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Name: Kerry Austin
Location: Brisbane Australia
Oh such a joyous life has passed from us what a terrible time but the memories live on and on and on for ever and we all have those to comfort us xx sending ((((LOVE)))
and (((HUGS))) Shirley Temple will be in my heart foreverxxx Please also remember her contribution to dipomatic relationships xx x
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Name: Valerie Kiernan
Location: Greystones, Co. Wicklow Ireland
Thank you Shirley Temple for all the fantastic movies you made, I grew up watching them. You gave me a love and taught me about, performance. Life was so much better wgen tgere was a Shirley Temple movie. I'd sit in my dad's rocking chair as a kid and watch you perform. You were amazing. RIP xxxxxxx
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Name: Joanne
Shirley Temple was (stil is) my favorite movie star growing up! No child star has ever nor will ever take her place! She was and always will be that ONE IN A MILLION! I wish I could have met her. What an honor it must be for those that knew her! I'm praying for the family. "Sweet Memories" still
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Name: starlen james
Location: belleville,il.
i will miss her. sad to know shes passed.
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Name: Sandra
Location: Cranford, NJ
RIP little princess. We will always love you. you will be in our hearts and thoughts forever.
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Name: Laraine Gossett-Nash
Location: College Station, TX
My sympathies are with the family. I spent countless hours watching her movies, more than one time, I assure you, and loved every minute of it. Whenever I get the chance to watch them now, I jump on it. You will be greatly missed as a star and a diplomat.
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Name: David & Robin
Location: Chillicothe, Ohio USA
She will be missed
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Name: Denise
Location: Chambersburg Pa
May God bless you Shirley Temple.
Thank you dear heart.
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Name: Amy Olson
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Love and light to Shirley's family at this time. What a beautiful, joyful, amazing human being and gift to the world she was. As a little girl growing up, I watched her movies over and over. She inspired my love for music, dancing,singing and having a positive outlook. God Bless you Shirley!
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Name: Annette Pipitone
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thank you Mrs. Shirley Temple Black for sharing your remarkable talents with the world and for growing up to be such an admirable woman! I send sincere condolences to your family and loved ones and wish them peace during this time of sorrow.
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Name: Shirley Pendley
Location: Jasper
Thank you for making a lonley girls days brighter
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My grandmother told me the story of how Mrs. Temple Black and Her were in dance class together. I grew up on the muched loved movies. The memories of My Grandmother Rose Marie teaching me how to Tap are so clear to me today. Rest with love Mrs. Temple Black and Tap in the Sunshine with your husband.
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Location: MIAMI,FL
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Name: Chris Raymond
Location: Los Angeles
Thank you Ms. Shirley Temple Black, thank you for all the joy your films have given to the world over the years. You are unforgettable and will always be a beloved American icon. You will be missed. With great sympathy to your family.
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Name: Wayne Alves
Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts
You will always be a loving treasure in our hearts. Your smile and wonderful acting has brought smiles on everyone's face during hard times and we commend you on that. We love you and you will be missed by us all. Prayers go out to the whole family during this sad time. With love from Massachusetts.
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Name: shaneomatic
Location: lodi ca.
Hollywood has gone dark Shirley temple made us happy made us want to sing along made us laugh rest in peace her memory will live on but never be forgoten
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Meus sinceros pêsames e de todos os brasileiros.
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Name: Missy
Location: Ohio
Today the Lord took America's little darling and left us weeping over her loss, but we must also smile for she brought so much joy and continues to do so for her movies span generations. She was a classy dame who loved and admired her. Thank you for being a part of my childhood and many others' RIP
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Name: Kimberly Casdorph-Chiffer
Location: Seal Beach, CA
Your movies and image were so much of my childhood. May God bless and keep you in heaven! The world is an emptier place without you.
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Name: Carl B.
Location: Missouri USA
God Rest her Soul.
She brightened peoples lives during the great depression. She made a lot of money but when she grew up she gave back to the country that made her famous and she gave back in ways that really counted. Shirley was one of a kind.There is so much more I could say. She will be missed.
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Name: Shirley
Location: The OC
The cutest, brightest, most adorable and talented, child there ever was and ever will be.
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Name: Lenny DellaRocca
Location: Delray Beach, FL
Who did not grow up watching Shirley Temple? By the time I was five years old, she was already gone from movies, but us kids watched the re-runs of her miraculous films over and over and over. She will always be cherished by every person who has ever seen her in those black and white classics.
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Name: Rosalie A. MacFarlane
Location: Seal Beach, CA
When I was a little girl, I discovered you on TV with the Shirley Temple Film Festival. After that, I have become a huge fan & still am. I always admired you - have all your movies, books. I'm sad today. My condolences to your family. May u RIP - sailing off on the Good Ship Lollipop! Love u 4 ever
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Name: Kathy Fairfield
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Thank you for making a traumatic childhood more bearable for me. I wish I could have known you as the person you were, instead of what Hollywood portrayed you to be. God bless your family and loved ones.
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Name: Sandy
Location: Chicago, IL
I used to watch Shirley's movies when I was growing up in the 1970's - she was such a beautiful person inside and out - totally unspoiled and just so genuine. One of the best people to come out of Hollywood.
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Name: A. Maria Luisa Rivera
Location: Bronx, New York
I do not know how to thank you for the positive and delightful impact you have had on my life with all that you did for America as a child and on my screen. Thank you. Thank you for what you did for the world and for your family and for your smiles that will always stay with us. Rest in peace. xo
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Name: michaeldeancollins@gma il.com
Location: Martinsburg, WV.
How do you put into words the thoughts, emotions, the memories of this Iconic Legend. As far as I'm concerned there are no words; enough has been said of this dear sweet child, woman, Ambassador,Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother. There's nothing I could to such an illustrious career.RIP!!
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Name: MaryJane
Location: Las Vegas Nevada
I absolutely adored Shirley Temple as a young child. I have all her videos as a child and had a Shirley Temple doll growing up. I truly admired her as an actress and adored her even to this day. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Name: Deborah Kenney
Location: Valrico , Fl
Thank you for making movies that still make me smile . You will be missed but will live on in movies all children and adults can watch . RIP
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Name: Brittany Huerta
Location: El Paso, Texas
The best and most memorable memories I have of my childhood are when I was sitting with my great grandmother in the living room watching Shirley Temple films. Although it is terribly sad that the world has lost such an amazing individual, it was fortunate enough to have seen her sparkle and shine.
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Name: Debbie Heidt
Location: Windermere, FL
Thanks to a beautiful entertainer for the sheer joy of many movies and showing the happy bright side of life.
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Name: Jessica Jimenez
Location: United States Des Moines Iowa
Rip Shirley Temple Black an amazing person who spread joy to many generations and many to come me and my family including my little daughters now enjoy her films RIP haven has gained an angel today we will always remember and celebrate your amazing contribution to the world rip Shirley
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Name: Amanda
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Shirley has been my idol since I was a little girl. I am very heartbroken to hear that she has passed. My thoughts and prayers are with her family in this difficult time.
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Name: Mary Olive
Location: Virginia
Thank you for being a part of my childhood. You made me laugh, and made me cry, you gave me hope when I was down. You and your movies will always be in my heart, rest in peace.
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Name: Angela may
Location: Southern CA
Wishing you a Blessed journey as you begin your next adventure with the Angels. My daughter, as a little girl, then as a teenager had an uncanny resemblance to you. You will forever be in our hearts. Love & prayers to your family, as we know they will always miss you. Thanks for everything
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Name: Debbie Baker
Location: Hoschton, GA
When I was little, a Shirley Temple movie came on TV every Sunday AM. I never missed one; which means I laid out my church clothes the night before so I could quickly get dressed after they ended! She was a great example and inspiration to so many in the world. Her accomplishments live on!
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Name: Oscar R Martinez
Location: Florida Miami
Thanks for giving us so many years of happiness, yesterday I entered another Angel in heaven more. My mother were his favorite artist, then you were mine I granddaughter now in receipt of your movies. felt condolences to his family. never forget you.
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Name: Elaine Weaver
Location: Mt Juliet, TN
You meant SO MUCH to me. Thank you
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Name: Polly
Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA
You brightened up my childhood when I watched your films. Your little shining face and love of dance always made me so happy and I was a child of the 1970's! Always a diplomat in so many ways. Thank you, Shirley. You will be missed but are forever in our hearts. A class act.
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Name: Lori
Location: Atlantis,Florida
Shirley & Family I have many Happy Memories of your (her) movies... Many Prayers To All. May Shirley Rest In Peace.. xoxoxo & Much Love...
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Name: Phyllis H
Location: Houston, Texas
My parents loved Sirley Temple and initiated that love into me as I was growing up - pure, simple, clean, naive, sweet, innocent was that era of movies she made. Beautiful and wonderful, I loved them all. Thank you for your contributions!
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Name: Sonia
Location: Texas
So very sad to hear this news. As a little girl, I loved watching her movies and to this day still. She brought joy into the homes of so many. She was a joy to watch and a great influence to young women. My sincere condolences to her family.
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Name: Tatiana Nagy
Location: Los Angeles
Shirley Temple - you have always been nothing but class - thank you for your contribution you have truly left your mark. May you & your family be blessed.
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Name: Darnell
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thank you Shirley for your positive impact in Hollywood as a child star and your diplomatic service abroad. You inspired many people during difficult times with your broad smile and singing. Condolences to your family and friends! Continue to tap dance up in heaven with Mr Bojangles!
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Name: Catherine A Bober
Location: Willington Ct.
Another bright star has entered our gallaxy. May your family have as many happy memories as you have given the entire world. The world's prayers are with your family at this time and eternity. Rest in peace.
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Name: Paul
Location: London UK
Farewell sweet lady.
Now where you belong, with the other angels.
God bless.
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Name: Diana Svec
Words cannot begin to describe how much the world has lost with the passing of Shirley Temple Black. Prayers to her family and friends.
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Name: Victoria Barbosa
Location: Buford, Georgia
Although I was born in 1994, I grew up watching the great Shirley Temple. R.I.P., Shirley Temple. Thanks for the inspiration, and giving me a great childhood. Thanks for everything. I will NEVER forget you. My condolences go out to your family, friends, and fans. <3
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Name: Margo Seeley
Location: Walden, NY
Thank you for the memories!
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Name: Janet Mancini
Location: Pennsylvania
Shirley, you brought much joy and inspiration to my childhood. I thank you for that. May you rest In peace with the angels.
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Name: Bryan Arias
Location: New York City, New York
Honestly I am upset and sadden in tears to know America's Sweetheart has passed away just yesterday. Sending my love to her family, friends and Shirley.

She inspired me to become more happy in life with bright smiles. To venture with no hesitations and see where life takes you. She embodied joy.
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Name: Diana Hahlbeck
Location: O'Neill, NE
When Shirley was a young girl, she visited Colorado Springs, CO. My dad, who was a young boy, admired her and was able to give her roses. We still have a picture of her with them to this day. We always watched her movies and still to this day, they make me smile. RIP Shirley.
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Name: chiara renda
Location: italy
Dear Shirley in this sad day i would like to remember you like a joy of my childhood and tenderness of my older life...i know you are now in a beautiful house of peace and love!!! chiara
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Name: James Riley
Location: Peoria, AZ
It wasn't too long ago that I sat on the couch with my 12 year old daughter watching my Shirley Temple favorites.
I have so many fond memories of watching her as a child so it brought a smile to my face as I sat there watching another generation enjoying Shirley Temple. My prayer are with the family
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Name: Yajaira Y.
Location: Palmdale, CA.
Thank you for all the happiness your movies gave me. You will surely be missed.

Love Always.
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Name: Josef and Georg Wörl
Location: Germany Near Munich
Rest in Peace our Angel Shirley
we love you.
May God bless you all

many grettings and all the best
from Josef and Georg
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Name: Kasia Klink
Location: Chicago
When I found out today of her passing I had to sit down. I grew up watching her dance and sing on my T.V and love her and thank her for giving me an amazing childhood.
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Name: renzo marina
Location: lima peru
Una gran perdida para el mundo una gran mujer gran actriz de verdad que el mundo no va ha ser lo mismo siempre estaras en nuestros corazones.
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Name: Eleanor
Location: South Western Pennsylvania
rest in peace
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Name: Heather Lewis
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
God certainly blessed us with your talents. You will sincerely be missed by so many. Thank you for bringing warmth and joy into my life through your happy movies. May God bless!
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Name: Gemma
An exemplar to young and old. Great American, ambassador. We love you and miss you!
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Name: janie willis
Location: phennix city al
she made me laugh and cry one of my favorite actresses she will be missed very much
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Name: Breanne Nelson
Location: Blaine, MN
I didn't grow up with Shirley Temple in a sense like others did, as I'm only 26 but I loved her just as much. My first movie I ever saw was Heidi and from that moment on I fell in love with the dancing and singing. She will always be a part of my childhood and one of my favorites to date. TY and RIP
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Name: Melissa
Location: Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Thank you for your talent, intelligence and dedication that was freely shared with the world. You will be missed.
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Name: Dee Ann L Summersett
Location: Michigan
Rest in Peace, sweet angel. You will forever be dearly missed.
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Name: Robert Terranova
Location: Chicago, IL
I was very saddened to hear of Mrs Temple Black's passing. I grew up watching her re runs in the 70's and even today. She made me smile with her performances, such a wonderful person, a true blessing. I will miss her dearly.
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Name: Don P.
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Shirley Temple Black restored the hopes and aspirations of the American people with only a child's smile and eyes that sparkled with love and the wonders of life. The country fell in love with America's only true sweetheart and sparked a relationship that is still ongoing.
May God Bless and Keep Her
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Name: Evelyn Defendini
Location: Naguabo, Puerto Rico
Many, Many great and loving memories.

R I P Shirley Temple
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Name: Nuray Mackintosh
Location: New Zealand
Oh how I watched you as a child, You were apart of my childhood, I remember showing your films to my children who also adored your many movies with love and happiness.
Your journey to heaven has come just like it will to us all one day, your family will be in my thoughts at such a sad time and loss
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Name: Christopher Eisler
Location: Edmonton,Canada
A New Star Has Appeared In The Heavens...Thank You Shirley For The Great Memories
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Name: Jan Harnish
Location: Pace, FL
When my two sisters and I were quite young, my mother told us about you. There was a movie coming on and she talked about how wonderful you are. We watched the movie and never ever forgot you. What a wonderful inspiration you have been to so many people throughout the years. .We love you.
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Name: Darlene Wallace
Location: West Monroe, LA
I have so many wonderful memories of watching your mother's movies. They provided me with so much happiness and joy. In recent years I rewatched them with my 85 year mother. She was also a big fan. My deepest sympathies and prayers are being sent to you today.
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Name: Molly Harvey
Location: Dallas, PA
Thank you so much for such wonderful memories of my childhood. I LOVED your movies, I had your doll, I was sad that I didn't have your curls. Rest In Peace, Shirley Temple Black. Rest In Peace. Love and Prayers to your family.
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Name: Tracy and family
Location: Western North Carolina
Mrs. Temple Black, you had a wonderful life and gave Americans your youth. I am 33 and grew up in poverty and your movies kept my childhood from being completely bleak. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.America loves and thanks you, too. May you rest in peace.
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Name: LaNae
Location: Southern California
We have truly lost a great light, although her star will always shine bright! I can remember the excitement of my childhood memories when Shirley Temples darling movies would air. My brothers, sister and I would stop everything and watch, laugh and sing. My prayers are with her family at this time.
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Name: S Shepard
Location: Arizona
Lost is another from a wondrous era of the past. Unlike many recent child stars, Shirley Temple looked outside her opportunities in Hollywood to serve her country. She represented us well from 1969-1992.
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Name: Kathy White
Location: Clarksville Tn
Many good memories.
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Name: Rita
Location: Hasselt, Belgium
I remember, when I was a child, sitting in the sofa with my father, watching a movie with Shirley Temple .... there was always a smile on our faces. How I wish I could fly back in time .... Thank you Shirley for those simple, happy moments. Forever in our hearts !
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Name: Inkerbella
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I always wanted to be just like her....She was amazing at such a young age! As sad as it makes me to hear of her passing, it makes me happy that she left such a long legacy of amazing films that I watch& love & now enjoy w/my Daughter. Warm wishes of comfort to her family! Hugs RIP Shirley Temple
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Name: erin Sherman
Location: gulf Breeze Florida
I have always loved Shirley. ..no words can express how sad her passing is. She will always be remembered in our hearts. Blessings prayers and positive energies for her & her family.
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Name: A. Rice
Location: Colorado
You truly are and forever more be one of GOD'S Angels. Thank you for all you have given each and everyone of us. May God give comfort to those whom you devoted yourself to and to the many others who will miss you.
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Name: Mr. Bill
Location: Winter Garden
I hope all the ducks in heaven lays golden eggs for you Shirley!
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Name: Susan Holloway
Location: Poland.Ohio
Always a joy to see and hear. She's the one child star who was truly a star in all ways. I spent many hours watching her movies and reading her biography. She will live on and on....
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Name: Heike Leuschner
Location: Germany, munich
A charming child, a wonderful woman. Shirley Temple we will never forget. R.I.P.
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Name: Linda
Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Shirley, you will be truly missed. Sending my prayers and condolences to your family
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Location: LITTLE ROCK, AR.
I was born in 1961 when Shirley Temple was transitioning from her acting career, however, she has always been someone that I have admired. To have started out in acting at such an early age, and not only, did not allow fame and fortune to ruin her but went on to become an honorable person is great.
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Name: Patricia
Location: Carol Stream, IL
I wish I could have thanked her for so many pleasurable hours of watching her movies, and for lifting the hearts of millions with her sunny smile. She was such a bright star!

I don't believe anyone in the public eye touched as many hearts as Mrs. Temple Black, and she will be sorely missed.
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Name: Kathy Jensen
Location: Stacy,Minnesota
Deepest sympathy to Shirley's family. I just loved her! What an amazing role model to you.
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Name: SSgt Glenn A Eadie
Location: Gray, Georgia
I know that you adored your Marines and we adored you right back. You will be a treasured memory for many Marines for years to come. Thanks for the hug. Semper Fidelis!
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Name: virginia reider
Location: 667 ash ct lpwell in
I loved Shirley more than any other star. I have some of her dolls and videos. My son was born april23 same day as Shirley. He was 50 this year. Rest in peace in the arms of Jesus. I have so many memories.
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Name: C A Anderson
Location: Prairie Village, KS
I grew up as a child in California during the 50s watching Shirley Temple movies on television and thinking she was the best ever.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this sad time. What a wonderful person she was and she will be missed by all the world.
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Name: Jatona Walker
Location: San Bernardino, CA
I was very sad to hear of her death. May she dance and sing for God.

Among her movies three are my favorites: Wee Willie Winkir - think I spelled that right; The Bluebird and
The Littlest Rebel. I will think of her when I watch her
films. RIP
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Name: Susan Eubanks
Location: Sapulpa Oklahoma
What a wonderful life she led and blessed so many lives with her talent and beauty. I will miss her.
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Name: Karin & Sal DiPiazza
Location: Westfield, NJ
You will live in our hearts forever. With our Love.
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Name: Debra Snyder
Location: Green Cove Springs, FL
I grew up watching her movies and loving her so much. As a child she made me happy and now as I watch her movies, she brings me happy memories of good times and family. My very favorite movie is The Little Princess..."I'm Sarah... I'm Sarah." May God Bless her and may she rest in peace, Thank you.
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Name: Evelyn Chuter
Location: Metairie, Louisiana
You helped me get though my childhood, Shirley Temple.I love you and watched faithfully your joy and cheer. You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace, Sunshine
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Name: Sandi
Location: Ottawa Canada
Here's to a life well lived! Thank you for being a gift to so many!
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Name: Gweneth
Location: San Francisco
I remember growing up as a little girl and watching your movies in Peru. I found you to be entertaining and you made my childhood more memorable. You will be missed.
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Name: Elizabeth Blandi Gatta
Location: Pittsburgh,Pa
Shirley Temple is and will always be such a huge part of my childhood. I am sorry I never have had the chance to meet her. My grandfather George Murphy loved dancing with her on Little Miss Broadway.
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