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Name: Shirley Auger
Location: Bonfield Ontario Canada
This past two weeks we have been watching your Mother's movies what a joy.Last week I was praying for her and figuring out her age.Sure would have liked to meet her but I guess I will have to wait till I get to Heaven-so looking forward to meeting her and saying THANK YOU for her dedication.Praying
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Name: Sybil Jackson
Location: Texas
I loved watching your movies, always made me laugh. You were the show to watch that was wholesome and entertaining. There is one more Angel watching over us today. God Bless you and your family. I pray the Lord will give them comfort and strength.
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Name: Dale Bauman
Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
I still watch Shirley's movies and never get tired of them we have lost such a wonderful girl.My condolences to the famil, R.I.P Shirley.
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Name: Linda
Location: Arizona
We grew up watching her films and knowing that she could bring us laughter whenever we saw that smile on her face gave us the courage to continue another day! So saddened by her loss! Prayers to the family and loved ones!
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Name: Candy
Location: South Amboy, NJ
I was born in the 70's and remember her old movies.In fact 2 days ago I was watching the Little Princess. All of her movies made you forget your troubles. I also admire her in adult years helping the international community as a diplomat. She made a very meaningful contribution to us and the world
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Name: Barbara Phillips
Location: Lakeland, FL
I'm exactly her age. My Dad only allowed me to see movies with Shirley in them till I was nine! She was my "sister", and even though Depression years - My parents ordered me a Shirley Temple Doll from Marshall Fields - my favorite Christmas gift ever! Mama read me all the "Little Colonel" series.xo
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Name: Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Garcia
Location: Ferderal Heights. Colorado
Thank Y*O*U God for having brought us Shirley Temple Black.
Ms. Black brought happiness and prestige to our lives and Country; not only with her acting career also with her position with our Government.
We shall MISS Y*O*U Shirley Temple Black, we will NOT forget Y*O*U++
The Garcia Family
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Name: Barbara Tate
Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL
I was born in 1944 and have admired her all my life.Shirley Temple Black was my role model. God will certainly bless her and her family.
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Name: Victoria A DiGirolamo Leonard
Location: Grand Blanc, MI
my earliest remembrance of you was when I saw the "Good-ship Lollipop", I thought WOW what an amazing little girl and so many perfect curls ~ then you grew up and then I remember saying, "what a beautiful woman she has become", now I pray - may SHE be entertained in Heaven as a deserved angel.
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Name: James Reeder
Location: Bethel, Ohio
God bless Shirley temple Black.Ive always loved her movies. when my mother was so sick with cancer she loved to watch The little rebel it made her smile. Im thankful for that. may God Bless Shirley and her family. you are all in my prayers. Roses Bloom again in Jesus garden.May the Lord comfort you
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Name: Lisa Whitten Bryant
Location: Memphis TN
Shirley Temple Black was an American Legacy! I grew up watching all her movies. She was aa amazing remarkable woman. She led an extradionary life! My deepest condolences to her family, and everyone that loved her. Thank you for sharing your life with us!
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Name: Gloria
Location: Washington
Take comfort in the fact that she knew she was loved and that she loved you all very much. She was a constant companion of mine as I was growing up. With sadness, I will miss her. But I truly thank you, Shirley, for all you gave me without even knowing it! You'll be forever loved.
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Name: Raffaella Commitante
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I cannot believe it! It is as if a small piece of me has gone as well!!! My family and I have always been huge fans. She was an amazing actress, and an accomplished woman. She will most definitely be missed but thank goodness we have her films to keep us company for years and fans to come!
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Name: Cynthia Lopez
Location: South Gate, CA
I've been a huge fan of hers since I was a little girl. I'm 29 now and I'm still a huge fan. She will be truly missed. May God give peace to her family in this difficult time.
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Name: Deborah Macvicar
Location: Windsor Ontario Canada
A heartfelt thank you for the tremendous joy you brought to all of us for the many contributions you made during your lifetime. May you peacefully rest in Heaven and be embraced in the arms of the angels. I am sure you will be as loved in Heaven as you have been here on Earth. Blessings Forever.
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Name: Janice
Location: Sacramento, California
So many smiles thanks to you! I will always cherish your movies. I especially loved "A Little Princess" one of my all time favorites. Thank you for showing the world what true grace looks like. God Bless!
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Name: Pat Sanders
Location: Conyers, GA
What a great talent she had. I loved all of her movies. I am so sad that this day has come. Rest in Peace dear Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: JoAnn McLaughlin
Location: San Diego, CA
I was born in the 40's & grew up in the 50's with Shirley Temple movies. I loved and adored her all my life as she had a big impact on my childhood years. RIP Miss Temple-Black. Your memory will live on forever in your great contribution to film & to our country.
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Location: Houston,TX.
From a family of 10, all 5 girls dreamed of being Shirley Temple. Going on her escapades and getting in and out of trouble. What a wonderful way for all of us to grow up watching her giggles and smiles. She will be missed by more than a nation of people.
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Name: Becky DeNard
Location: Houston Texas
Shirley Temple Black we thank you for all the memories and love you gave to everyone. This world will not be the same. you will be sadly missed. May God Bless You And Keep Your Family . We Love You.
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Name: Marcia Moss
Location: Shepherdsville Ky.
We have lost a great woman. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Kathie Hedrick
Location: Monterey, Ca.
I remember watching my very first Shirley Temple movie with my Mom. My Mom loves her and is only a few years younger then Shirley. She treasures her Shirley Temple doll! I remember her movies always made me smile and feel really good inside! Rest In Peace Beautiful Lady! <3
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Name: Mitzi Fenoglio
Location: Burlington, Ontario,Canada
One of the most dignified Ladies on screen and off. A lovely lady who shared herself with the world. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Laura
Location: Colorado
You were one of the greatest talents of all time. Even as a younger person I grew up watching your movies. You were one of the few people that you never heard a bad word about. You will be very much missed and always admired.
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Name: yolonda sumpter
Location: granite falls washington
you were my all time favorite actress...I hope the angels enjoy you as much as we all did here on earth... may you be at peace... again you are one brilliant woman that this world is gonna miss terribly
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Name: Sharon
Location: st george, ut
A child and woman to be looked up to and use as a role model her entire life and generations to come. God bless and may one who has brought joy to many generations, rest in eternal peace. <3
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Name: Jamie
Location: Ohio
Rest in peace. You'll be missed greatly, though you will continue to live on through your movies, your friends and family, and pure memories.
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Name: Patti
Location: Urbana, OH
May God comfort you with the knowledge of knowing her life meant so much to so many. She has left a legacy of happiness. Prayers for peace for the entire family. What an incredible life!!!
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Name: Tony
Location: Newberry, S.C.
Some of my best childhood memories included her films. It feels as if I've lost a member of my very own family.
Thanks for the memories and God Bless
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Name: Christina S.
Location: New Jersey, USA
Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and beauty with all of the world. You truly are an inspiration for so many people, especially to females of all ages around the world. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for the memories. Rest in eternal peace.
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Name: Pamela S
Location: San Jose, CA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and her TV show because my mother, 4yrs older, loved this wonderful child star. Later Shirley Temple Black was keynote speaker at my College of Notre Dame graduation in 1970.
She lived a life wonderful life and left us all with wonderful memories.
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Name: Annette Scott
Location: Missouri
You will be missed dearly. I grew up watching your old movies and loved every one of them. You lived a wonderful life and touched many people. God Bless to you and your family.
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Name: Carolyn McClain
Location: Pasadena, Texas
My spiritual prayers and affection go out to Glenda Susan, Charles, Laurie and grandchildren. May God be with you in your time of need. God Bless You.
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Name: Mary T Wier
Location: OKC, OK
As a child my father finally bought a TV because I was always at the neighbors watching Shirley Temple. I am now 58 and still love her, God Bless Shirley and her entire family. Our prayers are with you.
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Name: Shirley Hubbard
Location: Maylene, Alabama
I will always remember her for I was named after her. I loved her movies when I was a child and still love them as adult. She was a great image for our children and I will keep up that image by showing my grandchildren her movies. She will be greatly missed and all my love and sympathy's to family
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Name: Peterpanette
Location: California
What horrible birthday news!

I am very very saddened for the loss to the world but happy that she had such a long, happy, productive life.

As an only child, she was a friend that was always there...
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Name: Rachel Bell
Location: Flint, Michigan
You are part of my earliest childhood memories. Thank you!
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Name: Renee
Location: Tacoma Washington
Shirley you have given all of your fans so much pleasure from your movies. May you rest in peace now
The heavens now has one more lovely person to shine
down to us.
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Name: Joyce Gonzalez
Location: Las Vegas
Such a DARLING, there was no one like her then or still to this day. As a little girl in the 1950's I enjoyed her movies so much.
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Name: Nancy Scott
Location: Sacramento, CA
I watched and loved all of your movies. I just wish all of my children could have seen them all too. You will be greatly missed.
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Name: Lori Peloquin
Location: Mesa, AZ
You were a joy to watch on TV as I was growing up. I would always wish I could be you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You have made this world a better place by doing the wonderful things you did for it. Thank you Shirley.
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Name: Janet Arender
Location: bolton,ms
You were a treasure And we will miss you. Loved all your films
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Name: Dena
Location: Hawaii
Much adored and loved. RIP Shirley
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Name: Randy Batchen
Location: Chestnut Hill Cove, MD
So sad to hear about Shirley Temple Black. Thanks for all the memories and for your years of service to the American people.
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Name: Christiane Poppelaars
Location: Netherlands
With my deepest sympaty and thanks to a remarkeble Shirley who I Always will remeber as a great childrensdarling of the whole world.
May she rest in peace.
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Name: Ruth Edquid
Location: Anchorage Alaska
Hi Shirley, I heard the news that you're gone. I'm only 19, but I've seen pretty much every one of your movies, and I had the collection on VHS. Your animal cracker song will forever be stuck in my head, and my children will definitely know you too.
Rest in Peace
Much Love, Ruth
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Name: Betsy Hammer
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
A heartfelt thank you for the tremendous joy you brought to all of us for the many contributions you made during your lifetime. May you peacefully rest in Heaven and be embraced in the arms of the angels. I am sure you will be as loved in Heaven as you have been here on Earth. Blessings Forever.
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Name: Lesia Vieth
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Most of her movies were way before my time, but I still watch and love them. She always seem to brighten my day and make me smile..She will be missed.
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Name: Helen J Jock
Location: Brushton, New York
To The Family Of Shirley Temple Black

My thoughts and prayers are sent. What a loss for all the world. She will live forever. May your wonderful memories be a constant comfort. God Bless.
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Name: Angela
Location: Texas
My heart is sad today. Shirley Temple was a beautiful and talented child star, who grew up into a beautiful lady. Her smile was infectious. I feel fortunate that through her movies, she touched my heart. ♥
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Name: Marilyn Gore {Jane}
Location: Grantville Georgia
I am so very sorry.This little lady was cute and looking at her now she is still beautiful.She will be missed
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Name: Tim Curry
Location: LA California
you inspired me to act, RIP
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Name: Ruth Edquid
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Hi Shirley, I heard the news that you're gone. I'm only 19, but I've seen pretty much every one of your movies, and I had the collection on VHS. Your animal cracker song will forever be stuck in my head, and my children will definitely know you t
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Name: Leslie Dixon
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
I fell in love with watching her movies with my grandfather when I was little. She will be missed dearly by everyone. R.I.P
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Name: Linnie Dee
Location: Delaware
I fell in love with "little Shirley" when I was young & discovered this incredible angel. I especially admired her life after the "glamorous years" -- what wonderful parents she must have had to instill those magical qualities. Can't wait to meet her "on the other side"! We love you Shirley!
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Name: Madge johnson
Location: Pineville , Louisiana
What a littlle Angel she is still in my heart , Angel will
Always live in my heart , her walk , the way she held she head when she talk , in black white tv her hair shine in her curls ,it was like she just fell out of heaven in to our heart . THANK YOU MY ANGEL SO DEAR !!
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Name: Marissa Magalion
Location: Midland, TX
When I woke up and saw the news about her, my heart shattered. Shirley was a great joy to everyone. She made the world smile and a fan of hers is born everyday. Thank you Shirley for all the smiles, songs, and laughter.
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Name: Grace P.
Location: Burbank, CA
The world was blessed with her talent; she now will entertain those in heaven with her grace, beauty & kindness. She was my idol since I could remember first seeing her perform. She will be missed but never forgotten. She will always be everyones darling little curly top. RIP Mrs. Black.
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Name: Judy
Location: Michigan
So sorry for your loss. She was a very talented and special lady. We shall all miss her. I grew up watching her movies. She is the same age as my Mother. Rest in peace Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Peggy Shelton
Location: St. Louis
Shirley showed me how to be couragious, honest and do the right thing. Even in her adult life, never a scandal involving Mrs. Shirley Temple Black. The family was blessed to have her and I am grateful to have known her through her movies and political career. Good Bless and keep her.
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Name: Patricia Buzas-Campbell
Location: Garden Grove
Bittersweet feelings today. Sad for myself and very happy of all the great memories she gave me. I never grew out of watching her movies. I still look for them today and get excited if one of those great movies is on. I am lucky to have experienced those great movies. I will miss her.
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Name: Andrea Mamun
Location: Lagrange, GA
Shirley Temple had a smile that would light up a room! Her talent as a precocious child has been unmatched. Only one child actor comes close to the wittiness of Shirley and that would have been Gary Coleman with his quick wit! Rest in Peace Shirley, we will all dance in heaven together again!
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Name: Anita Goodman
Location: Granbury, Texas
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry for you loss. Shirley brought a lot of fun and laughter to me and my sister when we were growing up and then to another generation after us. My Nephew loved singing Animal Crackers in my soup when he was 5 or 6. She will be missed.
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Name: AMP
Location: San Diego, CA.
God Bless Shirley for bringing her talent to all of us, and leaving this world - a Wee Brighter!
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Name: Debra Selleck
Location: Wooster, Ohio
All my thoughts and prayers to Shirley Temple Black and her family. Just as you will miss her even more than her fans, I am thinking of you on this sorrowful day! May god Bless you all. I was inspired by her to go into dance, at the age of 3 and did so for almost 15 years.With much love and respect.
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Name: Joan Wiebe
Location: Mesa, Arizona
My condolences to all of Shirley Temple Black's family. I am so sorry that this day arrived. Shirley will always be a great inspiration to me; I grew up watching re-runs on Sundays; and followed her political career! We have lost a great mentor & inspiration. God's Blessings Always! <3 Thank you!
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Name: Alex Carr
Location: Scotland, UK
Sailing the good ship lollipop.

Thanks for the many great hours spent at the cinema watching your films.
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Name: Alfredo Chao
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rest in peace Shirley, you live in our memory.
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Name: Patty
Location: Lancaster California
My deepest sympathy to the family of Shirley Temple. I remember watching her as a young girl with my dad.
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Name: Alena Helms
Location: Marshville, NC
She will be very missed. Whatever was good, whatever was kind, whatever was innocent…she was it.
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Name: R. D. Frye, Jr.
Location: Monroeville, PA
Truly a "National Treasure" who will always hold a special place in our hearts! Her smile helped heal a Nation...Her laugh and "Bright Eyes" will always be remembered. Our deepest sympathy's for her family.
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Name: Nora McGill
Location: Dandridge, Tn
I grew up with this loving and wonderful child. See will be greatly missed. I still watch her movies when they are shown. My prayers are with the family in these days.
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Name: Laurie Fuller
Location: Ft. Lauderdale
As a child I couldn't wait to get home from church on Sunday to watch a Shirley Temple movie, many memories, my children today understand why she was so special to me. Thank you Shirley for making my childhood happy as yours was too. RIP
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Name: Barbara Broome White
Location: Anniston, Alabama
She was my idol and watching her during my childhood, back in the 60's gave me hope...I think she became my mentor and influenced my decisions to try harder and be understand my childhood neglect...Thank you to her for a lifelong commitments. Not a memory now a treasure.
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Name: patricia ladd
Location: taylor michigan
I remember watching her movies with my dad she will be very missed may she R.I.P my thoughts and prayers go out to her family
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Name: Tina Turner
Location: Switzerland
You were such a wonderful, and loving person and ill always remember our friendship, you will be missed!
~Love Tina
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Name: Louise Rees
Location: Henderson, Nevada
My heart and my prayers goes out to her children, grand-children and great-grand children. I loved her dearly. I watch her movies often. So sad for your lost. The world lost a great inspiring woman. She will be missed by millions. May God be with you. Thank you Ms. Temple for all that you did.
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Name: Rebecca Jeffers
Location: Missouri
What a full life she led!
Such a wonderful young actress and whose movies still give us a lot of pleasure in seeing young innocence. She was so talented...
Sailing, now, on the Good Ship Lollipop.
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Name: Penny Epperson
Location: Jacksonville, AR
U have filled so many people lives. U will be greatly missed. Loved watching your movies. And I still watch them. You can now sell on your "Good Ship Lollypop" cause you will be forever in my heart. RIP Shirley Temple Black. You are in God's garden now.
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Name: rochow killelafamily
Location: saint louis
Our hearts as well has the world haslost a bright star of srceen and of peace. Our souls know she is once again young and singing and dancing in heaven. Oh what a party. Our hearts go out to her family. We asked tje angels to comfort you during this time.
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Name: Margaret Brennan
Location: Dublin Ireland
So sad to hear the news, i treasured Sunday afternons when i was a child , Shirley Temple was on the telly..then there was the week she didn't come on as usual.. i cried and cried...My condolescenses to the family ..
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Name: Sherry Faver-Gonzales
Location: Long Beach, California

To All Who Loved Shirley,

Thank you for the wonderful movies that provided me with hours of pure enjoyment. I, like many adults my age, (56) watched Shirley Temple movies as a kid. Her work touched me. She helped set the example for me of how to be a good kid and a good person. Sh
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Name: Jymme D. Brown
Location: Big River, CA
To me, Shirley Temple was the most naturally talented person who ever lived. Her gifts for singing, dancing and acting at such a tender age was beyond compare. You may be gone from this life but you will never ever be forgotten. Rest in Peace, Shirley.
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Name: Julie Miles
Location: Monroe, North Carolina
She will always be America's Sweetheart. Her face represented American childhood.
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Name: Peggy O.
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
With heartfelt sympathy to the family. There was only one Shirley Temple Black. Her movies made us laugh and cry, I STILL need tissues nearby to watch them. She was a very talented dancer, performer, humanitarian, diplomat, and role model. RIP Shirley. Sparkle in Heaven too.
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Name: karen sidelko
Location: new jersey
We learned so very much from her. She was brillant and beautiful and made us want to be as happy as she was. Her enthusiasm was contagious. God we loved her and still to this day stop to watch her movies. If only the children nowadays had a role model like Shirley. Be at Peace sweetie! God Bless.
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Name: Shirley Vogler
Location: Talking Rock, Georgia
Thank you for the sunshine and joy you brought us during the 1930's and beyond. May God grant you a peaceful rest and wrap his loving arms around your family.
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Name: Dee DeVillier
Location: Denver Colorado
My Mother was the same age as Shirley Temple and she Dearly loved the Little girl who brought so much joy to millions.
I also grew to love Shirley Temple Black and have all of her movies. Shirley Temple Black's endearing qualities did not disappear as an adult. The world is now less bright!
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Name: Ric Skillman
Location: San Celemente, CA
My mother was the twin to Ms Temple as a child. She always held a special place in my heart. My hopes are they are dancing singing away on the same cloud.
God bless, Rick Skillman
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Name: Amanda
Location: Joshua, Tx
I remember when I was first introduced to Shirley Temple. I was around 5 yrs old. The movie was The Little Princess. From that moment on I was hooked. I loved her as a 5yr old and I still love her now at 29. I will pray for her family in this time of need. Rest in Heaven Shirley Temple. We love you.
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Name: Deninge Sims
Location: San Leandro, CA
One if the most succesful child actors is gone to rest. Thank you for being a blessing to my childhood and others around the world. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Edgar Lewis
Thank you Shirley for some of the most wonderful memories of our lives. Peace be yours.
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Name: Connie Anderson
Location: San Luis Obispo
I'll miss my little star.

As a child my four sisters and I would love to watch her movies. Her movies brought different life styles of the past to my awareness and made me think of kinder ways to treat people and appreciate all the wonderful things in life.
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Name: Beverly
Location: Asheboro,NC
Growing up watching all of the Shirley Temple movies was a great joy. With heavy hearts we say good-bye to America\'s \"little Miss Sunshine\". She brought joy and laughter to everyone and will be sadley missed.You left a mark on this world we will never forget.
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Name: Paul O Bartell
Location: Utah, USA
Lost a very special lady I enjoyed her movies and sill watch them to this day. Heaven has gotten a very special angle on 02/10/2010. Praying for all that know her and the family blessings to you all. Her movies brought so many, many smiles to people at a time when that was sorely needed.
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Name: Terri Mangrum
Location: Fairview, Tennessee
"Oh my goodness" One of the most memorable sayings that I remember Shirley Temple said in her Movies. I absolutely Loved her with all my heart. I never got to meet her but my heart aches for the loss of a Wonderful Human Being. An Angel as most certainly been gained in Heaven. Prayers to the Family
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Name: Jamie Youn
Location: Kansas
Shirley Temple was the first movie star I remember admiring as a kid. She made good, fun, wholesome family movies that we could all enjoy together. I have very fond memories of watching her movies with my grandmother, mother, and sister. Bless you, Shirley. You will be missed.
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Name: Oralia Rodriguez
Location: Poteet, Texas
I am sadden to hear of the loss of America's talented, cheerful, good spirited person. I remember watching the Shirley Temple movies at my grandmother's home. We have lost a great person, an inspiration & Humanitarian. You will always be "America's Little Darling." My condolences to the fa
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Name: Debbie Slack
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. She had a big impact on me and was my favorite little actress. I remember crying every time she cried. She was a wonderful person inside and out. May God rest her soul. She will be missed by all. God Bless to all her family.
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Name: Diana Morones
Location: Carrizo Spring, Texas
85 Shirley Temple lived a blessed life. ST was one of my icons. A fam of 8 (5 Girls) our entmt. in the 70's, sitting in front of our B/W TV eyes glued to the prettiest-curly haired little girl, sweetest voice (I HAD EVER SEEN) tap away. ST was THE LITTLE PRINCESS cried then cried today. THANK U STB
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