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Name: marlene lockley
Location: great britain
I remember watching Shirley temple when I was a child,now I am 70 years old and have never forgot the films I saw.god bless you Shirley marlene
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Name: Shayla Rowley
Location: Utah
Shirley Temple was a household name for me and my family. Years later, I still remember all the songs and it still warms my heart to watch any of her shows. What an amazing girl and woman. What would this world be like without her dimpled smile? I love you Shirley!
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Name: Donald Baker Jr.
Location: Indiana
I watched Shirley Temple's old movie in the 1970's and 1980's. I got several of her movies and shows on DVD. She will never be forgotten.
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Name: Kristen
I'm doing a history presentation on you Shirley, and I hope you know how much I love you! You were such a strong and inspiring lady, and I hope I grow up to be just as wonderful as you. Thank you for empowering me. Please watch me from heaven tomorrow as I perform Good Ship Lollipop in your honourSmiley
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Name: Shirlee Bliss
Location: Burbank
Shirley I was named after you and loved your movies (even the corny ones). You did a great job - May God stay with you in Heaven.
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Name: Maureen
Location: usa
I love all of her movies my mom and dad were growing up when she started her movies
I love all of them I wish I got to meet her
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Name: Heather Eugene
Location: Toronto
" Good Luck Needs No Explanation" A Quote from
Shirley Temple Black's Autobiography, Child Star.
I was invited to her home in 2002.
A familiarity, a bond. She complimented me 'you are so pretty'and liked the color of my blouse.
So humble, so gracious.
Wow, what a day in my life.
Thank you Sh
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Name: An Seeary
Location: Austtralia
My parents introduced me and my siblings to Shirely Temple films as we were growing up. She told us stories of the dolls she had and the bungalow she had at Fox Studios. We still enjoy all of her movies. She brings the bluebird of happiness to our hearts every time we watch her.
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Location: melbourne australia
Very belated condolences to Ms Temple Black's family. I am still thinking how sad the World is without her. The same I can say about the loss of my mother, I feel the same pain for both, it is an unthinkable loss for me. You are a STAR wherever you are and will always remain in my heart like my mum.
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Name: Kiersten Simon
Hi. My name is Kiersten. My grandmother told me about you when I was really young. I am 12 years old now and I really LOVE your movies. Thank you for all of the laughs you have given to me and my family. R.I.P

Kiersten Simon
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Name: Amber Peterson
Location: Waltham Ma
shrley you made me SMILE every time i heard you sing animal crackers. I am 17 yrs old now I found you out by my Grandma. I have your Hedi and baby take a bow, Rebecca and curley tops its sad that you have left but you will always be my favorite child star
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Name: Hazel Oyer
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
I'm 80yrs.old,just watched Lil'Grinarling series with my 101yr old neighbor.Had a ball remeniecing about and enjoying Shirley's movies.Saw her on White House lawn standing next to Q.Elizabeth and Pres. Ford in '76 at a State Dinner while Chief of Pro.Beautiful Lady,Pride of Am! Thank you & RIP
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Name: Silke
Location: Germany
I have been loving her since my childhood ♥

Unfortunately in Germany it is not possible to buy any collections of her films Sad and they never show one on tv.

A pitty, so sad that she has already left the world.
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Name: kassidy euritt
Location: usa
i love shirley temple me and my grandma have always watched it until shirley temple died my grandma passed away 1 week after. i am saving up my money to buy the whole collection and watch it over and over again
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Name: Jamie
Location: Illinois
I am now 56 yrs.old and some of my fondest memories are of watching Shirley Temple movies with my dad every Sunday afternoon. I. Own the Little Darling Collection and still enjoy her movies today. She is timeless.My life has been enriched by her talent, charm, and goodness. Sincerely,Jamie
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Name: Patricia
Location: Graham, WA
I always loved watching her ..... she lit up the whole room. She was such an inspiration to many people. She will be sorely missed.
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Name: Grace
My parents say I looked like her when I was her age.
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Name: Alita
Location: Brasil
Querida Shirley Temple, que saudades temos de você! Você sempre estará em nossos corações.

Agora você está com os anjos.

Te amo
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Name: Conner Murphy
Shirley Temple was my idol. I have every single second that she was on air in my dvd shelf I love her and I miss her more and more everyday I wish she was still alive so she could make me feel whole again. I love you bb <3
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Name: Paulette lopez
Location: Louisiana
I have watched every movie Shirley temple has ever made and I have loved every one of them. My daughters watch her movies now and it is so great to see them enjoying them a much as I had. She was a most amazing woman and has inspired women everywhere. She is so miss and loved. May she RIP
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Name: Tom Eddy
Location: Victoria Australia
Shirley Temple was my idol and I will miss her with all my heart and soul.
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Name: matt nagurney
Location: vienna va
my parents were ms. temple's age, and they liked her movies, her life, her family, and what she represented.
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Name: Lynne
Location: Central New York
I will always remember Shirley as I used to watch her shows with my grandmother. Good memories that will last forever..
God Bless
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Name: Tally G Haugen
Location: Currie NC
Shirley was my childhood "friend" when I was a lonely and homesick little girl.She cheered in a way that went straight to the heart!I was glad she was able to have her HAPPY ENDING:Find her "Prince" in Charles, and grow "Very Very old" so HAPPILY! I know she carried her JOY along w/her UP!Miss Her!
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Location: AURORA CO
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Name: Allen R. Cook
Location: West Valley City, Utah
Thank God for Shirley Temple! Both my wife & I enjoyed her movies when we were children & now we're enjoying them all over again in our senior years. The movies are timeless classics & Shirley was so talented. Her legacy will live on in the hearts of the millions who enjoyed her movies.
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Name: Beth
Location: Dallas, tx
Talented & gifted.
Shirley brought Joy to all.
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Name: Denise
Location: Waco
Love to what her. She is really funny, my favorite on is when she waiting on her dad to return from the army, but he was hurt.
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Name: Kraig E.
Location: Kansas
I watched her with my mom and sisters when we were younger. All of us enjoyed her movies. I hope she is resting in our Lord's arms.
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Name: Lynn Williams-Hufft
Location: Missouri
I loved all of Shirley Temple's movies and still do. There will never be another one like her.
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Name: Carl C.
Location: Carriere, MS
My favorite childhood actress. We used too watch her movie's every weekend.
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Name: Rachel Davis
Location: Kentucky
Rest in peace to Americas most talented woman.
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Name: Es
Location: Patterson ca
I loved her dearly I cried wen she come to passed
RIP Smiley
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Location: TOLEDO, OHIO
I grow up watching Shirley Temple on screen and I'm never going to forget how she has lighten up my life. I love Shirley and there will never be a nother Shirley Temple, so quit trying to place another chld up as her. I was born in the 30's and I still watch her movies.
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Name: Diana
Location: San Antonio, TX
Rest in peace Shirley Temple.
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Name: Antoinette McPherson
Location: Bronx NY
I am now a Grandmother who grew up watching all Shirley Temple movies, and even now at 55 I still watch every chance I get, I just finished crying at The little Princess. Please know that her memory and spirit will live on. She has touched many hearts.
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Name: Nicole
Location: Pennsylvania
I was introduced at a very young age to Shirley's movies, thanks to my grandmother. My grandmother got sick in 2004 with AML and always wanted me to sing it to her while she received chemo away from us. And I thank Shirley for giving me those and thousands more memories with her and my gram.
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Name: Janet Milner
Location: South Carolina
We are a family that can be traced back to the mid 1800's. With the women always out numbering the men, not to mention out living them too. My girls all loved her. I have a granddaughter now, and she has all of her movies. The little princess is her flavorite also. Truly loved her my whole life.
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Name: Greg Perez
Location: united states
I love Shirley Temple movies.
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Name: taliyah
Location: 7716 nw 5ct
i love all of her movies its said to see one of the best actress back in the 1990 gone.
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Name: Debbie Ewing
Location: indiana
Growing up on a farm with very strict parents you were my friend and inspiration. You brought a smile into unfriendly world. Shall miss you
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Name: William Gezzi
Location: Casper Wyoming United States
I have been watching her movies since I was a child. Just watched We Willie Winkie...Totally awesome
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Name: Sarah
Location: United States
Hi I'm Sarah I got the Shirley Temple Darlig Collection for my bday. I love Shirley
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Name: Caitlin Baird
Location: Bunker hill. Wv
Hi my name is Caitlin and I'm 11 years old. Shirley was a very beautiful and talented actress!! I love to watch her movies and read about her life. I look forward to seeing all her movies!! Thank you Shirley
Caitlin Baird

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Name: Judith A. Kane
Location: lewiston, Idaho
Love is the tie that bind's...You blessed us with your presence and we are a better nation for it.

Rest in the arms of Jesus now for you have completed your honorable mission here on earth.

From The Heart,
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Name: Judy
Location: South Dakota
As an only child, I grew up with you. You were my playmate,& dear friend. I watched your movies everyday & never tired of them. You were my "only sibling" now as an older woman, I have a room for your dolls. You were an inspiration in my life!GOD blessed us all & now you are with HIM! Thanks Shirley
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Name: Talisha
Location: mind
she will always be he number one child star that paved the way for thee rest
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Name: Don Lowe
Location: Chico,CA.
You were my first crush. R.I.P. lovely lady.
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Name: Peg Zernis
Location: Cape Cod,Massachusetts
During the war you were such an inspiration.When I went over my moms house we would put one of your movies in and watch it.Delightful!Rest in peace my darling......
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Name: John Tydings Nix, III
Location: Ashland, VA
Hi My mom knew Shirley Temple. One day she came to Washington DC and my mom and all the girls there did some sort of fashion show. And my mom ended up wearing the dress that Shriley Temple wore in The Littlest Rebel. She still has the photo.
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Name: Sheila Stewart
Location: Summit, IL
The day I found out Shirley Temple died, my heart was so said. I am grateful that I had the priviledge of knowing about her wonderful movies as a child star and as an adult. In my heart you'll always be "Wonderfu"! Thank you for all your service in the U.S.A. "Heaven's gain is our loss".
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Name: Short and Sassy
Location: Arizona
Thank you for your wonderful reminder that "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow". That sentence alone has been my personal re grounding statement since I first heard it. I know that we all have life circumstances. And this reminder helps me survive and thrive for better through mine.
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Name: Bridget Hargraft
Location: Ottawa, ON
Thank you for being such a huge part of my childhood. I have many fond memories of spending time with my family watching your movies.
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Name: Douglas Thompson
Location: Canada
We still love you Shirley and always will...my daughters always adored you and now my granddaughter will get the priviledge to know you.
God Bless you.
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Name: Helen Forsythe
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
You will be missed dearly along with all the great stars of that era. One by one all of you are leaving us. Gone but will never be forgotten.
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Name: Linda Maxwell
Location: Georgetown, SC
Thank you for being part of my childhood! Your talent on television always uplifted everyone in my home!
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Name: Lyn Chilton
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Still, these months on, I feel great sadness that this unique human being is not now with us but, wait! Shirley's indomitable spirit IS still with us, all of us who love her and to whom she gave joy, delight and strength, both as a child and as a remarkable adult. Love, always, Darling Shirley
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Name: Nathan David Reilly
Location: Abbotsford BC
You're the #1 best actress in movies, I wish in my family, bare a child have her name will be Shirley Temple!
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Name: Cindy Granier
Location: Boutte, Louisiana
I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s and so loved the Shirley Temple films. I’m so disappointed that I haven’t been able to find any of her films on TV in recent years. I miss her so much. Rest in peace Shirley.
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Name: tammy knobloch
Location: Kalamazoo mi
my grandma recently passed away and i got some of her shirley temple collection.... anyway to say the least my grandma used to tell me when i was little i looked just like shirley temple the curls and all but anyway you were and always will be my idle shirley i am watching curly top right now with love tammy
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Name: summer westerbur
Location: Washington
Today on this day I am thinking about my mentor, the woman who as a child molded my mind, the woman who made me who I am today, the woman who as a child I grew up to think as my sister and in later films as a grandmother. The same woman who has been my idol for years. The day she died I morned the loss o
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Name: shirley
Location: scotland
My name is Shirley, and my mom and dad used to love Shirley Temple. My nickname was curly top because I had extremely curly hair like Shirley-T and I tap danced everywhere I went and wore little puffy dresses just like Shirley when she was little.
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Name: Delepierre
Location: France
Shirley Temple, un monument du cinéma américain. Tu resteras dans nos mémoires; Merci.
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Name: ega krisna
Location: jakarta
she's a great actress ever seen
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Name: Terri E.
Location: Southern California, USA
Shirley Temple-Black will be greatly missed by all her who had watched her on the big screen. I just loved watching her movies over and over. I sing the "good ship lollypop" song to my grandkids and they just love it. Shirley was a very good and loving person and she will sorely be missed.
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Name: Joan
Location: Prairieville, La.
Shirley was one of my favorite actors growing up. I was astounded how such a young child could sing, dance and remember her lines the way she did. She was simply beautiful and her movies brought joy to all who watched them. She grew up to be a great lady of strength and grace as our ambassador.
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Name: Eve
Location: Wisconsin
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Name: Peggy
Location: Ortonville, MI
Shirley is the inspiration of what all mankind should aspire to be. I praise and thank GOD for allowing her true beauty to be shared and may it become infectious. Prayers for all of you.
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Name: Christy Ventricelli
Location: nj
Dear family
I watched your mom since I was little n now reruns she will be missed very much
I'll will say one thing no actors can bet her of her talents and heart she was the best of the best the actors of today
Have no morals and the heart.
The Christy j Montefusco-VENTRICELLI
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Name: Cheryl-Anne
Location: ontario, canada
as a child my parents always showed me classic films, and amoung them, my favourites were all the shirley temple movies. of all her movies, the one that always brings warmth to my heart and many fond memories was "The Little Princess". what a beautiful child and lady. she is very much missed.
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Name: Angela Sue Harris
Location: West Allis, WI
Shirley Temple Black you will shirley be missed you are a great person.
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Name: Cyndi Barton
Location: Tennessee
I am a grandmother now and I loved watching her movies from a child
Thru to today I own a few, but any chance I get I watch or record to watch later I do. My children and my grandchildren watched you as they grew. You were a superb actress. Thank you so much for all the enjoyment you have given.
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Name: Cyndi Barton
Location: Tennessee
I am a grandmother now and I loved watching her movies from a child
Thru to today I own a few, but any chance I get I watch or record to watch later I do. My children and my grandchildren watched you as they grew. You were a superb actress. Thank you so much for all the enjoyment you have given.
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Name: Shirley McKnight
Location: Harlan County, Kentucky
Obviously, as evidenced by my name; my parents were fans!! I always enjoyed "Heidi."
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Name: Kenneth Whitley
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Dearest Cousin Shirley (5C/2R), your G3grandfather Lt. William Amberson was an American hero, veteran of the American Revolution, Aide-de-Camp to Gen Lachlan McIntosh, 8th Pa. Regt, Continental Line, survivor of Valley Forge, Battle of Trenton and wounded at Brandywine, storekeeper/judge, Mercer,Pa.
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Name: rebecca
Location: florida
Every Sunday the tv station would run your movies. Oh the shows were so good. I am sitting here watching seabiscuit. ThEy is one movie I dont remember.
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Name: joanna kirk
Location: Longview Washington 98632
I recently bought 2 sets of the Cd's of shirley Temple for my grandkids. I loved these pictures. They are awaesome! Thankyou for sharing them.
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Name: John Tydings Nix, III
Location: Ashland, Virginia
Hi Shirley You didn't know me but you knew my mom Lucy Cantrell and my grandfather Lawson. You came to D.C. and did a sort of talent show when my mom was little. She told it was at Maceys. My mom wore the same dress that you wore in the littlest rebel. And you had your picutre taken w. my mom.
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Name: Janice Shearer
Location: Waterloo Canada
Shirley Temple was a gifted star who gave a lot of joy to people all over the world I will miss her. I send my Love and prayers to her family.
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Name: Steve Adams
Location: New York, NY
I am 30 y/o and watched Shirley most of my childhood life. May she rest knowing she brought love and joy to so many. I will continue her legacy by showing her love and talent to my children. Rest soundly, dear Shirley, we love and miss you!!
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Name: Lee Ann Randall
Location: Delaware, Ohio
Well, Shirley, you will truly be missed by millions of us. I grew up in the 60&70's with your movies. You were such an inspiration to me in my life. You were truly blessed my the Lord above to bring joy to many people who suffered the great depression.God Bless You and all those who knew you (hugs)
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Name: Hillary
Location: Kensington, MD
Shirley Temple movies were practically the only TV my mom let us watch -- we used to have "Shirley parties" on Sundays. I still sing her songs all the time to my kids. She became such a successful and generous woman - what an amazing life.
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Name: marcia starek
Location: parma, ohio
Watched her movies when I was very young. I have adored her ever since. She was a wonderful person, both as an actress and as a patriot of our nation. I bought a dvd collection for my 2 granddaughters. They were adopted in 2011 from Ethiopia. They love her too. They call her "Curly Top"
We miss her!
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Name: McKenzie
I am a teenager and even now I watch Shirley's movies! I have the Little Darling collection and am even watching Little Miss Broadway now as I type this. I was so sad to here of Shirley's death and I will miss her. With love, McKenzie
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Name: Lilyth Fletcher
Location: Madisonville, KY, USA
I am 9 years old and just watched my first Shirley Temple movie. I thought it was the best movie I have ever seen. I think if I were alive back then, Shirley Temple and I would have been good friends. I'm so sorry for the family's loss. I will continue to watch her movies.
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Name: willie mae withers
Location: memphis,tn.
I still am joyed by her movies at age 60. I sponsor her movies monthly at my senior retirement community. America's treasure. A beloved icon and a real authentic American idol.
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Name: Donna Fitzgerald
Location: South Carolina
My fatally ill daughter was thrilled to visit with Shirley as a wish come true. She talked about that afternoon for the rest of her short life. Mrs. Black was funny, gracious and caring. Sharing facts about her life and singing with my daughter. A wonderful example of service to another.
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Name: Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
Location: Kentucky
To the Family,
There is a Sparkle of God in all of us and we celebrate his beauty in everyone we meet. And to those, who by giving there full measure of mercy and sacrifice, we live our lives to honor that memory.
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Name: Susan Alonzo
Location: Wichita, Kansas
We have lost a beautiful human being. I watched Shirey Temples movies with pure joy as a kid. She was truly amazing, their has never been a child actor like her. She will surely be missed. But now she is in the hands of God.
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Name: robert brow
Location: philadelphia
so adorable, you'll be with us for ever
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Name: Sheila
Location: Summit, IL (Chicago Suburb)
You were one of my all-time favorite actresses & will always be. Heavens gain is America's loss. God Bless you & your family. Your family will be in my prayers & you will leave footprints on my (and the rest of the worlds) heart forever. We love you!
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Name: Jayson
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida
I've loved your movies all my life. Many thanks for your long, honorable and distinguished service to our country. With much love, admiration and sorrow, I bid you goodbye. May you have peace and joy forevermore.
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Name: arlene
Location: detroit.mi.
I grew up watching and being mesmerized by you. I actually thought I was u growing up. How crazy and complimental to you see as how I'm a African American.
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Name: Robert and Luba
Location: Indiana
You have always been a positive inspiration throughout my life.Watched your movies as a child,now sharing them with our grandchildren.Our thoughts go out to your family.Know that Shirley has affected many lives in a positive way,either in person or on screen.Feel that we know her.God Bless Shirley
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Name: Trevor Kaylor
Location: Jeannette, Pa
Shirley Temple is the most amazing woman ive ever seen. She is strong, caring, thoughtful and above all an Amazing beautiful woman. Her and Charles were meant for each other and im happy to see she had a great life with that amazing man. Rest in Peace Brighteyes I will never forget you and Charles<3
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Name: Diana
Location: Lee county Illinois
When I was a little girl I remember watching your old movies on black and white tv. You were so cute and talented. I'm just the opposite. Sometimes I would dream I was like you. Rest in peace. Say
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Name: lover of shirley
Location: a place
I love u Shirley!!! you were the reason for all my courage! Dream on, little princess!!! You deserve it
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Name: Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
Location: Kentucky
Sparkle Shirley, Sparkle. Encouraging words from a loving Mother. Many a thought, called forth when we're grown turns out to have sprung forth from a dream or our youth. Know you are in our prayers.
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Name: ??????????
thank you so much for giving us inspiration and hope.
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