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Name: Greg Jacquart
Location: Sigurd, Utah
I wiled away many an hour as a young boy watching this amazing little girl. Loved her and wish peace and comfort to her family
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Name: Stephanie Goodson
Location: Winston Salem
My dad called me Shirly Temple as a kid not only cause I had big curls like she did but because I would sit and watch her movies constantly! She is a great inspiration, and she will be missed greatly. My prayers go out to the family, you lost an angel!
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Name: Jed & Diane Hayden
Location: Sacramento, CA
We will always remember you as "America's Little Darling".
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Name: Dorie Pope
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Growing up in the 70s my parents introduced me to Shirley Temple movies which I then shared with my daughter. We loved them and do still. Today we dedicate our Random Acts of Kindness to you Mrs. Black and send a huge THANK YOU to you for everything. Much love to you and prayers for your loved ones.
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Name: Marcia
Location: Australia
\"Oh my Goodness\" This is sad news but I will always remember Shirley. I loved her movies and tapped along with her while singing out of tune. As an adult I read her biography and was so impressed with her intelligence and view on life. A life so well lived. All the best to the family.
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Name: Tina Kannady
Location: Tennessee
Sending our thoughts and prayers to family and friends, we will always remember Shirley,she will never be forgotten, Love her, Love all the movies she starred in,most of all she was a very pleasant lady, wonderful wife, mother, grandmother,great grandmother,we will always Love you Shirley <3
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Name: Carol Keller
Location: Sacramento, CA
My sincerest condolences.
Her work in movies was magic.
I have been reading "Child Star" and just finished it yesterday. Yesterday!
Then I saw the news this AM and had chills. The book revealed so much about her as a person! I feel like I have lost a dear friend today. RIP, Dear Shirley.
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Name: Anne Adams
Location: Atlanta, GA
RIP, Ms. Black. There never was, and never will be, another one like you.
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Name: Barry Stutesman Michigan Magazine TV
Location: West Branch, Michigan
Much sadness today...but..much joy, love, and inspiration left in such a legacy. God blessed her life and God blesses her memory.

Rest in Peace Mrs. Shirley Temple Black....Rest in peace Little Princess..from a forever fan
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Name: Teresa Shively
Location: Virginia
So much of who I am is because of my childhood watching Shirley Temple movies and following her career into adulthood. There will never be another like her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and admirers. May she RIP.
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Name: Ramona Deters
Location: Athens, GA
My thoughts and prayers go out to Shirley's family and friends. She will be deeply missed by the USA and the world in general. She will always be loved and remembered by her fans. May God be with you all not only during these times but always.
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Name: James Paul Adamson
Location: Honolulu Hawaii
A gift to the world, a unique individual, with talent and ability to take us on a journey outside ourselves.

"I love to walk in the rain Look for me when it's stormy Down some lazy lane and I'll be there."
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Name: Marcia
Location: Nash,TN
To the family, so sorry for the loss of your mother and grandmother. She was very loved and will be missed.
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Name: Marylou cote
Location: Ont canada
God bless her for all those years her acting, her inspiration , her cherish, helping other people, support everyone. Now it's her time is going home.
She s sweet soul.
My sympathy to her family.
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Name: Larry
Location: Hamtramck, Mi.
I thought Ms. Temple was the cutest and smartest young actress I,ve ever saw, I said to myself, ifI had a daughter, I would want her to be like Ms. Temple, I,m surely gonna miss her like millions will, but I still watch reruns of her movies today, and I will continue, may she rest in peace.
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Name: Beth Dean
Location: Dallas, TX
Wen I was a child and had an unhappy home life I could loose myself in Shirley Temple movies and have happiness for a while. I thank her for those moments that helped me trough those difficult times. She will be missed by millions. God Bless and may she rest I peace.
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Name: Marion
Location: Wattsburg, Pa
Love her moves my heart and prayers go out to her family R.I.P You will be truly missed
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Name: peggy williams
Location: greenville, pa
I would watch her movies over and over again and I knew when to cry and I would start before it got to that part because I knew it was coming.She was a special person and will be missed thank you curly top for all your great movies god bless and keep you. Iam sure youll be singing in heaven
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Name: Vivian Allgood
Location: Atlanta Georgia
I want to tell her family how much I enjoyed her movies and have shared them with my children and Grandchildren and hope to the great grand as they get old enough. She will be missed by many, she was a special person.
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Name: Valerie Coronado
Location: Hondo Texas
May she Rest In Peace. My mother and I Love her movies been watching them since I was a little girl. My prayers to the family.
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Name: robin Clarke
Location: San Jouquin County
This women and her movies became my comfort to soothing my emotional and physical wounds in a trouble home when I grew up. Shirley became my imaginary/real friend. This remarkable women would remain my hero forever and I only wish she could have known what a great difference she made for my life.
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Name: Kelly Hall
Location: Myrtle Beach SC
My prayers are with you and your family at this time. I will always remember Shirley Temple and watching all her movies when I was a little girl.She will be missed by many. She was a talented lady.
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Name: Xavier Gonzalez
Location: Fremont, CA
God Bless You sweet sweet girl. More than tears today. You will always be precious and in inspiration to the world. We Love You. Very Much.
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Name: Marina Kucera
Location: Homer Glen, IL
Your Mother\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\
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Name: Dee Daniels
Location: Arkansas
She brought many happy times to my childhood. I love to watch her movies still. She will be missed.
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Name: Shane Blankenship
Location: louisville, ky
Goodbye sweetheart, you will be missed beyond compare.
RIP to a Legend!
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Name: marie
Location: moreno valley ca
I will miss you shirley temple I watch all your movies and still do and my children love all your movies rest in peace and god took the best to heaven.you will be in my prayers
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Name: David Robinson
Location: New Castle PA
It's with a heavy heart I send my deapest sympathy to Shirley Temples Family .You will be sadley missed and but never forgotten
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Name: Lily Hunter
Location: Newark, NJ
My mom watched all your pictures. She loved you. She knew the songs you sang in the movies. .Thanks for being here on earth and giving us JOY.
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Name: Betty Lunsford
Location: East Tennessee
Prayers for your family. If more of the women of Hollywood could model this LADY, it would be a much better industry. My Mom, myself, and my daughter have enjoyed so many of Shirley's films, they are truly timeless. May God Bless You All. Sincerest Sympathy.
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Name: Jeanette S
Location: Hampton, VA
We will all miss such a wonderful person!! God Bless her family as she goes to be with Christ in Heaven.
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Name: Thais Anne Lumpp-Lamkie
Location: Bridgeville, Delaware, USA
My heartfelt condolences to the entire family! God Bless you on your way to heaven, Shirley Temple-Black!!
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Name: Sheryllyn
Location: CA, USA
Shirley Temple was a beautiful, and handsome woman.

My mother (only a few years older) was a huge fan of hers, introducing me to her movies. She often tried to make me look like her!
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Name: Gaines
Location: Perkins
Rest in Peace to a wonderful lady and a life well lived.
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Name: Melody
Location: West Point, MS
My heart goes out to all of the family at this time. I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and what a smile they would put on one's face! What great memories you have to share with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you. God Bless.
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Name: Diana Franklin
Location: Wuerzburg,West Germany
I have enjoyed all the movies from Mrs Shirley Temple Black & no other child star has accomplished all she has in her time. My son who is 11 even enjoys her movies from Heidi on & I love to see the twinkle in his eye when he watches her as I did My condolences 2 the family She WILL BE GREATLY MISSED
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Name: jeremy byers
Location: bradford ohio
me an my mother loved all of her movies . she was a wonderful actress an person. may she rest in peace. may u dance your way in to gods open arms . u were on fine lady .
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Name: Sandra
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
My thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this difficult time. She was a remarkable lady and will be remembered for all the things she did and accomplished in her great life. I know your hearts are broken but know that part of her will always live on in the memories you cherish. Peace.
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Name: Anna Lehr
Location: Ellicott City Md
My sister & I saw all her movies-I especially liked Bachelor & Bobbysoxer and all of her early ones. She is with her late husband,resting in peace!
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Name: Shelby
Location: South Dakota
I loved Shirley Temple so much! I grew up with her movies. I watched them as a little girl and as I got older. Just last month, I was watching Stowaway and found myself singing along and giggling. She will always be my favorite. Her family and friends are in my prayers.
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Name: Dan Doiron
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
A truly unique one of a kind actress, and wonderful human being. Who touched us all with her presence..so sad, we will miss you Shirley!
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Name: Christine
Location: Canada
You were my childhood. I have no happier memories then those spent watching your movies with my mom on a Sunday morning. They will always make me smile.

Rest in Peace Shirley
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Name: Stephen Kneipp
Location: Laurel, MS
What a ray of sunshine she has been for my life. Just knowing she is around made me want to live life better. I loved her innocence and smile.
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Name: Carole Engblom
Location: Minneapolis
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and saw every one of them - countless times. What joy she brought, both to me and to my mom, who was also born in 1928 and who introduced me to Shirley's sweet movies. She was a wonderful role model. A light has gone out. I guess I thought she'd live forever.
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Name: Howie
Location: Stevenson, Wa.
Loved her as a kid,
Admired her for the work she has done
Her legacy WILL live on:-)O(
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Name: Gretchen Nelson
Location: Wylie, Texas
Thanks for sharing your life and talents with us Shirley. Your fanclub really responded when we wrote to you. Rest in Peace and God bless your family.
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Name: Rebecca Webb
Location: West Virginia
We have all lost a very special lady I loved her movies and till watch them to this day with my son. Heaven has gotten a very special angle Praying for all the family blessings to you all
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Name: Pippa Downie
Location: New zealand
Thanks for the wonderful memories.
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Name: patty bowers clark
Location: st. charles, missouri
She was one of 2 people I most wanted to meet. Grew up on her movies. I got the Shirley Temple 2 record Songbook for a birthday. Had every song memorized and at age 63, I can still sing them all. She represented nothing but good! I am greatly saddened to know she is no longer with us.
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Name: Rachel caudillo
Location: Packing
My mother had my sister and I grow up to Shirley's movies and singalong VHS. Thanks to her I loved singin and dancing as a kid now growing up instill enjoy watching her films and occasionally still sing animal crackers. Thank you for giving me a great childhood and May your lovely soul rest in peace
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Name: Carol Monier
Location: Staten Island, NY
It is hard for me to put into words how much I, my children and grandchildren enjoyed Shirley Temple's movies through the years. Thank you for entertaining the "world" and to her family for sharing her with us. She will be missed and may God Bless her family at this sad time.
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Name: Alfredo Gallegos
Location: Los Feliz, Ca
We will always be missed Miss Shirley Temple Black, your movies have touch so many lifes, we will always miss you. May you rest in PEACE.
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Name: christine holmes
Location: warner robins,ga
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Name: Julia M.
Location: Saratoga, CA
Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories. It's hard to forget someone who gave us all so much to remember. With Sincere Condolences to your family and friends.
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To the family, So sorry for your loss and my God Bless this wonderful lady.
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Name: Lana Lewis
Location: Brentwood CA 94513
Grew up on Shirley's movies, loved them. Still have my Shirley Temple Doll. She was an awesome lady. My thoughts and prayers with her and her family!!! hugzzz
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Name: Cherie Allen
Location: Lindenwold NJ
I remember watching Mrs Temple-Black movies when I was growing. I would rush home after Sunday school to watch her movies. The movies made me smile. My prayers are with her family. God Bless
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Name: Mary Catherine Rose
I'm sorry for your loss, but rejoice in her life. She brings joy even in my family through her films. She really did have sparkle.
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Name: Jill De Lay
Location: Beverly Hills, California
My prayers and blessings are with Shirley Temple Black\\\'s family. Thank you for sharing her over the years. Shirley a job well done. Rest in peace.
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Name: Terrie Collins-Laytart....57 yrs old
Location: Harrison County Kentucky
Cont. May she rest in peace and will always be remembered and loved. Her family are in our thoughts and prayers. She is a true star in the heavens above for always...
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Name: patricia vandygriff
Location: South Bend, IN
your loving memories will be in my heart forever,Thank You Shirely!!
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Name: Hope
As I child, I LOVED watching Heidi once a year around Christmas time. In those days, there was no VCR or DVD. I loved her other movies too. She was such an adorable little girl, always optimistic, always such fun to watch. Grew up to be a great, dignified lady...sad to see her leave us.
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Location: Montreal ,QUEBEC, CANADA
When I was 8 yrs old , I saw a picture in a magazine of a SHIRLEY TEMPLE doll. I thought it was the most beautiful doll I ever saw. My mom told me all about SHIRLEY., and \"SANTA \" left this doll under my tree Xmas morning .

SHIRLEY inspired so many . I am truly very sorry for your loss.
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Name: Roy Barnes
Location: Marietta, Georgia
As a child of the 30's I always managed to find the 9-13 pennies it cost to see each of Shirley's movies that always brought a bit of joy to the hard times of the Great Depression. The happiness she brought will always be remembered with a joyous heart.
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Name: Tara Lee
Location: Louisiana
Thank you Dear Lady.
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Name: Rob Sproston
Location: Santa Maria, California
You brought so many smiles to our faces and warmed our hearts. It's hard to imagine what life would have been like without the joy you brought to us all.
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Name: Shirley Sam
Location: Huslia, AK
RIP Shirley Temple, I sure am happy I was able to grow up watching your movies. God bless your family and friends always.
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Name: Janie Gaines
Location: Lafayayette, IN
Most talented child star ever! Love watching her movies and marveling at her abilities.
With sadness, wishing her family peace.
We'll miss you Shirley!
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Name: Arksa Apocrypha
Location: Smyrna, Georgia
Rest in peace Shirley. We will never forget your smile.
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Name: Linda
Location: Cypress, CA
We have so many wonderful memories of her movies and fabulous smile. She was not only beautiful but a wonderful example of the goodness in the world.
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Name: Lisa
Location: Bethlehem, PA
I've loved watching your movies !! I can picture you doing your famous dances in from of the good lord ! Thank you shirley for making us smile & May u find peace !!!
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Name: Lani Pugliese
Location: California
Saw evey one of her pictures at least twice. Shirley Temple was my idol, so my Mother had to make my curls just like hers. Condolences to her friends and family. We were lucky to have had her in our lives. RIP
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Name: Maria
Location: San Francisco
She was an adorable, talented child actress, and a devoted humanitarian. She made America a better place. She was truly a blessing. RIP Shirley! Thank you very much for sharing your gift to the world, and the wonderful memories. My condolence to your family and friends.
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Name: Chrissy Jones
Location: Panama City, FL
So very sad to hear of America's Little Darling Shirley Temple Black's.I will forever remember her contagious smile,giggles, and talent. Shirley I know you are up there singing the Good Ship Lollipop! My deepest sympathy to all family,friends and the world on the loss of such a special treasure.
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Name: Joan Cummings
Location: Richardson, TX
Loved her movies and grew up with them. Will share the colored movies I bought for our four granddaughters. God's peace to her family.
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Name: Elizabeth Beeney Freville
Location: Putney, Georgia, USA
I have watched your movies and shows since I was a child. I have shown my grandchildren your movies as well. My granddaughter loves you like I do! You will be missed dearly, but will always be in my heart. RIP Shirley Temple Black!!! ♥
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Name: Youla
Location: Tampa, Florida
I am a great fan of all her movies. She was a awesome child star. She is a wonderful example for today 's young stars to follow.
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Name: Rhonda Bernaby
Location: Simi Valley CA
Thank you so much for some of the sweetest childhood memories I had. Even the ones were I had to sleep in curlers so my hair could look just like yours!!! you always warmed my heart!!!! Xoxoxo
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Name: autumnLee
Location: hoffman estates, Illinois
with sincere sympathy to the Temple Black family! Shirley has always been a favorite star of mine! She brought tears and laughter to so many! luckily i have a lot of her movies to keep watching! A dancing and singing angel now! God Bless!
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Name: John Falch
God Bless you Shirley! You always lightened our hearts and made the world The Good Ship Lollipop.
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Name: Kathy Drew
Location: Georgetown, California
Shirley has gone to Lollipop Heaven with so many other long time icons. I loved you with all my heart Shirley growing up. I never miss your reruns when they show today. You will never be forgotten.
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Name: Pierluca Ferrari
Location: Italy
Ciao piccola riccioli d'oro tu che hai accompagnato i sogni infantili e principeschi di molti bambini di tutte l'età . Kiss from italy
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Name: Kerstin Hansen
Location: Payson, Utah
I adore Shirley. I've watched her ever since I was little. Such a sad day for her fans but most importantly for her family. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Shirley Temple Black will forever be my favorite and in my heart!
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Name: Nancy Kepner
Location: Castana, Iowa
I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I still have her storybook from the Shirley Temple Hour. My prayers to your family.
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Name: Shanell Reagan
Location: Ethridge,Tennessee
!!!WhAt a LiFe YoU LiVeD!!!
ThAnK yOu FoR BeiNg a BiG pArT oF mY CHiLdHooD! YoUr sMiLe,yOuR TaLeNt,YoUr LoVaBLe sPiRiT AnD PerSoNaLiTy,tHaT sHoNe pAsT ThE TeLeVisiOn ScReeN AnD CouLd bE dEEpLy FeLt iN My HeArT!YoU aRe EvErLaStiNg & WiLL bE DeePLy MiSSeD! EnJoY YoUr JoUrNeY HoMe!RIP!
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Name: Angela Suor
Location: Spokane Washington
Thank you for my childhood memories. Rest in peace sweet angel. I will miss you <3
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Name: Rebecca
Location: California
I am so sorry for your loss...I am 60 years old and I still will watch a Shirley Temple movie when it comes on...I can only say rest in peace and thank you for all the wonderful memories.
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Name: Susan Gallen
Location: Philadelphia, PA
When I was a little girl Her movies were shown quite a bit on TV and I loved her. I wanted to BE her. She was a real role model, a beautiful child, a lovely woman, and later, an impressive, accomplished diplomat. An American icon, she is an example of what is the best in us! May God bless.
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Name: Josie Erent
Location: Toronto Canada
Thank you Shirley for the lovely memories..May you sing, dance, laugh your way through Heaven Above.....
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Name: Melissa
Location: New Jersey
I loved watching your movies when I was a little girl and can't wait till my girls are old enough to watch them with me. Rest in peace
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Name: Joe Black
Location: Porter, Texas
You were a part of our lives when we were growing up. It seems that no other star has had such an impact on society as you did........All I can say is that your memory will live on. Rest In Peace
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Name: Chasity Rounds
Location: Oklahoma
Shirley Temple was n always will be my favorite actress from my childhood. I really am going to miss her!!!! I Love you Shirley Temple!!!!!
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Name: Terrie Collins-Laytart....57 yrs old
Location: Harrison County Kentucky
I grew up and watch all her movies and have collected them all through my adult life. I watched her movies wanting to be like her growing up. I admired her in her adult life-watching her once again wanting to be like her. She was cute as a child and a beautiful woman and a even more beautiful person
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Name: Karin Barrett
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
I grew up watching and loving her films. She was a model for children and adults. My prayers are for her family. She will be missed.
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Name: Linda Smith
Location: Robertsdale, AL.
Was so sad to hear this, she made so many people smile. I enjoyed her movies and still watch them today when I can. The world has lost a large icon. God bless and be with her family and friends. Thank you Shirley Temple Black for making the world a better place. God has received a wonderful lady.
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Name: Janet Adams
Location: Kent,Wa
RIP..Shirley. Thank you for all the wonderful movies from when you were little and Thank you for being an exemplary woman after you grew up.Sending heartfelt condolences to your family ♥
rating rating rating rating rating
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Name: Joanne Kelly
Location: New Zealand
Loved watching her movies when I was a kid. Such an amazing actress and singer.
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Name: Willie Silva
Location: Cypress,Tx
May Mrs.Shirley Temple(America's sweetheart) forever R.I.P. I loved her movies and her singing talent. May God Almighty and Lord Jesus Christ bless all of her family, friends, and people who met and knew her in show business. She will be missed and my condolences to all her family/friends.
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Location: 2551 ALLEN STREET #114 LIVE OAK CA 95953

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Name: Carolyn Green
Location: Logan Ohio
The joy she brought with her in everything she did n everywhere she went will live on....the world is a better place because of the Spirt she shared..she earned her place in Heaven..Thanks to a life well lived n all the good left behind for others..God Bless.
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