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Name: Broadus Jones
Location: Frisco, TX
I greatly enjoyed her movies. When she became Ambassador in Prague, I was in Prague and thrilled to hear of her appointment.

Thank you for sharing much of your life with us.
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Name: Ken
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I heard Shirley was working on continuing her biography after her book CHILD STAR even up to her passing. Any word on whether that can still be published? Anyway, this world was a better place with her in it. FDR said "As long as we have Shirley Temple, we will be all right" God Bless, Shirley
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Name: J M Reshaw
Location: San Francisco
I fondly remember watching televised Shirley Temple films on the weekends. I enjoyed her

As an adult,I admire Mrs Shirley Temple Black from film star to UN Ambassador,as someone who was a true example of grace, respect and loyalty.
Thank you and RIP.
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Name: destiny adams watt
Location: houston, tx
you were such an amazing beautiful soul and a beatuiful woman you gave me a reason to dance sing and laugh even though i am only 14. and your clothes your wonderfulSmiley
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Name: Donnie Gray
Location: Colorado, USA
Thank you for your wonderful life.
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Name: David Ireland
Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK
I have a little vintage store in The Cotswolds and a weekly radio show called The Vintage Hour. Dear Shirley has been an unmissable part of the soundtrack of my life, my store and my radio show. Thank you for bringing eternal joy into our world. God Bless, David
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Name: Marg DeGraaf
Location: Australia
Thank you Shirley for the wonderful movies & songs that made my child hood part of yours,, Love You To The Moon & Back.
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Name: Darth
Location: Pennsylvania
My deepest condolences to the family. My family grew up watching her movies. She was a terrific actress. I was shock to hear she had passed. I followed her career and marriage and her being an ambassador. We love you and miss you. You will forever be in our hearts.
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Name: Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
Location: Ekron, Kentucky
Sparkle Shirley,Sparkle.Encouraging words from a loving Mother to a loving Mother to be.Please know that for as many sparkles Shirley shared,the tears are a thousand fold and as you go through this winter of your heart let there warmth ease your sorrow and loss.You are in our hearts and prayers.
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Name: Sarah
Location: Hawaii
Dear Shirly
You always make me kappy! I love your great movies,your exellent TV series and your yummy kid's drink! I love to sing and dance along to Goodship Lollipip, Animal crackers in my soup,and more! I even named one of my most special dolls after you! You will be loved and remeberd forever!!
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Name: cindi
Location: indiana
Some people bring so much joy to the world,we want to keep them with us forever. Shirley was one of those people. We can still see her on DVD and read about her accomplishes as an adult, but will feel sad for her no longer being in our world. May she rest in peace and may we continue to remember.
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Name: Rebecca
Location: Cleveland. Ohio
I loved her movies all of them..Heidi. ...the goodship..lollipop. ..I still own some on vhs..she was wonderful. ..wish I could've known her..God bless her family in there time of loss..she will be greatly missed...but never forgotten. ....
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Name: Anne Marie Neubecker 10-18-1954
Location: Michigan
With four brothers I was given my own time with Shirley Temple every time she was on TV. I waited for her movie to start while the super bowl was on and was so happy when it started on time! "Oh my goodness" has been in my vocabulary my whole life. I love you Shirley Temple. God Love you forever.
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Name: Kristina Young-Grady
Location: Crestwood, Kentucky
Oh my goodness! As a child, I loved watching all Shirley Temple shows. My children sing and dance to her movies. Animal crackers in my soup! The dance scenes with BoJangles. Thank you Shirley- We will love you always. Here's to you with a Shirley Temple drink!
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Name: Michele
Location: Plantation, Florida
A life which gave joy; a life shaped by purpose and good deeds; a life which knew love and the laughter of children; a life which made the world better because she existed. That is a soul who knew Heaven, and Shirley has earned a place in Eternity. Blessings, and many thanks, Bright Eyes.
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Name: Kat
Location: New Mexico
She will be missed, but kept alive through her films that I grew up watching, my daughters grew up watching, and now by my granddaughter... We love you and will miss you!
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Name: Michael
Location: Nogales, AZ
I fell in love with Shirley many, many years ago. And never fell out of love. Thank you.
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Name: Elizabeth Davis
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
What pure joy she conveyed by her beaming smile, her angelic voice, those beautiful dimples and curls, not to mention the beauty of every dance step! What a treasure to the world! Thank-you, God for such an amazing woman, who is now teaching angels how to tap dance in heaven! My condolences to you.
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Name: Barbara
Location: Detroit, Michigan
I've watched all of her movies from the time I was a small child. Always loved her. She was wonderful and will be missed!
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Name: Ernestine Stefely
Location: Arizona
I am a deaf lady. I always watched on T.V. with sweet Shirley. Also, when my mother was young about 5 years old, she went to a dance class, she was tap dance likes as Shirley and her curly hair with a large bow. I surely missed Shirley and she is my favorite little girl and old, too ! God bless her.
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Name: Katherine Nutter
Location: Irvine, CA
I grew up with curly hair like Shirley, and won a Shirley Temple contest at elementary school. She was an icon throughout my childhood. She set out to and did make a difference through her philanthropy and good will. We should all be so blessed to have such a good example.
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Name: Amber
Location: Texas
I grew up watching Shirley Temple with all of her dance talent. I have dance for 25 yrs now and my favorite is tap thanks to Shirley. She will always be remembered by me and will be greatly missed. Thank you for all you did for America and for me personally.
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Name: Dawn Cole
Location: St. Augustine FL
I watched you as a child and continue to watch you as an adult. You were an inspiration and a role model for children and adults everywhere. Thank you for being the person you were. You will be greatly missed!
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Name: Trina
Location: Bluffton In
I grew up watching the Shirly Temple movies. She was my idle growing up. I danced tap for over 15 years, and she truly was my inspiration. Will miss her so.
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Name: Steven Travis
Location: Ossining, NY
I'll always love you Shriley. Your movies will live on forever. Rest in peace dear sweet angel.
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Name: Harper
I am 12 yrs. old, and I love Shirley Temple which is kind of a rarity around here. She is the most amazing person ever and has been by my side (on the screen) through many sick days. My moms best friend's family knows Ms. Black, and if she reads this I hope she knows we are with them all the way.RIP
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Name: Susan
Location: New Braunfels, Texas
I grew up watching Shirley and still watch and own as many of her movies as I could buy. I will cherish them forever and pass them on to my grandchildren. In my mind Shirley is a great friend and woman forever.
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Name: Dolly
Location: St. Louis, MIssouri
My mother loved Shirley Temple and made sure I watched her movies when I was just a little girl. I am 62 and still watch them! What a darling child she was and what a beautiful woman she became.(inside and out)
May she rest in peace and my deepest sympathy to her family.
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Name: Connie
Location: Round Rock, Texas
Loved Shirley Temple, she was what every little girl wanted to be growing up. I still love to watch her movies. And my daughter also loves to watch her movies. She will be missed.
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Name: Lyn Burak
Location: Sydney Australia
Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and now my girls are showing your movies to their girls. The films and music have stood the test of time..Thanks for the memories.
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Name: Dorothea Brady
Location: New York
Mom introduced me to Shirley first through her cherished doll and then when the movies were on TV I fell in love.When Shirley had breast cancer and talked about it that was the first I heard about the disease.My awe in the courage of this woman only grew as years went on.God bless her and her family
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Name: Rita White
Location: Ohio, USA
Mrs Temple-Black was an inspiration to women everywhere. As an actress she warmed our hearts and as a diplomat, she showed that her star was even brighter as she traveled the world as our ambassador. May she find everlasting peace.
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Name: Mary Shaw-Olson
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
My childhood was me trying to be Shirley Temple. I wanted to wear my hair like her, smile with dimples, sing and dance on our piano. She was magical. A small piece of me died on Feb 10.
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Name: Rosemary Miarnowski
Location: Chicago, IL
Yes, to everything everyone is saying and more. Loved growing up watching Shirley Temple. I have the collection i bought years ago, to now pass down to my grand children.
God Bless to all of you! Thank you for sharing her with all of us!
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Name: Jennifer Gionet
Location: London, canada
She was a special person that brought meaning into peoples lives. Even though I wasnt from her era I enjoyed watching all her movies over and over again.
May you rest in peace Shirley!
God Bless you and your Family.. <3
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Name: Jennifer Horne
Location: Stratford, Connecticut
I have fond memories of my Grandmother visiting me from California with her suitcase of Shirley Temple movies! I have shared my love for her movies with my children. My 8 year old just celebrated last year with a Shirley Temple birthday party! What a legacy Shirley has left for old and young!
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Name: Kenneth Ung, MD
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Lived a full life with a legacy of simply putting a smile on peoples' faces during adversity and decades after. Gave up her childhood to save a nation from its emotional and economic Depression and later served her country as excellent diplomat. Also loving mother, wife & grandmom Well done Shirley
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Name: Trevor Allen
Location: Sydney, Australia
Well they say we wont live forever but
"Little Miss Miracle"
has proved to better the difference,,

Forever In Our Hearts & Souls
Shirley Temple Black
Her Precious Loved Ones.
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Name: Maikan
Location: Virginia
Watching her old performances
(which I cannot get enough of) brings this joy to one's heart! She was a talented person even from the very beginning of her career. R.I.P. Shirley!
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Name: Pam Biddle
Location: Nottingham, MD
I remember Shirley with great fondness and admiration. She was a BEAUTIFUL young child who grew up to be an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, and a host of other accomplishments.

I still watch her films in awe of the talented child with the curly hair possessing a memory like no other!
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Name: Shirley
Location: Calif
I remember fondly the stories my mom told of her friendship and working with Shirley Temple. Loved watching her movies. Our family is saddened by Shirley T's passing.
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Name: Jenny & Rudy Rivera
Location: Phoenix AZ
Loved watching Shirley's movies when we were young. Have always kept up with her life afterwards and she will always make us smile when we hear "Animal crackers in my soup"
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Name: patsy martin
Location: Chicago Illinois
I love Shirley Temple, and adore her from the first time I watch her TV, since I was a little girl you will be miss, I have your whole collection of movies. My favorite was the little princess and Heidi vin memory always GOD BLESS!
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Name: Selita Slabaugh
Location: Marion, Arkansas
Thank you Lord for Shirley Temple Black. What a beautiful person & friend on a screen. You will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN even as new children get to see and love you!
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Name: Selita Slabaugh
Location: Marion, AR
Shirley is and always will be a gift of God. Even though 30+ years my senior, she will always will be someone I loved and cherished from my early childhood throughout my adult years. Thank you Lord for giving us a sweet little girl who loved others more than herself. I pray to see her in heaven
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Name: Maria E.Silva
Location: Redwood City CA
Thank you for the joy ,smiles will always be in my heart.My thoughts are with your family..
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Name: Jean
I grew up watching her movies with my great grandmother as a child and adore them all. Thank you for all the sweet memories, I will cherish them always. We love you, Shirley. God bless you and I can't wait to meet you in Heaven.
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Name: R.D.K.
Location: Buffalo, NY
Thank you for the wonderful memories. Your movies were introduced to me by my mother and I still enjoy them today. But then again, who doesn't. God bless you and keep you in his care.
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Name: Kathy L Boone
Location: Kearneysville, WV
As many others, I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. I never had the chance to meet this remarkable woman. My heart and prayers go out to her family. The world has lost a great inspirational person who was loved by all. May her memory be one that brings a smile always.
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Name: Teresa Kowalczyk
I watched you for so many years when I was young. You were my most favorite of all time. I always sat at the T.V. Everytime Bill Kennedy had you on. Everyone in the house knew that when you were on it was my T.V. time. I have your movies. You will always live on in our hearts.
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Name: Teresa Kowalczyk
I watched you for so many years when I was young. You were my most favorite of all time. I always sat at the T.V. Everytime Bill Kennedy had you on. Everyone in the house knew that when you were on it was my T.V. time. I have your movies. You will always live on in our hearts.
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Name: Stephanie Meade
Location: Syracuse NY
it's incredible how someone you've never met could make such an imprint on your life and leave lasting memories. She was a part of my childhood I will always cherish and she will live on forever in the hearts of her fans. My heart goes out to her friends and family who have lost a true treasure.
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Name: Morgan
Location: Alabama
It is still a shock to me that she died. Being 20 years old, I still love her. I remember having all her movies when I was a little girl. Everyone used to call me a mini Shirley because my hair was so curly like hers. She will be missed.
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Name: David Jeremy Trembath
Location: Congleton,Cheshire,Eng land
I was so sad to hear of Shirley Temple's passing. She died on
the 3rd anniversary of my own
mother's passing and they were
both born in 1928.
I remember with great fondness
watching Shirley Temple movies
on TV as a child. May she rest in peace. She lived a noble life.
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Name: Anne Connor
Location: Penrith NSW Australia
Our thoughts are with you all, your mother bought great happiness to the world both as a child and a women. God bless her
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Name: Deborah
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Meeting you was one of the highlights of my life! I cherish the picture of you and my son!!! You had a great impact on so many people !!! Sing and dance in heaven!!! What a wonderful memory you have left us!!!!!!!
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Name: Rene' C Martin
Location: Goodyear, AZ
My heart is saddened by your passing, I loved you in all your movies and will continue to enjoy them! My thoughts and prayers to your family who has lost the most. You have made us all laugh and cry and just enjoy the your movies! God Bless
You Always & Forever...
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Name: nellie purdue
Location: hutchinson kansas formerly of New Zealand
I had been deeply saddened by your loss. Shirley was an inspiration to all of us. She was much loved by my Mum and I grew up watching her movies My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family OOOOXXXXXX
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Name: simon prodhan
Location: barrow-in-furness england
rest in peace little angel, we'll never forget you, you will be eternally 6 years old.Love you forever little cherub.Shirley temple, our little angel, hooray for curly top!
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Name: Nikki Coates
Location: Sydney, Australia
An adorable little girl, a beautiful human being. I shed tears at the news of her death. Much love xxx
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Name: Annamarie Ciccarello
Location: East Haddam
I have always loved Shirlley Temple ever since I was little. My condolences go out to her friends and family. I will never forget her bright smile and cheerfullness that stretches from generation to generation.
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Name: Carole CZERMAK
Location: Melbourne
Shirley, Thank you for the Joy.
Deepest Sympathy.
SUPER special meaning to my mum.
Prayers are with Shirley.
Thoughts are with family and friends.
LOVE Carole and Edna
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Name: Bridie.Harkin
Location: glasgow toll cross
I have always been a fan of Shirley temple I always watched her movies she was a very good actress I enjoyed all of her movies when I was a child I always looked forward to watch her movies when I heard that she passed away I was so hurt its like my whole world was taken apart Bridie.Harkin
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Name: Bob "Ziggy" Anderson
Location: 1529 W. Pratt Blvd. Chicago I'l. 60626
Shirley was my first favorite favorite 'movie star'. I was 5 years younger than her. I said that when I grew up, I was going to marry her. Ha Ha Ha
It never happened. Shirley Temple was 'one in a million'. God Bless you Dear Shirley Temple Black. We loved you so very much. Bob "Ziggy" Anderson
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Name: Marta Ayala
Location: Ft. Lauderdale,Fl.
May she rest in peace. My condolonces to her family. And, I would like to thank her , for all those hours I spent watching her films with my mom,who is now also gone, and with my daughter, enjoying quality talent and entertainment. There will never be another Shirley Temple.
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Name: Colleen Ewing
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
I'm 57. I've been a fan of Shirley Temple's films for many years. I am greatly saddened by the passing of such a talented personality, and extend my heart-felt sympathy to her entire family. God bless you all, and rest in peace, Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Martha Grimaldo, Espinosa
Location: Surprise AZ/ Born raised in San Fernando, CA
I grew up watching the Shirley Temple movies, and still watch them when ever they are shown. I am 70 yrs old and am really saddened to hear of her passing. I wish I could attend her funeral
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Name: Annie
Location: Michigan
Though I was a 1990's kid, I grew up watching Shirley Temple on VHS, and I adored every single one of her films. I can't wait to share her smile and happiness with my future children. Shirley was an incredibly gifted and generous human being, and she brightened so many people's lives. Rest in Peace.
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Name: Noreen Millerr
Location: Ca.
I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I had a lot of her movies on VSH and my grandson enjoyed watching them with me. I have a pitcher with her face and signature on it, I have her doll & her book of stories. They are still so precious to me. Thanks Shirley for letting us watch you grow up. RIP.
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Name: sharon miller
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Name: Sherry
Location: Florence ky
Such a beautiful child and a wonderful woman. Good bye Shirley and thank you for everything. You truly are an inspiration :-)
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Name: Cyn
Location: Sandusky, Ohio
I've collected Shirley Temple memorabilia since I was 8 years old and have always admired her. She was one of a kind and the world was a better place because of her. My deepest condolences to her family
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Name: Heather Smith
Location: Klamath Falls, OR.
My heart is totally saddened by the fact that Shirley Temple Black has passed away! I know what it is like to loose a parent! I can recall watching many of her movies as a young girl! I loved her acting very much! May God bless you all! I'm almost certain that she is in Heaven!!
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Name: Laura Christiansen
Location: Rice Lake Wisconsin
My families thoughts and prayers are with you all. I truly do love Shirley Temple and I own almost all of her movies to date. I watch them with my grand-daughter and she loves them also. The one she likes the best is Bright Eyes, because it has her song on it, Good Ship.
Shirley you will be missed,
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Name: marjorie tromba
Location: kitty hawk nc
Shirley Temple Black will be remembered as a truly remarkable person of kindness, wholesomeness,compassion and inner as well as outer beauty through out her life. A rarity in today's world.
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Name: maria jose
Location: España
Es eterna. Siempre estará en mi corazón y en mi recuerdo. Ella me descubrió la magia del cine. Gracias Shirley.Descanse en paz
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Name: Susanne Wilhelmy
Location: Germany Deutschland
Ein Weltstar ,unvergessen und einzigartig.
Ruhe in Frieden
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Name: sandra scholts
Location: South Australia, Australia
I grew up watching Shirley Temple on the TV and adored her from the first time I saw her. Sadly missed but never forgotten. What a wonderful lady.
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Name: Sharon savadogo
Location: Southern Indiana
God now has the most sweetest angel back in heaven. Thank you Shirley for the happiness you have brought into my life.
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Name: kim hemmerick
Location: brockport, ny
you will be greatly missed. rest in peace
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Name: Dixie Jones
Location: Evanston, Indiana
Thank you for all the beautiful memories. God bless & rest in peace
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Name: Sue Wild
Location: RI
Oh he memories you have given us.RIP Shirley! Will treasure my Shirley blue glass always....
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Name: Ginette Milot
Location: Brandon Vermont
Shirley was my favorite doll, I always watch her on Tv as a child. Now I own a B&B in Vermont for years and I have a room for my quests with Shirley name and dolls, pictures of the past. I was sad went I saw the news on tv, she will always be in my heart. My grand-daughter injoy her as much I do.
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Name: Jerry Burtnett
Location: Hiram, Ga
What a great loss to those of us who grew up with her. She was the symbol of honesty and purity.
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Name: Arielle R.
Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Shirley Temple was an icon. I will miss her always. RIP Shirley!
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Name: Ruby Leak
Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina
I was deeply hurt to hear of her passing. Shirley Temple was my favorite and most respected actress. I've been watching her movies every since I was a little girl and even in my older years. I have almost all her movies. My prayers go out to the family. I will surely miss her very much.
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Name: Dianne Boatsman
Location: Kelso, Washington
Shirley called March 1995 & I was Thrilled! I had written her, at the end letter I said Please write me a note or call me & shock me." She sure shock me! My son Ryan(14) answered the phone she mentioned she had a g/daughter the same age. She spoke to me as if I had been her long life friend. A Joy!
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Name: John Roza
Location: Chicago, IL
I'm 47 and only recently saw some Shirley Temple movies on TV and had not realized how talented she was until then! I also would like to thank her, as important, contributions to our country in her service to the United States. She was a role model citizen and celebrity and I will miss her.
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Name: Donna McCloud
Location: Moundsville, WV
I grew up watching Shirley Temple and was amazed by her the first time I seen her tap dance across my TV screen. My all time favorite move of her's is The Little Princess. I will miss her, but even though another star has dimmed in Hollywood, she still tap dancing in Heaven. I will miss you.
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Name: janice ross
Location: janiceross1957@yahoo.c om
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Name: Brenda Gill
Location: Nashville, TN
Wow! What can I say? Shirley Temple has been an idol of mine since I was a little girl! I was always so amazed at her acting abilities and what a cute little girl she was! I believe people of all races loved her! I was heart broken to hear of her passing! Rest In peace, Shirley!
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Name: Kim Lariviere
Location: Toronto Canada
My most deepest condolences to the Temple/Black family. Shirley was my life as a child and a mentor as an adult. You have touched the entire world's hearts and will live on forever <3 RIP as a new angel has arrived in Heaven <3 Love and light <3
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Name: Jane Burke
Location: Ventura County, CA
Shirley Temple
(Angel in Heaven)

I am 65 years old. Shirley Temple has been my inspiration and idol ever since I was a little girl. Shirley Temple will be in my heart forever.
Jane Burke, Shirley Temple Doll Club
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Name: Mina Sanchez Barmash
Location: Philadelphia , Pa
I wish to express my deep sadness on the passing of Shirley Temple,
I grew up watching her movies, and I truly loved her and to me even as I type this I'm crying. I know that she was loved my millions and now she is in heaven.
Love Mina,
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Name: Patricia Faulds
Location: Surprise, Az.
So sorry to hear of Shirley Temple's death. Our loss, Heaven's gain. My husband and I send our prayers to the family in their loss. So enjoyed her movies and proud of her service to the United States. Remember her words in one of her movies: "Oh my goodness!"
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Name: Kristie & Savannah Faulkner
Location: Australia
So sad to hear the news, what a beautiful memory you leave behind, such a beautiful lady and a gorgeous light in this world.
Thinking of your family and close friends who were so fortunate to have known you in this lifetime.
RIP Shirley Temple
Love Kristie & Savannah
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Name: Liz P
Location: Melb Aust
My mum used to do my hair like Shirley Temple as a little girl as I had curly hair as a child. I can only hope now as a woman in my 40s I am half the woman Shirley grew up to be! RIP and may god open up his arms n welcome a beautiful angel!
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Name: E. Astle
Location: Manchester UK
I grew up watching her movies. She was a great child actress. My condolences to her family.
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Name: Teresa Sinnott
Location: Brisbane Australia
Shirley Temple was a true star I loved watching her movies when I was growing up, she was my idol - there will never be another .
My condolences to her family.
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Name: John Owen
Location: Wales. UK
A true star. Warm childhood memories. RIP Shirley. God bless you.
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