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Name: Stan
Location: California
RIP Shirley Temple
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Name: Joan McGuffog
Location: New Milford, New Jersey
I grew up with you and wanted to be just like you. You made me laugh, cry and wonder. I remember Heidi with her grandfather, and Captain January but most of all Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I named my daughter Rebecca after you in that movie. Part of me and my childhood died yesterday. Love You.
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Name: Denise Bigelow
Location: Florida
Every Sunday was TV day growing up and what Sunday would not be complete without watching Shirley Temple. Oh the movies I have a collection of all her movies and watch them to this day. God Bless her family and what an angel he has now.
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Name: Sabereen Rahman
Location: Sydney, Australia
RIP Shirley Temple. You were my childhood idol. Thank you for all the love and joy you have given us. Sending respects and deepest condolences to your loved ones. God Bless you.
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Name: tia
Location: Port Charlotte, Fllorida
I grew up watching her movies, and enjoyed each and everyone. She was a beautiful and loving person and I know will be missed by family and friends. She was an Angel of Kindness and she is now with them and her soulmate
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Name: faranak
Location: holland
my deapest condolences to Shirley Temple's family, friends and fans.
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Name: Sherice Bethel
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
I Grew up with Shirley Temple shows and movies, I was a big fan of hers, Shirley Temple will be truly missed, She always be in hearts forever,
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Name: dana gains
Location: missouri
I watched ur movies when I was a child , know my granddaughter watches them with me and she loves the movies..ty for putting a smile on my face and hers and for the laughter.. u will be missed!!!!
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Name: Clifford G. Parent
Location: South Branch, Michigan
God Speed, enjoyed her movies and thank you for service for the government.
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Name: Sandra
Location: Fairport, NY
My prayers are with the Temple/Black family through this time. Shirley's movies were amazing and brought my family together as well as many others. May your family endure this time together and feel a peace and presence of God. <3
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Name: Sara A
Location: tn
While I did not grow up during the time her movies were made, I watched them with my grandparents and my parents. It was something we did as a family. So thank you for giving my family something we good all love together through 4 generations and still going. You will be missed.
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Name: sara
Location: old brodge N.J
My prayers go to the family of this wonderful woman. I remember her movies when I was little and kept up with what she was doing. My favorite doll was my Shirley Temple doll. R.I.P Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Katherine Kincaid Ploski
Location: Connecticut
Thank you so much for your wonderful pictures! They brought so much joy and entertainment into my life. It definitely was a simpler time or so it seems now! You went on to live a life of service to your country and from what I have read, you had a wonderful and happy life. God speed to you!
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Name: Gail
Location: Southern Indiana
As a young child I remember watching her movies. I loved her so much that I begged my mom for a doll and I got it. I still have it to this day tucked away safely. What a beautiful person. She will be missed by many.
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Name: Helen Cleary
Location: Enniskillen, Ireland
What wonderful memories you gave me amd my sister with your songs and dancing which we loved to emulate, when we were young!!A life well lived and served for others X
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Name: Christine Sheets
Location: Cabot, Arkansas
I don't know what Sunday's as a child would've been like without Shirley Temple. It was in from Church and in front of the TV to watch her. She was someone every girl/woman could look up to and admire. Such a wonderful influence from such a lovely woman. She will be deeply missed but always loved
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Name: Angela L
Location: Memphis, TN
Thank you for sharing your talents with the whole world! Rest in peace.
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Name: Courtney Grafing
Location: Alabama
I grew up watching Shirley Temple novices and when I was little I thought they were true stories but when I got older I found out she was just an actor. Thank you Shirley for making me smile.
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Name: Jaguar
Location: Texas
I am brokenhearted! I remember watching all of her movies as a child and then with my daughter when she was growing up! Talent like hers does not exist today! I will enjoy watching her movies again with my granddaughter and reliving such happy memories!RIP and thanks for the memories Shirley!
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Name: Robin
Location: Gainesville, Fl
"Oh, my goodness"

I watched you as a child and was awed by your talent and way of expressing such joy. I have been sad all day and realize I need to watch a Shirley Temple movie to bring me back to joy. A life well lived. RIP
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Name: Nora E Torres
Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
I had a happier childhood thanks to her movies. She will always be remembered. Rest in peace!!
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Name: Dorothy "Dotty" Ragan
Location: Bullard, Texas
I grew up watching her movies and still love them. Praying for comfort and peace to you, her family and friends. She will be missed. As a tribute, I will continue to watch her movies.
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Name: Gabriel Lezama
Location: Florida
God loved Shirley so much, He was the ultimate director of her life.She wasn't just an actress or a household name, but just Shirley. Her talent gave people to be inspired with her work and a smile on their faces. To Shirley, I Love you & I'll miss you. Enjoy your eternal life with Jesus. God Bless.
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Name: Maureen Miller
Location: Alexandria, VA
For as long as there is film, & the young at heart, people will sail on the Good Ship Lollipop & enjoy Animal Crackers in their soup. You & Bill Robinson are no doubt dancing up a storm in heaven!
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Name: pat hansen
Location: marlton nj
I grew up watching Shirley Temple she was everything good...
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Name: Tammy Siciliano
Location: Wyomming
I grew up watching your movies, your grace and beauty were always awe inspiring. I pray for peace, love, and comfort for your family. Rest in Peace Beautiful Lady.
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Name: chris
Location: new jersey
what a true and wonderful legacy, Shirley Temple Black, has surely left her mark on this earth !!!!!! and God willing generations to come will enjoy her
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Name: Lynn Smith
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
I am so sorry for the loss Of Shirley Temple, I loved her growing up in the 60's., she will always be remembered.
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Name: Michael Waller
Location: Huntsville, AL
There is great comfort in knowing that we will see our loved ones again.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
(14) Since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring forth with him.
(18) Wherefore comfort one another with these words.
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Name: Jo Anne H
Location: Saint John NB Canada
Thanks for the great memories you will never be forgotten.

Now you are dancing and singing in heaven

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Name: Alexandra
Location: Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.
Adorable, intelligent, talented, beautiful, hard-working, strong values, patriotic and politically involved, breast cancer survivor for many years, loving mother/grandmother/great grandmother and devoted wife: There will NEVER be another Shirley Temple.
R.I.P. - and thank you.
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Name: siham nijmeh
Location: san jose
Thank you Mrs. Black for you being a good role model in Hollywood. We need more of you. The Hollywood kids need to learn from you. I will pray for you family in this time of need.
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Name: cecile grandowicz
Location: Perrysburg, OH
She has left us with a wonderful legacy. My family has watched all her movies and have her tapes. She has given happiness throughout her childhood/adult career. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Thoughts and prayers to her family. She is irreplaceable.
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Name: Delyth Owen
Location: San Diego, CA
Like many people, I grew up with Shirley Temple movies. One of my fondest memories is watching "Captain January" while eating a navel orange during my Christmas vacation. However, she was so much more than her movie career and will be remembered for her gifts to humanity. Thank you for sharing her.
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Name: dolly jr
Location: conway sc
When her movies were on was the only time me and my best friend were allowed to eat in the livingroom - where the ONLY tv and then no color, she was my idol and strong to face the world as it was and then to move on. At some point I get my moms doll SO SPECIAL
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Name: Niki
Location: UK
So sorry to hear bout your loss. Shirley was an amazing lady. My childhood was filled with watching her movies.
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Name: Sherri Hollyman
Location: Hawaii
I am now 51. As far back as I can remember, Shirley Temple is in my memory. I had a big brother in an area where I was the only girl, so weekend afternoons watching her on TV was my girlfriend time. She was a gift to the world, and now a gift to heaven.
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Name: Mrs. Weems
Location: Georgia
Outstanding.What grace.
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Name: Linda Hines
Location: Allen Park, Michigan
I remember watching all her movies as a child. I would dance around the room pretending to be her. I watched her movies every chance I got. I am sorry to hear you have gone from this world, you made a difference while you were here. Peace to your family.
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Name: Cherie Jones
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Have always enjoyed watching Shirley along with grand daughter. Blessings to the family.
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Name: Anne-Sophie
Location: Paris, France
I've just watched today a Shirley Temple's movie for the first time: "Curly Top".

Tonight, a laughing and charming little girl is still living
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Name: Debby Reynolds
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Shirley, Thank you for sharing your talents with us. You were not only a beacon of hope for The Greatest Generation, but you entertained subsequent generations with style, personal integrity, and humor. May her family know she was so loved by so many. My prayers are with the family.
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Name: Josh
Location: Guntersville, AL
Another legend is sadly gone and we send the family our most sincere condolences. You will be forever missed Ms. Temple-Black.
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Name: Ann Marie
Location: Lake Worth, Fl

I watched Shirley as a child
She will be missed forever Love you so much Shirley.

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Name: Terry Sellmann
Location: Bremerton, WA
Thank Shirley Temple. I love you.
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Name: Eldena Bingham
Location: DeLeon,Texas
Knot in my throat--13 years older than me, Shirley Temple was such a person to revere, Life she had afterHollywood shows what caliber person she was . Rest well, curlytop.
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Name: IDA
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Name: Kathy Braddy
Location: Hollywood, Florida
R.I.P. Shirley Temple Black. Neither I, nor America will ever forget you. You brought so many smiles to our faces and made us feel good when we didn't think we could. I think the Angels will be having animal crackers in soup tonight in heaven!
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Name: Tera Taylor
Location: Nashville TN
Mrs Black has been loved by many throughout the generations. My daughter Emma, age 9, and I enjoy looking for dolls and items anything Shirley Temple when we antique shop.
The Lord be with the family during this sad time
Our hope is in the faithful one to bring her safely home to the arms of God
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Name: Lori Hardy
Location: Alliance Ohio
I wish to senf condolensces I was raised up with her Bill Robinson Tap dancing threw our home.. God Bless you all.. Thanks for sharing your Mother..
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Name: Tina Jones
Location: Grand Prairie,Tx
prayers to the family, such childhood memories of her movies. Will be greatly remembered.
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Name: Crystal Stangland
Location: Maple Valley, WA
Shirley Temple changed my life when I was 9. I\'m almost 15 and she still makes me smile. I have watched almost all of her movies. They make me happy when I\'m down. Shirley is up in heaven with her husband, mother and father, and 2 brothers. May she Rest in Peace.
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Name: Indy Robles
Location: Woodburn, Oregon
Shirley Temple has always being special to me and my children. We love watching her movies. I have them all. Prayers for the special family of a very special lady. SHE WILL BE MISSED.
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Name: Mouse
Location: South Bend, WA
I went to UN as a field and went into the bathroom and she was there. I looked at her and said, "You still have the same dimples." "You know who I am?" "Of course, don't you!" She laughed and gave me a hug while telling me that she needed a good laugh that day. She was and still is an American Ico
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Name: Alfie thebarber
Location: Bury St Edmund, England
What a terrible loss to all, grew up watching her films which always spread happiness & good cheer:-) gone but never forgotten as will be a part of many people lives forever x
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Name: Laura Miller
Location: Huntington Beach, Ca.
RIP Miss Shirley Temple Black. you will be solely missed by all.
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Name: Linda Collins
Location: Medway, Ohio
Shirley Temple will forever live in the hearts of Americans. She was the greatest child actor of all times; and as an adult, she continued to be a "proud" American icon. I had the great pleasure of seeing Shirley in person when she served as the Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses Parade.
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All my prayers for her family. The whole world has loss one great Lady and an Angel. God bless you. Thank you for the memories.
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Name: Carol Diaz
Location: Corinth, VT
I love Shirley. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Arenda Robinson
Location: Palo Verde, Arizona
I had watched all of her movies and always wanted to dance like her. She was such a wonderful woman.
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Name: Nora Peters
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Thank you Shirley for many great Years of Entertainment. Condolensces to the Temple Family
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Name: Shirley Floyd
Location: Washington State
I watched Shirley as a child (thought I was pretty cool cause I had the same name). Then watched her again with my children and then again and again and again with my grandchildren. She will always be a friend for me and I will continue to watch her movies. Love you so much Shirley.
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Name: Debby Temple Eads
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Growing up a Temple I always felt a special kinship to Shirley and spent a lot of time signing her songs. Bless you all.
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Name: Antonio Perez
Location: San Diego, California
Mrs. Shirley Temple Black brought joy and pleasant memories to millions of people. She will be missed. My condolences to her family. We are with you in our prayers and thoughts during this time.
May God bless Shirley Temple Black and her family.
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Name: Renee LaFarge
Location: Novato California
Shirley Temple has been in my heart for ever. I shared her early movies with my grand daughter who started "Shirley Temepling"around the practicing tap dancing around the house. Awe and astonishment of her talent fall short of her talent and genuine ability to connect with all people.
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Name: Christine Cotter
Location: Ireland
I was send to tap dancing lessons because of your wonderful mother. But my mother's aspirations of turning me into the next Shirley Temple were stymied by my poker straight hair and lack of ability! I am 50 now and still love to tap dance. I wish to express my deepest sympathy at this sad time.
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Name: victoria grandy
Location: selkirk, new york
I remember watching you when i was little. And so now i have a shirley temple in my family. Rest in peace
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Name: Melanie J. Keen
Location: Cordova, Tennessee
I will miss her greatly, I grew up watching all her shows. Love and Miss you dearly.
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Name: William Harding
Location: Canada
I write this on behalf of my mother and myself because she introduced me to your movies when I was a child and we had wonderful times watching them. You were a gift to the people who were struggling through hard times and you will be a gift to future generations who discover your films. Thank you!
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Name: Sheila Taylor
Location: Gorham Maine
I remember Shirley from when I was a little girl my hair was curly like hers and my mother did my hair like hers! everyone would call me little Shirley Temple and I still watch her movies today.
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Name: A. P.
I remember watching Shirley Temple movies as a child and enjoying every one of them. My mother, who was the same age as Shirley, just adored her and told me how her mom would save money to take her to the movies to see her during the Depression! She was such a talented and adorable person.
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Name: doreen hall
Location: rochester new york
She will RIP knowing millions love her and will miss her. I never got tired watching her movies. She was so awesome and such a great lady.
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Name: Douglas Thompson
Location: Victoria, Canada
I love Shirley Temple...so do my girls. We watched her films and celebrated her innocense. Thank you for being a childhood memmory for my girls and so many millions of fans. We loved you.
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Name: C├ęcile
Location: france
R.I.P. miss shirley, thanks for all. For ever in our hearts.
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Name: Annette Finch
Location: Memphis, Tn
Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories when live was simpler, tamer, and a child remained a child for much longer through the life examples featured in your films and when "oh, my goodness" was a common phrase
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Name: Christina Fitzpatrick
Location: Live Oak Florida
I watched Shirley Temples movies as a child with my mom and watched them as an adult. I love all her movies from the time she was just a toddled til she was a teen. Great actress, you will be missed, and I will keep watching your wonderful, heartfelt movies.Rest in Peace. God Bless the family.
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Name: Linda Adams
Location: Spokane, WA
It tears me up to hear one of the world's favorite child stars has died...it especially saddens me since she was my daughter's favorite little actress! My daughter would want it totally quiet so she could watch her movies and her movie collection is held dearly to her now, RIP, God Bless the family
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Name: Jodie B.
Location: Hollywood, CA
Loved watching Shirley with my momma as a little girl. In a world full of child stars becoming dirty now, it's nice to go back to a time when little girls became mature, modest women. Shirley was that. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Yvette
Location: Florida
I grew up watching Shirley Temple my mom loves her and both me and my mom enjoyed watching her shows.
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Name: Betty Nifong
Location: Winston Salem N.C.
Oh the memories are forever etched in our minds. A wonderful child/woman who helped this country survive in many ways. Thank you, Shirley. You were a Blessing.
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Name: Sandra Harris
Location: Kittrell, NC
I could allow my daughter to watch her movies without fear of her viewing something bad. My daughter is 28 now and still loves these movies. My prayers are with all the family.
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Name: Sylvia Johnson
Location: Texas
Shirley, you may have left us, but your light will never go out. We love you still.
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Name: Catalina Flores
Location: Quemado, Texas
Our prayers to all the family, we will always remember you, you are our Princess, RIP.
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Name: Su Hoffman
Location: maine
A truely GREAT lady, thanx so much for all the laughter you brought into this world...
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Name: Carmel Zumbo
Location: Melbourne Australia
May she rest in peace. I will always remember the wonderful movies she appeared in. Her smile, her musical talent and her unforgettable presence. Gone but not forgotten.
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Name: Elisa L
Location: Bay Area, CA
I grew up watching all of your movies. You were such a wonderful actress and very pretty too. My favorite was The Little Princess. We have lost a great person. Thanks for the memories. My condolences to your family.
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Name: Martina leahy
Location: Ireland
i loved all her movies and enjoyed looking at her curles and her beautiful face i have a lot of videos and she will never be forgotten great actor rip xxx one in a million
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Name: nancy bragg
Location: busti new york
Grew up watching Shirley temple my sister name is Shirley she just loved your holsom movies rest in peace you will be very missed thank you for sharing your talent with our family god bless your family
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Name: Jane Smith
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Name: Sandy
Location: South Dakota
Prayers for the family and the country that lost an icon. She was a hero, someone we could look up to. There are so very few worthy of that honor today. Blessings...
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Name: Juliet Morgan
Location: Oxnard CA
There will never be a star, person, memory like Shirley Temple, all the comments are so true and we are all lucky to have her movies to keep her memories with us always.
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Name: Shirley Jones
Location: Lafayette, Califoria
My prayers are for Shirley and her family. May she rest in peace and the family find comfort in the love and joy she shared with them. Not only did Shirley bring great joy to a nation in distress but all through her life set an example of service for us all.We worked together at the Junior League.
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Name: Darryl
Location: DE
My daughter saw Animal Crackers at a friend's house, learned the song/dance. Can still see her dancing almost 20 years later. That's the influence of Mrs. Temple-Black. She will be missed. My prayers are for God's comfort for your family.
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Name: Leslie M. Kuretzky
Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Many years ago, I remember seeing Shirley Temple dolls at Simpsons Yorkdale. My Mom always wanted one. I wanted to buy her one, but I did not know who Shirley Temple was. I was told about her by my Mom and thought what a wonderful and sweet person she was. She sure was. RIP Shirley.
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Name: KSchaefer
Location: Seattle, WA
Thanks for the many years of enjoyment and Smiles. You will always be America's little sweetheart.
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Name: L. Watson
Location: North Carolina
What an amazing girl and lady. Every movie I have seen of hers brought heart-warming tears to my eyes. Like so many, I absolutely loved her. My dad nicknamed my daughter (who has curly ringlets of hair) "Curly Top" after Shirley. Sounds like she lived a blessed life. Rest in peace dear Lady.
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Name: Veta Foote
Location: Milford NJ
We need more Shirly Temples today then ever before. She was the epitomy of grace,grandeur and wholesomeness. I enjoyed watching her while growing up in the 50's.
What has become of Hollywood today? She will be sadly missed and in my prayers.
Veta Foote
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Name: Claudia
Location: Cleveland, ohio
She's on the good ship lollipop no RIP
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Name: G Lucas
Location: Canada
I enjoyed (and still do)watching Shirley Temple movies. The book Child Star tells a remarkable story and life she had! Rest in paradise Shirley and sincere condolences to the family.
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