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Name: Elizabeth Martin
Location: Pennsylvania
My deepest condolences to the family. Your mother, grandmother, & great grandmother was a true American Icon. She provided great moments of entertainment and was greatly loved. She was an amazing woman and humanitarian. She will be deeply missed. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Marie Baker
Location: United Kingdom
I am so sorry to hear that Shirley has passed away. As a child I loved her movies and they always brought such a sense of joy. RIP Shirley, my sincere condolences to your family on this very sad day. You will be missed x
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Name: Ashleigh D
Location: Michigan
Shirley, three generations of women in my family have watched and loved your films and shorts. The three of us had (and still have) so much fun watching your movies. Thank you for the laughter, warmth, and wholesome entertainment.
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Name: Peggy Fleming
Location: Roanoke, VA
For my 8th birthday, I was given a little money to buy whatever I wanted...a first for me! I bought my Shirley Temple doll. I still have my doll.
May you rest in peace wonderful lady!
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Name: Judy Bauman
Location: GA
While my mother and I loved watching Shirley Temple movies together, I was thankful for the ambassador she became. What an amazing role model she was for women. Honest, talented and loving - that is Shirley Temple Black. Rest in Peace sweet princess.
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Name: Tammy
Location: Michigan
Thank you for all the wonderful memories!
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Name: Stefani
Location: San Jose
Shirley Temple Black- you will be missed. You will live forever in my hear and the hearts of others who honor you as the remarkable women you are and your amazing life. Thank you for your dedication to uplifting others throughout your life. The angels are dancing in heaven today! God Bless
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Name: Sue Burns
Location: Danville, CA
Four generations of my family are deeply saddened to hear of Shirley's passing. My 95 year old mother, daughter, grandchildren and myself still enjoy watching all her movies. She was absolutely the cutest, most talented child actor ever. Our colendences and love to Shirley Temple Black's family.
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Name: Carol Ann Tiberia
Location: Albany, New York
Shirley was such a big part of my life growing up and I loved her; watched and treasured each and every movie. I believe she made me a kinder and more gentle person. I am a better adult because of her role modeling and will be forever grateful. Rest in peace and love, our dear Shirley.
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Name: william fletcher
Location: kennett missouri
I remember watching Shirley Temple when I was little, those were great movies, and now my grandchildren love the little curly top girl, thank you Shirley for the wonderful memories .
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Name: Rosette Martinez
Location: Stoughton, Massachusetts
I grew up watch Shirley Temple's movies bringing much joy and lessons. Rest in Peace Shirley and you will truly be missed.
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Name: Karen R
Location: Crumpton, Md
Thank you Shirley for the memories. I remember growing up and I had to have a Shirley Temple hair do. Wonderful movies, Wonderful music and Wonderful memories. Thanks.
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Name: Laura Degova
Location: Louisville Tn
No child star will ever be able to sparkle like Shirley did. She was as beautiful and charming as any one person could be.
She is truly an immortal star! I will always love her.
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Name: Terri morgan
I enjoy Shirley Temple\'s movies when I was little. Her movies always delivered a message of what was right and wrong. I knew the sweetness she portrayed was genuine. Wishing you comfort during this time of lost.
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Name: Sir. Robert ripley
Location: Unavalible
To mrs. Shirley temple, you may not remember me but I actually interviewed you 70 years ago for my comics while I was traveling. Everyone will miss you and your acting. Thanks for being a great actor, and Americas sweet heart.
Sincerely, sir. Robert ripley
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Name: Angela Evelyn Hahn
Location: Lancaster, PA (Orgnly from L.I., New York)
I was so sad to hear about the passing of Shirley Temple. I have a lot of her movies. She was such the most adorable Child Star that I have ever seen.
I am glad that she also served our Country as a diplomat.
She will be sorely missed, but her movies will keep her in remembrances.
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Name: Kimberley
Location: Manassas, VA
So sad to hear this news. My Mother, who is 85, remembers how my Grandfather made sure my Mother had a nickel to see every new movie Shirley when it came out. My Mother cried today when she found out the news, as did I.
What joy and happiness Shirley's movies brought to all of us.
Prayers for family
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Name: Leigh
Location: Charlotte, NC
Such a beautiful woman, filled with so much talent. I grew up on her movies and thought she was the best child actress ever. She will sadly be missed by all. Prayers to her family.May her memories live on.
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Name: Mike Jones
Location: Midlothian, Virginia
Shirley Temple Black was indeed a great lady!!! She had a great movie careeer with some great movies, diplomat in the 60's and 70's. My first movie I ever saw was Heidi at a summer camp in Va. Beach 31 years ago. Shirley Temple you will be greatly missed.
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Name: Umiko Simms
Location: Louisiana
My favorite hairstyle when I was a kid was the Shirley Temple! I love you in movies as the cutie-patootie and after reading your loving obituary by your loving family, it is good to see you led such a wonderful life! I will miss Mrs. Black. How lucky Heaven is to have you again! God Bless You! ^_^
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Name: Mary Doucette
Location: Massachusetts
You will be forever remembered. You were a star among the stars. Rest peacefully. To your loved ones, Thank you for sharing her with the world. She will be missed.
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Name: Nancy
Location: Colorado Springs
Heartfelt prayers go out to Shirley's family and close friends. I am so sad and only know her through her timeless childhood movies. She really did let her light shine in this world and may she now dance, sing, and enjoy her time in heaven. Thank you for the wonderful memories.
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Name: June Poczatek
Your movies inspired hearts to enjoy the moment of living and laughing through music and dance. I was always especially moved by the relationship you had, as young girl, to see beyond your fellow actors' age, color and talents to just be...in the moment.
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Name: Jeff Record
Location: Lincoln, California
Never to be forgotten - you will always be America's sweetheart.
Rest easy dear lady, your days were not in vain.
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Name: Dolores Susterich`
Location: Federal Way, Washington
I grew up watching her and my children and grandchildren as well. She brought so much to the world and represented our country and others with so much elegance. I will always remember the joy she brought to me.
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Name: Marlene Cardinal
Location: Marmora Ont. Canada
I just finished watching my 15 DVD ULTIMATE COLL.set. I have wonderful memories of Shirley when I was a child at the movies. I still laugh and cry watching her. God has another wonderful Angel.
My deepest sympathy to her family.
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Name: Cathy
Location: Uxbridge, Ontario
You will never be forgotten! thank you is a little late...thank you so much for sharing your life with us all xoxoxo
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Name: Milagros
Location: Florida
My deepest sympathy for the Temple/Black family. I loved to see her movies when I was young she will always be remembered by all.
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Name: Terri morgan
I enjoy Shirley Temple's movies when I was little. Her movies always delivered a message of what was right and wrong. I knew the sweetness she portrayed was genuine. Wishing you comfort during this time of lost.
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Name: Tish Berenyi
Location: Los Angeles CA
A true talent and a gracious Celebrity....carried herself with the utmost dignity and wisely separated herself to live her personal life in private..
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Name: Kimberley B
Location: Grand Junction CO
I grew up inspired by the sweet little angel of hollywood but also by the humanitarian adult she became. Shirley was and will always be hero to me only second to my mother. You will be missed deeply.
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Name: Johanna Chestnutt
Location: Tacoma Washington
Best childhood memories were made watching Shirley Temple movies. May your family be comforted in knowing you touched so may lives in such a positive way.
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Name: Jennifer Montgomery
Location: Willard,NC
My heart felt condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black,As a little girl I watched all of her movies, often I would enjoy them with my grandmother. As I grew up I was bless with twin nieces and I shared with them the love I had for Shirley's movies! I Will Cherish her tap dancing & singing!
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Name: William Reece
Location: Burlington,Ontario Canada
I Wish to Express my Sincerest Condolences to the Family , I watched you when I was a child myself & I watched you as an adult as well, May You Rest in Peace , and Thank You for the Memories you left us with.
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Name: Saida Rodriguez Pagan
Location: California
I am sad to hear about the passing of Shirley Temple Black. As a little girl, I used to watch her movies on TV in New York. I enjoyed her films so much; they made my childhood more enjoyable. I have always said that Shirley Temple Black was the most talented and beautiful child star ever. R.I.P.
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Name: Susan and family
Location: California
Remembering the joy you shared with so many. It is still a delight to see your little face and dancing feet on a movie video. Thank you for all that you gave us as a performer, and your work as a diplomat. May God Bless your dear family in the days ahead.
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Name: Deborah
Location: Marina, CA
My deepest sympathy to your entire family. I just loved watching her movies. They always made me smile. Her legacy will always live on in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Shirley
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Name: Ellen
Location: Port Orange, FL
Rest in Peace for a wonderful child star and accomplished woman. May her family find comfort in their memories. God Bless.
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Name: R Gile
Location: CT
She will forever be our Little Darling. Condolences to those who knew her as family or friend.
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Name: J.R
Location: Washington DC
Thank you Shirley
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Name: Dave Barry
Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
I never saw any one person with so much talent, singing, dancing, acting, and entertaining! You were an inspiration to many generations and will be remembered always. TY and God Bless and keep you.
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Name: Nancy Rios
Location: Chicago, IL
As a child growing up in the 60's I loved to watch all her movies. She was the cutiest little girl with the cutiest dimple. She's a legend in my book and childhood, she was loved and will be miss. RIP Shirley rejoice with Charlie in GOD'S Kingdom and in your new body...
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Location: LAS VEGAS NV
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Name: Johnny Woyshner
Location: Buffalo ny
Dear families we came here today to honor Shirley temples loved for ever by every one
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Name: Terry Koczorowski
Location: Chelsea Massachusetts
Rest in peace Shirley, a wonderful shining star. My condolences extended to family and friends
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Location: HENRICO,VA
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Name: Dorothy
Location: tx
Alsway enjoyed watching her movies all the way in to my 40's and will continue to do so
she was loved by so many people
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Name: So'o Manai
Location: Carson, CA
Thank you Shirley for many years of watching your movies as a child and adult. Thank you for being a great ambassador and diplomat for the US. Thank you for your grace, kindness, and smiles. We will never forget you. God bless your family at this time.
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Name: Brenda Conners
Location: Indianapolis
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies on tv. Her movies had sad moments, but always ended happily. I think she gave me hope for happier days. I'm a grandmother now and hope to instill a love for her movies in my grandchildren. I'll never forget your sweet smile.
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Name: Theresa Malone Corino
Location: Brick, NJ
God Bless You, Shirley Temple Black! You loved and helped many people in your lifetime. My daughter shares your birthday, April 23rd. She's 14 now and knows all about you. Your legacy will live on. My sincere sympathy to the Temple and Black families. Shirley is now having a reunion in Heaven.
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Name: karen herrold
Location: 1422 milnor greencastle pa
shirley temple was a cute AND great actor
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Name: Linda
Location: York, PA
She served her country proud besides a beloved child star...May her star shine forever in our hearts--Yes- we lost this amazing woman today...RIP ---- To her family---Sorry for your loss.......
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Name: Erika Duley
Location: Richfield WI
I have been a fan of Shirley Temple for as long as I can remember. Have all her movies and still watch them. Thankyou so very much for the great memories. Rest In Peace
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Name: Steve Browne
Location: Stalybridge, England
I remember watching Shirley Temple films while I was growing up in the 1960's and remember saying that I was born in the wrong era - such was her magnetism and appeal. The world has lost a genuine star.
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Name: Carrie S. Carpenter age 36
Location: San Antonio
My dad gave me "The Little Princess" VHS in 1985. I fell in love with this amazingly gifted girl. I've told and shown my own young son and daughter how Shirley exemplified 1Timothy 4:12 even into adulthood. Our hearts go out to you. Upon hearing, I cried in front of the aerobics class I teach.
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Name: Sue Williams
Location: Gainesville, VA
I saw Shirley in 1957 at Woodward & Lothrop in Washington, DC. I was 13 and thought she was the best! She was a wonderful person and will forever be missed and admired. Prayers to her family.
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: Severn, Ontario, Canada
Such a sad day. My husband and l have been watching Shirley Temple movies all day today to pay tribute to this beautiful actress. Our thoughts are with her friends and family during this sad time.
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Name: Keithie Weithie
Location: California

I'm so sorry for your families loss!... But I am so thankful for your mothers life and everything she gave us. Shirley Temple Black made my life and world a much better place and me a better person! There are not many people like her. A true gift. She will never be forgotten.
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Name: Mary C.
Location: Indiana
I watched her movies as a child. My mother loved her movies. She was a beautiful person inside and out. So sad to see what Hollywood movies have become today. Her family was very lucky to have such a good mother and wife. God Bless
Prayers for her family.
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Name: A.V.
Location: Indiana
I am so sad for the loss of such an amazing woman. I am so thankful to have the memories of watching her films with my grandma as a child. My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of such an incredible woman.
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Name: Joanne Newton
Location: Atlanta, GA
My deepest sympathies to the Black and Temple families.

Ms. Temple-Black was an amazing person accomplished in all her pursuits.

This is a great loss
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Name: E. Donald Kaye
Location: Santa Fe NM
On my 8th birthday we were eating at Armstrongs Pancake House in Beverly Hills (?)as was Shirley and her mother. My mother dragged me over to meet Shirly. When I said it was my birthday she said "How wonderful, it's mine too!" A small fib which I believed.The Good Sship has arrived at a better shore
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Name: Ron Koch
Location: Apple Valley, California
I never write these things but my own mother died on the same date, yesterday Feb. 10 Age 83 years. I hope they are playing together in heaven. My mother loved Shirley's movies as a child. Ron Koch
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Name: Dianna Kay Cashion
Location: Cincinnati Ohio
Shirley gave me hope, and to make to best of everything that life can throw at you. She was a True American Original. My Condolences go out to her family.
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Name: Patricia Palmer
Location: oklahoma
My thoughts and prayers for the family,that the Lord will surround you with His love. I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, and I adored her. She is a beautiful lady, and has left so many wonderful memories. Thank you!
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Name: Michael A Melice
Location: Altoona, Pa
First off I want to extend my Sympathy to her children and grandchildren and entire family for their loss! While growing up as a child in Syracuse,NY it was my distinct pleasure to have seen all the movies she had ever starred in thanks to my family who also loved her! The World has lost a true icon
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Name: Whittaker
Location: Slidell, LA 70460
I loved all your movies and the Shirley Temple Storybook Hour a great Child Star and a grand lady I am going to honor you and watch my favorite movies you made prayers to your family you will be sadly missed
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Name: Sylvia Lorinc Czekalski
Location: Duluth Georgia
Growing up in the former Czechoslovakia I was introduced to Shirley Temple from my mom. I was happy to see her in movies and her joyful persona. When Ms Temple was granted to be the ambassador to Czechoslovakia she was truly a great representative. She will be missed by many. Thank You Shirley.
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Name: Maureen Clark
Location: Ottawa, Canada
The first movies I saw were with Shirley Temple and I made sure my children and grandchildren saw them too.
We were in Prague when she was ambassador there and all the Americans at the conference we were attending were invited to meet her - she was very gracious and they were all so excited.
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Name: Cathleen Daum
Location: York Pa.
Growing up with you was about the best thing that happen in my life. Thank you for making me smile for all theses 59 years.
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Name: Susan M. L. Moore
Location: Worcester, NY
I am so sorry to hear of Shirley Temple Black's passing. My deepest condolences to her family, and to all of us. At a time in our history, when we are so sorely lacking in true role models, she will be especially missed. I feel priveliged, and proud to have grown up with all she gave us. RIP
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Name: Anne C Morris-Dadson
Location: Toronto, Canada
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies during the 1950's and am the proud owner of 7 Shirley Temple dolls from the 1930's and 1950's. Shirley was an inspiration during the depressions years and was also a wonderful role model for girls and women, as an ambassador and as a breast cancer survivor.
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Name: Victoria Merutka
Location: Illinois
So sad to hear that we have lost Ms. Temple Black. She was a wonderful woman and will be missed by many who loved her. I pray you will rest in peace beautiful, sweet and gentle princess!
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Name: Marie
Location: Kentucky
Thank you! For all you have done! You will be greatly missed Rip Mrs Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Billy Venable II
Location: United States of America
My condolences go to the Black family in this very heartbreaking time. Know that she made an impact on many lives, not just in her early years of acting, but even to me in the 70's growing up. I loved watching her in the movies and loved hearing her voice as she sang, and still do. RIP Mrs. Black.
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Name: Mrs. Linda Abreu Diaz-Acevedo
Location: Connecticut
I was so shocked & saddened to hear about her passing.And within months of my littest neice dressed as her for Halloween.I can only hope that Shirleyherself,got to see that picture of her(my neice)& that it brought her joy before her passing.Prayers & thoughts to her family,friends& others. RIP :-(
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Name: Dionicia jimenez
Location: Austin Texas
She was the most amazing little girl and brought me joy when watching her movies. She made me proud because of her Grace & character. She outshines every child star after her because of how she carried herself even into her teen years onto adulthood. You are loved forever remembered Shirley Temple.
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Name: Kelli R.
Location: Texas
I was born in 1968, my Mum let me watch Shirley Temple movies from a very young age. I remember having my hair done in curls & dressing just like her. Even as an adult, I still love watching her movies. Shirley touched so many lives and was truly a role model to all. Prayers to Family and friends
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Name: Robin and George Glenn
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Dear Shirley, I want you to know that you were a very important part of my life.I'm 53, so you were already retired by the time I watched your movies for the first time.I became a singer because of you. Thanks. My deepest sympathy, and my prayers go to your family, but my tears are with you.Peace
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Name: Jackie Bowman
Location: wichita, KS
The world has lost a truly gift person, not only for all the wonderful years of making movies but for what the USA meant to her.
My sincerest condolences to a most loved and beautiful woman. R.I.P. Shirley. You are America's princess.
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Name: Lily Mendez
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shirley Temple was first introduced to me by father, who was also a fan of her. She became my idol instantly. I remember countless occasions with my father who sat down with me to watch all of her movies. By the time I was seven, I memorized all of her songs. RIP Shirley thank you for so many smiles
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Name: Angela McClelland
Location: Scotland
What a wonderful life, from dimples to Diplomat..
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Name: Susan M. L. Moore
Location: NY, USA
I am so sorry to hear of Shirley Temple Black's passing. My deepest condolences to her family, and to all of us. At a time in our history, when we are so sorely lacking in true role models, she will be especially missed. I feel priveliged, and proud to have grown up with all she gave us. RIP
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Name: Gail
Location: Avalon, NJ
Shirley Temple was one of a kind -she brought so much love and joy to all who saw her. We have the treasure of her movies to watch again and again. And so wonderful to know she lived her life so well in adulthood to make a difference. Gone, but never forgotten.
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Name: Karen Compton
Location: Meridian, Idaho
I was born i 1959 to a family who hated & abused me. I discovered Shirley Temple films when I was a little girl & she brought me much joy into my life. I am glad we will always have her with us through her films. She is timeless
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Name: Barbara Vennard
Location: Buffalo, New York
You will be missed. Your talent is fantastic in every way. I enjoyed your movies when I was a little girl, and others will keep enjoying them for years to come. Prayers are with you and your family.
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Name: Justine
Location: California
Shirley Temple meant so much to us in her youth but became so much more in her life. What an amazing legacy. thank you Shirley, you will be missed.
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Name: Desiree F
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Some of my happiest memories of childhood were curling up with my family to watch Shirley Temple dance in black and white across the TV screen. I hope that future generations are exposed as I was and learn to appreciate the happy simple things in life. God Bless.
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Name: Christine Carr
Location: United Kingdom
Thank you Shirley Temple for your films. To this day they bring delight and joy to our family. We are watching "Little Miss Broadway" as I write. Your films will be discovered anew again and again down through the years. What a legacy! Thank you!
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Name: Dave
Location: Olympia Wa
You were a pioneer in your chosen craft and just a lovely person. I grew up watching your movies and every time I heard your name it brought a smile to my face. Thank you for the gift of a smile you gave us all and for your service to this country. RIP Shirley!
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Name: Tony King
Location: Wantirna Sth. Melbourne Australia
As I heard the sad news I felt a huge part of my childhood had disappeared. Such fond memories of my late Mum were the times we watched Shirley Temple films together. I will always feel blessed that Shirley's films gave me such pleasure in my early years. She is now dancing those stairs to heaven.
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Name: Mark Jette
Location: Boston Ma
I grew up with Charles Jr in Boston back in late 70.s early 80's. Lost contact with him. Sending my thoughts and prayers. If by chance Charlie should read this. My email is Mjsouthie@aol.com. I wish you and Lori all the best and Bravo to a wonderful women to who you simply knew as Mom. Peace Mark
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Name: Jud Bertoia Hillenburg
Location: Fontana, California
I grew up watching all of our movies and still have them all. Thank you for the memories
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Name: Rhonda Cook
Location: Memphis, Tn
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and she will be sadly missed. Our hearts are with her family.
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Name: Claire
Location: Wildwood,Missouri
She was beloved by so many of us. Growing up, I saw so many of her movies. She made us so happy. In her later years, she showed so much grace and elegance. My condolences to her loved ones. Please know the joy she brought to me and others. God Bless.
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Name: Dorothy DeJulius
Location: Boynton Beach Fl
My thoughts and prayers go out to Shirley's family. There will never be anyone like her. Shirley has touched the lives and hearts of everyone who has ever heard of her. I've been a collector of Shirley's movies and other items and see them everyday. A true American icon will never be forgotten.
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Name: Deborah Street
Location: Laughlin, NV
I have loved Shirley Temple since I was little girl. Her movies always made me smile. May God wrap his arms around her family during this sad time. R.I.P Shirley Temple Black. You are loved and missed by many.
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Name: Vaughn Harbin
Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
I am writing on behalf of my mother, Alma B.(Laite) Harbin (1927-2011) who dearly loved Shirley and who was nicknamed, "The Shirley Temple of Corner Brook" (Newfoundland) in the 1930's. I pray these two beautiful, intelligent, talented, giving women meet in Heaven today! I bless your memory forever!
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Name: Leslie T
Location: Tucson, AZ
I respect you. I loved watching you when I was a little girl. You are a great role model and are truly talented. Famed for your talents and noble gestures. Our generation needs people like you. You really did live a wonderful life. Rest in peace angel.
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Name: Kay Livezey
Location: N. Ft. Myers, Florida
Admired for your acting, singing, dancing and integrity.
The world has lost a wonderful person. Gone but not forgotten, you live on through your films.
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