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Name: Cristi Haiser
Location: Oregon
Thank you Shirley for many years of unmatched joy in both your movies and diplomatic work. You will always be cherished.
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Name: Jennifer Gortva
Location: Rotterdam, NY
I've been a fan since I was a child, watching her movies while other girls watched disney cartoons, to me Shirley was a real life princess. A beautiful woman, twe have lost an angel
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Name: Brigitte
Location: Vienna
A bright star from the movie screen is now shining from heaven. Please give Michael a kiss from us <3 Always remembered, always in our heart. R.I.P dear Shirly
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Name: ken
Location: san mateo,ca
If you listen closely, you can hear the precision 'tap' duet between Shirley and 'Bo Jangles' far above the clouds. Thank you Shirley for showing us the best in grace, dignity and humility-now off you go to the 'Grandfather's cabin with Goat Peter and Clara to live there for eternity.
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Name: Patricia Cove
Location: London WC1X 9PX
My Sincere Condolences to Family x What a Lovely Lady! A true Legend I used to sit and watch her films with my Mother and My Grandad used to call me his little Shirley Temple X May God Bless her and keep her in his care R.I.P.
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Name: Linda P.
Location: Springfield Ma
To the family of Shirley Temple-Black, what a great person she was, she entertained so many of us as we were growing up. My Dad bought us her video's to enjoy and now our grandchildren are enjoying them too. Thank you we will always remember you.
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Name: Susan Reynolds
Location: England
Im very sad to hear the news today. I loved Shirley`s films.
I admit I cried today when I heard.
Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Much love to them all.
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Name: James Wallace Turner
Location: Israel
Three generations of our family have benefited from Shirley Temples films.Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.
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Name: Rebecca Martin
Location: Canton Georgia
My deepest sympathy is with you all at this time. I loved your mother as a child and as an adult, she was a beautiful actress and so adorable. She will be missed greatly! God bless you all and we will see her on the other side.
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Name: Bea
Location: El Paso, TX
I grew up watching your movies. I have a collection of your movies which I will treasure forever. RIP Shirley Temple
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Name: Karen
Location: Toronto, Ontario
I loved watching her movies. I could tell her heart was HUGE. She made the world a better place for being in it. Farewell Mrs Black and well done!
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Name: Maria Moya
Location: temple city ca
you are now tap dancing and singing in heaven with your dear mother and your late husband. Rest in Peace Shirley! I will Never forget how much you gave to others Love You Dimples
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Name: Victoria Debiase
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Ms. Temple Black was able to rise above the Hollywood Child Star and retained her grace, honesty and morality. A example we can all look up to. Her ability to bring out the good in others through her films and then her adult career were true gifts. She will be missed and always remembered.
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Name: Donna
Location: Toronto, ON
I cannot think of my childhood without thinking of Shirley Temple. I still enjoy watching her movies and sharing them with my own family. She will not be forgotten.
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Name: Susan
Location: Arizona
I loved Miss Temple's movies as a child and continue to watch them whenever they are shown. She was an inspiration to me and the joy that came from her was real and life changing. You will surely be missed. Rest in God's hands.
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Name: David McKenas
Location: Carrollton, TX
I grieved when I heard of our loss of Shirley Temple. It is like an age of innocence is leaving us, one legend at a time. We will miss you Shirley!
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Location: HOOPER UT.
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Name: Joyce
Location: Lodi, CA
Your movies were such a joy to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed them growing up.

May you rest in peace.
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Name: Joseph David Araujo
Location: San Leandro, Ca.
I have always admired your talent, intelligence, beauty and ability to so gracefully transcend being a Hollywood child star. You have achieved so much more then just being a silver screen icon. The world is a lesser place without you. At least you are reunited with your beloved husband in heaven.
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Name: Lori
Location: New Mexico
I offer Shirley Temple Black's family my deepest sympathies. However, I wish you to know that I spent countless hours watching Shirley Temple movies, all of which leave you feeling great! She was a very talented and dignified person. God Bless Her
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Name: Tena Schader
Location: Indian Mound TN
Some of my greatest childhood memories was watching Shirley temple movies, this still holds true today....she was an original, and none compares to her today...she will be missed.
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Name: Jean Smith
Location: Tulsa, OK
How can I measure the influence this wonderful lady had in my life and the life of my children! Even now, she continues to entertain and delight generations of adoring fans. Thanks you Shirley...for sharing you talent with the world!
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Location: Oregon
The world is a bit darker and much sadder today. Heaven has a most beautiful angel and is much brighter today. We will remember her in movies as a bubbly beautiful child and later as one of the most beautiful woman ever. Thank you for letting her be part of our lives.
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Name: Don and Alfreda Avelis
Location: Crete, Illinois
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Shirley Temple Black. Shirley was the best. We will always remember her. Her cute little dimple smile and those beautiful curls. Who could ever forget her. We will always love and adore her. Shirley will be forever in our hearts.
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Name: Dawn
Location: Albany, NY
Thank you for so many great memories. Will think of you often.
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Name: Evelyn Andino
Location: Raleigh, NC
I enjoyed watching her movies and still do. I bought a copy of her book, "Child Star" years ago. She will always be remembered.
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Name: Eva
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Take a bow Shirley ... you were a rare find and an inspirational role model to many - past and present. A privilege to have had you in our lives.

A very sad loss but your star will always burn bright.
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Name: Eliza Coburn
Location: Seattle
Thank you, Shirley, for the smiles and laughs. Thank you for being you, and for entertaining so many people with your gifts.

Kindly, Respectfully and Fondly-

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Name: Jan Wingenbach
I read her autobiography a couple of years ago; it made me want to be a better person.
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Name: Elena Ambros
Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Thank you for all the wonderful childhood memories... May you rest now, close to God's loving arms. xoxoxo
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Name: Elana
Location: Minnesota
I own all her movies and when I need to smile I watch one. Jehovah our God says he will bring back our dead loved ones to a paradise earth. Thats where I hope to meet shirley. Her talent was remarkable. She brought so much joy to the world.
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Name: JoAnn Bloch
Location: St. Louis, MO
Shirley Temple represented the best of the best of the term "lady" and " American".
She was an original. We were blessed by her life. One cannot receive a higher honor than that as she did what she was created for. May she be forever remembered in film and family whose lives she touched. RIP.
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Name: Barbara Poole
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
I grew up watching Shirley Temple films with my grandmother. Those are my favorite memories. I now share those memories with my daughters. Shirley will be greatly missed.
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Name: L L Purcell
Location: Saint Kitts and Nevis West Indies
A star in life and now a star in Heaven.
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Name: Stacey
Location: California
Just want to say what a wonderful lady your were. A blessing to all of us. My mom watched you in the movies and you and her were the same age. Blessing to the family and peace to you.
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Name: CK
Location: Washington
Thank you for so many wonderful films and for your service to your country. Sincere condolences to your family. You will be missed.
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Name: Linda
Location: New York
I loved watching Shirley Temple's movie's/films growing up and still do many years later. Thank her for all she did then and years later in her life. Very special individual.
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Name: Cathy
Location: Round Rock, Tx
I used to love watching her shows. I have lots of her on video.
She will be greatly missed. One of my favorite actors. God bless her family. R.I.P. lovely lady!
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Name: Jean
Location: Chicago, Illinois
my heart is heavy today. i will miss you. such great movie memories of you as i was growing up to become an adult. thank you Shirley temple.
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Name: Stacy Beck
Location: Oregon
As a little girl I loved watching Shirley's films. My mom and I would sit and enjoy every minute. I enjoyed her autobiography Child Star very much and know she will be missed deeply. She brought such a sparkle to life.
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Name: Kristy
Location: Cleveland Ohio
I cried this morning when i heard the news. I grew up watching your movies on Sunday mornings. I loved them all, but The Little Princess and Heidi and even The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer were my favorites! You will definitely be missed! Prayers to your family and may you rest in peace.
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Name: R.E.Preston
Location: KY
Thank you for always representing the wholesome values that America was founded on and for being such a fine example for our country. Thank you for providing a lifetime of wonderful films for us to continue to love. What a wonderful legacy you have created for many future generations to discover!
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Name: Beatrice
Location: Pasadena, CA

You were a national treasure. My mother loved your movies and shared them with us and now I share them with my daughter.

May you rest in peace.
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Name: TJ
Location: Colorado Springs
Shirley Temple's movies were staples during Friday movie nights with my daughters. My oldest especially still watches her movies on DVD. Thank you for such wholesome, enjoyable movies.
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Name: Donna D'Angelo
Location: NY
For those of us who grew up watching her movies she will always be fondly remembered. Condolences to the family.
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Name: Jean
Location: Boston
Thank you Shirley for brigtening up my lonely little girls time in front of her TV in the 1950's. You warmed my heart, you made me want to dance and sing. The world was a sunnier place because of you. You will be dearly missed.
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Name: Nancy W.
Location: Newport, Nc
God Bless you Shirley. You were a light in my life as I watched your movies on a Sunday afternoon with my mom who loved music. Now heaven has another shining star. Nancy W.
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Name: celine
Location: france
I'm sad, this person will always stay in my heart as an aspiration of the beauty and of life. She gives me good energie each time I watch her on a screen. Rest in peace Madame Shirley Temple Black. You're in my heart forever, thank you for what you gave !A thought to your family, love.
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Name: Courtney Badger-Mack
Location: Medford, OR
I have been watching Shirley Temple movies since I was a little girl. My mom is the one that brought me on to these movies, as she watched them when she was younger also. I wish I would have had the chance to meet Shirley because she sounds like a wonderful person for all the things she did.
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Name: Diane
Location: Chicago,Illinois
Forever a joy to watch and a credit to motion pictures and humanity.
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Name: Joanne
Location: Stow, Ohio
My prayers are with the family, she is with the Angels. I remember watching all her movies growing up. She will be greatly missed. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Deanna
Location: Anaheim Ca
She was One of the best! The best part of my childhood was watching all her movies Smiley rest in peace ShirleySmiley
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Name: Doris Trejo
Location: Metsirie, La
I want to sendtmy deepest sympathy to her family. She was a joy to watch. I grew up enjoying her movies even and when she was a young lady.
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Name: Rachel
Location: Virginia
Shirley got me through my childhood. I have SO many fond memories of watching her movies with my sisters and grandmother. She was good clean fun and a positive role model to me growing up. As a successful adult she continued to be a good role model. I loved her. My condolences to her family. :-(
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Name: Sarah Delgado
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Thank You for making my childhood a happier time. I loved watching the old black and white movies and the many times your shining smiling face looked back and made me feel a little brighter.
Bless You and your family.
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Name: Dava Sheridan
Location: San Francisco
My sweetest condolences to your family. Dear Shirley you gave me hope always throughout my childhood and my life. I was just watching you on youtube the other day. We all loved you so much for the little girl you were and for all of your humanitarian efforts. Sending love, Dava
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Name: Suzanne
Location: Austin, TX
Dear Shirley, Thank you for the magical and beautiful memories! I was lucky enough to have shared all your movies with my kids as they grew up. You gave us laughter and happy tears. Such beautiful and heart warming performances! God Bless you and Rest in Peace Little Princess.
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Name: Jill and Kathleen Kelley
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
I am very sad to hear that women of many talents has past, she was a great part of my mothers younger years, having two girls we too loved to watch Shirley Temple. We will have her in our prayers and our sympathy goes to the family. She will be missed! A Great and Talented Women! The Kelley Family
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Name: allan blackie
Location: Duns in Berwicklshire Scottish Borders in Sco
The light has gone out in the film world tonight.Shirley was a very good little child star and she lighted up everyones life.She will be sadly missed alll over the world and there was not another film.But Shirleys was the best.I hope they have the films on Television soon so we can be all happy agai
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Name: Denise O'Toole
Location: Alrightsville,Pa
May the Lord Comfort you in your lose of a very Awesome Lady, Shirley thank you for sweet sweet smile and love, God Bless RIP
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Name: Pam Curchin
Location: Middletown, NJ
Please accept my sincere sympathies on the loss of your wonderful mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She brightened the lives of so many people who loved her so much and always will. She was a special person on earth and now is a special angel. My prayers are with you all. God Bless!
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Name: Linda
Location: West Virginia
I am 59 years old and my mother introduced me to Shirley Temple movies as a young child. She brought so much joy to countless numbers of people, across multiple generations. My deepest sympathies on the loss of your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Thank you for sharing her with us.
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Name: Linda Pringle
Location: Windsor Ontario Canada
my deepest condolences to all her family I grew up watching all her movies and my children also watched them and now my grand children she was a beautiful and an amazing talented actress no one will ever replace her she will be cherished forever
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Name: Patsy
Location: KY
Shirley Temple was my little girl in my heart. I have 3 grown sons, and they all know Shirley was special to me. I will remember her always. May God be with her children and family
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Name: Martha Hull
Location: San Angelo, Texas
She will be greatly missed. One of my favorite actors. God bless her family. R.I.P. lovely lady!
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Name: karen
Location: new jersey
May the family find peace and comfort in knowing how many generations have been blessed by the joy n comfort she brought the world through her movies. She will forever live on in our hearts and now in heaven...bless you all and thank you Shirley Temple...you will be so missed
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Name: Nedra Rizo
Location: San Antonio, Texas
I remember when my grandmother bought me my first Shirley Temple movie. I absolutely adored her. I had to see every 1 after that. It saddens me to say bye to such an amazing, joyful, talented person. U will forever be missed. My <3 goes out to the family. Thank u for the amazing childhood memories.
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Name: Christine Mousseau
Location: Keene, NH
Your joy and brightness will shine forever in the hearts of many thought your many movies. You were and forever will be an amazing woman. May you now rest in peace and bring joy to the Heavens above. You will never be forgotten Shirley Temple.
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Name: Gary Ison
Location: Columbus Ohio
to this day i love the brilliant stars movies. it seems that the smile on her face showed how much she loved making them...
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Name: tani
Location: texas
I had the privilege of meeting Shirley as my grandmother did her manicures. she was such a warmhearted beautiful lady. she gave me her recipe for shepherds pie I still use today. she surely is with the angels now. blessings of comfort to her family for the loss of such a beloved lady...
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Name: Anita Pace
Location: Sheffield, Alabama
Thank you for sharing your talent throughout your life...on screen and in service to our country. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Patsy
Location: KY
Shirley Temple was my little girl in my heart. I have 3 grown sons, and they all know Shirley was special to me. I will remember her always. May God be with her children and family
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Name: Alicia Edquist
Location: Downey, CA
She was one of my favorites! My Nana had all her films and I watched them every time I went to her house. I loved Curly Top and wanted to dance like her.
She was a great role model to look up to and woman of great leadership. She will be missed but never forgotten. My daughter now watches her movie
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Name: Anita
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
I remember waking up on sundays as a kid to watch her movies. I have to say I loved her as a bobby socker with Cary Grant. She brought much joy into my life and to millions of others. Very talented lady. She will be missed. Rest in Peace.
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Name: David L. Kaliner
I'd like to send my condolences to the family and friends of Shirley Temple Black. A popular child star, her films surely brought joy and raised spirits following the Great Depression. A respected diplomat who focused on important issues in quite a distinguished career, she will truly be missed.
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Name: Kristin Marcum
Location: Madison Alabama
Deepest sympathy during this difficult time. The family is in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Shirley for all the memories from your movies you will be greatly missed.
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Name: felice Miles
Location: Tampa, Florida
I grew up being entertained by all of her movies, and also followed her fabulous life after she left the entertainment world, only to entertain us with her fabulous other job being a great diplomat for the world. She is now dancing among the stars!
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Name: cristie brown
Location: fort worth tx
wow what an icon then and now you will sorely be missed, my favorite movie of yours was the little princess you truly were a princess for all times, we love you Shirley temple r.i.p. my condolences to your family
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Name: Dee Stanton
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
I grew up with Shirley, watching her movies, listening to her songs,following her life. Today I have Grand daughters who love her shows and also have her "cut outs God Bless Shirley and her wonderful family.
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Name: Sara Dollins
I'm only in my 30s, but I remember having tapes of two of Shirley's movies. "Curly Top" and "The Little Princess." I watched them a lot when I was little, especially "Curly Top." Shirley was a cute little girl and grew into a beautiful young woman. She will be missed by many.
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Name: The Sarvis Family's
Location: San Antonio,Texas
we seen your movies from the 60's too when you made last movie and still watch the rerun's and you the best actor we have ever seen and will truley miss you and keep your family in are prayer everyday and hope you and jesus will still make great movie up the best angle enter heaven.
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Name: M Hollister
Location: Springfield MO
Shirley taught me to never give up hoping for my happy ending. For a sad little girl, that was a gift no one else could give. Thank you, Shirley, from every one you inspired to keep pushing forward.
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Name: Janet Miller
Location: Rochester NY
I spent weekend mornings as a child watching Shirley Temple movies starting at 6 am. My parents & 5 younger sibs were asleep. And I was enthralled. A big part of my childhood. And I very much admired what Shirley did with the rest of her life as well. My deepest condolences to her family.
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Name: Alexis
Location: Mexico
I grew up withher movies !! She allways made me smile!! She will allways remain in my heart!!
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Name: George
Location: Sacramento, Ca
Thanks for bringing joy and many happy childhood memories. May she be rewarded in kind.
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Name: Veronica Gunterman
Location: Campbellsville,Kentuck y
R.I.P Lil Princess,Loved your movies as I was growing up and My daughters did as well.You gave so much in your life,now its time for you to sing with the angels,Prayers to all your family and friends, you will be so greatly missed...Love Always
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Name: Debbie Lauzon
Location: Burlington, Ontario Canada
As a little girl, I tried to sing right along with you. I loved watching your movies and still do. I too had red curly hair but unfortunately couldn't sing or dance. Your smiling face will truly be missed.
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Name: Cissy Roberts
Location: Greensboro Maryland
My deepest sympathy to family and friends. If all children could have the spirit of the child she portrayed, what a better world it would be today. Shirley Temple Black did amazing things in her life & left her mark on the world in many ways as an actress, diplomat, survivor & leader.
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Name: Rob Eubank
Location: Frazier Park, California
It may not have been "cool" for boys to watch Shirley Temple movies in the 80's & 90's, but she captured my imagination nonetheless and I always loved watching them with my little sister. "America's Little Darling," you will be missed but never, ever forgotten! Dance in Heaven now!
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Name: Jo L
Location: Randolph TN
Loved all your movies!! Rest in Peace.
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Name: Jennifer cseplo
Location: SAN Diego
I will always remember watching her movies with my grandma...Rest in peace..
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Name: Luz M Puentes
Location: Pembroke Pines, Fl.
May God Bless Shirley Temple Black. Although I was born after Shirley Temple was not acting anymore, I remember her movies, Shirley is an icon to America. My thoughts and prayers are with Shirley's family. God has received her with open arms to a wonderful stage of Glory.
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Name: Rick Cummins
Location: Waco,Tx.
What an American. Shirley Temple Black embedded all the great qualities that we all strive to accomplish. Miss. black will be very missed. Rick Cummins
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Name: Gina
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
I remember my Sundays as a little girl watching Shirley Temple movies. I loved hearing her sing and dance and would sing along with her. Thank you Shirley Temple Black for your service in bringing joy into this world. God Bless You
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Name: Mary Alice Verdugo
Location: Phoenix, Arizona 85025
Every Sunday Morning, I would wake up early just to make sure I watched Shirley Tempe. This was the highlight of my Sunday\'s. I have made sure my children of this generation watch her movies with me, which I have on VHS.I know her soul is resting, and Angels are surrounding her.
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Name: Marsha Morrison
Location: Chillicothe, Ohio
My Mother Now Deceased Was Born In 1930. She Grew Up Watching Shirley Temple. You Were Her Favorite Child Star. My Mother Would Still Watch You On DVD. The Good Ship Lollipop Was Her Favorite Song Because She Loved Lollipops. My Mother Lived To Be 81. You Both Are Good People. God Bless.
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Name: Sheryle J Augustine
Location: Gainesville, VA
My favorite doll growing up was my Shirley Temple because I love her - pure & simple. She brought such joy & happiness to my difficult childhood. As an adult I collected dolls & plates. My admiration only grew as I watched her diplomatic career & her courage after cancer. I love you Shirley. Thanks.
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Name: Mark Worthington
Location: Australia
On behalf of my daring mother Fay, to whom you gave so much joy and happiness
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Name: Randall Baker
Location: Portland Oregon
Here was a woman who defined achievement, dignity, and grace. What a fabulous, full life; what a wonderful example of how to live one (including through the low-points). Shirley's spirit and light are eternal.
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Name: Theresa
Location: Torrance, CA
A sweet face that brought so much entertainment to us all. I watched every one of her movies. RIP Sweet Shirley.
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