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Name: Indy Robles
Location: Woodburn, Oregon
Shirley Temple has always being special to me and my children. We love watching her movies. I have them all. Prayers for the special family of a very special lady. SHE WILL BE MISSED.
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Name: Mouse
Location: South Bend, WA
I went to UN as a field and went into the bathroom and she was there. I looked at her and said, "You still have the same dimples." "You know who I am?" "Of course, don't you!" She laughed and gave me a hug while telling me that she needed a good laugh that day. She was and still is an American Ico
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Name: Alfie thebarber
Location: Bury St Edmund, England
What a terrible loss to all, grew up watching her films which always spread happiness & good cheer:-) gone but never forgotten as will be a part of many people lives forever x
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Name: Laura Miller
Location: Huntington Beach, Ca.
RIP Miss Shirley Temple Black. you will be solely missed by all.
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Name: Linda Collins
Location: Medway, Ohio
Shirley Temple will forever live in the hearts of Americans. She was the greatest child actor of all times; and as an adult, she continued to be a "proud" American icon. I had the great pleasure of seeing Shirley in person when she served as the Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses Parade.
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All my prayers for her family. The whole world has loss one great Lady and an Angel. God bless you. Thank you for the memories.
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Name: Carol Diaz
Location: Corinth, VT
I love Shirley. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Arenda Robinson
Location: Palo Verde, Arizona
I had watched all of her movies and always wanted to dance like her. She was such a wonderful woman.
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Name: Nora Peters
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Thank you Shirley for many great Years of Entertainment. Condolensces to the Temple Family
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Name: Shirley Floyd
Location: Washington State
I watched Shirley as a child (thought I was pretty cool cause I had the same name). Then watched her again with my children and then again and again and again with my grandchildren. She will always be a friend for me and I will continue to watch her movies. Love you so much Shirley.
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Name: Debby Temple Eads
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Growing up a Temple I always felt a special kinship to Shirley and spent a lot of time signing her songs. Bless you all.
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Name: Antonio Perez
Location: San Diego, California
Mrs. Shirley Temple Black brought joy and pleasant memories to millions of people. She will be missed. My condolences to her family. We are with you in our prayers and thoughts during this time.
May God bless Shirley Temple Black and her family.
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Name: Renee LaFarge
Location: Novato California
Shirley Temple has been in my heart for ever. I shared her early movies with my grand daughter who started "Shirley Temepling"around the practicing tap dancing around the house. Awe and astonishment of her talent fall short of her talent and genuine ability to connect with all people.
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Name: Christine Cotter
Location: Ireland
I was send to tap dancing lessons because of your wonderful mother. But my mother's aspirations of turning me into the next Shirley Temple were stymied by my poker straight hair and lack of ability! I am 50 now and still love to tap dance. I wish to express my deepest sympathy at this sad time.
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Name: victoria grandy
Location: selkirk, new york
I remember watching you when i was little. And so now i have a shirley temple in my family. Rest in peace
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Name: Melanie J. Keen
Location: Cordova, Tennessee
I will miss her greatly, I grew up watching all her shows. Love and Miss you dearly.
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Name: William Harding
Location: Canada
I write this on behalf of my mother and myself because she introduced me to your movies when I was a child and we had wonderful times watching them. You were a gift to the people who were struggling through hard times and you will be a gift to future generations who discover your films. Thank you!
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Name: Sheila Taylor
Location: Gorham Maine
I remember Shirley from when I was a little girl my hair was curly like hers and my mother did my hair like hers! everyone would call me little Shirley Temple and I still watch her movies today.
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Name: A. P.
I remember watching Shirley Temple movies as a child and enjoying every one of them. My mother, who was the same age as Shirley, just adored her and told me how her mom would save money to take her to the movies to see her during the Depression! She was such a talented and adorable person.
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Name: doreen hall
Location: rochester new york
She will RIP knowing millions love her and will miss her. I never got tired watching her movies. She was so awesome and such a great lady.
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Name: Douglas Thompson
Location: Victoria, Canada
I love Shirley Temple...so do my girls. We watched her films and celebrated her innocense. Thank you for being a childhood memmory for my girls and so many millions of fans. We loved you.
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Name: C├ęcile
Location: france
R.I.P. miss shirley, thanks for all. For ever in our hearts.
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Name: Annette Finch
Location: Memphis, Tn
Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories when live was simpler, tamer, and a child remained a child for much longer through the life examples featured in your films and when "oh, my goodness" was a common phrase
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Name: Christina Fitzpatrick
Location: Live Oak Florida
I watched Shirley Temples movies as a child with my mom and watched them as an adult. I love all her movies from the time she was just a toddled til she was a teen. Great actress, you will be missed, and I will keep watching your wonderful, heartfelt movies.Rest in Peace. God Bless the family.
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Name: Linda Adams
Location: Spokane, WA
It tears me up to hear one of the world's favorite child stars has died...it especially saddens me since she was my daughter's favorite little actress! My daughter would want it totally quiet so she could watch her movies and her movie collection is held dearly to her now, RIP, God Bless the family
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Name: Jodie B.
Location: Hollywood, CA
Loved watching Shirley with my momma as a little girl. In a world full of child stars becoming dirty now, it's nice to go back to a time when little girls became mature, modest women. Shirley was that. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Yvette
Location: Florida
I grew up watching Shirley Temple my mom loves her and both me and my mom enjoyed watching her shows.
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Name: Betty Nifong
Location: Winston Salem N.C.
Oh the memories are forever etched in our minds. A wonderful child/woman who helped this country survive in many ways. Thank you, Shirley. You were a Blessing.
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Name: Sandra Harris
Location: Kittrell, NC
I could allow my daughter to watch her movies without fear of her viewing something bad. My daughter is 28 now and still loves these movies. My prayers are with all the family.
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Name: Sylvia Johnson
Location: Texas
Shirley, you may have left us, but your light will never go out. We love you still.
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Name: Catalina Flores
Location: Quemado, Texas
Our prayers to all the family, we will always remember you, you are our Princess, RIP.
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Name: Su Hoffman
Location: maine
A truely GREAT lady, thanx so much for all the laughter you brought into this world...
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Name: Carmel Zumbo
Location: Melbourne Australia
May she rest in peace. I will always remember the wonderful movies she appeared in. Her smile, her musical talent and her unforgettable presence. Gone but not forgotten.
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Name: Elisa L
Location: Bay Area, CA
I grew up watching all of your movies. You were such a wonderful actress and very pretty too. My favorite was The Little Princess. We have lost a great person. Thanks for the memories. My condolences to your family.
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Name: Martina leahy
Location: Ireland
i loved all her movies and enjoyed looking at her curles and her beautiful face i have a lot of videos and she will never be forgotten great actor rip xxx one in a million
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Name: nancy bragg
Location: busti new york
Grew up watching Shirley temple my sister name is Shirley she just loved your holsom movies rest in peace you will be very missed thank you for sharing your talent with our family god bless your family
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Name: Jane Smith
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Name: Sandy
Location: South Dakota
Prayers for the family and the country that lost an icon. She was a hero, someone we could look up to. There are so very few worthy of that honor today. Blessings...
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Name: Juliet Morgan
Location: Oxnard CA
There will never be a star, person, memory like Shirley Temple, all the comments are so true and we are all lucky to have her movies to keep her memories with us always.
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Name: Shirley Jones
Location: Lafayette, Califoria
My prayers are for Shirley and her family. May she rest in peace and the family find comfort in the love and joy she shared with them. Not only did Shirley bring great joy to a nation in distress but all through her life set an example of service for us all.We worked together at the Junior League.
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Name: Darryl
Location: DE
My daughter saw Animal Crackers at a friend's house, learned the song/dance. Can still see her dancing almost 20 years later. That's the influence of Mrs. Temple-Black. She will be missed. My prayers are for God's comfort for your family.
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Name: Leslie M. Kuretzky
Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Many years ago, I remember seeing Shirley Temple dolls at Simpsons Yorkdale. My Mom always wanted one. I wanted to buy her one, but I did not know who Shirley Temple was. I was told about her by my Mom and thought what a wonderful and sweet person she was. She sure was. RIP Shirley.
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Name: KSchaefer
Location: Seattle, WA
Thanks for the many years of enjoyment and Smiles. You will always be America's little sweetheart.
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Name: L. Watson
Location: North Carolina
What an amazing girl and lady. Every movie I have seen of hers brought heart-warming tears to my eyes. Like so many, I absolutely loved her. My dad nicknamed my daughter (who has curly ringlets of hair) "Curly Top" after Shirley. Sounds like she lived a blessed life. Rest in peace dear Lady.
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Name: Veta Foote
Location: Milford NJ
We need more Shirly Temples today then ever before. She was the epitomy of grace,grandeur and wholesomeness. I enjoyed watching her while growing up in the 50's.
What has become of Hollywood today? She will be sadly missed and in my prayers.
Veta Foote
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Name: Claudia
Location: Cleveland, ohio
She's on the good ship lollipop no RIP
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Name: G Lucas
Location: Canada
I enjoyed (and still do)watching Shirley Temple movies. The book Child Star tells a remarkable story and life she had! Rest in paradise Shirley and sincere condolences to the family.
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Name: Jay Petter
Location: Fernley, Nevada
Shirley Temple was one of Hollywood's greatest child stars. She was loved and cherished by many of us and she will be missed. I grew up watching many of her movies and continue to do so today. I was saddened upon learning of her recent death. God bless her and rest her soul.
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Name: Nicole Gilmore
Location: Duluth, GA
A true legend and will be deeply missed by all. My prayers are with the family during this time of bereavement. I've been watching her for as long as I can remember. She will always be in my heart and home!
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Name: Sandy
Location: Risseeuw
Prayers for the family and the country that lost an icon. She was a hero, someone we could look up to. There are so very few worthy of that honor today. Blessings...
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Name: kraen
Location: oklahoma city oklahoma
I loved your movies, was just on you tube on the early morning of the tenth and watch 3 of your movies .truly you will be missed.
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Name: Judy Matulich
Location: Napa
I loved watching Shirley Temple's movies as a little girl with my mother who is 80. She made such remarkable movies, way before their time. She uplifted your spirits and made you smile.As an adult she was such an inspiration to us all with her dedication to helping others and our country. RIP
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Name: Maya Eastman
Location: Riverside, CA
Sympathy and prayers to the family of Shirley Temple Black. Thank you Mrs. Temple Black for sharing your talents with us. As a child, I looked forward to watching your movies each Sunday - you always brightened my day. May you rest in peace - God Bless!
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Name: Elle
Location: Ohio
I watched all her movies when I was growing up; then re-watched them with my daughter. Even though my daughter was born in 1993, she is a big fan of Shirley Temple. She brought happiness to our souls and truly did light up our lives. She will be greatly missed, but always remembered.
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Name: Martina leahy
Location: ireland
i loved all her movies and enjoyed looking at her curles and her beautiful face i have a lot of videos and she will never be forgotten great actor rip xxx
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Name: Francisca Herrera
Location: Dallas, TX
I am so sad to hear this news. Prayers to the family and everyone.
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Name: Julie Angelopoulos
Location: Brandon Florida
Grew up watching her movies. She was a beautiful little girl that was beautiful the day she left us. May her family know how much she was loved by so many people.
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Name: Elaina Deva Proffitt
Location: Dallas Texas
As a child I looked a lot like you and knew you were the only one that knew how it would hurt to brush our hair Smiley I asked my Mommy for tap shoes cause I wanted to dance like you -Enjoy Heaven what a reunion that will be!
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Name: Cindy Rosenbaum
Location: Trabuco Canyon, CA
I'm so sorry for your loss. I was just thinking about Shirley the other day, and as usual...it brought a smile to my face. I've seen all of her movies, and appreciated her selflessness as an adult. I tell my sons (21 and 16) about her, and wish they could know her. God Bless and keep you.
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Name: Sonja
Location: Montreal, Canada
I watched your movies like every child, adoring you for your looks and for your voice, wishing I could be friends with you. Now as an adult I miss the child you were, but congratulate the adult you became. I will always be singing your songs and will always remember you R.I.P now and forever.
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Name: Lori Hennigh
Location: Yountville CA
The news made me cry, but I am so thankful that the Lord sent her to earth. She served her family, made the public smile and promoted peace which are all Godly qualities. She was indeed a blessing to all those who knew her and is in heaven, her job complete.
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Name: Hilda Molina
Location: Tampa, Fl
My prayers are with the family. She was a very special person and touched our lives.
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Name: Mike Scripter
Location: Goodland, IN
I was always amazed at the remarkable dance routines with Mr. Robinson. You were not only a screen legend, but a great person.
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Name: Danyell
Location: Saint Louis Mo
Me and my siblings grew up watching Miss . Shirley Temple and enjoying her pure,good talent she was so pretty the most I remember about her is her Shirley temple curls in her hair and the best movie I remember about her is when she was singing its a good ship lolipop haha R.I.P Miss . Shirley Temple
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Name: Alice
Location: Marysville WA
Thanks Curly Top for living you life so well! We that watched you as a STAR and then saw what kindness and love could do in the political field are fortunate to have had you as a guide. God Bless You and comfort to the whole family, even me.
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Name: Joyce Moisant
Location: LaSalle ILL.
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Location: WAYNE,WV
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Name: Angela Kalogeropoulos
Location: Somerset, NJ
My sincere condolences. She was and always will be my favorite actress. I grew up watching all her movies. I love you Shirley and will surely miss you. Your memory will live on forever in my heart.
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Name: Karen Nicol
Location: Sydney, Australia
Very sad to hear the news. She always made the world smile. A wonderful life, always to be remembered.
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Name: Jo Banks
Location: San Antonio Texas
Not only do I treasure all her movies but I am thankful that she shared her memories and thoughts in her autobiography. How generous to share her unique experiences with the world. Thank you so much for your brilliance. You are a national treasure and will always be remembered.
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Name: Jean
Location: Overland Park, Kansas
My Dad Bill Wolf went to school at the Black-Foxe Military Academy in North Hollywood with Shirley's brother, George Temple, and they were close friends. After the war, George was a pro wrestler and then got a dreaded muscular disease. I always loved her and her movies.
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Name: Lee Sullivan
Location: Ohio
God blessed America with Shirley Temple as a source of encouragement at a time when America needed her the most. Her movies live on as a testament to her sweetness and who she was. Goodbye Sweet Shirley, you leave us with many wonderful and cherished memories.
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Name: Susanne McGuire
Location: Columbus, MI
God Bless You and the hours of joy you have given to myself as a child, my mom, my sisters and my children. You will forever have a place in our hearts. My sympathies to the family for the loss of such an extraordinary woman.
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Name: Monica Carson
Location: Live Oak, CA
I loved Shirley Temple movies as a child growing up. She was my idol. I'm sorry for her families loss. My prayers are with you.
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Name: Judith Barnes
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
I watched Shirley Temple grow up and watched every movie she made. I loved her and I will miss her very much.
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Name: Ivett
Location: Honduras
I "met" Shirley Temple through my great aunt who was a huge fan, she still even had a Shirley Temple doll she was given as a child! We used to watch all her movies on TV reruns and on video and she kept telling me to follow her example so I could be a good little girl too! Thanks with all my heart!
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Name: Jeff
Location: Miami
There have been many child stars but only one like this; take care Shirley.
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Name: Judy Schultz
Location: Atlanta Ga
Dear Family of Shirley,
My heartfelt sympathy and prayers to your entire family.
What a beautiful earth angel your Mom was! I loved watching Shirley tap dance into my life every Sunday when I was a little girl!
I am sure she is a beautiful angel in Heaven!
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Name: Patty Evans
Location: Elgin, SC
Her beauty of spirit, talent, and joy will be remembered always. There is no greater gift than a legacy of happiness to others. Thank you.
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Name: Claire B.
Location: Ohio
Heaven has received another angel. A very talented, adorable and very inspiring angel. You will forever remain in our hearts. We love you, Shirley. May you rest in eternal peace.
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Name: Lillian May
Location: Los Angeles
Condolences and prayers go out to the Family. Thank you Mrs. Shirley Temple Black for the silver screen memories and for serving our country.
You will always be one of my favorite silver screen actresses.. God Bless.
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Name: Eric Boyce
Location: Watertown NY
One of the best. Will never be replaced.
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Name: April Moisant
Location: LaSalle ILL.
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Name: Monica R.
Location: Chicago, IL
Shirley Temple served and continues to serve as a beacon of light to everyone who values beauty, innocence and the simple values that were so meaningfully conveyed through her beloved movies that captured our hearts. Thank you Mrs. Temple Black from countless generations. We love you. God bless you.
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Name: Robert Stevens
Location: Ventura, CA
Thannk you Ms. Black for the memories, rest in peace and I hope to someday meet you on that Good Ship lollyPop.
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Name: Charlotte
Location: Michigan
My condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black, she was a wonderful actress and public servant. Rest In Peace Shirley, you will be missed.
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Name: Dennis Lawrence
Location: New Jersey
You will be missed,RIP
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Name: Dawn
Location: Anniston, Alabama
She was such a precious and great actor. I loved her movies. I loved the song she would sing. On a good ship Loilipop. So cute.my heart goes out to her Family. R.I.P Shirley Temple.
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Name: Carley Bearwish
Location: Bromley.Kent. UK.
So very heart broken to hear that Shirley Temple has past on from this life. I have admired her talent from a young age and loved her movies for as long as I can remember. I had the same curly ringlets as a child and remember referring to them as "My Shirley Temple Curls." Forever in my Heart. R.I.P
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Name: Joan Trusso
Location: Jamestown,NY
Iam so sorry for your loss. She will live on in our hearts. I just loved her and use to wish I could be like her. Heaven has a beautiful angel.
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Name: Sue Boyd
Location: North Carolina
When my sister and I were young, we prayed that social services would come get us. I thought if I got to go to orphanage I could wear overalls and sing about soup. She was my best fiend in my head. Those who really knew her personally were truly blessed.
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Name: Leslie Marie Flores
Location: Raymondville, Texas
My grandmother, my mother, myself and my daughters enjoyed watching her movies. Loved to sing along and of course cry everytime. Precious childhood memories I have of our "Big Momma". She always recounted her memories during her childhood and what happened that year. Thank you. You will be missed.
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Name: Sarah
Location: Florida
You have been such a treasure to good clean entertainment. Love her films,all of them.just ripe for the depression era. I pray that the family find solace in the fact that you slipped away peacefully.
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Name: William Moran
Location: San Antonio Texas
I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the Black family. Some of my fondest childhood memories include watching Shirley Temple movies. Your mother and Grandmother touched my heart. She is greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
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Name: Sharon McNamara
Location: Swedesboro, NJ
Sundays with grandparents and Shirley were on the agenda as a child. I loved her movies -- so talented, one of a kind, adorable and so much a part of my wonderful childhood. God Bless and may you rest in peace.
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Name: finesse
Location: orange county
I heard the news early today, my condolence to all her kids now grown up,,your mom was America's sweetheart I will always love her and miss her..
luv you always SHIRLEY TEMPLE" as her mother once said to her....SPARKLE SHIRLEY SPARKLE..
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Name: Sandy Elrod-Snider
Location: Cyril Oklahoma
Just to hear her voice would bring a smile to your face. Thank God, we can have that forever.
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Name: Dallas Schram
Location: Leesburg Fl.
I grew up watching All of Shirley Temple Black movies & have always admired Shirley Temple for her ability to keep a beautiful smile on her face. Rest in Peace, Shirley, & thank you for the years of entertainment

From your fan forever
Dallas Schram
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Name: Karen Peterson
Location: Oxford, Michigan
I am so saddened by your loss. I grew up watching your movies and when I had my children I watched your movies with them too. You were always a joy to watch and you always made me smile, and in some movies cry. I loved them all. You will truly be missed. God Bless you Shirley, R.I.P.
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