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Name: Vickie Gillespie
Location: pennsville n.j.
Oh soooo many great memories of all her movies. She took all of us to a very happy place always. My sympathy to her family. With much love to her and her family, God bless,She was our angel on earth.
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Name: calvin wright
Location: Lake Havasu City AZ
Thank for everything my life was richer because of you
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Name: Robin Steckhahn
Location: Menlo Park, CA
A true American Sweetheart has left this earth to make heaven a nicer place. We will miss you Shirley. I grew up watching and thoroughly enjoying your movies. I own a horse and board in Woodside and always took pleasure in knowing you were near by! You will be sorely missed.
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Name: LaVern Higgins
Location: Chicago, IL
Will always remember your darling smile,bubbly personality, and those gorgeous cork screw curls. Every Easter my mom would curl my sister and myself hair into those name sake Shirley Temple curls, and we love them and her. Rest in Pardise.
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Name: Jackie Gutierrez
Location: Corpus Christi Tx
Shirley you are truely missed!! I used to watch your movies when i was little you were my role model growing up. Rest in peace
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Name: Renee Fettinger
Location: Illinois
To the family of Shirley Temple Black...thank you for sharing your Mother with all of us. As a young girl born in the mid-1950's I thoroughly enjoyed watching her movies on TV. And she brought the book, "Heidi", to life with her stellar performance. And now she's enjoying her heavenly reward. Amen!
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Name: Joan M.
Location: Wolcott, CT
Dear Shirley - Thank you for dancing The Codfish Ball with Buddy Ebsen; it always makes me smile from ear to ear. You were the most talented person ever to set foot on a movie sound stage. That never went to your head, and you remained humble your entire life. Rest in peace - your devoted fan, Joan
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Name: william & Kathryn Brewer
Location: Columbus Ohio
a beautiful person and very talented. We send our condolences
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Name: connie irick
Location: syracuse new york 13208
I grow up loving you I have dolls, a book on you. all your movies love your smile, singing, and dancing you made laugh and see life in a way .. God Blessed you I will watch you movie to this day.. love you miss you.. a dear fan
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Name: Tina Sanders and my Mom Beverley Stanley
Location: Marceline Missouri
As a little girl in the 70"s I grew up watching your movies with my Mom we both loved you so much and we will always remember Shirley Temple Black forever we loved how you sang and danced what a treasure you have always been big hugs from below God Bless ps Ty for so many wonderful Memories!!!!
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A great loss to all of us.
So much to thank you for.
From Ellen and I, our kids loved your films.
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Name: Melody Fear
Location: Syracuse, New York
I grew up watching Shirley as a child. I wish to express my condolences to her family.
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Name: Alma Reinhardt
Location: Texas
You were an inspiration to us all. God Bless You in Heaven and Your Family.
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Name: Shelby Davis
Location: Texas
I grew up with Mrs. Temple-Black and was so proud to have her represent the U.S. It was a shining moment in our history. Thank you Mrs. Temple-Black. You are sorely missed.
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Name: Jan Winiarski
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
God bless Shirley Temple Black! She was not just an American icon, but one who freely made us smile through the tough times. What a blessing she was as she lived a life dedicated to serve others. A beautiful woman inside and out. She will be missed.
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Name: Mark W Gregory
Location: Valley Ranch, Texas
Dear Shirley Temple and Family,

God Bless you for the wonderful childhood memories and for your service to our country. You were God's Gift to the world to bring happiness for 85 years and we are Blessed. You leave this earth a better place because of the smiles you gave us. God Rest Your Soul!
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Name: d megaro
Location: los angeles, ca
I grew up watching and rewatching Shirley Temple movies. As a family we loved her!! She was everything best about our country. I now will have Shirley Temple movie nights with the young people I am lucky to introduce Shirley to so they can know her too!!Shirley was one of my favorite people ever.
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Name: The Clark Gals
Location: Alma, MI
Shirley has been a heart warming inspiration to all of us throughout the years, Mom's childhood as well as the daughters. We've enjoyed her precious many talents as we watch her many movies together. She lived her life as a truely caring heart and made the world a better place with her talents.
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Name: sheley montemagno
Location: housesprings,mo.
she is going to be sadly missed..i own her collection and watch her all the time,shes a fun person to watch.shes #1 in my heart.theres noone like her to take her place.i hope she rip..she will be remembered.thats for sure by everyone.
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Name: carolyn ziegler
Location: illinois
Oh, how I have loved her and admired her all my life. She was 3 years older than I. I wore dresses made by my very talented Grandmother like Shirley's. She was a very talented little girl and so cute! She grew into a dignified lady and I am proud of the way she represented our country. May she now
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Name: Pauline Szymczak
Location: Florida
You gave me wonderful memories as a child that I will never forget. RIP knowing the smiles you bought to many people!
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Name: Mary Ann
Location: Brockville, On., Canada
You are very much going to be missed. I still love watching you on screen and I have an LP of yours. All my best to your family and friends and know that you will always live on in your wonderful work.
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Name: Jarald & Charlette Benson
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
Shirley Temple Black, will always be America's little princess. She brought happiness to many during the depression era up to the present time. Her infectious smile, cute facial expressions, bright eyes, curly locks, multi-talents,and her movies will live on.
Our sincere sympathy to her family.
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Name: JeaninEncino
Location: California
I still remember my Shirley Temple doll and cut outs that I treasured so very much.
Thank you Shirley for so many years of wonderful entertainment.
I wish more child stars of today would emulate your behavior rather than being arrested for drug and alcohol abuse, thefts of jewelry, etc.
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Name: Tina
Location: CT
You were an amazing person. I would loved to have met you. God Bless your family. I will always cherish my Shirley Temple dolls and remember you. You made the world sparkle Shirley.
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Name: Donna
Location: Texas
I would like to thank Ms. Black for her service to our country and for all the great memories as a child. You will for ever be in our hearts. God Bless you
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Name: bethann vallelunga
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Name: Cheryl murray
Location: Highlandsprings va
To Americas little darling who gave us so much joy and laughter thank you I am sadden to hear about ur death now u can dance among the stars as I look up to the stars yours will always shine for u are the bright eyes of the sky rest in peace sweetheart and thanks for the memories I love curly top
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Name: Jim Tolar
Location: Houston, Texas
I, my four brothers, and my mother all loved her movies. We followed her life to this day, with nothing but admoration. No talent has ever come close to her's.
Shirley is an American icon who will never be forgotten.
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Name: Julia Douglas
Location: PA
Oh My Goodness sweet Shirley. If you only knew how much you have influenced my life. Just this morning my young children and I were listening to your Oh My Goodness CD while eating breakfast. Later this afternoon I heard that you are now in heaven. Thank you for your gift of song and for the smiles.
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Name: Barbara Teater
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
I have watched all of your movies over and over again. And they still entertain me. You were a "SHINING STAR" and always will be. May God bless your family and friends and guide them through this difficult time as my thoughts and prayers are with your family. YOU will forever be in our hearts.
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Name: Diana C
Location: Vermont
First and foremost, my condolences to the family and friends of Shirley Temple Black. I hope the world remembers her not only for being an amazingly talented young child, but a distinguished diplomat, cancer survivor and most importantly, a wonderful devoted wife and mother. God Bless You, Shirley!
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Name: Jeanie
Location: Toronto, Canada
Thank you for the laughter, joy, dancing, and happiness you brought into my childhood. God Bless You and may you forever keep us all young at heart.
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Name: Sherry BroughtonMarx
Location: Tennessee
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movie's. I was always told how much I looked like her. She was a wonderful person. It was always an honor to look and act like someone so beautiful with so much talent.
She will be missed very much. My condolences go to her family. Rip Shirley!
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Name: Lynn Moore
Location: Texas
I would learn from my grandmother about the child star. The funniest comment that my Mee Mama would giggle about was...Shirley telling a lady that her goose was so special. "And why is your goose so special?" "Well, my goose can lay eggs!" "What's so special about that?" "Can you lay an egg?"
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Name: Melissa
Location: Michigan
My heartfelt condolences to Shirley's family.This phrase gets thrown around often but it's very appropriate here: Ms. Temple-Black was truly one of a kind and there will never be anyone like her again.She lived a wonderful life full of many accomplishments. Thank you for everything, rest in peace.
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Name: Tammy Carr Wallace Saul
Location: Whitehouse, Texas
Praying God will heal her family, friends & fan's hearts with the happiest of memories. She will always continue to be apart of our lives. We have ALL her movies, she was an inspiration to us all! Love you Bright Eyes! <3
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Name: Laura Coney
Location: Searcy, Arkansas
Dear Family, So very sorry for your loss.. The world is indeed a much darker place as we greive the loss of such a bright piece of sunshine, but luckliy we all have her movies and her legacy to remember her with forever.. may God comfort you at this painful time, the world gireves with you!
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: Encinitas
You will always be loved and in our hearts forever. May all love surround you till the end of time.
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Name: Annette Guzman
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Grateful for the loving moments she gave us and very sorry for the loss. A warm hug for all her family... May she rest in peace...
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Name: Patricia Cramer
Location: Ohio
I grew up watching Shirley Temple, she was my all time favorite star, and will always be remembered by me and in my heart. May she rest in peace and as an Angel in Heaven watch over us all. "On the Good Ship Lollipop" "Oh My Goodness" <3
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Name: Alice
Location: California
It is with heavy heart that I write this. Mrs. Temple Black was and is a great, kind, gentle, intelligent, talented, and inspiring woman. A fine example of what a human being can and should be. A gracious and truly remarkable person and a gift from God to our nation.
May we all thank God for her!
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Name: Alan Weaver
Location: Mims, FL
Arguably the most famous woman in the world. An incredibly successful person on many fronts. She knew Mr. Bojangles, J. Edgar Hoover and Amelia Earhart. It just blows my mind
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Name: M'Lee Davidson
Location: Los Angeles, California
As a child, my sister and I were blessed to grow up watching Shirley Temple movies > one of my fondest memories of my perfect childhood ! She was one of a kind and brought us so much joy! She is truly America's Sweetheart and will never be forgotten... Our hearts ache for her family today <> LOVE <>
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Name: hermogenes rojas
Location: caguas, Puerto Rico
may the blessed Lord lessen the grief felt by Shirley's family, friends and admirers as we remember her life and endeavors towards peace and understanding among all mankind. rest in peace dear Shirley.
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Name: Sandy Harris
Location: Selma, NC
Shirley was one of a kind. I believe she touched every person in a special way with talents that reached far beyond the boundaries of movies & TV. She was & always will be a pleasure to watch at any age. She was loved by many. Our loss is heaven's gain. God's peace to the Temple-Black families.
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Name: Patricia Rodgers
Location: Texas
My condolences to the family and fans of Shirley Temple Black. I loved your movies and respected your service. You will be missed.
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Name: Becky Celia
Location: Simi Valley, CA
Good bye Shirley Temple Black, rest peacefully. You will be missed, but will live forever through your wonderful accomplishments. You have touched my life.
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Name: Martha Larkins
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Oh.. I feel so saddened by the loss of the adorable Shirley Temple. As a child in the 50's, I could watch her movies over and over again and always looked for them on TV. I could still watch them over and over again today. Mesmerizing and sweet.
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Name: Richard Boyle
Location: San Francisco CA
May her rest be with the saints in light and in the Paradise of God.
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Name: Ann Scott
Location: NJ
RIP Shirley Temple Black. You will be missed.
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Name: Lou Ann
Location: Glendale, AZ
There is a void in our lives that will never be replaced. My condolence to Shirley's family and friends.
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Name: Zola Sherwood
Location: Independence, Oregon
I deeply mourn the loss of a someone who was a part of my childhood and into my adulthood. A person whom I never met, but felt I knew, and greatly admired. She was one of my heroes who won hearts around the world and set an example of service to her fellow man. Condolences to her family and friends
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Name: Cathy Kadlec
Location: Round Rock, Tx
Sending our thoughts and prayers to the family's and friends, we will always remember Shirley she will never be forgotten. Love her, love all the movies

A beautiful person, a beautiful soul, has been lost to this world. I wish the entire family much comfort during this difficult time of grieving
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Name: j chambers
Location: missouri
growing up watching shirley's movies always made me feel like the world was a better place RIP on the good ship lollipop
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Name: Wendy R. Martin
Location: Temple Hills, MD
I will truly cherish my childhood memories of watch your movies on Sunday mornings. I would get so disappointed when my mother would take me to church though. Rest in peace Shirley.
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Name: Michael Foster
Location: Toledo, Oregon
As a child I watched many Shirley Temple shows and movies. She was a great actress as a child and a wonderful person, as well as a diplomat, as an adult. Thank you for everything that you have done for humanity beautiful lady. You deserve the eternal rest that you now lavish in.
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Name: June Jeffries
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
I am 60 years old. I first saw Shirley Temple movies on TV. Now I have some on DVD. I remember a TV show that she had briefly. I have always loved her movies. I respect the career that she forged afterward. Mrs. Black didn't just bring happiness to people in the 30's. Her impact is lasting.
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Name: Jessica Irene Hubbard
Location: Allen, Texas
I am so sorry that Shirley had to died. She really did make me laugh. She was a really good person. My grandma Linder got me into her movies when I was a little child. I am now 31. I will always like Shirley Temple's movies. They are very sweet to watch. I am going to miss Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: April Rogers Hendricks
Location: California
I watched her movies every Sunday morning and looked forward to all of her movies.My Shirley Temple doll that I received on my 8th birhtday was one of my most prized dolls. Loved her movies she was one of a kind. RIP Shirley you will be fondly remebered
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Name: Deborah Walton
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
May your soul R.I.P.. Thank you for all the great movies you made, I have will continue to enjoy them, which I have a few. Thank you for making my childhood special, just by watching your movies. You have done so much for your country, now it;s time t rest. You will truly be remember.493533
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Name: Bonnie Dee Rosborough
Location: Saint Augutine, Florida
Thank you so very much for your music and movies. You will be missed. Peace be with you and your family. My heart and prayers are with her family and friends.
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Name: Ashley Matthew
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
R.I.P. to America's sweetheart, Shirley Temple! She will be dearly missed.
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Name: Melody Brooker
Shirley inspired me to be an actress from the age of 2. I watched her films with my grandfather throughout my childhood, and she gave me hope of finding my dream. I`m currently studying acting in college, and it`s thanks to her.
Board the Good Ship Lollipop one more time!
Sparkle Shirley!
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Name: Katie Brewer
Location: Jacksonville, FL
I have been a life long fan of Shirley Temple Black. She was love and hope and everything good in the world. When I heard the news this morning I sat and cried because even though I had never met her personally she was a part of my life that I will always treasure. Prayers for her family.
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Name: Ree
Location: Dallas, TX
What a remarkable woman Shirley was! She was beloved by many as a child star and she led a meaningful life after her Hollywood career.

"Baby, take a bow!"
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Name: Mary Brokaw
Location: Warrenton MO 63383
She was and always will be my FAVORITE PERFORMER of ALL TIME, nobody else comes close. She could remember lines, dance steps, and her charm at the age of 3 - amazing phenom is what she was! She can NOT be replaced. I feel greatly for her family. She will never be replaced!
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Name: Fredrica
Location: Glendale, Az
Sympathies to her family and those who loved her. She was a true American icon. Rest in peace, Mrs. Temple-Black.
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Name: james
Location: chicago
loved her movies
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Name: Tamara Anderson-Hessler
Location: Fort Mill, SC
My entire childhood I adored Shirley Temple. My mother and I watched every movie she ever made many times over, She was the reason I took dance lessons and learned to tap dance and do ballet. I curled my hair sometimes like her too. She was so sweet and I will always remember her with love
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Location: ROMA
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Name: Cristi Haiser
Location: Oregon
Thank you Shirley for many years of unmatched joy in both your movies and diplomatic work. You will always be cherished.
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Name: Jennifer Gortva
Location: Rotterdam, NY
I've been a fan since I was a child, watching her movies while other girls watched disney cartoons, to me Shirley was a real life princess. A beautiful woman, twe have lost an angel
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Name: Brigitte
Location: Vienna
A bright star from the movie screen is now shining from heaven. Please give Michael a kiss from us <3 Always remembered, always in our heart. R.I.P dear Shirly
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Name: ken
Location: san mateo,ca
If you listen closely, you can hear the precision 'tap' duet between Shirley and 'Bo Jangles' far above the clouds. Thank you Shirley for showing us the best in grace, dignity and humility-now off you go to the 'Grandfather's cabin with Goat Peter and Clara to live there for eternity.
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Name: Patricia Cove
Location: London WC1X 9PX
My Sincere Condolences to Family x What a Lovely Lady! A true Legend I used to sit and watch her films with my Mother and My Grandad used to call me his little Shirley Temple X May God Bless her and keep her in his care R.I.P.
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Name: Linda P.
Location: Springfield Ma
To the family of Shirley Temple-Black, what a great person she was, she entertained so many of us as we were growing up. My Dad bought us her video's to enjoy and now our grandchildren are enjoying them too. Thank you we will always remember you.
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Name: Susan Reynolds
Location: England
Im very sad to hear the news today. I loved Shirley`s films.
I admit I cried today when I heard.
Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Much love to them all.
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Name: James Wallace Turner
Location: Israel
Three generations of our family have benefited from Shirley Temples films.Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.
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Name: Rebecca Martin
Location: Canton Georgia
My deepest sympathy is with you all at this time. I loved your mother as a child and as an adult, she was a beautiful actress and so adorable. She will be missed greatly! God bless you all and we will see her on the other side.
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Name: Bea
Location: El Paso, TX
I grew up watching your movies. I have a collection of your movies which I will treasure forever. RIP Shirley Temple
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Name: Karen
Location: Toronto, Ontario
I loved watching her movies. I could tell her heart was HUGE. She made the world a better place for being in it. Farewell Mrs Black and well done!
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Name: Maria Moya
Location: temple city ca
you are now tap dancing and singing in heaven with your dear mother and your late husband. Rest in Peace Shirley! I will Never forget how much you gave to others Love You Dimples
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Name: Victoria Debiase
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Ms. Temple Black was able to rise above the Hollywood Child Star and retained her grace, honesty and morality. A example we can all look up to. Her ability to bring out the good in others through her films and then her adult career were true gifts. She will be missed and always remembered.
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Name: Donna
Location: Toronto, ON
I cannot think of my childhood without thinking of Shirley Temple. I still enjoy watching her movies and sharing them with my own family. She will not be forgotten.
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Name: Susan
Location: Arizona
I loved Miss Temple's movies as a child and continue to watch them whenever they are shown. She was an inspiration to me and the joy that came from her was real and life changing. You will surely be missed. Rest in God's hands.
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Name: David McKenas
Location: Carrollton, TX
I grieved when I heard of our loss of Shirley Temple. It is like an age of innocence is leaving us, one legend at a time. We will miss you Shirley!
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Location: HOOPER UT.
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Name: Joyce
Location: Lodi, CA
Your movies were such a joy to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed them growing up.

May you rest in peace.
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Name: Joseph David Araujo
Location: San Leandro, Ca.
I have always admired your talent, intelligence, beauty and ability to so gracefully transcend being a Hollywood child star. You have achieved so much more then just being a silver screen icon. The world is a lesser place without you. At least you are reunited with your beloved husband in heaven.
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Name: Lori
Location: New Mexico
I offer Shirley Temple Black's family my deepest sympathies. However, I wish you to know that I spent countless hours watching Shirley Temple movies, all of which leave you feeling great! She was a very talented and dignified person. God Bless Her
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Name: Tena Schader
Location: Indian Mound TN
Some of my greatest childhood memories was watching Shirley temple movies, this still holds true today....she was an original, and none compares to her today...she will be missed.
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Name: Jean Smith
Location: Tulsa, OK
How can I measure the influence this wonderful lady had in my life and the life of my children! Even now, she continues to entertain and delight generations of adoring fans. Thanks you Shirley...for sharing you talent with the world!
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Location: Oregon
The world is a bit darker and much sadder today. Heaven has a most beautiful angel and is much brighter today. We will remember her in movies as a bubbly beautiful child and later as one of the most beautiful woman ever. Thank you for letting her be part of our lives.
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Name: Don and Alfreda Avelis
Location: Crete, Illinois
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Shirley Temple Black. Shirley was the best. We will always remember her. Her cute little dimple smile and those beautiful curls. Who could ever forget her. We will always love and adore her. Shirley will be forever in our hearts.
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Name: Dawn
Location: Albany, NY
Thank you for so many great memories. Will think of you often.
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Name: Evelyn Andino
Location: Raleigh, NC
I enjoyed watching her movies and still do. I bought a copy of her book, "Child Star" years ago. She will always be remembered.
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Name: Eva
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Take a bow Shirley ... you were a rare find and an inspirational role model to many - past and present. A privilege to have had you in our lives.

A very sad loss but your star will always burn bright.
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Name: Eliza Coburn
Location: Seattle
Thank you, Shirley, for the smiles and laughs. Thank you for being you, and for entertaining so many people with your gifts.

Kindly, Respectfully and Fondly-

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Name: Jan Wingenbach
I read her autobiography a couple of years ago; it made me want to be a better person.
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