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Name: Rhonda Bernaby
Location: Simi Valley CA
Thank you so much for some of the sweetest childhood memories I had. Even the ones were I had to sleep in curlers so my hair could look just like yours!!! you always warmed my heart!!!! Xoxoxo
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Name: autumnLee
Location: hoffman estates, Illinois
with sincere sympathy to the Temple Black family! Shirley has always been a favorite star of mine! She brought tears and laughter to so many! luckily i have a lot of her movies to keep watching! A dancing and singing angel now! God Bless!
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Name: John Falch
God Bless you Shirley! You always lightened our hearts and made the world The Good Ship Lollipop.
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Name: Kathy Drew
Location: Georgetown, California
Shirley has gone to Lollipop Heaven with so many other long time icons. I loved you with all my heart Shirley growing up. I never miss your reruns when they show today. You will never be forgotten.
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Name: Pierluca Ferrari
Location: Italy
Ciao piccola riccioli d'oro tu che hai accompagnato i sogni infantili e principeschi di molti bambini di tutte l'età . Kiss from italy
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Name: Kerstin Hansen
Location: Payson, Utah
I adore Shirley. I've watched her ever since I was little. Such a sad day for her fans but most importantly for her family. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Shirley Temple Black will forever be my favorite and in my heart!
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Name: Nancy Kepner
Location: Castana, Iowa
I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I still have her storybook from the Shirley Temple Hour. My prayers to your family.
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Name: Shanell Reagan
Location: Ethridge,Tennessee
!!!WhAt a LiFe YoU LiVeD!!!
ThAnK yOu FoR BeiNg a BiG pArT oF mY CHiLdHooD! YoUr sMiLe,yOuR TaLeNt,YoUr LoVaBLe sPiRiT AnD PerSoNaLiTy,tHaT sHoNe pAsT ThE TeLeVisiOn ScReeN AnD CouLd bE dEEpLy FeLt iN My HeArT!YoU aRe EvErLaStiNg & WiLL bE DeePLy MiSSeD! EnJoY YoUr JoUrNeY HoMe!RIP!
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Name: Angela Suor
Location: Spokane Washington
Thank you for my childhood memories. Rest in peace sweet angel. I will miss you <3
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Name: Rebecca
Location: California
I am so sorry for your loss...I am 60 years old and I still will watch a Shirley Temple movie when it comes on...I can only say rest in peace and thank you for all the wonderful memories.
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Name: Susan Gallen
Location: Philadelphia, PA
When I was a little girl Her movies were shown quite a bit on TV and I loved her. I wanted to BE her. She was a real role model, a beautiful child, a lovely woman, and later, an impressive, accomplished diplomat. An American icon, she is an example of what is the best in us! May God bless.
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Name: Josie Erent
Location: Toronto Canada
Thank you Shirley for the lovely memories..May you sing, dance, laugh your way through Heaven Above.....
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Name: Melissa
Location: New Jersey
I loved watching your movies when I was a little girl and can't wait till my girls are old enough to watch them with me. Rest in peace
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Name: Joe Black
Location: Porter, Texas
You were a part of our lives when we were growing up. It seems that no other star has had such an impact on society as you did........All I can say is that your memory will live on. Rest In Peace
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Name: Chasity Rounds
Location: Oklahoma
Shirley Temple was n always will be my favorite actress from my childhood. I really am going to miss her!!!! I Love you Shirley Temple!!!!!
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Name: Terrie Collins-Laytart....57 yrs old
Location: Harrison County Kentucky
I grew up and watch all her movies and have collected them all through my adult life. I watched her movies wanting to be like her growing up. I admired her in her adult life-watching her once again wanting to be like her. She was cute as a child and a beautiful woman and a even more beautiful person
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Name: Karin Barrett
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
I grew up watching and loving her films. She was a model for children and adults. My prayers are for her family. She will be missed.
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Name: Linda Smith
Location: Robertsdale, AL.
Was so sad to hear this, she made so many people smile. I enjoyed her movies and still watch them today when I can. The world has lost a large icon. God bless and be with her family and friends. Thank you Shirley Temple Black for making the world a better place. God has received a wonderful lady.
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Name: Janet Adams
Location: Kent,Wa
RIP..Shirley. Thank you for all the wonderful movies from when you were little and Thank you for being an exemplary woman after you grew up.Sending heartfelt condolences to your family ♥
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Name: Joanne Kelly
Location: New Zealand
Loved watching her movies when I was a kid. Such an amazing actress and singer.
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Name: Willie Silva
Location: Cypress,Tx
May Mrs.Shirley Temple(America's sweetheart) forever R.I.P. I loved her movies and her singing talent. May God Almighty and Lord Jesus Christ bless all of her family, friends, and people who met and knew her in show business. She will be missed and my condolences to all her family/friends.
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Location: 2551 ALLEN STREET #114 LIVE OAK CA 95953

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Name: Carolyn Green
Location: Logan Ohio
The joy she brought with her in everything she did n everywhere she went will live on....the world is a better place because of the Spirt she shared..she earned her place in Heaven..Thanks to a life well lived n all the good left behind for others..God Bless.
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Name: Susan Berry
Location: San Diego, CA
Shirley was my hero, when people asked which famous person would I want to meet, it was always Shirley. She got me through my childhood and she is someone I looked up to, I wish kids today had someone like her to look up to in the film industry. Shirley is the only republican I actually like
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Name: Mark M.
Location: Joliet,IL
Shirley throughout her entire life, represented everything that is great about her country. Let us never forget that as a little girl, she lifted a great nation during very tough times with nothing more than her dancing,singing and most importantly, the beautiful smile and innocence of a child!

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Name: dovey kahn
Location: baltimore, md.
An American icon. May her family find solace in her beautiful legacy. She brought joy to the hearts of millions.
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Name: Fran Tomperi
Location: Litchfield Park, Az
What a wonderful talent and human being. She was always the eternal optimist in her movies, which made us all smile as we watched them growing up. My sincere sympathy to her family. May you all be blessed with warm and happy memories..........
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Name: Julia
Location: Asheville, NC
I have seen all of your movies. My favorite of course is Bright Eyes. When I little back in the 70's I was in a music recital whereI performed On The Good Ship Lollipop. I still remember it to this day. R.I.P. On The Good SHip Lollipop
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Name: JoAnna McKenzie
Location: Paramount, California
I grew up watching and loving you Shirley. You have made my life so much happier, thank you. Rest in peace sweet lady. Thank you for everything you did to make this world a better place.
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Name: Rob Timmons
Location: Portland, OR
Shirley Temple will live on among her many fans, including my own little darling.
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Name: Miranda
Location: Florida
Shirley Temple has been a part of many happy memories for me and generations of others. There have been many child stars since, but she was the first and the best. She is an American original. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Edweena Hall
Location: Sydney Australia
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, they always brightened my day. She had an amazing life, she was a great role model for many to aspire to
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Name: Sherry Nelson
Location: Conway Ar.
Shirley will always be remembered for being a part of my childhood and the fond memories of the many movies I watched in early years. Like a dove she still flies.
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Name: Gini Laidman
Location: Florida
My Heart goes out to Shirley's family. She had such talent. And she will always be remembered.
Being 3 years younger, we girls had to have Shirley's curls, dresses and learn to tap dance.
She had such an adorable smile that will last forever.
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Name: Johann-Era Drew
Location: New York, NY
May your family find peace in this challenging time. I had the honor of meeting Mrs. Temple Black during a diplomatic conference in the 1990's. She was so very gracious, warm and kind to me. I will always treasure our exchange. Her life should be a blue print for child stars who's fame fades.
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Name: Connie Geiger
Location: Tampa, Florida
I grew up watching her sing and dance. She live a wonderful life and shared her life with many. We will miss shirley and she lives on in our hearts and minds. May God bless her family and be touched for many generations.
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Name: Christine Lee
Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK
I used to love watching Shirley Temple films when I was a little girl myself. I hope they show her old films again. They bring back happy memories.
Rest in peace dear Shirley. You brought joy to so many.
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Name: Lora Evans
Location: Hambleton, WV
What a wonderful, remarkable lady we have lost. I loved watching the early shows of the tiny, bubbly Shirley Temple. A living doll. So perfect. So perfectly adorable. I shared videos of her with my children; the same videos I loved as a child. She danced into our hearts and remains there still.
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Name: Dawn Anderson
Location: Louisville, KY
I loved watching your movies as I was growing up. Your plucky spirit and dimpled smile was uplifting throughout your life of stardom and then of service. As bright a light as you were to an adoring public, I can only imagine the loss felt by your family. The Little Princess was my favorite. RIP
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Name: Colleen Hogan
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Thank you for all you stood for. I grew up on your movies. Thank you for living a life of integrity and for being a role model to many. May you rest in peace.
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Name: Charlotte Chamblin
Location: Satsuma, AL
She will be so missed. I can not tell you how many times over and over I watched her movies. She was the greatest child star ever. Rest in Peace and know you will be missed.
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Name: Linda Largent
Location: Decatur,Tx
I grew up watching you all the time. We sat in front of the tv and enjoyed all of your shows. I am sad that you are gone. But I know your in a better place. You will be greatly missed.
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Name: Deborah Sandifer
Location: Reidsville North Carolina
To Shirley's family...I am so sorry for your loss of this great lady. Millions love her and she will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to you in the difficult time in your life. May God be with you during your sorrow.R.I.P Curly Top...
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Name: Loretta
Location: Maryland
Thank you Shirley, I will always love your movies and treasure my dolls. I am so honored to have the historical example you have set for people to live their lives fully for ever more.
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Name: Catherine H
Location: Birmingham AL
My older sister (who was the same age) was a great fan of Shirley Temple. My sister died three years ago and I was reminded of her love for the Shirley Temple movies when I learned of Shirley Temple's death. My condolences to her family.
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Name: Claudia
Location: Norwalk, Ca.
Shirley Temple and all her wonderful movies have always been a joy to me and I have made sure my children always knew about her. My 5 year old has always loved to sing along with her. God bless and rest in peace. We were all blessed to have her in this world.
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Name: Vicky Corbello
Location: Kountze Texas
Heartfelt Condolences. Shirley Temple is loved and will be fondly remembered. I have enjoyed her movies for 57 years. At age 7 on a family vacation from TX to CA we saw her on the Good Ship Lollipop at the Wax Museum, then on to Knott's Berry Farm, & Disneyland.
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Name: Della Bell
Location: Schreiber Ontario Canada
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Name: Nicolette Talas
Location: Brighton, Melbourne, Australia
Thank you for the many hours of entertainment RIP
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Name: Julie Klem
Location: Indiana
Such an adorable talented young girl and an even more beautiful woman-inside and out. 55 years of marriage is a real blessing.
You will always be loved and missed. Peace to your family.
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Name: Leisa
Location: Roanoke, VA
The world has lost a bright star but Heaven has gained another angel. My condolences to the family and friends of Shirley Temple Black. Her beauty, smile, talent and those dimples will be missed by millions. May God comfort you and be with you now and in the days and weeks to come. God bless.
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Name: Janet Faye
Location: Fort Myers
Onward to bigger and better things! Happily I still have all her wonderful movies on DVD and can watch them whenever! They're my go to films when I'm down and out. My favs were "Our Little Girl" and "Captain January". To quote Bob Hope, "Thanks for the memories!" She was a very lovely lady.
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Name: Betty
Location: Pahrump, NV
I grew up on your fantastic movies....will miss you, but never forget what you gave to us all! See you in Heaven!
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Name: Beth
Location: IN
One of a kind! A Renaissance Woman! She will be missed!
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Name: RB
Location: TEXAS
RIP Shirley, you were loved by many!
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Name: Connie Mills
Location: Barbourville, KY
I loved all Shirley's movies. She was the greatest. Thank You.
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Name: GLJM
Location: New York, New York
I'm sure that when she entered Heaven God said " Well Shirley you really did sparkle all your life!"
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Name: victor
Location: d
As a young boy I never admitted it, but I loved watching her sing and dance. It was as though she was a real angel.
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Name: Susan Dean
Location: Washington, D.C.
She brought such joy to millions which is one important legacy but, more importantly, was her contribution as an American woman patriot. As a female who has also worked to ensure this country's future, I was thrilled to have her as my role model. My sincerest condolences to her beloved family.
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Name: Halie Ellis
Location: Huntingdon tn
Hey I really like your movies
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Name: Catrina Archuleta
Location: Whittier, CA
I grew up watching Shirely Temple movies and I hope to show them to my kids one day. You were a great star and role model. May you rest in peace.
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Name: Lynn
Location: Toms River, NJ
Thank you Shirley for being one of the best role models this world has ever had. I love you! You are in the front row in heaven.
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Name: Steve and Kim NESMITH
Location: Madisonville Ky.
We grew up with you in our lives. Always putting a smile on our faces. God called an angel home. You were a blessing to millions.
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Name: anthony ortiz
Location: ny
rest in peace shirley
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Location: Oakland, CA
My prayers are with the family right now - You all had a wonderful gift! What a blessing to have her in your life.
She will be remembered, loved and missed by all.
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Name: Vince V
Location: Delran NJ
I will be 62 next month and still watch those glorious movies. You entertained many generations and then worked in public service. This is a special person and you will be missed but always remembered. You've sailed away on that Good Ship and have left generations a legacy of joy.
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Name: Bronwyn
Location: New Zealand
Away from all sorrow
Away from all Pain
In God's beautiful garden
You will meet your lovely and beautiful Mother, grandmother and great grandmother again.
R.I.P Lovely lady someone who I always looked up too. Never forgotten.
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Name: saparks
Location: osceola arkansas
God bless you and your family for shared Shirley to me and the world.She will greatly missed,But at least she shared her LOVE TO THE WORLD.
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Name: Matti Taylor
Location: Wildomar, CA
I absolutely love Shirley Temple Black. I love her cuteness. I watch her movies whenever they are on and I own a number of them. My favorite? "The Little Princess".
Shirley will be missed...she already is.
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Name: Harley Pardue
Location: North Carolina
My grandfather bought me every movie she ever played in. We used to watch them together. With him gone, those movies bring me more joy than anything. She was my childhood idol and I look forward to watching those movies with my children.
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Name: thomas kelly
Location: Ireland
Thank you for all the enjoyment you gave the world from generation to generation.Your memory will be in our hearts forever.
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Name: Eduarda da Silva
Location: Rotterdam Netherlands
May the Angels surround you.Thank you for the beautiful movies and the happiness you gave to the world.
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Name: Dottie McDermott
Location: Redwood City, Ca
Today is a very sad day for all of us. I will forever remember the sweet little girl in all those movies. All of us little girls wanted to be little Shirley Temple.
Thoughts and Prayers are with her family.
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Name: Diana Sandefur
Location: Texas
Every year before school started, I would sit at the kitchen counter as my mother gave me a "home perm" so I would have Shirley Temple curls....
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Name: Pearl Vera
Location: San Jose, CA
Sad day. Beautiful and talented human being. I hope I make it to heaven so I can meet you there.

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Name: Cindy Hefferman
Location: Ontario Canada
Shirley...You gave us so many wonderful memories of that curly haired tot. May you find your bluebird of happiness.
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Name: Kimberly A
Location: Akron, Oh
So sorry for your loss just know she was an inspiration to us all in all that she accomplished. I always thought of her as my little girl, Just lean on God and know that he'll give you the comfort you need during your time of sorrow.
May God keep you in his arms.
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Name: Carla Nicole Bonds
Location: Vallejo, California
I will forever miss Shirley Temple. My mom bought me all her movies on video and I would watch them with her and she would tell me how she went to the movies to watch her films when she was a little girl. Now I watch her movies with my little cousin. You will always be remembered.
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Name: Louise
Location: Marietta,GA
You will be missed. You brought great joy to all of us. Our family enjoyed watching your movies on Sunday afternoons. You blessed us all. Thank you for all the joy you brought to us. May God comfort your family.
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Name: Laurie Malott
Location: Hot Springs Arkansas
I watched you as a child. As did my children, as will my grand children. You will make Heaven an even Happier Place.
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Name: Darlene Helton Gibson
Location: colorado
I grew up loving Shirley and wanted a dress just like hers. When my cousin our grew hers, I was given the dress. I am 77 and will always remember the dress.
God bless her precious family.
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Name: Eugenia McCarthy
Location: Irvine Ca.
Shirley Temple movies were my favorite as a child and are still my favorite as a 62 year old grandmother.My thoughts are with the Black family.
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Name: Jen Moulton
A beautiful person, a beautiful soul, has been lost to this world. I wish the entire family much comfort during this difficult time of grieving.
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Name: Caroline Grace Williams
Location: Nashville, TN / Oxford, OH
Love to Shirley always and always. I grew up in love with Shirley Temple. I sang along to all her movies and became involved with dancing/singing/acting because of her. I attribute all my inspiration to her. Hopefully one day I will be able to do what she did for our country in the 1930s.
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Name: Kat Gomez
Location: Whittier, CA
Ms. Temple Black was a shining example of what women could achieve in all areas of life. Bless her for her efforts; she will remain forever in our hearts.
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Name: Kimberly A
Location: Akron, Oh
So sorryu for your loss just know she was an inspiration to us all in all that she accomplished. I always thought of her as my little girl, Just lean on God and know that he'll give you the comfort you need during your time of sorry.
May God keep you in his arms.
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Name: Mike C.
Location: Rhode Island
I have been a fan of Shirley's for years and years and today I have cried so much, I just cannot believe she has passed away. I am surrounded by my collection of Little Shirley and, I just cannot believe she is gone.
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Name: Mary Lou Ramirez
Location: Houston, Texas
I grew up watching Shirley Temple's movies. I loved her grace and charm. She could move you to tears and make you smile. She was a beautiful beacon of light just when America needed it most. Now she is in Heaven and free from pain. RIP Shirley.
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Name: Lynne
Location: New Zealand
Sad to hear Shirley Temple has died.. My mother was named after her and had the same type of hair as her!! I loved her songs as a child growing up its a sad day for Hollywood, she will be dearly missed .x
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Name: Maxine
Location: Bristol, CT
Shirley Temple Black has passed today; NO NOT EVER. She will be with us in our hearts and minds, dancing, acting and filling our souls with her little girl antics. Always remembered now and ever. You gave us hope and lifted out spirits like no one could. You will be sorely missed.
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Name: Stephen R Pace
Location: Seattle Washington
You made me laugh, Thank You!
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Name: Janice
Location: St. Augustine, FL
I remember watching her movies as a young girl! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
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Name: Susan Foster
Location: Thunder Bay Canada
As a little girl every Christmas a Shirleyy Temple movie would be watched and even now I watch for her movies what a beautiful talented child actress she was I always enjoyed hearing about her accomplishments and her love for her family She will never be forgotten Thank you Shirley
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Name: Renee
Location: California
My father passed before Christmas, when I was 7 yrs old. He only purchased one gift that year and it was for me. It was what would become one of my favorite childhood memories a Shirley Temple doll. I realized later, most of her movies she was fatherless. No wonder I related so. May she RIP
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Name: Jennie Moore
Location: Ohio
Every little girl that watched her on tv at Easter had her curled. She was such a GREAT actress. She will be gravely missed by all who enjoyed her accomplishments, in an era where females were not quite as recognised as men. SHIRLEY TEMPLE WILL BE MISSED.
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Name: jill kasparian
Location: bakersfield, california
I was saddened to hear of Shirley Temple's passing. Every Sunday morning my father and I watched her movies. She was a role model and a patriotic American.
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Name: Nita MItchell
Location: West Des Moines, IA
Some of my fondest memories when I was young were watching Shirley Temple movies on the small screen. I still watch them when I can.

I wish to express my sincere condolences to Mrs. Black's family for their loss.
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Name: Tresa Baker
Location: Delaware
I will miss you so much.I have all your movies and will be watching them alot.I always watched on sunday with my darling gran mother and loved you ever since. RIP mrs Shirley Temple, Black heven got the best
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Name: Beth Oliver
Location: Roanoke Virginia
In loving memory of Shirley Temple Black.

Thank you for making the world smile during a time when there was little to smile about after the Depression and during the War. We also appreciate your diplomatic efforts. Godspeed Shirley.
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