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Location: MISSOURI
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Name: Steven
Location: Texas
Thank you for the innocence that you brought to the big screen. You will be missed.
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Name: Mary Elizabeth Hewitt
Location: Austin, TX
Saw her first in The Little Colonel and loved her forever. In junior high Junior Miss on radio, her Hour of stories on rely TV, her gracious ambassadorship, her devotion to family above all were inspiring. I married a fellow fan. A bright light has gone. Thankful for her life.
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Name: Dawn O'Brien
Location: Michigan
My late mother loved Shirley, and later wished for a daughter with curly hair..I'm that daughter, and yes, the hair is curly. I grew up watching Shirley Temple...always, always, loved her movies. Curly Top is my favorite. She will be missed, but always loved.
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Name: Lourdes Guzman Melendez
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
A Real Great Lady! When a was a litle girl I loved her pictures.
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Name: Joanne
Location: California
Shirley will always be a national treasure to all who knew her films.

I will remember her as "Bright Eyes" because they were so beautiful and full of meaning. What a talent!

Today I cry for her loss but know that she will forever more live on in our hearts!

Rest in peace Shirley!
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Name: lena greer
Location: west virginia
I had just found out that a child star had passed away and am very sadden that it turned out to be an all time favorite of mine I have seen every movie of hers many times and even was so crazy over her that my daddy bought me a Shirley temple doll. I am shocked and hurt. I Love you Shirley Temple
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Name: Molly Dunning
Location: High Point,NC
Thank you for being apart of my childhood years.By coming in our living room,with your smile that radiated joy.For having such a great passion for people. To have given of yourself so freely.You ran your race very well,fulfilled your purpose. It was time to go home. Praying for ur family.I'll miss u
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Name: Terry
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I pretended I was Shirley Temple when I was a little girl ...That's how much I loved her! My deepest sympathy.
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Name: Debbie Overton
Location: River Oaks, Texas
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom. She had a doll collection of Shirley when she passed in 2003 and they all went to each of her grand daughters. I will always remember Shirley Temple. My thoughts and prays go out to her family.
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Name: Natasha
Location: Montreal, Quebec
My condolences to Shirley's family. She will always be America's sweetheart and little princess. A wonderfully talented and active woman. We will miss your beautiful s.m.i.l.e.
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Name: Lorraine White
Location: Oshawa, Ontario Canada
I watch you as a child in all your movies & have some of the books. I especially liked The Little Princess.
God Bless
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Name: sal
Location: eugene, oregon
Obviously..although we loved her and admired her talents..the Lord has chosen to call her "Hpme".
Strange..how on Monday..I, not knowing she had passed.. chose to watch and enjoy a DVD of some of her movies. And..it was on Monday..that she passed. Strange..! May she R.I.P.
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Name: Yvonne de Boer
Location: Sherman Oaks, California
I have loved Shirley Temple as a child star through her entire life. She will always be a special light in my life. I have many memories. I often watch her films. She always makes the sun shine. She helped me as an only child feel I had a friend. I never felt lonely. I love Shirley and miss her.
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Name: Olivia Bennet
Location: Detroit MI
I love Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So fun and energetic!!
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Name: Cris Belli
Location: Walnut Creek, California
Shirley Temple Black will certainly be missed..she was such an inspiring human being, from her beginnings as a child star to her very end..dignified and full of so much class!

All my thoughts and prayers to her family, who can take comfort in knowing she was so loved.

May she rest in peace!
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Name: Victor Salichs
Location: Orlando, FL
I will always consider Shirley Temple as my General in the battle for rightousness.
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Name: Cathy
Location: michigan
I've been crying all day. I grew up on her movies and never tired of watching them even as an adult. Can't imagine what it was like to know her. She led an amazing life. I don't remember ever reading or seeing anything bad about her ever. She was a wonderful person. Rest in Peace beautiful lady.
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Name: barbara jo purtill
Location: san francisco
Dearest Shirley, it wasn't just your talent but your warmth towards others. I grew up in the 50's and watched your movies over and over. You out-shown everyone. God given. You inspired me to sing every day and to be kind to all. I'm sure you were the best ambassador and mother ever!

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Name: Anna
Location: Daly City,CA
God Bless Shirley Temple Black.
I remember meeting her in SF about 20 yrs ago and I surprising said oh its Shirley Temple! And she corrected me it's Shirley Temple Black! I loved her always growing up to her music and movies. I still sing her lullabies to my kids and now to my new grand-daughter!
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Name: Phillip and Ina Scott
Location: Everett, Washington
Too those who were left behind, we are sorry for your loss. She was a great actress and person. We send our prayers to Shirley's family and friends for the loss they must feel and for the many fans that will see her only in films. God Bless you all.
Ina & Phillip Scott
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Name: Laura
Location: Maryland
Thank you Mrs. Black for being a enduring positive influence on my life as well as the lives of my children. I danced and they danced because of your wonderful, uplifting spirit. Our lives are richer because you shared yours with us. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Jamie Driscoll
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
My condolences to the family...We all are so blessed to have had such a talented, smart, giving, beautiful individual who gave us some of the best movies ever to treasure forever and will continue to be a role model for future generations. GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU...
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Name: Margaret Hoffer
Location: Austin Texas USA
God bless you and your family Shirley. You hold a special place in my heart forever. Thank you for adding so much joy to my life and the lives of others. Thank you!
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Name: Julie Whitt
Location: Dallas, Texas
She was a true American treasure. I loved all her movies but my favorite was Heidi. My mom was named for her in 1937! She was a great actress, ambassador & lady, and will be greatly missed!
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Name: Dee Morrow
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I grew up watching Ms Temple-Black's movies on TV and what wonderful movies they were. I always respected and enjoyed her talent. I respected her ability to grow up in a profession that usually leads to troubled lives but she avoided the pitfalls and was a shining example for others to follow.
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Name: debbie
Location: baton rouge,la
Such a wonderful actress & outstanding woman. Heaven has gained an angel
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Name: Linda Lee
Location: Sanbornville, NH
You were so special to me during my childhood. I had a record of yours and watched your movies whenever I could. Now my daughters watch your movies and love you too. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life and to the lives of so many. Yours was definitely a life well lived.
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Name: Laurie Stahl
Location: Antioch, IL
(continued) in My Soup over and over, so I showed her the video about 4 times. She finally smiled and said, that was a good one! Still bringing smiles to people after all these years! Love it! May God Bless her family and may she rest in peace!
Laurie Stahl
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Name: Mary A Temple (Hamilton)
Location: Kent, Washington
The brightest and sweetest face ever put on the silver screen. My mother had three daughters (1935, 1936 and me 1939). I always wished she would have named me Shirley. Heaven is blessed with this beautiful lady.
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Name: Marlene Vasquez-Suhovy
Location: Ontario, CA
We're going to miss you Shirley, but you will live forever in our hearts through your movies, you brought us all joy and we thank you very much. Hope to dance with you one day on the streets of gold!
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Name: Peggy
Location: Annapolis, MD
Born in 55, I grew up watching her movies, Heidi was one of my favorites. My sister & I used to sing "on a good ship". My voice was not as good but I had fun trying. And then she grew up to do good things also unlike so much of Hollywood. She will be missed, she was a class act. She really lived
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Name: Liana
Location: Ohio
We love your movies and your voice. I really feel that God put you here to put smiles and warmth in people hearts, especially during the 1930s. Thank you for your beautiful nature. You will be missed.
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Name: Linda
Location: Memphis
You will be missed lovely lady and in the thoughts and hearts of your family and fans forever.
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Name: Trish
We will always remember you. Rest in Peace, Shirley.
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Name: G. Riley
Location: New York
R.I.P, your memory will live on forever in your fans.

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Name: Lois Jefferson
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
It is with Deepest Sympathy that I leave this message. I am well into my 70's and I still watch Shirley's movies whenever there an opportunity. I loved her as a child and I love her still. She created so many happy memories for me. God Bless you, Shirley and God Bless your family.
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Name: Sharon Ferguson
Location: North Carolina
Growing up in the 60's I remember watching her movies. With her passing I feel as if another piece of my childhood is now gone. She will always be remembered and there can never be another Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Matthew Dees
An true American Treasure that will be missed.
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Name: Tally Haugen
Location: Currie NC
I've been dreading this day for a long time, yet, SMILE at all the memories!SO MUCH of the American Spirit was in the guise of One extraordinary & lovely LADY! She was THE BEST of what we had to offer..Thank you Dear Shirley, for being a "friend" when I needed one the most..God Bless You and Mr.B!
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Name: Mark
Location: New Fairfield, CT
I will always remember the enjoyment Shirley Temple gave me whenever I saw her act. I will miss her and have been teaching my grandchildren what good wholesome movies are all about..Thank You and God Bless
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Name: Gina
Location: Seal Beach, CA
I grew up watching all of your wonderful movies and now my 8 year old daughter has your collection as well. Thank you for the memories. God Bless
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Name: Shirley Yancey Kloepfer
Location: Madison, Indiana
My parents married in 1939. They had gone to every Shirley Temple movie. When I was born in October 1944, I had to be named Shirley. Mother was thrilled that I had natural curly hair like Shirley temple's. I feel like someone in my family has died. She was a big part of my life. My dad is 96.
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Name: irene luby
Location: st catharines ontario canada
ireally loved he movies and she was good peron i will remember you from your fan irene
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Name: Laurie Stahl
Location: Antioch, IL
My mom Loved Shirley and shared all her movies when we were kids. She is in an Alzheimer's Unit now in a nursing home but today I shared some Shirley videos with her on You Tube and it made her and many of the other ladies very happy. Especially one who never talks. She kept saying Animal Crackers
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Name: Helen Frey
Location: PIneville NC
How treasured yor are in my memory. I loved your movies and your service as ambassador. Rest in Peace
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Name: Digna Polidura
Location: puerto Rico
I'm so sorry for the lots of Shirley Temple.My prayers for the family. I grew watching her movies and I and so blessed and thankful for all the joy I had watching them.Thank you God for have given the world someone as wonderful and special as Shirley Temple.RIP Shirley.
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Name: Robin
Location: Odon, IN
I am a forever fan of Shirley Temple Black. She has brought much joy and happiness to my life. Even though I didn't know her personally, I feel that I still have a little piece of her in my heart. She will be missed terribly.
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Name: Gary Posati
Location: Greenville, Mi
It's been a great joy growing up with you. You will be missed. What a wonderful life well lived!
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Name: Ina Scott
Location: Everett, Washington
You will never know how many times your films put a smile to my face. My childhood was never as bright as your was at least in each of your films. I like many others never has the chance to meet you in person, so your films was like meeting you. Your smile lit up a dark place. thank you.
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Name: Melanie
Location: Tiffin Ohio
Loved her movies. I still watch them and enjoy. My prays are with you. She will be missed.
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Name: Marilyn Wolfe
Location: Portage Mi.
Didn't miss any of her movies, as a child. Shirley Temple was a remarkable person. We'll go on enjoying those movies. We won't forget how special she was.
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Name: John Simmons
Location: Atlanta
I've been watching her films for almost 60 years, always bring a smile. Yes she is still our little darling, she will forever be missed..
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Name: Sharon Gore & Patrick Wood
Location: Texas
All that you shared with your fans will never be lost. Memories of all the simple pleasures you knew will bring you a deep and special sense of comfort. So sorry for your loss.
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Name: Cheryl Williams Franco Jones
Location: San Diego, CA
My memories of watching her films with my Mom as a child are vivid. Only 3 channels to chose from and many a Sunday afternoon one of her films would be on. Cannot possibly pick just one as my favorite...they were all wonderful. RIP dear lady...you are and will be loved for generations.
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Name: Mary Marshall
Location: Marlette, MI
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies on TV - pre-VHS/DVD days. I would comb the TV guide every week to make sure I didn't miss a showing.

You lead a full & successful life after Hollywood which is amazing!

RIP Shirley.Many generations of people will miss you.

May God be with your fam
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Name: Christine Haven
Location: Chattanooga Tennessee
In the 50's I grew up in a children's home and identified with so many of Shirley Temple's characters and situations. As a six year old, I thought her movies were real and I ran away from the home several times looking for a happy home with unconditional love of parents like Shirley always found.
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Name: Cheryl Liccioli
Location: North Wales PA
Oh how sad but oh how we loved her movies. What a beautiful child and lady.
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Name: Tyler Vandenbosch
Location: VA
I seen her on the commercials for her DVD collections. Hard to imagine the cute little child star was 85 much less passed away. RIP to the best child star of all time with a drink named after her. Best wishes with the family.
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Name: David Beaulieu
Location: Eagle River Alaska
Along with countless others the passing of Shirley Temple Black is a sad occassion. I still enjoy watching her movies. I also enjoyed reading her book. She truley brought much joy and happiness to everyone. God Bless
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Name: Sabrina Newton
Location: Texas
I grew up watching her movies. She was a wonderful person, on and off the screen. We will miss her dearly. My prayers to you all in this time of great sadness. Thank you for allowing us to show you how much we loved her.
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Name: Michael
Location: Clovis NM
A great lost
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Name: Mary Ann Herrera
Location: salt lake city utah 84120
She was a great chid actress I have all her movies I will cherish them forever.Sorry for your loss.She Was a great woman of the world.She will be really missed.
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Name: George J M
Location: San Diego, CA
Shirley, you will be greatly missed by my family and I. The world has lost one of it's great and shining stars, but you will always live on with us. It has truly been an honor.
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Name: Sally H
Location: San Diego, CA
My fondest childhood memories include watching Shirley Temple movies with my late mother. We loved Ms. Temple-Black for her humanity. She broke barriers long before social acceptance, and taught us how to be better people. Thank you for the allowing us to post comments about a terrific human being.
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Name: Mrs. Jo H Martin
Location: Houston, Tx
I grew up watching Ms. Temple Black movies alone with my family and I truly will miss her. God had a plan for her life and she lived it to the fullest. I am praying for her family as they go through with their lost, but remember there's a rainbow in the sky sent by God for your healing.
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Name: Bonnie Stewart
Location: Drexel Hill, PA
Sorry to hear about Shirley's passing. I love her many movies and own many of them. Rest in peace Shirley. GOD has gained another angel in heaven.
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Name: Sylvia Bustamante
Location: Norwalk, Ca
I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the entire Temple Black Family on this very sad occasion. I, like many fans around the world have always enjoyed "lil Ms. Temple" in all her movies. There will never be anyone like her again. No more animal crackers in our soup; You'll be missed!!!!
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Name: Linda Bledsoe
Location: Texas
America's Sweetheart has joined the angels. She was so talented and beautiful. There will only be one Shirley Temple in our hearts.
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Name: sharon growden
Location: 157 canada lane everett, pa 15537
My heart is truly broken. .I can only imagine what her family is going though. .I loved her and watched her movies..A very beautiful lady..The stars in the sky will shine brighter, , because she is with the Lord..I wish the family. Love and peaceGod bless all of you.. LOVE U SHIRLEY
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Name: Cathy Hardy
Location: Durand, Mi
Always wanted to be like her in every way. When I was a little girl about 5, I had her record animal crackers and sang along with her, pretending to be her
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Name: McKenzie Varenhorst
Location: Wichita Kansas
I loved Shirley Temple. She was my hero and idol, not just because she was an actress but also because of the amazing things she did. For a wax museum at my school 2 weeks a go I was Shirley Temple because we had to choose our favorite person. She will always be in my heart
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Name: Susan L.
Location: Pensacola, Fl
Loved watching your movies as a child and having your doll & now having dolls & movies to share with my granddaughter. My condolences for your loss. Shirley Temple Black a special such child actress that became a wonderful mother, wife and grandmother. She will be forever missed.
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Name: Dolores
Location: New Jersey
Thank you for enhancing my childhood with so many memories watching your movies. I admired you.
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Name: Dee Doyle
Location: Henderson, Nevada.
Thank You Very Much Shirley For the Happy Childhood memories with all your movies, I enjoyed everyone of them. You were great and will be missed. You earned you angel wings. R.I.P.
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Name: Marilyn Galli
Location: Carmel, CA
I enjoyed you as a child star and was so proud of your service as an ambassador. RIP Mrs. Black...You had a wonderful life that inspired many here on earth. I send my sympathies to your family and friends.
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Name: L. Richman
Location: New York
Shirley Temple, how many times have your movies cheered me up? Your happy smile and dancing charmed us all. I plan on having my children watch your films. Your life was lived with class and dignity; which is something most child stars of today are devoid of. We all love you.l
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Name: Deborah Leiter
Location: Ohio
My prayers are with you all. I grew up watching her movies and her passing is such a loss. I loved the wholesome movies that she made. She was a remarkable lady. God blessed us all by sharing her with us.
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Name: Bess Brown
Location: Cashmere WA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, which were some of the happiest times of my life. I just watched "Bright Eyes" two weeks ago, and I hope they will replay every picture she ever did. I will be watching. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Paula E. Preston
Location: Tennessee
I grew up with Shirley Temple when we got our first TV. She and all her films have been a great joy in our family. She will always be loved and will remain forever in our hearts.
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Name: Becky Wells-Freeman
Location: Findlay, Ohio
I remember see her on the movie in 1960's I always thought she had such a wonderful smile and I wanted to have dimples like her. She will truly be missed. God Bless
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Name: Victoria Gentry
Location: Rancho Mirage, CA
Shirley's movies were inspiring in so many ways. I still get teary eyed watching them. A First Class Lady in every way! These were movies I could share with my children and grandchildren, unlike most films today. She was one of a kind and will truly be missed.
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Name: Elizabeth Belt
Location: Almo, Kentucky
I was a major fan as a child though I didn't discover her until 1967. Your mother, grandmother, wife, and great grandmother will be greatly missed. God bless you all and see you through your time of sorrow.
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Name: Robin
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
So sorry to hear about Shirley's passing away. My prayers are with her family. Loved watching her movies through the years and will surely miss her presence in the world today.
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Name: Mary Kate Karney
Location: Vermilion, OH
Firstly my prayers for Shirley's family, friends and fans. She will be missed by all! Ironically
my twin grand daughters are going to be three on 2-23-2014 and I just purchased Shirley's movie collection for them. She will live on though many generations to come!
Thank you God for Shirley!!!
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Name: Sheila
I send my sincere condolences to Shirley's family. She was a great role model for actresses and for women of all ages. My favorite Shirley movie is "The Little Princess". The world was a far better place with Shirley Temple Black in it.
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Name: Linda Schutzler
Location: Enid, OK
Shirley Temple brought a world of sunshine and happiness in my young life. Every Sunday afternoon she made me believe in happiness and everything would be OK. What a contribution to the world. Many generations have enjouyed her. God has a special spot for her. God Bless
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Name: Jim and Serena Briles
Location: North Carolina
We will all miss Ambassador Black. She was a fine actress and a great public servant to the United States..We will definitely miss her greatly. Thank you for your service to our great country.
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Name: Elaine Carpenter
Location: Burbank, Il
I loved watching Shirley Temple's movies during my childhood. She was special. My condolences to her family. Love you Shirley.
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Name: April Berry
Location: Australia
Thank you for the JOY!
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Name: Hilda H West
Location: Atlanta, GA
I grew up in the 1960s watching Shirley Temple movies. She was so energetic and talented that everyone would stop in their tracks to watch her old movies on TV. Easter Holidays my sister and I, and just about every little girl at church, had to have the Shirley Temple curls! RIP Shirley Temple.
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Name: Jean Marashlian
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
My condolences to the family but thank you Shirley Temple for a life well lived and so much cinema magic.
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Name: Kim Emmons
Location: Connecticut
Rest in peace! A beautiful woman who will always be remembered. God Bless your family and thank you for the gift you leave behind.
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Name: greta and gary mckenzie
Location: canada
OUr thoughts are with the family of Mrs Temple Black and we wish to say thank you for all Mrs Temple Blacks positive and uplifting life's work... A life surely well lived...
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Name: Ivy Spohn
Location: Berea, Ohio
I will never forget watching the beautiful happy Shirley Temple on TV while growing up in the 70's. She led a truly fulfilled life. My heart goes out to her family during this very difficult time.
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Name: watts
Location: denton
I grew up watching you. My mom loved you so much so she and I would watch your films. You made us smile and laugh, and cry. But most of all you gave me great memories with my mom. I hold those dear since she has come down with Huntington's. Wish I could hug you and say thank you. RIP
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Name: Susan Hughes
Location: San Jose California
My prayers go out to the Family I have loved all her movies I feel as thou I grew up with Shirley she had a inner strength. Thank you to all her Family for sharing her with all of us.
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Name: Delores Scott
Location: Georgetown, Kentucky
We shall never forget Shirley Temple. i have her movies in my home and I will never forget her beautiful smile. She could light up the darkest part of the world with her smile. God bless you Shirley Temple and thank you God for loaning her to us for a while.
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Name: Travis Vincent
Location: New York City
What a loss, I grew up on your movies and sang your songs. You were always a bright light for any child and you brought joy to the world with your laugh and curls. May your legacy live on and may you continue to delight the children of the world. Much love and respect, Travis
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Name: Chris Parker
Location: Greenleaf, KS
Heaven just recieved another angel. Shirley Temple made it through Hollywood unscathed and blossomed into a truly amazing and admirable woman. If only todays generation of "Stars" could follow in her footsteps instead of wasting away. God Bless You and Your Family.
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