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Name: pam stoner
Location: eureka, ca
i have never actually shed a tear for a celeberties passing before shirley tepmles passing but when my daughter informed me that she passed today i actually cried. it surprised me. im so very sorry to hear of this. my deepest simpathys go out to her family. i am a life time fan and always will b
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Name: Valerie K.
Location: United States
I was born in the 60's, but I grew up with her. I loved all her movies. RIP Shirley--you will be greatly missed.
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Name: Tina Borta
Location: Mesa Arizona USA
I grew up watching her movies. I loved them all she was an adorable child. It is so sad she is gone. My prayers and sympathy goes out to her family and loved ones. She will be missed. This is a sad day for everyone. Rest in Peace. We will always love you.
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Name: Monna
Location: North Carolina
What a wonderful legacy Mrs. Shirley Temple Black has left behind. She will be missed as a great ambassador and friend to nations. Praying for those who are left behind, she made an impact on every young girls life.
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Name: Barbara Maulfair
Location: Arizona
I grew up in a home with just boys me only Girl so Shirley was my role model. I have all her albums, some books, her dvd movies, some 8x10 pictures and a Shirley temple Music box. She gave us so much joy she was so talented. She is now a Angel in heaven. I think every girl should watch her movies.
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Name: Mary
Location: Gainesville, FL
Shirley Temple's films and songs
have been with me since I was a
tiny girl, & I'm 86 now. She was
so adorable and talented-I own a few of her movies, and now my grandchildren watch them with
great joy. Her legacy will live
on forever. Love to her family.
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Name: Greg Dengel
Location: Whippany, NJ
I own all her movies and can't wait to show my kids. She will truly be missed, she was a wonderful woman who did so much for the world. Keep Dancing!
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Name: Dan Roach
Location: Merrifield, MN
Being born in 1961 as a kid I remember watching and enjoying her movies and later shared them with my children. She was a special person. Thank you for sharing her with the world.
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Name: Claudette Darnell
Location: Clovis, CA
I have watched you all my life and loved every movie I have seen you in. I am saddened to see you go. You have been such a wonderful example to all of us. That is why I have been collecting your movies so I can see you time and again. RIP my dear friend.
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Name: Elaine Hogue
Location: Spring Hill, TN
I just want all her family that she played a big important part in my life <3 She always made me happy when I watch her movies. She was a really good woman. She will always be in my thoughts. All of you will be in my prayers. Love & Hugs.
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Name: Joy Vike
Location: Forney, Texas
Thank you Shirley Temple for giving me and my grandchildren so many hours of entertainment while watching your precious movies. You will be missed by so many. Your family has my deepest sympathy.
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Name: linda townsend
Location: canada ont
i was so saddened to hear that shirley passed away on feb10th 2014 i watched every single movie that was in. she was a sweetheart n an excellent actress. i will miss her god bless her family. R I P sweety u were loved/
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Name: Debbie Smith
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
I grew up watching Shirley Temple 52 years ago. I have a doll of her since I had when I was 7. Watching her movies made you feel good. Such a wonderful person..a real Icon..who touched so many people. I will miss you Shirley...RIP
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Name: Janet Roush
Location: Nebraska, but CA native
I grew up watching her movies. She was so talented. My condolences to all he family and friends.
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Name: Steve Towers
Location: Anaheim, CA
America has lost one of our true icons. She will be missed by all of us who grew up watching her films. God bless!!!
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Name: Ellen W.
Location: Orchard Park, NY
She was my favorite of child stars and became a lovely and gracious lady. She made the story Heidi so real, it is a family favorite.
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Name: Christine Hoyle
Location: Adelaide. Australia
An amazing woman has walked into Gidd loving embrace. Shirley led a beautiful life, starting in her childhood. My deepest sympathies to the Black family. May she rest in oeace
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Name: Patrica Kucera
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
I like many, grew up watching Shirley's movies. She never failed to put a smile on my face. My Sympathy to her family and friends.
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Name: Eleanor Scott
Location: Bloomington, IN
A lady to never be forgotten. An inspiration, teacher, and entertainer. Thank you for the movies and memories. May you RIP.
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Name: Thia DiMaio
Location: Denver, Colorado
In my life, you lifted my spirits watching your movies, made me laugh and got lucky enough, because my mom gave me tap dance lessons. My condolences to your family.
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Name: Lisa B.
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Shirley Temple was my idol as a child & continued to be so in her later years as well first in her role as a public servant then in her battle against breast cancer. She will forever be a part of movie history & made sure that my daughter saw every 1 of her movies when she was growing up. RIP angel
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Name: Janice Longhurst
Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom
RIP the legend that was Shirley Temple Black. May you rest in peace. You brought great pleasure to a number of people all over the world. My condolences to your family xx
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Location: Burlingame California
Truly a great entertainer. At such an early age. Enjoyed watching her movies as a little girl. I will watch her movies with my little grand-daughters. She will be missed. But more Greatly Remembered .
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Name: Lucille Harper
Some of the happiest times in my life growing up was watching Shirley's movies. She saved a studio and gave us all joy doing it. She gave me the courage to stand up for good morals and what I believe in. Thank you, Shirley. You were the brightest star ever.
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Name: Sandy Wendlandt
Location: Burbank, CA
My condolences to your family. Your life influenced me that women can be anything they want to be. I loved your movies as a child in the 50's and 60's. You must have been so proud of your accomplishments. God Bless you and your family.
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Name: Ann
Location: Gilroy, Ca.
First off, thank you for your service to our country. Secondly, I had been thinking about you and what a history of film you had created. Enjoyment and strength in a little girl who always found the good in everyone and everything. And to continue to make a better world. I won't forget you.
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Name: dinesh
Location: san diego
I am glad I have seen shirley temple`s movies in my life... I hope she rests in peace
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Name: James Smith
Location: jesup ga
I watched her movies. she always knew how to bring people s spirit s up. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Ann Martin
Location: Aubrey, Texas
Shirley Temple has been so much a part of me all my life that I feel like a part of me has died. I loved her so much. Not only as a child but as the 62 year old woman that I am today. My daughter bought me her collections of movies that I enjoy so much watching today. RIP Shirley. We love you.
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Name: Ann G
Location: Macomb, MI
This made me so sad! I grew up watching her movies every Sunday I would grab my Shirley Temple doll and watch. I still have my doll from the 70's and the movies on DVD. RIP Shirley Temple Black and thank you for your talent!
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Name: Lizz McKeon
Location: San Jose
Truly a great lady who will be missed. I loved her films both when she was a child and the few she made as an adult. Since You Went Away is one of my favorites. You brought smiles and laughter to a world that really needed it. God Bless you.
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Name: Hannah
Location: Canada
I'm probably about as far from a Shirley Temple fan as you can get for someone who knows her name and her career, but I appreciate the contributions she made to both film and politics...Rest in Peace Shirley Temple, you will be missed <3
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Name: Leta Gibbons
Location: Benicia CA
What a remarkable and full life , her films were a joy to watch and her spirit and love were inspiring to young girls everywhere, taught me that there is good in even the worst of situations, thank you for that Lovely angel, may your path be covers in roses and love.
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Name: Taylor
Location: Wilson,WI
Rest in peace Shirley Temple we will be missed
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Name: Laura Behana
Location: San Diego, CA
I have loved her since I was a little child. She brought joy and laughter at a time when there was mostly darkness and depression. A lot of us grew up watching her movies and fell in love. She was so dearly loved on and off screen. Praying for her family and loved ones. (Nice memorial brother).
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Name: Melody
Location: Sydney Australia
A very sad day indeed. Thank you for the memories Shirley Temple. As a child I would wait on a Sunday for the midday movie; which was always a Shirley Temple. Those gentle memories come to me often as an adult & I eagerly await the day I will snuggle with my own daughter watching "The Bluebird"
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Name: Vince
Location: Missouri
Godspeed, Shirley. You brought the world a lot of happiness and peace....a life well spend.
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Name: Judith Grober
Location: Medford,Oregon
I am 79 years old-I remember my parents taking my sister and me to every one of her movies when I was little.Shirley will be missed by so very many of us.May God's love and blessings comfort her family.
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Name: Renee Marquis
Location: San Diego, CA
RIP Shirley Temple. You are a classic icon with true talent and grace. I loved watching your films full of laughs, tears, and dancing. I know you are dancing and singing among the angels with your cute ringlets and smile. You will be truly missed! You're a good ship lollipop.
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Name: Norma T.
I grew up watching Shirley Temple's films and she quickly became my favorite actress. I'm deeply saddened that she is gone yet I know she will leave a legacy. Shirley will forever be America's sweetheart. Not only did she act in wonderful films, she made a difference in the world. We love you!
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Name: Pearl
Location: Bend, OR
I have always LOVED Shirley Temple when I was a little girl & still do. I share her movies with my Grandkids(They enjoy them as well as I do). I proudly display my Shirley Temple doll that I received from my childhood! I feel so sad today for I'm going to miss you! But your memory will live on!
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Name: Deborah
Location: Rogers City MI
I remember watching her movies with my Mom and all of us trying to sing On good ship lollipop. Never got the words right I have watch Shirley movies with my children when they were small and now the my grandchildren. Rest in Peace Shirley and thank you for the memories
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Name: Jacqueline
Location: Berkeley, CA
So many happy childhood memories and dreams inspired by my little role model, Shirley Temple. When she grew up, Mrs. Black inspired me even more. With sincere sympathy to the family.
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Name: Miranda
Location: Elk Grove, CA
I grew up watching little Miss Shirley Temple and loved seeing her sing and dance. My toddler now enjoys her as well. Thank you for enriching our lives and being a symbol of class and kindness!
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Name: maurice ferris
Location: ireland
we applaud her life and her dreams
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Name: Brenda Tucker
Location: Harrodsburg, Ky
I remember Shirley Temple, as a child with a face of curly hair and dimples. she could dance and sing. I wanted to be just like her. I was a little girl with long dark brown straight hair, wanting to become a blonde. I would dance and sing "On the Good ship Lollypop" around my back yard.
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Name: Yazmin M. Garcia
Location: Texas
I enjoyed her movies as a little girl and I will show those movies to my children. She will be missed and always remembered.
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Name: Todd Odom
Location: Rome, GA
So very sorry to hear of the loss of a very bright and talented lady. Shirley Temple always seemed to be down to earth and a genuinely sweet lady. Her smile will forever be missed.
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Name: marylynn swart
Location: melbourne Fl.
When I was a little girl an one of her movies would come on no matter where or what I was doing I would rush in to watch. You will be missed so so much an will be remembered for many many years to come.
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Name: Marian M. Ross
Location: La Porte,IN 46350
I will miss Shirley Temple Black very much.She was a great lady!! Iloved her movies.Heidi was my favorite.I also love her other movies.She was such a darling.My condolences to her family!!May she rest in peace.
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Name: Deirdra
Location: Ireland
I was so sad to hear this news. I used to love watching all of Shirleys movies when I was a child. She was such an adorable and cute little girl and a truly wonderful and inspirational woman.
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Name: Patrick C
Location: San Jose, CA
I am thrilled that my 4 year old daughter has taken a strong interest in Shirley Temple movies. I look forward to sharing with her the many things I have learned about Shirley's life today.
Rest in Peace precious Shirley.
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Name: Phillip and Deborah Autry
Location: Cookeville, Tenn. 38506
May the precious little colonel rest in peace. We will forever love her and her wonderful and giving achievements. May God bless her family at this time.
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Name: Elizabeth Gann
Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA
There are no movies that I have ever gotten so much joy from , as I do each and every time I enjoy one of Shirley's movies. My mom's Shirley Temple doll I will always treasure. Please know your family is being kept in prayer. She was much loved and will be much missed~
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Name: Linda Humphries
Location: Belleville IL
You were my way of feeling I could sing and dance as a little girl and be anything as you grew to do so much as an adult may your family know what a great lady and child you were. God now has another good performer. Blessings Linda
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Name: Barbara H
Location: Lakewood, California
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies & shared them with my children. America's idol was a little girl & she continued that into her adulthood.She was a blessing to the American family & for sharing her I thank you. May the good Lord give you peace to know she is tap dancing with the angels now.
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Name: Chicky Woman
Location: Central Florida
Dear Shirley,
Thank you for teaching us about dignity and grace. You are loved and will be sorely missed...go in peace and light, dear lady.
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Name: Myrna Evans
Location: California
What a God given blessing she was to our lives as we still remember & sing those wonderful songs! May more people in this world follow her generous and caring example & may God bless her soul.
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Name: Linda
Location: Kent, Ohio
I am so sad about Shirley's passing and your loss of a wonderful lady - family member. I was a Fan since childhood. She will be missed. And I will always continue to watch her movies. R.I.P.
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Name: Barbara
Location: Kentucky
We all loved you.
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Name: Bill Motley
Location: Wyoming
I was sadden by the news of you passing, but it made reflect back to my childhood and getting the many opportunities to laugh and giggle while watching your movies. Thank you for your many years of selfless services as actress and Ambassador..... you will greatly missed.
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Name: Pam Nesslage
Location: Wentzville mo
She will be so missed. She brought so much happiness to me in my childhood and when I got her doll for Christmas when I was 5 I was the luckiest person in the world. A few years ago my son got me all the movies of her which I cherish. My prayers go out to her family.
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Name: Amanda Bettello
Location: Pomona, NY
You will be greatly missed m=by all! Though i am still young in age i grew up as a huge fan of yours. I have and will always love you and all of the amazing work you have done throughout your lifetime. Your legend will live on through all of your fans!!
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Name: Janeen Fischer
Location: North Potomac, Maryland
My parents, myself and my husband, and now my children all adore Shirley Temple and her movies. We also admire her for her years of public service. the world has lost a treasure today. I hope your are dancing your way into heaven , RIP.
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Name: Keisha C.
Location: Florida
I grew up watching Shirley and now am 38. She was a valued and great entertainer, no one like her. She is my list of people to meet, I don't know how (lol) but she was on my list. Thank you Shirley for the laughs, tears and songs. RIP always. God Bless Your Family. NO TEARS she was a true ICON.
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Name: Libby Morgan
Location: Ga
I have laughed with you, I have cried with you, I grew up with you and now I will miss you.
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Name: Margo Schramm
Location: Antioch, Illinois
My deepest condolences to your family. Many a generation have grown up and remember you fondly. You will be forever in our hearts and prayers. Thank you also for you diplomatic service to this great nation. You truly were a Great Lady who was admired and respected by all! Thank you for the memories.
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Name: Paula Rodriguez
Location: fresno, ca
Loved her, was a true child star.

Paula, 88 years old,but still remember her great picture show's.
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Name: Kathryn Ragland
Location: San Francisco & Pescadero, California
What a sad day and a great loss. I am a long time fan and at 61 years old still watch her movies as a child star. In fact just last night watched for a countless time "Little Miss Marker" (one of the DVDs I own). What an amazing gift she gave us all. Truly a special person. God bless her family.
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Name: Darlene & John Biron
Location: Canada
Thanks for the memories.Could never forget you R.I.P wonderful lady. Our prayers and condolences to all of the family.
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Name: Georg and Joseph Wörl
Location: Germany
R.I.P Shirley ! You are a so amazing Person ! We are never forgotten You !!! Many Greetings from Germany
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Name: Judy Singer
Location: New Jersey
I loved watching Shirley's movies. She was such an inspiration! When I was little, I had curly hair just like her. People use dto think my mother was walking with Shirley Temple. She made many contributions to the world throughout her life and I thank her for that. RIP Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Linda Driscoll
Location: Madison, Oh
I remember her movies as a child and enjoyed watching them over and over again! My mother loved her and I loved her. She was a delight in our household.
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Name: Donna Jackson
Location: Laurel MD
Truly a remarkable woman. Loved watching her movies growing up. She was a good diplomat and served her country well. She now belongs to the ages. RIP
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Name: Pamela Hooper
Location: Cleveland Tn
I truly loved Shirley Temple Black. She was such an inspiration and a role model. Shirley will be missed, yet I am so thankful to be able to introduce her to my grand daughter with all the movies that she left us to remember her by. Farewell Shirley. See you on the other side.
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Name: Sandra Maria Rivera
Location: Bronx, New York
My Dear Shirley,
Your unique talent and your dimpled smile made millions of people very happy. You danced and sang into the hearts of a world that loved, and cherished you. I adored you as a child and as an adult and I will always remember you..Thank you..God Bless you...
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Name: roberta sample
Location: des moines ia
I send prayers out to her family and I am going to miss her cause she was my favorite actress of all times
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Name: Kylene (9) & Kaitlyn(8) Evans
Location: Canyon Lake
We will really miss you and really enjoyed your movies. May God bless your family during this time.
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Name: Catherine
Location: Stanhope, New Jersey
My heart was saddened today when I heard that Shirley Temple Black was called to heaven. As a child taking dancing lessons she was my inspiration, my idol. I loved her movies and as an adult I made sure my children were exposed to these films. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends.
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Name: Carrie Kinyon
Location: Winston Salem NC
I've always loved Shirley Temple. She was such a beautiful child and also a beautiful woman. She did a wonderful work in films, a wonderful role model for young children. God rest her soul. She will be missed.
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Name: Christine Bell
Location: Pennsylvania
Shirley Temple Black will be greatly missed. Thank you for all the fond memories that I have as a child growing up and watching all your movies. Heaven now has a very special lady.
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Name: Deborah Blocker
Location: Houston, TX
My most loved child star has transcended into a new life. Thank you for the wonderful years of sharing your beautiful smile and god-given talent with your fans. There will never be another you! Rest in peace!
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Name: Susan
Location: South Carolina
What a wonderful person this lady was. Known to me for her wonderful movies as a child. It is with great sadness, I say goodbye Shirley, you will always be remembered adored and loved.
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Name: Emily A
What a wonderful person you must have been to know. I have enjoyed a lifetime of watching your films. You were such an inspiration to the whole world. You will be misssed.
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Name: tom conroy
Location: rochester, ny
I met Mrs. Black twice during the early 1960's when I was a student at the Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley, California. On both occasions she was warm, gracious and outgoing; every bit as impressive & unforgettable in real life as she was on the screen.
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Name: Pamela Chlad
Location: Denver
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and one Christmas received a Shirley Temple doll. It was one of the best gifts I ever received. I am so sorry for your loss. It is our nations loss as well. What a wonderful woman she was. There are so few left with such stature and character.
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Name: Marina
Location: Canada
I loved your films that were filmed when you were a little girl. Was quite shocked to hear of your passing. Thanks for bringing joy into the lives of others by watching your old films from the 1930's
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Name: Sherry Masterson
Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
I carry a heavy heart today as I am sure you do as well. I will miss Shirley Temple dearly. She is and has been a reminder of times spent with my own Grandmother....who was born in 1928 as well. My Grandmother and I had a special bond in Shirley..we enjoyed watching her movies together.
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Name: Paul Huver
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Never has there been a greater person than Shirley Temple, she will be sadly missed, but will always be in our hearts till we also pass..
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Name: Judy Wagner
Location: Rochester, NY
Have always loved and admired Shirley Temple Black....she was special in so many ways. May God bless her family with peace and may they find comfort in knowing how much their mother,grandmother and great grandmother meant to the whole world. She will be missed.
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Name: Anna
Location: S'Ville, VA
She was adored, and meant so much to so many people. She will ALWAYS be remembered and appreciated for her magical gift of being able to make people happy! The world is definitely a better place because of her! Prayer & Love.
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Name: David R. Page
Location: El Paso, Texas, USA
My deepest condolences to your family. Thank you also for you diplomatic service to this great nation. You will be missed by so many, but we find happiness in knowing you will live on forever in screen and our hearts, you also have made my wife so happy in these later years of her life. Godspeed!
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Name: Vanessa Dahn PhD
Location: Colorado
I just want to add that my grandchildren are watching these films as a legacy of Hollywood & when the film industry was not filled with violent and questionable content. Thank you so much for everything you sacrificed as a child to brighten the lives of so many others!! Love always...
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Name: Lynn Borges Roberts
Location: Key West, FL
As a young girl of hispanic grandparents who cared for me until school age I only spoke spanish. Once I asked my grandma what was "the little girl was saying" they began speaking english around me so I could enjoy and understand all of Shirley's shows. She will live on in my heart and on screen!
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Name: Abigail Brown
Location: Ozark Mo
I love watching your movies and I will miss you very much! I am 5 years old and love you very much! The Little Princess is my favorite movie. Good Bye
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Name: Carrie
Location: Las Vegas, NV
I was so saddened by the news this morning. Not only did she bring smiles to so many when they were so desperately needed as that cute little darling, she became a beautiful and wonderful woman. We will miss that beautiful smile and generous heart. Rest in Peace Mrs. Temple-Black.
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Name: Kimberly Davis
Location: Minneapolis MN
She will be dearly miss by all my prayers go out to all the Family.
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Name: Angela Patee
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
My heart goes out to her family. She will be missed. Shirley made us smile with Love in our Hearts! Her films were the JOY of our lives when we were kids. My younger sister, Nancy really loved her and I gave her A Beautiful Shirley Temple Doll one Xmas and she cried. Love you Shirley! God Bless.
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Name: Jannis
Location: West Covina, California
Thank you for your years of entertainment and service. Bless you and your family .
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Name: Breeze
Location: Lansing, Illinois
R. I. P. Thank you for the joy the memories you brought a smile and happiness in too many millions of our home at dark times etc., in our American history
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