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Name: Anna FireStorm
Location: NYC
Sweetest, Most Graceful, Darling to us forever... Shirley Temple Black. You led an honorable and full life, one to be respected and praised. An amazing role model and inspiration to the World. You walked a good road. May your journey back to the Great Spirit be Blessed... As you have Blessed us all.
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Name: Tammie Moore
Location: Sharon, Pa.
Shirley Temple was the most wonderful actress and grew to be such a beautiful woman. My favorite movie of hers was Heidi. Shirley will be greatly missed by all. You rest in peace.
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Name: Sue P.
Location: Minnesota
I grew up watching Shirley's movies, I could not get enough of them. She will be missed by millions. God be with all the family in this time.
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Name: LJ Bottjer
Location: Placerville, CA
My first memory of Shirley was drinking milk out of the cobalt blue glass that had been my mother's. Then she made my childhood more magical with her Story Book show. Finally as a 4-year old I saw her in "Heidi" and became a true fan. Thanks for the talents you shared with us all.
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Name: Ed Standish and family
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. You have always been a part of our family and will be dearly missed. Peace to your family and RIP.
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Name: Nancy Garvey
Location: Windsor, Ontario Canada
R.I.P. Shirley (Temple) Black, I have been a fan of yours since I was a little girl. I shall miss you, but never forget you. I have all of your movies and also have four of your dolls. You were one talented little girl and your life was a full one. My reguards go out to your children, grandchildren.
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Name: rhonda houseworth
Location: marion ohio
so sorry to hear the loss of such an inspiring woman as children all little girls admired her and will still admire her she brought such joy and character to everyone we will never forget her and im proud of all the accomplishments she made and know that her parents would have also god bless her
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Name: Betty
Location: Flagstaff, Az
She will always be beautiful, talented,strong and admired by all. My condolences to her family may she rest in peace and thank you Shirley Temple Black for being a big part of my growing up years love you!!
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Name: Marilyn Raven
Location: St. Louis, MO
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies in the mid sixties, I couldn't enough of her songs, dance and lovable character. A life well lived, she will be surely missed.
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Name: Susan Deason
Location: Georgetown, TX
Mrs. Shirley Temple Black, thank you for your years as a delightful entertainer. You were also a beautiful representative of our country. My heart goes out to your family, who will miss their wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother dearly. Thanks for sharing this beautiful lady.
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Name: sonja lloyd-duffey
Location: mesquite tx
to the family, your never know how much I love your mother. my sister and I never had a dull evening or after noon movie watching Shirley temple. god bless and keep all of you. we will keep you in our prayer.
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Name: Jose Ortiz
Location: Hawthorne, NJ
Shirley Temple to me was an icon. My favorite actress in my childhood. Always put a smile on me with her humbleness. May she rest in peace. God bless her soul. My prayers to her family.
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Name: Bruce Messerle
Location: Des Moines, WA
I Loved you in your films.
You are a one of a kind and you will always be Loved. Smiley

With Lots of Love.
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Name: The MOLONY Family
Location: Oak Ridge, TN
Thank you so much for the example you set for all of us. Ambassador Shirley Temple Black, you were truly a Lady. R.I.P.
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Name: Michael West
Location: Felton, DE
Shirley brought such joy to so many, not only through the Depression years, but also decades later. Our family looked forward to her films on our local TV channels 40 years after she made them. They still inspire and touch the heart. They will endure forever. Thank you, Shirley. Love and R.I.P.
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Name: Sharon Trulock
Location: Malvern,Arkansas
I was sad to hear that this remarkable woman had passed. She will live on forever in our hearts and memories. I loved watching her movies growing up! She will be deeply missed. My deepest and most heart felt condolences to her family. She truly was someone very special. R.I.P Shirley Temple Black!
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Name: Diane F.
Location: Long Island NY
RIP Shirley Temple Black. What joy you brought to my childhood. My mother also born in 1928 was given the nickname Shirley because of you and the curls. Everyone stills calls her Shirley. Thanks to you my middle name is Shirley. God Bless You! Pleasant Dreams! Nightie Night!
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Name: David Root
Location: Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada
Like so many others, I grew up watching "Shirley Temple movies." They were entertaining, fun to watch, very wholesome and worth every minute I spent watching them. Rest in Peace, Shirley, and thank you.
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Name: Rossana Torres
Location: Modesto, CA
Thank you for brightening my childhood. I loved watching your movies. You captured our hearts. A true legend in every essence of the word, beautiful and extremely talented. We love you Shirley.
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Name: Kathi Carney
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Oh how I adored \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\"Shirley\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\".. I am 62 and grew up lov
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Name: Debbie
God Bless Shirley Temple Black . She brought so much happiness to people all over the world with her movies. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I am a fan and even had a Shirley Temple doll when I was little and I am almost 49.
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Name: Mary Kaye Waterson
Location: Crystal Lake, IL
I loved Shirley Temple as a child - watched one of her movies every week, it seemed, on TV. She was so beautiful, charming, and cheerful. The world seems just a little grayer without her today .... My sincerest condolences to her family.
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Name: Tina Davis
Location: Washington State
So sad to hear of Shirley's passing, I really admired her, and really loved her movies as a child, I have a movie box collection that I will now get to watching. God give her family peace and comfort.
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Name: Kellie S
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
What a wonderful part of my youth. Watching her movies brought me so much joy and continue to do so today. Prayers to her family.
With much love and admiration....
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Location: independence, missouri
I will always remember Shirley dancing with Buddy Ebsen and Bill Bojangles Robinson. Great stuff! So sorry to hear of her passing.
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Name: anthony petty
Location: griffin georgia
i would like to offer my sincere condolences to mrs. black's family and friends on the loss of such a great woman who brought alot of joy to people's lives all the time. i remember growing up watching her as a little boy. once again my sincere condolences for yalls loss. R.I.P. SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK
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Name: Henry Anthony Bustamante Jr
Location: Long Beach California
She was a great joy to watch it was almost unbelievable how smart a little kid could be What a great talent Sing dance Act Just always a real joy just watch her In all her body of work in the motion picture industry She will surely be missed Prayers and God bless out to the black family and everyone
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Name: Susan Arslaner
Location: Clifton, New Jersey
Thank you Shirley for all that you did to bring joy to us....my childhood was made richer and memorable by your movies. I still take great joy in watching these today....they will always bring a smile to me. We love you always and forever.
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Name: Noreen A. McGuigan
Location: Springfield, Pennsylnania
My deepest sympathy to the Black Family on the death of your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother - I always enjoyed all of the Shirley Temple movies as a child - she was so adorable and talented - her films were so uplifting - RIP, Shirley - you will be missed.

Noreen A. McGuigan

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Name: Catherine Fritz
Location: Clarksville, Indiana
A wonderful and amazing woman! Rest peacefully Shirley Temple Black, you're one of the greatest who will remain in our hearts and minds forever.
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Name: Della Schulz
Location: Calgary, Canada
Rest in peace beautiful lady...what a lesson you gave us all in class and dignity.....they don't make them like you anymore....
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Name: Sandra
Location: Belton TX
That amazing child sure could act and was such a beautiful child.I love the movie when she found her dad serving in the war he could not remember her but with a face like hers the world would remember her. She bought a smile to everyone faces. May now she rest in peace.
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Name: Brad Saiontz
Location: Austin TX
Words cannot express just how much you have meant to me my entire life. You have left a legacy that is unsurpassed and I will miss you every day for the reset of mt life. Bless you dear Shirley.
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Name: Rhonda Ford
Location: Osceola, Arkansas
I will never forget the joy I felt watching Shirley Temple movies as a child. I would sing along, laugh, and try to dance just like her!! She will always be remembered in my heart and never, ever forgotten!
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Name: Reyna Hawk
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
The world has lost a wonderful person. I remember watching her movies when I was growing up and wanting to be like her. I just recently introduced my 4 yr grand daughter to her movies and she absolutely adores them. The world needs more people like Shirley and less people like Justin Bieber.
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Name: sharon
Location: usa
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Name: Dean
Location: Atlanta
Bon Voyage on the Good Ship Lollipop Little Curly Top! You brightened so many lives with your infectious warmth, optimism, and genuine goodness. You will live forever in movies, our memories, and in our hearts. Thank you Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Cynthia Butler
Location: South Amboy, NJ
I will miss her so much. I alway love watching her movies as a child, and still do. God Bless.
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Name: Thomas Gawel
Location: Tracy, CA
Absolutly enjoyed all of her works. Watched them over and over until this day. She will be sadly missed. Rest in peace, Little Angel.
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Name: Sue G
Location: Milwaukee, WI
My Mom is 85 and she loved Shirley - who was very important to her. Mom introduced me to Shirley's films as I did with my daughter. My daughter's 22 now and we were just discussing the Shirley Temple films she enjoyed as a youngster. What a bright light and a difference Shirley made in this world!
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Name: Tim Rogers
Location: St.Louis, MO
Literally an angel shared with us by God, Shirley's cute happiness was contagious. So talented, so supremely gifted, yet not once during her whole life did I ever hear one negative story, or that she had an unwieldy ego. She certainly entertained a nation. Her talent at such a young age astounds!
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Name: Amélie Frank
Location: Los Angeles, CA
My best friend of 39 years, Shirley Chin, was named after Shirley Temple. We are both so sad today to know we have lost this great entertainer and noble public servant. God bless her and her loved ones. Peace.
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Name: Sherry K Johnston
Location: Lakeville, MN
I used to watch and collect all of Shirley Temple's movies and show them to my children. My daughter Vanessa Violet Johnston is in the entertainment industry. We greatly moarn her passing and our deepest condolences. We hope to bring light like Shirley Temple to America.
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Name: Daniel Watkins
Location: Daytona Beach Fl.
God sends Angels He Creates to this world to show us what is possible when we live using our hearts...now god has called her back to show the new angels to come...how to do it with Beauty and Grace and a Smile Smiley

Thank You Shirley for Being the Angel God Made You.

You Are Always Remembered.
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Name: Trudy Murrell
Location: Orland Pk, IL
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. They were all so wonderful and she always make you smile just watching them. RIP
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Name: Peggy
Location: SFO bay area
Many thanks to ST for so much enjoyment to our lives. I never missed a movie. I was born in the 50s. I also want to say how great it was for me as a black child seeing Bill Robinson dance with her in her movies. My mom couldn't afford a ST doll but I did have ST paper dolls. She touched many lives.
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Name: Barbara Ryan
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
My heart goes to those she left behind and am thankful for an easy passing. My life was made so much easier for her work.
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Name: Laura
Location: Massachusetts
My mom and Shirley shared the same birthday - April 23rd, 1928. My mom always loved Shirley and thought of her as her twin sister separated at birth! I grew up watching her movies on Sunday afternoons. Great memories.
Rest in peace Shirley. You're together with your long lost twin sister now!
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Name: Beautifullulu
Location: Sacramento, CA
Shirley: you are just adorable. Rest in peace!!

Love you :-)
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Name: Lisa H (27yrs old)
Location: South Brunswick, NJ
Shirley Temple was my childhood. Heidi, The Little Colonel, The Bluebird, and Curly Top were my favorites. Shirley Temple will forever remain in my heart and the joy she has brought me will be passed down to my children some day. She has touched generations young and old. I will truly miss her.
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Name: Debbie Brown
Location: Oshawa Ontario, Canada
So Sorry to hear of Shirley's death. It Is such a loss, love watching her movies and have watched them for many years. Thought's and prayers to her family and pray for the loss they have suffered. Love from my family to yours.
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Name: Mark Rodgers
Location: Salado, TX
I have great memories of watching her movies growing up. She lived her life in a similar way to her characters in those movies. For real though.

May her memory be eternal. My condolences and prayers to her loved ones.
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Name: Juanita Girard
Location: Berlin New Hampshire
Shirley is my all time favorite actress and I grew up watching her movies. I have every movie she ever made and some memorabelia. I adored Shirley and she always made me smile watching her movies. My deepest sympathies to the family. She will be missed by many. R.I.P Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Dimitra Semponis
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
My children were raised with the brilliance of Shirley Temple's amazing talent. She was so inspirational as a parent raising children with an ill father. Shirley was able to do amazing things in reality and on the screen. She touched our lives as Millions of others; we will always be grateful.
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Name: barbara
Location: pembroke nc
She was a great model to all. Sure is going to miss her. Rest in peace.
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Name: Robert A. Crompton
Location: San Bernardino, California
Shirley was a "natural American icon", from birth to death! She had the postive attraction of a magnet, drawing us all in, to her childish, happy, carefree heart. Her giggles, were contagious. When she shed a tear, so did we. Now, our tears have turned real. We all love you, and will miss you!
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Name: Yvette Handley
Location: Dixon, IL
I have admired and adored Shirley Temple Black since I was a little girl. Every Sunday night I would put curlers in my hair so I could wake up with ringlets and watch Shirley movies. I was happy to have gotten to see her at the Rose bowel parade in 1980. A lovely soul, she will be missed.
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Name: Linda
Location: Nashville, Tn
A grand thank you for the moral framework that you modeled to the many of us who grew watching you. Your grace, smile and goodness impressed my childhood and caries me to adulthood. Like many others have stated, I watched your movies over and over. We all loved you and will miss you!
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Name: Rebecca Mantei
Location: Elk, Washington
What a beautiful lady and I thank her for the happiness she gave to so many. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time.
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Name: Linda
Location: Marysville, WA
our adorable sweetheart. tears, tears and more tears because she was such a good person. Another and one of the greatest of this country's greatest generation...precious
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Name: Al
Location: Western Pa.
Sorry to hear of the passing of one of my favorite persons. Mrs. Black was a lady with a lot of class, and she will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Monet Swann
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Much loved & will B greatly missed! One of my favorite actresses. I appreciated her heart4others & the value she placed on family. She served well in both careers;I watch her movies w/great joy. My heart goes out2both her family & her friends who loved & treasured her even more than we her fans!
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Name: wayne james
Location: Anchorage Alaska
RIP Shirley
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Name: Lucy
Location: Antioch, CA
I grew up watching her movies on Sunday afternoon. My favorite is the one where she goes to a private school but her dad dies and they make her part of the help. Loved all her movies; and her memory will live on to entertain more kids growing up Smiley
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Name: Sarah
Location: Philadelphia
what an amazing woman <3 never forget shirley temple
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Name: Susan Mastin
Location: Lima,NY
Where do I begin...My mother and I watched the movies of little Shirley Temple; my daughter and I then watched them; I started watching with my granddaughter. What a gift you were to this world!! A lady admired as she got older. I will love to meet you in heaven,beautiful lady. Condolences to family
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Name: ozzie
Location: miami beach,fl
thanks for all the memories,you were truly one of a kind.RIP Shirley
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Location: Concord,AL
What a joy in my life she gave me of watching her as I grew up and introduced my 2 little girls to her movies, this was such a joy it gave us all. She will always be a Legend. The Family will be in my thought and prayers.
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Name: Mary Byrne
Location: Ireland
I grew up watching her movies and admired the woman she became .So sad to hear of her passing . We were honored to have her entertain us . My sympathies to her family
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Name: janet
Location: texas
The sunshine has forever faded with Ms Shirley's passing. So many good memories of childhood watching her incredible talent on the screen as a child and knowing she blossomed into a wonderful women. rip and thank you for the memories.
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Name: kimberly burks
Location: Lakewood ohio
Outstanding young lady. She will be missed very much.
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Name: LHouse
Location: Mississippi
Thank you Shirley Temple Black, not only your work in the entertainment field, but by living your life with dignity and grace. A great example to all of us!!!
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Name: Jim
Location: San Francisco
You've been my "friend" since my childhood. Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought to me all these years. There is a new angel in Heaven now.
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Name: Laurie Celms
Location: Orono, MN
I am blessed to have been introduced to your movies by my mom and I in turn did the same for my children(22 and 26yrs). Thank you for giving us such joy and laughter and falling in love with that sweet little girl and her curls! RIP Shirley Temple Black. May God bless you and your family.
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Name: Pam Hughes
Location: Templeton California
I grew up on Shirley Temple movies who didn't? In the 1980's she appeared on Larry King Live promoting Child Star at the end of the interview Larry said we could send out books to Shirley's publisher they'd be signed.I never got mine back I have my Child Star bookmark though. Rest in Heaven Shirley
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Name: Daisy
Location: Lexington, Ky
Shirley Temple had a way of bringing people together through her movies and through her amazing spirit. When I was a young girl I thought about becoming a diplomat to be like her.
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Name: Frye family
Location: Leesburg Ohio
She gave me, my parents and my children much happiness. Her movies helped you forget your problems and gave you hope for better times. Thank you for sharing Shirley. Heaven just got another Angel.
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Name: Luan Pena
Location: So. Ca Desert
Shirley Temple.. how many times did her movies bring me joy?
My fav is "Little Princess" 1939.. Your innocence gave us hope, that we too could achieve greatness. Simply by being respectful, honorable and loving. I will LOVE YOU FOREVER Shirley Temple <3
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Name: Kanella
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Please accept my condolences and prayers. To this day I enjoy watching the movies. It must be a comfort to know how much she has been loved and how much joy she brought to so many.
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Name: Kyle Parmelee
Location: Gambrills, MD
Thank you Madame Ambassador for your many years of being the best role model America could ask for. Your grace and dignity has been a national treasure. Thank you also for your wonderful movies that made me laugh as a child and cry as an adult. You memory will be cherished forever.
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Name: debra lov
Location: louisville
may god smile on the family my heart and prays are with you guys Shirley has being a part of my life from a little girl until this day I have all of her movies I watch them with my grandkids are alone I enjoy them each thime thank Shirley love you always
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Name: Laura Porter
Location: Marion Indiana
You will be dearly missed. I loved and still love watching your movies, and the inspiration you have given many people. They sure broke the mold God created you. The world has lost a very special person. Rest in peace.
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Name: Darold
Location: Nampa Idaho
From the wonderful little starlet that you were, to the true woman you became. Your movies brought many smiles and occasionally a tear. I only wish the world had more like you.I wish to extend my condolences to your family and friends. Rest in peace "Little Soldier"
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Name: Roxlanne
Location: South Carolina
I received so much joy watching her movies. I can only hope that children for generations to come get as much enjoyment as I did (and still do).

God bless her. My thoughts are with her family.
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Name: Gene Stoker
Location: Kernersville, NC
What a class act - Shirley Temple Black was!! She is proof that a child actress can grown up and have a wonderful wonderful life. Thanks for all the memories Dear Lady.
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Name: Alyxaanndra Co
Location: san leandro,ca
We love you curly top we will never forget you .You gave us something to inspire to you were the portrait of ever little girl of being a child princess you will be sadly miss I know you will light up heaven
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Name: Peter
Location: Milwaukee
Your Off on "The Good Ship" thanks for your wonderful talent and legacy RIP Shirley
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Name: Velinda Morton
Location: Largo, MD
I truly enjoyed watching her movies when I was a young child. She was an adorable & intelligent little thing. May she rest in peace and may her family be comforted by knowing she touched the hearts of many.
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Name: Danielle
Location: Illinois
I was introduced to Shirley and her films by my 4th grade teacher in 1993. I've been a fan of hers since then.Now as an adult,I see Shirley as a great inspiration to me and to everyone. My condolences to her family. She will be missed greatly.
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Name: Chaunny Crockett
Location: Utah
Thanks for years of memories as I grew up watching your movies, and even now as I'm in my 20s I still adore them. What an amazing life you lived with many accomplishments. You will be missed! My thoughts and prayers to your loved ones.
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Name: Sophia
Location: California
I grew up with Shirley Temple and I loved her movies and shows. She was my inspiration and I always used to sing and dance along to her songs. Rest in peace.
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Name: janice hoover
Location: hannibal mo
she will be greatly missed by family and all movie fans
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Name: Gloria Hope
Location: Flagler Beach, FL
Shirley was a part of my growing up years. What joy she brought to all who watched her films and what a "Lady" she was in everything she put her hand to. God Bless You, Shirley, and many thanks for sharing your talent with the world. I hope to meet you one day in God's Country.
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Name: Nancy and Larry
Location: Ohio
We are very sorry for the loss of your beloved mom, grandma and great grandma.
We saw Shirley on Turner Classic movies the other week and we always enjoyed her acting.
The world has lost a great woman.
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Name: lois
Location: ontario canada
I grew up watching her childhood movies and have several on tape god bless and rest in peace
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Name: Debra
Location: West Virginia
She was our national treasure...
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Name: Sandy
Location: Saginaw, MI.
You brought so much joy into my childhood with your wonderful singing and dancing. I wanted to be just like you. The world is a better place for having had you in it. Rest in peace, dear lady.
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Name: Yvonne
Location: Florida
Thank for the many years entertaining us with your remarkable acting that bought so much happinnes for me and amny others growing up that allowed to dream. Your movies transported us , if even for a short time to a wonderful and happy place. May you rest in peace !
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Name: Sea
Location: Florida
Little Shirley was my 15 yr old's first crush!He was 19 mos. old & we were watching our 2nd Shirley Temple movie at lunchtime. He said,"She sure is cute! What more movies does she have?" We watched them all at least twice over the months to follow. Thank you Shirley for your charm & goodness.
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Name: Susan Milton
Location: Vallejo, Ca
My mom grew up with your movies in the theater and my sister and I loved to watch them on TV. Thank you for the years of fun we had watching you. You are a wonderful person . Our thoughts and prayers to your family AND you
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