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Name: Tracy Currier Zumwalt
Location: Dallesport, WA
I grew up in CA watching her movies as a child. I still to this day remember so many of them. It's the one show I remember always waiting and anticipating for to come on. I only wish we had such wholesome shows for grandkids to grow up with. It's with great sadness we say good bye.
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Name: rita
Location: Kanata,Ontario,Canada
I had old all VHS of her movies. I always watched tv every Sunday. I cant hear her sing or tap dancing but no matters that I affect her moving tap dancing. BLESS HER. Always with my heart to best SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK FOREVER & EVER. love you!
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Name: Jeanne Kazley
Location: Rochester, NY
"On the Good Ship Lollypop" singing with my friends..."Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", oh, how wanted to be her! Her braveness and inspiration while dealing with breast cancer. Becoming a diplomat? Of course, everyone loves her. She will be perfect.
She was the real deal and will be sorely missed. Sad
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Name: Keirstin
Location: Ft Lauderdale FL
Rest in Peace- you were such an amazing woman. I fondly remember watching your movies with my Grandfather and wanted to have a perm just like you growing up. Thanks for bringing so much good to our world, RIP you will be missed.
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Name: Elizabeth Minger
Location: Allentown, PA
Surprised to hear one of my favorite movie stars has passed away. Rest in Peace Shirley Temple. You will be missed but not forgotten. Thank you for making all of those wonderful movies.
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Name: Donna Schweibert
Location: Upper Black Eddy, PA
I adored Shirley Temple as a child and was surprised to learn that she was all grown up and that I was watching old movies on Sunday afternoons!Years later, I had a daughter of my own and she looked so much like Shirley Temple that it was uncanny! RIP Shirley, we love you!
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Name: Dawn A Jones
Location: New Jersey
So sorry to hear this news, she was such a great actress.
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Name: Elena
Location: New Jersey
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and for that little while I was able to forget how tough my own childhood was.She made me smile, laugh and cry.She will always remain America's Sweetheart and through her movies never be forgotten.Shirley,I hope you're singing + tap dancing away with all the angels
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Name: Eileen O'Toole
Location: Simi Valley, California
One of my earliest childhood memories is watching Shirley Temple movies. Through the years, I have still loved to watch them and am always amazed at all of that talent in that little figure. Deepest condolences and prayers to her family and friends.
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Name: Eveline.sampl-schiestl @tmo.at
Location: Hallein, Salzburg
Ich bin mit den Filmen von Shirley Temple groß geworden. Sie hat mich als Kinderstar in ihren Filmen sehr beeindruckt. Das wird immer in meinem Herzen bleiben.
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Name: Bobbie Nelson
Location: Canandaigua,New York
My prayers are with the family of Shirley, for Heaven has received one of the best. I have watched all her movies at least twice and its like watching them for the first time again. May God give you his peace at this time. Love and Hugs
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Name: JR
Location: IL
One of my all time favorites. Thanks for the beautiful memories. My sincerest condolences to the family.
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Name: Ron Daugherty
Location: Northern Virginia
Everyone loved (and will always love) Shirley Temple. I believe I have almost every film she ever made. She was as good a teen star as she was when a child. In her 85 years of life, no child star has been as enduring, and I doubt ever will be....she is unbeatable. She gave so much joy.
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Name: Mary Lou DeLong
Location: New Jersey
So sorry to hear this news, she was a great actress.
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Name: Paula Tangren
Location: Las Vegas, NV.
What A Great Lady, I loved her as a child and a women in later life. She showed us the right examples to set for young children.I raised my children with her and my grandkids, now its time for my great grankids. She will be missed my all. My respects to her Family. May God Bless You Always.
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Name: Billie Hayes
Location: Natchitoches, LA
May your way to heaven be full of dance steps.
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Name: Debbie Quintal
Location: Burlington MA
My favorite Shirley Temple movie HEIDI loved all her movies. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Captain January. She was naturally beautiful and so talented and angel from GOD. Happy her long life of 85 years and strong marriage to handsome Charles Black. Love you Shirley Temple Black.

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Name: Dee Albert
Location: Granite Bay, CA
Heaven opens it's gates to another angel. Thank you for all of the happiness your movies brought to me as a little girl.
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Name: Ileana
Location: Miami, Florida
The world woke up this morning with the sad news of the passing of America's Sweetheart. Your movies have and will continue to be enjoyed by all generations. I happened to own some of your dolls. You will be missed, but not forgotten. RIP Shirley Temple.
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Name: Pat Bozzo
Location: Levittown , Pa
Just wanted to say I really loved Shirley Temple movies when I was a little girl. We have sent an angle to the Lord. I m sending condolence to her family. Thank you for sharing her with us.
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Name: Charles Marean, Jr
Location: San Diego
Scary news. My dad is 85.
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Name: Angelina Richardson
Location: San Tan Valley, AZ
Thank you for sharing your love and talent with the world. Your movies will always take me back to years past. How I wish the world were more innocent as it was then. God bless you and give your family comfort as they and the world say goodbye.
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Name: Andy Chumbley
Location: Washington State
You are missed little one!! I've been a fan of yours since day one. You always brought joy to the world when it was needed. We love you!
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Name: Christina
Location: Colorado
This world will never be the same without you in it, but you really did leave behind so much that is worth remembering. You weren't made into an icon due to bad press, or being born into it, you earned it for being talented. Thank you for being my first role model, you will be sorely missed
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Name: Cararta
Location: Nameless, Tennessee
Growing up I enjoyed the movies and often wondered where she went after not making any more.

Re-joining real life and making a success of it, Shirley did this superbly..a fitting role model for others in the Movie Industry. In other words she grew up and became a productive adult.
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Name: Star Berry
Location: Clarksville, Tennessee
If all mankind had a smile, a heart to show kindness to all and a willingness to give back in some type of service, this world would be a better place.
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Name: robert
Location: perth w.a
my sherley thanks for the memories we will always miss you and we will be thinking of you I very much love your movies it makes me feel like a child again many thank for your time and memaries
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Name: Anita
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
¡Gracias Shirley Temple!

Thank you for all the happiness you gave the world with your charm and talent.

Rest in peace dear princess!
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Name: Peter cook
Location: England
Rest in peace ms Temple. Another golden great has left us. Xx. Thank you for all the films.
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Name: Jessica Maston
Location: London
Shirley was one of my idols as a child. She had so much joy and it was impossible not to catch it. I spent hours watching her films and learning the words to her songs. She lifted my spirits during lonely times at new schools. Rest in peace and thank you for all you gave to the world! Xxx
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Name: Jill Ball
Location: Kansas
My Mother always spoke of Shirley Temple finally I was able to see some of her old movies on TV. Loved them all,however, my most favorite still is 'The Littlest Rebel'
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Name: shari
Location: Florida
Was very saddened to hear of Shirley's passing...her movies cheered me up when I was sad....she will trully be missed...my prayers are with her family
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Name: eleanor schwager
Location: friendswood, texas
I grew up with Shirley temple. She was "one of a kind". Thankfully, her movies and CDs are available to us baby boomers to share with our children and grandchildren. RIP "America's Sweetheart".
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Name: Alyssa Barnes
Location: San Diego
The world has lost a wonderful person. I remember watching Shirley Temple's the Little Princess every weekend I would go to my grandmothers home oh how I wished I could be like you, and still do to this day at age of 15. Love and God bless <3
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Name: TKM
Location: OK
Blessings to her family with their hurting hearts. A 6 page resume was published on her accomplishments with the last line saying: child star. How much was changed by her talents. Inspiring generations with goodness, caring, sharing, love, a smiling joy.
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Name: Emmy Meaker
Location: Everett WA
I began tap dancing at age 3 back in 1957. My idol was Shirley Temple, and after every recital, my mother would take me to get a Shirley Temple soda. What a deep loss for all of us who shared a childhood with this great woman. Thank you, Shirley for never letting us down.
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Name: Colleen Duke
Location: Barberton, Ohio
Me and my daddy always watched your movies when I was a little girl even now at 25 years old I'm still and always will be a fan! You were absolutely stunning! Rest in peace sweet angel. Wish I could have met you. Maybe in the afterlife my dear. Your legacy will live forever!
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Name: Tom and Linda Jackson
Location: Washington state
Her star will continue to glitter forever. My favorites included her dancing with Bojangles Robinson and "Since You Went Away".
Go easy, Little Colonel.
Tom and Linda Jackson
Washington state
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Name: Marti DeRuvo
Location: Midwest City, Oklahoma
I have always loved Shiley Temple's movies, introduced them to my children and gave my grandchildren a complete set of her movies. Today's so-called child stars need to take lessons from this grand ladies life. God Bless!
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Name: Cindy Snowbank
Location: Cumberland wi
I watched Shirley's movies as a young girl. She was a joy to watch. My favorite was Heidi. She made the world a better place.
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Name: Steven Alexander
Location: Beaumont, TX
Even though her contribution was mostly before my time I believe Shirley was God's answer to an awful time during the Great Depression and beyond. She did her part and God rewarded her with a long and fruitful life. She is most honored in my heart and I thank God for her. My heart is with you all.
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Name: Betty Studer
Location: Granbury, TX
I still love watching this great lady's movies. I watched as a child with my Granny & Mama. She is a wonderful example of a life well lived in the service of others.
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Name: Kim White
Location: Georgia
So glad Shirley was a part of my childhood and is now viewed daily by my 20 month old grandson. He dances when she sings of her wooden shoes in Heidi. So sad to hear of her passing, she is literally a presence in our lives everyday as Heidi has to be played for Ryder. Rest in heaven Shirley.
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Name: Celestia Clark
Location: Moravia, New York 13118
Her movies as a little girl were so much love, she was an out standing person, just wanted to say what a wonderful person she was and will always remember her, RIP God Bless, prayers and thoughts to the family!
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Name: Tina Holdrup
Location: Cairo Egypt
I used to listen to Shirley's songs on children's radio in the UK. Now I have a been able to watch her movies online. I have read about her later life and service to the USA. I will always love her. You, her family, must be very proud of her. God bless you.
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Name: B. Mittendorf
Location: FL
She is an American Legend. She will live forever in our hearts. Not only as a child star, but as a world peace maker. I have shared her with my children and my grandchildren. There will never be another Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Lisa Bowery
Location: Kingsport, TN
Shirley you will be missed very,very much. I love her movies,they are a movie that the whole family can set down and watch together,not like some of the movies that are put out today.
I have some of her movies and would like to get more. WE LOVE YOU SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK AND WILL MISS YOU.
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Name: Corinna
I remember as a little girl my mom would curl my hair and say I was her little Shirley Temple. I've always enjoyed her short movies and its because of her I sing when I have a lollipop. Thank you Shirley Temple for being the gret person you were with the gift of making people smile...& sing.
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Name: Diane Carder
Location: Saint Louis, MO
May she rest in peace. She brought so much joy to so many. I grew u watching her movies on Sat afternoons and cried and laughed with her. She was the most talented beautiful child ever born
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Name: Pamela
Location: Atlanta
Nobody did it better than Shirley Temple, with pure, heartfelt and moving movies that will forever have a lasting affect. A life well lived and now a crown in heaven awaits for all you did, Rest in Peace.
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Name: Suzanne RM
Location: Gatineau Quebec Canada
I grew up watching her movies and listening to her sing, it always made me smile.May Shirley R.I.P. and sail off of the great ship Lollipop. Thank you for all the joy xxxxx
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Name: Esther Berkowitz
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Shirley Temple was always part of my life. If ever I needed to cheer up or have sunshine glow into my day, a Shirley Temple movie was the cure. I love Stowaway. It never fails to bring a wide smile. Shirley Temple grew up to be someone who gave so much to the world. RIP Shirley Temple & thank you.
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Name: craig stoll
Location: omaha Ne
I was deeply saddened to hear the news this morning. Like many others, I grew up watching Shirley. My favorite film is Bright Eyes. She truly is America's Sweetheart and will remain that way. Her loss is very heavy, but her legacy continues. my thoughts to her family and the countless fans. Love you
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Name: Melissa T
Location: New Jersey
Shirley saw me through my own depression, just as she did for the world in the 30s. The memory of meeting her at a book signing in 1988 is a treasure that I'm glad I have, especially now. RIP, presh.
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Name: Gerri Isenberg
Location: Carlyle, IL
May you precious woman rest in peace. You were my wonderful Mom's age whom we lost 4 years ago. Your stellar performance as a child movie star will be forever cherished in our hearts. May God bless the family until we all meet on the "good ship lollipop". May you rest in peace.
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Name: Joanne
Location: Fremont, CA
I was deeply saddened to hear of Shirley Temple Black's passing. I admire her so much. My sympathies to her family...God Bless
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Name: Erick Chrystian Oliveira
Location: Brasil
Que Deus conforte a família e a tenha em um bom lugar. Oro pelos seus familiares.
Descanse em Paz Shirley Temple.
"Porque sou eu que conheço os planos que tenho para vocês, diz o Senhor, planos de fazê-los prosperar e não de causar dano, planos de dar a vocês Esperança e um Futuro." Jeremias 2
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Name: Julie
Location: Pennsylvania
She will be missed. I loved watching her movies. My favorite movies was "THE LITTLE PRINCESS" and "THE BLUE BIRD". R.I.P. Mrs Temple-Black.
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Name: Paks
Location: Australia
You have been a joy and an inspiration, and I think on your work with fond memories. Thanks for the happiness and the laughs. What a great heart and personality heaven has received.

I am glad you went peacefully, and with love. Bless.
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Name: Jan Lachowycz
Location: Toms River, NJ
Thank you for everything you did. Your films gave us so much pleasure and transported us out of our cares and worries. And many thanks for your selfless contributions to the US through your two ambassadorships as well as your stint as Chief of Protocol. We are forever in your debt.
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Name: Marie Kenealy
Location: Inverness, Florida
We loved watching Shirley Temple movies as we were growing up. I still watch when they are aired on tv. Shirley Temple Black had an extraordinary life with all her talents. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to the family.
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Name: Danny Gougeon
Location: Montreal (Quebec)
I remember that her memoirs were of a great, great, great comfort to me when I read them back in December of 2002, precisely, while I was in a very low point in my young life then (I was 26 at the time...I'm now 37!). My sympathies to her family. R.I.P. Ms. Temple Black!
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Name: Kim Stetter, Dylan, & Skylar Pettingell.
Location: Avoca, NY
You will be truely missed by the world. Me and my sisters grew up watching your movies, every chance we got too rent the movies at the local library. I will continue this legacy of our family watching you Shirley. Rest in Peace and God bless!!! My prayers and sympathies are with your family!!!
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Name: Don
Location: Northridge, California
Shirley Temple was an American Treasure to this nation as a child star and American diplomat. Her contributions to this country were outstanding and will be greatly missed. Now Hollywood's biggest little star belongs to heaven. Thank You, Shirley for all you have done for our nation.
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Name: Mark
Location: Ohio
Shirley you made such an impact on my daughter while she was growing up. Your movies always left a great message and a good feeling. Thank you for being a shining light in this world.

God bless and rest in peace
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Location: NITRO WV
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Name: Sarah Angus
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
I was so lost for words that Shirley had passed away. I am 25 years old & a fan. My Nanny/Grandma was 14years older than her but she loved her so much. They are both in Heaven now & may they Rest In Peace. Might put on a old Shirley movie. God Bless. What a life for a Screen Legend. L.O.V.E.
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Name: Kelly Temple
Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Dear Aunt Shirley, Although we have only spoke for a few moments on the phone a long time ago, I am sadden to think that I never had the chance to meet and know your side of my family. I am sure God is very pleased with his newest angel. Rest in Peace
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Name: cat
Location: Minnesota
I just found out Shirley is related to my son in law.What a small world to watch this perfect girl on tv and now in our history book. REST IN PEACE SWEET LADY
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Name: Neina Draughn
Location: Virginia
I loved to watch her Movies! It is hard to put into words how she made me feel! Such a good feeling.
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Name: Larry Macri
Location: Murrieta, Ca
Fondly, we all have TCM. Thus, Shirley still lives in our memories with her wonderful movie career. I recently recorded 'The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer from 1947. What a great memory we have of Shirley. Her life was a full one and we honor her commitment to her family and our country.
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Location: MARION, IL
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Name: GStriler
Location: Orlando, FL 32824
You have brightened the lives of millions. Your movies never fail to lift my spirits. A life well lived "good and faithful servant".
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Name: Laura
Location: Blue Island, IL
Rest in peace Shirley. I loved your movies. You gave the world happiness.
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Name: Jon Hightower
Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
I remember her movies from my childhood in the 60's, they were still popular then, at least in our house. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Jenna
Location: ny
So sad to hear of Shirley Temple's passing. I remember as a little girl watching her movies on the classic movie channel
Rest in peace dear lady!
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Name: Gail Dimmitt
Location: Argos, Indiana
My deepest sympathy to your family. I am thankful for the way she lived her life and the legacy of happiness that Shirley Temple Black has left behind her. My daughters love her also. Thank you for the joy and memories we have received because of her. She will live in our hearts always!
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Name: Carol Beach
Location: florida
God Bless! Thank you for all the memories!
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Name: Christine
Location: Springfield, PA
We have lost an Icon and an Ambassador and heaven now has a new angel. Thank you Shirley for all you gave to us, we will miss you. God Bless.
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Name: Debra Sills
Location: Blakely Ga
I remember watching Shirley Temple 's when I was a young girl. Her movies brought joy when i was young .Now I have her movies on DVD and my children enjoy watching today. My deepest sympathies go out to her family .She will be greatly missed and loved
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Name: Cheri
Location: Windsor, CA
My sister and I couldn't wait for the weekend so we could watch your movies. To this day I still watch and love them and I'm 57. RIP sweet Shirley. You were loved by all! Condolences to your family.
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Name: Dory
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, The Little Princess was my favorite. I wanted to be her when I was growing up. I feel like I've lost a friend. Mrs Temple Black you lived a long, prosperous life and you will be missed.
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Name: Pauline Yawitz
Location: Long Beach, Calforina
I was able to meet this lady, in Pasadena at her book signing. It was a day I have never forgotten. American lost one of her greatest asset. May she rest in peace. I'm sure she will be a wonderful addition to heaven.
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Name: Pamela S
Location: San Jose, CA
I need to make a correction, the year of my college/university graduation in which Mrs. Shirley Temple Black was the keynote speaker was in 1974 not 1970. Held in San Francisco, CA at St Mary's Cathedral.
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Name: David Kasmier
Location: Lyndhurst, Ohio
Shirley Temple was and will always be the epitome of class and talent...I remember as a child watching her movies (The Little Princess is my favorite)...she helped to make a lonely little boy feel special through her films...as an adult he life was a model for all to aspire to. We will miss you. RIP
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Name: Sylvia Bittman
Location: Germantown, TN
She had such a natural talent and would quickly bring a smile to your face. She was indeed the best child actress that we have ever had . My prayers are with the family and God bless you.
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Name: Connie R. Manasa
Location: Ormond Beach, Fl
When I was small My Dear Mother
bought me a Shirley Temple Doll,
at the time we lived in Cuba.We
loved her & watch her movies I still do. We came to the USA in l945
& lost track of the Doll.Now I know my Dear Mother is together in Heaven with the Real Shirley
Temple Doll.May they Rest in Peace.

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Name: m.miller
Location: redlands,ca 92373
We lived one block from you one summer in Santa Monica. My family used to spend the summers in Santa Monica, where my grandparents lived. We would rent a house for 3 months. This goes back to the 30s.You were famous then. A life well lived.
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Name: Lissette Contreras Ocasio
Location: Guayaquil - ECUADOR
Thank you for making me dream with The Blue Bird and lots of your films during my childhood. Your films will keep inspiring girls from all over the world. Now that I'm 34, I'm so proud to show your filming heredity to my niece, hoping to be blessed with a"Little Princess" of my own. RIP Shirley T.
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Name: Cheryl Harrington
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
As a Child I waited until the week end just to get up to see the Shirley Temple movie, I t was the biggest high lite of my week end we were so poor, and she was pure entertainment, Thank You Shirley for making my childhood a happy one. God Bless You and your family.
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Name: Dorothy
Location: Newington,Ct.
Hiedi was my favorite Shirley Temple Black movie. It was a tradition every Christmas. We send heart-felt sadness in her passing.You will live on in so many ways.Remember every movie she did there is a valuable lesson if you really watched and listened to what was said.Those are the memories I have.
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Name: Marie
Location: Kentucky
Shirley made the world a better, happier place. Thank you Shirley for all the joy you brought into the world. You will be loved and remembered forever. God Bless
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Name: The Lee Family
Location: Decatur, Ga
A person like Shirley Temple only comes along once in a life time.
Thank You Shirley for sharing your life with us. RIP
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Name: Patricia Laughman
Location: Ohio USA
When I heard the news of your passing I pictured you tap dancing all the way up the stairs to Heaven! Thank you Shirley for always bringing a smile to our faces! You will live on in our memories and on film!
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Name: Shirley Webb
Location: Tucson, AZ
I was named after Shirley, and when I asked my mom, she said that Shirley Temple paper dolls were her favorite. I got my Shirley doll at age 7 and still have her in her doll case....over 50 yrs now. RIP Shirley....you are one-of-a-kind!
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Name: Gloria
Location: Florida
I was a little girl when I heard of Shirley Temple. I have always loved your presence.
You are now with the Angels and, in God's loving arms. Rest in Peace dear lady.
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Name: Cynthia Jacinto
Location: San Jose, CA
Such fond great memories of Shirley Temple. I introduced my now 7 year old daughter to her DVD's when she was 4 years old. She loves her so! I put on Heidi for her to watch this morning. RIP Shirley Temple.
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Name: Mary
Location: Golden City, MO.
Shirley Temple, what a beautiful child and later, lady. Always the epitome of grace, style and kindness. She has been loved by so many and will be missed by so many more. I am so thankful this younger generation is loving her now as I did was I was a child. God Bless her family and loved ones.
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Name: Genese Vernon
Location: Tennessee
Oh how my heart was saddened when I heard of Shirley's passing. I watched Shirley when I was a small child and was given "The Shirley Temple Collection" for Christmas from my sweet husband. I love her dearly and wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting her in person.
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Name: Julio Escobar
Location: Kansas City, Mo
I remember watching her movie when I was a little kid in elementary school. Shirley Temple is what every Actor should aspire to be. R.I.P.
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