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Name: Debbie Jenkins
Location: Chicago, Illinois
I extend my condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom. As a woman I admired Shirley Temple Black for her honorable service to our country. She was an incredible role model for women. May she rest in peace and may peace.
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Name: Yvette Sandrock
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
She was really very lovely, I still enjoy her movies as I did 50 years ago. Not to mention all her great accomplishments. I am sorry to hear that she has left us. My prays go out to her family and friends.
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Name: David Borgula
Location: Minneapolis MN
I will never ever forgot watching and re-watching her movies as a kid. She truly was our nation's treasure and we will never forget her. What a legacy she has left to the millions that loved her. Shirley Temple you were an angel here on Earth, words can never say how much you have meant to us.
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Name: ann allen
Location: alabama
She will be greatly missed,such a great lady. She brought so much joy and laughter to me and my children and grand and greatgrand children. Will always remember and love her.
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Name: John C Stoskopf
Speaking for my mother and myself, we will sorely miss her. This is like truly losing one of our family.
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Name: Andrew Curran
Location: Seattle Washington
Like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa no one can take your place. R.I.P. Mrs Shirley Temple-Black may you sing and dance in our dreams.
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Name: Donna Reed
Location: Mississippi
I was raised on Shirley Temple movies, now own the collection, and have shared these wonderfully bright & encouraging moments with my 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. We all love "Little Miss Bright Eyes."
We know the family will miss her presence on this earth. She had the gift of spreading joy
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Name: June Pearson
Location: Sarasota, Florida
You made my childhood bearable as a household with an alcoholic. I played with your dolls and watched you in the movies and you took away my unhappiness. May you rest in peace and know you had a beautiful heart and soul as an adult as well. Thanks Shirley!
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Name: colleen lefkof
Location: media pa
Deeply missed thoughts go out to her family!
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Name: Teresa Post Smith
Location: Missouri
You were an inspiration to me as a child. May God watch over you! I will lift your family up in prayer!

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Name: Kimberly A Mahrous
Thank you for all your work on stage and for our government. You are one of a kind, and have enjoied all your movies since I was a child,your movies introduced me to a whole range of movies. God bless you and you whole Family. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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Name: KM
Location: Oklahoma
What a life! Thank you for all the happiness you provided me during childhood. You will be missed, Shirley.
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Name: patty thornberry
Location: florida usa
My mother, who passed 4/30/13, introduced me to Shirley Temple movies, and I loved and we both adored her. A magnificent LADY, who will be missed.
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Name: Judy Warren
Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
I want Shirley's family know I am praying for them and that I am so sorry for their loss. I loved watching her movies and admired her when she became an Ambassador. We all have lost a friend, and my heart goes out to the family.
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Name: Shelby Turner
Location: Bassett,Virginia
Have watched her Movies all my life, enjoyed them so much,the World has lost a great actress, person and I am praying for her family. :
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Name: Sheila
I send my sincere condolences to Shirley's family. She was a great role model for actresses and for women of all ages. My favorite Shirley movie is "The Little Princess". The world was a far better place with Shirley Temple Black in it.
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Name: Sandy Reynolds
Location: Bracey, Virginia (Lake Gaston)
Shirley Temple was my idol growing up and watching her many movies which all made me cry. I'm crying still as I just learned of her passing. Shirley, I will always love you!
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Name: David
God Bless you Shirley
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Name: Lauren Lambert
Location: South Shields
I've devastated that Shirley has passed away. I've even a fan of hers for 25 years, I'm now 28.
Love and thoughts to her family. Xxxxxx
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Name: Ted Whalen
Location: Marion Il.
May God welcome you with open arms, we will mourn your passing and think of you every time we pray.
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Name: Marc Robert Colver
Location: Nashville TN
She put smiles on our faces when our country was in a dark place. You couldn't help but smile when it came to Shirley Temple. My sincere condolences to her family and friends for their loss, but she will live on and entertain us on the screen for many many years to come. Rest In Peace, Mrs Black!
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Name: Larry Wood
Location: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
My late Mom, who was a few years older than Shirley, called herd,, simply 'The cutest child who ever lived,' and she was all of that. As an adult, Shirley was the epitome of class and dignity while remaining as beautifaul as ever. She will be sorely missed. God Bless You. Rest in Peace
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Name: Curley-Ann Temple
Location: Nebraska City, Ne.
My dear, sweet cousin--
I always knew this day would arrive, and I mentally tried to prepare myself for it...but when I heard the news this morning, all mental planning vanished, and I sobbed...
God must have wanted you in His choir.
I love you dearly, and miss you deeply.
Love, Curley
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Name: Karen
Location: California
Thank you for those beautiful and delightful films of hope and love and laughter and sometimes even tears.
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Name: Donna Winter
Location: Philomath, Oregon
I have loved you from your first movie and have collected dolls, plates, and movies. You will be missed by so many.
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Name: Stacy Laura
Location: Hollister
So sad that she is gone, grew up with her in our home, feel like I have lost a family member. Thank you Shirley Temple Black for all the memories, you will never be forgotten!
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Name: Sandy Ross
Location: Oklahoma
i loved watching her movies with my mom...great memories
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Name: Lisa Benson
Location: Felton, CA
What a legacy. You will be missed.
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Name: Paula Taylor
Location: Illinois
She will be sadly missed. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Patricia Allen
Location: Mills River, NC
My favorite movies were Shirley Temple movies. How I loved to watch her dance and sing, wishing all the white that I could dance and sing just a little. My mother has many of her movies which my young nieces watch now. She was a such a talented and beautiful person - inside and out. She'll be missed
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Name: Irene Navarro
Location: West Covina
Rest in Peace Shirley Temple... I grew up watching her movies and made sure my daughter grew watching them too. Such innocence in her movies it always felt warm and loving watching her, every little girl needs to feel that and Shirley Temple brought that to the big screen with such sweetness.
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Name: Mary Torres
Location: Houston,Tx
You will be greatly missed. I have seen every movie you made and have as many copies of the movies that I could find. You always remember how much you are loved by everyone you who knew you and will know you in the future.
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Name: Shirley Hargis
Location: Abilene, TX
I was named after Shirley Temple, and have always loved her movies and talent. What a remarkable woman. She will be greatly missed by many more than just her family. We thank her for her contributions, and say our condolences to her family on their tremendous loss.
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Name: Darleen
Location: Amarillo Texas
What a blessing and gift Mrs. Temple Black was to us all.
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Name: Brenda Bryant
Location: Arkansas
So very sad to hear of Ms. Black's death. She was an icon and brought many happy hours to me as a child watching her sing and dance.
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Name: Antwana' Hayes
Location: Indianapolis IN
You have tons of memories left here, you're still just in another dimension. My prayers go out to your family. You will forever live on and forever be missed. Rest beautifully Shirley Jane Temple-Black.
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Name: Van
Location: Iowa
What an amazing life...our thoughts & prayers are with you.
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Name: Patty MacDonald
Location: Baltimore, MD
My sister who passed away in 2012 loved Shirley Temple. Watching Shirley Temple movies gave her joy throughout her challenging life. I especially loved Shirley Temple as a child growing up in the 50's but, for my sister, Shirley was a very important part of her life.
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Name: Laurie
Location: Lakeland, Fl
R.I.P. shirley temple! I remember my dad (who passed 2 1.2 yrs ago) watching your movies and talking about you. Shirley was a Icon in her own way and god bless her always!
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Name: Barbara A Vine
Location: New York
I can't begin to tell you how many hours of enjoyment I have had with Shirley's movies. I have quite a selection to keep and view again along with the collection of her dolls depicting all of her movies. She will be missed by all. Her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Name: Angie
Location: Delray, WV
I grew up watching her movies and watching her life unfold as a woman to be admired. She was gracious, lovely and a intelligent lady, so accomplished. She will be sorely missed. RIP Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Marlene Vickery
Location: Calumet, Michigan
I am very saddened to hear of the loss of America's little sweetheart. My prayers and thoughts go out to her family and friends. May God be ever close and comfort you at this time.
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Name: Cathy Davidson
Location: United Kingdom
I'm and American living in England and just want to say how much I admire and loved Shirley. She grabbed my heart when I was young, I am 57 and I still cry over Heidi and Little Princess.I admire her for all she accomplished in her life and will forever be in all our hearts and memories.
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Name: Marlene Kearney
Location: Raleigh, NC
Shirley Temple was a beautiful and talented human being--so many of us grew up watching Ms. Shirley---my mom curled my hair like Shirley--she made us smile and laugh when she was young-and made us all proud with her adult career--my sympathy and prayers go out to the family-God Bless Shirley Temple
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Name: Grace Guerra
Location: Tempe Arizona
She was a remarkable star. Loved her movies
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Name: Sandy Shumack
Location: Chicago,Il
Our Deepest Sympathy to the Black family I grew up watching her movies. My mother used to do my hair like hers. I was very blonde.
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Name: Theresa McDaniel
Location: Lomita, california
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and enjoyed watching her wonderful spirit and smile. Eternal rest grant unto her Oh Lord and let perpetual light upon her, May she rest in Peace.
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Name: Greg Leckrone
Location: New Smyrna Beach Fla.
Baby take a Bow. Thanks for the movies that inspired multigenerations of fans. She could ring the tears out of anyone. Never forget those dance moves with Bill Robinson or singing with Alice Faye.
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Name: Dan Scherbarth
Location: Chadron, NE
Your family are in our prayers.
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Name: Kathy Holt Baker
Location: Cicero IL
I am so sorry for your family's loss. When I was a little girl every where I went people would come up to me and say I looked just like her, and I did. So I feel like I have always had a connection with her. I am very sad she is gone but happy that she lived a wonderful life.RIP Shirley Temple Black
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Name: Kristen
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller Thank you for being an inspiration.
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Name: Gloria
Location: Illinois
It is so sad to hear that Mrs. Black had past away. She gave so much joy to so many people through her acting career and after. Growing up I always enjoyed watching her movies and to this date still watch all the old movies. My condolences to her family & friends. May God welcome her home.RIP
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Name: Donna Heuman
Location: Menlo Park, California
Am so saddened by the loss of this fabulous human being who brought so much joy to millions of people throughout the world.

Shirley Temple Black, your spirit lives on in your movies and good works....

You were a remarkable human spirt.
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Name: Richard Albon
Location: Germany
Rest in peace great actdress will miss you.
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Name: Carrie
Location: Waldorf, MD
Even though, I watched your movies in the 70s & 80s as a child on WGN. They left a impression on me and are some of my greatest movies from that time. Rest In Peace.
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Name: Brenda Elizabeth Anderson
Location: Nashville,Tn
She was so Adorable,just the cutest Actress of All Tlme.She made me Laugh and sing.Much Love to Her Family.She was Truly a legend.
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Name: Jane Stuart
Location: Sea Cliff, NY
Your adult work was inspiring as much as your childhood films brought joy to me and many millions of other fans. Your fairy tale theater was beautiful. You were a role model for women everywhere. We will miss you.
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Name: Tammy
Location: Senath Missouri
May you rest in peace and your family find peace that you are in a better place you are a wonderful actress. You will never be forgotten you brought a lot a joy to many people.
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Name: Melissa
Location: Houston, TX
I grew up dancing and idolizing Shirley. She was such an inspiration to me and has made a huge impact on my life. I was fortunate enough to meet her when I was 8 yrs old at a book signing for Child Star. She was so beautiful and it was a highlight of my life. A true legend, she will be deeply missed
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Name: Johnny Bacon
Location: Los Angeles
You touched all of our lives. We will forever be grateful. God Bless You.
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Name: Cheryl Steele
Location: Dayton Ohio
Shirley Temple Black was the most adorable and talented child actor ever. I love her movies. she will be truly missed.
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Name: Shakearah
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
You were such an amazing person and fascinating. You will be greatly missed by many. Thank you dearly for all of the wonderful gifts you shared with the world. May you forever rest peacefully.
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Name: Peter M. Franzese
Location: North Babylon, New York
Shirley Temple personified all that was good about America; she became a face of hope and optimism. My mom, who was born on Shirley's 24th birthday, still proudly displays her ST doll her home. In 1997 she responded to my letter & I saw what a treasure "The Little Princess" really was. RIP, Shirley!
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Name: Laurie Squire
Location: Martinsville, NJ
Shirley Temple truly was one of a kind. What an extraordinary life she led both offscreen and on! My personal heartfelt condolences to her family for their loss.
There never was anyone like her before and there never will be another like her again.
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Name: Yvonne Esman
Location: Michigan
As a 72 year old/young long-time fan of Shirley Temple I will greatly miss her presence. Whether it be on film or occasional news blurbs, you were still in our hearts and on our minds. You brought joy to this world Shirley Temple. You WILL be missed.
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Name: Brian Tulloch
Location: Richardson, Texas
I was born in 1960 - remember watching all her movies as a kid and as an adult when I can find them - heart felt condolences go out to the entire Temple, Agar and Black families. Time to celebrate a great Lady. Love ya darling, Godspeed - Later
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Name: natalie cyr
Location: ottawa, ontario canada
To the Black Family, on the loss of your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I enjoyed watching her early movies on television. She seemed such a kind and wonderful person, who gave so much to the world. You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.
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Name: lindsay lake
Location: illinois
You don't need the great depression to need to be cheered up and no one can spread cheer better than a Shirley Temple movie. I'm sure many more generations will benefit from her eternal optimism. What a legacy for any human.
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Name: Betty Abrams
Location: SouthCarolina
My thoughts and prayers are with your family, you put a smile on my face every time I would watch your movies! My Saturdays as a child were spent watching you on tv and I loved every second of it.....thanks for the memories!
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Name: sharon rainey
Location: maryland usa
I join the world in offering my condolences in the passing of Shirley Temple Black. God Bless her.
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Name: Lois Barrett
Location: suntraveler58@cox.net
We will miss her so much, what a great entertainer both when she was young and her adult life. She brought so much love in her life, I can see her in Heaven with that big smile! Love we the people in NE that loved her such. My father is 90 now and saw her perform in Omaha, love her fans.
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Name: becky gann
Location: sweetwater tx
As a child I adored Shirley Temple. Many times as a child I would sing "on the good ship lollipop" and pretend to be her. she is an American icon and will be truly missed.
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Name: Kathy Dixon
Location: Dallas, Texas
I grew up watching Shirley Temple & bought her movies for my grandchildren. My mother, who is also 85, lived in an orphanage until she reached high school age; she related to the story lines of her movies. Please know your mother brought a great deal of joy to millions! May God be with you during
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Name: Brian
Location: uk
shine on sweet thing
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Name: Maria Rios
Location: San Antonio, TX
She reached her destiny! A great example to many generations. Thank you Shirley Temple for your life contribution.
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Name: Suzan Zagar
Location: Vancouver, BC
I have only fond memories of Shirley Temple. My name was taken Shirley's daughter, Linda Susan Agar, but with a twist on the spelling. My mother adored Shirley Temple, and when I was a toddler, she always tried to perm my hair "Shirley Temple" style. Rest in peace Shirley.
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Name: Beth Huckfeldt
Location: Portland, OR
To Shirley Temple Black's family and friends I wish you peace and the comfort of sharing a life with her. One cannot help but smile when Shirley's name is shared, as she brought joy to so many throughout her life. Her endearing smile and spirit is lighting up the heavens. Thank you, Shirley.
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Name: Barbara Ennis
Location: Mason, OH
As a child, I loved Shirley Temple. And that never went away, I still love her. She was soo talented. I'm sure she will be greatly missed by her family !
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Name: Jody Windham
Location: Winona , Mississippi
Shirley Temple will always be in my heart as the child with an angelic voice during her acting career as a child. Her children,grandchildren and great-grandchildren were blessed to have her. My Condolences.

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Name: Diane Grenier
Location: Washington CT
I am very sad to hear of Shirley's passing. She made films in my mothers generation but I saw all her movies when I was a teenager. I named my first daughter "Rebecca" after her character in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm". It is wonderful to hear her children were her greatest accomplishment.
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Name: Jeanine Jensen
Location: Calhan, Colorado
She will be missed! A very wonderful Lady.I have one of her Pictures with her children when they where little.I had received from my great uncle John Chambers Make up artist.He told me what amazing person she was.She always be my favorite actress.She Made America smile.A smile to melt your heart.
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Name: Tajuanna Taylor
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Even though I am only 38 years-old, I watched a lot of Shirley Temple movies with my mother. As a little girl, she would do my hair in "Shirley Temple" curls. You have my deepest sympathy and your family will be in my prayers.
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Name: Wendy Kitts
Location: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
My deepest sympathy to her family for such a loss. Shirley Temple will always be remembered, I was a true fan who has enjoyed all of her movies and for her work as Ambassador for the U.S. I have all of her movies and will be able to watch them over and over again. She will be missed.
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Name: Linda Sapsay-Clark
Location: West Norriton, PA
I am truly saddened by Mrs. Black's passing. She was a wonderfully, intelligent lady. She was a wonderful Child Actress who made everyone feel wonderful, no matter their plight. All her movies are my favorites. RIP, Shirley. God Bless your family at this time of sorrow.
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Name: Deborah Hale
Location: North Richland HIlls, Tx 76180
I will always remember the child star that was loved by everyone. Prayers to her family.
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Name: Gary W. Holme, II
Location: Elkton, Maryland
So very sorry to read of the passing of Ambassador Shirley Temple Black. We will always love her movies from Heidi to the Little Princess to the Bachelor & the Bobbysoxer. May God bless you all with special memories & the Peace & Love of Jesus at this sad time. She will forever be young in our heart
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Name: Melanie
Location: Houston, TX
Terribly saddened to hear of Shirley's passing. Although 30 years her junior, I grew up watching her films, as a child and was aware of her diplomatic work. What a wonderful, beautiful woman. I know she will be missed.
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Name: Judah Ben Hur
Location: Los Angeles
Heaven has received yet another Angel. Thank you for your wonderful service to your Family, the Motion Picture Industry, to the United States Government, and to my Life. You were taken to heaven on the Good Ship Lollipop!
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Name: Bob Kane
Location: Pennsylvania
The angels have guided as heaven welcomed a great American lady.
As we all celebrate her life we are also saddened by her loss here on earth. May God bless her and provide his loving comfort and warmth. May her family be cradled with peace during this time of sorrow. Thank you Shirley Temple Black
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Name: HollyAnn Melton
Location: San Ramon CA
I am sad to hear of Ms Black's passing. What an inspiring life! Shirley you will always be one of my favorite human beings. Love to you and to your family. You gave us all so much.
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Name: Debbie
Location: USA
I morn the passing of this courageous woman. She brought me laughs and joy in her films and inspiration in her adult life. May she always be honored and adored by all who have met her and enjoyed her work. May her family know her blessings and be comforted with her love.
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Name: Linda Arnett
Location: Maryland
So very sorry for the loss of a great Icon. There really are no words to express how much she will be missed.
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Name: Marsha
Location: Tennessee
I loved watching her shows as a child as they had a way of lifting you up when you were feeling bad. Her smile was contagious. She came along at a time when America needed inspiration and we will always be forever grateful. She will be greatly missed. RIP
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Name: Jan Manning
Location: Des Moines Iowa
There will only be one Shirley Temple. May God hold her forever in the palm of His hand. Good-night, sweet Shirley.
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Name: Lyn Chagaris
Location: Gold Hill, OR
I grew up watching her movies and when my two girls were in dance we watched them together. Mother's Day was a "Shirley Temple" movie day every year for us. My girls are 30 and 32 and we still watch Shirley Temple movies on Mother's Day when we're together. A great influence for young wom
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Name: Tanya
Location: chicopee MA
I adore Shirley Temple my grandmother an i used to watch her movies together. She i my all time favorite actress. She will be greatly missed an always in our hearts.
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Name: Ruben Alcala
Location: Hayward, Ca
I\'m so saddened by the the passing of Shirley Temple. I grew up watching her movies every Sunday morning, and I feel like I lost a childhood friend. Such a talented, class act that child stars of today should look to as a role model of how to behave. She will be missed so much.
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Name: Jan Manning
Location: Des Moines Iowa
There will only be one Shirley Temple. May God hold her forever in the palm of His hand. Good-night, sweet Shirley.
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Name: Linda Spicer
Location: Texas
Shirley, I love you as an actress and am impressed on how you made your life such a testimonial to every one that you have come in contact with. May God bless and keep you in his loving arms and will pray for your family as they lay you to rest.
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Name: Samantha Gates
Location: Pennsylvania
I remember sitting with my gram and mom, watching Shirley Temple's movies growing up. I pray that she finds peace during her final journey and that her family finds comfort in the knowledge that she touched so many lives during her time here on Earth! God Bless!
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