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Name: Kirra
Location: Michigan
Thank you for all you have given, I loved watching you as a child, and now my granddaughter loves watching you, 2 years ago I bought a special edition with your movies , and we love watching them together, you will be missed, RIP. <3
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Name: Rebecca
Location: Orlando, Fl.
Watching Shirley's movies with my dear mom is among my fondest childhood memories. She was such a beautiful, talented child and a fine role model as a child and as an adult. You lived a full, beautiful life with grace and dignity. God Bless You, Shirley Temple Black, and your family. RIP
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Name: Renee
Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida
You will be missed but never forgotten may you rest in peace! May your family find peace and enjoy all our comments, That may help them through this hard time. I watched her movies as I was growing up and I continue to show the movies to my kids as the grow up. Thank you for being you!!
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Name: Mrs. B. Morris
Location: Covington, Kentucky
To a Beautiful, talented, much loved, singer, actress, entertainer. As well as a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. You brought so many smiles to so many faces. Including my family members like my mother and grandmother! You are now singing for God. You are so loved and now missed.
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Name: K. Simington
Location: California
When ever you need to just smile little Ms. Temple will always be there to help with that, thanks to the archives of her WONDERFUL films!! A new STAR is out there,lucky us. .__.
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Name: Eleanor
Location: MN
A star of her time and a role model for all.
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Name: Lissette Caraballo
Location: Methuen,Ma
we will miss you make us laugh a whole bunch thanks and god bless.
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Name: Nancy Ann Padilla
Location: West Los Angeles
Thank you Shirley for the extraordinary lady that you were on/off the screen. You will always be in my heart. **N**
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Name: John Corral Jr
Location: Oklahoma
I did not personally know her, but would like to extend my thanks to her family and friends for sharing her with the rest of the world. While growing up with my Grandparents in WI, we would watch Shirley Temple movies along with Laurel & Hardy! My fav was Heidi! She was loved and will be missed!!
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Name: Margie Lara
Location: El Dorado, Ca
I Always watch her movies. I have her collection. I have always cherished them. Whenever I was sad, I put a movie on, Never failed to cheer me up. My condolences to your family. I am VERY sad from this news as well.
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Name: Russell Voeller
Location: Memphis Tn
I was born in Dec 19, 1983 and I watched her dance on TV every time it came on. She was so cute and a amazing dance. She will be in my heart forever! Thanks for the great memories. Rest in peace. Sleep well.

Love forever
Russell Voeller
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Name: Martha Jairala
Location: Queens, NY
I always looked forward to seeing your movies. My childhood was definitely brighten by your beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. My sincere condolences to your family and friends...RIP!!!
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Name: Lauri Winters
Location: Oakley, CA
Just the thought of Shirley Temple floods me with so many happy memories of watching her movies and turning my frowns upside down. My heartfelt prayers to out to Shirley's family and friends. Our world was forever changed because of her and I know she will be missed. I adored her.
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Name: The Crenshaw Family
Location: Carson, CA
Thank you Shirley for your talent and movies. My daughter and I spent countless hours watching your adorable movies. They were pure and entertaining. Can't find that these days. We will continue to watch them for years to come. Thank you for being a wonder role model and public figure. Miss you!!!!
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Name: Shirl Lee Huscher
Location: Colorado
Praying for the family. Thankful for the memories and sad that she is gone. Thank you, Shirley for sharing your talent and serving our country. Rest in Peace with the Lord.
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Name: Jeanne Bilyeu
Location: Arkansas City, Kansas
My condolences to the family of such an inspiration. Shirley, you are loved and will be missed tremendously by so many adoring fans. Rest in Peace my friend!
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Name: Robin Lynn
Location: Burbank, CA
Last night, before I went to sleep, my last thought was, "I hope Shirley lives forever".She was such an inspiration to me, from tap-dancing to her hair, to her government and humanitarian work. I like to think Bill Robinson was there to lead her up the stairs to Heaven.
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Name: tana
Location: florida
I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I loved her movies
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Name: Adrian Starblanket
Location: Vancouver
Rest in Peace Shirley Temple. I too was born on April 23rd as Foster Child, Homeless Youth, Deceased Parents now: Singer/Songwriter/Actor etc. Thank You for Inspiring Me with your Love, Strength and Determination. Hope to meet you on the other side. Love, Adrian Starblanket
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Name: Naida Melendez Grin
Location: Naperville, Illinois
May she rest in peace.
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Location: Leesburg, Florida
A sad day for America film enthusiasts. She was starific when America needed some brightness. My Mom is a contemporary of her and played with Shirley Temple paper dolls. America was blessed to have her. May our outpouring of love comfort her family.
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Name: Lori Young
Location: Springfield, OH
I'm heartbroken about the loss of Shirley Temple; a part of my childhood is gone. The memories of her movies and the leadership she provided our country will burn bright forever!
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Name: Debbie Garmon
Location: Concord North Carolina
I was always in awe of Shirley Temple. Radiant and unbelievably talented. I only wish I could have known her. The void in our lives will be tremendous. We will all miss you terribly Mrs Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Maria Angeloni
Location: Melbourne Australia
You made so many little girls, for many generations, hope and dream for something better - and always with a smile. You are a shining example of how a mighty girl becomes a mighty woman. All the women in the world are now remembering when they were little girls. xxxooo
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Name: The Smith Family
Location: Seattle, WA
Gods' blessings to the family during this time ---- always loved her movies for their purity. Shirley was a role model and not sure if she even realized that. RIP Shirley, you will be missed.
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Name: Mary Olsen Parish
Location: Campbell CA
Still have the signed pic "To Mary, Love Shirley Temple". My Dad knew her manager & we were supposed to meet her at her "cottage" on the lot, but she got called back to the set. RIP Shirley!!
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Name: Joseph Nizeul
Location: New Britain, Connecticut
She was my first love from the moment I first saw her on screen.She will forever be in my heart.
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Name: Doug
Location: Australia
My beloved wife who died 3 years ago of pancreatic cancer at 53, was a huge fan of Shirley and I have seen every film many times. I am sad for your loss and know the pain you will feel. She gave my wife some very happy moments and that is to be proud of but I know that was only a small part of her.
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Name: erin whittlesey
Location: brownsville, tn
A remarkable child and woman in the world as a little less bright without you
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Name: Pamela Johnson
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Prayer's for her family. I fell a lose in my heart and the sadness I feel. I just watcher the DVD I have of her I never get tired of watching Shirley I've watch her all my life. God Bless you!
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Name: Sherry Rook
Location: San Mateo, Ca
God Bless The Black Family. Our heartfelt prayers are with you all. When I was a kid I used to watch your mother on a small black and white tv, sitting in front of it and I would sing with her. My favorite movie of your mother's was "Heidi".
God Bless,
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Name: Oh_Long_Johnson
Location: WA
I grew up in the 90's on Shirley Temple movies. Her career was a strong influence on my generally positive outlook on the world.
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Name: Annette
Location: Murrieta, CA
My condolences to her family and friends. I loved her movies. Thankfully, her dancing and acting is forever on film.
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Name: Terica Pickrell
Location: Ocala, FL
Thank you for the joy you brought to the world~ The planet has lost a sweet shinning spirit.
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Name: Marion Wittenmeyer
Location: Barnstable cape cod Ma
Rest in Peace Shirley we will remember you always with a big smile you brought us much happiness I will treasure my Shirley doll collection even more. I am 87 years old so we grew up with you your work here is done go dance among the angels and know you will be greatly missed .
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Name: Carol Hottle
Location: Oregon
Thank you, Shirley, for all you gave to all of us and the world, from the Depression onward. Rest in peace.
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Name: Chuck Williams
Location: Hollwyood, CA
I miss you already Shirley...thank you for making us smile all these years!
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Name: Sonia Polinsky
Location: Michigan
I was introduced to Shirley's films as a child and loved them. She was/will continue to be an amazing woman and role model.
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Name: Rosemary Childs
Location: Moline, IL
Shirley Temple was my all time favorite actress whom I really adored. I still to this day get so much joy when I see her movies she was such a smart and cute little girl who made all girls dream. You will forever live on in my heart. May God be with her loving family.
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Name: J Bailey
Location: Atlanta, GA
With all sadness, I express my condolence to the family of Shirley Temple. I grew up watching her movies and following her career all of my life. She was a great performer with a beautiful smile, but a better person and will be missed greatly! Rest with God Shirley in his eternal peace.
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Name: Sandy
Location: Columbus, IN
Having had a mother whose grandmother insisted she would be the next Shirley I grew up with those images in my head. She will live forever in our hearts and thanks to her legacy of movies we can see her whenever we want. May she rest in the arms of God.
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Name: Nicky Carrall
Location: Sydney, Australia
Rest In Peace beautiful lady. You gave many so much joy and inspiration. Your memory will live on. Salute!
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Name: Cindy Jackson
Location: Pittsburg Texas
America needs more actresses like Shirley! Our prayers are with the family
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Name: Kay
Location: Ohio
Loved growing up on Shirley Temple movies. Someone everyone would be proud to call friend. God blessed us with her presence and may her family prosper. She will be missed but not forgotten. My sincere condolences.
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Name: Rena Smith
Location: Texas
Everyone will miss her. RIP!!

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Name: Bradley Byrne
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Will be remembered always and missed. Sorry for your loss...
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Name: Ron Boucher
Location: oklahoma, OK
My condolences to her family and freinds during this sad time. As long as film and television exists, she will never be forgotten. Glad I own a collection of her greatest films in my movie library. RIP little princess.
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Name: Edith Reiffen
Location: Columbia,MD
I loved her shows. I just to watch them when i was a little girl. She brought a lot of happiness to all children around the world and she will be missed.may she rest in peace...
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Name: marie long
Location: oregon city oregon
GOD bless you shirley.thank you for being the 1 little girl,that made my day,when I was a little girl,my uncle is gonna love talkin to you.peace and love be with you.thank you
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Name: barbara whittlesy
Location: brownsville Tennessee
A lovely child who brought a smile and lighthearded moments to a time when there were few. You will be missed.
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Name: mike f whittier
Location: dunbarton n.h.03046
My Mother God Bless her soul, was and will always be one of your biggest fans..She brought me and the joy of Shirley's movie into our family as well as our hearts, Shirley Temple Black will be greatly missed ...
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Name: Cecilia Stallone
Location: Connecticut
I will greatly miss you Shirley1 Even though i am only 13, i have watched and loved all of your timeless movies. I laughed when you laughed, i cried when you cried. I have always enjoyed knowing that you are one of the few hollywood stars that has not ever turned to drugs. I will always remember you
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Name: Denise
Location: Bismarck, ND
I have very fond childhood memories of Shirley Temple Black. She was a role model & inspiration.I was inspired by her to become a dancer.I started tap dancing at 5 & graduated w/ a BFA in Dance.I have many Shirley Temple dolls & collector memorabilia.I will never forget Shirley Prayers to the family
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Name: Geraldine Vierra-Smith
Location: Hawai'i
Shirley Temple Black, you have brought me so much joy through out the years, Rest In Peace beautiful lady, I will remain your loyal fan, I have been watching your shows since a little girl I am now 62 and I still watch your shows can never get enough, with all my Aloha (Love)
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Name: Cynthia Piper
Location: Long Beach Ca
Rest In Peace you will be missed. I enjoyed watching your movies my personal favorite is THE LITTLE PRINCESS. I just love your smile and I also enjoyed watching you dance. May God Be With your Family
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Name: Sandy
Thank you for all your wonderful movies. You will never be forgotten.
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Name: Marilyn Hay
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Shirley was a joy and an inspiration all of her long and glorious life, one of those rare people who truly made our world a better place to be. When I'm tired, I remember her mother's admonition to 'Sparkle, Shirley, sparkle!'; and her bright eyes and wide smile help me to smile, too.
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Name: Heather Bevan
Location: Wellington New Zealand
I grew up loving you in the movies. They were hard times, but my Mother who had never owned a doll herself, managed to buy me your image doll, and a beautiful book with your collection of dolls. R.I.P and thank you for giving us your time. You will be with us forever.
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Name: Rebecca Ponce
I will always love your movies that you made. In memory of Shirley Temple black. I will always rember you for your movies.
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Name: Mark Miller
Location: Oklahoma
Shirley Temple was everything great about America.A life well lived. She will be remembered indefinitely
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Name: Diana M.
Oh, how I love Shirley Temple! It amazes me how she could act so beautifully!!!
Always in my heart!
Great actress, great woman, great person!!!
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Name: Gay M.
Location: Concord, NC
My thoughts and prayers to the Black family. My sister and I adored every one of Shirley Temple's movies. We were introduced to her by our Grandmother and I introduced her to my girls who loved the movies too. It's proof that a good story and great acting, singing and dancing will never get old.
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Name: melody sussman
Watching her movies always made me smile. We will never see such a talent like hers again. She was a special person who will greatly be missed by her family, friends and fans. Rest in peace Shirley. Love ya.
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Name: Shirley Turlo
Location: Victorville,California 92395
I remember watching Shirley's movies a child with my mom ,we both loved her so.On the Good Ship Lollipop was sang to me as a child and all the movies ,I also sang it to all 4 of my daughter and as well my grandsons.I will always carrie a place in my heart. love Shirley Turl
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Name: Alejandra
Location: Mexico, City.
I will miss her. My mom loved her movies when she was a child. Later my mom and dad teach me to love her movies, and my favorite became "The Little Princess".
Now my granddaughter is fan of "The Blue Bird" and "The Little Princess". Her work will live forever.
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Name: Terri Weiss
Location: Northern California
You made my life hopeful when I was a child and my existence a little less bleak. Thank you so much for sharing your star on the world. RIP, the world is a darker place without you.
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Name: Kathryn Rogers Musial
Location: Yachats, Oregon, USA
Shirley Temple (Black) was one of the first and foremost things I will remember about my early childhood and all the excitement and wonder that was brought to me in watching her entertain in her vasty talented way. I am now introducing her to my 6 year old granddaughter. She will be sorely missed!
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Name: Aimee Reynolds
Location: Maine
Shirley Temple you will be miss a great deal by everyone including myself. I started watching you when i was a little girl. Of course i am alot younger then you were but you have touched young and old people. You are not watching down on your family and friends who will never forget you. God Bless..
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Name: Joann W
Location: New York
I've always love Shirley Temple movies as I was growing up.
Ms Shirley Temple Black will always be loved because of my childhood. She was one of my favorite actress. She will be sadly missed.
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Name: Art
Location: Fair Oaks, CA
From my grandparents to my grandchildren we all enjoyed your movies along with future generations. Heidi is now w/ Grandfather in Heaven. God Bless and my condolences to the Shirley Temple Black family.
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Name: Jeanine Hagman
Location: WYomissing PA
Although we have never met, she has been my childhood idol since I first saw The Princess movie of being a great soldier. I loved that my three year old (she's now 4) had her first dance recital to good ship lollipop. I will miss her dearly and love her always. My heart goes out to your family.
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Name: Mary Ann S.
Location: South Abington Pa
My prayers go out to the Temple/Black family. My mom who is 88 years old adored Shirley Temple as well as I. She watched her movies over and over again, bought dolls and ornaments and has her pictures hanging on her walls for many many years. Rest in peace America's Little Princess.
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Name: Holly
Location: Arizona
My dad brought her into my life, and I've loved her ever since. I will make sure my daughters know and enjoy her, just like I did.
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Name: Ginger Duprey
Location: Manchester, Ct.
Rest in Peace
There has never been a Child Actor like
Shirley Temple. An actress that did good
for people her whole life, brought joy to
the hearts of many, watching her movies.
Her family has good memories to be proud of.
She was a giver and got to receive the most precious gift, to die peacefully
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Name: Alma Bell
Location: New Zealand
I'm still watching her movies.... and enjoying them.
My thoughts are with her family.
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Name: Andrew k Joiner
Location: Smyrna/ Blue Ridge Georgia
RIP :-( Love All Ways AKJ
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Name: Jeremy Heath
Location: UK
I only relatively recently discovered the wonderful movies and I always hoped I would meet Ms. Temple. Not to be, and I am incredibly sad. My condolences to the family. Rest in peace Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Bonnie Doucette
Location: Willimantic, Ct
You are gone but will forever remain in the hearts of the not so little girls who still remember you all to well. You were very much a part of my childhood years Mom and I treasure still our collection of little Shirley dolls they will always bring a smile to our faces and remain a part of ourfamily
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Name: Viola Moreland
Location: Reno, NV
You were really special in everyway. You made me laugh when I was sad. I thought you were the most beautiful little curly haired girl alive. I don't think anyone will ever come along like you again.
RIP Shirley.
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Name: Lizzy
Location: Nebraska
You will be missed Dear Lady. You helped a lot of us thru our growing up years and showed us so much of what we can do to help others. Peace is yours now.
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Name: Donella Anderson
Location: Garland Texas
My GOD hold you in his hands & may you rest there in peace. To the family I send my deepest heartfelt condolences. I pray for your peace & your sorrow. I watched her in the late 60's & 70's & found her movies delightful. R.I.P. Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Jessi
Location: Clairton, PA
I remember watching all of her movies growing up, siting there watching with my mom, gram and sister. she was a beautiful young girl who for many including myself put a smile on my face, but had turned into a outstanding woman. She will be terribly missed. RIP America's little Princess
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Name: Chris V. Padon
Location: Texas
May she rest in peace with her beloved husband. She will live in our hearts forever and her films will allow those yet to come to love her as much as we do.
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Name: raymond spada
Location: mount clemens, Michigan
Man, We could use more of Shirley's plucky optimism & charismatic smile ! You always knew that the movie would turn out for the best ! What a once in a lifetime talent( a lot of it). Shirley was a Winner of a Woman- Her life DID turn out well ! We will MISS Shirley Temple Black Surely !!!
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Name: Fabienne
Location: Newbury Park, Ca
Grew up loving her movies and songs. I had big curls too. Heidi was a favorite and brought me to tears. Shirley was a loving, giving, kind woman.....we can only hope today's young stars will look at her life and take it as a shining example of how to have a life well lived.
Peace to her family.
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Name: Julie Harris
Location: Texas
I loved you and your movies all my life. God bless your family. Rest in peace.
With much love,
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Name: matt modisette
Location: 9502 sweetbay ct. Waxhaw nc 28173
I am 62 .watched all her movies ( on tv).A real Lady. Had so much respect for her and all that she did. Have 4 photos of her in archive.Will pull them out frame them,and hang them in my den.All my prayers to family...you have been blessed to have her in your lives. -matt-
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Name: judy rowe
Location: Australia
what a wonderful child STAR,I have seen all your movies, you brought so much joy on Sunday nights in my household, your Dimples will never be forgotten.
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Name: Don Williams
Location: Anza, CA
Rest in Peace Aunt Shirley. Thanks for the wonderful memories and the laughter.
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Name: Karen Dorminey
Location: Pavo. Georgia
I grew up watching Shirley as a child and have seen most all of her movies. We have truly lost one of the nations greatest treasures. I to am a cancer survivor and was saddened to learn of her dx. I choose to celebrate her life and thank her family for sharing her with us all. Forever remembered.
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Name: Patricia Lang
Location: St. Augustine Florida
We will always remember you and the POSITIVE Life you shared.We Thank You and Your family for sharing your precious gifts. May you Rest In Peace.
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Name: Grace
Shirley Temple was a big part of my childhood. I grew up with her films, The Little Princess being my favorite. When I have children, they'll enjoy her films as well. Her legend will live on, for centuries to come, I'm sure of it.

I hope that she is enjoying Heaven at this very moment.
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Name: Curtis Westfall
Location: Keyser, WV
I used to do Shirley Temple impressions and for some reason that made me feel like we had a special bond. And yes, I'm a boy. But Shirley wouldn't have cared
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Name: Eliane Marcal
Location: San Francisco
Sweet dreams, our little princess. I spent countless hours watching your movies when I was a child and have remained a fan through your adulthood and service to our country.
Condolences to your family and friends.
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Name: Trudy George
Location: Hartford, Vermont
To the Black family, I am so sorry for you loss of a Mom, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, and friend. I am so thankful for her talent that she share with the world through her movies and of course the important service she gave to us in this country...she showed her heart and love for people.
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Name: Tom&Judy Hill
Location: Spring,Tx.
Thank you Shirley for great Years of Entertainment. "A PLACE TO REST" God looked down on your body, So tired from hanging on,From a life that was overwhelming you,And wanted back his daughter.So he took away the air you breathe,And gave you what was best,A place to be at peace,A final place to rest
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Name: Janet Malcom
Location: Wichita, KS
A life well lived... May you rest in peace knowing that you touched many lives and brought much happiness into the world. May God bless you Shirley and be with your family during this difficult time.
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Name: Linda
Location: LaGrange, IN
Wow! What can be said really? A beautiful person who brought much joy to our Sundays as children. My late sister and I watched her movies into our fifties!! RIP Shirley
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Name: Toni Roan
Location: Orange, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Rest in peace you beautiful woman. You brought great joy to my life. You will be greatly missed as an actor but also incredible woman who achieved so much in life outside the Hollywood world.
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