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Name: James Jacobs
Location: San Diego, California
Hello. Shirley Temple was an amazing woman who brought a lot of joy to people around the world. She will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace.
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Name: Agnes
Location: Atherton, CA
As a child, on Sunday afternoons, one of my fondest memories was sitting on our couch in our living room and watching Shirley Temple movies. Oh, how she will be missed. My deepest sympathies to all of you.

Bon Voyage, Shirley….."on the good ship lollipop."
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Name: Connie Quine
Location: Rusk TX
Thank you for allowing us to express how much we loved your beloved Shirley, through her films and her tireless diplomacy work. She will be greatly missed, but at least she shared with the world.
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Name: Cheryl Johnson
Location: Lonoke, Ar
I am sad after hearing about the passing of Mrs. Temple Black.My twin sister and I spent many a Saturday watching her movies on television.We were extremely excited one Christmas, when Santa brought our beloved Shirley Temple dolls. We would play with them for hours and knew the songs by heart.
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Name: Pat Jones
Location: Kentucky
many heart felt condolences to the family for your loss. For your mothers movies are a true treasure of all her fans. Shirley Temple touched the world in a way no one will ever be able to duplicate. Your mother was and is still so special to me. God Bless !!!!!
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Name: Thomas Fant
Location: 7837 E.33rd St Indianapolis,In. 46226
( Shirley ) Thanks for the memories.And I thank you Tom
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Name: Laurel
Location: Oregon Coast
Ms. Black was an inspirational woman, for several generations as a child star, and for surprisingly, becoming involved in politics. I'm thankful she died peacefully, and will never forget her generous donations to her fans and our country. RIP.
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Name: Todd Elkins
Location: Montpelier, OH - USA
So sorry for your loss. She was an amazing influence, and still is, on those who were close to her and her fans. Thank you for the years you dedicated yourself to making the world around you a better place. I'm so proud to say that my grandkids enjoy your movies, Shirley! May God comfort all.
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Name: cyndia
Location: Bluffton, IN.
Shirley Temple was the best child actress in the whole world. I have watched her movies all my life. She will surely be missed. I'm thankful we will be able to enjoy her movies, and her beautiful smiles forever. Thank you Shirley, we love you.
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Name: Caryn Boxer
Location: San Diego, Ca.
An "American" Treasure! Her contributions to humanity can not be measured nor compared. She went far above & beyond. She will be sorely missed.
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Name: Josephine Dimiceli
Location: New York, New York
Rest in peace Shirley. Thank you for all the wonderful movies that I grew up watching and still till today, I enjoy watching. Thank you for being a fine example of what an actress should be. You exemplified the word "childhood star" -- Sweet dreams Shirley.
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Name: William Findley
Location: Honolulu, HI
My beautiful Mother told me so many stories of how Shirley Temple brought much joy to her life as a little girl growing up in NW Missouri back in the 1930's. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many of us all these years. The world has lost a very special Angel indeed. Blessings.
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Name: Karen Gearheart
Location: Lakeview, Ohio
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies & loved everyone of them. I got teary eyed reading of her passing. She is now on her own Good ship lollipop dancing & singing. She will be missed by many generations as my kids & grand kids watched her movies. R.I.P. Shirley, we love you still.
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Name: Linda
Location: Texas
Rest in peace, Shirley.
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Name: Kimberly Johnson
Location: Madison IN
It must be very hard knowing that Shirley's fans want to know anything they can to mourn the beloved star. MY heart goes out to you the family during this difficult time. I have a 17yr old daughter who loves Shirley's movies. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Joan Vondra
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Goodbye, Shirley. You were, truly, loved by millions. We will always be grateful for all you gave us.
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Name: Hanah
Location: Alabama
I remember watching Shirley temple when I was little and that was 2005 so she obviously left behind a legacy that will always be remembered! Tomorrow, tomorrow the sun will come out tomorrow.
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Name: Nels Walker
Location: Jacksonville Florida
Thank you for making my childhood better.
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Name: John H.
Location: Austin, Texas
I'm am saddened beyond measure at Shirley's passing. She will always be an American treasure.
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Name: Jackie
Location: Florida
I grew up watching Shirley grow up. The high standards that were portrayed are standards I lived my life. Her honisty and smiling face will remain with my family always. We have lost a truly great person. My prayers are with her family.
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Name: Kathryn O'Brien
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and to this day, they still bring a smile to my face. God Bless your family and take solace in all of the joy your Mother, Grandmother and great Grandmother has brought to so many throughout the years
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Name: Heather Maston
Location: New York, New York
Shirley Temple was such a memorable part of my childhood. I still at age 31 have many of the songs she sang memorized. I have so much happiness connected to her in my memories and that is a priceless gift. Her joy and talent is an inspiration to us all. Blessings on her family,

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Name: Loretta Journeay
Location: Alberta,Canada
Even though the Good Ship Lollipop has made it's final voyage,you will always be remembered and continue to bring joy to many, for generations to come.RIP Miss Shirley
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Name: Darla Strong
Location: Lancaster, CA
To the family of Shirley Temple my sympathy on the passing of your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I always enjoyed watching reruns of Shirley's films. My favorite film of all time had to Bright Eyes. I enjoyed following what she did through the years. She will be missed.
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Name: Barbara Richmond
Location: Deland Florida
Shirley Temple was such a good child actor that I loved her all my life.I have all her movies and will cherish them.I am saddened by her loss and wish her family the best.She will be missed by all who knew her.
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Name: Gayle Greenbrook
Location: San Jose, CA
I am heartbroken today. Thank you Shirley for filling my life with such joy.
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Name: MJ
Location: Texas
I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies I always thought she was so beautiful. We still watch her movies even my grandchildren she will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
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Name: Judy Mowery
Location: Franklin, TN
My condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. She brought the world great joy in her many performances as a childstar. Her service to our country as an Ambassador was an honor to our country. I hope that her many years on this earth brought her much peace and happiness in all her roles.
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Name: Gladys
Location: Central Oregon
I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Black. She was truly an icon not only as a child, but throughout her life. I have a collection of all her movies and I've seen them countless times. I always sing along with her. She will be missed. Love you Shirley!
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Name: Eva
Location: Dallas
Shirley Temple Black will be sadly missed, her movies will forever warm the hearts of those who watch them!!
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Name: Kevin Roberts
Location: wales u.k
Your Shirley was one of a kind I have watched clips of her as a youngster with my daughter Seren (aged 5) and she will continue to bring smiles to peoples faces for all time .
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Name: Jennifer
Location: Michigan
Shirley was a savior for me as a young child living in an abusive household. Her movies and records saved my life. I was able to escape into her world if even for only a brief moment. You saved not only the worlds hearts during the Great Depression, but gave a child a safe place decades later.
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Name: Kathy
Location: Texas
Another part of my childhood is gone with the passing of Shirley Temple Black. She was a wonderful little girl and became a beautiful woman. Thank you to her family for the opportunity to say God Bless.
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Name: Jody Brown
Location: Canoga Park, CA
She was the brightest star of them all. She tap danced and smiled through a time when this country needed a little hope and happiness, and she managed to accomplish that and then some. RIP "Curly Top". You will be fondly remembered.
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Name: Kimberly lewis
Location: Detroit
Heaven just got a little sweeter and earth a little colder. Shirley you were always an angel you are just getting your wings. I can't thank you enough for the laughter, the tears and memories of a time when life was a little easier. I hoped this day would never come. Please say hi to my Mom.
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Name: Jennie Chancey
Location: Africa
As a teen, I fell in love with Shirley Temple and collected all of her movies. I scoured antiques shops for ephemera to put into my scrapbooks (which numbered seven by the time I was 17). She was a true class act in every way--and I so admired her for leaving Hollywood to care for her children. RIP!
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Name: Mollie Marie moore
Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Shirley Temple brought light and laughter to a nation so in need of it. She was a bright spot of innocence and optimism in a time of great darkness. Even in her death, she remains a symbol of all that is worthwhile in this country. What a legacy. My prayers are with her family in this time of loss.
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Name: Lorraine Herrera
Location: Downey, Ca.
Our condolences from one family to another. Thank you Shirley for the smiles, laughs, tears, and dances. I'm 35 years old now. But thanks to my parents and grandparents, I was blessed by your onscreen presence. And now I'm able to share these memories with my own little ones. God bless you!
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Name: Joe gregory
Location: wyoming
She was a great after she will be miss ...but her films will live on R.I.P Shirley Temple Black.3
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Name: Shirley Lambert
Location: Shelbyville,Ky.
I was saddened to hear of a great actress and a beautiful person who did so much good in her life she will be greatly missed we loved her so. my cnodolence to her family.
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Name: Robin H.
Location: West Virginia
Thank you, Shirley Temple, for sharing your joy and for your service to mankind. My family always called her "Little Shirley." One of the greatest talents of our time. Prayers for the family in this time of remembrance.
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Name: Rajbir Dhillon
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
On behalf of the people of India, we love and will miss Shirley Temple
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Name: angel coffey
Location: beech grove
shirley temple black was one of my favorite actresses & to me she will b missed r.i.p. mrs temple black
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Name: Al vigil
Location: Call
I'll miss you as will the world you made a time that was bad and made me laugh and enjoy life thank you for that I'll never forget you.
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Name: Stephanie
Location: San Antonio, TX
What an inspiration Shirley Temple Black was throughout her life. Wishing comfort to her family and friends at her passing...with fond memories of her movies and adoration of her accomplishments.
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Name: David F.
Our family has such fond memories of her talent. We enjoyed her movies growing up and have shared them with our daughter who loves to sing and dance along. May her family and friends find peace at this difficult time.
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Name: Dee Dee
Location: St. Augustine
My deepest sympathy for the family. Shirley will always be remembered as America's Little Darling and I am so thankful we have her movies to forever warm our hearts. May God bless us all at this sad time as we say goodbye to her.
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Name: Deb Medina
Location: NY
I am very saddened by the loss of a wonderful woman. My mother watched her, I watched her and still do now with my 5 year old. She has left a wonderful legacy. My sincere condolences to you, her family. Her memory will shine bright always.
Best, Deb Medina NY
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Name: Peggy Barbour
Location: Lockhart, Texas
God bless the family and friends of this Great woman, we will all miss her.. we all loved her and I know she had to be a wonderful lady. My sympathy and prayers are with all
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Name: Carol Jean McCauley
Location: Howland, OH. USA
RIP Dear sweet Shirley. You have given the world more joy than you can ever know. We love you.. and will miss you ...Dear sweet soul.
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Name: Virginia
Location: Arizona
You will be much missed. Your pictures were a part of my childhood memories and the way you led your life, with grace and dignity, is an example for generations to come.
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Name: Mary Fordham
Location: Colorado Springs,CO
God Bless your family and loved ones. You will forever be remembered and loved. Thank you for the memories of yesteryear. I will always watch your movies with my grandchildren, they love your movies too.
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Name: Helen Elkins
Location: Montpelier, Ohio
I just want to pay my respects, first of all, to the family and friends of Shirley. She had a wonderful influence on me. She did so much and made me feel like I could do anything. Her smiling face and winning personality will be greatly missed. Cherish the memories. She was a marvelous woman.
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Name: Alan Rea
Location: Manchester, England
I am so very sad to hear this sad news, many an afternoon sat withy my Grandmother as a child watching her fabulous films.

A truly amazing Lady!

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Name: Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weeks
Location: Carrollton, Ga
My husband and I are life long fans of Shirley Temple.
Her passing will leave a huge void in this world, she was a true lady, an accomplished actress and a humanitarian.
She will be missed but most important she will be remembered.
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Name: Freya Skarin
Location: Seattle, WA
She provided wonderful memories of grade school in Penna. As a treat, we would get to see her films in class. Thank you forever.
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Name: Mrs Sandra Stevens
Location: 42 Boughton Ave St Johns Worcester England
Another Great Legend Gone Best Actress ever they don't make them like u anymore. Your in heaven now singing on the good ship lollipop luv u Shirley God Bless xxxx <3
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Name: Diane Wolcott-Moniz
Location: Modesto California
I grew up watch Shirley Temple movies. As a result my children grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and now my two youngest grandchildren, ages 8 and 5, watch her movies too. She lives on through those who loved her as and actress, ambassador and a cancer activist/survivor. So long, for a while.
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Name: Beth Shavalier
Location: Elmira, NY
Shirley Temple has been my idol since I was very young. She was who I wanted to be when I was young and someone I looked up to as I got older. I think she was my favorite actress of all times and a roll model for all.
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Name: Carla
Location: Tulsa
Loved...Loved... this lady, she has made me laugh for many years, RIP Ms Shirley
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Name: Rose Mary Robles
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Shirley T. movies very special to me growing up. Uplifted me. Learned so much from them. My 8 year old granddtr. born with Spina Bif. Has no muscles in her legs and uses braces- walker. As a baby saw Heidi and it is part of her life. Play pretend to it. Your family is in our heart & prayers.
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Name: joyce pearson
Location: pekin il.
In my eyes she was the greatest child star and of ALL TIMES loved watching her movies when I was a child and later sharing them with my kids and grandchildren and our next grand grandchild will be here in May 21-2014 I will also get to share Shirley Temple movies with her . R.I.P. Curly Top Love you
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Name: Marcia Heifner
Location: Gallup, NM
God Bless Shirley Temple Black. She is loved and will be remembered always. Best wishes and deepest condolences to her family.
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Name: Megan
Location: California
You'll Shirley be missed. I will always remember you!
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Name: Katherine
Location: Fresno, CA
So sad to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple Black. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones. I loved watching her as a child and I also loved sharing her with my children and grandchildren. She will live on. That charming personality! Will surely be missed.
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Name: Kim Meredith
Location: Washington State
I just wanted to take a moment to say, I grew up watching Shirley and I raised my 5 daughters watching her. I was amazed at how much talent in such a little body. She will be missed alot. My husband even bought me her dolls. God bless each of her family memebers. thinking of you at this time.
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Name: Sally Edwards
Location: London, England
Such a wonderful star as a child, an amazing diplomat as an adult. She will always be remembered and will continue to touch hearts. Rest in Peace Shirley and thank you for shining so brightly
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Name: Dave
Location: Minnesota
An unforgettable person in so many ways. Thanks for the life you shared with us.
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Name: Pam Gieseke
Location: Blue Springs, MO
My prayers and thoughts are with the family of Shirley Temple Black during this time. Thank you for sharing her with us. She was a remarkable woman. May God grant you His peace and comfort.
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Name: Diane
Location: Cypress CA
I am 58 years old and grew up watching Shirley Temple.
I adored her. She will be truly missed. My grandchildren all love her as well
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Name: Janice E. Leone
Location: Birmingham, MI
Shirley Temple's were the first movies I bought for my three children. I adored her when I was a child, and I knew her films would portray good morals and character to my children. She was a talented child and a wonderful woman. May God bless her soul.
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Name: Blanquy de La Cruz
Location: VA. USA
I am 39 years old,have about 18movies,and I still smile, laugh and cry when I watch them.Since I got the news in my phone this early morning is a sadness in my heart and a feeling I can't expres. I am from Guatemala. and I will die with her smile in my mind.My sympathies to all her family.Blessings>
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Name: Marcy Carnaggio
Location: Burbank, CA
Forever your talent will be remembered on screen. Thank you for the wonderful movies that I always enjoyed and still do! God Bless Shirley and your family.
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Name: Erik
Sad to hear of her passing. My condolences to her family!
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Name: John C Stoskopf
Speaking for my mother and myself, we will sorely miss her. This is like truly losing one of our family.
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Name: Cynthia Corne
Location: Roseville, CA
I grew up watching Shirley Temple's movies. Today at 65 I still treasure seeing her smiling face and reading my two treasured books - Heidi and her childrens storybook. She will always be Curly Top to the world and very much missed. God bless her family.
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Name: Zelpha Barnhart
Location: Ohio
I am 67 and remember all the wonderful movies. Watched them over and over, they never got old. She's now an Angel in heaven I'm sure there are many waiting her arrival. She was loved by many. God bless her family at this difficult time.
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Name: Debra Nicodemus
Location: Sierra Vista, AZ
My heart is deeply saddened today as I read the news of Shirley Temple Black. I still enjoy watching her movies, and hope they will always broadcast them. I watch them with my two granddaughters. She has lived a good long life, but will be missed by all. Rest in peace Shirley.
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Name: Lori
Location: Reno NV
As a child I was sickly and had surgeries, her movies brought me joy!! Bless your family in dealing with your loss. You will always be in my heart
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Name: Debbie Jenkins
Location: Chicago, Illinois
I extend my condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom. As a woman I admired Shirley Temple Black for her honorable service to our country. She was an incredible role model for women. May she rest in peace and may peace.
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Name: Yvette Sandrock
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
She was really very lovely, I still enjoy her movies as I did 50 years ago. Not to mention all her great accomplishments. I am sorry to hear that she has left us. My prays go out to her family and friends.
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Name: David Borgula
Location: Minneapolis MN
I will never ever forgot watching and re-watching her movies as a kid. She truly was our nation's treasure and we will never forget her. What a legacy she has left to the millions that loved her. Shirley Temple you were an angel here on Earth, words can never say how much you have meant to us.
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Name: ann allen
Location: alabama
She will be greatly missed,such a great lady. She brought so much joy and laughter to me and my children and grand and greatgrand children. Will always remember and love her.
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Name: John C Stoskopf
Speaking for my mother and myself, we will sorely miss her. This is like truly losing one of our family.
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Name: Andrew Curran
Location: Seattle Washington
Like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa no one can take your place. R.I.P. Mrs Shirley Temple-Black may you sing and dance in our dreams.
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Name: Donna Reed
Location: Mississippi
I was raised on Shirley Temple movies, now own the collection, and have shared these wonderfully bright & encouraging moments with my 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. We all love "Little Miss Bright Eyes."
We know the family will miss her presence on this earth. She had the gift of spreading joy
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Name: June Pearson
Location: Sarasota, Florida
You made my childhood bearable as a household with an alcoholic. I played with your dolls and watched you in the movies and you took away my unhappiness. May you rest in peace and know you had a beautiful heart and soul as an adult as well. Thanks Shirley!
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Name: colleen lefkof
Location: media pa
Deeply missed thoughts go out to her family!
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Name: Teresa Post Smith
Location: Missouri
You were an inspiration to me as a child. May God watch over you! I will lift your family up in prayer!

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Name: Kimberly A Mahrous
Thank you for all your work on stage and for our government. You are one of a kind, and have enjoied all your movies since I was a child,your movies introduced me to a whole range of movies. God bless you and you whole Family. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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Name: KM
Location: Oklahoma
What a life! Thank you for all the happiness you provided me during childhood. You will be missed, Shirley.
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Name: patty thornberry
Location: florida usa
My mother, who passed 4/30/13, introduced me to Shirley Temple movies, and I loved and we both adored her. A magnificent LADY, who will be missed.
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Name: Judy Warren
Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
I want Shirley's family know I am praying for them and that I am so sorry for their loss. I loved watching her movies and admired her when she became an Ambassador. We all have lost a friend, and my heart goes out to the family.
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Name: Shelby Turner
Location: Bassett,Virginia
Have watched her Movies all my life, enjoyed them so much,the World has lost a great actress, person and I am praying for her family. :
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Name: Sheila
I send my sincere condolences to Shirley's family. She was a great role model for actresses and for women of all ages. My favorite Shirley movie is "The Little Princess". The world was a far better place with Shirley Temple Black in it.
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Name: Sandy Reynolds
Location: Bracey, Virginia (Lake Gaston)
Shirley Temple was my idol growing up and watching her many movies which all made me cry. I'm crying still as I just learned of her passing. Shirley, I will always love you!
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Name: David
God Bless you Shirley
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Name: Lauren Lambert
Location: South Shields
I've devastated that Shirley has passed away. I've even a fan of hers for 25 years, I'm now 28.
Love and thoughts to her family. Xxxxxx
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Name: Ted Whalen
Location: Marion Il.
May God welcome you with open arms, we will mourn your passing and think of you every time we pray.
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Name: Marc Robert Colver
Location: Nashville TN
She put smiles on our faces when our country was in a dark place. You couldn't help but smile when it came to Shirley Temple. My sincere condolences to her family and friends for their loss, but she will live on and entertain us on the screen for many many years to come. Rest In Peace, Mrs Black!
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