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Name: Dawn
Location: U.S.A
Thank you for helping me through my childhood,RIP.
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Name: Peter F.
Location: Boston
Ambassador, today is your birthday. You've meant so much to me all these years. I just wanted your family to know that I'm thinking of you this day and that I am thinking of them. I wonder what the heavens have planned for you this day on your birthday --all great things I'm sure!
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Name: GIOELE e famiglia.
Location: Ferrara - ITALIA
Alla Cara RICCIOLI D'ORO vogliamo esprimerti Tanti Auguri di BUON COMPLEANNO, ora lassù Beata con tutti gli Angeli e DIO. Un abbraccio dal profondo del nostro cuore.
Grazie infinite Shirley.... non ti dimenticheremo mai.
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Name: Anna
Location: Virginia
Happy Birthday dear sweet Shirley! Thank you for being a ray of sunshine to everyone!
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Name: Terry Malone Corino
Location: New Jersey
'Remembering Shirley Temple Black very fondly on her birthday today. My daughter shares her birthday and is 15 now. My continued thoughts and prayers to all of Mrs. Black's family. God Bless. <3
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Name: Kalapala Baburao
Location: Hyderabad, India
Time given by God to live on this Earth is made successful.

We always remember you.
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Name: Cindy Lohiser
Location: Vermilion, OH
Shirley, you made me laugh and cry but you always made me smile. Thank you for all the sweet memories of childhood. I have every movie of yours. Rest in peace. Family members, you were blessed to know her personally. And she was blessed to have you. I will pray for you.
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Name: rose may
Location: love
I love your movie so much and I will miss u at it sad u dead but I will never stop watch your movie
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Name: Ellen Seidel
Location: Houston, Texas
All my life I was told I looked like Shirley Temple. I always wondered who that was so a friend gave me one of her movies, the blue bird. I've been collecting her movies ever since. Shes a huge part of my childhood. Maybe, like in the blue bird, I'll meet her in heaven. Shes my idol. with love, RIP.
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Name: Sue Jack nee Burton
Location: South Yorkshire, UK
Years of love laughter and many happy memories. Thank you so much.
Much sorrow for your family who must be missing you dreadfully.
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Name: Kristi
Location: Oregon
My mother introduced me to Miss Shirley I am grateful as being a survivor of abuse and severe neglect, it changed who I would become. However Miss Shirley's movies gave me much needed respite from my reality and instilled hope and joy to a very sad little girl and still sometimes an adult.
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Name: Pat K
Location: Walpole, MA
Words cannot express my feeling of sorry in the passing of Shirley. She had such a optimistic view of life. She was the greatest and will be the greatest child star of all time. She had such a happiness that left everyone who saw her movies be happy. I know I feel happy.
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Name: sarah
Location: north carolina
My mommy clung to the image of Sweet Shirley during depression Shirley was light life but also a woman who could and can guide child actors in transition by how she embraced every stageof life. I love u Shirley andmy babies will know you from your movies. GOD Bless your family
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Name: Paulette Newcomb
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
I cannot begin to tell you how much admiration I have for this woman as a Stateswoman, wife and mother. She was someone who obviously had her head screwed on straight despite being one of the biggest stars in the world at a very young age. I just love all her films. Fantastic acting singing dancing
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Name: Selita Slabaugh
Location: Marion, AR
Shirley was my favorite actress of all time. My greatest hope is to see her face to face in heaven with our Lord & savior. I pray for her family.

Love in Jesus name,
Selita Slabaugh
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Name: Lydia James
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
I have chosen to research Mrs. Temple Black for as many projects for school as I could. I learn new things each time I research and I have loved learning who she was and what she accomplished. She was an amazing, inspiring woman. Your family is in my thoughts, my condolences.
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Name: Capucine Williams
Location: Redford,mi
I was so sorry to here of your loss. She brought me so much happiness. The times when I've been sad whenever I watch any of her movies they have brought me laughter, joy, smiles. My son loves her too. She will forever be in my heart and a part of my family...Thank you for the smiles.
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Name: Sherry Ghent Kelly
Location: Georgia
To the Black Family,
I am so sorry for your loss, I grew up watching and pretending to be your mom. She is always in my heart, I have watched a many of her movies with my own children. She touched so many lifes. And I am so thankful to her for the love of dance and music. God Bless all of you.
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Name: Bob Renaud
Location: Carthage NY (Upstate)
I am a high school art instructor (CCS art webpage: http://www.carthagecsd.org/w ebpages/rrenaud/ )and coach. I take great pride and consider it a privilege to be a role model AND SHIRLEY TEMPLE WAS THAT AND MORE. God blessed us all with her 85 years. She will be missed but her memory will continue!
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Name: Diane Nyero
Location: London
R.I.P Shirley

Month after your passing I came to know of your acting. First movie I watched of yours was Heidi, an excellent movie. Your movies are such an inspiration & its great to see how praying was valued during those periods in this current age. May the Almighty Father keep you in Jesus name.
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Name: Andreas Friedrich
Location: Germany,Hennigsdorf
Since my 12th year I am a big fan of Shirley Temple Black.Today,I have more than forty movies with her.I always loved it,to see her dancing,singing and acting.
The message of her passing was very sad for me.But I am sure:
Anywhere is a place,we´ll meet us,again!
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Name: Joe L. Matthews
Location: Santa Monica, CA.
When a child my mother suggested I watch Shirley's shows. I'm sooo glad I did. And I thank the good Lord to bring Shirley Temple Black on this planet. I loved her, her humanity, and personality. I could see right through the T.V screen she was orginal. I wish I met her in person to thank her.
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Name: Lasota Family
Location: Spring Valley
Blessed were we as a Family to share in the film star's laughter and innocence. Thank you for sharing her life with all of us!! Many generations were touched by her smile and gentleness. May women all over the world be as brave as her to overcome illness and oppression. See you in Heaven!!
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Name: alias sierra
Location: Brooklyn n y
I loved her movies. She was a happy little girl and beautiful with her cute curly hair and baby doll clothes. May she rest in peace on earth and live eternal life up in heaven. Once again, a little Shirley temple with god. Bye.
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Name: Pam
Location: Michigan
I can hardly imagine the joy in Heaven when she got back home. It seems that I've known her all of my life. A wonderful human being. This world is so much poorer now. My sincere condolences to her loved ones.
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Name: Brenda Carver
Location: Greenwood, Arkansas
Not only do I love her movies but have so much respect for her work serving our country. She grew up to be a wonderful role model for us all. She was truly one of a kind and there will never be another like her again. She will be missed.
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Name: James and tessa
Location: Kissimmee fl
Rip thank u we love u
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Name: Karne Carissimi
Location: Fort Wayne Indiana
Oh, my goodness!

You will always be remembered in our hearts, Shirley Temple Black. RIP
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Name: Sandra Helton
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Shirley Temple was a role model for every child growing up in the 60's. Her role on TV influenced me very much - she was a joy to my heart and my spirit. Shirley was that little girl in me and still is. God Bless her. RIP Shirley. See you over in paradise.
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Name: patricia Delia
Location: Mountain View, California
growing up with Shirley Temple the little girl with Ringlets was a big part of my happy childhood. We who watched her movies growing up felt a connection to the little girl who character always spread the simply "Love" and acceptance. thanks to all who were part of her life.
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Name: felicita avila
Location: cicero ill
i will always have shirley in my heart all my life i watch all her movies since i was a little girl her movies broughtme so much joy rest in peace .
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Name: Guylaine
Location: France
I'm a HUGE fan of Shirley. I'm french, I'm 30 years old. I have a big collection of Shirley Temple items.
I look at my favorite photos of Shirley almost every day. She has brought me so much joy. She is SO IMPORTANT to me.
She will be in my heart forever. Rest in peace dear Shirley.
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Name: Guylaine
Location: France
She was the most talented child star in movie history. As an adult she has made many contributions to the United States.
I was very saddened when I heard the news of her passing. I would like to express my deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to Susan, Charles, Lori, Teresa, Lily and Emma.
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Name: Judy Hanson
Location: Pecatonica, Illinois
I was greatly saddened with the news of Shirley's death. Her movies were always very dear to me as I shared many hours watching them with my father (whom I lost at age 14) when I was just little. True, they were old movies but to us they were a time of being together and enjoying it. Thank you!!!
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Name: sheila cutrone
Location: Maracay -Venezuela
I grew up watching all your films , you were a bless and as an adult an example of diplomacy

We really miss you Mrs temple
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Name: Jerry Bowen
Location: Walnut Creek, Ca
My dear aunt would have her movies on Sunday mornings, I think I watched most of them....she was a charming, and cute little girl, who made the world feel better with tap dancing and songs of joy! My only regret was to not be able to meet her in person! I just bought 18 of her movies! Jerry B.
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Name: Winifred Anne
Location: Long Usland, NY
I want to wish condolences to Shirley Temple Blacks family. Wishing her CHILDREN to continue her spirit of bringing JOY to others. At this time, I hope the Family can continue her legacy & Ambassador qualities with others. Thank You Shirley for teaching me how to LOVE dance at an EARLY age. RIP...
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Name: Annette Carrasquillo
Location: Halethorpe, Maryland
you will be missed so much. grew up with you and enjoyed your ever inspiring acting and diplomacy.
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Name: America
Location: California
Rest I'm peace Shirley
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: Westdale,New York
I loved your movies you will be sadly missed
Heaven has a new star love you. R.I.p.
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Name: Pebbles
Dear Shirley,
It’s true what President Franklin D. Roosevelt said about you. "As long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right." Remembering you can give us the same kind of hope. You grew up to be one special lady. God Bless You. Love you very much.
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Name: Patricia Hammond
Location: Melbourne, Australia
I have to say how much I am enjoying watching all the old Shirley Temple clips - her tap dancing was superb and on a dull or sad day I can sit here and use up my GB's in a great way looking at Shirley. She and all the other Hollywood Stars kept us going during the War in England. God Bless Shirle
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Name: Kim Gorall
Location: Pittsford, NY
More than once in a generation, or once in a lifetime, Shirley Temple Black was a once in forever. She first shared her extraordinary talents through her films, the appeal of which transcended generational, cultural and language barriers. She spent the rest of her life in service to others. RIP
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Name: Dana Camp-Farber
Location: Houston, TX (originally from Los Angeles, CA)
I want to say how much I loved her movies while I was a child growing up. Her films were one of the few places where I could see an African American from that period during something artistic: Bill Robinson dancing! The films were a constant source of enjoyment and inspiration.
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Name: George Muha
Location: 1534 Julian Ter., Union, NJ 07083
My very deep felt condolences on the loss of Shirley Temple Black. I am sure she is in a better place now, I believe her overall impact on the public is greater than any other single actor or actress in the history of the United States, or the whole World in modern times for that matter.
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Name: Bett M Wilson Sanders
Location: Gurnee,IL
As my 4 aunts and uncle's knew George Temple personally and had met Shirley several times, I had hoped I would also get to meet Shirley someday, though I reside in the Midwest. It is really a misfortune that I will now never have that opportunity, and did not fulfill the wish when she lived.
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Name: Bett M Wilson Sanders
Location: Gurnee, IL
I would like to express my condolences to the 3 children of Shirley Temple on her recent passing. I am honored to have had a very special connection to Shirley, since my aunts and uncles from Madison, WI became friends of Shirley's parents in 1936,in L.A. returning to visit them there many times.
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Name: Margaret Ditty
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
I grew up watching her movies as she was still popular in the sixties. Who couldn't fall in love with that precious little face and her gregarious personality. I am sure God is happy to have you back in heaven dancing & singing for him and the angels! You will be missed.
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Name: Claire
Location: lakeland,fl
I am so sad that my little hero is gone. My sympathies to her family. Shirley Temple was a big part of my life when I was a child. I had her dolls, paper dolls, books, tapes of her movies, & a little mirror with her picture on it. I was obsessed with her as a child. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Judy Price
Location: Ohio
I grew up watching her movies then when I had my daughter's they to enjoyed her movie's. We are now on our third generation.
Thanks Shirley for sharing your gift with us. God Bless
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Name: Natalie Watson
Location: New York (USA)
Sadly,I begin to watch Shirley's movies only couple months ago.But since then I fell in love with her and her movies and now she's my favourite actress and my role model.I like her the most in Heidi and Stowaway.I felt realy sad when she passed away.RIP Shirley Jane Temple Black you'll be rememberd!
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Name: Thomas Brown, Jr.
Location: Wilson, North Carolina
I grew up watching those Shirley Temple movies. It is hard to believe that she is no longer with us. She will be greatly missed. May Shirley Temple Black rest in peace.
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Name: Elinor Martin
In my book there will never be another Shirley Temple but we are all thankful for the time she had on earth. God bless you Shirley and all your loved ones. —Elinor
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Name: Elinor Martin
As a child I looked up and always wanted to be Shirley and some said I looked like her. Her movies were my childhood and not a day goes by that I don\\\'t think of you Shirley. I love you forever.I\\\'m sure we\\\'re all selfish wishing you could have stayed longer.The
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Name: Nicole Kenna
Location: Barberton,Ohio
Shirley was the most talented child actress in Hollywood's history!! She was so adorable,and I love to watch her movies. God Bless you, Shirley, Heaven gained another angel! RIP little sweetie!! Love, Nicole, your biggest fan!!
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Name: Carol
Location: Boca Raton
I loved Shirley Temple movies my whole life and have admired all that she did for this country. I was so sad to hear of her passing but disappointed she wasn't properly honored at the Academy Awards She will never be forgotten. I am a kg. teacher and every year show my class several of her movies!
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Name: Debra Ewing
Location: Indiana
I loved her as a child. As an adult she provided cheerfulness at an end of tiring day. I have 19 of her movies on VHF that are cherish and cared for with good memories.
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Name: korahson
Location: India kerala
she is an amazing actor that world ever see.we are proud of her.
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Name: Marilyn Hollenbeck
Location: Connecticut
Thank you Shirley Temple Black for all the joy you brought so many with your talents on the silver screen and as an ambassador. I run a school Women's History intercom show each morning during March where I teach. We honor you each year with music on our intercom system.God Bless you Shirley!
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Name: gloria stonesifer
Location: taneytown maryland
my mother ha won a Shirley temple contest when she was little she had won a Shirley temple doll she is now 83 I loved Shirley she was a big inspiration my granddaughter is 3yrs old and loves her her inspiration lives on forever
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Name: barbara robben
Location: cohoes, new york
I loved her as long as I can remember. She was my idol always. I have all her movies, and will pass them on to my grandchildren. forever, your truest fan
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Name: Sharon B Hodge
Location: Mesa, AZ
I had just made mention of Shirley to a family member, and I had no idea that she was gone. As long as her movies survive, she will not be forgotten. I was a baby Shirley Temple look-alike in the early 1950s, and grew up watching her movies, & still do every chance I get. We will never forget her.
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Name: AW
My grandma, who was an orphan, absolutely identified with Shirleys characters in a way that most children couldnt. They were headstrong, optimistic, full of love & loved in return. They were also never pitied. On behalf of a Slovak orphan girl, I thank you for making her life that much brighter.
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Name: Rosalie L.
Location: San Diego, Ca.
I enjoyed watching your films when I was growing up in the 1970's and up until now, they are equally enjoyable. My condolences to the loved ones you have left behind. Your life was well lived and you are loved by millions. Rest in peace Shirley and thank you for touching our lives.
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Name: Linda Doty
Location: New jersy
I watched Shirley Temple movies as a little girl and loved all of them. I continued to watch her movies throughout my life even as an adult they always bring me joy and great comfort. God Bless Shirley Temple xxxo
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Name: Hannah
Location: canada
I remember watching Shirley Temple when I was little and I loved watching her performances, she was great.
A piece of my own childhood, and wonderful memories that will not be forgotten.
R.I.P Shirley temple
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Name: Lydia & Gil Vazquez
Location: Deer Park, NY
We love Shirley Temple. Amazing blessed child that grew up to be a wonderful role model to children, teenagers and adults all over the world. I praise God for the wonderful work Shirley left for all to enjoy and cherish for years to come. Excellent, wholesome family movies are rare today.God bless
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Name: marie
Location: payson az
i grow up loving her she is one of a kind and i always thout about her she will always be #1 in my heart rip sweety u will be miss so much by me much love from your #1 fan
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Name: RIO
Location: El Dorado Hills, CA
One word for her as an adult: CLASS... I loved watching her films as I grew up and have a few on DVD that I still enjoy. Mrs. Temple Black will be dearly missed. Her memory will indeed live on for generations to enjoy in viewing her films. Condolences to her family & friends.
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Name: Linda
Location: Jamestown, NY
Shirley Temple Black was my favorite actress. I loved all of her movies and admired her when she became a diplomat. She was talented, beautiful and inspirational. Thank you Lord for this woman, and it is my prayer she is with you for eternity!
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Name: shirley ann marcin
Location: southbridge,massachuse tts
In the 1930's and into the 1940's, I am sure because Shirley Temple was much !oved, there were many girl babies named for her.
I was one of them. I am grateful to my
Godmother for doing so, back in 1944.
May Mrs. Black's memory forever be eternal.
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Name: Shirley keitel
Location: colonia, new jersey
4 generations of fans of yours. even to this day we enjoy, your movies and to this of your. we started watching them, since your passing. I WAS NAMED AFTER YOU, BECAUSE MY MOM AND GRANDMA LOVED YOU. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU IN SPIRIT AND WITH YOUR LOVING FAMILY. NOW YOUR WITH LOVING HUSBAND. LOVE YOU
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Name: Carleen
Location: Austinville,VA
You have brought me much joy over the years with your incredible talent. I watched you as a young girl and still do til this day. Now a grandmother. Rest in peace. God bless. My thoughts and prayers to your family. And most of all.....THANK YOU
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Name: Maria
Location: Chicago
Truly America's Sweetheart. I loved her and her winning ways. Met Mrs. Black at a book-signing in Chicago years ago. She still had the dimples and sweet smile that carried me thru my childhood, thru my childrens' childhood, and now my memories, forever. Many thanks to her family for sharing her.
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Name: Michael
Location: Tennessee
I am 60 years old and have enjoyed Shirley's movies all my life. She did so much for the world, in so many ways. A wonderful person.
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Name: Judy Gillis
Location: Pleasant Hill, MO
What an amazing person she was. So wonderful that she shared her talent with the world. She will be missed.
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Name: Marion J.
Location: Washington State
You will truly be missed. You bring me such joy when I watch one of your movies. Your talent was amazing. Your smile and those dimples were the cutest. Heaven has gained a special angel. All my Love, Marion
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Name: Teresa Hewitt
Location: Fredericksburg, Va
I was a fan of Shirley Temple Black as well my mom was. I do love Shirley, she was a great actress and a very kind lady! I was saddened to hear about her passing away. My prayers will be with her friends and families. Rest well Shirley! May God always bless her and her families and friends!
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Name: Connar Frazier
Location: United States
Shirley Temple. Enough said. Rest in peace.
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Name: Vicky
Location: Florida
To all of you desecrating this site: Stop. This is only for the memory of ms Shrley Temple Black, not or the furthering of your own selfish motives.
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Name: Amanda
Location: Lanford, Pa
Shirley was an amazing actor I loved all the movies I watched with her in them and she is just truly the best actress ever. She will forever be in our hearts.
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Name: Kathy
Location: Victorville, CA
I have always been a Shirley Temple fan having most of her movies. I am so saddened by her death. My condolences to her entire family. She will be missed.
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Name: Joan Clout-Kruse
Location: Foster City, CA
It was a delight to work for Mrs. Black in the '60s. I had a secretarial service. Once she came to my house and no one recognized her--she came wearing sunglasses, large curlers in her hair and a headscarf so no one recognized her. I remember her as an intelligent, dedicated, caring grand lady.
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Name: Deborah
Location: Woodland Hills, California
My mother was a big Shirley Temple fan. Naturally my sister and I felt the same way. God Bless Shirley. We will never see the likes of her again. She was a real, true star in both her work and life.
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Name: Brenda
Location: Idaho
I have seen all her movies and read her books. I enjoyed the talent she displayed.I wanted to be like her. It is very sad she has passed,but we know she is in a better place and I will see her again.
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Name: trish
Location: usa-texas
I am truly saddened by the passing of one of the greatest actress of our time. my heart prayers go out to her family and I wish them peace in this troubling time. god bless.
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Name: Janice Black Law
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
My mother's name was Shirley D. Black (born 1922) and she died at a very young age. I named my daughter, Shirley (1985), in memory of her, and after Shirley Temple Black. Her values, talent, and life choices made Mrs. Black my favorite of all the stars. Her role as wife and mother was her best.
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Name: A Shirley Temple Fan
Location: Litchfield Park,Arizona
You always will be remembered --
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Name: From Canada...
Location: Montreal Quebec Canada
At this sad time on the passing of a true friend and honourary Canadian, we wish her family all the best. You made us laugh, you made us cry, and you even made us sad, but you will always be in our hearts and minds, as we remember your smile, as bright as it always was on the big screen... Salut !!!
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Name: Aurora HARMON
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Name: lynne kauffmann
Location: wood river ill
I loved watch Shirley in the movies she made she still the greates to me I sure will miss her a lot I never met her but she was great.
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Name: Ralph
Location: Georgia
Mrs. Temple Black, You were an awesome wonder and you have set the standard for all childhood actors and actresses. You will be surely missed. Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone around the world during your lifetime. You're definitely one of God's angels Smiley
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Name: rocketdude321
Location: Mountain View, CA
Not sure whether happiness or sorrow applies here. I'd offer happiness. This lady has laid a mark that will never be forgotten. A true original. The genuine American article. And a smile that emblazons all our hearts. At any age. What a blessed family! Godspeed Mrs. Black. We favor fond memories.
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Name: Beth
Location: Colorado
As a child, I watched Shirley Temple movies and I was transfixed by her talent, her charm and her sweetness. As an adult, I am still entertained and moved by her performances. She was a child star who was never tainted by scandal. I admired Shirley and feel like I've lost an old childhood friend.
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Name: Barbara
Location: Port Hueneme
Some of my fondest memories include cuddling on the couch with my Mom watching Shirley Temple movies. She is gone now too but the wonderful feelings and emotions are still there. What a wonderful gift this small child was and what an amazing woman she became. Just like my Mom. Thanks Shirley.
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Name: Tina jimenez
Location: Pasadena
I am watching A Shirley Temple marathon on TCM and her movies still brings tears to my eyes . You will be forever remembered in my Heart. Love you Shirley Smiley
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Name: Jerry Hardy
Location: Washington, D.C.
It is amazing that after all these years she could still pull tears from my eyes. It is truly hard to believe that she is gone at such a young age. I truly believe that God in his infinite wisdom is building a team and recruited Shirley Temple. You will be missed.
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Name: Mary
Location: Ontario, California
My deepest sympathy to the Shirley Temple Black family. I had been thinking about her a few weeks prior to her passing. She was such a gracious lady.May she be at peace.
As a child my mother would make curls just like Shirley's and I also had dimples.I still have a Shirley Temple doll.
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