasure to be able to know shirley Temple Black through movies and her autobiography. a great talent, she was incredible. I really found her to be a very interesting writer too. I love history ... and her autobiography was such a great read. My condolences to her family and friends.
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Name: Melody Mullins-Jeantet
Location: St Petersburg,Florida
Shirley Temple was my favorite little girl when I was growing up and.my own daughter was so much like her when she was little.... Just watching her dance and sing was like watching Shirley.......i have all of Shirley's videos in a special little trunk......We need more like her in our world.
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Name: Stephanie Nana
Location: Oklahoma City OK
When I was a little girl about five I would watch her on TV and dream of becoming like her! She was my hero! This was in 1980. So her impact spreads across the generations of yesterday, today, and will reach into tomorrow! Rest In Heaven!
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Name: Colleen Kupp
Location: Martinez, CA
I enjoyed watching her movies as a child and I was always impressed by her talent and her love for people. Shirley will be missed greatly; the world lost a beautiful person today. But may God bless her and her family at this time. Our prayers are with you.
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Name: Debbie Bowers
Location: Novato, California
Shirley Temple was a part of my childhood. I looked forward to watching her movies every Sunday. I have the collection now that my sister-in-law Shirley gave me.

My best wishes to the family of Shirley Temple. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Name: Nancy L Dyal
Location: San Francisco, CA
Our country and the world has been blessed because of Shirley Temple. I grew up watching her early films as a little girl. My most precious book remains on my bookshelf today, Shirley Temple's Storybook and received for Christmas in 1958. How lucky we are for her grace and bright spirit.
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Name: grace marcos-messerle
Location: Manila,Phils./Des Moines,WA
You are an icon and thank you for the wonderful movies you made that make us laugh & cry. May your soul rest in peace. To the family, my deepest condolences.
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Name: Juliette
Location: New York City
Oh, how I loved Shirely Temple films growing up! She was so fun to watch and those precious curls and dimples!!! She will be greatly missed and I send my sympathy to her family. Rest in Peace dear, Miss Shirely Temple.
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Name: Lily Nelson
Location: Rialto, CA
All the wonderful comments must truly touch your hearts. Reading how Shirley touch so many people, she truly touch mine heart. I loved watching her movies as I grew up as well. She is an angel God shared with us.May your family be comforted knowing how she touched so many lives.God Bless you all.
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Name: Theresa Marie Towell
Location: Newman, California
We will miss you Shirley Temple Black, and yet you will never leave thanks to your wonderful movies. I remember when my grandmother and I watched them (as I grew up) and enjoyed ourselves so much. We love you!
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Name: Greg Lewis
Location: Baltimore, MD
Sincere condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. Her star was far-reaching, from Australia, where my mother grew up in the 30s with a Shirley Temple doll, to Baltimore, where I grew up decades later watching her movies on TV. Her star shines bright above tonight.
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Name: Donna
Location: Torrance, CA
Thank you for all the wonderful memories through your films. My life is richer for it!
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Name: Vivian West
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
I grew up watching and loving Shirley Temple. I still watch her movies once in a while. She was wonderful and very talented. The world has lost an excellent ambassador. She will be missed. God bless you all.
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Name: maria burnham
Location: northern california
i was privileged to have viewed her movies as a child. she is a one of kind person. there are not many her. such grace and integrity... you are blessed to have had her as your family member. I don't believe that has been a child actress who grew up w/such richness in her life, since her. than U
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Name: Michael Alton Brookshire
Location: Panama City, Florida
I already posted but I just wanted to add this. This past Friday night on my way to Florida I want to hear our song good ship lollipop. And Sunday night and Monday night for some reason I want to see a few of her movies and I did. I don't care how bad things were her movies made you feel better..
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Name: Gail Ritter
Location: Shelbyville, Ky
My prayers are with Shirley's family and friends. She shared so many wonderful times with us as we watched all her movies. We have lost a true Hollywood legend. She has left the world a lifetime of memories or us to share with out grandchildren. Rest in peace, wonderful lady.
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Name: Roberta Hand
Location: Redmond Washington
I am saddened by the death of Shirley Temple Black. Her movies have given me such delight in my life. She will always be remembered with fondness. My thoughts are with her family. Thank you Shirley..
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Name: nathan niblock
Location: kingston ontario canada
your fondly remembered by my family and me your greatly loved for ever thanks Shirley for giving me so many wonderful childhood memories my mama use to sing animal crackers to me as a baby because of you rest in peace angel you are now reunite with mr bojangle
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Name: JR
I am so glad Shirely Temple had a long and good lifel! Now that is has passed on, it is so sad, and an "end of an era". My favorite movie of hers is "The Little Princess", and her other short films. What a joy and delight she was to watch, I remembering watching her films with m
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Name: Sandra Horton
Location: Houston,tx
May god bless you. You will always be in hearts. R.I.P
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Name: Wendell Howard
Location: Fulton, New York
Through GENERATIONS Shirley Temple brought talent, class, and memories to the millions of her fans. Her dignity and commitment to her family, friends,fans and to her country are an example of the person she excelled to be. God bless this much admired American icon. Thank you for the memories!!
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Name: Adele Smith
Location: Hawthorn, Pennsylvania
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies on home video and now I am watching them on Youtube. The legacy she has left us is timeless, so full of happiness and love. My thoughts and prayers are with you. So sorry for your loss.
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