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Name: Mark Rocchio
Location: Manhattan Beach
You made me smile. "Wee Willie Winkie" was one of my favorites. "Curley Top" I'd sing Animal Crackers to my own children. Thank you.
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Name: christina aldus
Location: galesburg il
Shirley was my most cherished actress of all time when my daughter was born 21 years ago i named her after her movie Heidi she will be deeply missed by many including my daughter who is passing the love of her to my grand daughter by showing her all her movies God bless her R.I.P Shirly
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Name: Elizabeth Warynick
Location: Walland TN
Shirley was a BIG part of my life ever since I was a young girl. I remember going into my first listening booth with my dad to listen to her LP before we bought it. I still have my Shirley Temple Doll from 1960 and so many of her collectables. What I love the most is how much of a LADY she was!
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Name: Linda Johnson
Location: Fayetteville, NC
She was the single most important person in my life growing up. She made me forget some of the horrible things that was happening to me. I just loved loved her so. I can watch her and read about her all day. God bless you Miss Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Teresa Olson
Location: Seattle
I watched her movies on TV in the 1950s..she was a wonderful child actress and a excellent politician.. Thank you
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Name: Mary
Location: Mississauga Canada
Thank you for your remarkable performances. You will be truly missed. May you R I P. You have left us with wonderful memories.
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Name: Nicole
Location: Grzegorczyk
I used to watch your movies as a child growing up. You were amazing! Thank you for being a part my childhood! R.I.P. Shirley Temple-Black
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Name: Teresa Martin
Location: Virginia, USA
I remember watching your movies as a child and teasing my mom b/c her name was Shirley Templeton. My favorite was Anne but I liked them all. I am looking forward to sharing them with my daughters! Til me meet in heaven,
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Name: Bruce W. Johnson
Location: Madisonville,Tn
I grew up on your movies and you will be missed by alot of people my condulences to your family.
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Name: Beth Mallett
Location: Reno, NV
It,s been a year since your passing you brought so much joy in my life watching your moves as a child I,m 61 years old and Im still watching and sharing them with my grand daughters love you Shirley your fan Beth Mallett
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia
Shirley today has already been a year since you came into Heaven where you are greeted with a big applause, we miss you so much but now we will never be alone because from Heaven continue to pray for all of us. Thank you because you left a great memory that will never forget you ....
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia
Shirley oggi è già passato un anno da quando sei entrata in Paradiso dove ti hanno accolta con un grande applauso, ci manchi tantissimo ma ora non saremo mai più soli perché da lassù continui a pregare per tutti noi. Grazie perché ci hai lasciato un grande ricordo che non ti dimenticheremo mai...
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Name: John H.
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
This being the one year anniversary of Shirley's passing I just want to say what a huge fan I've become of hers over the past year. It wasn't until shortly thereafter when I began watching her movies for the very first time that this happened, but now I just think the world of her. RIP Dear Shirley.
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Name: francine recco
Location: ajaccio corse france
At any age, it is a real pleasure to look again and again sparkling Shirley Temple, and very moving to remember that she became that so generous great Lady. who regrettably left us.
written february 09th,2015.
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Name: Sandra
Location: Australia
Remembering you on the 1st Anniversary of your passing.
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Name: kayla bridges
Location: chico ca
im doing my 1930's research essay on you and your most famous movies love you Shirley
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Name: Judy Hamby
Location: Lenoir, North Carolina
Shirley Temple - what lovely memories. I remember almost worshiping her. A beautiful woman who pleased God with her life. Hopefully I can see her in Heaven.
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Location: United States. MOORE , OK.
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Name: JT
Location: GUTV
shirley we love u an youll always have my heart luv yuhh
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Name: Mary Salvati
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
I loved your shows when I was small and now that I'm 60 I still watch your shows.
You will never be forgotten.
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Name: Kelsi Gros
Location: Houston
Shirley, I absolutely loved watching you as a child. You made my day better. I will miss you dearly love. Smile, Kelsi
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Name: Denny
Location: Federal Way, Wa.
Shirley, As a Vietnam veteran I would like to say thank you for the many memories I have of you from my childhood.
You Have given so much of your self to all and country as well.
I currently work for the Boeing Aircraft Company, as a child I played in fuselages of WWII aircraft, now I build them.
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Name: Charlene R.
Location: Valencia, California
I remember watching and rewatching Heidi over and over again when I was 7 because I just loved watching Shirley act. As I was growing up, I remember watching documentaries about her and thought, Wow. What a remarkable individual. Thank you for sharing your talents with world, Shirley. RIP, dear.
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Name: Gloria
Location: rangiputa
Dear shirley you are my hero since you died you have been my number one I love you shirley temple black

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Name: Kris
Location: Wyoming
Thank you,Shirley, for giving us your smile, voice, dance & talent as you entertained all of us throughout your wonderful, generous life. I can watch one of your films when I need cheering up; you never fail to make me smile and even cry. Bon Voyage on your journey, grand lady! You will be missed!
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Name: Linda Sue Brooks Lee
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Thank You Shirley for bringing a little happiness and joy to a sad childhood. I
loved your movies and passed my love for them to my daughter. And now she has passed them down to her step children. Thank you and your family for the awesome work you did
as an adult. God Bless You and your family.
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Name: burton
A remarkable life! Well done Shirley!
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Name: FONTANA 44757905904
Location: Brasil


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Name: Savannah hammitt
Location: burton mi
my hopes and prayers go out to her family. i am a huge fan of shirley temple and have most of her movies . you will be forever missed. R.I.P Shirley temple you will never be forgot'in . savannah
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Name: Jeanne Maler
Location: New York
As a young girl I would watch every Shirley Temple movie and some many, many times!! I think she empowered we female children! An amazing child and equally amazing adult woman. Her children should be most proud of their Mom's talents, accomplishments and integrity.
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Name: Angela Duarte
Location: Arizona
Shirley Temple was my favorite actress as a little girl. I was a sad little girl growing up and every time I watched her movies it would brighten my day. Thank you, beautiful Shirley Temple for being there when i didn't have anyone else to brighten my day you always put a smile on my face.
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Name: Barbara
Location: Auburn, Georgia
The world will never tire of the wonderful & wholesome movies that starred a precious,young,and smart Shirley Temple. As an adult, she offered her knowledge and compassion to the political world. She will always have a special place in my heart for her contributions! God bless your family and comfo
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Name: Charlotte Orth
Location: Colorado
I was introduced to the film work of child star Shirley Temple during a PBS special over the holidays. I found the warm, caring spirit she expresses in film, to be healing; it awakened me to the beauty of child-like love and joy.
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Name: Joe Kassa
Location: Atlanta, GA
I remember watch Shirley Temple's movies in the 70 while I was in college. She used to brighten my evening after a hard day in school. I will miss you a lot Shirley
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Name: Verlie C. " Judy " Mullis
Location: Concord, North Carolina U.S.A.
I have always loved to watch this fascinating young lady! She represented what was good and honest in movies of her time. It still stands today that she had wise parents and of course some things do happen and with regret Mrs. Black endured on to better things! God grant her many rewards!
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Name: Charmaine
I am 60 years old and grew up watching Shirley. I still watch her and share her movies with my grandchildren. Her life was well spent--she will always be remembered.
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Name: Paul Berson
Location: Hollywood Florida
My Mom Shirley and I Wishing Shirley Temple Black and her family the very Best this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your Children, Grand Children All Your Love One's. Regards to Everyone with Much Love. All the Blessings.
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Name: Juanita R Rodriguez
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Shirley Temple Black was a gifted individual. At a young age she demonstrated her individual gifts and talents. At an older age, she was able to recareer as a public servant. She was able to keep her personal life separate but at the same time able to give of herself to her country.
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Name: Shirley Lover
Location: Tacoma, WA
Of all the big screen stars, Shirley was so special. Such a pure, old soul. Such grace and compassion. To behold her is still a transcendent experience. As a boy, she was my dream girl, and still is to this day. Her talents were equally impressive but her heart and soul set her apart. RIP Princess.
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Name: John H.
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Watching Shirley's Christmas related movies at this time of year made a lonely Christmas for me a lot easier to get through. I will forever love Shirley Temple!
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Name: Marsha
I have always been an admirer of the tremendous impact that Mrs. Shirley Temple Black had on the world. I am 62 and still cry during many of the emotional scenes in her movies. She was so well loved. I remember as a little girl of three or four watching her movies and loving her over and over.
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Name: michael valentin
Location: los angeles,ca United States
Hi every one i always admire shirley's movies america's little angel,always enjoyed them, now you gone home shirley but we your fans will always remember your laughters to us the american families,that made us laugh year after years. greeting to the family also on my behalf God bless everyone.
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Name: morgan souza
Location: california
my great grandma and i loved to watch shirley she was my favorite
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Name: Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
Location: Kentucky
Heaven is near.
It sparkles and shines now.
With every heart lifted.
Through lifes darkest hour.
The Light of the world shines forth brightest during this season and grows with each sparkle we share.
Sparkle Shirley, Sparkle
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Name: Brian Davis
Location: United States
Truly an icon. A world renown actress and star who will be greatly missed. Movies like that will never be seen in our homes again. You will be missed greatly.
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Name: kai
Never to be forgotten
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Name: Deise Ferreira
Location: Brasil
I am 43, I am Brazilian, and Shirley made my childhood be very happy, its sweetness will stay in my mind forever!
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Name: Shirley Wade Griffitts
Location: WArsaw & Independence MO
I was born in 1933, and my Daddy so loved Shirley Temple that he insisted I be named after her, so I was and am. Have most of her movies still, and love her still. Bless you, Shirley Temple Black...
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Name: Bonnie Busby
Location: Nashville,Tn.
Your movies bring so much joy. What a natural talent you possessed! Never has been or will there ever be one like you.That sweet little face so full of expression. I think I loved your dancing most of all. And you grew up to be just as beautiful - inside and out. You were truly a remarkable woman.
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Name: Lloyd Rowe
Location: Ingleside Illinois
Loved you and all your great movies will always miss that smile.
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Name: Margareth Rose Miers Venturini
Location: Brazil
I grew up watching your movies and I only found out that you are not here in, this Earth, now. Very sad news. May you be at God's side forever.
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Name: Adriene
I'm only 13 right now and I still remember watching her movies when I was little. I would check them out our local library. I used to love her and still do!
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Name: marlene lockley
Location: great britain
I remember watching Shirley temple when I was a child,now I am 70 years old and have never forgot the films I saw.god bless you Shirley marlene
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Name: Shayla Rowley
Location: Utah
Shirley Temple was a household name for me and my family. Years later, I still remember all the songs and it still warms my heart to watch any of her shows. What an amazing girl and woman. What would this world be like without her dimpled smile? I love you Shirley!
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Name: Donald Baker Jr.
Location: Indiana
I watched Shirley Temple's old movie in the 1970's and 1980's. I got several of her movies and shows on DVD. She will never be forgotten.
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Name: Kristen
I'm doing a history presentation on you Shirley, and I hope you know how much I love you! You were such a strong and inspiring lady, and I hope I grow up to be just as wonderful as you. Thank you for empowering me. Please watch me from heaven tomorrow as I perform Good Ship Lollipop in your honourSmiley
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Name: Shirlee Bliss
Location: Burbank
Shirley I was named after you and loved your movies (even the corny ones). You did a great job - May God stay with you in Heaven.
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Name: Maureen
Location: usa
I love all of her movies my mom and dad were growing up when she started her movies
I love all of them I wish I got to meet her
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Name: Heather Eugene
Location: Toronto
" Good Luck Needs No Explanation" A Quote from
Shirley Temple Black's Autobiography, Child Star.
I was invited to her home in 2002.
A familiarity, a bond. She complimented me 'you are so pretty'and liked the color of my blouse.
So humble, so gracious.
Wow, what a day in my life.
Thank you Sh
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Name: An Seeary
Location: Austtralia
My parents introduced me and my siblings to Shirely Temple films as we were growing up. She told us stories of the dolls she had and the bungalow she had at Fox Studios. We still enjoy all of her movies. She brings the bluebird of happiness to our hearts every time we watch her.
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Location: melbourne australia
Very belated condolences to Ms Temple Black's family. I am still thinking how sad the World is without her. The same I can say about the loss of my mother, I feel the same pain for both, it is an unthinkable loss for me. You are a STAR wherever you are and will always remain in my heart like my mum.
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Name: Kiersten Simon
Hi. My name is Kiersten. My grandmother told me about you when I was really young. I am 12 years old now and I really LOVE your movies. Thank you for all of the laughs you have given to me and my family. R.I.P

Kiersten Simon
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Name: Amber Peterson
Location: Waltham Ma
shrley you made me SMILE every time i heard you sing animal crackers. I am 17 yrs old now I found you out by my Grandma. I have your Hedi and baby take a bow, Rebecca and curley tops its sad that you have left but you will always be my favorite child star
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Name: Hazel Oyer
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
I'm 80yrs.old,just watched Lil'Grinarling series with my 101yr old neighbor.Had a ball remeniecing about and enjoying Shirley's movies.Saw her on White House lawn standing next to Q.Elizabeth and Pres. Ford in '76 at a State Dinner while Chief of Pro.Beautiful Lady,Pride of Am! Thank you & RIP
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Name: Silke
Location: Germany
I have been loving her since my childhood ♥

Unfortunately in Germany it is not possible to buy any collections of her films Sad and they never show one on tv.

A pitty, so sad that she has already left the world.
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Name: kassidy euritt
Location: usa
i love shirley temple me and my grandma have always watched it until shirley temple died my grandma passed away 1 week after. i am saving up my money to buy the whole collection and watch it over and over again
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Name: Jamie
Location: Illinois
I am now 56 yrs.old and some of my fondest memories are of watching Shirley Temple movies with my dad every Sunday afternoon. I. Own the Little Darling Collection and still enjoy her movies today. She is timeless.My life has been enriched by her talent, charm, and goodness. Sincerely,Jamie
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Name: Patricia
Location: Graham, WA
I always loved watching her ..... she lit up the whole room. She was such an inspiration to many people. She will be sorely missed.
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Name: Grace
My parents say I looked like her when I was her age.
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Name: Alita
Location: Brasil
Querida Shirley Temple, que saudades temos de você! Você sempre estará em nossos corações.

Agora você está com os anjos.

Te amo
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Name: Conner Murphy
Shirley Temple was my idol. I have every single second that she was on air in my dvd shelf I love her and I miss her more and more everyday I wish she was still alive so she could make me feel whole again. I love you bb <3
rating rating rating rating rating
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Name: Paulette lopez
Location: Louisiana
I have watched every movie Shirley temple has ever made and I have loved every one of them. My daughters watch her movies now and it is so great to see them enjoying them a much as I had. She was a most amazing woman and has inspired women everywhere. She is so miss and loved. May she RIP
rating rating rating rating rating
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Name: Tom Eddy
Location: Victoria Australia
Shirley Temple was my idol and I will miss her with all my heart and soul.
rating rating rating rating rating
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Name: matt nagurney
Location: vienna va
my parents were ms. temple's age, and they liked her movies, her life, her family, and what she represented.
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Name: Lynne
Location: Central New York
I will always remember Shirley as I used to watch her shows with my grandmother. Good memories that will last forever..
God Bless
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Name: Tally G Haugen
Location: Currie NC
Shirley was my childhood "friend" when I was a lonely and homesick little girl.She cheered in a way that went straight to the heart!I was glad she was able to have her HAPPY ENDING:Find her "Prince" in Charles, and grow "Very Very old" so HAPPILY! I know she carried her JOY along w/her UP!Miss Her!
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Location: AURORA CO
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Name: Allen R. Cook
Location: West Valley City, Utah
Thank God for Shirley Temple! Both my wife & I enjoyed her movies when we were children & now we're enjoying them all over again in our senior years. The movies are timeless classics & Shirley was so talented. Her legacy will live on in the hearts of the millions who enjoyed her movies.
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Name: Beth
Location: Dallas, tx
Talented & gifted.
Shirley brought Joy to all.
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Name: Denise
Location: Waco
Love to what her. She is really funny, my favorite on is when she waiting on her dad to return from the army, but he was hurt.
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Name: Kraig E.
Location: Kansas
I watched her with my mom and sisters when we were younger. All of us enjoyed her movies. I hope she is resting in our Lord's arms.
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Name: Lynn Williams-Hufft
Location: Missouri
I loved all of Shirley Temple's movies and still do. There will never be another one like her.
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Name: Carl C.
Location: Carriere, MS
My favorite childhood actress. We used too watch her movie's every weekend.
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Name: Rachel Davis
Location: Kentucky
Rest in peace to Americas most talented woman.
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Name: Es
Location: Patterson ca
I loved her dearly I cried wen she come to passed
RIP Smiley
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Location: TOLEDO, OHIO
I grow up watching Shirley Temple on screen and I'm never going to forget how she has lighten up my life. I love Shirley and there will never be a nother Shirley Temple, so quit trying to place another chld up as her. I was born in the 30's and I still watch her movies.
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Name: Diana
Location: San Antonio, TX
Rest in peace Shirley Temple.
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Name: Antoinette McPherson
Location: Bronx NY
I am now a Grandmother who grew up watching all Shirley Temple movies, and even now at 55 I still watch every chance I get, I just finished crying at The little Princess. Please know that her memory and spirit will live on. She has touched many hearts.
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Name: Nicole
Location: Pennsylvania
I was introduced at a very young age to Shirley's movies, thanks to my grandmother. My grandmother got sick in 2004 with AML and always wanted me to sing it to her while she received chemo away from us. And I thank Shirley for giving me those and thousands more memories with her and my gram.
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Name: Janet Milner
Location: South Carolina
We are a family that can be traced back to the mid 1800's. With the women always out numbering the men, not to mention out living them too. My girls all loved her. I have a granddaughter now, and she has all of her movies. The little princess is her flavorite also. Truly loved her my whole life.
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Name: Greg Perez
Location: united states
I love Shirley Temple movies.
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Name: taliyah
Location: 7716 nw 5ct
i love all of her movies its said to see one of the best actress back in the 1990 gone.
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Name: Debbie Ewing
Location: indiana
Growing up on a farm with very strict parents you were my friend and inspiration. You brought a smile into unfriendly world. Shall miss you
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Name: William Gezzi
Location: Casper Wyoming United States
I have been watching her movies since I was a child. Just watched We Willie Winkie...Totally awesome
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Name: Sarah
Location: United States
Hi I'm Sarah I got the Shirley Temple Darlig Collection for my bday. I love Shirley
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Name: Caitlin Baird
Location: Bunker hill. Wv
Hi my name is Caitlin and I'm 11 years old. Shirley was a very beautiful and talented actress!! I love to watch her movies and read about her life. I look forward to seeing all her movies!! Thank you Shirley
Caitlin Baird

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Name: Judith A. Kane
Location: lewiston, Idaho
Love is the tie that bind's...You blessed us with your presence and we are a better nation for it.

Rest in the arms of Jesus now for you have completed your honorable mission here on earth.

From The Heart,
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Name: Judy
Location: South Dakota
As an only child, I grew up with you. You were my playmate,& dear friend. I watched your movies everyday & never tired of them. You were my "only sibling" now as an older woman, I have a room for your dolls. You were an inspiration in my life!GOD blessed us all & now you are with HIM! Thanks Shirley
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Name: Talisha
Location: mind
she will always be he number one child star that paved the way for thee rest
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