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Name: P.Ives
Location: Carlisle, NY
Shirley was a special person. She was an angel for us on this earth. We are so lucky to have had her with us for so long, to make us love everyone, to smile and be happy. She will be sorely missed by all. Our hearts go out to her loving family. Bless her!
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Name: Mary D
Location: ohio
Our beloved Shirley and our sweetheart will be greatly missed. May you tap dance and sing in our hearts forever!
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Name: Lei
Location: San Jose, CA
Your movies are part of my childhood memory. We watched your 1930s movies in China during 1980s. Amazing. Everyone watched your movies in China loved you. Isn't it a small world!?
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Name: Joyce Chenoweth
Location: Portland Oregon
You will be missed. Although I was born in the 60's, I have watched and enjoyed many of your movies. You were adorable. My younger brother also loves your movies. Thank you for your service to this country. RIP
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Name: Odette & Bob Verrier
Location: Plattsburgh NY
Go in peace and love, you will always be in our hearts and memories. Thank You for all the joy and kindness in which you always portrayed. You are and will always be my idol.
Love Odette
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Name: Debbie
Location: Kingsville, MD
Life wasn't complete without watching her childhood movies in my home. To this day, I love watching her movies. They make me smile. I applaud her for moving on to raising her family once she finished movies. Sorry to see her go.
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Name: janice hoover
Location: hannibal mo
she was a inspiration to all. she will be greatly missed by fans and family
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Name: Gary Rodgers
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
We have lost a true icon of love and compassion towards others. A heroine of her country men in her early years and a blessed gift to the world throughout her long life. Rest in peace Shirley and may your spirit find its way into the loving arms of the almighty God.
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Name: Rhonda Durham
Location: Louisville. Ky
One of the best, happiest and cutest child actresses ever. Shirley brought smiles to millions of people during her career, and will continue to do so through her films. She will be deeply missed but always remembered.
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Name: Shirley Durden
Location: Bridgman Michigan.
I loved all your movies, you made me very happy when i watched you, very talented and loved by all.You will be sadly missed. Rest in peace.
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Name: Alisa Harrington
Location: Centerville, TN
To the family of Mrs Shirley Temple Black, much love and prayers are being sent your way.I remember watching her movies on Sunday mornings waiting for time to leave for church.I loved her Always the brave and loving person, she is and will be greatly missed. Peace be with you in this time of sadness
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Name: Merrill
Location: Cumberland, MD
I remember watching Shirley Temple movies when I was a kid and it was a joy. When I watch them now after many years it all comes back to me.
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Name: Paula Fernandes
Location: Portugal
Thank you for so many wonderful memories!
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Name: Poppy
Location: Los Angeles
Our mom raised us on Shirley Temple movies. We all enjoyed them because of Shirley and her talent. Rest in peace.
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Name: Mary
Location: Washington DC
I loved watching her movies, I still have my Shirley Temple dolls. As her career changed I really admired her. Her biggest contribution was encouraging women to have mammograms - saving countess lives. God Bless her and her family.
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Name: Linda Grogan
Location: Greensboro, NC
I was a great fan of Shirley Temple, and remember watching her movies as a little girl. I have the original doll still sitting on my dresser that I've had since I was 9 yrs. old. May she rest in peace. She will be greatly missed.
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Name: Leslie
Location: Warren, oh
I have watched ShirleyTemple since I was a little girl and to this day I still watch her movies. Will be sadly missed. A very special person
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Name: debbie
Location: indiana
I grew up watching shirley...I still all the movies...she was such a great actress and ambassador....she will be missed greatly
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Name: Nell Okie
Location: Madison, Connecticut
Thank you, Ambassador Shirley Temple Black.
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Name: Shannon
Location: California
We will miss you, Shirley! You were a great lady, and an adorable and talented child. Now you're tap dancing in heaven! Smiley
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Name: Cara
Location: Washington, DC
So saddened to hear of your passing. You were an adorable child, an inspirational adult, and from the sound of it, a wonderful mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. You lived your life in such a way that you brought so much joy to the lives of others. Rest in peace.
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Name: Carol Mology
Location: New Jersey
Although I was not born until the 1960s, I enjoyed discovering Shirley Temple movies and I love watching her movies. My favorite movie is the Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. I can't wait to show my daughter her movies. She will be sorely missed.
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Name: Heather Flick
Location: San Francisco, CA
As a generation x-er I've never seen a Shirley Temple movie, but I've always admired Shirley Temple Black. Following her wake through Seabourn and common political circles, I heard many stories from her friends about her grace and intelligence. A child star who improved the world as an adult!
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Name: tammy hernandez
Location: new york
You made me a lot of wonderful memories. Tap away with your angel wings. My your smile and dimples delight the heavens!!
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Name: Mike Kirby
Location: Martinsville Va
May you rest in peace Shirley.
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Name: Cindy Schlicht
Location: Burnsville, MN
Dearest Shirley,
I hope you are now reunited with your husband, parents, with Amelia Earhart, and with Bojangles. Thank you so very much for all of the laughs, tears, and optimistic aura that you brought to the Silver Screen. You will be greatly missed. Condolences to your family left behind.
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Name: chasity ijames aka tytanifairy
Location: sarasota fl
I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a wonderful human being.When I was 9 years old she was my only light in my home , I was an abused child . Thank you so much for being such a beautiful angel in my life . God bless her family who are close to her , I am now a fairytale artist all do to her .
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Name: K.M.Sampley
Location: Philadelphia,PA
You have given so many of us hours upon hours of enjoyment. I always wanted to climb the steps and descend the same way as you did with Bo Jangles. You were one in a million and your family and the rest of use were so lucky to enjoy your talent and love. God Bless You .
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Name: Susanne
Location: Connecticut
Condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black, whose life is an example to us all. Her prodigious singing, dancing, and acting talent, her public service, and her brilliant autobiography have been great gifts to the world
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Name: Jane Cousar
Location: Tennessee
Hearing the sad news this morning brought me to tears! My heart goes out to the family. I loved watching her movies...I cried with her & I laughed with her. I loved her & I will always remember her!
God bless her family.
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Name: Cathy Finnis
Location: Kent, United Kingdom
I am only in my 30s so don't remember Shirley Temple from when I was young. However, I love watching her films and have done since I was little. You were an amazing girl and woman - thank you for sharing your talent with the world. RIP xxxx
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Name: Rachel
As I child i was introduced to you through the TV. I sang and danced with you. Thank you for inpsiring me to sing. You have changed so many lives. You will be missed and remembered forever.
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Name: Mike Kirby
May you rest in peace Shirley.
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Name: Jennie Murfin
Location: Dunlap, IL
My deepest condolences to the Temple-Black family on this sad day. Shirley will forever be the "American Icon" not only for her wonderful movie career but her compassion for diplomacy. She will be greatly missed! May your light shine on!
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Name: Mary Russell
Location: Warren,,Mich.
I grew up watching Shirley with all her movies, Every Sunday my sisters and I would sit around the black and white tv, enjoying every moment.
We love you Shirley!
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Name: Lewis Carpenter
Location: Tampa fl
it saddens me to say she has passed away,shes always been in my heart,shes in a better place God Bless Her ! May She Rest in Peace,,may her familt rejoice in the time they spent with her .lots of love to you all
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Name: Nasser Kazemi.
Location: Cupertino, California.
My deepest sorrow to your friends and fans and family. All I remember you is little star Shirley Temple. This was a great shock to me that how I did not know anything more about you till now that I found out you passed away.
God bless you and your family.
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Name: Dean Sidden
Location: Winston Salem NC
She brightened our nation during one of its darkest times. A beautiful talented child....and a great lady.
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Name: Loretta Mize
Location: Portland MO.
I am sad at the loss of such a wonder lady. I have watched all her movies & couldn't believe the awesome talent of this little lady. God be w/ your family. rest in peace & thank you for all the joy of your movies.
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Name: Kathy Phillips 50 yrs old
Location: Granby, MO
Dear Shirley,
I grew wanting to be like you! As a child you were my hero. I still have many of your movies and have watched them with my children, and someday my grandchildren. May you rest in peace, may God grant your family comfort. You will be missed by the entire world.
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Name: MaryLou Jones
Location: Arizona
I grew up watching Shirley Temple's movies! She was a darling little girl and grew into a beautiful, intelligent, accomplished woman! She will be missed!
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Name: Alisha Tipton
Location: Ventura, Ca.
I am so sorry for the lost to your mom, grandma and great-grandma. Such a loss to the world.
I always loved and still love to see her movies - and you are lucky to have these memories of her forever. RIP Shirley Temple
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Name: paulvella
Location: Newcastle NSW.
I just wanted to pay my respects to such a remarkable woman. Every one that graces this Earth leaves the memory of their talent behind
I remember Shirley in the Movie Bluebird 1940.The longevity of her career is a testimony to her life. Shirley will be forever thought of around the World.
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Name: Awilda Rivera
Location: Bronx, New York
Dear Shirley Temple, now you will sparkle like the stars in heaven. Rest in peace. Your legacy will be with us always. You brought us everything that was good, pure, true, beautiful, and as a diplomat you worked for your country as a great trooper. you are like family because of your movies!RIP
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Name: Ali J
Location: San Jose, CA
Shirley: For years, you were an inspiration for countless child actors. They took heed from the cutest little girl in film EVER. Some have tried to imitate you, but NOBODY ever came close. You will be remembered FOREVER! Rest in peace mija!
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Name: Linda Moore
Location: Jensen Beach Fla.
Many happy days watching Shirley Temple movies. What a wonderful

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Name: Rachel Golden
Location: New Mexico, USA
I loved watching her movies as a child. She made me happy and further passionate about acting. Shirley Temple will be missed by all. She was truly a legend.
Ave atque vale, Shirley Temple.
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Name: Odette & Bob Verrier
Location: Plattsburgh NY
Go in peace and love, you will always be in our hearts and memories. Thank You for all the joy and kindness in which you always portrayed. You are and will always be my idol.
Love Odette
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Name: Debra Gardner
Location: California
Hearing today of the loss of this great lady, brought tears to my heart. But also joy at remembering all of her wonderful contributions throughout her life. May she rest well with the Angels, and her family find the comfort they need at this difficult time. With much love from my family to yours.
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Name: Lori
Location: Mill Creek, WA
Thank you for the inspiration and memories you have adorn us with over the years. My heart heavy with sadness hearing of your passing. You will forever be in our hearts and your movies will continue to inspire new generations for years to come. RIP Shirley Temple Black. "Oh My Goodness”.
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Name: Patty Lemoine
Location: Euless, Texas
When I was a little girl of the 50's my mother and I watch her movies every afternoon. I had a Shirley Temple doll. Oh, how we loved her.
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Name: Shenole Latimer
Location: New York
Though I'm saddened by her passing, I'm joyful for the fond memories I have of watching her movies on television when I was a child. Thanks for all the smiles Shirley Temple!
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Name: Mabalatan
Location: San Francisco
May you rest in peace Shirley. You're riding high in the "Good Ship Lollipop" and will have a happy landing on the other side. Thanking you for your wonderful movies. I grew up watching your movies and for over 60+ years keep my Sunday ritual of watching. You were a role model for me. God Bless
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Name: Mark Savoie
Location: Louisiana
You will be sadly missed. Your movies as a child brought such joy to millions. As a child, I watched you on television, beaming, beautiful, and so talented. Thank you! May God bless you with great joy, peace, love and life eternal. Be at peace, little princess!
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Name: María
Location: Puerto Rico
Crecí con las películas de Shirley Temple. Ella me impresionó muchisimo como estrella infantil en sus películas. Ella permanecerá siempre en mi corazón.
Descansa en paz...
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Name: mark pomietlo
Location: chippewa falls,wisconsin
This World lost a true icon of life. Heres my tribute to you Shirley Temple,Black. r.i.p.
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Name: Daniel Shockley
Location: Calabasas, CA
I hate that she Died. Sad She was a great actor. I will miss her so Much. R.I.P Shirley, all your family, friends, and most of all your fans will miss you and always remember you Smiley I will see you soon up there Smiley
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Name: Sandy Ferris
Location: Windsor Ont. Canada
She will always be in our hearts. Have all her movies love watching them over and over again. She and her family are in our prayers now in the time of her passing.
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Name: Dawn Grimstead
Location: WA State, grew up in CA
As a child of 8-10 years old I faithfully watched "Shirley Temple Theater" every week so I think I saw all of her childhood films. Probably the most entertaining person I've ever seen on film. So sad for her family members, but also us fans. Heavy heart. LOVE you, Shirley!
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Name: Toni D
Location: Alberta Canada
Beautiful Shirley, Thank you for all of your contributions for our benefit.
You have had a remarkable life and accomplished so much.
We will continue to remember you, you will never be forgotten.
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Name: Darla Moore
Location: Oakley California
I am deeply saddened to hear that she is gone. When I was growing up I watched all of her movies. I loved them even as I got older. There should be more movies like the ones she made for all the little girls growing up today! Feel blessed to have grown up with her (in a sense)!!
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Name: Theresa Woolfenden
Location: Nixa, Missouri
God Bless you Shirley! Thank you for enduring Hollywood and making so many American Classics. What an absolute talent you were, for such a young little girl. I own every movie you've ever made and we will never forget you and we thank you for serving our country as well! What a treasure you are!
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Name: Jim
Location: Ontario, CA
Mom was a child of the '30's and, as every little girl in the '30's, learned to tap dance to be like Shirley Temple. Mom taught me. I'm not great, but I can do a mean time step and a march drill in tap. I still have songs from her movies on my iPhone. She was a GREAT influence! Thanks, Shirley!
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Name: Norma Evans-OConnor
Location: Kissimmee Florida
My deepest sympathy to your family and the world. A great icon is forever part of my memories. Growing up watching Shirley Temple helped to make me the person I am today. She has been welcomed at heavens gate and will be the Angel watching us. RIP
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Name: Liana
R.I.P. Shirley Temple. I remember watching you from age 3... You were my childhood and idol. I might only be 16, but I still sing "Animal Crackers in my Soup" around the house. I will miss you dearly along with the rest of the world. ♥
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Name: Lynn
Location: Millville, NJ
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple. I loved watching her movies when I was a child. What a terrific human being she was! I will cherish my memories of her. R.I.P. Miss Temple God Bless you!
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Name: Rhonda Skipper
Location: Tampa fl
i have grown up on shirley temple movies and it saddens my heart to know she has passed,but im sorry for the families loss,,,RIP shirley temple black,,,,,i among all other fans will always remember you!!
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Name: Deda Ferres
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
My thoughts and prayer to Mrs Shirley Temple Black's family. She was and always will be my favorite person. I was always told as a child that I looked like her but my hair was natural curly. A very sad day, you will be missed.
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Name: Richard &Karen robertson
Location: London, Ont,Canada
Loved all her movies will be in our prayers and hearts for eternity
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Name: fredeswinda Irizarry
Location: san lorenzo, puerto rico.
Very sad to hear you have gone.never missed you're movies.you were excellent as a child star..thank you very much for your efforts in life in trying to entertain the world with your talent.you will be deeply missed.may you rest in peace.Thank you.
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Name: Rita Ortiz
Location: Philadelphia.Pa
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Name: sandy greer
Location: collins ,new york
No one will ever replace shirley she was one of a kind.She will be sadly missed.Dance with the angels
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Name: mrs.charles zinn
Location: Palm springs Calif.
A child full of grace that grew up to be a graceful lady, we have few ladies now that even know the meaning of the word Grace ,This great lady did not have to learn it she was born with it.She had the respect of the World, never had to wear a bathing sute or show cleavage Real Ladyies don't have to
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Name: Darlene Stephens
Location: Greensboro, NC
Sending my condolences to the family of Shirley Temple Black. You all are in my prayers. Will always have her memories to keep her alive. A beautiful person. Loved her movies and more!!!
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Name: Christine
Location: Nevada
"Be optimistic,
Don't you be a mourner.
Brighten up that corner,
And smile!"

Thank you, Shirley!
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Name: kitty
Location: alaska
my prayers and wishes go out to shirley's family and loved ones. I still watch her movies to help me when I'm feeling sad. She will be greatly missed. If todays child stars would try to be more like her even after they are no longer children the world would fair better. God bless you Shirley Temple.
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Name: Deborah Kacher
Location: Redford Michigan
Our nation lost a cherished treasure today! My thoughts and prayers are with her family as they had to share her with the world. May she rest in peace.
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Name: Cheryl Bersini
Location: Redding, Ca
Sad news for all us today to hear my child hood favorite actress passed.I have always loved her songs and movies growing up it sadness me she will be missed by all thanks for all the great memories and smiles and laughs through out the years.
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Name: Jay Dee & Dot Sims
Location: Seminole, Oklahoma
It\'s been a treasure watching your movies growing up. You will be missed dearly.
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Name: Adrienne Cashdollar
Location: Kingston New York
RIP Shirley..you will always be Heidi to me. God speed.
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Name: J.R Ewing
Location: Dallas, TX
Rip Shirley. Such a talented person. God bless u
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Name: Shirley
Location: Kansas
I loved watching her movies with my sister when I was little-such wonderful memories! Thank you for being a big part of a happy childhood. Rest we'll .52259854
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Name: Darlene Bishop
Location: Wentzville, Mo
You were so talented for one so young. You grew into a beautiful woman with a loving and caring spirit. You were a great role model and the world needs more people like you. You left an amazing legacy. You will live forever through your movies and through the hearts of all of us you have touched.
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Name: Jennifer Crismon
Location: Arkansas
Deepest sympathy for your family
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Name: Karen Sweeden
Location: Midwest City Oklahoma
RIP Shirley. You were so loved all over the world. We will miss you so much. My heart is broken that you are gone. I loved all of your movies. Grew up watching you and have one of your porcelain dolls. God Bless You Shirley. You will always be our little angel. <3
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Name: Jose R. Ocanto
Location: Murrieta, CA
coincidentally yesterday I was playing a video of her without knowing about her passing.I still remember Shirley Temple as a beautiful Little Girl that make me laugh when I was a Kid in Argentina during the 70'. I was sadden with her pass, but she will live forever in my heart, thank you Shirley!
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Name: Lou
Location: Tennessee
I still love watching all of the Shirley Temple movies. She was so very talented! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this time of great loss. May God bless you!
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Name: Brenda Johnson
Location: Maryland
God received another Angel. May she rest in peace
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Name: Dana Brewer
Location: Ft.Worth Texas
Rest in Peace Shirley. You still make me smile and feel so happy every time I see you. My thoughts and prayers are with you whole family. Thank you for all the love and happiness you give the world.
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Name: Denise Fetterly
Location: Ocala, FL
It is my sincerest hope that visions of a glorious reunion in Heaven with her beloved husband will comfort Mrs Black's family during this sad time. The same hearts she filled with joy and pride for so many years are broken today. May the love we feel for her surround you always. Love, Denise
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Name: Kelly Sherwood
Location: Breesport,NY
I just wanted to say that I loved your Mother dearly.She was one of my favorite stars.When I was little my parents gave me a Shirley Temple doll for Christmas.I never really played with it ,and I still have it to this day,in the original box.Im sorry about her passing and god bless you all.She will
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Name: Rick Janssen
Location: Noveleta, Philippines
A sad day. Prayers to Shirley's family. May she rest in peace.
Thank you for all the sweet memories you gave to so many millions.
With love I say farewell.
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Name: Debra Russell
Location: coast of oregon
Grew up watching shirley. Love her movies, I have almost all of them, watch them over and over. May she rest in peace. I am 60 and I will keep watch them until I pass and share them with my family. Peace to your family at this time. God bless.
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Name: Theresa Brown
Location: Sherrills Ford, NC
Rest in Peace, Shirley (Dimples). I am a little younger, but always loved her movies. My favorite song of hers was "Animal crackers in my soup". Via Con Dios.
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Name: Diana Hudson
Location: Sunbury Ohio
I will always treasure growing up and watching your movies. My favorite was "Heidi". You will be missed by all. Rest In Piece
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Name: Lois Bordner
Location: Reading, PA
I would watch Shirley Temple movies all the time. Never got tired of them. I have about 6 DVD's of Shirley Temple movies. Prayers and Thoughts for Shirley Temple's Family.
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Name: Marie Mossoczy
Location: Crown Point, Indiana
As a child I watched all your movies. I always enjoyed your films and the wonderful person you are. May you RIP with the angels.
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Name: Film Academy
Location: London, England
Every time I think of something sad I replace the thought with your smile! My mind is instantly changed and my heart is filled with gladness.

Farewell Shirley Temple

We Love You

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Name: Maria Wright
Location: Maryville TN
My Mother and I love watching the wonderful movies she made, God bless all of you during this difficult time.
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Name: Shirley A. Sneed
Location: 380 County Road 6681 - Dayton, TX 77535
I am praying for Shirley's family and loved ones. The Lord bless, comfort, and strengthen those them. Shirley's passing is a great loss for us all. I have been a fan ever since I first saw her on tv in the early 1950's. I always enjoyed the movies she was in. ~ Most Sincerely, Shirley A. Sneed ~
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