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Name: Anne Macri
Location: Sun City Center, Florida
I remember seeing the little Shirley when I was a little girl in New York- all I knew was this smiling little girl walking up the theater aisle was a famous movie star- I followed her career all thru her life and saw all her movies and will miss her presence in life! Smile with the angels, Shirley
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Name: Katie Rogers
Location: Toronto
RIP Shirley Temple, When I was growing up and taking dance lessons as a little girl Shirley Temple's dancing inspired me greatly. Her films were one of the reasons I wanted to take tap for 13 years of my life. I was truly saddened to hear the news, one a wonderful soul that has left us
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Name: Glennys Clothier
Location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
God's blessings to Shirley's family and friends at this time. Thank you Shirley for all the love and devotion you poured into this world. You will never be forgotten. Dance and sing to your hearts content with all the greats who went before you, knowing you were loved
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Name: Hondo Murray
Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa
I never knew that we shared the same birthday... April 23rd ...or that she was born in the same year as my dad... 1928 ...but what I did know is that I enjoyed watching her movies...over and over again.
My heart goes out to her family and friends.
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Shirley we are so happy for you and Charles today! Thank you for the heart that you have given to so many families,each generation. You are forever with us..
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Name: Marcia McGinnis
Location: Atlanta, GA
Shirley shared with us her joy and love for life! She was a very special and dear role model. Her movies hold wonderful memories and songs. She is now with her loving husband and parents. Sending prayers of comfort to her family. Shirley will always be remembered with love. God Bless.
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Name: Lynette
Location: Australia
My deepest condolences to the family.God has you in his keeping the world has you in our hearts.RIP Shirley xoxoxo
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Name: Bruce Goldwell
Location: Treasure Coast, Florida
I grew up on your movies and have always loved you. Thanks for all the memories you gave to all of us. God Bless You.
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Name: Kathryn D.
Location: Redondo Beach, CA.
One of the great film stars of the world will live on forever in her movies. Her movies bring a smile to my face every time I watch them. Everything about her movies I associate with a happy memory. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Pat vamosy schmidt
Location: Staten Island ny
Love watching you till this. Day may you rest in peace.
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Name: Hassima
Location: Canada
I've always enjoyed her films as a child.
My condolences to her family.
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Name: Sandi Dougherty
Location: Oregon-USA
The "Goodship Lollipop" has taken a very special Lady Shirley Temple Black from US and she will always be remembered as our Little Sweetheart that we grew up with-lots of great movie memories-RIP and see you on the other side !With prayers and love
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Name: Sonia
Location: London England
Love you Shirley,the original child star,thanks for
Making me smile,remember you forever x
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Name: Tom Schrack
Location: Minnetonka, Mn.
When Mickey Rooney gave her first kiss on screen, a million guys wished they had studied acting. She was Americas sweetheart and always will be. Her kindness got us through the great depression. She was a true person.
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Name: The Long Family
Location: Anaheim, Ca
We will always love her Memory and our prayers will go out to her family.
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Name: dennis ondeyko
Location: miami beach, florida
As i child, i remember crying to Heidi all the time. But don't tell anybody. Guys weren't supposed to cry, but i did anyway. Stay in peace angel and say hi to some of my dearly departed. They would love to meet you. Thanks Again Shirley for your contributions of humanity to humanity.
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Name: Valerie K.
Location: Ohio
Dancing with the ANGELS Smiley
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Name: Donna Johnson
Location: Vacaville, CA
I have hours & hours of fond memories because of Shirley. I thought of her recently because of upcoming Oscars. I expect that she will be remembered at the Oscar ceremony. She will always have a place in my ♥. My prayers go up to her family & friends.
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Name: Sally Yingst Manning
Location: Waynesboro, PA 17268
Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. She will live forever in my heart. The dolls, plates, pictures, etc. are all through my home. She will always be remembered as I show the movies to my grandchildren. I have been a fan for over 60 years and always will be.
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Name: Pam
Location: Irvine, CA
I loved watching Shirley in all her movies, but my two favorite are The Littlest Rebel and
The Little Princess. Thanks for such great memories! You are beloved!
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Name: Louis Ragghianti
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa
She brought a lot of Joy and happiness to my family, I was raised on her movies. Even though I grew up in the 60's and 70's. She was a good example of a clean living women, a good role model for young people. Never involved in scandal. I thank God for you Shirley my parents loved you. Prayers.
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Name: Theresa Trettin Bailey
Location: Brooklyn, Michigan
It has been a delight to watch any of her films and all of her TV presentations. She was a classy & elegant child, teenager, and lady. My condolences to her family. She will be missed by all. Now she is in Heaven and bringing smiles to our Lord.
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Name: Juanita Hall
Location: Springfield MO
You will greatly be missed, you brought laughter, grace, and beauty to this world, the world and your family was lucky to have you as part of our lives.
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Name: Wanda Cotto
Location: Bronx, New York
What a treasure you left us! You will live in our hearts,your God given gift and talent,your films, your service to our Country. You were truly one of kind. You lived a purposeful and enriched life. My deepest sympathy and prayers go to the Temple Black family.
Rest in Peace!
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Name: Juanita Hall
Location: Springfield MO
You will greatly be missed, you brought laughter, grace, and beauty to this world, the world and your family was lucky to have you as part of our lives.
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Name: Louis
Location: Valdosta, Georgia
Shirley was such a blessing to so many people, including our family. We will miss her.
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Name: Juanita Hall
Location: Springfield MO
You will greatly be missed, you brought laughter, grace, and beauty to this world, the world and your family was lucky to have you as part of our lives.
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Name: jackie wilson
Location: salem,oregon
she'll always be loved in hearts and minds of all ...
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Name: Gayle Stewart
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Thank you for the wonderful, wholesome movies Shirley. You will never be forgotten and forever missed.
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Name: Annette D.
Location: Redondo Beach, CA.
I remember watching her with my mother as a young girl and loving every minute! Now her movies are much loved by my daughters. Bachelor & the Bobby Socker is one our favorites of her as a teen.
Restin Peace Bright Eyes!

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Name: Judy Paisley
Location: Panama City, Florida
I have so many fond memories of watching you on the TV. I bought some of the re digitalised movies in the set. You were an amazingly talented little girl. And you work as an adult was even better. RIP Shirley.....you will be sorely missed by many!
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Name: Mary Wood
Location: Worcester Massachusetts
I cried this morning when I heard the news. Shirley Temple was a lovely and talented person who I enjoyed watching often She will be missed.
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Name: Edee
Location: Layton, Ut
I would also like to share my deepest condolences for the family. we were all blessed to have her in our lives, both on screen and off.
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Name: Rena Mottl
Location: Seattle, Washington
My favorite star created memorable characters and lived a very useful life.
You will be missed, Shirley.
May we meet somewhere up the line.
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Name: Diane Powers
Location: Centreville VA
There aren't very many role models in our society but I can say that Shirley Temple is one of them. She was a talented and dignified human being. My condolences to her family. Thanks for the memories Shirley.
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Name: Edee Gathercole
Location: Layton, Ut
I have been a BIG fan of shirley and everything she did and stood for since I was a little girl, now 33. I believe she was everything an actress should be in this world, and also everything a little girl needs to look up to. I always dreamed of meeting her someday. RIP Shirley you will be missed!
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Name: Barbara Davis
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Shirley was an inspiration to many young girls. Our family watched her movies all the time. I dressed my little niece like her when she was growing up. I still have my first Shirley Temple doll. She shared her life with us, and we loved her. My favorite movie was the Little Colonel. God Bless You.
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Name: Hugh McMenamin
Location: The OC, California
Thanx for the memories
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Name: Phil
Location: UK
Thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. It's so wonderful how people like Shirley can make such an impact on this Earth and show us all a bit of Heaven when we need it most. She will surely be there in the welcoming party when you (her family) eventually make it back home...Godbless.
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Name: April Bhatia-Gomez
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
I can't express the sadness that I feel right now. I was always fascinated by you as an adult, and delighted by you as a child. A big part of my childhood is gone now, rest in the arms of the Lord Mrs. Black Heaven has gained quite a remarkable Angel.
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Name: Steve Headlee
Location: New Castle, Indiana
Love her movies as a child and as a adult. My children loved them also. My heart goes out to the family left behind. God bless.
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Name: Terrie Boliek
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Few public figures that are truly woven into the fabric of "regular" people's lives, and Shirley was one of those people in my life. So much so that even my 21-year old daughter beat me to the punch, sharing her sadness & posting a link to "Animal Crackers" on fb. We'll carry her in our hearts.
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Name: Loretta Harper Malott
Location: Indiana, U.S.A
I remember every Sunday coming home from church and watching her on TV. I raised my childern watching her movies also, and now my grandchildern watch her. Rest in peace brighteyes you were the best of america.
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Name: Elise
Location: Northern California
The world will always love and remember you Shirley Jane. My mom's name is Shirley and so is my niece's (after my mom). RIP beautiful woman.
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Name: Rachel
Location: New Jersey
My heart is broken. I've read the tribute to her amazing life. I remember watching Shirley Temple in the 60's and 70's when I was a little girl and just singing along to all her songs. We were fans - we had the DVD gift box of all her movies. Condolences to the family - rest with the angels.
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Name: Marsha Stanton
Location: San Dimas, California
The world is a little darker today after the announcement of your death. At 65 I still remember the light that shown around you and the happiness you brought to my life. I have thought of you often and will never forget you. May your family know how much your were loved by all.
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Name: Myriam Hernandez
Location: Queens, New York City.
I have loved Shirley Temple ever since I saw one of her movies for the first time as a child
growing up in the 70's. I'm 47 now and still watch her movies to this day. My condolences to the family. God bless you and thank you for so many wonderful memories your movies have given me.
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Name: Cathy
Location: Stafford, Virginia
I was shocked when my friends told me you died. The tears just started to roll down my face. Even though my chances were really small, my dream was to meet you. Thank you for being so inspirational! The next time I eat an animal cracker, I will definitely think of you! Rest In Peace <3
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Name: Genevieve M. Wolff
Location: Olathe, Kansas 66061
Although Shirley Tenple was part of my childhood in France and certainly part of my husband\\\'s childhood in America for me Shirley Temple was Ambassador Shirley Tenple Black a wonderful woman, a super mother and a brilliant diplomat as the Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana, West Africa. G
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Name: Jessie
Location: Holland
I'm a fan since childhood.....cute, wonderful, stunning! Actress, woman, mother and one who served the public.
Shirley YOU RULE......rest in peace...
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Name: stephanie rowsell
Location: acton,Ontario, Canada
I am very sad you are gone . You have been my favorite since I was a little girl and you will live on in my heart forever rest in peace til we meet again
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Location: BALTIMORE,MD 21221
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Name: Billie Chisholm Savoie
Location: Groves, Texas
Incredible lady who entertained us all as a child and went on to lead a productive life. One of the few child stars whose life did not end up tragically out of control. She enriched all of our lives!
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Name: Christy Jonas
Location: Florida, USA
As a little girl, I remember watching Shirley in movies like Heidi. She was a part of my childhood.

The world lost a great person today.

RIP Mrs. Temple Black... you made the world a better place.
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Name: Tamara Holstege
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
I loved her movies as a child and her smile will be greatly missed, I have all her movies and will always treasure them
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Name: Stacey Sweeting
Location: Sacramento , Ca
Shirley Temple, the beautiful little girl with the golden curls and endearing smile. Will be missed, I loved watching your movies when i was little, and i watch them as an adult to this day. I loved little Miss Marker, and the Batchelor and the Bobby soxer is my favorite teen movie. I love youShirle
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Name: Rona patterson
Location: Brisbane Australia
I have always loved you shirley and have copied your style thank you so much rest in peace love Rona ps I'm still curling my hair.
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Name: Lila Smith
Location: Sidney Ky
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and loved her dearly....I wanted to be just like her because of her beautiful hair....She will always be a part of my heart for she surely was a Beautiful little girl and a Beautiful woman of the world....she will surely be missed....
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Name: Kimberly Maglione Bennett
Location: Akron OH
I loved her so much and always watched her movies every time they came on TV and she will live on forever in the hearts that she touched
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Name: Cynthia Foster
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Loved all of her movies. May she rest in peace. The little Cornel.
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Name: Kaley
Location: Texas
As a kid, I spent countless days in front of my TV, playing and replaying the Shirley Temple Singalong on VHS, until I had mastered every lyric and (almost) every step.
She has been my role model ever since. I'm having a Sprite with a cherry in your honor today, Shirley. You will always sparkle. Smiley
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Name: Anthony Gurr
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Today the good ship Lollipop was waiting on the tarmac by Peppermint Bay to pick up a very special passenger. I have no doubt that 'Uncle Billy' Robinson, was waiting to escort Shirley on her final flight home. Thank you so much Shirley Temple Black, for giving the world hope, love, and laughter.
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Name: Adena Gwirtz
Location: Columbus, Ohio
I was a 90's kid, but Shirley Temple got me into black and white movies. She will be truly missed as one of America's icon's and role models. Sad
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Name: Joseph H.
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Thank you for giving me many happy memories that I can share with my children through your movies. God Bless.
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Name: Doug Lancia
Location: Houston, Texas
With great sadness I say goodbye to a great star and even a better person. With love goodbye Curly Top.
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Name: Miriam K.
Location: Miami, FL
Shirley Temple's films were what inspired me to study classic Hollywood and study how films were made. Through that, I found one of my greatest joys. For that gift, I will always be grateful. Thank you so much for your work, Mrs. Temple Black. You will be missed.
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Name: Marie McGee
Location: Parkersburg wv
I remember as a child watching her shows. She will be missed greatly, RIP Shirley.
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Name: Stanley W. Jackson Sr
Location: Madison, WI
When I was a little boy I always through she was a little girl, but she was 34 years older then I am. Shirley, thank You for the movies that made me laugh and made me happy. Thank You for all you did with congress. Heaven will be a brighter place now that you are there.
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Name: Mark & Liliya DeLia
Location: Utica,New York
We loved your movies so much that we continue to watch them over and over again. You are a credit to the film industry and to the world. You good heart and good inspiration will always be remembered. May God Bless You and take you to his home . You will always be a part of our lives.
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Name: Libby Petrella
Location: Melbourne, Australia
You were a shining star, I remember growing up watching your films on a Sunday afternoon with my father.
I loved you then and I love you now.
Your passing has left an emptiness in our hearts.
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Name: Jillana Ridgeway
Location: Bakersfield, CA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple's movies as so many others have. One of my most beloved dolls was my Shirley Temple doll (which I still own). With great admiration for her life and career, I send my deepest regrets at her passing.
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Name: Christina Cereghini
Location: Little Rock, AR
Rest in peace and love. You were a shining star throughout my childhood and now you are among the stars in heaven. Through your films, you will continue to bring joy and happiness to so many. You will always be remembered.
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Name: Peter cook
Location: England
Deepest sympathy to the family of the late Shirley temple black. Thanks for the films and happy memories of watching those films with my mum and dad when I was a child. God bless you ms temple. Rest in peace. Xx
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Name: steven Jenkins
Location: haddon heights nj 08035
So very sad to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple Black. I saw every one of her movies as a child on TV. I built a complete collection of her movies as an adult. She was a national treasure. My condolences to her family
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Name: Steve Messenger
Location: Michigan
My mother is the same age as Shirley Temple. Mom has one of the original Shirley Temple dolls as her cherished toy. As a step father, my favorite Shirley Temple movie is "Heidi". Watching the movie brings tears to my eyes. I identify with the grandfather in the film. Rest in peace.
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Location: MISSOURI
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Name: Steven
Location: Texas
Thank you for the innocence that you brought to the big screen. You will be missed.
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Name: Mary Elizabeth Hewitt
Location: Austin, TX
Saw her first in The Little Colonel and loved her forever. In junior high Junior Miss on radio, her Hour of stories on rely TV, her gracious ambassadorship, her devotion to family above all were inspiring. I married a fellow fan. A bright light has gone. Thankful for her life.
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Name: Dawn O'Brien
Location: Michigan
My late mother loved Shirley, and later wished for a daughter with curly hair..I'm that daughter, and yes, the hair is curly. I grew up watching Shirley Temple...always, always, loved her movies. Curly Top is my favorite. She will be missed, but always loved.
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Name: Lourdes Guzman Melendez
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
A Real Great Lady! When a was a litle girl I loved her pictures.
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Name: Joanne
Location: California
Shirley will always be a national treasure to all who knew her films.

I will remember her as "Bright Eyes" because they were so beautiful and full of meaning. What a talent!

Today I cry for her loss but know that she will forever more live on in our hearts!

Rest in peace Shirley!
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Name: lena greer
Location: west virginia
I had just found out that a child star had passed away and am very sadden that it turned out to be an all time favorite of mine I have seen every movie of hers many times and even was so crazy over her that my daddy bought me a Shirley temple doll. I am shocked and hurt. I Love you Shirley Temple
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Name: Molly Dunning
Location: High Point,NC
Thank you for being apart of my childhood years.By coming in our living room,with your smile that radiated joy.For having such a great passion for people. To have given of yourself so freely.You ran your race very well,fulfilled your purpose. It was time to go home. Praying for ur family.I'll miss u
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Name: Terry
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I pretended I was Shirley Temple when I was a little girl ...That's how much I loved her! My deepest sympathy.
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Name: Debbie Overton
Location: River Oaks, Texas
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom. She had a doll collection of Shirley when she passed in 2003 and they all went to each of her grand daughters. I will always remember Shirley Temple. My thoughts and prays go out to her family.
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Name: Natasha
Location: Montreal, Quebec
My condolences to Shirley's family. She will always be America's sweetheart and little princess. A wonderfully talented and active woman. We will miss your beautiful s.m.i.l.e.
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Name: Lorraine White
Location: Oshawa, Ontario Canada
I watch you as a child in all your movies & have some of the books. I especially liked The Little Princess.
God Bless
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Name: sal
Location: eugene, oregon
Obviously..although we loved her and admired her talents..the Lord has chosen to call her "Hpme".
Strange..how on Monday..I, not knowing she had passed.. chose to watch and enjoy a DVD of some of her movies. And..it was on Monday..that she passed. Strange..! May she R.I.P.
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Name: Yvonne de Boer
Location: Sherman Oaks, California
I have loved Shirley Temple as a child star through her entire life. She will always be a special light in my life. I have many memories. I often watch her films. She always makes the sun shine. She helped me as an only child feel I had a friend. I never felt lonely. I love Shirley and miss her.
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Name: Olivia Bennet
Location: Detroit MI
I love Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So fun and energetic!!
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Name: Cris Belli
Location: Walnut Creek, California
Shirley Temple Black will certainly be missed..she was such an inspiring human being, from her beginnings as a child star to her very end..dignified and full of so much class!

All my thoughts and prayers to her family, who can take comfort in knowing she was so loved.

May she rest in peace!
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Name: Victor Salichs
Location: Orlando, FL
I will always consider Shirley Temple as my General in the battle for rightousness.
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Name: Cathy
Location: michigan
I've been crying all day. I grew up on her movies and never tired of watching them even as an adult. Can't imagine what it was like to know her. She led an amazing life. I don't remember ever reading or seeing anything bad about her ever. She was a wonderful person. Rest in Peace beautiful lady.
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Name: barbara jo purtill
Location: san francisco
Dearest Shirley, it wasn't just your talent but your warmth towards others. I grew up in the 50's and watched your movies over and over. You out-shown everyone. God given. You inspired me to sing every day and to be kind to all. I'm sure you were the best ambassador and mother ever!

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Name: Anna
Location: Daly City,CA
God Bless Shirley Temple Black.
I remember meeting her in SF about 20 yrs ago and I surprising said oh its Shirley Temple! And she corrected me it's Shirley Temple Black! I loved her always growing up to her music and movies. I still sing her lullabies to my kids and now to my new grand-daughter!
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Name: Phillip and Ina Scott
Location: Everett, Washington
Too those who were left behind, we are sorry for your loss. She was a great actress and person. We send our prayers to Shirley's family and friends for the loss they must feel and for the many fans that will see her only in films. God Bless you all.
Ina & Phillip Scott
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Name: Laura
Location: Maryland
Thank you Mrs. Black for being a enduring positive influence on my life as well as the lives of my children. I danced and they danced because of your wonderful, uplifting spirit. Our lives are richer because you shared yours with us. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Jamie Driscoll
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
My condolences to the family...We all are so blessed to have had such a talented, smart, giving, beautiful individual who gave us some of the best movies ever to treasure forever and will continue to be a role model for future generations. GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU...
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Name: Margaret Hoffer
Location: Austin Texas USA
God bless you and your family Shirley. You hold a special place in my heart forever. Thank you for adding so much joy to my life and the lives of others. Thank you!
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Name: Julie Whitt
Location: Dallas, Texas
She was a true American treasure. I loved all her movies but my favorite was Heidi. My mom was named for her in 1937! She was a great actress, ambassador & lady, and will be greatly missed!
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